The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on February 7, 1942 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1942
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE H UTC HINSON, K A N S A S., ... NEW S c^TMpmv PF.BRTTARY 7, 1942, Dozen More To Class 1-A Most of Board 3 List From Those Over 28 Recent classifications and reclassifications add a dozen men to the reservoir of 1-A mnn in the files of Reno county's No. 3 draft board. Many of the new "avail­ able'' men formerly were deferred by reason of being over 28. The new classifications: (ppndlnit physical rxiunlnntlon) HIW—P<vty Owen Johnson. N*«-lon. J613—Howard Wilson Etalmlnner, PFD 1, BuTilfr. ri *M 1-4 loni—WRhpr W«vn« Hanlon, 31* North Elm. 1141--Ji»mes Henry HnrK#r, RCD 3. Hutch In cm. j j 4rt — Bennle Sid House, Qitlndnro. K»«. 1H7_F1,)>(1 Otlver Elliott. Turon. lir.'i— UifJ/ifl Sumner F/irnpy, I-Jtnflrton. 1241- -Ernest Adolphua PinuRhter. Ki j DlHR'Wl. JSM -Clurel Tl*nn Wmm. AIib\\illr. Kl?h*rtl Rudolph Ooerlnr.. Arlington. 1324— Cecil Edwnrd Wllllnms. llulrhln* non. 13*0—Joseph Peter txwhr. RFD 1, Mt. Hope. 17*7—Albert Fremont Avers, J'srlrlrlKe. VD63—Elwln £nrl Beavers, 7 North Pop. lur. CIA»S l-n 1076—Koherl iMng Btlllnitton, Syracuse, N. T. P2,i(K>— Oral Junior Morris Jr., Havm. CI UM ll-V H06--CIMr Wilson Gasnebln, RFD 1. Ahbyville. BUS—Claude Irwin ElsltntriBer, RFD I, Buhler. 212a Charles Harvey Elslmlnser. RFD J, Huftler. 2137—Charlei Henry Ralph, RFD 1, Ah- U»«* 11 B 1H0-M\rl Merrill Stark. Wichita. (Iiisi 11I-A 7S7— Poj ia Donald Holmes, ^20 EB -St Fourth. 1^60—Marion Smith Book, RFD 2, Sylvia. 1.57J—Fre-fl Emanuel VoiweMer, Castle-, «OV ZONDEK VIES WITH UNIVERSITY CO-EDS—Ten-year-old Kenneth Wolf, admitted to Western Reserve University In Cleveland last fall a s a special student in chemistry, is branching Into history this semester. He is shown In his new class where he is associating with co-eds for the first lime in his college career. R. I. Protests Will Be Heard Itcnii Tax Coses Set For Wcdncsdny Next Wednesdny, Feb. 11, hns been set by the stale commission if revenue and taxation for hearing in Topeka of tax protests filed by the Rock Island railroad Involving three Reno county school districts. When the Rock Island paid Its first half 1941 tax of $12,188.97 it sent along formal protest applying lo $179.04 ot the payment, or to $358.07 of the full year 's tax. Claim liCvlcd tlljtlt School districts No. 42, 50 and TODAY'S BLOW *rW LIBERTY* <SIVE ME 1 OUNCE OP SPINACH f . Buy only what you need —help acnooi districts «o. ii, ou nun „„„ • . i.fUti .N 05. being Partridge, Union Valley, prevent shorfaqe, inflation. and Valley Pride, are affected by the protest. In each case the mil-[week-end . • • Ruth Mary Gold- road accountants claim the sctit^l,sclimirlt. 17 South Elm, will redistrict levied a sum greater than;place Edn.-i Mne Goldschmidl, who Alien Magnesium Expert Helps Direct Defense Plant From Jail the trouble has been Charles Ion. !«IS— Fr«l«rim NicKrrsoti. m 'Jfi— John Harvey Zimmerman, RFD J. CtiHlielon. <.ln..« iv-r 1015--William Goldsmith Sj mn«, 1.101 Is'mih Koosr-.ei;. llfis—Omar EURene Manic*. Arl'.nplon. »— Josepli Edmund Kerr, RFD 1, Turon. San Jose, Calif. (Special News| think service)—Dr. Fritz J. Hansgirg "is : licked. living in the San .lose jail j Remembered At Christmas (tagged "dangerous cnemv alien") The whole Permancnte staff Is by the FBI), but at the same!?? disturbed—and so generous, they descended on Hansgirg s jail time, using the jail telephone to room at christmaB with gitts and cunnincham. I hcl P direct one of the country's! a tree. The doctor—who is a shy. important defense plants — the)big fellow—wept a little. Permancnte magnesium plant, 12 j "anssirgS wile is with him .. . , . ,. . ., most of the time. She savs she s miles distant from the jail. as atraid o£ , he Nazi f . flh lies a six-foot-three Austrian ;l|mn here as shc is „, hls proscnX Names Buzz Staff For 2nd Semester of 52 with gentle manners, worried blue eyes, and gray hair. In 1928. in a University of Vienna laboratory, he invented a quicker and—everyone hopes—cheaper j jail existence. But her greatest fear, she says, is that they will be deported. She says he was outspokenly anti-Nazi in the '30s. It seems he left Austria right after the Dolfuss assassination. He had been working there for lions announced by Jeanne Mai school journalism coim, high teacher, are: Circulation manager, Becker; business manager method of getting pure niagnc sium from the ore. „„. He spent years peddling the| Emi i winter, the late Pittsburgh financier, who had given him money for a trial 'magnesium plant in Austria. From Austria To Japan Hansgirg. says he couldn't work in the growing Nazi menace, so! This countr- in late. Its 1 },,, as i; ec i (or a transfer, and Win-: r-io J airplane makers have been ask-| 1er ?e nt him on to Korea beeai' e, J -k' in S fOT more and m ° re raagne " ! Japan wanted such a plant. He: Leila Jane Burgert, daughter of| ideai and meanwhile a world Mrs. John Burgert, 402 East A, IS| wlde race f or magnesium began new editor of the High School! to wh j r i a bout him. as nation Buzz, student newspaper, lor thei. !ncr nal j on started to build air next nine weeks. Otner stalf posi-i arma das Axis Well Supplied 2 From Reno Win Honors its need as indicated by its budget It is alleged that 1.28 mills of the Partridge levy was excessive, requiring the Rock Island to pay excess tax of $135.57. The Union Valley levy is alleged to be 1.12 mills in excess of needs, making $105.24 for the railroad, and the Valley Pride levy 131 in excess, jmaking $117.26. One Other Protest ... leaving the federal office to work for Great American Life Insurance Co. . . . Ruth Mary Goldschmidl has been in the credit department at Sears, .Roebuck & Co. FOURTH AVENUE 4-Square Y club has elected new officers: president, Donald Dean; vice president, Billy Klngsley; recorder, Only other protest to 1941 taxes!Richard Schmidt; custodian, Bob- was filed by Maurice C. Todd, I by Simpson, and sergeant-nt- 420 East 11th. County officers said;arms, Daniel Almnnza. hey have received no notice of McGoniplc One of 5 New Master Farmers Manhattan (JP) • awards anncunced the matter having been set tor hearing by the state commission or of the protest having been filed with the commission. Todd paid $31.49 taxes including $19.49 under protest, on prop- Titles and>t'y at 124 East 10th. He claimed last night at|' nc vn!ua ' io » too high, citing that the city had condemned the house '"ii the property before sssefsment the conclusion of Farm and Home week at Kansas State college in-itime last March, ruling that it eluded; could not be "occupied by owner, Master farmers—J, E. Morehouse, Cheyenne county; Sydney Walton, Lane county; O. F. Mc Button, associate editors, Margaret; fllim - At this writing both Ger-, stavr , d jn Korea five years. Part. Baird and Virgil Megili; column-! ro ;m >' and Japan still a e bus- of the lirae he wa8 consultant to, ,sts, Edna McCandW, Sylvia! ? ectcd ., of tu '' nm 5 the stu » out ! the South Manchurian railroad; Spears, Joe i-tzler, Edison Garmon, Bill Sheppurd, Viiuta Dar- faster than we are As America entered the armament race, American engineers lano. Howard Anthony, Joe Good- ™ . ,„„ Hansgirg method, paster Bob Penn.ngloii, Don Aus ->J, E , H , „ 0 ,- RTKHER THAN tin, Marjorie Lambert Margaret) {U ^ful about it. for two Strong and Jean Workman. (reasons: magnesium is dangerous (Japanese controlled.) He declares that when the Japanese turned pro-Nazi he trekked on, this time to the United States. He filed for citizenship immediately, but the attck on Pearl Harbor took place before he got his papers. So he's in jail. - He's quite unhappy. Perman­ cnte people are unhappy for him Advertising staff: Willard Rayl, t0 handle, and it takes money .. Eugene Blake, Helen Gunn, Don: . & plant for an untested Austin, James Tucker, Robert I mDlno Pennington. Proof readers: Bar-; suddenly, Hansgirg walked ln- bara Brehm, Wilbur IN eel, Eldonj lo some " wes t coast engineering j So j s lhe sheriff. And they all Bell, Joe Goodpasier, Charles Mar- offices and asked if anyone would i admit—Hansgirg included—that it leney. Sports editor, hldon Bell,! be interested in putting up a \ 0 oks queer that he Sports E.alt; Gail Weber, Edisoni p | an t. j Austria to Japan. liBi -mmi, Joe Etzler, Willard Rayl,! He looked like manna from! Grace Haii. Circulation: Don Aus-lheaven to Henry J. Kaiser, the! Although glaciers in Mount tin, Margaret Strong. Jane Win,! west coast blitz-builder who is Rainier National Park, are con- Howard Anthony, Dewey Owens, ! up to his ears in defense contracts j ctantlv moving down the valley, Gall Weber. ; and who has huge magnesium, ( h e y actually are getting shorter. nor rented to, nor used by anyone as a residence.'' This order. Todd contends, had the effect of "moving off" the NATIONAL DEFENSE hns called on the U. S. forest service nursery southeast of Hutchinson for overhead sprinkling equipment for a 750-acic experimental rubber plantation in California, says Glenn W. Spring, Reno county lorester . . . The sprinklers are lo be shipped immediately. Leo McNerny Sells Plant W. F t Worrell Buys denning Business Leo McNerney, 11 West 2lst, •dry cleaner In Hutchinson since 1924, has sold MeNcrncy Cleaner's, 519 North Main, to a former employe, W, F. Worrell, 1220 East Sixth. Worrell, who has been in local cleaning establishments since 1028, said lie will not change the name of the McNerney shop for at least a year. He formerly worked five years for McNerney and returned six months ago. Nn change in the personnel will be made except Mrs. Worrell will replace Mrs. Victor Coshow, 1100 North Monroe, In the office, he said. MeNcrncy did not announce his future plans. He commented. "I've been in the cleaning business long enough, I thought I'd like to get out for awhile." {Wrong Address Earl Wfisterman who has bad trouble with city and county authorities recently due to non-pay* ment of tax! fares and allegedly due to writing bouncing checks, I does not live at 304 South Main. (That address has been given fur the accused man but Mrs. Minnie /xJiidenback who operates a restaurant at that address sayt that he doesn't even eat there. There nre 502 slntes in India under native rulers in contrac­ ture! relations with the British crown. The first American newspaper was published in Boston in 1690. value ot the house except for itsljyn,, \ l!m . value as salvage, fixed at $75. He ! claims the assessment on the property, including lots, should have been $310 instead of $815. CARL COGSWELL, state; farm supervisor, reports the live-1 stock at the reformatory is in the: best condition it has been for ai . The institution! Odds and Ends Of the Days News has started on its expanded gar-' demng program . . . The boys! expect to raise enough to more! than feed themselves. I FRESH SHRIMP was the piece; do resistance which lured more that a half hundred Reno county, barristers to the home of Attorney, Charles Hall, 19th and Adams to- j day. Hall provided no formal pro- ; ,-gram but shrimp abounded and' H AR ACTIVITIES in the oast.there were plenty of other con are enough to make a mid-\vest-l com rnitants. ern visitor gasp in more ways: _— than one. says Fred N, Burrnll. Wm. Kelly Milling Co.. siles sui pervisr.r. home from a business trip to many eastern points. Pitts burgh's smoke would choke anyone, he said and in lhat city, Baltimore and all other points of; the east he touched war activities) were breathtaking. Everywhere, ne found worry over the trans-i ;>ortation problem. I Rickard to SNYA Council Underwriter Replaces Postmaster Hockadav Gonigle, Peno county; W. A.! Hegle, Marion county; JMlward W.! Kaiser. Miami county! j Master farm horncmakers —Mrs.! • John K. 'Park, life Rickard, 209 Hyde insurance salesman. Two-Day Institute For Farm Youths ore deposits in Nevada, Gets KFC Financings Kaiser secured a loan' of S3,- 000,000 from RFC to start, a plant. Now the loans have run up to $22,000,000. Hansnirg went The niche Lower end melting exceeds replenishment at upper levels. How To Tell Army Planes Rural young men and wo.,,1...,,- , , from several counties will attend!? 0 ™ k ,ast March, a iwo-ciav institute in Hutchinson!" 1 «« mountains where the plant next Mondav anci Tuesday, under! was bulU * war ™d with construc- ^L^^ X. TtepX 5 - r^ taught them, supervised the huge' furnaces, peered anxiously atj thermostats. In September the; plant poured Its first meial. It now has one unit going. By! midsummer there will be six! units—and Permancnte will be one of the country's biggesi magnesium plants. But. meanwhile, there are a dozen wrinkles a day to iron out. and Hansgirg does it over the phone from the jail. So Specific Charge He's one of the aliens the FBIj feS! arrested right after Pearl Har-i her. There is no specific charge! • fe-* of espionage or jabotage ag-'inst ; him. But he is supposed to have made some statements that r-crl checking. And the surrounding territory is full of rumors, gossip. stories. Hansgirg was rumored to have! 5TH IIOAU1AKDMK.YT GROUP:, a private telephone t-. the plant! This unit combines Hawaiian from the jail. Actually, he uses)folk lo,p ami tribute to a hero the sheriff's phone. The sheriff! in an interesting insignia. The says Hansgirg is a "charming old: hull's head is the family crest man." i of lhe Luke family, and Luke Kaiser is doing all he can to: Field, where the unit is stationed, gi-l his one-mnn brain thrust ouii's named for Frank Luke, bal- nf (oil. • loon-busting hero of the first There luce been three explo-| World W HI -. The motto "Kiai O slonii nt Permancnte. Men ilied.lKa J.owa," moana guardians of „ . 'hat started the rumor mills ga-\ the upper regions and refers to ruling lias been enacted hv th*c| in8 ' Bul Permancnte engineers; Kiwahu and Halulu, invisible city lommission mid orders given' hi'"' t"tind the explosions were| birds which guarded the Hawai- ii-i its immediate enforcement j'' 1 "" magnesium's tricky n :UUre ;iaii royal family. The winged -in dust form it blows up at] 1 death's head i.s a grim symbol of They say they the unit''s war job. THERE'S ONE TIKE the President won't change Mondav—. weather time . . . Although CAApvill replace Postmaster Ray Iv; communicators at. the airport will! Hockadav as chairman of the! went -roml^^y"^^ up their clock along with Hutchinson advisory council tor; Mrs. Curt Bcmunghoven, Strong! '"^ reM of _} hc iol)iS - < he i\ will National Voulh administration City; Mrs. S. Ray Gardner, Harl-i hold *° standard time for check-: March 1. ford; Mrs. Clifford E. Uurrtcii! infi and reporting the weather . . „ Hockadav explained today ho js, Cofleyville; Mrs. Howard M .l^ costm is !hut weather plienom-:stepping down from the chair-; Dukelow Hutchinson. |ena is noted simultaneously a!! manship because postmasters are; Outstanding K-Slale students i ovcr thc world ;:n<i a local shift 1 discouraged frcm heading local. Raymond Rokey Sabctha a"iicul-i wou, d throw calculations out of committees. He will continue ac-; tur 'e; Dorothy 'Beeziev,' (]irard,'S ear - ! tive work on the council, how-: home economics; Keith Walling-i . !'- ver - serving as assistant chair-; ford, Manhattan, general science; HUTCHINSON Association of- man, he said. James M. Bowyers, Jr., ElDorado, Life Underwriters voted at its flickard. employe of the North- j engineering and' architecture' meeting yesterday at lhe Bisonte;western Life Insurance Co.. R. B.! Donald K. Christian, Leavenworth,*! hotel 10 continue its newspaper; Daniel agency, has been active re- advertising program. Twenty-; eently as chairman of the defense lege. Leonard Neff. district sup ervisor, will have charge. Monday's sessions will be at the Chamber of Commerce rooms, opening at !l a. m. The Tuesday meetings will he in the courthouse community room. A highlight of the institute will be a dinner Monday evening at the Leon hotel when Dr. S. A. Nock, vice president of the college, is scheduled to talk on "Life in Germany Before the War." Rural young men ami women from 18 lo 35 me eligible to attend. An enrollment he of $1) will bo charged. Among thosei on the institute faculty will be John Coolidgc, farm management specialist; 1,. L. Cf.mpton, agronomy specialist; A. D. Weber, professor of animal husbandry; H. L. Murphy, c.iunty agent at Coldwater, anrl Mary Fletcher, nutrition specialist. Attendance of from 30 to 40 expected. is Vending Machine Ordinance Passed An ordinance vending machine amending the license law to veterinary' medicine; Albert W. Grundman, Salt Lake City, graduate study. Kansas newspaper country correspondents—Mrs. Verne Alden, Wellsville; Mrs. Elmer McCartney, Smith Ccunty Review; Mrs. Otto Meyers, El Dorado Times; Mrs. O. H. Wilson, Jewell Coumj- Record; Mark Crimes, Kinsley Mercury. Police. Won't Grant Beer Permit Approval Police have refused '"on general principles" to approve a beer license for Margaret Boone ati 301 West E. i The city commission nasi granted beer and dance licenses to ~~ eight members were present, A BIG DOLL in the living room of the Scherer apar.- msnts, 114 East First, doesn 't belong to a child . . . It's tne possession of Mrs. Maude Cannedy. proprietor, gift from her brothers in Colorado who recalled there was nothing s,he wanted so much as a child as a 'big doll." . . . The doll arrived this week. bond sales program cf Hutchinson i Association of Life Underwriters, i He has lived in Hutchinson nine ! years. ! Hcckariay has been chairman [ot the advisory council since the i local mechanical tra'ning center j opened in October, 19«0. He was j instrumental m developing plans! | for the $40,000 shop on the junior ; college campus, to be dedicated | Feb. J8. I Rickard has not previously served on the NYA council. WITH OVERHEAD lights of. the court house blacked out. as a: The Declaration of Indepen- result of the county commission-i donee was first published July ers' "save electricity" edict, andi 6, .177(1 in the Philadelphia Eve- clouds limiting the natural night,!ning Post, revolution appeared brewing|~ Hefen''Hickm'anrT28' Wert *l*te n 8., mun \ y em . ploy .'» ,odi .''T,'! and a public dance hall license to the Crystal ball room. Also introduced is an ordinance! t . vUh licensing mariiie machines. lho) Ice tenia lively has been set ot $5 a mmblc game. Pecs on lending machines remain the nunc, $5 per machine fur those selling merchandise for more than five cents. Operators of three or innie machines selling goods for five rents or less pay SI5 ;i yem, but there is no mi their machines. Heady-Made Benson For All Accidents Ketchikan,- Alaska (/Pi—Superstitious Ketchikan drivers keep a careful lookout for black cats and rabbits' feet. Territorial car licenses assigned here begin with the number 1301 and go •What 'Jl we be saving if we all; ruin our eyes and have to buyil glasses," snorted one worker, notij Ui. a county commissioner. An-i| other clerk threatened to wear a. pit lamp, of the type used by! miners, i HAPPY HOLLOW Big Daiicev-Sat. Nitc Fob, 7 New Band—New Music Best Floor in Kansas Adm: 31c plus tlx Phone 5818 ' 111G W. 5 TWO MORE beer license applications have been filed with the board of county cornmissionei s, throuHh lhe 1300's A freauent' one by Joh " Pelz ' jr " Suraner 1 11L 1>uus ' ,,,„•',,.'" itownship, and another by B. W. lougiu ^s-ljjenniir, operator of the Colonial Inn, who wants to operate the old] plea as license were bought "Haven't you some other number; you can give me? A Frenchman, Leon Scott, made an unsuccessful a'.tempi to record sound in 1855, 22 years before Thomas Edison's cxpori ments succeeded. tax CURRENT AXIS DRIVE BEGAN JAN 22,1942 Dlatrict Farm Bureau Mevtinv At Kyoim Lyons—Farm bureau fielegatetl from twelve (.aunties will hold a district cunventiou here Tuesday, at thu Rico county agriculture building. H. Umburgcr, of Manhattan, head of tho state extension ilL'jiHj 'tmont. and O. O. Wolf, of Ottawa, prenidunl of tho state farm bureau will bu principal I speakers. I Finn VoilofUom SU62.50 During January, tho court colluftcd $962,50 in and costs and tnu city S 140.00 in costs and feos. police fines court Read News-iterald Want Ada. Musical Pig on highway SOS east of the city limits, under lhe new name of Airways. Dwight Smith would be manager. MERCHANTS WHO SELL to poisons who say "Charge it to the county" and fail to present purchase orders from the county commissioners will have to whistle for their money in the- future, warns Clair D. Hyter. county auditor. Bills incurred without prior purchase orders will not be honored, tho auditor declares. SISTER SUCCEEDS sister at I Farm Security administration this. PING PONG TABLE TOPS WITH STANDS—COMPLETE I.. ,1. White Lumber Co. Sherman al IVastiinrton. Ph. 65 Quality Service Wreck Rebuilding Auto Painting Overhaul—Motor Tune-up Your Name Stamped on Tires (permanently) Schneider OU Co. 615 .V. Main f'lio, OIS AXIS CLAIM GAINS IN l.IHVA AS BRITISH LINK 'STIFFENS—Romo b:'oadr»st$ claiued Unit Axis ncoiifc had i"<uiiic<| T/oimi <1), fit) Mile* west of 3'obrnk. London reported UritiHi limw have stiffened near Tolnuk while lhe HAp blasted Icngthuued Axis supply linos. The licit H I I Middle K4M command claimed that their troop* in lho Jc.lie) <•! Akdiir regions linvo destroyed u lai'tro number of vehicles «nd iniUuted Jiwiy «a»uaHJe» in un-attack :pn Axl*' tnuispurt columns. REGULARLY ANW ESPECIALLY AT THE LEON GRILL & COFFEE SHOP E.N. Uotofion, iUgr, Anderson's Lunch Special Sunday Dinner Chicken Noodle Soup or Chilled Grapefruit Juice, Jellied Apple Celery Salad. RakfA Uitif _ Hlnntl Dtirk, iwitilhrrn ilre«*lti« atut' clnrrd upplr 5Af Ovfn Fried .*»|>rinr riilekrn, rrstintry irrnvv Me Routt Ynnm T«m T OT V FJ-, rrWy dff»*- l»t. rrnntrfrrv nmttf AAc 5Utkrrt Vtittnc Urn, r« nmnU***. .. .Me. atntteA Bfi*n»t of Umh, mint S5e «rtlir«l HtcUnry SnwheA Tork Vhnp*. ehetry **ue* . Krf»h shrimp, r«»«rlit»ll •mure. .«V OrtitHI r'renh tlnHhut steak, tartiir »«uce fiOf Prlfrt Itt(1lvldii«t Ctitfi*h ffdr NMr York 8hnr| Cut f>lmk ......BRr Mn»hrd (rtfthr* (MI I H U MM or rtindlrd tur^i p*»)alrM -t, i fnr»b YtKetnMi', Pnrkrr HotiM* «nrf our nnn nutdr rlhnnmo" rutin. tr+*t\ frnirn rherry pip, whlpprd rrrmn or hnntt mifer rnke with Ire rmim nnd chnle« of drink. T A K I; the tnmUy ntri for on* f»f \benr drlli-lnUR Mumlaj dinner*. 0(h*t IVI^itfr IM(\ner* At 10e Sft Jp*f» »friln« )h* public ot HutfhlRftDn Sunday Specials nAREl) CHICKEN With Oj'Mrr l>rp*»lnr 40* 40« ROAST LEO-OF-LA SIB Willi Jelly LITTLE KASTLE LUNCH "FAMOUS FOR FOODS" ' 314 North Mrfin STATE N0W NOW • SHOWING • call (Ml far ffhim inmM • IVarren William • June Storey in • "THE LONE WOLF TAKES • A CHANCE" • —PLUS— • Bunk Jones • Tim McCor in • "ARIZONA BOUND" • Chap. II—"Riders of Death • Valley'.' • |B|C ~NOw~sHo« • UTVKV UaJl 1191 to, the* rim*. • Georite Houston In • "THE LONE RIDER l.\ m GHOST TOWN" • —Also— • Edmund Lowe In • •DOUBLE DATE" • Chap. 3—"Captain Marvel" • LAST DAY: "Bedtime Story" —rius— "Bombay Clipper" Starts SUNDAY for 4 BIG DAYS LAST DAY$ WORK NIGHT SALARY $300.00 MOW WHAT EVERY WOMAN'KNOWS .., STRAND Anytime 2Gc Plus Tax -This Co-Hlt- Shows at 3:05-5:50-8:50 BRE.VDA JOYCE "RIGHT TO THE HEART" i:-nrllt tit thti "Omen H«apl(«l All*." !>«/ vuur llrlirlit III llihilurr (mm nur ntelllboT. s rrCMIDLANH .RODDY MePOWAU •Jghn lod«r-Raymond Wolborn Arthur Shield* • Eric Blor* —DO.FEATURE— FSED A8TAIBE # l'.iULETTE GODPARD » ABTIE SHAW i . "SECOND CHORUS" -ENDS TODAYT- "I JVAA'TISD HVNtiS"—"SIX GUN GOLD** i

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