Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 16, 1969 · Page 20
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 20

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1969
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

BULLDOG ArtMUt Republic Plroenfc, Moi»., Jam W, War may hurt us in 1970 •/ says GOP national chairman DENNIS THE MENACE By Hank Kftrhnm \T 1 1 ft f* Vance breaks silence, calls for Viet 'standstill ceasefire' WASHINGTON — _._ r Qiairman Rogers C. B. Morton said yesterday that if the Vietnam war continues beyond early 1970, the GOP would suffer in the congressional elections that year, "I think this nation is growing very restless under the situation that exists," Morton said, "and if I were to take one issue as overriding all the others, I think the progress toward peace is the No. 1 issue of the day." The Maryland congressman said on television that the Nixon administration "above all else is dedicated to ending this proposition with honor and making sure we don't accept a camouflaged defeat" He was asked about the effect on the Republican Party if President Nixon is unable to end the war and the United States remains in Vietnam "for some more months, perhaps years." "A little bit would depend on what the other party has to offer," Morton replied, "but very frankly and candidly, I don't think that prolonging this war, active fighting, casualty lists, beyond early 1970 will do us any good in the elections of 1970." The party chairman denied a suggestion that the Republicans would use a "Southern strategy" in the 1972 presidential election of the type that helped Nixon win last fall. "I think the next election is going to be United Press International Republican National based on the grades that this administration gets with the public and the job we do, and I think that is the real crux of it, and any strategy, is certainly not going to be regionalized," he said. Morton noted that on a recent trip to the South he had "heard an awful lot about the school issue down there," referring to the decision by Secretary Robert H. Finch of the Health, Education and Welfare Department to continue pressure for school desegregation. But he added he did not believe any Southern disenchantment with the administration would lead to an anti-Nixon campaign by former Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace. "I think the problem is being resolved," he said. "I think the forces and prejudices are beginning to ameliorate, and I just don't think there is going to be room for Wallace to operate in 1972." As for Southerners, he added, "I think that they know what they have to do, and I think time has been the most important factor that has been added." Looking to 1972,' Morton said he "wouldn't necessarily fully agree" that Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., would be the next Democratic presidential candidate. He denied that the GOP National Committee was operating under that assumption. "But if I take the turtle out* my frog won't have nobody to play with!" Sen. Dirksen defends law firm referrals Rivers hangs Senator demands halt Viet failures to all MIRV research on Pentagon SAN ANTONIO (UPI) Rep. L. Mendel Rivers, D-S.C., chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Saturday blamed civilian interference with the military for the failure to win the Vietnam war. "All military men have . been allowed to do in Vietnam is to canyout ridiculous decisions of the children in the Pentagon and die," Rivers told the Texas Air Force Association convention. "We should stay in Vietnam to win," he said. "We should use all our military power to win the war, but this does not mean the use of atomic weapons because we have tactical weapons with which we can win." Rivers spoke out against those who criticize the "military-industrial complex." He said that over the last nine years, the total defense cost in the United States has risen only one-tenth of 1 per cent of the total governmental expenditures. "The national defense expenditures have been in constant ratio with the gross national product, he said. At a news conference before the speech, Rivers said he did not believe a volunteer army, as proposed by President Nixon, would work. "We've never been able to maintain one," he said, "and these theories that a boost in pay will draw men into the Army are false. You can not pay a man enough to go out and die for his country." Rivers also restated an old argument that the Navy was obsolete, saying 80 per cent of this country's ships are out-of-date. He also said the Communist Chinese are not yet militarily capable of taking on the United States in a war, but if Red China did declare war, "China and the Russians would clear up their differences immediately." At an afternoon luncheon honoring Rivers, Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes defended the military's large budgets. United Press International CHICAGO - Sen. Thomas Eagleton, D-Mo., yesterday called on President Nixon to stop all research on the multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle (MIRV) missile system in the United States and suggested the President appeal to Russia to do the same. If MIRV is instituted, Eagleton told a news conference, it will become impossible for the two countries to have any sort of a check and balance system. "The overwhelming opinion of scientists and experts who have studied the ABM is that it will not work," Eagleton said. "Militarily it is not needed. Diplomatically it is ill-timed since it is on the eve of the arms talks with the Russians. And economically, it is horrendously expensive. No one knows what it will cost." Eagleton denounced the antiballistic missile (ABM) system as well as MIRV and predicted that greater pressure against them will be mounted on Nixon in the coming months. "The honeymoon is over," Eagleton said shortly after his arrival in Chicago to address a testimonial dinner for State Rep. Anthony Scariano, D-Park Forest. "I would stop the Pentagon — I would stop the ABM because it is not needed or terribly justified," the senator said. He was even stronger in his opposition to MIRV. "The consequences of the MIRV are more awesome than the ABM and it could seriously jeopardize the arms talks with the Russians," he said. Eagleton also said it was time for members of Congress to stop complaining about "being had" by the military and start scrutinizing Pentagon expenditures. "The Congress has the power to raise armies. It has the responsibility to authorize and appropriate the expenditures of federal revenue," he said. "In so doing, it can set national priorities and channel national resources toward national goals. 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BRITISH MATADOR GORED MADRID (UPI) - Henry Hifgins, the 24-year-old British matador, was recovering in Bullfighter's Hospital yesterday from a 7-inch born wound he suffered in a cor- rida at Guardo. Higgini, an apprentice, was gored in the buttocks Saturday in his 18th fight of the season. STOMACH Bpw.l, Froitat. dliord.r*, indl- foition. 9«f. bleat, constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting, hoortburn, dotting up nifhti, burning urination, difficulty in •t*rtinf fUw, toxu.l nt»oMsn»!i and f«Hgu» may bo warning flgni »f torn* lorfoui e*na)itlM and ihculd b. ch.ctid Int. without a)tUy. C«H for M appointment today. Citato WASHINGTON (AP) Sen. Everett M. Dirksen, a staunch opponent of full financial disclosure by members of Congress, yesterday defended his practice of referring clients to his former law firm and accepting feet for doing so. The Senate Republican leader from Illinois refused to give any indication of the extent of his remuneration for such referrals. Asked whether he practices law, Dirksen said "Certainly I don't practice law. If I find something, if somebody writes me, wants to have reference to a lawyer, if I can do it, and it is nonfederal I do it." Dirksen, interviewed on a television - radio program, said he receives remuneration, "If I bring in some nonfederal law business." He continued: "But now, to show, you how it works, a law firm in Cali- CULLIGAN AUTOMATIC WATER SOFTENERS OB low M $29(|oo • plui installation call and say . . . write Purple Shield, Suite 404, 222 West Osborn Rd., "•hoenix, Arizona. CULLIGAN MILES SALES & SERVICE 4720 N. 16th St. Phone: 264-3111 7Ae Leader Since 7939 UPHOSIERY OFFER!! 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Well, now they don't know a law firm in Peoria except to look in a directory. They ask their senator, and he calls me and says 'Do you know some law firm in Peoria that would represent these people?' "Well, I say 'certainly there is a firm there. Once upon a time I was a partner of the firm.' New Vork Times Service WASHINGTON - Cyrus R. Vance, former U.S. representative at the Paris peace talks, broke his self-imposed negotiating strategy yesterday and called for a "standstill ceasefire" by all sides in Vietnam. He thus joined W. Averell Harriman, senior negotiator for the Johnson administration, in urging a deliberate reduction of combat as a mesns to move the peace talks forward. Vance has been consulted several times privately by Whie House and State Department policy advisers since he returned to private law practice in February but until now he has carefully avoided public statements. "I have been thinking the whole situation over," he said in a telephone interview from his home in New Jersey, "and I think the time has come to try stirring up support for a new initiative that stands a real chance of moving us toward peace." He was careful to avoid criticism of the Republican administration, but the fact that he issued a statement indicated a mounting impa- tience with the slow progress of the negotiations under President Nixon. Vance stated his position in , a letter to Clark Kerr, former f president of the University of California at Berkeley who is now chairman of the National Committee for a Political Settlement in Vietnam. In the committee's headquarters in New York, Vanct endorsed a five-point program for a peace settlement. «HBiHfiH___ ALL-IMPORTANT MESSAGE |»hm* 2SI.70M (Day or Night) (A rKOMM.m*Mtto} DOMT GAMBLE WITH BUGS!! Coll., ROOM ADDITION SPECIAL 12 Ft. x 24 Ft. FAMILY ROOM with FIREPLACE *2695 COMPLETE! 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