The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on November 12, 1964 · Page 27
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 27

Dover, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1964
Page 27
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Do All SpWtr* Spin tlii Sam* Kind Of W«b? .__ r tttt M« Wfcy T.C.L, ipkfen spin the same kind tetll _~_ winner «.' Rteky N. Y. Yesterday we talked about insects and how many different kinds of them there are. And just as most people don't know there is such great variety among insects; so we don't realize that every insect has many forms and ways of life Did you know that spiders are found in every sort of climate, from hot to cold? There are some that live in the air, on the ground, under the ground, on the water and even in it! And they vary in size from 3 inches to some that are hardly visible. So with this great variety of spiders you can imagine how many different kinds of web: they make. -- All spiders however, make -their silk for these webs in the ! same way. It is manufacture ! In certain glands in the abdo ; men of the spider. The silk i: 1 forced through many tiny hole: I from the spinning organs at the ! tip of the abdomen. The silk I comes out as a liquid and on '. contact with the air it becomes ; the solid thread we all know : Not all the silk that spiders ; produce is the same. The stick) ; silk is used in the web to catci '. prey. Next there are the stroni ; supporing spokes which are no ; sticky. (A spider moves up an ; down on these and so doesn' ; get stuck in his own web). Last | ly, there are the silks of th ! cocoons which spiders make t ; lay their eggs, and some ; these are fluffy, others har ; and fibrous. ; The garden spider is the on ; who spins the large wheel • lik ; web most of us are familia ; with. It is used only for catch _ prey, First the ipider nakes a rectangle of outer wavy lines, Theft the spokes of wheel an constructed next, hen three or four spirals. The losely spaced sticky spiral is bailt last, Among some of the other tinds of webs built by spiders are the following. A web that is built into a burrow with a lid- Ice opening on top that acts ike a trap • door. A bell-shaped web built entirely under water hat serves as home to the Eu- opean Water spider An unorganized mass of threads going jvery which way that is built >y the black widow spider. And here are even some spiders who build no webs at all — they run free and catch insects on the run! FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Mrs. Brown: Well Bobby, what are you going to do when you get as big as Daddy? Bobby: Do on a diet. Mother: Sit down and tell me what your school marks are. Son: I can't sit down. I just told Pop what they are. WORD PUZZLE K Can you change the first word "Dark" to the last word "Pest" in four moves? Change one letter in the word with each move. See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Win the Britannica World Atlat yr Yearbook of Events. Send your 'iAAles or jokes to: Riddles, Jofcei 'Tell Me Why" oare of this netct- paper. Today's winner ft: Patricia, Beauchamp, 10, East Rochester, N. Y. (Copyright Arkady Beokum 1964) Worry Clinic: Worshippers Of 'Guidance 9 By Dr. George W. Crane foel T., 21, recently gradu- ** ated from college. "But he is a problem," his worried father began. For Joel has refused to take 2 positions that 1 would consider wonderful. "He claims his personality must be in harmony with the job he accepts and he felt there there was no future in those 2 positions. So he has loafed around the house for the past 6 months, smoking cigarets and watching TV. "Now he things he needs an expensive vocational guidance analysis. Dr. Crane, is it true that there is a 'one and only' job best suited to each person?" ; Actually, there is no future in I any job. For the future is always in the worker who holds that job. Jobs are just rungs on the ladder to success. But rungs don't move upward; they are , stationary. It's the man or woman who steps on those rungs who does the climbing toward the top. Whether you now wash dishes In a restaurant or shine shoes or peddle newspapers and magazines, you can get to the top ii you realize your future lies in yourself. In fact, analyze Who's Who and you will find that the pres Idents of big corporations started out from all sorts of low ly rungs on the ladder to sue cess. A Jewish merchant in Balti more once gave me some splendid advice for my psy chology students at George Washington University. I was teaching the various psychology courses in Business Psychology Vocational Guidance, etc. • "Dr. Crane," this wealthy IMiiNiiiuuiu' •y MM tote I KNOW/1 KNOW NOW WU SIT HERE REAL QUICTANO I'LL GO INSIDE AND FIX UP GOMBTHINd COOL. BLONI By Chte Yoamf DONT SCREAM- ANDFOR MOLD ONTO » THAT , PITCHER! IPVOUTAMCEOPF YOUR COAX I'LL sew THE BUTTON ON FOR Vou I HAVEN'T TIME" I'LL, PO IT MVSEUF i',, JI..:JL i WONDER WHV HE SEWEC5 IT ON THE CHAIR r-r- MC \rtXJrjg, ll-ll DeorAbby; A 'Mistake* Somewhere! f\ear Abby; My only brother \J Atfut (« PalifAWtia a low By Abigail Von Bortn died in GRANDMA By Charles Koto years ago and was cremated. When 1 visited his widow this summer, 1 asked to be taken to the place where my brother's ashes were kept. She opened the door of a closet which was crowded with junk, old luggage and boxes jammed in every which way. Finally she unearthed a shoe box and said, "Here it is." I was speechless. I didn't even open the box but handed it back to her. I was shocked that my beloved brother's ashes were kept in such a place. I cut my visit short but it's been on my mind ever since and I don't know what to do about it. My sister-in-law goes to church regularly and says grace before meals. Please put my mind at ease with some advice. Am I overly sentimental? Bewildered Dear Bewildered: No. Apart from your sister-in-law's appalling lack of respect for her husband's remains, something else Is cockeyed here. Each stale has its own laws and this is Mary." Mary has gwie an out to b« a good mother to my children and she has been a wonderful wife to me. All the children are married and have children of their own, so they could cat! us "Grandpa and Grandma." Or they could refer to Mary as "Mrs. So and So." What procedure should I use to get my children to refer to my wife in a more respectful manner? Grandpa Dear Grandpa: Why not call your children together and ask that they refer to your wife In pleasing to "Grandma" a manner more you? I vote for GOLLY, ...HAVE VOU BEEN READING <SHOST CTORIES AOAIN ? NO... IVB JUST HAO' BAP LUCK TRYING TO FIX SOMETHING AT HOME. a s» r-Jfc)£ EVER HAPPEN TO YOU By Blah TRUDY ...AN •LKCTRICAL. «HORT -, IN THIS OUC» LAMP/ By Jerry Marco* governing cremation and the disposition of ashes. And under the California Health and Safety Code, the ashes are not given out. They are either placed in an urn and kept In a bona fide cemetery, put In a mausoleum-type building, or buried in the earth (like a casket) with a marked grave. Ask your sister-in-law how come your your brother's ashes are in a shoe box in her closet? Dear Abby: My second wife merchant began, "tell your 'at once. tudents to take the best job available at the moment. "Urge them ta perform it to he best of thqir ability. But warn them to keep on the look- 3ut for better openings up ahead. That is still superb advice. It means that you should not remain idle or loaf like Joel. For every job offers helpful experience with people or business and mechanical gadgets, which in the long run you can capitalize on. So don't become so idolatrous that you worship vocational guidance. A battery of vocational guid- ince tests and a $500 fee may iclp assure you that as of this moment you are best equipped 'or dentistry or sales work, teaching or farming. But human beings are not fixed and unchanging. For example, today you might rate zero as a typist but inside of a few months, if you liave the grim determination to take a typing course, you may blossom out as the best speed typist in your area. Even a shy chemist or timid bookkeeper, can change in a few months and become a success at such a rigorous, extrovert- ive job as selling. All of our modern vocational tests offer helpful sign posts, furnish the motive power and the lubrication. Moreover, the best lubrication for success even today is still good old-fashioned "elbow grease," meaning diligent work. "Genius," said Thomas Edison, "is one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration." So Joel should quit mooching cigarets and get to work 6£T HIS BUT THEY CAN'T PfcOVE IT UCBSSE. WITHOUT U16 ^ for the children and see nothing wrong with "Mary" the rest of the time. Dear Abby: That Tampa funeral diector who said the one who cries the loudest at a funeral is usually the one who did the least for the deceased during his lifetime doesn't know what he's talking about. My husband was killed in an automobile accident in July and I don't know who cried louder, his mother or me, but everybody at the funeral will tell you it was close. He was the pride and joy of his mother's heart and there was nothing in this world I wouldn't have done for him. I don't remember what I wore to the funeral, but my sister-in- law told me later that I had worn my heavy winter coat (in July)! And I couldn't tell you who rode where in the funeral procession. All I can remember seeing was that hearse ahead of me. Gee, that Tampa and I have been married for 15 years. My first wife died. I had 8 children by my first wife and none by my second. When my children introduce me to any of say, "This their friends, is my father they man's letter burned me up. Widow From New Mexico . For Abby's booklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50 cents to Abby, Box W7N, Los Angeles, Calif. DAILY CROSSWORD /«s ARCHIE By Bob MonttM "Trudy, how do you expect me to remember your birthday when you NEVER look any older!" NO, NO, MI55 PHLIPS.' i SAID pur THIS PILE IN THE SCPAPBASMET AND THE OTHER PILE IN OUR 3CRAP000Kf «*{ OCAfff I GOT THEM MIXED/ L YAM EMPTY SCRAP0ASKET.... IN BIG TRASH CAN' ) THE SCHOOL'S ENTIRE PAST HISTORY,' NAT Submitter STOP// STOP/' WELL.WHV I WOULD HE SIT AU AFTERNOON IN A TRASH-MANt TRUCK EXAMINING EVERY PIECE? DO YOU THINK HE CRACKED? 7 R T" p T" H '4"~ A T" 1 P Tc M 5 H 0 U •g- P •i- u •T™ A 4 T If 3 M ' 4 O • 4- o T N 1 8 L 111 a H ~ r A 8 8 r" c ~i" •I — r" 8 *-g- D -.J.P. Q 2 N 8 A "6 ~ L , 4 U "'7""" T -« W -T" K « 0 6 Y it R 8 |" H i 0 7 ' B & S 5 B tt I 2 Y 8 A 4 I! »| I 3 D 3 O '4 A 5"" H (i G 7 i H 8 T 4 Y tt S ~3~~ A •if B • JJ- L ft A 4 P « O 6 T "TT~ T "TT" K 8 I $ A '4 0 2 H "3 E "TT~ N ~"T" R — y— H TT" H "IT" V 7 I T~ R ,f— B 2 B "~3~~ N "T" I T~ 3 s A T P T A L I ~T J ii v( - f NANCV—CAN ) \ YOU MAME *J S TWO PRONOUNS ? ^%P^ To. b» U. I M Of~3l *k« nmfii Cw.lM4kr «•"* •"•»» fi"*"*. <•«• f CORRECT— I WHO AND ME >> ARE BOTH PRONOUNS '/, /> ACROSS 1. Victorian 4. Lively spirits 7. A catch in hose 8. Was in debt 10. Spirit lamp 11. Shakespearian king 12. A sanction 13. Border 15. Girl's name 16. Disfigure 17. Norse god 18. Get back 20. Small barracuda 22. A support 23. Pro 24. Billiard rods 26. Claws 29. Part of "to be" 30. Turf 31. Spinning toy 32. Cut in two 35. Helen of * famous beauty 36. Ends of Saturn's rings 37. The shank: anat. 38. Gracious 39. A hospital employee 40. Foot-like organ 41. Spawn of fish DOWN 1. To make complicated 2. Talk noisily 3. Turkish title 4. Pert, to the poles 5. Pitcher 6. Wampum 7. Fisherman's net 9. An automobile pleasure jaunt 12. Distant 13. Fortify 14. Profit 16. Russian fighter plane 19. Roman money 20. The sun 21. Project 23. Temporary fashion 24. Part of locomotive 25. Eskimo boat 26. Little child 27. Rope with a running knot 28. Watch secretly 30. Quantities 33. A small cut 34. Serf 35. Group of three 37. Elevator cage 2A- 10 19 34- ZO Zl KIP KIKBY By Jot*, frame* THE POCTOR EVEN HAS SACKS Of- POISONOUS SEEP. I MUST SET WORPTOMR.MRBV. THIS IS THE > SEAPLANE YOU WILL PILOT. PO 1DU THINK YOU CANHANPlf HER? YOU CAN MEET THE OTHERS OH THE DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE — Here's how to work It: AXYDLBAAXR U LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A Is used for the three L's, X for the two O'f, etc. Single letters, apos- trophies, the length and formation of the words an all hint* Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation VV 25 SKA XEZOTX3 BY NWYA, KHPWSM XETZS YEU L B U A 8KH3 L H G W L M. —H L W A N Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THE GREATEST MASTER* PIECES WERE ONCE ONLY PIGMENTS ON A PALBTTB. —HASKINS DONALD DUCK HENRY H ERB !• • phMMol littl* fftQM that wiU giv« you » raeisag* every day. It i* ft numerical puzzle designed to spell out • your fortune. Count to* letter* in your first name, if the niun- ' tier of tetters ta « or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at to*. " upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one ef your key wwnbwfc left ta right. Then read the westag* |*» kttefs under th» checked figures give-you, H-it X CUSTOMERS WEARING SHORTS AREN'T ALL-OWED/ By Walt DUney ^* U -m i*j£»2L

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