The Mexia Daily News from Mexia, Texas on June 26, 1955 · Page 4
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The Mexia Daily News from Mexia, Texas · Page 4

Mexia, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 26, 1955
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

THE MEXIA DAILY NEWS, MEXIA, TEXAS, SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 1955 PAGE FOUR Crockett Davy Comfortable, Wrought'-lfoh, Crockett Models Kenneth Paris CDSON IN WASHINGTON Your Health f Edwin P. Jordan, M. D. Written for MEA Service »r»s taitfed in i ffctnliy ^i$i parents wfco haB a strained teliltioiwftiip ttMeacft dtfter-— a severe father artd a mother who feared greatly. We received few smiles, ho Hghtheartedness or love from our. parents. MV Ifieridship wilh boys Was much opposed and my rtiarriage at 23 was a calamity. I had only one child because of parental objection's. When^m^';daughter was my 1 father died And my mother tofl itne he had had syphilis ••— his one mistake. My daughter now in her mid- teens has a stubborn acne, and I am wondering if it is because of my father that she is , this way. What chances has she got of having normal children?. ,-.• A—The writer of this letter obviously had a most Unhappy and abnortnal childhood. She can do nothing about this now except to realize that she had a bad break U.N.'s Economic Assistance Is Its Most Vital Role BY PETER RDSON NBA W«shln ( toii Cerrcspendent WTASHINGTON—(NKA)—The greatest practical good to come out' "of the United Nations—how celebrating its 10th birthday in San Francisco—-is expected In its Technical Assistance Administration programs in the more underdeveloped countries. In the long run, the great majority of backward people in the world are going .to measure the success or failure of the U.N. by what it has done to raise their standard of living. This problem is now before the U.S. Congress through President •Eisenhower's request for $24,000,000 as the American contribution for the next year and a half. At the beginning of this program, five years ago, the U.S. contribution was nearly two-thirds of the funds, to get it going. This KM. now been dropped to 57 per cent of the total for the current , THERE IS CONSIDERABLE misunderstandinf of the U.N. TAA program. It is generally thought of as a mere duplication of the American government's "Point Four" program introduced by Presi- .jdent Truman in 1049. • President Eisenhower's foreign aid request for the coming year .aeeks $172,000,000 for this work. It is now known as "Technical Cooperation." •; This money is earmarked $41,000,000 for the Middle East, $67,- POO.MO for Asia, $31,000,000 for Latin America and the remaining EjNIjMO.OOO for. other countries..." The most frequently asked question about this is why the United States should be expected to lay out an additional $24,000,000 for .United Nations effort in the same field. ' , i,.Hugh L. Keenleyside of Canada, director general of the U.N. Technical Assistance Administration, maintains there is no duplication and no competition. , • It was the success of the Point Four program, he says, whidh convinced the U.N. they should expand their, program. THERE WAS RELUCTANCE on the part of some countries to accept too much technical assistance from any one country.' TherY was a fear that strings might be attached. From the American point of view, there Is an advantage in that Anything done by U.N. leaves that much less to be'done by us. In the five years that the U.N. TAA has been functioning, says Keenleyside; so nations have voluntarily .contributed' to its support. Some of them have not been U.N. members—Switzerland, Japan, Italy and Ireland. Soviet Russia has given the equivalent of $1,000,000 the last three wars, the Ukraine $125,000 and White Russia $50,000. There are no^U-N. TAA projects behind the l?bn Curtain, and there are no Communist* acting as technical assistants in U.N. missions. THIS LAST DEVELOPMENT, however, seems inevitable. Having eluded the Communist countries for not supporting the U.N. . activities in tno early years, greater Communist participation is io be expected, now that they are in. ' Nearly 1600 technical experts have been sent on U.N. missions to over 100 countries that have received aid. Thesfe experts have been recruited in 63 countries. • ! The U.N. aid is confined exclusively to this technical assistance. The receiving countries must finance their own developments. It is not a "give-away" program, says Keenleyside. j There are more requests for assistance than there is aid to give. i With two-thirds of the people of the world suffering from ig- !noran«e, poverty, insufficient food and disease, there is room for expansion of this effort for many years to come. J. W. HAWKINS fc BOH CAS, leg. 23.1: No-Knox 2M Premium Oil, quart 35c Wrecker Service UCED CAHS Phone GY6-9029 Highway 14—South of Circle Mexia Daily News PiiblNhml l>y the News T'ul>li?hinK C«., Ini'.. Mexin, Texns, HI,AKH SMITH, president; K. C. (Krnio) DKANte. oililor hntl tfoncral jrmnnKer; CHARLES W. MHAvSKI.S, iiilvprtiBlne mntmcer; JO/IN MOSS, fiirm nml Bports oilitnr: MRS. SIDNKY JOHNSTON', Miolety eilltor; HENHY AT. KINKON, circnlatfciM mnnnjtiT nnil clnsKifitMl nil mnimtror: WHS. HOPE TRUKI.OVK, bookkeeper; STERLING HM.DHKK. shop . foreman I J. D. GIBUS. Commercial printing ilt'pnrt- ment. THE MEXIA DAILY NKWS Is pub- U»h«-(l Mimilny through Kridny nftcr- noonH and Sutiduy morninK.. Entered »s itecond-i-liisM matter , February 24, 1912, lit the po.Uorfice nt Mexin. Texiw, under Hit 1 art of Mnrrh 7, 1K»7. Any erroneous reflection upon the character, HtamlinK or reputation of persons, firm or {'orpotntinn whi^'h, niny aupear in the i-olumtiH of tiling newspaper >vill be corrected upon h*'ihu called to the attention of the publishers. TKI.KI'H«'»NK: OY«-286S MEMBER TKXAS PRESS ASSOCIATION—1955 the EASY payment way Check These Low PAYMENTS Improve your, HOME If Amount of Purchase is ... $2'10.00 $400.00 $600.00 $800.00 $1000.00 Lowest Monthly Payment Is $6.39 $12.78 $19.17 $25.56 $31.94 , . . and remember NO DOWN PAYMENT We'll take over the details . . . You'll enjoy the results. FREE ESTIMATES 101 THE NEECE LUMBER CO. E. Palestine GY6-3854 Death Has I«J ki lul XXV THERE was one night attend- i^ant 'on duty in the anteroom of <lhe,-inorgue when the detective and reporter got there. He sat dozing behind a scarred desk with a bright droplight directly overhead. He yawned widely and showed a gap where two front teeth were missing when he grinned recognition of Shayne and Rourke. "You 'two ghouls again, eh? Been months since I seen either of you.? : "You have got the woman who was drowned in Biscayne Bay tonight?" Shayne asked. [ "Oh l yeh. She's the only fresh un. You boys come down to identify her?" ! "To take a look and see if ;we can." "Have tub put your names down right here," The attendant produce*! two cajds and picked up a pefc. "You know the rules good as I do. Lemme see, now i..." He made a pretext of scratching his bald head in per, plexity, glapcine up shyly at the 'redhead. "Seems Ufce I had oughtta remember your name from some- wh,ere«. Seen your picture in the papers, maybe?" Shayne said goodntturcdly, "President Eisenhower end the mayor of New Vprk. That'll look good in youj records. Which box If she in?'* j *Wo. 4, |fr. President," said the MM'* mm gfcefully, "J knew " J seen tbjt mug of yours some.__ and he and rke went aiwn ? passageway . door opening onto a pf stairs leading down into cancrcte-linecj coldrooro. Bit in &f smajji square chili, pure 1041 air,., "-^ MCA S...K.. IK. the center of the room, a bank of white, oversize filing cabinets along one wall. Each cabinet had three drawers, six feet lont; and about three feet square, svitli consecutive numbers neatly stenciled on the front of each. , Shayne drew in a deep breath and seized the handle' of the top drawer in the second row and pulled it out. A • white cloth covered the naked body of the woman he had lost'; seen jn Rourke's company at tl}e .tourist cabin, when she he*itantJJK* disavowed recognition Q| Jfacjt Willow. ' '• -'••" ' '" Neither man wasted rnof« than one glance at the face,' IH the bright overhead light, a y»Jt on her stomach showed.,, qttbrly. Both had seen the scan* Wt by an operation tor npp«n41citis, and to their nonprofessional eyes, this looked typical and had the appearance of being rather recent • • • SHAYNE pulled the cloth over her body and shoved; the drawer shut "So that really doesn't prove aiiytluus except that we can't say she isn't Mrs. Allerdice. Doc t^artin will have made a preliminary investigation. We can ask him how long ago the operation was, but it's my guess it was about the right time." "Jtfine, too," agreed Rourke as they turned back Jp ^llftilj tye stairs. "What's our next move?" This was decided for them before Shayne had an opportunity' to rep)y. When they reentered the anteroom, they saw Chief Will Gentry and Doc Martin, rajikinu police surj^on of Miami, standing in front of the desk in conversation with the bald man. Gentry rocked back on his heels and regarded them balefully as they approached. "Where's Lucy Hamilton; Mike? I want her down here." "Lucy Hamilton?" Shayne didn't have to simulate tb« sur- prise in his voice. "In bed, I guess. What you want her for?" "I t.hink you know, Mike." Gentry's voice was uncompromising. "And she isn't at home. At least, she doesn't answer her phone." Shayne stiffened. He said, "I don't know, Will. Tim and I left her there half an hour ago, and i told her to get some sleep." "Don't give me a run-around." Gentry's face was choleric, his voice heavy with suppressed anger. "If you're hiding her out so she can't coir.c down here to tel} us v.'hether or not this woman is Arlene Bristow, jt'll mean your license." - "Hold it, Will." Shayne's voice was even, but it became hard to match the Chief's accusation. "I haven't lied, to you. Certainly not about Lucy. If she isn't at home 1 I'm more worried about her than you are." • • • GE?ITRY pounded at him. VWhy did you and Tim make a trip down here unless it was to f|p If she answered Lucy's de- acrjption of Jack Bristow's sister?" "Because we wondered if she might be someone else." Shayne looked past Gentry to the police surgeon." '"You notice that scar on her tummy, Doc?" '<Th,e,' appendectomy?" "How recent would you say?" Dr. Martin shrugged, "Within the last six months at least. I wasn't aware it was relevant when I examined her." Will you swear she Isn't Arlene Bristow?" demanded Gen. try. "Why no. I never saw Miss : " ' ' , . ,, "But Lucy could swear to it?" "I presume so. i believe she knew the girl fairly well a few years back. See here, Will, what possible reason, hiive you for thinking she might be Arlene'.'" "From now on, you're going to be answering questions instead of asking them," was the police chief's uncompromising reply. lie turned back to the man be? Wijd.^ve desk. ."You. ..wei?; iu*t about to ten us ab4ut some other parties who have been in tonight to see her?" (To He C«»Uuti«4) I as a youngster. As to hat e»h*» pteMemt aene is not related to syphilis and if the writer of the letter has been healthy all of her life it is most unlikely that she has ever had that disease either. A blood test would answer the question definitely. The tetiiibl* thing.ta for the tet- ter writer to conquer her fears and discusst this situation frankly aftd fully with her doctor. The chances are that he can relieve her mind entirely. After all, this is the kind of problem for which doctors are trained. O>—Can you say anything about deaf and dumb people? Is this disability passed along from one generation to another? A—-Approximately one third of all cases of deafness are hereditary. Deafness at birth prevents the normal learning of speech and it is in such cases that deaf-mu- tism is said to exist. In all probability this will not be inherited unless the hereditary quality ov gene' is inherited from both parents. But there is no really practical way of telling in advance whether this will occur or not. Q—Pleeje say something about osteoporosis. Is this a form of arthritis? A—This is an abnormal porous- ness or thinning of the structure of the bone. There are several varieties and several causes but osteoporosis is not the same as arthritis. In some cases of arthritis the bones due to disuse however, will become less dense. —-I have had two fiisure operations but have never healed entirely. What should be done? A—I fear you will have 'to have another and more extensive operation with particularly careful after-care. Mrs. W. B, Barrow Named Honoree At Coffee Thursday Kirs. W. B. Barrow was on- ored at a coffee given Thursday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 at the home of Mrs. Vernon Jones at Mexia State school. Hostesses with Mrs. Jones were Mrs. Thurman Kerr, Mrs M. M. Huffman and Mrs. Lindsey Moore. Dr. and Mrs. Barrow, recently moved from Eastland to Mexia State school where Dr. Moore has accepted a position as staff physician. Guests were greeted by the hostesses, who then presented Mrs. Barrow. The home was attractively decorated with' gorgeous 'arrangements of seasonal flowers. The entrance hall featured pink zinnias. A bouquet of pink glad- iol and a bouquet of yellow marigolds graced the living room. The refreshment table was laid with a white organdy cloth over white satin and centered with an artistic arrangement of daisies. Salmon pink gladioli were used on the buffet to create a pretty background. Mrs. H. R. Martin and Mrs. Frank Ruth alternately presided at the coffee service. Mrs. W. R. Beaver and Mrs. J. Frank Gillespie were in charge of the appointment table. DR. W. DUKE P1TTM AN DR. WILLIAM D. PITTMAN OPTOMETRISTS MBXIA.TBXAS HURRY COMANCHE PETUNIAS Also King Henry (red) pink and white coleu*. red talvia shrimp and geranium plants. A gardener is a man who never lets grass grow under his feet. Sparks B. Jenkins Phonel GYt-3118 PINK A. BATES LIFE INSURANCE GY6-2732 Ask about our New family Group Savings Plan — Plug Many Others. HOSPITAL INSURANCE $20 to $30 per Day plus Surgical—1st Aid — Ambulance, Maternity, also return of premiums. POLIO Plus U olher Diaaded Costly Diseases. 1 Person $6 Year—Family $12 ACCIDENT P«nny a Day Travel Accident Plan— FIRE—TORNADO—THEFT Pay The Euy Way Monthly—Quarterly—Yearly Don't Let Disaster Overtake You Witboul Prottctionl Be ... SAFE a«4 SOUND TEXAN IS ELECTED TO JAYCEE OFFICE Mike Maloney, Ft. Smith. Ark.: I Victory Faust, Windom, Minn.; ATT ANTA r a mp^ Wiioh James Cash man, Jr., Las Vpgas, A7™ T «' °A'~OT-?"^ Nev.; and Howard D. Ford, Mid- McKenna, 33, Omaha insurance executive, was elected prp c <^»nt of the U. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce Friday to succeed E. L. Buckner, 32, of Ogden, Utah. Vicfe-presidents elected include JOt SCHULTZ Kendrlck Building Phon. GYI-2591 . . Mexia Stated meeting of Bi- Stone Chapter, Order of De:Molay, Monday, 7:30 p. m. Masons cordially invited. JOHNNY ENNIS, M. C. DAN EUBANKS, Scribe. land, Texas. DR. JOHN R. 00BBS, Jfi. Optoaelrist Bowlen Bond Bldg. Phone 192 ... Tesgue OUT OUR WAY By 3. R. Williams BRADLEY A GEREN Attorneys-A. t-Law Bradley Building Phon* 111 •!• Groesbeck DRIVE-IN CURB SERVICE FROZEN— Fruits, Vegetable*, Steaks, Pies CAN FOODS— SANDWICH MEATS— SALADS CABELL'S DAIRY PRODUCTS WRIGHT'S DAIRY-WAY 201 West Commerco .... Phone GY6-2879 WHV AIM'T YOU Y DEEP VVATEd ^irn E UNPRESSEP? ONLY WITH WINJP-- WE WANT YOU / SHALLOW felEEAM ' TO GO AHEAP 1 RIFFLE ALLTliVMF:.' \ SO WE KIN) X ~\ VOU £CULD C-ST01.-5 /2 YOU IF / /JF^V THAT !M LCHV HAPPEWS-.' /, WHAT FtlLl !M' THI-3 A <.-UV WHO WAS '.VAPINJ6 PIC E: WEKE ^* / ' NEW 1955 COOLS MORE.. A full 1'i-H.P. unit! Made to handle large living, dining -areas! COSTS LESS... , Less to buy ... and far less to eperatel ' ONLY 369 95 inclvdti .gl.mnltf th.rm.tlot 1 A. N. LITTLE TV 104 N. Sherman GY6-3MO THE OLP PUCK OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE K MC'i 60T HIS)/TODAY:; ',$-. "DROP A r? A - i / i '.O .•-' I T"I I A-r r*\T- /-A. i \T - r? A I JLiST STARTED )^ M](5|4ee ^^ A ]V L0 3k'AT AU:/" — , 1KTO T^Ac DEK TO// C ^ T g ECA M ? = £ X 'ECV-t 1 T^Mki I k'MOvvJ PUZILE \6 TODAY TO TH£ "Df-AVM CM TME MS A6 IF "L 4 A RABBIT FAMILY IN -me rAEROT^.' x__^=:--.--Ar\£ 1 6 60T/ CARNIVAL By TURER IT PAYS TO USE CLASSIFIED ADS- 'Okay, okay! Could you spare a dim* for a cuppa coffee, please, SIR1" SIDE GLANCES Galbraith FUNNY BUSINESS 'Our witness couldn't be here so we're using a player and a photograph!" -IT PAYS TO USE WANT ADS- SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer thi - __ ^ of tht nicatt ropmi in town •»et|»t n»«t door burnad tht doughnut. »g»»n "W«M better leave Pop out here-he always blushes 1 . when we take him in!"

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