The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on April 30, 1918 · Page 5
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 30, 1918
Page 5
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"THE OIL on* DBBJHOK, TOBBDAY MOBzrnw, Gypsy's Big Wei! Will be Put to Pumping. -MANY •f Empire Has a Long: String ol : ; ; ;v: New Wells—Towanda, El : M-:2l Dorado and Augufita Show p.; ^Activity—Large List of Ffttt- ^j^iires'Beported Among Pio- :."-VcH'ji'ecr Ventures. t '••''iX'll--.. • L _l !_• t'V^'TUi-sA, Okla-, April IS.—',., .. -, •;': : ^_, T he Gypsy OU Co/8 No. 6 on ihe ^miuniway- fur is L In .section lt-26-i •~- u "' Butler county, Kan., Ih* f e«*le*t high '•- ; 'jjride uroduclns w«H ever known In •'X thin country, hsia siopjied Aovirinff. 1 ; !"-ljCnot d«ati by any means, ana ll I 'I'vliVely thai It will b« lubtO with 4-lnth '-uljte. and pump*0. If the oil la sill • "•-• Ihtre..lha company can sel u t.COO '•-' ''bbL, daily production" through a oil" Vtif thai alz*. The L'ntoii Oil C'o.'u b£i ; - ''"la-pll on the I>enny -farm ts beln •'•flumped through 3-inch tuMnc. Am -^jiroJuoes 1.500 bkli a day. So. ! .'-'.Shimi^-jiy WAS completed last S*piem :'?'- tier anil flowed for 3I2 days. Just how •- .)*jitu.cli oH It proilac«tl I* not known i •/•Xfm-- exactiu-ss, hut If." put littwe* i• /i;3,'$<Ip,Q4C »nd y.SOO.030 bMs. on Ih r .~> market fn the seven months of Its lit -''V- li'a^V 'flowing well, and for Mvera r.'-'iriomhs wx§ the mean* of putttng th ."•J-ttyjjBy Oil Co. at the head o£ the lilt ^"i'.ui- (jroilucin? companies. Even _wllh ''A'" the-bly well dropulnsf off. ln.«) tiJ'twy * ';*Q11;Co. (s. one of the two leading com" " " ' i In the-mailer of • production. in* la t the oulhweat quarter of zertlon iS-t(-S,' i a ISO-fabl. well In *a»d **om 2.657 0 *,6M f«t The I.euwanJ Oil Co, 01 ft ilusttr U No 2 o/i Hie- Klrsiey arm. In the northwest corner of th« T section t^-ie-l. U WM drilled (9 1.500 feet. Page, Lewis & Co.'a No. 0 on Hie Koogler farm In IJie eouih- easi of the eoutheiul quarter of »ec- Ion JO-JS-5. Is tfoiaff 125 bblj, from Bid al *.«i la 3,C*J feefc ' Tho iloniior Oil .Co. his n 70-bb). com* lion. In No. 1 ufl the Brown farm, Ihe Aoulhea/i/ ef th« northwest quarter ol wttl/m 35-Z5 6. and an other Rood for 4 like amount lii No. 5, 1 location eitst ut hV. -i Th$ Haverlitll Petroleum Co, ti&s i duster. No. 3 on Ihe Marshall farm, tfest of.ihfl.northeaHt quarter ol Melion Il-51f5. H'R'iUi abandoned *l AURUSW 'Fci«l—The'Krnplro GaJ . Fuel Co,;completed an SBO-btT, r rr *Mc?r -sa'th* UaaVlns farm In secllo *9.*8-4.; U 13 No. IS, located In Ihe Bouthwcet corner of the oi the northwest quirter ot the Bec*.lon The l«p of th« aand was found & MGO feet anA-lhe well R-US drilled li 11 fyel, and U Rowing. Tho «m company's No. 6 on the Brant farm In the northwest of the qua/Ler o S-28-4. Is Rood for • v -because other Mi? «*iU have co the ShuiHway farm t ' . jO'bbls., from eand ul I.S59 U fc^*- The ssree c&n)pin>-"* JIo. i: Scull)*. In tho RcrlhweM of ihe naiutv east "luartrr of hert)r>r. $•** ;1 S foun- tJie jurjd from 2,175 to ;,4Sl f«t, s/ii the w«ll U producing J ! s bllls - r!:i Empire'* No, 5 Miller. In the no r the a? cf in* norlheajl fluart** of section ]0 !B-4, U a 200-bbi.' vrcll In »ar»i1 fron i.615 to 2.6*3 fe«L No, ?4 on the iloyk\ .ilso «n Kmplre wt-JI, In the, snulhwest of the li Uuarler of nectlon H?;S-*, U tho win feet. , Tho-KmplrcVXo, 21 Smith, [n lh« aoutliwCKL of the southeast «;uiriii of action J7-2S-I. b a 100-I.M. we and No. 3 I{an*A In tha jou*.hB,wt c i-iulheast quarter ot scctir-n II 5S-4, u pood for SO bbla. *fho iMd-Kunsiii Oil & (la,* Co. oin pleled a ISO-bbL well. No. 17 01 th •"•,- j rilUng'down of [ho Krcateal of ••"•*' siiahera, and the fij'pay Is xliti K*<Hn»j ?> EIround tl.OOO hbln- ^ diy production. - :".murJi of H frour the yrcai t-humway '•- Kninlro's String of Coiniilelions— ;• 'Thfl Empire (jus & Fuel Co.. which .'•V('4f credited with SS,fl«p btls. production iasi •n^ek.'hiia tsjiertcnccd ;i.fa!!- •""»'VX?5 ^'bJ*. TJsc (TQfflfany cornrl<[*d -a V.-j' : HI ring'of wells durlnc tho week Iri re- ^•llew;.!" in all. with a new daily |=ro- •-' -tfuKltan of 8,275 bbb- dAd fh* f^ : ;.• '-'off ol Its total production In the .Vi-'utlhta larce amount of new oil, .•"-"" .Iriiicata that «me ot Its Jftas . ... . " •,-':.big cbmplellOP.* wr/c iUjppln»; eft to a ^';•.'iwrmAl stale Of pi f£-3vV ; T/ie Empire ''^ -^"•^SLi'dry ho!« [n Its Ri'f-? f siirm,' 1 . In ihe soutl 4>vt'>outhea£} quarter at v ;'i*O>ere '> 'v^ Fuel Co. (frille or\ tho HarJe ifc«rni!^ of the section 3*-2S S.445 f«t. but ;d at '2,474 f'j(. . s farm, In the a l of ih aoulh«-Ml quarter which no follow . AIniiworlh, secti . sand. '«» tb!s.;,N&. H Htiaton, *e*;IIi o( B*ctJon 1 l-i$~. (Ja^ Jfe V*ue! Co/ he w**h a er* avail*b!i\ wer J« E[«rton. stctlc *.17» r.'tK No elullow NO ADVANCE IN PRICE ASTHMA ^A TWtA U no M cw< **cw»" WrelicfU eh«ft kuou^bt by— r ICRSVAPORUB£ 35c—50c—$1.00 feet of RfJi'. No. 71'WIUnn. *eeilon ! J5-5, t34-f'bts,; No. 5 Hasina, 'mi'.e 19-2S-S. 151 -•' ' " " " ' ' bandon«d at !,9H feet IS. It. Jours A dry I)ole til 3,916 f«t. In the ,..,iWMi of the iouil 1 '"*' 'suaiUr tf tclion 11-36-2. 'In Wwhlson roun(y. }JiiifieliJ and thera ^bandofirA a t£*it In tho north* fist cf the nurtlin'fst of tho northe^l uarlcr of «c^Ilon ?2>?i-)3c ul l.fil H-t, The fipcrry Oil A. t;aa <^o. wm.!<•!?,! a 3.000.0^-foot KU u'cll ul ,561 ffc-i In tli* oprlhwfat sornrr ol ha nofil>La«: qutrifr o[ section !•(• 2**13e. anil or." uutdrp'jHed operator jot * 5-bb), n-eH cut of a 1,140-fool ml In Ihe tiouthwest of the quirt«r of section G-S4-lf. Ctase County DuMCrs—In Cha*a county, adjoining Cutler county •he north, the record o( operation* 1( j, lilicoyrRfilnn one tliiu for, unil th« county Miowv fin dry holes, all ol IheEi belovr J.iOO feet. Iti>M*r And ethers (n the sostfKo^t of the north w«t quarter n flection. 13-1S-70 a bin rton*d a ledt at J.-IS* ffet. Walchorn In a wt o- .. ._- eeetion 1^-l.S-Ee. Shfpard ttJ a wvJl at 3.561 fwt m t st »f the nortJiwcal O'jaritr 31*19-7. The Kinplre Ou fwt'anJ quit, in a teit In the of the northwest iumer of section 2-!ft-7<? ^fid .Matilcld A Or«cn had a dry hole at 2.170 fm In ihe ic of Ihe- northwest quaiter of section 22-23-?. Cofffy county, two counties norlti rl \Vl1son county, In the olJ field, ilurwi ai le-ifl fire- dry holes, jtelsmsn Jrl<l eil one to 1.T77 te*t in the nor'.!:*v^i 6f the r.orlheast quarter ol a*v'll'>»-2*' 2I-14P. McCaalln awil others tlrdiet to 1.7S1 fftt In their failure un :ln of lh« norlheist quart;* P: Tha I.'/?ton Oil -'o. hv one at 1.595 feel In. the south^Ml o the fOulheait quartrr nf spcltnft 10 32-11. Tl*o JlulUal Oil Co. '••: dflkled to 1.S10 (eet In the wt of the northwest <)uar(*r if • fiiLtuc*; In. th- norlheo-st cortier nonhfail or Die s^yihwctt iu^ No. Sl'lUlrton. "Tin'fclliiworth county thfl'c^ter Oil' b >. ! fV .V'. 7 : 11 ". 1 : L*0. dttlled a iluitcr at »,410 fcot Oi DREDNAITL Almr* dewctidjnbio; urovcd by hard* c« i«u; WkcU br • tatt crnttirj >r«dnaut (rum four dcakr, or p dJrrct fnxa 71» UPSON-WALTON Co. ouih and e-*al lines of tho Euulh t the riorlliwesl quarler' of section .j«-iow.' -. -•.••..'•. Mn Geary county, the f^istern Geary Oil Co- Haa a fdllurc at 1.895 feet. In comer of Hie nstfthivea quarter tfcllon 5S-I!-7e. >oti Counijr I'ullur^d — In : L county. aOJoEnlns Bull-er county h« north, eight t«s!» wtf» m*'l* I »-ero found dry anil All but two were ft'clow 2,000 ffct. These iirft na fot- rf>r Oil Coi. .Vff. I W)>H4ett S50 fe«L from Ilifr . line and the north Hnc- of Lha ivjrili- «-ral o: lt(0 norllifasl "(tuari»r" Don S7-21-I3, 2.304 tea. Th* Karma Naiural f!i« Co- Jn the ; soulhvvcst ol 'tie iwythwc*{ quarlfr at .section 13- LS-12, at IjflCO feet; Jooea and.iv.iip.-y .^ Ihe center of ihe norttiea.\l of th( t (juarlirr o( jcc'Jon 23-15-11. L. \Vilcox and othem, 1» th* I for Burning Eczema Greasy adves ami ointments EhouM not be applied if good dear tk'w I* ranltd. From an/ druggist for 35^ or fljCO for eitra |ai£e size, get V bo/.tle of «ma i When applied as directed it effectively i oves ffczema^q'Jtcyys/opj Itclnag, acd i ls skin troubles, clso wtcs, buios, unds and cbaSng. ItpeneUalw, cleanses daxithei. Zemo ts a ckan, dopeodaWa end inexpensive, pentlratfng, anlbeptvc liquid. Try It. as we bd£ eve nothing you have crcruiedls aaeffedlve nn "Oilwell" Power Driven "Mud Hog" Pump 55&a Diameter of TViter Cylinder EH Inches. Stroke 13 t^ches, Designed to meet condttiona where ateam Js not available or wlieie it is diiadvantageoua to u»e steam Can be funiished cither for belt drive or gear drive, antl cnn be Driven b> any motive Duilt to *oikpgamst high pressutea and lo handle thick ituids SuitnWe for pumpina oil through lipe lints where large capacity a» well as high pressure i» required Will work against 500 lb». pip 'orKing pleasure. \ v Send for Bulletin No. 19, -rhich dwcribea ih'u pump in OIL WELL SUPPLY CO. PinSBURGH New York Loi Aagele* <. lOK OH. \iJ S*n Fr&nusco Tantpico.1 London IIHANCII STOniS IX ALIj OTTj FIETjT>S i encounte no oil sh. . Empire'* No. 75 on the Wilson \J^i firm.* In thft center of Ihe'ioulheJUt ot <:;! Ihe northirtat quarter of st&loh S-!SV 6, -tarfcd 6« si (S5 fcb'jr. £ro,n> ?flnd / ntrt.i,a2-Sl feet. The K T nplre'K N'o, *! , t>fl i ^tlii tf TJ*rppnt firm. Jn the north; vwVof 'Ihe south weit quarter of i«•-•• lion '31^35-5. 'U good for 100 bbls. '.frffixi;.«i]|d ift.V-'i to i.iSS ieet. • ; ; - "rifpwaiida I*oo1 — Th(j Empire's No. 27 : , on the Faulfton farm !i ewabblrtc f-. *^0 .'ItfalJ." .ll-'J* looted In tha cealer <•• .p'f th«-»«t line of, the southwfti of ^7h« JsoutKtasl quarlcr of lection S-t*- * ••!> .Th«5aod &•&»' reached At 3.J4J feel " and there U 44 feel ol H. No. !S on ' : ih«-«rn« faf.pi. In lh« center ot the -?•: aoyihta^t quirte'r of aettloa 2-:*-4,I» ??:-gT>od- for' 500 bbl«. from Band nt t-^'-2,3C3-** (cf t, -' The same compiny'a fr X?.;l on the- RaJjton larm. In Ih* - ; '"Boulne*at earner of the south west of -,'•'--• th* wuthrVMt nuarlef of section l-2<- '•-."••t;-is a l,5CI9-bbV«;eU, th^l>cst one of T : ihe week m ihaftaM. Th« wnd depth* i? .aro"fror« '2.150, tdTS,l>l fed. So. 41 1- i>n the- I>ulMh-' &' another very po«<l •:*-":. -.".T.T- Uft-rt"*. In at t.^OI bbU. irom ;?/ .kind at,M«T^o MU.fwt.'sThe well ,-N .;^ : ^-,; u j.'4 thB-ftOrthewi- cornet of ry •, the sbu^hu^t &J the south east nuxrUr v;>:'uf>eciJon 2-J4H- V- ' • '•':.".Tho Union ,OJi Co/* Ko/JS Denny ' . V<ius".<i - : . . ctJ!iLn.'-ls noV j 1.6QO to 2.4 ' . pumped a day ... . • . VTTieiEmpire'a SV. 20 on~tha Etiya fjirm In ih«'nfttthea*i of lh«;northc<i • rioirteVVol- Wnd ' lo 3,IM t -, '. . V thft nsrihwsl quarter 1 of secllon 14 - 35-4,. U a 3i-bbt. well;- >\*r!Rhtsmnln V "ntfj" other* jConiplemi No* 3 on 'the ••- Sillier firm. In the northeast Mrner o " ; lh"e tiouihe'aVt of the yautheajl qu.nrlci r.cif, •ecllou 2I-2S-*. Arid have a IfD v-'bWwcil from naml at 2,55* to 3/4 *r fe«iv r The. Central AVesl retr«1ci»rti ' 1 (Jo.'« Kp. 1 on the Cfark w.-ui (la!*h* '' In' wnd from 2,810 to t.*42 (ect nm ^tft'.Jfl'tbL producer. It ll In Ib t of lh« northweat f;uarier o ''>::>:» ,; IMimJp PJ^rfct— The Em \i ;OM A>'yel Co.'* Xo. Ifl lliffidn ;*?-' 'lh"4 riorth>a£t of the joutheast qtt^re '?V.o/ «clion 7-«-5, tiimsKlnf ?5 bfcla -^rTn^r eim« .compiny's Xo. 5 on Ih ;^ Hoattonjarm. in iho northwcui of th Bid «p\!«»y, irtli iy U m>to A. necloet ;. ct Uti'nffertr «o that tb« IT for toorfl Krlotu ileki 14 ijia't"aojMt" to _.„.._. Ja the contrt*7 ( lt fci d^rnrigh ' • It miy MQad na||« told an ^ - mMff fe «r,"[ dooa bei!«T« u i---^«Mirdoctm l 'w'* mm total ... r-7.^* »W?— bpJ Jajt waUA c*refu!lr A Vf^iMhotvaciipnctlcet. Tern heir it eol Jet »n*mi ;;Ww«dlMj^>g*M}<»<u. "MWtir * BigAnUft •orrr.^faM t.H t%4KMMJ!*« ^BSSL^^*^ T«.t>m, ' ^ ^ Kmllh. section 17-2S-4/130 hWJ.: >"o. 10 l>Hham. Btclloii HJ-M-t. tor* ot (h* f.Anil. : - ' . - ' Thiv OyiK-rj- Ofl Co.'s Shuraway fsnti complelloni /<17- thp wcrT. iv«re a» f->S- IOWT: No. 22. £03 bi'b.; Ni. 2^, 2.-WV, bbta.; So. Si.' 1.300 t»h*«.; No; 35. 2« ' hbt*'.; N*p. 3D. JOB bbK;' No. '$. ?'-0 'opcn'.ions In ,a ff^r "f IhB unlks c- Kantu which lo«Jt*l b«t the «rltj«tt*r, ahoira the hmrdi k> fAtt 111? nil Ttlonerc Iri tb^t UU-. ]>low Is fflroa'.'a >E*t of -Iry IM drilled In a number >if K.iri«ac intlin uhfrc; mu?h 'itiowy .Is rt- a'nrt ita^ wa« hoped to>»_(ouniV H a dbcourliflnE list, :oii6 rosy Ihlnk, t, no Afttibt, tho rpsu|U;«Jll not l«r olhrra (roin trying.' iTh-a n-jtn- r o( wiMeU -wells' In 'Kiniu dOfs t diminish, cvpn In Ih* fac* i>( Ih 1 ? ctithat only On* o» pool >n*.i bc^n IOKI In thi* «a*t ye*r, llw 1n -xts!- '}re«ri7ro^-i county, which »hOT. p s imitfrd »rfA from o alarfc* ovi-r Ih* hole list "-The far-iev^r ---' thwalem" pottior-i or ih* av» not yet be*n weU 1*8'^ . Ihousanil* of >cre* ara un«Vr an* and. much of It may t' UMn thft'rwr, , • , •• Some ofJJie dry hole* mentioned hers h^TP fe*cn I^n^ »'nt« drill'M _ by now rorjroll»n. bal It.wonU b ell far the c respective Investor t< tcp Ub an th^sn'»• * Btildff In 'he . the DeUova farm. f'JO -rhe STEP LIVELY! CORNS " QUIT WITH "GETS-IT" The Great Qom-Looscner of the Age. Never FaUs. Painless. until t wu dive la the fete *nJ ! i»,J(BOW whfrc , H wh«rc lo drill/ l r.ill iir <*— llf • rwmU?r of dry i with two «ror» from . ulure. ft Ij Tfrj- it to dfLEI, as well Hwnt Orccmic y. Kacw«. ihow ole». Dtrhy A: ItirjhnTi* N 1 ?- i *ITV ie Lad'I farm, 3f) ft^t. f^nrn. ih* iulh anil e^it Hnra of th-i soutSireit aartcr of the 'northwcit'q'Birt*r .of •cdnn Jt-25-lf. wn.t ahanflon-Ll at .111 feet. 'Hat(l*W /; Tfcter'J N>- 1 Hrur. 200 feet from the-v^ulh anil •wt lfn« of the soufhw*«l quarter of 56 r.orlhtail flUftrter of etc Con 115-1). was dry at 1.946 h».v Thf Amne Oil" * OM Co.'* t«t on (hfl Timitt firm. 506 feet from rlie noith n» Rod I.fr98 ftflt frurfi th<» ttsi lii* ( th« noTtbe-iit quarter or th? north- ;,in!<as oi; A CJM Co/* .Vo. I on tli^ •' Kry.len (arm, l.SM ' ' ' ^' ;0rth IlllJ and' J.12Q hr northwest nuatttr of peril' s-J I* i-y AI V 5 °. f « e( - "**+ jh Oil Co. (sot n failure on the JUIt arrn SSO f*et from th« norlhrnnd rasl in«s of the nflr'ihMM quitter tif th'- lorthwrsl «iuarter tvf seclCi>.i Il-JS-U 11.3JO fc*l- Tli« iVitianl Oil A Gi» Co. H puHln? caslns rend will al^inilon u U*t on the rrtiycomb firni, ISO •hJjim) f«*VltnM.o( ho northwest nnj\rtcr w lh-*. north 1 wMrt quatttr.of EccUon 1&-1I-9. : " , Vnitttl'I'rodaeem* N'o, 1 on ]dui;IiM Urcn In thv r>^ulhr.iUI ol lorihr&jil quarter *f wctton ?*-2 •:ik county, U a, 4-tM. well at : incr Connlr'n TTKJT Showlnj?—In Snmner county, the* Mllllken well In h« north**at of ihe multicast i ter of xCctJon S-lfl-Jw WM nry fceli I»cke arttt oth#n>* teat In tha north CM! of the nOtlh6A«t (juirter ol Mellon 3>«2!-li WM 3ry at 1,'JS f«t Xhd the Arpont Oil Co.« No. 1, In the norlhwwl of th quarter of i*cHon 4-3)-* o»«a st 3,1*0 IMI. Drtnim in Zfrmntr count]* haj not been the m«wn- of iteT*TiDlnjr an otl fi«M. ai the record anotfS. Tho Kl IMrtka. 01 ~ nl)an4onvd:\ well In BecKon 3-J* afur Bpud-llnR it In, but nil th olh#r toil* ht\« ,b«n drilled de«! Msou^hi to »how wh«:-lhtr or not ther *A» otl. JORQI & Buell h*va drilled n, Irut fight ifcr hoi** Iri Itift countjr Thtfr localfoAs and dc&tni Arft u fol •lilc to 4!*>P c Ua ft ( ta , , ivaXluj them . . them up like pacfcurta uid usins »tlcly dpe *n'l n.[vu. It rt- mrtrts «r.r ten; cltar ajirt clean, -leavltit Che too •* tix&Hh u r^ur p*Sm. You can weAr lho?e i*w i>ho«* wtiJiout pain. •±jir* «!iJ f frliUy tin yoJr Ml. IVt rtat to ni« "(l*ta-IL ' - Iff of 21>?V?*> 2 - < l*> t^*l of lh(f *0i>lt>-a*t (loartfr fit section 11 14-3*. 3,091 fwt; iwuthWMl of th , , th« norlh^rtt /juadtr cf itccUon J>-3«. An/lcrnon :f*rrh,' 1.550 feet norfhwl nf lh« ^''''iwwi quarter lection ll-ii-7«,' Ka>.n - farm. 1,1 f««t: norUicaai of the northirttt <lo i»r of terffon tj-J5 t*. Itorton firm 1.440 fed; nortfteu a\i!trt«r bf wftfon , farm, *J<I f*ft The owncnr of thrts raJfarM comrieied two rt* w«ltt.t lh« coWilf. otift KOOO far S, 000,44 ' . teul of the xoulhea* fett'oh I wwt . tht ri of fl . , A Horton fArrn, (n (ho l rthw«at qo«t*r ftrtd th« olh»> JP on thfl r*rk(ns*f thA north frart q ' .. t fir from the'OWahom* lln* An nottH «f th« Newktrk t»*ol In K» COtinly O<'a. Arj unMfntlflid owner oil tfcti fitni In the norlhwnt of tho rtir'^ <*tn quart er of Metjnrt I) iS zr> Jont> ,' drttleU « ftllttf* which , . UU tul MrlCt »t »ny drun itoto. UTil v »L Irtirr^nf* A Ott, CTtic.wo. 'II Eotil In Oil CUf- »n<^ rteommitiir-l a * worl'V* bot corn remedy l>r W. K. tore* '"nit II It. Miltem, • TOOL STEEL BALLS and SEWS znifclm; lle t *» r* tt| t- AHhlS.Hl | . MOTOR nouns, , HntittorJ. T THE BUICK VAI.V&ISMIM1D. COMl'LKTK USE FOU . 1313 Fours and Sixes Elfihl tnoAcls provlta a car for every demand. Four cylinder model*. Two piaaenger roadaler. flvs DUEenner to»rlnc car and sedan «fr cylinder modeJ* Vhr«e rassenger roailsler, ftve. ^ni coven pas*en^*r touring car*. four'pa-Me freer coupes aoU • even rassenccr: ecdana. WEAVER'S GARAGE 31-15 Main 61. BOVAIRD & SEYFANG MFG. CO. BRADFOJID J P> Manufacturers and Dealers Everything Used for 03, Gas and Water WeQj TMs cut- Bhows; oor^Ko,.; II : Tower geared to ons of our flr« |(, I*. 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I'l ... ...... ,.*..... -«. . .5« .. ..................... / ..... ...,.,. ..... . ...... Sflflfl p«r hi I.Ibtrftl a!*«mni« *Ilai««J. In«Ut on ihe ccnalne *TC»rn»" Cap. A*\ roar dfultr or comma r.lcitf 4lr«t w!1h av - . r loU lUvifkttttnrv rAKRE» CVF AJTD KPICn*J^TT WOXKIt r llCC, OSc* t«4 Wci^i, ****tr» t*eaift«, *», .- ' • ^ ' ' " ' < FOR SALE 154 mlVra of B-lrx-h 29 1-3 poand wrongltl frop p'lx-, with lhir*4i fn No. I condition. Al«o handle dtl lijtcs." Xil^lrr: KHWWIAX, Hot U7 f MuncV, Iml^M, / ' TITAN STEEL SUCKER HDDS LIVE UP TO THEJR NAME IN STRENGTH > The u*, -- 1 r*n are drop forged and very carefully tempered. ~" They are. electrically welded (o (He rod so that ifie roJ and joints are one solid piece. Each rod rtos passed the most rigid tell ^Kich can be given lo it, before being shipped hterchwsrable witt> — nod rod i for like service. Fmmhtd regdwfy in 20 ind 25 foot WnjUu. THE NATIONAL SUPPLY CO. Bailer, Pa. Tokdo, O. Pitoborgk, Pa. Stores a* all point* ol importince b the Oil Fieldi of th« Unrtrf SUtu, C*n«d« and Mexico sunran, DWAMUTT .. AW)/ • MAXIMUM ECONOMY b yeir feel eot&if jn* moocr? CM jtm ifon! (o redv ovMbd? SfcxMlWifem <•»*>« wJrnrtjwrirt On account of peculiar manufacturing conditions we sometimes accumulate, eves in •imes like these, a few of the small trade p« -IDS. Jusl now we tave quite a number of sizes in stock. ' ' We issue a m: 'My list showing life pumps and engines we have available lot prompt shipment, Perhaps you would like to hat • this list each month .DUlriet NATIONAL TRANSIT PUMP AND MACHINE COMPANY Mu Ofico aed FMtorio, OR-CTTY, PA. t < NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, PITTSBURGH, KANSAS CITY

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