The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on December 29, 1970 · Page 16
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 16

Dover, Ohio
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Tuesday, December 29, 1970
Page 16
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B-6 The Times-Reporter Dec. 29,1171 Tonight's TV Programs WKYC(NIC) 3 (ItViLANO WIWC(HIC) 4 COIUMIUS WIW$(MQ 5 CltVHAND 7 WHIUIN6 WJW(CIS) 8 WJTV(CI$-AIC) 9 (LIVIIAND STIUIINVHIE :JO StwTrofc Dragnet U.N.C.L.E. Ntwi Mtrv Griffin Star Trek ' :M Ntwi MO N.wi DttMii Report Mews David Frost n n New* Ntwi Ntwi Crenkite 7 •00 i!L •oo" :30 Now* Cronkite Niwt DenKiMtts Dkk Von Dyke Din Knttti MeeSttwo- Ntws C«flseo,uon<os Hllltillitt Judy lynn Mod Squad Julie Mtvit Julio Grttn Acrtt HeeHew HttHaw 00 Mtvit Mtvit Mtvit 10 Tt Rtmt Tt Rtmt :30 Martus Wtfky, M.D. Yw-lnd Rtvitw Year-Ind Rtvitw 11 :00 Ntws tJO TtntfrtShtw Ntws Ttnl|hl Shaw Now* DlckCavotf Ntws • enijiit Show NIWI Mtvit Ntwi Mtrv Griffin Wednesday's TV Programs WKYC(NIC) WIWC(NIC) WEWS(AIC) WTIF (NIC AICi WJW(CIS) W$TV(CB$-AIC) CIEVEIAND 4 COLUMBUS ;vti CLEVELAND WHEELING •VEL CLEVELAND 9 STEUBENVILLE 7 :00 Today :30 " " News/Today Today Ntwi Ntws 0 " " II M Clubheuse UndtAI Copt. Kangaroo Copt. Kangaroo AOO 7:30 lOMika Douglas PaulDixon Rtmptr Room Girl Watch PhilDtnohut " II Monthly video magazine readied Cartteni Lucy 10 00 " " 1:30 Concentration Phil Donohuo Gourmet World Apart Dinah Shoro Concentration Edgt of Night Phil Donohuo Romptr Room Jacklalannt Lucy Shtw Hillbilliti 1 1:00$«l?«fCtiil«ry :30'Htllywttd Sq. Hollywood Sq. Family Affair That Girl SalttfCtntury Hollywood Sq. Itvttflift Family Affair LtvttfLift 1*>OOJoopardy I £jo 30 Who or Where 50-SOCIub lowitchtd Nowi Ntwi Who tr Whtrt l:OOD!noh Shore 1:30 Words tmutit WordflMuiic AHMyChildrtn Make A Deal k6b Our Lives ,•30 Doctors Our Lives Doctors Nowlywods Dating Gamt OOAnotherWorld Bright Promise Another World Bright Promise Central Hospital bnt Lift Jtopardy Words! Music Our livei Doctori "Another World Bright Promise Ntwi Whtrt Heart Is _Storcji Tomorrow Search Tomorrow Jury Trials Wtrld Turns Ltvt Is Thing Guiding Light Adventure Rtad TtLAll World Tumi Itvt Is Thing Guiding Light Secret Storm Edgt Of Night IN SPY DRAMA. International celebrity Ira Furstenberg plays Arabella, a woman who holds the key to a spy plot, in "Matchless," an espionage thriller on NBC-TV's "Tuesday Night at the Movies" at 9 p.m. 4 00 Somerset 30 Movie 5 :00 Movit :30 „ „ Somerset Star Trek Star Trek Dragnet Dark Shadows Man From UNCLE News Somerset Gilligan Island Corner Pylo Morv Griffin Daniel Bttnt Merv Griffin Gomtr Pylo flintsttnes Star Trek 6 :00 Ntws :30 Ntws Demoss Report David Frost News Ntws Ntws Cronkitt News Crtnkitt 7 :00 Ntws :30 Men From Dick Van Dykt Men Frtm Quarter Back Eddie's Fath.r Ntws Men From MickttFim Portridgt Family Eddie's Father 8 :00 Shiloh :30 " Shiloh Grandaddy Room 222 Shiloh Peach Bowl N. Carolina Grondaddy Gov.andJJ. 9 :00 Music Hall :30 " " Music Hall Johnny Cash MujirHall Vs. Ariiona St. Movit 10 ••OOFturlnOnt :30 " " Four In Ont Dan August FturlnOnt 11 :00 Ntws :30 Tonight Shew Ntws Rtst Btwl Bound Ntws DickCavett Ntws TtnightShew Ntws Mtvit Ntws Mtrv Griffin Television movies Tonight ;4:30-(3). SURPRISE PACKAGE (1*60). ! Yul Brynner, Mitii Gayner. A gambler is deported to his home in Greect and tells his btys to send hi; money. Instead they stnd his iirlfrie»d. I:30-(S) (23). GIDGET GROWS UP (1169). Karon Valentine, Edward Mulhart, Ptvl Pttorsen. A comedy of o girl doing things wrong but they turn tut light. «:00-(3) (<) (7). MATCHLESS (1966). Patrick O'Neal, Ira Furstenberg, Dtntld Pleoseme. A foreign correspondent's adventures take him up against tho Rod Chinese and a criminal mastermind. 10:00-07). ONCE IN A BLUE MOON (1936). Jimmy Stve, Nikita ItlioH, Ceceili* leftus. A drama ef t cltwn and an entertaining Russian princess following the : revolution. 11:00-(61). THEY RODE WEST (1954). • Dennt Reed, Robert Francis. A cavalry doctor disobeys orders •nd go" It help the Kit wa Indians wkt have btM stricken with t . Malaria tftidtmtc. 11:40 - (B). THE MIRACLE OF THE BELLS (194B). Frtd MacMurray. Tht funeral tf on actress affects the lives of the people in her home town. Also, THE SECRET OF CONVICT LAKE (19S1). Glenn Ford. A.t IB71 drama in which convicts escape from prison and take refuge in t settlement tf all women. WEDNESDAY 1:00-(61). WHISPERING SMITH VS. SCOTLAND YARD (1952). Richard . Carlson, Grttt Gynt. An American businessman is on vacatjon in England and comes across a strange cast tf suicide. |:00-(W- DISPUTED PASSAGE (1939). Dorothy lameur, Akim TamirtH, Jthfl Howard. A scientist Mars a young boy through medkel school. 4:30-(J). I AIM AT THE STARS (19M). Curt Jurgens, James Paly. A biography tf Wtrnhtr von Broun, who wtrkod for tbt Nails but is now working tn U.S. missile projects. »:OI-(»). IQOK BACK IN ANGER (1959). Richer* lurtoa.MaryUre. A MM from the lower class in England releases Us anger against Hit vpftr class u such • manner it M«y wrack Ms (owrrioge- 11:W-(»1).THE SNIPER (1952). Arthur Franz, Ad»lp*t Mtnjtv, Marit Windsor. A dronw tf a mm being itleased from t prison mental ward but Mt cwed tf bis urge It ; wt U;H-(17). F19NI Will T4LK (1995). Ijftjfiff, itary ItM, .UM . A (MBAifa in which • jWIW* *P swnpwwifj ^f iM*"-* 1 ^ w I flffc* *f sfcw (Mr pprriti lift if not til AM Is a figitive from the taw. Altt, FLAME OF ARABY (1951). Maureen O'Hara, JeH Chandler, Maxwell Rood. A wandoring shoik do- cides to savt • Tunisian princess from a ftrctd marriage. Phila, Mineral City residents are fined John McBride, 22, of 307 Fair av. NW, New Philadelphia, and John Delion, 20, of RD 1, Mineral City, each were fined J56 in New Philadelphia mayor's cour where they had been charget with disturbing the peace. McBride pleaded guilty and Delion no contest to the charges filed by Vic Galanga of The Rose Room on W. High av stemming from an inciden there early Christmas. Dresser Drawers Empty your dresser drawer every so often and clean them by wiping over the inner sur faces with a soapy cloth and rin sing with a clean damp cloth Then, when dry, line the draw ers with waxed paper or with plastic sheets. It Happened . Last Night By Earl Wilson By FtmnKWCK M> NKW YORK (1*1) - <Nfc*ttts and com* onto tt» martet — posst My in IWt, the Uww ross publishing firm, noted for its erotic editorial viewpoint will be ready with a inontMy "video vnagasine," Barney Rosset, Grove Press president, who broke the censorship barrier by bringing out Lawrence's "Lady Chat terly's Lover" more than a decade ago, sai'd the firm has completed a prototype issue of the magazine in preparation for the age of the home television library. "It can be shown now on film, and we've tried it out on university audiences," Rosset reported. "The response has been very favorable." Here's how it will work. The viewer will subscribe to "Evergreen" magazine for something like $100 a year (Rosset says it will be less if inexpensive transmission systems can be devel oped and receive his taped magazine once a month). He can play the 90-minute tape all at once, like reading a magazine from cover to cover or in segments in any order he chooses, like reading an article at a time. And yes, Virginia, there advertising. The table of contents includes a one-minute frontispiece that is equivalent to a magazine cover This one mimics the J. Arthur Rank opener — a strong man hitting a gong. Evergreen shows a man being hit in the face with a pie. Next is a 10-minute segment of the funeral of Czech studen Jan Palach, who immolate< himself as a protest against the Soviet occupation of his country in 1968. It was smuggled out of Czechoslovakia and the Czech 'George NT booked for Akron threatre "George M.," the Broadway musical comedy production based on the life of George M. 3ohan, will appear in Akron Civic Theatre, for two performances on Saturday, Jan. 9, at 5:30 p.m. and on Sunday, Jan. 10, at 7:30 p.m. Tony Tanner will star in the role of Cohan and a company of 55 singers, dancers, actors and comedians will appear with him in the 17-act production which will be the largest ever to appear in Akron. The bright and brassy star- spangled musical features such immortal Cohan melodies as "Give My Regards to Broadway," "Mary," "Harrigan," "Over There," "Nellie Kelly," "Fort y-five Minutes from Broadway," and "You're a Grand Old Flag." "George M" appeared on Broadway for a 13-month run and carries the distinction of being a clean entertainment for the entire family. Tickets are on sale daily at Akron Civic Theatre and will also be available at the door both nights of the show. NEW YORK - Groucho Marx and his wife — at the time — had just been entertaining Author Leo Rosten at dinner — and now Rosten was soon to depart, but his eyes kept sweeping the premises. Other TV Channels 2-CABlETVDOVER-NP 17-WJAN (Cable 10) Canton 23-WAKR (Cable 11) Akron 25-WVIZ(Cable13)Cl«ve 61-WKBF(Cable6)Cleve Tonight 5:00-(23) Cisco Kid. (61) Flintstones. 5-.30-J23) News & Sports. (25) Mis- terogers. (61) Munsters. 6:00-(17) News & Sports. (23) Reynolds & Reasoner. (61) Get Smart. (25) What's News. 6:30-07) Town I County. (23) Hawaiian Ey«. (61) Lucy. (25) Hart and Now. 7:00-(61) Dick Van Dyke. (25) Book Beat. (17) Film. 7:30-07) Basketball Program. (23) Mod Squad. (61) Star Trek. (25) Our Times. liOO-(25) Firing line. (17) Movit. 1:30-(23) Movie. (61) Candid Camera. 9:00-(61) Avengers (25) Advocates. 10:00-(61) Perry Mason. (25) San Francisco Mix. (17) Movie. (23) Marcus Welby. 11:00-(61) Movie. (23) Marshal Dillon. ll:30-(23)DickCavett. Television Previews TONIGHT 4:00—(5) DA VIP FROST. Guests include singer-actress Felicia Sanders, poet Ogden Nash and Bob and Ray now appearing in the Broadway revuew "The Two and Only." 7:M-(5) (23) MOD SQUAD. A policeman who has spent 20 years helping a Mexican-American community places his job in jeopardy by helping a boy wanted by the immigration authorities. l:30-(3) (4) (7). JULIA. Corey tries to hide his pet frog from his mother but can't after warts start to appear, |:30-(l) (t). IKE HAW. Guests Roy Rogers and Pale Evans join regulars Roy Clark, Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, the Hagers, Archie Campbell, Gordie Tapp, Don Harron and Minnie Pearl. 10:00-(l) (9). YIAR-INO IIVIIW. CBS-TV's correspondents take a look at America and the world in tonight's second part of the review. 11:JM3) (4) (7). TONIGHT SHOW, Gu««s are Joe Frazier, Ken Nelson, Prof. Julius Sumntr Miller and singer Dana Vallery. U:30-(f). MERV GRIFFIN. Appearing are singer Charo, comedian Jackie Vernon and actor Doug McClure. WkDNJSDAY DAYTIME 7:N—(3) (4) (7). KKJAY.A two-hour program devoted to Beethoven in observance pf tht 200th anniversary of his birth. The Guarneri String Quartet and pianist Gary Grodman will perform and George Morek, author of "Beethoven" and Harlod C. Schoenberg, New York Music critic will be interviewed. l:|f—(3) DINAH SHORE. Roger Coras, animal conservationist, teJIs children how to cart for their pets and Francine Coffey shows how to make patchwork. WEDNESDAY »:00-(25) Fiction. •:00-(25)Rauding Skills. •:3<M25)listanlSay 10:00-(23) Jack Lalanna. (25) Matltr of Fiction. 10:30-(23) Addams Family. (2$) Rip. pies. 11:00-161) Jock LoLanne. (25) Reading Skills. (23) Tkroolivas. 11:30-(23) That Gir !.(*!) Mr. Ed. 12:00-(23) Bewitched. (61) Cartoons. 12:30-(23) World Apart. (25) Fiction. 1:00-(61) Movie. (23) All My Children. (25) About You. l:30-(23) Make A Peal. (25) Ripples. 2:00-(23) Newlyweds. (17) Movit. (25) Science. 2:30-(23) Dating Gamt. (41) Dennis Menace. (25) Adventure. 3:00-(23) General Hospital. (41) Kimba. (25) Understanding. 3:30-(41) Huckleberry Hound. (23) One life. 4:00-(17) Cartoons. (23) Dork Shad, ows. (41) Prince Planet. 4:30-(23) Caltaneogo Cats. (41 Addams Family. (25) Sesame Street. 5:QO-(23) Cisco Kid. (61) Fliatsones. 5:30-(23) News & Sports. (25) Mis- terogers. (41) Munsters. 4:00-(17) News & Sports. (23) Rey nolds t Smith. (25) What's New. (41) Ge Smart. 4:30-117) Town ft Country. (23) Ha waiiaa iye. (41) Lucy. (25) Here am Now. 7:00-(el) Dick Von Dyke. (25) Varsity Club. (17) Film. 7:30-(23) Eddie's Father. (17) Western Star Theater. (41) Star Trek. l:00-(25) Frtnch Chef. (23) Room for Qranddaddy. (17) Special, l:30-(ol) Candid Camera, (25) Civ- iliwtien. (23) ROOM 222. (17) loskttbtH - Lincoln vs. Columbus linden McKinley, »:00-(41) Avtigtr;, (23) JoluMty Cflsh. »:W-(25) Know Y»ur Antiqu.s. (17) Film. 10:W-(41) Perry Mason. (23) Dan August. (17) laskelball - Lehman vs.. To lt(k>libby.(25)H»mfwo»d. 1 l:Ofi-(23) Marshjl DiU«n. (al) Movit> (17) Howe. ' U:30-(23)DkkCuvett. "What are you looking for?" asked Groucho. "For your wife," replied Rosten. "I would like to say goodbye to her." "Wouldn't we all?" cried Groucho. They separated a few months later. Rosten, who tells some of these stories in his book, "People I've Known," also remembers that Groucho once informed him, "Home is where you hang your head." You don't discuss religion much at NY cocktail parties — but Eleanor Searle Whitney, ex- wife of very wealthy Sonny Whitney, and I got to doing it at the Fred Wihships': Eleanor, a illy Graham follower but also nterested in several religions, aid she's finishing a book ailed "Invitation to Joy" which vill describe her searching for hilosophical understanding. "God is the greatest," she aid, as both of us sat sipping a drink, "because you can always all Him collect and He will ake the call," As she said this, congratulated her on it and he said, "Thank you, I'm going o put it jn my book." She will also describe her reluctance to oin the Billy Graham crusade but her happiness that she did. Samantha Ridge, the gal from ansing, Mich., who will become New York's Miss Summer festival, told us while out get- Ing "New York-oriented" that her great-great-grandfather was a.full-blooded Chippewa Indian, amantha, like most gals of that lame, expects you to call her Sam. I think it will be confusing , saying to your next-in-line at the party, "You know Sam, don't you, Miss New York Summer Festival?" The ladies of the American Symphony Orchestra Society who are giving a benefit on Washington's Birthday are reminding their subscribers that Washington's Birthday has been moved from Feb. 22 to Feb. 15. (Remember that George? Let's try to keep it straight, shall we now?) ... The biggest English group that we should have mentioned in our Show Biz Bests yesterday was Leo Zeppelin ... Julia Meade's mother Caroline, who was Walter Hampden's leading lady here in the '20s and '30s, has gone back home to Searcy, Ark., where she acquired a house so she can be near some relatives. Searcy is government has tried unsuc-, ts&fully to get Grove Press to return it. A nine-minute «tor animation iringing a Lenny Bruce satiri- •al routine to life is followed by he main course, Paul Barters psychosexual film comedy, Naughty Nurse." The finale is he Women's Liberation section rom Jean-Luc Godard's film, See You at Mao." Rosset said much of the material will be drawn from Grove Press 1 library of over 350 short and feature length titles, most of which have never been seen on television. In addition, Grove s stocking new materials for :he video magazine and producing some of its own. "In the publishing world there has been a place for the short story and essay along with the novel," Rosset said. "Until now this has not been true in film. "With Evergreen we hope to provide consistent wide expo sure for less-than-feature length material. New filmmakers who find the shorter forms more realistic economically or better expressive of their immediate concerns, will have a ready forum for their work, and established talents can realize their more succinct ideas with the assurance that a responsive and financially viable outlet ex ists." Rosset said he has been con templating a video magazine comparable to Evergreen Re v i e w-Grove Press* orthodox monthly magazine, for a num ber of years — and has been experimenting with the actual for* mat for five years. As to whether there would be any censor ship problem in view of the fact that children in subscribers families would in many cases have access to sexually explicit video material, Rosset replied: "No more of ft problem than when parents bring books in the same vein into the House, if parents give their children the film or the casette, how Can there be censorship?" Hijackers' appeals slated for hearing By JAMES R. PEIPERT ies Monday, the Soviet Embassy MOSCOW (AP) - Acting with unusual speed, the Soviet government scheduled a hearing Wednesday on appeals from the 11 defendants in the Jewish hijacking trial. The speedup in the near Calico Apron, Ark. Rock and Nellie's THE MIDNIGHT EARL .,, The Waldorf Grand Ballroom's 20 per cent ahead of last year on reservations for Guy Lombardo New Year's eve ($55 and $60 a person). The show'll be TV-beamed to Australia. Zero Mostel, at Joe's Pier 52, left a gift (tor owner Joe Kipness: a replica of the Academy Award Oscar, inscribed, "For the Best Speech of 1970" - a reference to Joe's recent hilarious high-octane oratory at the AGVA dinner ... Dagmar auditioned for the rote of Lo lita's mother in the next Alan Jay Lerner musical ... Composer Chajfles Strouse'U write another song for Lauren Bacall to do when "Applause" eventually goes on tour. . Frank Langella (of "Diary of a Mad Housewife") and art editor Ruth WeU are romantic .,. (C) 1>7« by Field Eat. I«c. proceedings was seen as an attempt to end the worldwide furor over the severity of the sentences. It appeared that the death sentences given six Basque nationalists in Spain Monday might help the Kremlin achieve this, much as the British-French invasion -of the Suez in 1956 blunted Western condemnation of the Soviet repression of the Hungarian revolt. Normally an appeal of a con yiction takes six to eight weeks in the Soviet Union. But the two Jews sentenced to death and the seven Jews and two Gentiles facing long terms in labor camps were ordered to appear before the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation only six days after their conviction in Leningrad. Nine more Jews are sched uled for trial Jan. 6 in Leningrad, and another 12 are to be tried in Riga and Kishinev, informed sources have reported They are charged with opposition in one degree or another to the Soviet government's ban on emigration to Israel. The 11 Leningrad defendants admitted plotting to comman deer a small Aeroftot plane in June. The group planned to ft to Sweden, and the Jews were going on to Israel, but they were arrested as they were about to board the plane in Leningrad. Protests in foreign countries which began during the trial, in creased in the wake of the sentencing, and several Western governments joined in with appeals to the Kremlin leaders for clemency. Two U.S. senators urged from the Senate floor that U.N. Secre tary-General U Thant intercede Abraham Ribicoff, D-Conn. also called on Nixon to express U.S. concern, and Edward M Kennedy, D-Mass., asked the In ter-Governmental Committee for European Migration at Ge neva to seek from the Soviet government freedom of emigra lion for all Russians. Jewish groups took to th streets in several European ci Washington was picketed nd the militant Jewish Defense eague demonstrated outside he U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York. QUHKER iNDSTOpJITlMfttt Illllltttlll 1 • 1 ••••Illllllll SUITS W».74» Injury suit is dismissed A $26,097 personal injury sui iled in Tuscarawas County ommon pleas court by Ronald bert of RD 4, against David Limbaugh of 1023 12th st. NW, both New Philadelphia, was set- led and dismissed. Ebert alleged he was driving compact auto north Aug. 9, )69, on S. Broadway in New 'hiladelphia and it was struck n the rear by the Limbaugh ar. He asked the money for back, neck and shoulder injuries, medical expenses and loss of wages. Phila man fined Earl Burkhart, 38, of Tuscarawas av. NW was fined ?31 in New Philadelphia mayor's court Monday after he pleaded no contest to a Dec. 12 intoxication charge. Burkhart was jailed, but later released, by police who were called to his residence by his wife who said he was creating a disturbance. Police said Burkhart used foul language and nored their requests to quiet down. Concert canceled COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-The "Young Volunteers Concert," scheduled Jan. 10 on the eve of the inauguration 6f Gov.- elect John J. Gilligan, has been canceled. A spokesman for the inaugural committee said a conflict developed over use of the Ohio Expositions Center. MAKE NEW YEAR'S EVE RESERVATIONS NOW $4.00 PER PERSON NEW YEAR'S EVE 6-1-10PM NEW YEARS DAY t SUN 1.3-5-74 S>Mi.jjj*j,. : -".W.f--rt-Sy . '-• *.•-«.-»;-• ' '' w WllfilffTOf ;;i ' it reveals some unpalatable truths about all of us. Joe is a 'tms-mmute film: to be seen this minute." -Judith Crist, New York Magazine A GW#W*J JWtBASG 1 COLOR i NOW SHOWING WEEKDAYS 74t NEW YEARS EVE 44-lOPfct NEW YEARS DAY & SUN MAT. 2 EVES. 7 and 9 OIHHi HRAnCCRJ NOW SHOWING NiWYIAISiVI NIWYUISDAY1SUH

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