The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 14, 1929 · Page 10
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 10

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 14, 1929
Page 10
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WHEELING THE coNsnrunoi imjNE THUBSDAT, HOfT. 14 at the Post Office «t Chillies** CUlUcots* Democrat *JF SUB8CRIPTION y««r — OOXSTtTCTIOH 4.00 TWBCNJ. ^•^Wr and Mrs. H. A. Sprout of fithel, Ho., spent the week-end with Mrs. Sprout's mother, Mrs. Mary Seidel and family. •firs. Kfttte Tfmmons, who underwent an appendicitis operation at the Chfllioothe hospital over two weeks ago, was able to return to her home ADVE&ISINO of Bopeet, per Us*. for which 2 eoBto Ont wortf~foi additional IB* •dvertteiag at legal Maple Grave and littte are vfsitine hat «r. Bin. Ida Stone, and old i and family are ing to their farm north of Browning. Miss HDdred Thompson spent the Mary Fae Hawkins has returned after Mrs. Charley Tanner and small son' of St. Louis came Friday for a week's visit with Mr. Tanner's parents, Mr and Mrs. E. M. Tanner. Miss Lillie Harlan is spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Will Warren and family. Mr. EL M. Tanner and Arthur Huff- nan were visitors in Brunswick Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Smiley and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Love spent Thursday in Hate. Geo. WaHcup of Brookfield was a visitor here Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Harl Heaton and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. Beaton's parents, Mr. and ily who have resided on the T. Botts farm for the past eight years have rented the Kenney farm near Farmersville, and will move there in the spring. The body of Mrs. J. F. Finch, age 80 years, who passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Albert Campbell of Moundsville, Mo., arrived here Tuesday noon and was taken to the E. church where funeral services were held at 1:30 o'clock conducted by the pastor, Rev. Hawk. She was laid to rest in the Wheeling cemetery beside her husband who preceded her eight years ago. A son, A. E. Finch of Mahaska, Kan. accompanid the body. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Wisehaupt and Al Wisehaupt and daughter of near Bedford attended the funeral of Mrs. J. F. Finch here Tuesday afternoon. Dr. and Mrs. Swope returned home Tuesday from Jacksonville, Illinois where they have been the guests of their son, Buel Swope and family for several days. Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Head spent Sunday with their son, C. R. Head and family. Relief From Curse of Constipation A Battle Creek physician says, "Constipation is responsible for more misery than any other cause." But immediate relief has been found. A tablet called Rexall Orderlies has been discovered. This tablet attracts water from the system into the lazy, dry, evacuating bowel called the colon. The water loosens the dry food waste and causes a gentle, thorough, natural movement without forming a habit or ever increasing the dose. Stop suffering from constipation. Chew a Rexall Orderlie at night. Next day bright. Get 24 for 25c today at the nearest Rexall Drug Store, Clark's Pharmacy. COLDS MAY DEVEXOP INTO PNEUMONIA and family near , visit witb Mrs. Helen Stone and frjpiids in MooresvHle. Bridget Dootey, of Ncrbome. is her sister, Mrs. Ed. Murphy. Walter Hawkins spent the week- er father, V. Lock, and fain- fly, east of Dawn. An A program fj^n f|ing given at arose am the«lm Cufltas; home Thurs- Mrs. John Wilson Chula. Mrs. Lucy Baldwin of Utica came Sunday to spend the week with Mr. and Mrs. Dave Usby and other friends and to aftsad the mum show Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Littreil, Mr. and Mrs. H. 8. Smiley. M. J. La Rue and Frank Smiley Jr. were among those from here attending the homecoming football game in Chfflioothe Friday. Mrs. NeU Miller of Warren, Pennsylvania was the guest of the J. G. Gem family Friday and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Warren and family and Mrs. Ella Shoaf spent Sunday with Mrs. Lizzie Warren and family. Miss Ruby Milan of Clifton Hill is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Phipps and daughter, Mae. The furnace has been installed in the new basement of the Baptist church and the interior of the church is about completed. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Harris and fam- an-day guests of Mia. Ida J. C. Meal was a business visitor to Hal Meyers and wife and Herbert ad family, of Utica, were dinner in the Ira Cuffing home 8un- and wife, of wife J. C. Neal .and wife, from, Mtonday v-'Ilh Albert Culling and wife. Russell Dusenbeny. of Kansas City; J. E. Ftter, of Cbiflicottoe; and Miss spent Sunday ev- wtth Misses Mary Fae and Bsttie f amtty spent and family. C. C. Sunday GAINESVILLE — Ozar,k County which has never had more than one phone, will soon have a new complete phone system, for a corporation has purchased the line between here and West Plains and will install a modem switchboard. ST. LOUIS—More than 7000 people visited the Chrysanthemum Show, which is being held at Shaw's Garden, in one day recently, according to Superintendent G. H. Pring. Constitution-Tribune Want Ads Pay. * * * * Senate Continues debate on rates hi tariff. Judiciary subcommittee continues lobby investigation. House Means for introduction of bills and to adjourn for three days. **************** Coughs from colds may lead to serious trouble. You can atop them now with Creomulsion, an emulsified creosote that is pleasant to take. Creomulsion is a medical discovery with two-fold action; it soothes and heals the inflamed membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of aQ known drugs, creosote is recognized by high medical authorities as one of the greatest healing agencies for coughs from colds and bronchial irritations. Creomulsion contains, in addition to creo- •ote, other healing elements which soothe and heal the inflamed membranes and stop the irritstkm. wsfl« tbe irmais goes on to the stomach, is absorbed into tbe blood, attacks tke seat of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of couahs from colds, bronchitis and minor .forms of bronchial irritations, and is excellent for building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded if not relieved after taking according to directions* Ask your, druggist, (adv.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Far any BABY G. C. Rokrff and family ate C oYtoek dinner with J. W. Cramer and family ' A. P a birthday dinner at the bone of WB*. Darnel and wife in Ludlom- Sunday The dinner was given to honor of Mrs. Darnel and Mrs, Hawkins* birth an- Charles Waffis was a business visitor in St. Joseph Monday. Miss ffildred Thompson, Walter Hawkins aad family called in the Ire Cuffing home Tuesday evening. O. P. Hosier was a bastes* visitor to There win be a program and misceK laneoos social at the RaoJne school Friday night. November IS. LENORA HARGROVE Teacher. We can never be sure just what makes an infant restless, but the remedy can always be the same. Good old Castoria! There's comfort in every drop of this pure m vegetable preparation, and not the very promptly; if it doesnt, you slightest harm in its frequent use. should call a physician. As often as Baby has, a fretful All through babyhood, Castoria spell, is feverish, or cries and can't should be a mother's standby; and sleep, let Castoria soothe and quiet a wise mother does not change to him. Sometimes it's a touch of stronger medicines as the child colic. Sometimes constipation. Or grows older. Castoria is readily diarrhea—a condition that should obtained at any drugstore, and the • always be checked without delay, genuine easily identified by the but keep Castoria handy, and give Chas. H. Fletcher signature that it promptly. Relief will follow appears on every wrapper. Community Sale Sale Pavilion, Chifficothe, Mo. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16,1929 Sale to Start at 1 O'clock. 50 Head of Cattle ^ Consisting of a few good Jersey milk cows, several Jersey cows—heavy few Shorthorn springers, some fat cows and some stock cows ST. LOOTS EXCURSION Nov. 17, l:S5m.«m. NOT. Visit theatres and motion p*c- WABASH and heifers, 6 head of 2 year old steers—reds and roans, 12 head of yearunc steers—all good quality. Several head of extra good stock calves, mixed steers and heifers. 125 Head of Hogs A few sows with pigs by side, 6 head of red sows, bred to farrow •oon. About 115 head of stock hogs, weighing from 75 to 120 pounds- some of them are vaccinated. 50 Head of Sheep Twenty head of breeding ewes from 1 to 4 years old; 15 head of aged ewes and 15 head of feeding lambs. 6 w 8 Head of Horses A few good solid work horses; 1 pair of heavy draft colte coming Three down White Leghorn pullets, atveral tons of good bailed timothy hay. If you have anything you wish to sell bring it Saturday by noon, as | always have the buyers for anything you have to offer. * WILSON & HOYT RANK HOYT, A«ct. BEN WILSON, Mgr. * * THE ORIGINAL Rexall One Cent Sale OTHERS ARE IMITATIONS" Ifcree Days Only— Thnrs.,-Fri., -Sat, November 14-15-16 Toilet Goods 50c Jonteel Face Powder 2 for 51« 25c Jonteel Soap 2 f«r 26c $1.00 Boquet Ramee Pace Powder..'.. .2 for $1.01 50c Boquet Bamee Taleum 2 f«r 26e $1.50 Boquet Bamee Toilet Water—2 for $1.51 50c Boquet Bamee Rouge 2 for 51c 25c Tiny Tot Talcum 2 f or 26c 25c Narcissus Talcum... 2 for 2fic 25c Medicated Skin Soap .2 for 2«c 15c Rexall Toilet Soap .2 for 16c 25c Klenzo Tar hampoo Soap 2 for 26c lOe Egyptian Palm Soap 2 for 11= $1.00 Locust, Rose, Wisteria Toilet Water 2 for $Ldl 75c Theatrical Cream, Ibs 2 for 76c 25c Rexall Cold Cream 2 for 26c 50c Lemon Cocoa Butter Skin 2«for 51c 2Sc Harmony Toilet Cream 2 f or 26c 50c Olive Oil Shampoo 2 for 51c 50c Hair Fix 2 for 51c 50c Rikers Brilliantine 2 for 51c 25c Rexall-Tooth Paste 2 for 26c 50c Klenzo Dental Cream 2 for 5lc $i:oO Harmony Quinine Hair Toaic... .2 for $1.01 35c B. Cream of Almonds 2 f or 36c 50c Rolling Massage Cream 2 for 5lc 50c Bay Rum, 1-2 pints 2 f or 51c 50c Rexall Shaving Lotion 2 for 51c $1.00 Gpprgia, Rose Body Powder... V 2 for $1.01 50c ilasol Hand lotion '•• • 2for 51c 50c Perfumes 2 for 51c 50o Arbutus Vanishing Cream 2 for 51e 30c Rexall having Cream 2 for 31c 50c< Jonteel Vanishing Cream 2 for 51c 50c Jonteel Cold Cream 2 for 51e 25c Georgia Rose Vanish Cream 2 for 26e Community Silverware 30c Tea Spoons 2 f or 31o 60c Table Spoons 2 for 61c 60c Medium Forks 2 for 61c 80c Medium Knives 2 for 81c 70c Butter Spreaders 2 for 71c 80c Individual Salad Fork 2 for 81c I Candies $1.00 Liggett's Chocolates j 2 for $L01 75c Chocolate Cherries 2 for 76c 60c Hard Candies, 1 Ib. tin 2 for 61c 35c Milk Chocolate Bars, 1-2 111 2 for 36c 5c Wafers, Mints and Bars 2 f or 6c Stationery $1.00 Package Christmas Cards 2 for $1.01 $1.00 Lined Stationery 2 W $1.01 $1.50 Symphony Royal Paper 2 for $1.51 $1.00 Rydal Papetrie * f«r $1.01 75c Pierre Papetrie 8 far We 50c Lord Baltimore 2 for 5lc 45c Cascade Pound Paper...'... .2 for 46c 40c Cascade Envelopes 2 for 41c 50c Marsala Pound Paper 2 for 51c 50c Marsala Envelopes 2 for 51c 75c Monarch Pound Paper 2 for 76e 75c Monarch Envelopes 3 for 76c lOc Business Envelopes 2 for lie 15c Linen Envelopes , 2 for 16c 25c Official Envelopes ..,..,..2 for 26c lOc Writing Tablets 2 for Uc Family Remedies 50c Rexall 93 Hair Tonic 2 for 51c 25c Rexall 93 Shampoo 2 f or 28c 50c Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets . .2 for Sic 25c Rexall Catarrh Jelly .2 for 26e 50c Rexall Kidney PUls 2 for Me 25c Rexall KoKoKasKets 2 f or 26c 35e Rexall Rubbing Oil 2 f or 36c 25c Rexall Corn Solvent 2 f or 26c 35c Rexall Analgesic Balm 2 f er 36c 25c RexaU Little Liver Pills...........2 for 28e 25c Cold Tablets 2 for 26e 15c Hand Soap 2 for 16c 50c Bexall Cherry Bark Cough 2 for 51c 75c American Petrofil .2 for 76c $1.00 Peptona 2 for $1.91 50c No. 6 Disinfectant 2 for 516 25c Infant Glyc uppositories 2 for 26e 50c Puretest Milk Magnesia 2 f or 51e $1.00 Puretest Mineral Oil 2 for $1.01 75c Puretest Bubbing Alcohol 2 for 78c 25c Puretest Aspirin Tablets 2 for 26e 75c Puretest Aspirin Tablets 2 for 76c 50c Puretest Lithia Tablets 2 for 51e 25c Puretest Cascara Aromat 2 for 26c 25c Puretest Glycerine &. 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I Moore Monument Company Chiffieatlie, M*. THOMAS WTATT SIMPLICITY and dignity mark the observances superintended by our staff. Ours is a service of consideration and fairness. Scientific study, experience and modern equipment qualify us to j. a GORDON »»•+•»'•» i M »t+ M f»»t • 11M t MEN'S SUITS: Tboraugtfy. aedr- Properly. This Christmas Give Photographs Your friends can buy anything you can give them — photograph Wattoi StHfe Announcement have moved my battery shop from the City Tire & Vulc. Co. to my home, just east of the Milwaukee tracks on Jackson street. Service an makes of Batteries — Hew Batter*- its made to order. E. J. Ricker r Heflo — Moving te Tvwsi ? If so do yon want to buy or rent a Home? Do you need any Tire In»? C. C. WOOD Cfawk

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