The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on October 10, 1892 · Page 9
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 9

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1892
Page 9
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-Engineer K. M. Mcttinley and tride p*»«a through Lared* last tfening en route to Monterey. -Provided there U a quorum present the eity council will hold *, m«etiri<j this afternoon, —Mr. and Airs. W . A. Kt> rr rived in this city hut u Irom Enc.nul. —Lieut. Smoke of Fort Mcln- tosh returned last evening j rom — Uo!. Horace SI. Uate came in .on the hist alters at the noon and id Co'niuerciul. Col. C, G. Brewater has arrived Irom Laredo and will spend a few days with his Corpus friends.— Corpus Chrisii Culler. ~Maj.Jjis. A. Curr returned last eveiiiiig irom a vibit to hie ranch and will leave in a lew day a for Monterey. —Ju !^e Goo, K. Mann ol (ilul- veston who iias be-on attending 'District court in this uty tor the past lew.duydj r»tuiXcd hume yes- t--rdiiy.' — Tho JIugviC'rz i, cxainiuing trial was aguiii tiiken u;> yesterday. ; iiiid '.thy er.Lire <hiy ~[^nt in j ' [ ' '. .. , . — ^ ^ masquerade hop in Market Hall tomorrow. —Mistakes will sometimes occur in a newspaper, but how that occurred in last, issue, making eie- Uriah Lott and Miffin Kennedy Sued for a Largo Sum of Money-. San Antonio, Oct. 5.—B. P, to understand, oxcepl that the printer.assisted by tho proofreader figured it out together that unv- thing us Itirge as iho siy,<» 'given- oii-ait to be the largest size auiinul instead ot a mammoth vegetable. r-Lieut. Samuel A. Smoke- ol the 1st luh'iitry, haves Ft. IYJC;- Intoehou next Saturday to\ic* eept t lie position oi pro lessor ot military science und tactics in tho U.ijiyereiry'ot- Mi^ouri at Columbia, Mo., and as will Ue seen by observing LH advertisement in this iHsiics, heotlora his household iurmturo for -ale ou uodtw and tomorrow Vat. a Imrgum. Fro rri t'r id uy '3* Da i I y. -~ Mis31-mily .Urcwater catno in iroiu Siui Antonio lust CVOIIUILT. —Mr. Jake (John went to San —No c:iH'j3 \ver^ t' \:i Die* trict court ye:-u-nl;:v. /--Mr. A. iJ. IJctts 'retiir:ic'<i'k=t kum and J 8 MacNausara, receivers of the -San Antonio and Ara'bsai I'HSS railroad, aave tiled suit agaiuit • Uriah Lott and M, Kennedy for the recovery of $173,292.29 with interest. In the. original' petition tno plaintiffs allege that J3. F, Vo-'.'cum, and J, y. MacNamara wore aud are now duly uctiu< an d qualified receivers ot tho fean Anton iiio. and Arunsaa Pass railroad -uri. .din- un order ot tho Fifiy-fiUh did- trict court.' That on iiud before July 22, 1830. the San Antonio and Aransus Pass railroad owned and *-eru i u possession of certain roll 'V»# stock valued al $161,150, That defendants, Uriah J,oU of New Vorkand Aiiuin Kennedy oi 'JS T !ie county, at that time claimed to be ubeoliito owners of these cars and I demanded immediate possession oi 1 '.' * - , r., . e Mr. 1,), bi —-D.viu^- to the ruaii or hx-i bu5iiie=:j • ii;r<HJ:;li ihis city f f- •''.' V i-» i • ' .' i. x ' • * to remain" in this t-itv. ,.•— \ i^uornru 'not bciiii; : • re.^.. 1 1; t ti:o vity council dUl ^ot };.>!,i a • and prcm i6 es ;I n tho ca.e " Iul re| y m ^ u pon there-presentation under ealh of 'the dc-fendiinu made Uoiu Austin and C-XH applie'at'ion in tho Forty-iitih : ' ' I tri.t.t ^purt fo'ramlionty '.'to purchase ' '^raatcd,' and JJALTON GANG WIPED OUT Five Itobbcrg and Pivo Citizens Killed in Kansas. Coffeyville, Kansas, Oct. 5.—The Dalton gang has boon literally wip. ed off the face of the earth. C,V.i<r[,t like rat* in a trap they' wore today- shot down, but not until f-iur citizens of this place yielde-- up their lives in tho work of extermination. Six of ihe &ang rode into town this morning and robbed two batiks of the place. Tho raid became known to ihe oiiicers of the law, and w 'hcn tho bandits •.'attempted to e-c:u>e they were attacked by ihc muv.harri posse. . In the battle which cnsu-d lour (d the desperadoes were UilSi-d outn^ljt Hru j 0/so t !ll j l j|y \c, M ;nd«.d «n;d ln;s ninco die i. Another escaped but ia. r-ciuir },otly pursuo-! O^Lhe attack i lit; party four we-v y :in«l twos •fcJi JK'K GLAND, Tennyson Dying. London, Ooi.X-A dispatch' re « ceived from „ 1 o'clock tlirs afternoon staios that Lord Tcnuyson is in the l:wt stage'ofhig illness ami i* passing'slowly'away J Al :t:30 this afternoon Lord Ten"'""' '-.V!. 1 ^! 01 ^ 1 ? .«P^«l •U uc ci-ossoil_U,o Atltint-cfroui Allan, ^ : . C . lly ' : M-. J -' l<l Li - ft ""». ha B ar^ • a*..i at I ai:j;i wiiero ho rc;-.>iva,* i'.ri ovation. oj. , n lo blee . t-irou^h tho b'u!, ;b.i;ik clerk, shot ' Josep thro i W l-S ^h U. ^ 0 ^ riOUl ' herc i:»;ii.y ori:;o d i : ':(: l,i .:;, J_ '•'• " ! : 'I h:;V.j i !l" Ll.O whif;h • s " in 'reiid:,-iit.< • Ayers. <"^!,i,-r l .I'-inlc. xv::s lll ° : I' That the Kir-i .\at;-.... ib ui th e iiiiiyoi d court rci.-ove n ii. QXtra yule tra-j:c ia i.-rjir y'iu-.ia in triis-ci'iy;. —Rev. Tho.-, F.••Lo-jki.-'tt, p;ir:tor j to his rancli y^-tcrdav altf ot iho Bni>U6L chtirch in thir city, K'ft yc'ater'dixy uiorlii:i i - r . iV/r IJI-IKMJ to uttcud tliu li.i^ti^t rftate Con« ve.'ition. , — rho \Vci!.ur ruunii)^ in lite gutter hi {rout oi K^-. \^ & f rO ru his tn^ to bis.Iormer — * ' ' T -I ' paid to •Locii!- i-ri.i v>:'.iu. L -:•- '• htl-a. .', a: d 1,1}.;•. .:« July 1, 'ah of < ..iairhs era) days vlnir to -thin city, ['htccil in ilid.ii!j\v ootivli- t atr.i it•'i-j iiutui;cre.i T-'i. -^-Capf, T. J. Soe Ij'ua returned iiru ! y .•I u:.t." L-) tfl( O'-tei.'P: tiiux-aiioi! co'iii" j -\ rii:u)i:er a.s : ! . r '' < ' v .'.'-' ; . 1J! —:i : . : is!;;i;ior!ly to t.i.o"p'!:ui;» v-iil'. >f'irfter i:)-G)itihc.-ry Kic:)iuiiinr' ri ihe IH'IO'CS 01 I in; ic rr-or -ML in e;u A arrived thirty l : A'I, <'M \i ur ;i (:r ,-. . AV^-o: T,v. :;,. ; a e.iurc •li.'i'.-J lliail'j Ui5 \ViiJ •undymcaiii the. =i,iu'.v;tlk un.l has cs-iiiooJ tiio walk i-j •'Cotisider'Ub'ly. regular Laredo — Toni^hl; ia iho monthly inoelinv oi tho ;:FirG JJejkij' -.iv'ii.l H!! ;bera lire carn'^ly requested to bo present at:t'ho Kn-iuu jLlo'ise at 8:^50 Vclock; — Mr. A. ii. l^runi and futnily, promincivt Larodok^, arrived , in this city iast ni^ht and after s |nij a ie-.v duj's by- LLc scasido t will :go to (Juiu:;i 1 Dti3 'oa •; :i vitl retuiiyci?. They -hi.tvp rooinj jil tho Si. JttinOH. -Corpu.v^Chri:iii (Jailer. ^TouiorrCKv will bo quarterl .review at the -J/tir-id to 10 Co i-2 a, in. ua.J !n.m :• to 4 p. m. THE TIML^ u-? •requested to ftatotitat all T>:it runs iuul •Jriencis Ot tho •institution arc cordially invited to Iv}-au base iiu!! club iSUuiey ..of the Tom to chai!v;iigc ;,iiny.'-"basQ bull club-in tjr-urcdo or Fort Jfclntosh ior a garne"iianday ulternoon and to say that.he Avouid like to have in next issue of THE ' : « (). —Mr. Lou!= Levy of Nc leaua -is in the eiiy n'nii in^ ut-.'the Commercial. — B.•"Moo'rii': : :- r i'ni; regrets to 'learn', i- ill liudcui.ij no.!•;.,] to las bed••\vith au atlsvcls. ot liiy ! Uic .Hy Ki^ctricity. I'-riiuy uliout noon : -a wire I-.'IcL-tfi.v; Direct r:tij\v;;y Jijje ih - rur veTbu the lights, "{ICTO the track: Ji:rus to.{>•(>into -' VJjrer hotl3e •urn ii do biii'-;i'L.aro'un:l with 'hi.-rham!.- hid pockets. iiu aniVcunci-d- t ho -would Lo'.erntc no boistcrour-n-.-s ! '" and i»roi'OKc?d to :ido Ujc cro.v.l , r j f y i Lho 'crowd 'would ri-!e ''hiiii. Al t!.e ! '" conciusiun of liif scriiioi: h;e :;-i:c.i'•! ill! 10 Staild'.Ul) Who \V:iIl',-;'l ii, r-,./U ; ."! I j-ov.i?: M-VV-' i V J ; ';r'••'•r.- | C.vr:M:;i-i:i.'i"tv ! in ti AV. Diivitii-i [. T. Jones Lumber Co. .city L uc'sa. to Mexico oa traok j-;dr : I Uicn .iiriu; ^ attu'che.i to a cii-a'y and leil iicrods the ajiirrju!*3 i^ it instantj>••..'.'• the ' ' : v •'•— ; 1! -- ^rainl : ' il: -' : " ; !•'•' -:^C 01 A. ••-;•:••! '.\ ui, ;i.t;:t ; cr 'iiy : >vven' y u;ir . : .^ y ?v-v.."'.^J!,ty. Ti, i; ^r:i;:i h : .- v -urrun.,,:^! ivit n^-,- f n,ru :Jl < Ji> oi liio :-L:iU- ihv c::;<o • Li y U.-^o w.-iv: r.^.^t^it,!; FJ^O, (.);:l. :,._.],,;.,,, rj. •• NT' •l-jniiiin A. SaUivaa-'ao^oi-.i.' j Gibraltar, Out. -{.—Th; by his mot!i-r ana;tirflt : r6 {.Sjtatc-B steamer lelt yesterday for h"is raucli \viieru | tliuy will spend u ic\vd:ivs, ici the •' •—'Mr. 10. Morris, who '. reeerttlv ^ opened-up.'an elegant dry trou;!- ' store in the Mtvrtui Block m La- I redo, 13 m the city I-jokiriij alter I his interest > t'nited wiih ibe : ' s ^ l n t a . • ^' ^'' i a,'' -N' i a • i and in tow;, ha.« arrived .Lore. The fcliip \viil Luke iho enravds 'to v.'iii lake ium nere. : ."r7r'iJj'. W- li.-'Paco lias rc-tunied fro;m .a short -bualnes^ visit to .Saji Antonio. However, he ri.-nit«ine«! one day longer to beur Sum Jones- yet The Torn receive'] a rer»ly n rcpiv TIMKS." —The case ot Atlee &' Earnest vs. The Laredo Cjul Co., '-suit on account came'up bt-forp - District court' yesterday" im.l judgment tor the plttiutiils pi-$3,537 tvaa rendered by the court. An abstract oi' the jud^meut '\v"jia tiled which .constitutes a hen on the property ot the company. —Miss Dora Fawkner. one oi } e , t the county school teachers whoT - r& , r ^ °; lhe mar has been in this r>Hv mr +i,» „.,;„> an(i Mr3 - Ed s ^k and have n'pt to tht-i r challenge jiublisbud in ye?ter- day's issue fora ruatcb guiue or ball to be rluyed Sunday afternoon, •The examining trial or tho case \vaa again taken, up yesterday and several more witne£dea were heard. Justice Foster expects to get through to day. —Vesterday was the first i sary St. Pcicivbur-r, Uct- -l.~The lo~ eahiy betv^en -Tillis uhd Shu>hku «-: tri recently liio scene o('a n.'jcbcry .b brigund:;, who aitackc.d ' .- t>obnclioli'. AUer 'stripping 1 ih.- uiun of his cloth mi: t!icy''i;»irjrp.j iiitn, bound i>iiu wtUrrcpt-s ^id Tett han by the r,. ul jside, 'wheiv he u-ao itiatireuttvi hy ./pa^ifii: pf..nili:oi;a.- Uubljn, O.:t. 4.— A 3- car tigo next Thursday Charles .'Stewart Varnc.l died at Bnghioi), England. in his momcry will bo held in this eity next Sunday, a nil -the corpora-Lion of Duhlia has decided tu uttcud ihe servieea in 'btsit'e.'- \ :tri Muter uilhuiio, i'iu"coimty | w-i^ fyus-d .by lt>r two '.aiidrai-ui::t j in ru (..'•vl--.: rii in i j : ^ C';:in;rv ii i;i .:i ^,.| ilic .house, w.nh her ti.kisil'J oih'tr -i;-d.:- , > :•• « J i,r Cl h. r . ''." crushed 10 ; ji pulpund her L>:!ir>i!t»j'.s>': vu:itl iho' !:,>L (Jv,- y -ir^ \vv^' i u-- throat'' cut .fro'ia wtio:n ^hcMjvcr ilvcd ii:ij. .ly, And who \* .nouvir.i.-jiHj^ ;s -u t j'osod to bu Ihu ;rnii;-<ictvr. "/V'-.jn/s-Sc' ui iij-jii ^.rc searching' !!•:• him• n'nd >vili btniv- Kin) "u'-ij.h6ut ruremony it i;c 1-5 •-apinred. or :i " Fruckvilly, 'i > :i. : ,.' ; 'uct. y. — The iherinoinc-tcr tell rapii'lly here eariy ttiia luorniri^. incr.cadih>'.'i f , ;;o!«;no.-«j Uh iho d:iy 'i>ro;4ix-.it5od'\Kivi.i br-ju^i.i with il aMu=U:ry .snow ;•• stunn ;a noon, \vh;ch soon corerc'i i};e ground. The stona 'continued uu- abuied over an liour. AT I'H Philadelphia, Oct. ~>.~ The tirs: of tho aeu.-ou leil here thi.-; Cholera ^ '=>• has been in this city tor the past lew Jays visiting friends, Itft yesterday at 1 o'clock on her return to her Echool at the hi Fato ranch but had to return to this city on account oi the swollen condition ot the creeks which were necessary to cross. —It was learned last night CD the authority of a prominent citizen that the tramway bridge across the river is unsafe became of worn planks and that the new board which are being placed here and there in lieu of those J^that k bare igiren way are an inch or more thicker, rendering the paaaage very ditAgreabU in a vehicle, The citi. a*n in question says be eroawd in his buggy last evening and not in celebration ot same a pleasant "stag"' party was given ]ast night at the residence of Dr. J. T. Arthur. Whist was the principal ment of the evening. —Lient. F. O. Johnson m'erly quartermaster at Fort Intosh in tins city lelt tor - 'Jetfcraon* 1 place ihe number .of' new cases oi cholera here yesterdoy at 30 and deaths 11. uomparea with Mon. day's official figures thco is u de* crease of 13 eises and a decrease of three deaths. la Alionia yf-stcrday 6 new cases and 3 deaths were ixx ported against 3 new f;ases and G deatht Monday, AT PARIS, Missouri, near S.\ Louis where he ably never return to this city. Mr. Johnson haa been here for two years and during hia time with who regret to see him leave. Born. , , , i ~ . — '. ^~ ^^~m^?t- >* y ** * •-* * reported in Parig and suburDs. Uvalde Fair Opened. Uvalde, Tex., Get, 5.— Tho Uvalde fair opened Get 4. The day before wa» threatening but tho weather is now beawtif ul and everything points to a grand IUCCCM. Many fine hones are here. The g an not Yesterday morning ta Hr. and faceV"twtti»f^M o •aly found H very rough »nd u»«* Mw. A. J. Eistelter a fine babyi in 3s91 ' Th * running, 300 yards pletsftcfc, but deems it quite unial. |boy. Mother and child both do* UWby * ma ' a . Murdered by Gamblers. Omaha, Neb.. Uct. 5.— Two iilih- ^!r;.-3 wulkiug along Lho ruiJroa '. . i ruck ne:vi- ihu Bmcking \vork.-. (iiz* covered lyin.r u, the v.-ewds Lhe bod / of C P '.'iVtiiier, of Soutli •Omaha. Ex;uiin:atiou showed thai a 45-calibre revuiver bullet had entered hia fore-bead ne»»r tho tern- pic- Gamblers a^e IK lievcd to be re.-ponsibie for the ir.urdcr, and the suicide thforj r ig scouled by the ci;i} or's a local <!isr;^<-, ur.d 'piv-«T;bi'fi:!f.'i'r.| rciiieCies uiid I«V'<:'">ri?i:iii:; v »• •• ^\\ •• * • j ..»•. ^ to cliZ'O v.-it!r| : ..(ji;I .. U-fUl;:.vllt. i'.:ii p.ounced it iii-.-MrubK-. .•-viu^-t; ;. .-? proven i'-;itui rii tij b-j a (•••::-:'. iliiii.; -^ :>.l dirc;:^--, ;n. i. .'ih.ji ;•:,>: L ' r-c'MJ' -3 :il: .••:«:. 1I...:;"3 .•:.i-.n;ri;: by K, '<•'<•'•', l: hi,>, \X :•:.;; f!i:'.;- on t-'-o' •i; i-MtrrrAliv : n '•hc-oirSy nmrkcl. - IO a ti.rlSj'V ,: 1:,-^ ly. ..:; tl.c- b..-",'jt •Thyy otlur one buhdn-i doiiurs \--.r arjy'ci^'c th.-i: il lui!;- ••> cure, ^i'•:. i JOr circular.-; c-.iiti tetiimon:;'.^. A>i-i d re F. J.CHHXKY i- r«> Toledo sJr-SoKl b Di-ir^t?. Tr.c-. Bucklen's Arnica'Salve. The iie'.sl b'jxive in tne vvjrld foT Cutri, Rruis*:*, Sore?, ''U-'.-trs." .Suli Kheuji, Fever Sorud', Teller, Chup* ped^ilands.Cbiibiiuns Corn?, uud nil Skin Eruptions, and positively cure< Piles, or no j»uy rccjuired. It iff guarantod to give ]>crl>ei >::iisfae^ tion, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per bos:. FOK SALE By Maliccho Drug > tfiree Mrs. Harrison Lirowinij Worgo. Vr'ji.Thington, Uct. 5.— Mrs, lUrri« son to lay bhovred fatiguing results and loss ot comforting rest durini: tho .liiat wecki Today was & re* petition of yesterday inasmuch * 8 n £ R poeial change fqi the better ^fciif rAV7|i«her troiTdiitO^^-^si^ftaS • mgnts-Ttor^rfva during the day Nuptials at Corpus Christ!. Corpus Chriyti, Tex*. Oct. 5.— —y. . . O"" • • «• ^-^. * WN/K4AAA Wt*A iAJ MM This xaorniDur at the Catholic { p. P . p., abo ut throe months ago, I church, m tho preeence of a Urge was as weak as a child. I number of friends, Father Jaollett officiating, Mr, Cha* /. MacManus and Mi»s Elite Guwett were united in marriage. The bride ii a daugh* ter oi Col. N, Gueaott, the wealthy banker and • toe*man of this city, the groom is Colonel ~ confidential clerk, A Marshal saved Life and Hair | MONTICELLO. FLA. g Jan. 2], 1S90. For the last eight years I havf ariDfr with aj ' Kheumatisra, Dy=pt}'s.ia s 'Dropsy, toy-digestion was bad, and my hair all came out, in fact I -\v,aa nearly a wreck. I bad taken kidney, and blood medicine?;, which did mg no good. When 1 bogan only taken four bottles [email 8ice,J and today I am a well man and rajj; hnir has "come again." I cannot recommend P, P, P., toa highly* Vf, F. WARfl, Martha], MonUctllo. FI* r\^_«.^.^. v^r*. '--^

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