The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on October 10, 1892 · Page 5
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 5

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1892
Page 5
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—Mr. Phil Stephcnson of Oor» LI ChrUti, formerly of this city, i* in Laredo and m*y locate hero. —*3a early touijjht &»ul got good seats at the joint discussion m Market hall. —Don't fail to hear the Tar. ver-Dodd debate tonight \a Ai«ir. ket hall. VM » \» ir J • "~™«nra, «, JM., woiin^'jox r2- Urned last evening from her hue* band's ranch. —Mr. G. W.Gaw of the Water Workt was com plain: a;/ yoater* day of the symptoms of the dengue. — Mr. M. P.jKerr and two sons Mr. W t A. Kerr and Muster Theodore left ycclr-rjay morning. orer tha 1. & G. JS. fat Xo-. v 3 ico. r^J.n 'sje'S* (i. ^-vton o{ Antoniu id .ex'pat:t:j i to arrive in thig city tomorrow t > '.>o-ui Monday on th e c a? e s ui J) i«; r i c t c o u r t that Judge A. L, Mcf/.ia.j qualified in. San dis- attends'ie ket hail to h«>u- Capt. Tarvcr and O.i theatftte issn.,.^ , ing election, —Mrs, G. A. Mayor •'AlcLt.'i,- gram, on y^c Goodletl: LI fiha would.' " \v o a ./-/" in M;n-^ .'!i ; l. ; .Uc:soa or .t. I).).! .1 on —Capt. Dave Level came in from hig ranch last evening. r-Xrr. Jos. 1$. Haynea returned yesterday irom San Antonio. —Sheritl Poriino Benavidee went out to hia ranch yesterday— Mr. J. (John returned yesterday from San Antonio. r- Lieut. 8. A. Smoke left yesterday morning for Columbia, Mo. —Afr. Honor* Ligarde left yesterday on a visit to the Martin ranch, -.C"^ "'J>eut« Club will" hold their regular weekly shoot this afternoon at Heights Turk. —Alderman Salinas returned yoetcrd^y from a visit to Jaa ranch. —Mr. A. M. Bruni and family returned last afternoon Ironi>u short pleasure trip to several cities in the state. '^Deputy Snenfi Magnon and a-posse leU the city last afternoon for the country, 'for \vhat couKi not be learned. —THE .TIMES '"ia; pleased- to see MrvJtobert Gilniorouc u^uin after ti wcek'a.cbniineiiioiit to hw bod with the denin'n?' saloon on Market Pi and immediately began tightiutf, I Swarms °* Them Threaten De- bnt the police appeared ac the i stru «t»o» of Whoat in Kansas Beano before they eeriously hurt! and Missouri, each .',r her. It Was .^learned from i Kan 8wCity f Oct. 7.—Myriads of around who knew liem Loth that they have an old against one another and everytime they meet they begin fighting without Baying u word. JUSTICE. •-•I {:».> C.rd"::.-;i- j —Mi^ L. A.Gascy, the poi.uhtr of" Charley Mitchell, the PugiJiat, Geti Two ocths in Prigou at Hard Labor. London, Oct,'7.-'Charley Mitchell, pugilist, waa brought up on re* marid in tho Bow street police court today to auswcr to the charge of committing UD unprovoked George keeper of a ledging houss in The evidence showed that Strand. i n MitGhelJ, who was front of ibe lodging hoiino with^ev- eral men :;nd .worneii, assaulted Sul, .vftge..rt» ibe/lauer emerged irom nts loiiginir house and felled him to the ^loand with a powerful blow wiLhout any provocation. The •magiatrate before w'Loai the caio -vaH heard toid AtitchvU thut th»class he belougod to was;-;worthless ill!-.! .-irrienkco. to society and sentenced hiiaioH.wo'months im- !M<.-nt ;;t Ijarri labor. n grasshoppers have uppoircd Buchanan and adjoiuing . cbiihtie* and are rapidly. (Joalroyina winter wheat. The hopper* uro uot of the variety that appeared in 1879, but aro the common tic-Id •'grasslu.pporii that stay in one locality au entire acaaon. The warm, dry weather has hatched them, uiM uwleai. a cold rain or frost cocue*. immcnae damage will be done, JJoporlw of tho Appearance of swarms of gragi- hopperd in various parts ot the country are gotiing so .numerous that they tiro be^innin^ to cause some anxiety regarding tho tender winter wheat plant which ia just appearing above ground. Fourteen cbuntios i n Missouri 'report to the state secretary of agriculture that the : nsects aro eo nu meroutj that they aro .causing ularhi to farmers. In many parts of Kansas they are said to be threiUiiimi:; -u many acres of wheai. -Shortage. San Antonio, Got. 6.—In the vwtiguioii into the accounts ot t Aranrta« Pa«a receivership there ua apparent tfbortag* ot ?3.000. Kx,Auditor Cooper in on tho tho stand but it i* uader»t..od his te>- tirnoiiy aud VoiicherB will be ed- ivo; cilicient operator aud stgcat jiI ( >l'Kl. Kl.KVAtbii ACCflJE'NT ihe Texurf Jluxicati ut A^\\ n , \ .~^~ * is in ihe city 0:1 a eliort viriij. Cably iirt --s &nVi Ca^o Drops .Four was informeU tlia t!ie Siilo'of Miniiig I'ro'jiertr. ?°° J , s - D., uet. T.x-One of tory of tho'.iilui-k HilUA-i;! be closed ! ou the Tiih' f wheu the tin-ii; P|iym-ent bl the- uurc-ln^e price will bo made. Ti;c J.--U .ihvoircs ih c trurisfer cf a <:(•:,: r-ji {•.•\ i r iii'c-rc 1 t l'i :the c:i[,;ta) Htj.! k <.-> ir,; :r 1 liotiH, Lhe:Mi!vu-t'-', (\i:-;}> Ea B !.o. Pa-i. T.x., Ud. 6.—Tlio Mexican Internatioual will be ojjeri* ed totrnftlc from Eaglu Pan^ to IHj* range, ilox., on tbo IG;h iust. Tko erect will bo celebrated in go- . New York, Got. 7—Lt is reportoj that Mr. Grace, in bchuli < f himscll and the anti.snapper orvj-nization, today rnado a (jontriba:.,;:i to (ho Democratiu uaiionul campui^jj fun.I of ilU&,000. Will Kot InvcKti^ate. Kew Grleanc, Oct. 7.—The' Oiyras pic club hi- 1. a gciu'n.i ineetia^ last ni'yht and by a vo' C oi i: J ,Q to 107 decided agains: ;..Lf|..- . = -.••'..(.,t. any investigatiou o( tie v-.';;:/^ v]^ eland, ()., i >cL. 7.—tiio ••:.-?. E. .;. it..-.-;•:'. ,-.-::: '•""!:- hs» hrc:i ••::.-. ' •K;:cl»' noxt. Miss t;« of Hill's l'\-i: W. \V V a.k4 loiirh that ho tp,thVpo>iH'j;: tho Mexican' place, \viiic ciint :by' tli-: if.-iiedy. n J fc his of •>' ^- or 1 u. .TiiL- TIMI- ot a t i:ru:i-l plucj at . irjst. in h-;-;; ver=nry of t iCii. it -A-I: — All thut \\-ui 'of -iii- inc'iou fi threat a! I [.p. N-. A.-V/.' \v,; f . : the n !ltr\V tri I it i/rolcc'n" arm, v:e;iy injure ..i J ial!V, ;i ;; beau fou th.c cl () ( -t. ^iUl Al!t(H;i.r ear oa Mi!) street .|Lii'is[-, t<>di:y. J>r. A. [•'. S ;i u oi iicr brui-,1. un«i liis \viii :!> sit t.''i(;-iVL-j di-.ircU this moruia,r u • V N- in 1 u, i: -A . ••»•"! : '-: ::•:-. !.--V-. > > 'r-?!:t-.r :?£•. '?:•• •*'••• ' " : --.^f:^.^"lv^ •••;•- r^.rcr.l :J) ov,;f-hi.* ^'V:^^ f^. n r i ..war I !wl .^^^ -A :. '"^ ;::-.y'-i. !; .;»i..r. >.. ;,i ' !llH .-rClfSv^'' - -••' -•- ".lien fl:.:i:.V OiTK'ii «•}'•:-. S.'iVA.N.VIf. O..S. J',., ^.--:,. , ^' . , -^ -E^Hs: i.ll ; • -.-, !:••.., .' . ' ' ' ••" " •''. '• • ' '. r . ,<'•;. ' H;IAR Fi. ;;;-—]:'.-;.,...: ; . : .. ... ..^^ ciiocs re ten-1- uOv-hirc-.i :- '.'-u::-; ::TK " Cire ..-•'-''-"• ' :: "•: l!- ' . -ij-", .V;".; ;.ii .:• V.;;fJ or, <» !,'•-;'. r: I '- \V;- i ( -M- vci "mg from UQ '.^ j :>:iu;d ploar-Mri; m>A i Iho Unite;! St : us :•- host of ill.:, i-:u -.virii iu Sj.=: A:-:Lo:.:>>. U .:.. ;'.-— A : .-;ut 3,000 pCOJ)!j U0u> i >':l:!l J :. ..';•.-. V. i; I ^I.ti forc-oo-i -erv;,-,--. lie Lli.riiii.t tht- luct vIiuL iLv. ;•_• ;;ry io'in.a-n .r.-o- testaui i'ii:>:-;. hv:> -JOJ su'oo;:. btro, vv'li b^i-iy iur Ha ooi;. .. bouses ci jiro-sviiulion n> n partiicr- siiip inib-il v:»o. .b.:i,siiiu3-i, B-nJ do:- ds.rc-1 that tbo nndionco couldsi't ihrpw an eg£ at hiia ihai was rotten ss the town. Besides thid aort oi talk there was miiib carneslftcfss and iorcc m the sermon, and at its conclusion many pcnitcMs came forward. Jones preached again at r.ijjht to an audience of 5 : 003 people Diro Distress at Bud London, Get. 6.— News from, the Vienna correspondent s-vyb: reports corno irom where direst confusion reigns. The sanitary council admit they have no special vehicles for the transportation of the sick. The nowe* papers express great indignation at the discreditable slate of affairs Attempt to Poiaon & Woman. Waco, Tex,, Oct. 6,—A W Green> wood is in jail charged with *t» tempting to murder Ada Brigge, his paramour. He pereaaded her to drink whuky from a bottle ho had earned in his pocket in Trhich he bad placed morphine. The woman may recover. Greenwood assigns as a reason for the crime tbat the was going to leave him. *-'<! c >!;:<• MJ-'J r.:v •' :" C ; ' I . Mr.' K : d.iy r.i U. t ,M ::.):.- IhU it:-;) 1 :. I '.riennitil Pn> or • i.x f : :.—'J-iii -boor;! ru>:irl,;..i i, is --ick ;v;th ibHii-H nixv L>e rj lln-l i; on of \\. -: ; onu tv.- : i-'UCiv again. .. —At ' jibca: morning two hlio iho nortli. western city ftnd in iv .fiv niountei.1 policcnien r ••.••:.; r^i.; L ii\- n ; ihc dircc-Lion, but they h.v! not r.:- lurried a half hoin- luu-r and jroi.'i - ing could be learned ut police ht'Lvdquzirlers ia rc^.r.j to it. — A.3 a co:iscrmot;cc r:( .v.r.-ll. W. Stepheruon, the { iKUognii.h- er, adv55rtieiiisr.iu.Ti!i-: TIMES ih»t the bottom ha:l tlropped out in .'jht'el ):;L. G. — for ; ;< s?jLtJ : i,Ur [ rizes and photos at §1,0 not ha«l fiiM properly aa customers. ring cabi.iet'si7.c per doxvn, he- hv:£ to ent his rr:L=a'« £ * I * • * — 1 :-e i,I MO >•-, A atio.,;i: train arrived yiii-terduy • aiterncon at 4 o'cloclx: it v,-;;:s delayed 8 honit- ; >a »;;..-ount oi a ;vreek of a freight :cj, ij-jt\v(ion Saltillo anl Monte- rcy. The cj-use of the .Treck was the running over of a steer while eomirtg ilown a mountain grade. -—-Japr. Brooks and im rangers arrested on the Gth icst. three brothers, Antonio, Santiago and •Tiburcio de loa Santos whom they caught in the act of stealing cattle m Encinal county. Deputy Sheriff Tictor Morel will leave this moimng tor Realitoa to re> tura with the prisoner*. MOO 1. Torn .S "J. in tJic 1! Vi-ar-old c-<>lt race Liirbt-i 1, TiUiU-j; I'ollc 2, Harry 3. i;rs;-Ii;Mr'n>on Beyond Recovery. J^w York, Oct. G.— A "Washinj:- ion .dispatch ea.ys the president i>- vczy despondent, r.5 all realize th :i i Mrs Harrison is beyond recover \ : ; ; ,:.-• I!- . f. .: .' :: : ( ',•••;• ,••'.-- > J . •;.'.lo 'in ; •:••• v .^.C' :i :i- --rev ,..'::.:: v 6 S ; -' j> Guarar)tee«i bti;dtthtFish3r;nd T?£onr^cryCoitj :\nd her out any hope. no longer ho%: Yegterday at -tilt- cabinet meeting the president for tiip iirst lime eppka of the uJiaction which is hanging ^ nirn. ilis adviscra consideratt'l withdrew, sei-in^ that he -,ras too deeply moved to discuss nh'uir.s ol itato under such trying c-.rcums* tancts. Double Suicide at , Tes., Oct. 6.— John >T« ' Cnr.hy, sec'.ion foretnmn on- thv WatCfl Out I Collar. • -..- • ..... ... ' ™«» X TOWER. MFK. BOSTON. MASS LJ r h DEPREDATION' ; PENSION J PATENTS j LAND ( HOMESTEAD | POSTAij Th« •»D»« TJT« or«*cjio* »» ; San Francisco Kx ami nor. ^ . If yon have a claim nf oav tl.^crintinn wh^- ..~-r.~? . .Revolution in rO! Paso, Te>r: } Got. 7— The t vriiich arrived in El PS.SO this «aorr.i*ie over ihe Mexican Central oron^-.'.L 350 holdiers fjom Mexico City (o C-hihuahua. They ivore en.L there by the government, 10 'SB the rebellion in-the Sierra The.revoJutionisti <Jcd cot X WKUDEKHUKV, Man ACT, x E. E. BL RLINCAME railroad, upon returmng hoiae . terday founa his wife in & dyin K } Iltcnd to B «"en4cr, but will fight condition. Sne had written a note l ° their death; that they trust in stating that Ehe had taken, moiv God, that they will govern them, phme, lie immediately shot him* --'«•>« — ^~ :- *i . self through the heart, dying instantly. xhe woman hneorcd sew oral hours- Family troubles are the cause of the tragedy. •*^ Broke the World'* Eecord. Evansvillo, Jnd., Oct, 7—In the bicycle tournament here Lunfiden broke the world's competition re- jelves or die in the attempt. : — * ••»• •• Killo.i by Aloonshinc-r.^. JNaahville, Oct. 7.—In adcspt-rafe ficjht with moonshiEers in Jjinct!?i county thia morning S. D. Mather, deputy internal revenue collector, wai shot aod instantly killed, Jcc -_. j,w..-.w» i«-, " Pur ^ car ^ 8 P eciaIde F ut y«ollector, cord df a five mile handicap. Time *ad C. C&rwoli, general deputy cola i9-a* 3-5. I lector, were mortally wounded. 1W1V flOOJU CHEMICAL o LAeRATOSV . . txpre»4 will reccivi! prompt and careful «.'::• : :;^a Sold 1 Siinr BBlfQfl KCB »« | JJ>. « ed na * { A H JIM a WHIM unit wn 0 . , «r 1 7» * i: SJ iHEfluJEROFTIO Lirer^Stomacli Rem

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