The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on October 10, 1892 · Page 4
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 4

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 10, 1892
Page 4
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Lord Tennyson ii said to be in a | ^yiug condition. I Slow in Pennsylvania and spring weather in Southwest Texas. Where could a finer climate be )ound than that of thU section? It U too late in the reason for people to worry themselves much about cholera ID the United States of America this year, but what 1393 has in store cannot be foretold. Could any one ask for more litul'Weather than thut which we enjoying at present in there will bo a large fcumber out tomorrow ni^bt in Market hull to bear. Capt. K. H. Tarver and L'apt. T. \V, Dodd <li*cuB8 atate politics. Senator Mills having recovered -irom his rcoer.t indisposition has sensibly gone to Illinois to make fcpeecheHi Speeches on national mtues are not needed l\\ Texas "'as "Cleveland and Stevenson will re- 200,Olj'O majority in this state them. ttomc people "kail n't orter" be BO turious; if that fellow .Matloclc had 'not had such an inordinaio curios* Ity as to write to Cleveland. con* kerning the answer he wrote to Murray, tho 'nice.'little game of ihe latter' would jjosjihly never The newspaper published at Port La'vacs',.'called the "Port iLavacaen," iri evidently trying to gei ^am Jon.ea down there to wake-up. Us denizen* 'in th'ehoped of making coi«o enough to let the public know that there is s'ucu-a place; it. aays; "The little city of Ueeville has lately become do religious that nnly three youn;» ladies in the town will dance, and all the former society dudes of the community havo gone .iii'io mourn- iQg. Ary one who round dances ife eocisdly : erscfccwud.' The people ol i'ori'.Laviica. behero in cnurcher», but condemn the ancient (-'Ouneciicut blue lawtfasi unconstitutional, wrong i n H p i ri c. an a HU b TO r& i v e oi the 1 i b- erties the people of. 'i'hoso of our misguided sister city who are $uf~ ieruig {torn the i'avago3 of bocial dry rut, are invited to pay a visit to the Tvxiiti Newport. liere the rVen'eh (lancet* uro cultivated us a line art. Col. . iiuimltou Stewart of the (juivcston ^ewr 1 , ihe oldest editor JQ l\-Xiis i,nd who has been in cdi- toriiil hurnes.s ia this Mate ".-tnce the..woods \vi-re burned" and So Conflicting Statements. Waco News: Grover Clay eland has written a letter to Mr. Murray, secretary of the Houston convention, recognizing Governor liogg us the nominee of the democratic par* ty of Texas. Blooming Grove Ruatler; Grover Cleveland indorsed the Hogg nomination in a personal letter to W. II. Murray of Xavarro, who was seeietary of tbo Houston convention. The letter was rnuiked "'per* sonal" its why it I:ILH not been published. drover Cleveland; I have not in any wuj', manner or lorai interfered | with your iutstional controversies)' aiul do not intend to do so, Grover Cleveland; 1 have written no "personal" leiter. EX-GOVERNOR BUBBARD. OIVES UIS VUV8 OK TH1 COjSDITieN 0V STATK POLITIC*. Firemen Meeting. monthly fne^tin^ toil ight, Ucl. Oih. i^ vjr'uui being prefect lue follow* ing b.usi'nC!?* v:us transacted: Alinut'i'S o* l:t--t I'l-giilsr were read an;! adopt-, d. He States iVhy It Should Not Effect U* As National Demo* crats and Says Why Ho Yi'ill »S'.'pport Judge Clark. L'x-Govcrnor Ifubburd has been interviewed by the Galveston and Dallas Nc\vs correspondent at hid home in Tyler on national and Tex us politic-*- Ol the latter after durable iutroductary he spoke follows; "A* neither .'•Ro'.rg nor Clark will ivpuSaO or insult any honest, Kepu- blicun, Populist or Prohibitionist who on btute issues wants to vote lor one or the other[and .many prairies e, is always been known and it..'was too bail lo destroy Murray's llo^g c-upkal in. ! L . feuch an abrupt manner. oi tin- ready tu take', up. any subject- and all liliuiit it. ficro is on dan-.-uj^'; OM.s wliich urc i'r- ' rVcciiuin, L'pon mo! sc('''.';i(icd J t Irosn tho r- ••i ho are in a; will vote for both of them] KO neither will Mr- Cleveland ne-r iiis inlvir-t-is be guilty ol tbo euicidal act of repulsing by word cr deed from tho polls the thousands of loyal Texas .Democrat:} who are going to vote for him because they ii--;-;iL:d to drop f honestly diilVr and divide on local ttiiu;e ut;d du igh: the , which r,; : _ L !•%.;., llli;vt . ,,,^ nrm itl •) ,. v . tti £.• upon yeHenhiy, \vh:Je | "* ~'_\ , " ".*'/ '•'. \\"\. i ,, l .. ' • ~ ~~"^ 5 an''cx'cavulio'ri .to erei i un •! ' ° * ; ' u: '..'•'> u •'•'•' c Ci r ;n '- in 3^ ;| '" | --'liaii^. vire jiole near..-'.'t he .center i i>{l ^ .C:i'-!io!i«: elert-y .-..•o'rne'.yeuis.a^o Of tLe City,-"must have been hurie.i > Jen'ouiu-fd ' roiiba"' daiicin^ unu a great Itn^th ,.t time, one set of j {U-ron, who was lame arid'cjuld' not leeth complete, eiihtrolihe lo.Wvr t . Or ij'r/n'e'r i""*\-' •••> ... '- , lK olhl ' on ^" tflc .motions,' "damtied Sound uiid pertc(-t st;ite, V'r^viti^ I tj:inc ° : '-" . ^ cL I' 0 ' 1 !' 1 ''. cvcn C'liris^' tians, .:OiiLii.ue tlie Dfi'lrtlCe. The vote .vi si'CorjJi r;-.i. ! -1 !•' .ii:tonic» !-o .!•:.--. l\ } i- tiio v . ui ^er.s w;nj "'' *• e? •* L- c.or;i|,-:::)y. i [!i:;t. the ire l.>ej'-;4:-t.-. siatc issues; Y/h:le it is a case oJ deopc.-n regret that this division [I will not cull it dibiiite'^r&tioni'took I conclusively tii:tt tho deceased was *pt at. least ' t-uHirienily.•..•aiji-d U; nave had ;iler:iv,-d teeiJi;and'"it : :rs ; "supposed th:it ii,e ivrn-uhs those of si inivle"••herniise the 1 were quite Uirt_'e. i he strii'ii^e: purl bf it, however, .is tiiut whil« i=o Tnin y 'peopjev'Mi'fiVr liicriiitj Hfeiimu 'Svith' uhisouml teeth,'' shusiiii liavo I'einainei! so {-vV'.iH-t in r'ippear^ unco nniier 'tr'r-.Vun 1 i'or i-ei-hups'u hundred or ui«/re v-:-ars Shaker^ it uii- unnoi-tant j th The Fort.".'\V-.brt : h ti'7.ette is it : s .now an. exit and out .'Clark' puper. A rc» xscnt issue save: ''Since the ^bu.s'o.L. convention and the untortuate oecurrenves that. .*eflt- ; the deiiiocra'tic party in twain, the Gazette h:is been a silent but a. deeply interested observer uf use Current ol political events. It has Avaite-1 put lent iy to l^*r : -l! evidence in the ease l/efure ' lL |ng;:itsx-lt with uitiier win- of vLe disrupted parly. The evtVen.-e."is all in Kin! the con ); h:ive been pre^enu as tho Guy.eUe ureatl) ieurei crnor II_PK^ has'tailed to ~ that :n ancient iiMtioiis daiieiij" a reii^ions rite. The people djii before their ui tars and anjunu uuies of tlicir heathen gutki. L'horiis ciMisistcd ut -\\\< \ ' i' . ''".•.'."''. ; '.'. ' • • • - '•'•",> j :aui (l:im:ing- by the \vhul-j ! tiL.ii us an oilcrihg of than j to the god of the country. Jewish record* make many -illusions to the practice. M.OSCB aud M-iriam to tb'e gongs oi triumph on ing irom_the:ko(l sea. Diivid before the ark,: I'riihitive U danced at the;r religious meetings. All dances vrere not mutter of re- pro »nd uny Ch'ange of .heart. IT scaiiment, but •Rdherea to l.h" -priucfplee and reiter- atcs in Hu'hs: : ancc tho ideas n.-.d opinions whirh were the dation f v r the Gazctte> « tlon to bin re-noiniijatiL'n. ^Barae reasons which uetnut M * '•^ Still remain.'' founk; The ii tlie tup- .. Amon.r; tho .Creeks the dar:CL- ol . the iiumcnides or 'fuViea. ivus u.n object of -terror ami caused the hpectators to imagine tLat these droiuled deities Were -a bo lit tu ex- evule ven^e-iiic'C Ou the eart'i. The diinue.'oi de:tvh, in ;tlip fourteenth eeiuury, was introdu^d into Ger- iniiuid with the Chrktiah' veli^iu[i : T i ,. , ; •... , '•'•'.. . D I nO JeUun.'> r lesion ot tne •-•'•-•-'-• dark 1--. which i-ihi^-i Tho Herald tells how ele was iLe elli^y ut ilcalh.. 'k-a'din.; tho daneers to The dance ut Hr .with thev bi-ginnintr ,.,[ the 'r:it!u- u: WatLi-lou ' itiid the..iJcath of-!:f,;;:;.) people, .iiicliiu'ing some \>f the rev^ elers, niight. • be\si:j>po.seil to i c •• le^sjti of ihe k=:une kind. M^nv survivors of: ilio l^tc \var rcnu-;:^ bcr the •••^n'cicg parties \vhK-h p !X - Jy.tiiied amidst the greatest 'dangers and uisasVer.-*..'- 1 .. "'J . te::(fe're«l M. .'l.'e:<:i;n he; i;.r;'ifu-.i j to• the f:i:ni! v iv| iiiii\-':is w. ir. AdiiniR w : -« ar.s'otii.nt loreman of J r .:igine ci.n. ••' Lo adjou'rn. •'Carrie-. 1. Iff' President. inalured .vii:i;i.'!:s 'Mrs- Oxloy'e farewell Tea. \ e.Htt'nltiy allcnidon tho Ladies j Aid Society of the Meihodiit : cliurcli beld their last /meeting ot tliis coulorenoo your al the 'ia'^ -, : • '• ''. ' '' '..'*'.'.' • ' • • • , •' *"*" ~" X ' *~ " : Boivv»i:e. A.ftcr ull Muiiiess.before the sdcletv had been ti-,tj vl Jl.-mston, all fair . Winded ;u(:ii imi blinded; Dy racro partisan :-.i':il and w-ho do not worship at the -hnre olmen rather than of iueaa's ires, must aiiriiit that tlie said dU -li.i.icn bin..-1 ol 5•yisioiij but that •otii s-iiles did whut they did .-j-hU. L'.N.'invJ as; tiiey did : under welt »nd' cont-cicntiou^ : con Uieir rcspetu'v'e duty to liter r-t.v.e. H was a division on a holier j-.lare than iJitrliaiuentL'ry •t::eiic:.»-or tiie.-''machinery of the convention .-yslein'; whicli though'.'the set tie puny .'.disputes n'ey'^r th'e'le'sB !L;'v.-Ives t:u prineijiles per be. TiVLii oLijLCi is 'O jLreL;, couibiniuions of tnet', to Li'.varsre •irfo'at;iDt 4 asurL 1 .-'.. It a'nout b}- nidiot.l diile're'iicL-s ot belief on cardinal creeds of pohticttliaith, state and . ''The uin'orenee between a formal indorseuien.i 61 caM.iidiaeBH^^uiti; oibce-rs where ;nayionitl isniu^ ti:^ voting, lor btiid ;iriV large 'or 'siMu bodies of i\n opposing nationaipur- M,, a... o^, u f r : llolovu ,, zm^m^sm president, tomiered her rcsi-Tia- Uogi:,C!urk and; Nugent, every tion HI a low \ve;i chosen woril^ ° l: - t v<MSV"Vm are seeking Kepub!iv can vote-^, rnd,will |, 0 happy to i:et them, Kvory state in the Lnu>n hnve tt,l fl !!y d Sl i ri ct issues,^ •w-hjjjM-u, i;:uion[vl i^u. s eucb party ii:ive issues t-i-mnKii;. io each iVr«.' jiujnvuupi-. For insiance, boih the hog- und Clark divi^oas" uLite'On thts-. eanic;..'.- electoral tjcket: \vith :iv<v;jt an -eqnul number on said tJcket.-ol llo-i; and Clark electors toiu-aniLT roKp.ner, iitid the response in the luces of every one j.'.reseut^cd the : 'fce]Vnir.-j of regret at pnrtine with go fill- cient an oiHVcr.Mrs. Oxlev hue 1'Oeti u zoulOua-" ; un(l Vt:ry giaotL'-is'i. tui-worker U,r the ecciety fur the •piiit tpiirycarp, TLc na-L-ling H;l- j')uriied at iiva o'clock, .after •-vuich • .ivir. Oxley served, ado- hi^htrul ten. The tuhk'sf \vore law Jor /uder^l purpOMi, » by the entirs Southern anVU^rtU ern uemocraey t»nc« rtconstnis* lion, And while admitting th»t the firtt convention had a majority of, y«t because of their platforms as above. 1 think it b*l come'tt a Democratic 'free firht* to a 'finish' io Kovoraber. I bhall for the*(s reasons Tote for Judge George t.lark for governor, rctainibe for his distinguished adversary [ : .nd I say it in no perfunctory wavl ihe respect duo a se'.fmcdo Texan who j-as ut heart, I believe, tae in. to^rlnd' -u" 6lat0 ' l h>tVe ^ **• elected! Not InsVisib^ 1 to^tho honors of public station, and «1 public cocfidence for more, I never* 'f !ov^ nothlri X '*i^»n th-gllt in 'priftttb station' giving.'to'-'SS far more pleasure and I hdpe even. ually more profit than is found " t'ie «tonny areiiu of political life." Born. Tuesday night at 12 o'clock tc- «r, and Mrs, Geo, . L . Uatley a jouncing big. bubj' gu-1. Molher and child both doinV A Lover Sh'obta Into a Crowd and Kills. a VoungLixdy. Japlin, Mo., Oct. l.~A terrible tragedy occurred here lu=t night in trout of tho Club theater j U8t • alicr : ; the closo of the : pcribrrriahce of ; t'ho Hustler cbinpany. I n tlie li'idiencc \\-c-ie Jnu. iManhln^ an d Miss ;Annie McKee ot JBelleville \ mining suburb. : "A.s they came biit oi the Heater W. 1). M cBrid Cj also, of Wlevillc. Btopped up to theni :ttiid ; i'lucking the girl by the arni demanded that thy go with him At the eatne timo ; .ho drew a rbl volver, and as Manning jumped lircd nt; him. T.h c sidewalk, was ingenious lawyer on the Kio -irota/dirorce fora client: A lawyer, who bad ridden hor^e* back a hundred. iiiilea or so for the purpose of trying a divorce suit, micii disgusted to rind no present, a.'thoagb it was the ppointed time for holdin A Ghastly Find. \ este'rday abo;it noon as a trnri--- oi men wero.di^hg :l hole on" t-it- cornere of East Houston-and-Cou- vent ^tr(>etrt, in which tci''place a polo for the new K.'c-utrie Li'ubt (V>. iind on reuihip^ the .icj.ih wf.ul -4 feet, they camp aero.-* a lot bones rtiekihj^ouv in about This ingenious atlomcv M' 0 h ° le HDd Llie - y 1^ _ . .. : •**' 'tntrtfK A «».•!.,.. ...^.j' faowevcr, recalled the law which in effect says that if no judge be present at the appointed time, the members of the bar present muy ~%hooe'o one of their number to ac; temporarily and proceed to hold As it happened there no lawyers in "thy town, .so the one in question voted tor him* as district judg-i, naturally junanimoublydeciid. .There**he found a young fellow who read law ab«ut two week?. ••rmminod hiin',|admitted him to the di>» O:iO ^il!l :iliOUt '1 o; Most all of tbo bones vero" ; Ukcn out. and with them "was ' found a pair ^of shoes which apparently wero of American rawke and not worn very long. No 6 i gn of a Cot1 ; ri was found. How and when these remains were pluced there could not bo learned of the oldest chize who havo- lived in that neigLbor- hood for very many j and ever'_;rceti* and the relresh- uvcriti were varied iu:(lubnn(l;:n^. At!"'er spendiriij an hour nio-t ;.iou^int!y at thoXc;,i'_tal.!cs a!! bid i i.ii.'.v. und Mrg. Qxiey an.l their s^'oot little I'.KU^iitermi idiecUor;- ate farey/e',1; however, THH'TIMES f? phased to fifiy' thai they \vi!l he with us. lor some two or thrae wveka yet, prior'.to taking :he;r of i- ;•-Pail iron, a and the -avo Mi caUed and continued until the term, and other 'necessary — attended to. Then Farewell Teii. ~ M ra. C. J. Oxlt-y, tbo rort worthy wUe ot ibe pastor ot tlf Mcthodi t "fanrch, wh «d 6b zculpusn-'fttid /c Weil as her .hasb'aud uv tliis c«3e waa called. irif elected judge waa As the from setting in the case, the newly J ^»wyer was unanimously to take his place. The suit in tried and the judge grant* divorce. It it said the di- thu r ran ted was pronounced during the past four year?, wsi. give a farewell tea this* after.- oo,. at 5 o'clock in the M thodi=t p..p. sonage to tho membora O i ilu Ladies* Aid Society au,; other iu, vited guests, prior to their re, moval to El Paeo, where Rev. OHey will assume the pastorate ot the Methodist fchureh, having remained here the lulleat time the rules of hia church allow at *»yOD«pi>C6. ; -- .-* Casino Medal Bowl. The regular n-eckly medal 'ten-pin roll lor the mcsnbcrs o: tho German 'Casino' occurred !;•«'•' night and as usual :i ])!ons::r;t cvi-ii- ing' was "spent. Mr. U. U. Fouu- who has for tip long a t j ma held on lo the medal has a Fore finger and could not compete, so the modal was' captured by Mr. Ronorc Lrigardo for this week. Mr. Pfetfer was nest best. The score consisted often .innings, spares and strike* and JtsuUed as follow!-: H. Ligarde 151, W. Pfeffer 133 W. JI. Adams 121, L. J. ChriaiW 8b*, \V. Thaison 78, J. Alexander •J-.-4, L. R. Oriiz 105, M. Mayer 12S. L. G. Alexander 121, £ U g. Christen KIT. votes Lnd waa panic b'0,(;uu KepViUiOans c ; U innjoriiy to Llarri.sni; in Ib'fcji. l^attiBon i^ j^till a Demo, crat, :ind tlie tO.UuO •are..-5t.i;{ .Ivop'ublican-ii. Tliib .state cont^i on b-uo idsue^. : So it ;ra> with (.Juyer/.o.r lios^'and-'so Icx::^ Iv.-pulilic'ana. -j n jyyy voted lor tfic then attorney -general, ' M, ^••^i-. 1'jti point: I re?pectiuliv M'ak|' r is that actinu; together uriiiei .tbo La--pasas convention an.l voi^ nii: ;n m:.^ tor Cleveland aH they wiil. in. ^uvember, the ilo".r UD a Clark •divisiot's.aro 'etato Democrats as was and is Governor <--i Pennsylvania or Gov. err;or Ku*s ef Teia.s.-.-' "A ga'anco at the" names of 'Liu- inof»-in:u : their h,>ipry, who led o., '':u-h Mde, shows it was no child'- j»'av and dctnands rcspectf-i! .!«-.' KI\ • co an.I consideration 'in«t;>^*:' vH launu auu tbe dirty billings -:f l.Lc pOi.hou.5i,- llcro Hen with people and at tho instant pfjinng-.. Miss JJella'U \vcna crGruiid FuIU stepped in Viiii go of t h e re v o I v e r. T h « ]/u ! i e t c rus h e d through her Orai n killing her m- S5ani!y. Mcliride .attciupti^d to :tihoul roUceiaan Stout, but after a tuuggie ho \vas overpowered aod taken tu jail. Later he was remove i:d to Oartititge. lo_preveni 1) n thing. •Manning ha.t Pupplaiitcil McBride i n the txfic c t iij :i s of M ins McK eo and MciJtidowenL to vbo theater lot tho l-'uqjuj e •biVkiJiiiig ;ilahning. ;:•/;. A y. urderous Black AVench : IlouKtcn, Oct. 4 ; --^Kor some daya past. J<>tji-];hino Bi-obknvan, a net'fo- wbman Who cari^fee from J\ava-; has been threatcLinLj to kill citie. Sbc cafed [hot whom, arid tonight rut the threat into execuuor. John Sinith, also color ed, rottn-tied from hunting atid when he dismounted leiiJbJs^un tied to his Caddie. : JoBephino got tue M-capoa an d was purtiuiug Smith's brother arbuLd the hoiiso when in the dark^he ppied John. She fired at h i nv : ;a a'd the c r: t ire " t h arge struck Smith in the eve tearing a ghastly bole iind;ki!ling him. bhe escaped and ii bein urfcued j Brown, Chili on, Duncan" fund om Acquitted of ilurder. Fort Worth, Out, 4.^About three months . tgp Mrs. Zcrelda fctafcrd •trhot and killed her husband, One- armed Bol. She was found guilty ol nogligQnt hopiicidoin the accond do^rce today, tUc "judge',failin'sr-U>'' cliarire on self dciense. She "was fined $1. AH the ecurf officers: rb» muted -their cob^. Her aitorney» were employed by tbe Woraan'd Humane assi/c.ialiun. 'J he evidcnco showed much abuse and that there was room H,r /tar oi danger to her liio when the shot. and irecongresoional I, Lubboct, MilnJr, . wu , d. others jiko iheih. eminent i" ih.e'.aiuu-'d service, on ono'sid while arrayed against' tl.ese leaded arc such men as Clark, Throes nioiton Maxey, K JS? , Shcpuid. N\ ootan, Upson, liernuonj Popf. Jarvi>; Peter ., . ap; eter btmtb, Kooco and oth«r^ whose Married, Iu this citj on yesterday Oct. 5th, in San Augustine Cuthedraj by Kov.FathtrPlaua, Mr, John 'Jonvery to Miss Lizzie McLer,^ uon, both formerly of Kewrv, Ireland. Ko cards. Mr and Mrs! Ojnvery will reside in this city at No. 5 Victoria Block. THI TiME3 extends congratulations add wishes the happy cotple a lotglifeot happmesg and pro« •perity. — — **> w AAVCV: to Uemocracy is unque&tkm- and who«e fame i» not eur- by the first *rray of pro . mine.nt names. Thsir tollowfnug are composed ,..f p-mocrats t quail v as hoi.est aijd'iiiiclMj.wi.t, tboucL in private stations Ur;<ic'r 'gucha high contention eo arrayed, lair men W2jl hesitate long bet ore in- dulgingm abuse, always the weapon of ignorance and T " Th6r ? for « because I believe in Judge Cltrk'n poiiucal Tiewa and platform, and becaute I regard the division at Houston as the nna» voidable result of irreoonciiible opi». ions, and because *f tae new »laaks ° thfifc °t t l-? fc fowtioa faToring state banks of issue oo Scih Sfcep.i'rd at Pa rid. Paris, Tex., Get- 4,—ITon- Selh Shcpurd made a strong speech for tbo Clark DcmOcrucy at iho court hbuso tpnirbt. iiis exposition pf the silver plankr, the state bunk and the graduated income'tax was very :ucid and unanswerable. Hia speech, is universal/y commented on as tbe best that hae been n.ade here in thb.campaign. Jt was res ccivtd with maiked attention. Many country p.-cp.e were present, sad it is thuutjh; the gpcc-ch will havo and excellent effect in tbe campaign here, r 6 LORD TZXNYaON'g ILLKES8. London, Oct. 4.—Bulletin* issued ear.'y this morning by physicians to Lord Tennyson say ae passed a quiet night. There WM sozn* amelioration of the graver symp. tooas and his weakness was less extreme; Another bulletin issued by Lord Tennyson's physicians at noon says thai his condition has become "worse liioe morning. His debility is increasing. Later—A telegram trim Haalec mor» at 11 p. »., says that Lcid TenByaoa ia quite prostrate aid it ia not liktlythat^ha wi^ smrriro

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