The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1918 · Page 14
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1918
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

r ** ''""' >' '"""•*&,,* ~ 'J,. ';' '^* f "',c'?\'\ f •£/'; r ; ! '*T; "'VA V,v'"-''/-' s ''" ' ' 'm nn. mTT nJEUUCX. ftATTTftDAY MOUTHO, tIKL IT, 1111, TO on. POT aiaaioK, a4tpap*T KOMTJIO, T«4ty fw Cuts Announced in our aJvertUe- roent Friday mpnung the urival or\ a Urge •bipment ot New Spring Coat*—wanted color*, in Ute«t midteaion itylei to tell for J19.50, $20.61, J22.59, $25.00, $27.59 ud $29.50 More attractive model i or color»—better Coat values hive not been ahonii thia aca»n in this Second Floor Garment Section— v s T|m i» a most timely arrival of a very important Coat puicW and it', a Colt chance no protective Coat buyer *°dd dUrcjard You'// Find Perry & Wurster AT / • Their New Location NEXT DOOR TO DELAHOYDE It WULLER'S illllWerSt — HZSyeMMceSti With A M lie Of i SUITS, TOP COATS, RAW COATS AND FURNISHINGS j FOR BOTH MEN AND BOYS SHOES ALSO | The Americans Creed w » e*v ,_ ., _ r -,., for *« p«opl«, v , ivxi from the cooaeol ol the «overn*di a democracy » • ublic; a aoverdcii Baton of many toveieign Sute*j a P™**** on, on* and inaeparable; eatabliihed upon thoae principle* I of freedom, equality, jiMice and humanity fpr whfcn American patriot, aacrifced dwil live, and fortune*. 1, ih.refoie, W^V* | lUi'toowJ to UwHTr-i-el "»*•»«' to <lefelM! lt *** M READ IT OVER ONCE MORE, THEN 9° AND BUY LBERTY BONDS^YOU ARE NOT SACRffKWG ANY- THWC, BITT MERELY LENDWG YOUR HONEY TO YOUR ] COUNTRY Spring ind Summer Weight Knit Underwear Stock, complete of the Famou. Fore* Mill*' Un bidiu' iJJe Thicad Union Suit! 5»c, TSc, $1.00, »1.5ft— Three different ilyle*— „ . .Low "Neck. Sleeveless—CuS-^Shell or La« Four valuea of exceptional merit—<ll«t we are able to piej«nt firoply becaoie. raontht ago. an tkiparbg the cominj treat advance in pncet, we placed our.ordei*. .. , _ LmferieWaisU— J1.60 (Value* up to $1.50). U will p*y you to walk up to The Second Floor Garment Section to ice the»e — Large table, more than two dozen different atylet. New SfflMnd Wool Sweater Coib-J4.5e t« $29.50 Perry & Wurster 111 Center Street- -112 STCUMTC Street Uuuul VJuei— Utert M«del Concts , ) ., A peat table of lW and at iW pnce. they represent an actual »vinR'of from 256 to 5Qc- Note we «ay— "latett model' —we aW— all perfect goodj. : •_ . . Ch3tlr«n's Roinp«n-^«9c, $!.«» Oil Gty rnoJien vrill be plea«ed — Neat, attractive Itylea — well made of jood materiati. _ _ T>ie new alcevelcM atyle promises lo be quite popular a* well ai tho«e with »!e«ve» — Many new and 'decidedly novel kniltir.g effects and color combinations. TIw Best 59c Hoe A higMy Mercerised Liale Thread Ho»e m our famous Gordon Dye Round Ticlctl 1 IO A »hnpcly, neat fillinc HOM; gooa calces and good wearing quality — BUck, White. Tan, Suede, Champagne, Green. Sky, Pink, Bronze and African Brown, tlon thJA artcrwxm t*t tnlaM h> win- low at Paltma REACH'S Spray 7.7 Derrick The Way of Fashion in Women's Oxfords TVe 'iris ' psv'rtitutw]/ fortunate 'in J our prtie'nl J [splay of Sew Oifords— I -FAihlon ahowi a rttsllnct Inellnallon to fator iheio style* abort, ail others. New smart lajli ID U^rk. brown. tarts'* or patent*. THE BIG HOME FURNISHING STORE . | For Day and Night Service no Piece of Furniture Can j Compare With jhe PULLMAN Revolving Seat Bed Davenport It is a for every hour in the twenty-four. £« SEETrffirT^DEMORSTRATlON In our (window*) this ihernoon and tonight SHOWING HOW QUICKLY AND HOW EASILY i - : •'•• •.-.-.. . • • • _ k B to convert tr« long or short full azfi Bed Davenport, I with the «11 spring haclc and the all spring seat line into ] a comfortable and resthil full size bed. BUT A rULLMAH REVOLVING SEAT BED , DAVtworr and yoo re iMuy lor «n eroer^ency. MUed il&ner. Jtoithouat toolE): At. . . icr. upho]j!tr!nff. Pel. UlS-G. Marl Mm* at DuiTed'a feed *tore--— i^V. _ . Motor TuDcral eqtttprataL C, K , One Ublc of h»t«. h*3f price—alt [other hau rc'luceil. Cor*» M, Putnam. It—Adv. . : i i>uy II y<Jt« of »K« c»n <ccur« a permanent position At Derrick DOC il— Adv. , "Th* Katjer." thn b*a*l cf Iierlfn will bf In OU Ctty IDOD. \Vatch tor 1 him.—Adr, . A daughter haj b«n t>OTti to Mr ,-ml Mn C, K- L'ririsr-^ cC Jll '-' I f*r»on Blreet. - - , R«v. G*orKB h Sprtnr, of CamhrlJit , .Inririga. will prc.tch Sunday al tho ler view of [he Kaptbt consr«cat!< elc'liAll. ct«ftmery'baiter i fie. ham >0o an tar so o-«crtm*ol ot (r«h fruit an - '*- Max*'"'"* >J ~ A. DounJd Cameron, a former O readier)I. who. la vllt\ the dtv'uion of ih* army at Wajht U. C.. hu Just bten ptomolnl from first lieutenant to captain. To do«e out our ImmenM »loek quickly. *a ar» lelllnic all haU at & ' reduction. Don i mV« ou<- *•'- Harpcr'i millinery. Ctnler rti —Adv. TenanU In the Chamber* building are not rwpormlble for the mtillcEoua work. [QcSudlnt Ihq tlon of A l!gn. which U U Mid hu t>e«n <lon* there. Th« n*wly" crgintMd , Third regiment, S. H. M.. appeared Friday In th« Liberty Dar parade for the ftral time In public In uniform. Th*r mi<le * vtry credlUbl« * The funeral t*rricrt tn membxiry of the late M. Hamilton Welsh will not b« held until lha flril ot e«t w«eV Inir thfl arr.Tal of hli brother and lister. John Webh-and Mn. M J. Kaufman, of Vlnclon, L*. A fnuT.* dweUTnc Wve«9 iplcd by Mr. and Mnu Jofen Tannv aa burned to lh« (rroand at 7 o'clp:' Kriflay mornljiB. Tho o<cupanU 1* all tha conlanta of th» bulldfliK. La Judtnff IIOD tn moner. The iervtc«« In the First Prtsbyte Un church lotnorrow will b« condac H by Ihc R«v. Waller K, Kaflwon, Bailor it lh« E*rt Sldi rreabjlerlan chutch cf Toledo, Ohio. HN mornlnt; subjecl vlll be "Ixjoking E**t, North, South And Wcat"; •rcnlng, TiatH From God." " - •' _ . Warren went orer tM lop hi fl»« IJb*rty I-oan eampatpn VVMay and to *alltlc4 to fly an honor fi*f- The total nuMcxlpttott« for the borough and county are M.oil,lie, of which (III.- 000 biloof* to Warren hJroogh* The nnoU for Warrtft hi 1711.100, The quota for Lh« eonnty h It.lVO.QIO. !ar4»yi |wt rofcrt Jft,. ZT, L£V7 & CO. GOOD - *- ^t f 1*A\~! U^lv-nbuhrrT DeivU, 0 aro'Ktlinfi WWW mighty smart Allnrc<l II Wa tor Wrect «c»r. fr^clu- vc norclUca In lino Milan Mr»»s, rtl- m» Irom IX*!i'« V»ftl> Airnie . KM xip. hans Ihctr fir* «bo«ln« t<rfaf. , »4.W 10 »l!.«0. juijl™' ?llk, tber «H) Wool S«C"I«*» «•"> *o 25.00.— 2ml floor. THK rillXTZ CO., Inc. TAP IH Geo. J. Veach TW HMC FvwWt Frmi ;Sc, »H b«r MealtJ 10-JSc. Mlllnpr e« IB-^Oc, Hawbnn Jtc, pork rout lie, veal vtew lie, vml roMt lie, thicker* 4$c, frwh conirtr/ ttf* **c, fre*n counlrr btrtttr, fr*«h L*Va Krle fkh. Come In the moiTilnK Mr] (tel Four pick, Elm »tr«t market. Pet, phon* «|»-X. It- L B«*n, prop.—Adv. A farewell p^rtj In hon»r r>r Fre^l Cochran, who to otn of lha ieleet** men io le»v» for training camp r»«rt Tnesdaf. WM rtTcn *t the reaMenc* o H«iry Kowi*kll. Main Hre«Von Frl dar nllM* Reprowntattff* of lh Crkfcl tlnb »nrt lh- PttttbBrsh Vfltt prevenL Tnt IDnn^ I'Q' wrrv jnfffnt, * n* WM . HJitnt wllh •fiAn54* anJ A .picndu ltmct><«n »«• Let's Look at The Spring Clothes Question From a Common Sense Standpoint iRithkf (*t4*C**w^y cVKhrt wi »k.<j from UKI «mo«« or noner rx' are bi- Tbere k Orfy 0* Awwer J»«t I»K T. A. r. lahrf." The; dot tlut are rl«*» l« «ocVi«aa*t», X . $21M U $4f.M TMkVl nftl. AT««« Batt, Madianaa EMm, DCM*. FfmiHi <HoTf% TMHT Pain mar. THE WELKER& MAXWELL CO. THE SOUTH SIDE DRY GWOS HOUSE ONE WEEK SAtE AT ATBIIi l*r< ETCT7 Arllrle . SEEPS 3£ •on e»e— UU. .1 -RKMKMBEIl OUH OXK .WKEK SAtK IS STILL OS Seep Bro«. BtJl Pbobe 171. You won't make any Mistake if you buy your New Stove at the ^ 0 LEWIS HARDWARE -\K Ewt Rrrt Street TheStevenson-Edward* Co. f THE BUSY STORE s^L, BUY BONDS—— | THE FIGHTING MAN NEEDS THE FrGKHNG DOLLAR | -TODAY^ Drastic Price Reductions on Millinery Foremost Fashions ^^ u, *. F-fc««w. w«« * oa c* . s* ol | 2SO EXCLUSTVE MODEL HATS AT % PWCE , thi. aale it a OUT object lo give women an opportunity _ta W irtHeir KaweaW. Millmery requiremenU at «brtai.bal | , ,,ve concewoin. Jo* how liberal these prke concnawn. a will be better realized T*en the Hats are sem. '/"'- /"ARliEDTOSELLATONCE " l ° t ^' for CTCTT oocaaioo, for immediate and all Sumn-.-r wear, ir own woiVroomt and repre- | ALSO "CAGE" ADVANCED MODELS FOR IMMCOiATE OR SUMMER WEAR .hater and Retiwiol. » d«ired by the woman of \ -. ~^reaMr di»U««»i*«a o«r modd» from the con- rinM>l • 1 • AT ALL -nMO MOPCTATELY PWCEP

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