The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on April 27, 1918 · Page 7
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 27, 1918
Page 7
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THE OIL CITY KOIHQfU, AWUbifr, Hit. , DcmarxJ for Products Crowds Production. PRICES REMAIN UNCHANGED Lack of TttuuportAtion Facilities is the Great Problem Confronting Exporter! — Do* raeatio Demand Gives Way to Government's Heeds — Per. raits for Moving Freight. NEW YORK, April !6.— Thtrft tvavt teen no <J«v«lopm*nta of lmporunc« •» Jn Ihff Ipoi petroleum Jnarl.'*t, w far -* prices for export psrceU vrcro c<jn- ctrned whlclj c!cc«d atronff without : , turtittt- change. NoUe* has beto served 'i on all railroads by Ih* Railroad Ad- mtnU'ratten In c«mpIUn«« *Jth ih«' proclamation o( {'resident, Wlbon Ih^l •Mppera must show pemlu and U* sw ii<rea(t<r bffera .niovfag con- ratpu by raijroaiis be tore export an4 m&r|tlnc"bUl« of lading "tar ex* 1 t.'' 1C ts indicated (hit need* of oil nurnefouq :uid gusoHrae Is c&«nlbl far ih« bucctiifui carrying on of war o$«raUufci In FriGce aad tmaisMitu motive power fot thu t&jfoib* JR which rt*«rrc=f w*re riuhfid to chtck tha Hya forces. Gre-ii expansion In export* »r* recorded, but the gttorM^e ot i*nX toniugo !* Iha chief limitation. ?ho f;?cr«&*taff liemanA* t>I the Alttts. Including Oyr <i*n nrwfee, Tor Vtiroleijni and the diversion of lank (4na&£« for war jjurpws h»J prO- dUced man? complication! In iha ex* psri oil trad* and tha oil industry, be* c4use It >ia* reiiulrei »nlted tnwgy lo the treat task of meeting tbt nestf* of the armlta.ovetifiw, This rwutieii In A forced curUllweol oJ 4UppUrJ which would ordlnarllr so to other center* ot consumption and American oil pro* ducfra an 4 oil refiner* bad prepared for a-jreatly liicreMed eipott trade. American ollteftntrlea tiai ve&r u*e4 at their !?&r?ff XD.OOa.COCl bt»U- of crude oil, T(»e~ losurtnOunUbie ob- itaclo .tiw teen our limited tank Jtrajnfr jnwe.intJle jnarfne which wiw not adequate, to, transport vnr re- lulrementi and tahe cart of other wi/htla. General GoMhala h*5 «ret<S to boMIajr up ths plan* for ftjiUrg- ing lh« arnir warehouses In Brooklyn, Your last Chuce to Get k on Iktt Bargain Special THIS IS THE BEST BUY YOU WILL HAVE EVER MADE ASK RALPH Venango Hardware Co. THE EFFICIENCY STORE New OU FdUwi Bid*. 228 Sentet Strett 4>ngc*flon ot freight *l the port ol <«w \wrfc hus been very marked, (or Antertcai illuinlnsllng ol) _1" : U pence- to Vl lf > I.-lvefpooi 1 narket Influenced, by the *Blrong«n market her* and Jcarcttx ibere of tvp- illes, while t^jn^on valuta clgsfJ up- ihanged. A^vlco from Amsterdam icl« that wilder /i timnan cojmi*n>' which uHl t^ke over the leases lo the 'H veils In Hbumanls (is a result of iiu new afife*m*nt teuretn Oejwany Hid Houmania restrain the oil deSds, "he UounaMarx government holding Iiarei Jn (he above ccwpanj", 4" p/e- d»m|runt-Gtrniin Influence ol votes ;uaranteed, will result lu Gerjn&ny >el/>e .enabled la Import 1 , from . ilou- nwiU mor» ttun half of htr news-..„ beconiJfljf,Independent of America In this reape<;L Unconfirmed're- lorls trom ; W&shJnjlon SUt« that •ho Tarnpko oil fields lo tnaure a con- ,inued production of oil to supply th* \1Jlt3 Md Ibi VlnllrJ State*: • The .volume,.of buitae**'transacted n petroleum and b)'-p*oJiKtj for ex- PD/I In ihs local market, suffer*d A '•irlher decrtn^fr on the wholft for.ih* eel; Just ended. NaphJTiu except Oil far local eonium&Uon closed 5-rm xi Ihe recent advance In values and |tM c^rifldenet [J centered orV the •- 1 —-— it auppltw for bonus and c*- . _ , ,,_lren)ente, and. Indications continue to point, to an encroachment apaa private cornurnpUoa of ea .Inel frlcta of thu latter UQ b*.,,~ those for higher crude parity and pos- eltle further upttiht* ot prices ar* not unlikely. In the middle wrest advance rertstered IVi teat rVn<l In Penn IF YOU WISH H TO B£ "DONE' RIGHT, CAU US. CARNAHAN Transfer and Storage' Co. . Th6 movement of ocean 'ftvIuTtL contlauea to f>» cuctid by ihft'ciUtme ehorUgc of «team and vi(l (ijnnas*, Oimera of boaU occupy a.i lnd«pen dent Altitude, and demand (ho hl^h eat rrat«4 oblaf^able. Chifterine of reaals were praeUcally aiupended eo far u t&idlni; full carjroc* of c*&o oil neefned. Tot*l charter* In reQUlitlloncd vesaela (tanktre by the rovtrnmtnl Inroived aomo 112,- Cwl bola. redoccd (9 crude equivalent Ehowln: ft.dKTtue of 53,1H bblt. rnparft with the toul for the prc- cffof at'the port of iCev York. Clearances of ptlro!*um at Vork as outlined by UbutaUtt flgures from Jtnuao'. 1 to Apr!) S5. l?il. as outlined by labulited fiiurts herewith. Inrotved •ppraifmat<ly U8.O7,- 7*$ tailona rcffw:«rJnff a jala af acme H,7T7,7T* soloes over Ihe wme per* lod for UJI, Tho weekly revleiT herewith corer* Ing petroleum and products, Inyoi (ran*tcUoc§ in export parcels Is bt on f. a. b.-tfrm*, N'eir Yorw. comp ing 59 Qto J1* cif« iots, tales and cans In 10-5«»on drum*, unless clher- iprc|fl*J. in o»-<Jer to arrive at f. o. b>,price of cise oil, HO are I ftse gallon loweercsr c^/ib, add i ill our mnJiitt jr«port htTO»"Uh on slandird white oft .<water white oil jfJla at one cent a ^aUon hlifher thin delivery charges (in case oil to vessel* In N T ew VorH harbor UsHte^g" lS"i!ts. H-liIch ore as follow**;'- <ca*<j(): 1& to "J, *c; 100 to J9J, IS c; 300 ti !99, .15c; 300 to 19), .SO?; iOQ W O», tCC; ,00 to, iSJ. .lie: 709 to $99, .45f: J,OD9.t# 5,419, .lO^i 3,000 to 3,»9'J, 27c; 10,000 to 13.3SS," ,25<;! 20,OI>I) lo S.p'Sc a caic,' . .- .'/. : ilw of" Htuni thai IP s oil In bulV coy- tred over 90,100 ^tta. In bulk on ihu " It ot $ # ctRis X'gMon.- NJuiuI^l. oil In cas^s sEBteeated about tso,- 000 cases, which amount lnctuoV4 nu " " Wfip '01* plMlns at 155i c*nia a on, the total com prising niirilly i55 , 10 293 case lots on tha basis of 1T.S3 ffnLs ir>J S.Diii* to >,99p case loU at 11 ceiiis u gallon, • ' ' , ! OC eiiollnft 45 io 7* degrees, some 10,000 ca*M >vw* JjooKtd (part !n .' 0 at IS^i centa (or 100^299 cite loo la and at 9S.4Q t^nta a Button for 3,OPJ f3jf ]g)i >'aj>hth&3 covered Cfdtrs for soifte 100,000 ca:«4 (nibilly In tu1W) at -CMS centn far 340 to '33 C3*D JoU wid at OS cent;) a" gallon for 3,000-cice lots for 7J to IE tSesrc-ii S-iies of lubrlcatlns o'U covered oc«r iO,DOO bbls. tctiSL# £•« &na futl oils Involved sortie 10,000 bbto. Of cruati cH no triruJLctlona of Importance could be Irarea. . ' . The folloirlnK tabulated fleurc* F!V« totA! chirtera for pfirss'.cuni anvl products at New York, covering crud£ 4nJ reJlncd n Its, also naphihdK in bulH and In- packnfM. reddwfl'.t) cru^le equivalent, !cr !ii- w*k eod^d April •a and front April 1, UlS, vrnh dally rusts, compUfcd In barrels: j\p/v " • t) if. Bltxe Apr. L A»'r* iS.1^4 • IH.ia lUtl j*>. 31* IAIU 4 UT aj t OIB Tfte fo»owW(r C* W* ffir« (h« c!«ar- MICW 6( petroleum and nroducu ut the port of t+tvr Yortc, compitcd in szllcna tor the fr«k ended. .AprH *), and from January * t 1315, with cani- ' . ,. Fortltn Cla«1ii5 Cnbk QanUllon American tlliiminuting oil. ivhtlft ex-vrhart (per «?s.!l»n): UNSTEADY NERVES Your troubled, unsettled mind, your inability (a"'conceit- tr»te, or your fatigue from 'ordinary work amply show* you th»t the drain on your tircngA 'a gmler ik«J> you/ tystem a supplying «nd you need the powerful, nourishing force in to speedily^replenish the deficiency »nd avoid.a breakdown. jj* Sootfm u all nouriihment «nd »o: skilfuDy emul. jP^ afied that it U quickiy auimiUtei-wilhout taxing digestion and ted \ip strength in plwie of weakness. BUY UBERTY BONDS- -BUY UBERTTBONDS- -BUY LIBERTY BONDS Pumps and Qxfords Ha«"tKe can from now untiUate next faU. "Women', very f«hkmabl e fjl French, Military or Louis H«l 0»/o<A or P UOJ pi, b p ateat Colt, Oey, BroWn, Black, Tan or Black Vki Kid, and GunmeUl, are very Strong this -teaaon. And we hare kbem in a splendid assortmentat POPULAR ECONOMY PRICES. Women's Very Smart Louis Heel Brown or Grey Patent Colt Oxford —A season's favorite $5.48 Women's Fashionable Fancy Red, Military Heel Oxford, lighl welt «o!e, so comfortable for walking $3.98, $4.98 Women's Patent Colt Oxfords with full. Louis-bee},'? long varhp, very neat for dvess wear $3.98 Women's Black Patent Colt Pumps, square throat, full Louis heel,, or military heel, always popular $2.98, $3.98 Women*e Gunmctal Pumps, vwnp, square thraat, either veiy popular right now $2.98, $3.98 long heel,' Women's Black, Grey-and Brown Lace Boot, 9 inch pattern, full Louis heel, pei/ecrttters $4.98" Gentlemen's Very. 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Women's Champagne Cloth Top, $8.00 values ....."'.... Women's Pearl Grey Lace,- $7..00 values.,,,..,.,..'; . • Women's $4.00 Gup'Metal and Parent Button Shdes-;, £ . , Women's $3.00 Gun Metal and patent Button Shoe;; ?. /. Men s $5:00 Tan and Black English Bals.;.:',,;.. S ,;.; . \ Broken Sixes of Children's Shoes;. .... ,;. !•'.. ''. .;; )J t , , Small Sizes Women's House Slippers ;'.V<\-' -'V.!v/;. ! ,.,... $5.SI ...... aw ....... 9*c ;•;- ..... 98e 211 Center Street, Oil City, Pa. HEALDTON Large Well Struck by lokla oil Co.-^OHis of High Gravity.* AUU1IOHK; OkU-.Aprli 22.—(Epc- c!;d)—TJic jnosl Inifrfillnff bit of news (roni ihe ll*a!dton field for several weeks fi£?t (A tfunUSmd In the re' of the IcSln Oil Co.'» well in the htasl corner of section S^s-Sw, The cund icaa, reached at 1,161 feet, and with ihe drlU'on lop of the Kind the oil is llftwlnir over ihe lop of Ihe ig. HI* « higher grade oHUmn anjlhlnc htrelofore found In th!^ field, ' ' ihe exception ol ihc o!* Irani Iho Up sand founii by ihc Jiullhc-id Co. Lu section 4-45-317, and Itils -ift.) gravity. The well has not been drilled In. thererofe th« iiroductlon rannot be fsUniaieil, Whether this Is a tronti' allon of ihe-Katiro iun.1 found in : Uon 7-tit'3v or a new sand Is a fi\ tlon, While It Is !<^sa than a qilvi of & mUe northvtcal o( ih* Knbro _ _ 1. the t^nd In th« )6kla Is found about IQO feet Lift per *bnn that In Iht Kabru and the -oil U much hfebcr E r *v((>' than tha Kaliro .prfiduci. Uowe-.yr Ihla may be, U mokti the TuscanU lest, tlrlUi/ig [n the sou then* I of section -3t-35-Swv JooV very loWreallng. lieclilly na that 1ft nuw Ji ir IhVMOO-fool mark. Crllch-. _id ilhtrs, In .WcHon-J-ls-lir, about a quarter o( a mile alrno*t directly south ot the loBln, drliled 16 1,320 feet and ijUlL Krti! Chapman, one location sotitlrot Kabro X<j, 1. In Bcctlon 3-iw- 3w, chut down 3t-50fl fceL Kabro Xo. I, one locallori.V^t ol !Co. 1, fetl. The, (Indfnir of Jhta ihtrtd lji'th« }/»cla l«l.revive Inierut In a*north- tosl wlendoh o/ the IltaUton flrlil, ru thti U tha (lrth«4l nor(h*ast pro- diicllon-'al Ihe prfjuenl tlmt- .Art I. M'nlkcr, of OkUhonm CUy, and • C6I, Walson.'of IJuncJn,'arc tnterulcA in Hie I pitta Ci>.. - - • . : Tho Dayou-lflU OH Co, )ias bqL,.,- a new drilling machine, whfch will be sent .to *tction 24-Sa-lw, where thks .company hai nude *U lotationa; The 'PUlna Ott ft Oaa "Co, U mov- Jn~ tool* to a JocaUoji on the Holt ranish In J'alo.TInto county, Tex. The location is about. 1,000 f««t from the Sinclair we)) on that ranch," 11ic iTlalnK Co. has Abandoned the HSIroy iMt. near Mlnerul \VcIIa, at. <,1SS feet, . J. K/-Husli, »uprrlnl*ndent of the Hale* cAiinBlierid plant In the IteaM- ton fieli). H-flJi brought to Ardmore laa' Thursday,, (11 \vlt)i pneumonia," He- Is now At tho Von Kellnr hospital., - 1 Th« MUrnj- Ivfroleom ' Co. In MC- 'week M S>32 fttt, fprttl for about 3< 1 bbls., irllJi 3T ftel of «and. The- uj i KjnO*, found In Ko^ 1 And 2, wero no: ffjur.J in tfili writ, but (he put Kind 1 founrt. Jn *!1 thwe we)K »-aa much islror/,£r In No, 3, . i Tl'« Wocrtp'ort lest in acctton lT-3s- | lay hu teen having trouble wlrt> the iCA'ing at 2,400 feel. The pipe pulled opart M SIS feel frorrt lh« bottom/The aril! L« »U!1 in ihft red rock, •• The Vr'UlHord test In >?cllon 3>-« lw, \s nuw drllKnK afRhl and day. The hole La down about J.-JflQ teeL ntorca I'arloni and awocJalM, 01 Ardmorc; h*vo Contracted: with Joe HIvick to drjl) on a 11-acie ]»» In the Kanper (Tex.) field. Tho teat was ~ The Imperial Refining;'Co.'» srrura cfSct- hiv? b«n moved from Tul«a I; the SEmtwm bulldtng, Ar elm ore, The KlrK Oil ft Ou'Co., Jn **ctlpn St-lB-Sw. la shut down l«r»iwr»rMy a about l,(0fl fett, with the drill pawtni from blue ihals to A brown, ThB ahal -«"TB Is ca«Kd by *. break on Ihe *!>• ^...4 used lo pump fyel otl from Ui< shallow wells t>n Ibis lew*. -=• H«nrr Marsham, In section 8-J«-2w deepen [UK one of the shallow r*« w«H on Ihla lf*ft«. had passed tferoufh tru pM ««n4 *ad thtt well was spraying i HUle oft when it caught fire.' "A boiloi t.ri» dent for"*n-l ilejun will hi u«ra |o cjUnrxiuh the flr*. the drill for ha* be«n done with a guotfno tr. £tne. The pu Bind ts found In this £nfr. « pu Bind ts f location at 110 feet and at ibout 1,0*0,00"3 cutCc OIL INDUSTRY. , More Steel M»tes 5»eded 7or Bofleft—LtoBBsioc 3Pe»tnre WASHINGTON-. l>. C.. April 25 — fSpecial.)—Steel plJtw for- the oil In duetrr *TQ rrMtly needttd for bnllcrm, Mark K Re^ua, Director of the Oil Ct rlslon 6f the Fuel Admlnlnrattoa, hi. nnn«unc«c1 rt»t thera inasl b« a. larrt allotment of three pUtes for I rift o) [r.d.uftry to »vcM A gertotts «hctrUffe Mr. He^ui wtll uV« up IMs ns«**It] with tha War lnd«*tct« Board in or <tcr to obtain prforlCfV Jurt what c*n be »c«wplls>ied \r\ VKW oE the aemntvos or the RAllron Ccifioratlon and trie Navy eannoi HOT VIA "lalcd. At the Rteatfit time thi Shipping BoAftl, And the N'tvj- con tracli «f^ being given prtferenc* fcu M oil U *n essential fuel to Indnstrv thei« needs moyi &« wntliJcfcd. THwo yiU alro M eoTntdef»W» et tension ot th» lk*n»lrg fo«tur» ol Ih o'.( <t'vfefon. rutta atidl rcrutitfana ari bflns fOTmulAlta bx wMch all Jobberi wlH Khorlty be lIcCTiiH. It 19 null mtnumcturtrK *nd rfl iJrcclorA ot cD welt lUppHcft vl)l l>1v I Ken. SANG LAST EVENING AT THE OPERA HOUSE The WE HAVE IN STOCK 5,000 Records on hand— Come in and Hear Them f. • • • • ,.-•.Delahoyde and Wuller ,VICn«OLAS—VICTOR RECORDS LtVI iLOCK. - •OTH>HO«a, Tfc.l man in kKaU to whom ro« waktd "bat oF luck" w»nu you (o boy Liberty Bonds aid th»t you mewil FOP AN EARLY. DELIVERY YOUR FORD MU^ BE ORDERED AT ONCE E. M. Bowen

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