Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 15, 1969 · Page 230
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 230

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 15, 1969
Page 230
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Page 230 article text (OCR)

FOLLOW ORPHAN ANNIE DAILY IN THE PHOENIX GAZETTE Featuring 1 HARRIET STABLE/ PARKER "The sign means what \\ says, mister—I'm your waitress and that's THAT "I think your cousin shows excellent taste and foresight in marrying a girl whose father owns a liquor store." "What's fielding it together—rust?" "Anyone can plainly see Miss King City should be the winner—she has very nice ear lobes, a cute dimple in her left knee and obviously doesn't bite her fingernails." "...I had to go our—your supper is on page 16 of the cookbook." Breexy Flora Dress 744— Crochet 2 identical pieces in easy, see-thru pat* tern stitch of 3-ply fingering. Sizes 2, 4, 6 incl 4815—Wide collar charm. New Women'* Sizes 34-48. Size 36 (bust 40) takes 2% yds. 45-in. fabric 4815 Printed Pattern - n -\ • (i-H. , . TwiOr»a»look« t- fj- , -. i- rf j-t F ' « 4660—Seven skimmers, vest, jacket, % coat. New Half Sizes 121/2-221/2. Misses' 8-16. 4660 Printed Pattern € 4660 learn It Today, LOOK IT TOMORROW! "INSTANT FASHION"— 1001 ways to change, stretch, double your wardrobe and improve your image. Hundreds of illustrations ....$1.00 Discover our beautiful, brilliant Book of Prize Afghans. 36 pages, 12 '',,-. ; , >se coupon Order These Books Postpaid Add 150 for each pattern for firstclass mail and special handling. Send to: LET'S SEW c/o This Newspaper Box 133, Old Chelsea Station New York, N.Y.I 0011 Instant Fashion Book instant Sewing Book Fashions to Sew Designer Collection #24 Needlecraft Catalog Book of 16 Quilts #1 Museum Quilt Book #2 15 Quilts for Today #3 Book of 12 Prize Afghans Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs Book of 50 Instant Gifts Q$l Q"]$l D50?: D509! Q50?! No. 4660 4815 744 Size Price 65tf D 650 50?! Name Address City State Zip BE SURE TO USE YOUR ZIP HELP FOR HOMEMAKERS JUUUMUtUHUMMmMMUMMHUMMMttUMUUMUMfmUUiHUUt D EAR BIRD LOVERS: After building umpteen little birdhouses, I came across what I call a real nifty idea for a feeder. And it won't cost you a penny. Save your plastic scouring-powder and small liquid- detergent containers. Get . ... your sharpest knife or pointed scissors and cut a square tab on one side of the bottle, but don't cut across the bottom of the opening. Then pull this little "door" out so it will look like a drawbridge. It will give the birds a place to perch so they can get to the seed goodies that you put inside. If the little flap won't stick out just right, cut. a slit just below the opening you made, curl the flap un» der and stick it in the slit. To keep the flap from corning out of the slit, I cut a small notch on each side and it stayed put. While you've got that knife in your hand, punch a hole in the back of the container so you can hang it on a nail in a convenient place. Or string it up in a tree. I also punched a few small holes in the bottom so any moisture can drain out. I spray-painted some of my feeders red to match my little cardinal friends. Another I sprayed gold. Stunning! But it really isn't necessary, as some containers are colored anyway. God bless the sweet little birds who chirp for us when we're having our coffee. It's a wonderful way to wake up. DEAE HELOISE: My three boys get very restless while I'm doing grocery shopping and pester me to buy all sorts of things. So now I give them each a list of things—including some of their favorite foods —to pick up and deposit in the grocery basket. I help the younger one read his list as we all walk through the store together. Now we get the shopping done much faster and we all enjoy this chore. Mrs. J. Schuster * * * Bless you, Mom. You're a little darlin'. Heloise WHO LIKES ONIONS? DEAR HELpISE: J have finally found a tearlesr. way to slice, peel or tut onions. Do it inside a fairly large plastic bag. It's just that simple. You can even insert a small chopping block or piece of cardboard, to slice on and still see what you are doing. Helen Graham DEAR HELOISE: Dressing a little tot can be quite a job with fingers and thumbs catching in long-sleeved PJ's or shirts. A sock slipped over the child's hand before putting on the shirt or long-sleeved garment makes the job a lot easier. Kyle's Mother DEAR HELQISE: Never discard your husband's old T-shirts. They make the best pre-folded diapers a mother ever used. Just cut off the neck and irms. Fold one end to the This feature ia written i'or you , . , the housewife end homemaker. If you have v hint, problem or suggestion you'd Ufce to there... write & HeU>r is* todgy in care of t»]» middle and the other end over the middle. Sew two seams about 2V:> inches apart and there you are. They are soft, strong and stretchy and will last through hundreds of washings. Saves on the budget, too. Mrs. Theresa Garaffa DEAR HELOISE: After working hard in high school to earn my school letter during my senior year, I realized that when I went away to college I probably would not want to wear the letter pn a sweater. So I bought a small rod corduroy pillow trimmed in black (our school colors) and sewed the letter onto it. Now I proudly display the letter I worked so hard to earn and have a beautiful pillow for my bed in the dorm! Patricia Sanders * a- * Aren't you the smart one? You're a livin,' doll! Heloise CLASSROQM.^CLEAN-UP lure too thin. And sometimes that ol' haniburg ' s ^ mushier than at other, times, -i eh, folks? Heloise DEAR HELOISE:-' Art teachers and their students use your nylon net, too. It is good fpr cleaning desk tops. It helps keep sinks clean. Little pieces of net help smooth clay pieces. A piece of net will separate clay from desk, plaster or other clay. T ,. •* LaVerne DEAR HELOISE:/ When eggs are the price of gold nuggets, I grate a raw Irish potato and use it in my meat loaf instead of raw eggs! Not only makes a different meat loaf with body, but saves money, too. . Mrs. Abe Abrams * * * She's right! I did add a half teaspoon of baking powder and found the meat loaf extremely light. And the potato DID give it body. Also learned that when you DO use the eggs, you can add instant potatoes— in the dry form—when you find your hamburger mix- DEAR HELOISE:, • ;, I discovered the, most marvelous way to cut uniform straight bias strips. I had a sheer print material that was difficult to mark, so I "cut a straight bias. I folded the cut side over one half the width I wanted, and pinned it. (It could be pressed.) Then I cut the strip, using tin; first cut edge as a guide. I removed the pins' on the cut strip and repeated the process' until I had the number of lengths wanted. How about that? It sure worked great for me. Ann Griffith DEAR HELOISE: Men who use a gaiety razor don't always succeed in removing all the soap on the blade by just rinsing quickly. I keep a soft sponge handy so I can wipe my razor blade on it when through. It's fast, easy, and I don't have a dirty blade the next time I want to use it. Donald Smith H-M--HH-H-H-1 gBBB BB B B gH !!l« BMM . MM , BBBBBBB g!

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