The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on August 3, 1974 · Page 7
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 7

Dover, Ohio
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Saturday, August 3, 1974
Page 7
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Protestant faiths gain followers in Roman Catholic Brazil ByBRUCEHANDLER The Washington Post RIO DE JANEIRO - Protestantism Is on the rise In Brazil, the world's most populous Roman Catholic country, and more and more Protestants are gaining positions of influence in the government. Brazil's new president, Ex,Oen. Ernesto Geisel, Is a Lutheran whose father was an immigrant pastor from Germany. Gen, Humberlo De Souza Mello, chairman of the Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff, Is a Baptist. Agriculture minister Alysson Paulinelll, whom Time Magazine renently cited in an article on up-and-coming world leaders, is a Methodist. Several important governors, congressmen and mayors also are Protestants. U.S. evangelist Billy Graham is planning to hold a huge religious crusade here in October. Local organizers are confident he will fill Rio's 200,000-capacity Maracana soccer stadium five days in a row. For Protestants, Brazil is a nation of remarkable promise and opportunity, concludes "Brazil 1980: a Protestand Handbook," a recently published comprehensive U.S.- based study of the status of evangelical religions in this South American country. "The outlook for the 1970s includes a larger Protestant church that will enjoy continued and sustained growth in Brazil," the book states. Some 85 to 90 million of Brazil's 102 million people are Roman Catholics — at least on paper. Protestant churches claim to have 3 million active communicants here and a total following of 11 million when all family members are counted. A computer study sponsored by an interchurch Protestant group forecasts that there will be 5.5 million active Protestants in the country by 1980, within an over-all Protestant community of 16.5 million. There are more ordained Protestant ministers and pastors in Brazil than Roman Catholic priests — roughly 17,000 versus 13,000. The number of Protestant clergymen is on the rise, while the size of the Catholic priesthood and Catholic seminary school enrollment is dropping. "People in the United States make a basic assumption that Brazil is a Catholic country, but that is not true," Rev. Edgar F. Hallock, a Baptist minister from Norman, Okla., who has been in Brazil for 30 years, told a foreign correspondent. "Many Brazilians the world considers to be Catholics are not really active Catholics. Millions of Brazilians believe in spirit religions or have no religious faith whatsoever.'' Some 2500 U.S. Protestant missionaries are in Brazil — more than in any other country in the world. The total number of foreign Protestant missionaries here has tripled sine 1960 to around 3,000, and more keep coming — from as far away as England and Japan. The "Protestant Handbook" encourages the use of computers to determine where Protestant churches have the best chances of expanding in Brazil and through which methods. "God wants every man and woman in Brazil to have a valid opportunity to say 'yes' to Jesus Christ," it asserts. "This is an age in which God has provided his church with unique communication tools to proclaim the good news of salvation. "Computer analysis is "one of the ways God is 'putting it all together 1 for a mighty harvest in Brazil," the "Handbook" declares. In comparison, Roman Catholic bishops in Brazil have urged local priests to make better use of newspapers, radio and television, but have never come out with a rush for computers. There is no evidence that government leaders in Brazil who happen to be Protestants are using their positions of influence to promote evangelism. Nor are there any indications that average Brazilian Protestants expect these officials to do so. "I have not come across any 'one-of-our-people-finally-got- in' kind of talk now that Geisel is president," said Rev. Oscar I). Martin Jr., a Baptist minister in Rio, originally iroin Houston. "1 would say Brazil now is where the United States was in 1960 when John Kennedy was elected President. It doesn't seem to make any difference to the people here what the president's religion is." One important difference between the Brazilian and U.S. situations: Kennedy was chosen in a democratic vote, whereas Geisel was picked by a handful of behind-the-scenes armed forces chiefs within this country's military-controlled regime. Leading Roman Catholic- clergymen here have,expressed confidence In Geisel, who took office In March for a five-year term, as a man of honesty and Integrity. They look to him to case the tension that has characterized relations between the government •and the Catholic church, which the regime frequently suspects of harboring left- wing sympathies. Recently the mother of j young Catholic priest who had worked with controversial liberal Archbishop Holder Camara and was brutally beaten and stabbed to death five years ago wrote a letter to Geisel asking his help in bringing the killers to justice. The woman told the president, "You are different. You have a defined religion. You read the Bible. You know God's laws and practice them.'' The case suddenly was reopened. President Geisel's rejigion has even led to a good-natured joke about him — a rare occurrence in view of his stern no-nonsense outward bearing: Question: Why does the president have a good sense of smell? Answer: Because his father was a "pastor alemao." (Those two Portuguese words mean both "German pastor" and the dog "German Shepherd.") The largest Protestant body in Brazil is the Assembly of God with 750,000 members, followed by the Lutherans with 450,000 a local Pentecostal group called the Christian congregation with 360,000, Baptists with 350,000 and Presbyterians with 250,000. There are some 20,000 Jehovah's Witnesses in Brazil and an equal number of Mormons. The fastest-growing Protestant groups In Brazil are the Pentecostal faiths, which tend to be fundamentalist and to emphasize the importance of the Holy Spirit. The Assembly of God Is a Pentecostal Church, for example. A homegrown Pentecostal movement called Brazil for Christ, based In Sao Paulo, the nation's largest city, Is building a church that will seat 25,000 people. Protestants in Brazil claim they are winning converts from popular African-Inspired voodo faiths such as Macumba and Umbanda. Tens of millions of Brazilians — of all colors and social and economic levels — believe In spirit worship to some degree, even though they nominally consider themselves Catholics. Ridge wood High class holds 10-year reunion CONDUCTING SERVICES. Dr. Bruce Cummons, president of Massillon Bible College, is leading a revival at the Twin City Baptist Church on Newport Rd. in Uhrichsville. He also is pastor of Massillon Baptist Temple. Services began Thursday and will close Sunday. Friday and Saturdey's services are at 7 p.m. and Sun- day'sat 3 p.m. By Jeonnine Southcrs Telephone 545-6761 WEST LAFAYETTE - Sixty-seven persons attended the 1964 Rldgewood High class reunion Saturday In Andy's Restaurant. Andrew Foster, a teacher, was a guest. A social hour, buffet dinner and dancing were enjoyed as Mrs. Susan (Rice) Chapdelalne gave invocation and Jolo Porteus, class president, presented a humorous summary of events which took place during the class'school years. Mrs. Susan (Shaw) Gordon provided program booklets containing the class prophesy and addresses of all members. Awards went to Mr. and Mrs. Jack (Cecila Lahna) Chapman and Mr. and Mrs. John Eckleberry as the couples with the most children (four each). Mrs. Patti (Antis) Bluck was reunion chairman. Named to that position for the 15th-year reunion was Mrs. Paul Gardner, with Mr. and Mrs. Gary (CaroleCasterline) Loos and Mrs. Bluck assisting. Orange and black 1964s decorated the room and vases of orange zinnies and cosmos, from the garden of Mrs. Russell Bluck, were given as prizes. A fund was started for future reunions. Anyone unable to attend but wishing a program may obtain one by contacting Mrs. Patti Bluck (545-7450). Ridgewood Football Mothers will hold their first meeting of the season Monday at 8 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. Plans for meet-the- team day will be discussed. Cindy Shivers, vice president, presided when the Moon Mice 4-H club met recently. Plans were made for the mother's tea to be held Monday at 7 p.m. in Isaleta United Methodist Church. It was announced that the Dizzy Daisies 4-H Club made a donation for the purchase of a scrap book for Ruth Scaife, secretary. Christmas and Halloween parties were discussed. Cindy Gress demonstrated "do your thing with foods" and participated in opening ceremonies along with Julie McCoun. Recreation was led by Melissa Gress and Robin Wells. Refreshments were served by Judy Berkshire and Melissa Gress. Five Senior Girl Scouts f,rom Troop 86 have returned from a bicycle camping trip to Dillon Dam State Park. They are Wendy Bonsteel, Sam Hall, Alice Norman, Tina Overholt and Joyce Gladstone. They were accompanied by Mrs. Paul Bonsteel, advisor, as they camped in a primitive area, took a canoe trip and explored. River Greens Women's Golf league played for best poker hand Thursday. Winners were: Billie Kobel, A flight; Rosina Kistler, B flight; and Jan Strub, Annetta Heagle, C flight. Shooting low gross were Theresa McConnell, 46, and Judy Kobel and Helen Schroeder, both 49. Guest day will be observed Thursday with Jay Brown, Mildred Gaither and Betty Duling in charge. Tee time is 8:30a.m. To sing Sunday. The Lordsmen from Anderson College will present a concert Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in the First Church of God at 824 Tuscarawas av. NW, New Philadelphia. Members are: FRONT ROW — Mike Ayers (L) and Mark DeFazio. BACK ROW — Bill Cornell (L), Ken Cookston and John Sandy. Also appearing with the group is Belinda McCall, a ventriloquist. Air crash kills Ft. Wayne pilot CECIL, Ohio (AP) Robert P. Town, 24, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., died Thursday when his twin-engine plane crashed in a field near Cecil in northwestern Ohio. Authorities said the plane crashed more than 14 hours before it was discovered. The Indiana wing of the Civil Air Patrol said the airplane was found after an airliner picked up signals from an impact-activated emergency beacon. p. MICHAEL OLMSTEAD. M. D. ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF HIS OFFICE FOR THE PRACTICE OF FAMILY MEDICINE SEVEN HUNDRED BOULEVARD DOVER. OHIO 44622 OFFICE HOURS BY APPOINTMENT TELEPHONE (210) 364-6730 . •*< 2:30 IDAY P.M. TO 500 P.M. FAMILY FASHION DEPARTMENT STORE JUSI BECAUSE WE'RE BEAUIIHJIPOESN'I MEAN WE'RE EXPENSIVE! monRoe now PHIL** - ooven NEXT TQYMCA On Bridge wilh Sheinwnld Thi TIMES-REPORTER Sat., Aug. 3,1974 DOVER-NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO A-7 Lordstown talks enter 4th week LORDSTOWN, Ohio (AP)— Representatives of the General Motors Corp. and striking United Auto Workers members at the Lordstown assembly plant go into their fourth weekend of negotiations today. A company spokesman said talks broke off early Friday evening and were to resume this morning. Earlier, there were optimistic reports that talks had been stepped up and a settlement might be worked out this weekend. The two sides had been meeting until late at night recently in an effort to end the 22-day-old strike! The 7,800 members of UAW Local 1112 struck July 12 in the dispute over a new local contract. Union leaders say thousands of grievances also remain unsettled and must be disposed of before the workers go back to the assembly lines. The plant turns out Chevrolet Vegas and van trucks. Free eye info For free information on eye health and safety, write: Ohio Society for the Prevention of Blindness, Box 2020, Columbus, 0.43216. The first rule of defense is: Take the setting trick. After you have attended to that little detail you can afford to think about such luxuries as extra penalty tricks. North dealer East-West vulnerable NORTH 4 None <9 Q632 0 108654 * KQ75 WEST EAST 4 AJ 10652 4 K87 V I 104 V A987 0 None 0 A73 4 AJ83 4 1094 SOUTH 4 Q943 <? K5 O KQJ92 4 62 ' North East South West Pass Pass 2 O 24 5 0 Double All Pass Opening lead — 4 A The opening bid of two diamonds was the "weak" two- bid used by many experts in North America. It shows a strong suit but less strength than a normal opening bid; North's jump to five diamonds was, of course, a sacrifice. He hoped to lose a small amount instead of allowing the opponents to make a vulnerable game; or, perhaps, to push the opponents overboard. When East doubled, West opened the ace of spades. Declarer ruffed in dummy and led a trump. East played low, South won with the king and West discarded a spade. South next led a club and West stepped up with the ace for fear that South had only a singleton club. For lack of anything better to do, West then led the jack of hearts. East greedily played low when declarer played a low heart from dummy. He could have taken the ace of hearts as the second defensive trick and then could relax with the ace of trumps in his hand to defeat the contract. South won with the king of hearts and cashed dummy's two high clubs to get rid of his remaining heart. Then he cross-ruffed hearts and spades, giving up only one further trick — to the ace of trumps. "Never mind," said West when the hand was over. "I'm sure you're playing the best you know how." DAILY QUESTION Partner opens with one spade and the next player pas- ses. You hold: S-None; H-Q 6 3 2;D-108654;C-KQ75. What doyou day? (A) — Bidonenotrump. The hand is strong enough for a response, but not strong enough for a bid at the level of two, If your partner is a gentleman, he will either pass or bid a new suit, and you will be much better off. If he reblds the spades, tell him he's no gentleman. 4 DAYS ONLY SALE ENDS TUBS., AUG. 6th The onlyvthing missing 1 i \ \ *3 the seams; Youth, 16, dies in swim accident HAMILTON, Ohio (AP) — A swimming accident claimed the life of 16-year- old Delphine Burks of Middletown Friday at Le Sour- desville Lake. Police said several companions retrieved the youth's body within minutes after he went under, but artifical respiration failed. 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