The Daily News from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1981 · Page 13
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The Daily News from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1981
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

Open Monday 9:30 to 2 Reg. 2.99 to $6. Here comes summer! And here come savings on great girls' and boys' tops and shorts. In new-for-now looks. In easy care poly/cotton and nylon. So Mom can take the summer off too! Girls' novelty T-shirts, 7 to 14 '4.50 Girls' striped athletic short, 7 to 14 4.00 Girls' S'berry Shortcake i;> " tank, 3 to 5 ,.. .5.50 Gijrjs 1 tri-stiiped;pulj>o» sbort,.3 ta6X :'•*. .3*50 Girte^S'berry 'Shortcake® tank, 7 to 14.: .6.00- j.GMs' cuffed denim short, 4 to 6x.. 4.50 Boys' mesh football jersey, 4 to 7 ..; 2.99 Boys' twill camp short, 4 to 7 5.00 Boys' novejty T-shirts, 8 to 18 3.50 Boys' sateen sport short, 8 to 20 4.00 Boys' twill camp short, 8 to 18 ._... 5.50 Sale prices effective thru Monday, MayliisThT Sale 3.60 3,20. 4.40 2.IJO 3.60 2.39 4.00 2.80 3.20 4.40 7.99 ea. Men! You'll be suited for summer with sales and values like these! Sportswear for casual and active wear in nylon or polyester and cotton blends. Looking sharp and feel cool. Men's sizes, Ban-Ion® nylon shirt with contrast color detail. 7.99 Walking shorts with front pockets. Reg. $10. Sale 7.99 Terry pullover shirt with contrasting color.detail. 7.99 Athletic style sport boxer swimsuit with contrasting color trim. Reg. 9.50. Sale 7.99 . Sale 2/ $ 5 and 2/ $ 7 Pocket polo shirts in a wide choice of colors to make your summer more cplorful. Cotton or cotton/poly blend for the comfort you need in warm weather Men's sizes S.M.L.XL Cotton polo shirt. Reg. 4.50. Sale 2/$7 Cotton/polyester polo shirt. Reg. 2.79 ea. Sale 2/$5 M Womens Tee 2,99 Keep your cool this summer in our tee tops. Choose scoop neck or V- nfck style. Summer Ughts in S,M,l.. 3.99 Novelty T-shirt. Crew neck T-shirt of popl, easy-care poly/cotton with colorful imprints. Bright solid colors. Men's S.M.L.XU Qf sow/Si you can charge it JCPennev Memorial Ds.y Savings C. Penna, ^njnijmy, toj. ^ . 'IT ' - •%#.'•• f HI DAILY NfeWS, Hunfingddft, . ' pa> ' ; I»1 Landers Kotir Problems Dear Ann Landers: 1 am planning on getting married soon and am surprised at how. little up - to - date information there is around. I don't have to tell you that almost everybody has two or three sets of parents tKese days. Also, many people are getting married for the second and third lime, and the ex - in laws want to come regardless. There has been so much remarriage on both sides of my family, also my fiance's, I don't have the foggiest notion on how to arrange the receiving line. It's going to look like a zoo. I barely know my stepparents. Both Mom and Dad remarried recently. To make matters,worse, I am adopted. Don't Miss LEIDY'S Many Varieties Of Annuals Ageratum • 3 colon, Alyssum • 3 colors, Amaranthus, Asters, Balsam, Begonias, • wax Browallla, Calllopsls, Celoslo Plum Coxcomb, Coleus, Dahlia Dwarf, Dlanthus, Dusty Miller, Geraniums, red, pink and white, Hollyhock, Im- apflens, Lobelia, Marigold Dwarf, medium and tall, Nicoliana, Pansles, Petunias (36) varieties, Phlox, Portulaca double, Salvla Dwarf, medium and tall. Snapdragons, Thurbergla (brown-eyed Susan), verbenas • red, white and blue, Vlnca, Zinnia, Calendula. PETUNIAS 61 Varieties — Cascade, Doubles, Ruffled, Single, Bl- Colors, Lacy. Bedding and container types. Leidy's Greenhouse Has all Yonr Growing Needs! Rt.866, 1% miles South ofWIIIIamsburg J«nl over the Mounlaln Open Weekdays 9:30 till Dark . Sundays 1 til 5 1 feel strongly that my ' biological parents should get first billing because they are financing the entire wedding. • The groom feels his stepmother should get top billing because she was much more involved in, his upbringing/His real mother is fighting for ; her "rights," and it's getting sticky. Any ground rules that might make things easier? — Trying To Keep Cool In A Blast Furnace Dear Cool: There are no set ruleji about receiving lines and receptions these- days. Everyone is doing his own number. •Just make sure the people who mean the most to you and your groom get the places of honor. Your mother and father.who raised you should be as close to you as possible — even if they are married to others. The same goes for the groom's parents. They can be seated with their current spouses after the ceremony. Usp your heart 'and your head. A wedding with several sets of ex - in - laws doesn't have to resemble a Chinese fire drill. Keep smiling and remember — a sense of humor can save the day. Dear Ann Landers: There is no generation gap between my mother and me. We have a perfect understanding. 1 hale her and she hales me. 1 do whatever she says to avoid fighls, but no matter whal I do, it's wrong. 1 am 13 years of age and, according lo her, 1 am too young to understand ANYTHING. No mailer whal happens around here, 1 gel Ihe blame. 1 Iry lo slay away from Ihe house as much -as possible, keep oul of her way and avoid fighls bul so far I am not having very much luck. Can you think of a solution lo my pfoblert? 1 have to stay under this f'oof, until i graduate ffbtn high school. It means five more yeafs, When 1 look" ahead.jt seems like a million. Please tell me how to siifvive because I am — Always in'Hot Water Dear Hot Water: Thirteen Is a terrible age for a g'irl. You aren't a child anymore, and you aren't a woman, either. Obviously, you cannot understand your mom and she doesn't dig you. I suggest a counselor io referee, the fights, interpret' the hassles arid pour a little oil oh the troubled waters. Obviously, you want" a better' relationship or you wouldn't have written to me. I can promise you, your mom does, too. Ask her to find a counselor who will work with you both. I'll bet she will jump at the chance. P.S. This may bd hard for you to believe, but some behavioral experts would say your situation is "normal." Nbtice Livestock Report SAVEENERGY KERO-SUN Portable Heaters, Saunier Duval Water Heaters, Panasonic Microwave Ovens. WHERE? -* D & B PROTECTION Route 22 East of Mount Union, Pa. 814-542-8802 BELLEVILLE LIVESTOCK - BELLEVILLE - May 20 Cattle 60. (PDA) Compared with last week's market, slaughter cows about steady. Few Standard slaughter steers 50.25 - 55.75. Utility and Commercial slaughter cows 44.00 - 47, couple 47.85, few Cutters 43.00 - 44.75, few Canner and Low Cutters 36.50 42.10. Few Yield Grade No. 1, 1030 - 1450 Ibs. slaughter bulls 52.00 - 57.\Few Large Frame No. 1, 430 - 670 Ibs. feeder steers 54.50-68.50. Calves 89. Few Choice vealers 88.00'- 96.50, few 70.95 Ibs. .50.00 - 60. : Farm Calves: Few Beef cross bulls 92.00 - 95, Hoi. Bulls 85 - 120 Ibs. 75.00 ,107; few Hoi. Heifers 75-110 Ibs. 85.00-140.00. Hogs 230. Barrows and gilts 50 cents-$1 higher. US No. l,-2 2 - 265 Ibs. barrows and gilts 44.50-45.35, No. 1-3 2 - 265 Ibs. 41.85-44.10, few lots No. 2-3250 - 290.Ibs. 38,25 - 40.75. US No. 13 275 - 550 Ibs.'SOWS 35.00 37.75. Few.Boars 28.00 - 31.00. Feeder Pigs 338. US No. 1-3 20 - 35 Ibs. feeder pigs 22.00 - 30 per head, No. 1-3 35 - 50 Ibs. 27.50-36, few 44.00 per head. Sheep 12. Few Choice 40 - 90 Ibs. spring slaughter lambs 63.00-79.50; few Choice 90-110 Ibs. wooled slaughter lambs 70.00 - 74. Few Slaughter ewes 12.00-18.00., Holstein Dairy Cows $710 $1400 per head, one $2,000. , Notice EXECUTOR'S NOTICE ESTATE OF Floyd C. Foilec LATE OF Smilhfield Township, Huntingdon County, Pennlylvonlo DECEASED. Letters of testamentary on said Estate having been granted to the undersigned, all persons Indebted thereto ore requested to make immediate payment and those having claims or demands against the same will present them without delay for settlement to the undersigned, or to his attorney(s) \ , Floyd W. Foster . Box 77 , Bigler, Pa. 16825 James E. Hlmes 222 Penn Street Huntingdon, pa. 16652 S:)6:3lw County Mobile Homes Mill Creek ,Ph.643-2766 or 542-2912 See The New Models Huntingdon • Rt. 22 Will Be Open mtwm. Ml rnHfrn ^Br •nfc• •r*A•§ WEm^il. m' Monday May 25th 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p,m, Huntingdon Riverside Also Open Every Sunday 10 a,m, to 5 p.m. N6TIC8 IS Alto HEteWlYH GIVEN 16 oil rttldfAli bl ft* tul«»y M/sofYfolrV School Dltirtcl whs hdv» aitairied the ag» af *tflh- IMA (18) year*, or belhg ol lh» a&« ol «lght**n (19) y»or«, hdv» bftamft reilderm ol Ihe Tunny Mouhtoin School Dlilrlcl, thai th«y art r*t|ulr*d lo III* naifi* and flddf«t»,wlth Ih* Chl»l Atititor si Stdfard And Huntingdon County, at required by lh« Public School Cod* OS rjmertded JuM it. l«f , ft lilt, Sec. 680. GlOflo Rllch»y Secr*lory Tu«iey Mountain School Olilrlcl NOTICE NOTICE 1$ HEREBY 6IVEN thai ftetolutlbn duly pa«i«d ai laid rfieetlnfl on May 16, 1981 ih« school lax rdlei lot Ihe Ilicol year ending Jun* 3d, 1985, woi 1*1 at 56.66 mlllt an «ach dollor aliened voluollon lor Btdlard County or the sum ol flliy-sl* dollar! and ll«ty.|lx c«nls on «bch Ihou- tand dollor! asi»ii«d valuation, and the rat* al 31J7 mllli on each dollar aliened valuation lor Huntingdon County or the lum ol thirty three dollars and twenty lev*n centi on each thousand dollars aliened valuation. Gloria Rllchey Secretory Tussey Mountain . School District 5:23:3l)k BUDGET NOTICE ~ NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Ihe Budget lor Ih* TUSSEY MOUNTAIN SCHOOL DISTRICT lor Ihe Ilicol year 1981-82 was tentative;* adopted at the meeting ol Ihe School District on May 18. 1981 In the amount ol (4,443,609.50.. and Is Open lor Inspection ol the Olllce ol the Superintendent ol the Tutley Mountain School Dlitrlct prior to final adoption to be consldored on FRIDAY. JUNE 26, 1981 at 9:30 P.M. In the Tussey Mountain High School. Gloria Rllchey , Secretary Tusley Mountain ' School District S:23:3lsk ADMINISTRATRIX'S NOTICE , ESTATE OF Delia M. Hilemon LATE OF Borough al Mount Union DECEASED. Letters of administration on c.t.a. on sold Estate having been granted lo Ih,) undersigned, all persons Indebted thereto ' are requested lo make Immediate payment and those having claims or demands against Ihe some will present them without delay lor settlement lo Ihe undersigned or lo her altorney(s) Ruth Long 320 South Division Street Mount Union, Po. 17066 Administratrix c.t.a. Harvey B. Reeder, Esq. 331 Penn Street Huntingdon. Pa. 16652. NOTICE _ The Tri-Counly Board ol Commissioners of Menial Health/Menial Retardation will meet Friday. May 29, at 10:00 A-.M. in Ihe Mllllin County Courthouse, lewislown. Po. 5:23:11 NOTICE The Mount Union Area School Authority will meel lor general business purposes al 6:30 P.M., Tuesday, May 26. 1981 al Ihe Huntingdon Motor Inn. Huntingdon. Penno. 5:23:11 ~ NOTICE A special meeting ol Huntingdon Borough Council will be held at 10 a.m.. May 30. 19B1 lor the following: 1. Discuss parking lot with parking authority. . 2. Any other business necessary. • ; '" 5:23:11 Bids Wanted Sealed proposals will be received by the Liberty'Township or 2nd Cfois of Bedford Penna.. at 407 13th St., Soxton. Pa. 16476 or Municipal Bldg. until 8:00 P.M. on June *. 1981. for Ihe following: I. 12.500 Sq. Yds. Bituminous Surface Treatment. 2 60 Ton ID-2A (I V, ") Wearing Course. Proposals must be upon the forms furnished by Ihe Municipality. *The bid must be accompanied by a certified check or bid bond in the amount of 10% ol the bid, made payable lo Ihe Municipality. The Municipality reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Liberty Township Jnd'Closs BY Chalmer D. Reed Secretary 5:20:3t«k Notice TODD AUCTION 7 P.M. Every Saturday, beginning May 30th, New S used Items sold on consignment by phoning 448-3398, Trough Creek Valley Vol. Fire Co. Auctioneers: Wright and Schrack 5:20:)0t Giveaways Approx. 125 jars of old canned goods for the jars, pints & quarts. Ph. 542-8556. 5:21.-3t 2, 8 week old puppies, female, ' part Terrier, part Beagle. Ph. '259-3139 or 542-9401. 5:21:31 Golden Hamster needs a home. Ph. 643-4564. 5:21:3t Give to Q good home Chihuahua/Collie mixed, 1 mo. old, both female. Ruth Porter, Newton Hamilton Camp' Grounds. 5:22:31 I year old, black female Poodle to a good home. Ph. 542-8944. 5:22:3t 19 ft., deep hull plywood boat. Ph. 958.3J48. 5:22:3t lost 7 Keys on a key ring lost Federal Hoyilng Project area, Mt. Unjon. Ph. 542.852(0, 5:22;H« area 5»lt« I I yr. old black 643-21 72. 5:22:71 .ton*! «

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