The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1959 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1959
Page 13
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Cl- WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22,1959 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS DUK BOARDING HOUSE.— wiHi Major HoopU OUT OUR WAY PAGE THIRTEEiK •y I. ft. Willianw Titled i. mi irvw v OKtAT , 1N3UN.X NEMH? I CAESAR? SLPPOSED'TOLOSS THE J SCOT- WATCH IFW&ViAMTED iff LAND TO REMAIN HEALTH// M VAED !?]?®w/>wnr.Hofme,M THOSE IftolAMS VJlLL If SAtlGE HOSPITAL DID | \~liLPu. HWE OUR SCALPS.' Trig,* TAKE KIM TO./MA30K? IH THEIR aiNKEKS WH1L.. VOU60YS OOA'DIS- APPfARlrte ACT/ AND . HEADED THIS WAV' gOKH THIRTV VE Ag& TOO SOOU OUT/ DWINQ OW A MOTORCYCLE IS STRICTLY FOR ATHLETES/ AN O BO6 ALWAYS PACXS "Too MANV OTHER. CATS IN Hr= BUS/ YOU'RE NEVER. QUITE SURE WHO •— ^( YOUR. RATE iS / j AND TOM ... HELL H*V£--7b HMD A M1D6ET TO GO WfW HIM W THAT TOY/ , . WE'LL HAVeiQ ' WALK.' "My mother says I can't have a new dress for the dance. I wish she hadn't been deprived of so many things when she was a child!" "Three? Crowd? I don't see any crowdl" Television—Tonight, Tomorrow—WMCT Chan-nel 5, WHBQ Channel 13, and WREC Channel 3 WREC Channel 3 Wed. Nleht, April 22 6:00 Amos 'N Andy 6:30 Col. Flack 7:00 Keep Talking 7:30 Trackdown 8:00 Millionaire 8:30 Got A Secret 9:00 Steel Hour 10:00 Late Movie 11:30 Lnte News 11:45 Sign Off - Thursday, April 23 6:40 Sign On 6:45 Above Clouds' 1 :00 Good Morning 8:00 News 8:15 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Playhouse 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 I Love Lucy 10:30 Top Dollar •11:00 Love of Life 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:30 12:05 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 4:00 5:30 5:40 5:45 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:30 10:00 11:30 11:45 Search Tomorrow Guiding Light News As World Turns Our Miss Brooks Jimmy Dean House Party Big P-yoff Verdict Is Yours Brighter Day Secret storm Edge of Night Early Movie News Weather Doug Edwards Amos 'N Andy 1 Love lAlcy . Show Playhouse 'SO Late Movie Late News Sign Off WMCT-Channel 5 w«a. Night, April 22 6:00 Wagon Train 7:00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Price Is Eight 8:00 Milton Eerie 8:39 Bat Masterson 9:00 This Is Your Life 9:30 Black Saddle 10:00 Esso Reporter 10:15 World of Sports 10:25 Weather 10:30 Jack Paar 12:00 Sinn Off Thursday, April 23 6:20 Meditation 0:30 Classroom 7:00 Today 7:25 Weather 7:30 Today 8:25 In Memphis 9:00 Dough-He-MI 9:30 Treasure Himt 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 1S:00 12:20 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:10 6:15 6:30 7:00 7:30 Price Is Eight Concentration Tic Tae Dough It Could Be You Mid-South Today Midday News Burns A; Alien Queen for a Day Haggis Bnygfs Dr. Malone These Roots Consequences County Fair The Btg Beat Looney zoo Huckleberry Hound News Picture Weatherscope HDC Nnws Slim Rhodes Lawless Years Music Theatre 8:00 Laugh Line 8:30 Ernie Ford 9:00 Bet Your Life 9:30 Masquerade Party 10:00 Esso Reporter 10:15 World of SportB 10:25 Weather 10:30 Jack Paar 12:00 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Wed. Night, April 22 6:00 Happy Hal 6:25 Weather 6:30 Lawrence Welk 7:30 Ozzle &. Harriet 8:00 Donna Reed 8:30 Mickey Splllana 9:00 Fights 9:30 News 9:3i Late Show 11:15 Late, Late Show Thursday, April 23 9:30 Popeye 10:00 Movie 11:55 Take Five 12:00 George Hamilton 1:00 Music Bingo 1:30 Susie 1:55 Take. Five 2:00 Day In Court 2:30 Gale Storm 3:00 Beat the Clock 3:30 Do You Trust 4:00 Bandstand 5:30 Walt Dlsnoy 6:00 Happy Hal • «:25 Weather 7:00 Zorro 7:30 Heal McCoys 8:00 Pat Boone 8:30Rough Riders 9:00 Sea Hunt 9:30 News 9:35 La te show 11:15 Late. Late Show TELEPHONE FOR ALL YOUR MEDICAL NEEDS 1. W« diliief Jree of charm Woods Drug Store Phone 1-459J House Hunjfig? Wanta! Holiday! Wash and Dry your whole week's washing 'la less than one hour. Open 24 hours a day. Richardson's Automatic Coin Operated Laundry 717 E. Cherry Just West of Ruddle Rd. I Washer 20c 1 Dryer lOc ace T "I *••! -•• i Tom Little, Jr. "A bird dog for finding a bargain" TOM LITTLE REALTY: CO. 120 No. 2nd • ~ V^ " •* u ..Ph. PO 2-2323 We Rent Movie Cameras & Projectors We Carry a Complete Stock of Film and Flash Bulbs BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. J-3991 Attention Students You maj Join Guard and rara extra moner while fulfilling your military obligation. Upon graduation from High School, you will bf required to take only 6 months of active duty, then you can go right on Into college. Veterans, you do not have to take the 6 months active duty to Join. National Guard Armory 200 So. 2nd Ph. M788 Oiitribtttd b» NEA Service, lac XXII "Logan Masters," Chiel Kree began, "has done a lot of good for the community. Inherited his job at Buckeye from hia daddy. Jrlarried late in life to Isabel Crown, an old farming family. Has three daughters. Two are married and the youngest, Ginny is still at home. She's a nice kid but a Hitie flighty. Right now she's chasing around with a Eel- low named.Varney who works lor Logan. He's about 10 years older than Ginny and I don't think Logan would approve if he knew." • I gazed at Nathaniel Kree with * ..respect. My visit to him hadn't '• been a mistake, after all. I said, - "Howard Ackerman." , He flicked ashes airily, know Howard well. Nice fellow, neat dresser. By the way, how : Howard?" "Critical," I said. "He was hurt pretty badly." "Howard has his troubles. His wife, mostly. She's older than Howard. When they were married 10 years ago it wasn't so bad, but now it makes a difler- ence—at least it does to Clare Ackerman. She's jealous of Howard, maybe with cause. Can't say I blame Howard too much for doing a little chasing. 1 "What can you tell me about Mrs. Donovan?" _ "Not too much." He admitted it reluctantly. "She's a widow Came here from Detroit—Dearborn to be exact. Has a daughter six or seven years old. Takes good care of the kid and minds her own business." "Do you know a man named Lawrence QuincyJ" Kree'snapped his bony flngsrs "Oh, yeah. He works at Buckeye too, but he won't have a job lorn it he don't stop boozing and settle down. He's got wife trouble, too a Uncy little snip from Dayton . young en.cugb to be his daughter i © 1958 by Robert Martin. By Robert Martin 'he's flying high and wide. Got Quincy so deep in debt he'll never get out. She's chasing, oo." With whom?" I asked, fascinated. "Different ones. The latest is a wholesale grocery peddler out of Columbus. He hits town once a vaek." "I assume that Philip Varney s not married?" "Nope. He lives at the VT. Came lere from Saginaw about three ?ears ago." "A man named Louis Gebhart ives there, too. Do you know him?" "Louie? Sure. Kind ot screwy, >ut harmless. Spent some time tn mental hospital, but seems iretty good now. He comes over here to the station in the e k nings sometimes. Talks a lot about music and economics." "Just a couple of more now,' [ said. "Those dang kids won't be in bed yet. Go ahead." "Mike Brandon." Kree lit his cigarette, his hollow cheeks sucking inward until he had it glowing. Then he said "ftlike's a foreman at Buckeye —shipping department. Been there 20 years, I guess. Got a mean temper when he's riled Almost killed one of my patrolmen over a parking ticket argument Had to jail him, and fine him, too. Owes everybody In town—like Quincy. But his trouble is women and gambling—he don't drink. Lives alone in a little bouse on the edge ot town He's gadget mils." "Gadget nuts?" Kree nodded. "Always buyin a new TV or an outboard motor pow.-r mowers, different kind of guns, movie cameras—I don' know what all." "Is he married?" "H« was, u> auel SUitt-Dav Stritt's oldest girl—but she divorced him. No kids. Mike's a lice fellow, but he's just not dependable." "Nate," I said, "you certainly oiow the people in this town." "I was born and raised here." "You heard about Jake StaggZ" "It's happened before." • • • I parked outside the fence, oak a flashlight from the dash ompartmont, dropped it into a oat pocket and walked up to he gate house. The guard looked jp as 1 stopped in the open door- vay. "Good evening. My name's Bennett Is it okay if I go in- ide?" He consulted a sheet "New alesman, aren't you?" "That's right" "It's okay." He stood up, came o the door and handed me a >rown straw panama. "Is this -ours?" It was the one I'd left at Howard Ackerman's house in the afternoon. "Yes. How did you get it?" "A taxi brought it out. The driver said to give it to you." "Thanks," I said, thinking it had been thoughtful of Clarissa Ackerman. The guard unlocked the gate. _ crossed to where the truck was parked, Bashed the light on the >adlock, saw that the rear doors vere securely fastened, and tben entered the plant by the shipping room ramp. Except for occasional dim lights the place wa» dark. I moved in the silence across the shipping area into the testing and inspection department. The row of round testing drums loomed darkly. I heard a slight sound and saw movement by the testing machine where Howard Ackerman had been struck by the shattered wheel. 1 moved closer, peering intently. A man was standing by the tester. A light came on and 1 saw him hold a Bash on the speed indicator. I stepped forward quickly and turned oo my own flash. The man whirled. I put the beam on his face. It was Lawrence Quincy. (.To Be Continued) We Buy Clean, Late Model USED CARS Phillips Motor Co. 3uO Broadwav PO ".-i ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Remember us for prescriptions Red Barn Florist Flowers for all occasions "Eager To Serve— Eager To Please" Tom and Jane Miller Phone PO 3-6510 PROFESSIONAL RUG CLEANING Norbtrt BlanJccnship Von can now g«i j-our rugs and lurnllure professional!; cleaned. moth -pro otcd ind repaired. Sorjerl Blankcnshlp opfritor and manage/ of Superior Rug Cleaning Co com- pitted training !n a Memphis school and his tecurcd the most modern equipment to perform your cleaning Job In TOUT home. All work Superior Rug Cleaning Co. MS N. Blthway 61 Phone PO J-2350 or 3-7337 YE5", CACW, BUT THAI"5 MAT TOE KAV- WAMTTOCOTOEUROPC WaOHT IS LOOKIII6 FOK-SQMgcWE ^to 15AB501UTEW UHKUOWN! OK/aEASE •^^ ^—^•n^^_. r?A nov / HOME OP JILL WiElUS'S PAKEHTS... 6ET A PART IU A i'AV K.AY -" -v. tETA^ETAUi US, THEM NDU (VIU. HAVE TO 63MTIMDE YOU* STUDIES AT COLLEGE. 15THW ALL RIGHT, PRISCILLA! /'BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT COULD JAM PISTOL! STRAWBERRY WEU_,LET>3 TRV GIVING ITAGOOO THAT DIP IT. SEE, STARTING TO WORK/ WHAT DOES IT SAY? TWO MOKE DAVS SHOULP PUT US n _ CLOSE ENOUGH TO DOONE THAT WFTEK ^^ UATOES CAN DIRECT us TO HIM THKEE DM* M.OHS THE TOOL LOOK! fKESH I WATCH FOOTPRINTS— YOUT.LUUI BEU.E1 YEAH! I'M GONE A FEW ,>" -^_ BUT WHAT t»frS AKT THEY GETIN/YOUGHTA\GETS ME IS IMAGINE A A FBHT ABOUT WHO'S/ BEGIAP iTH'VVOMEW THOSE YAPS! )GON NA TAKE MY J TH Ef WANT / INTEREST II MY GOSH! / PtACEJ COULD BE /AW, t PONT>'*~fs OOOLW ) <U.LEW THEV WANT TO HAVE A I I'M 60NHA 5ST fOR SNEAKIM& OH TO THAT

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