The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 8, 1929 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1929
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

.-SQONERS Wffl Have Another Chance t* Demonstrate Wkctker It U Beat Title Material. KANSAS CITY. Mo, Nov. 9— (UP) —Down on sea green prairies flanked toy ^ red soil and flushed with southern \ aunfihine. one of the biggest throngs j IB Norman Okla.. since that town was ; an Indian grave yard will mobilize • Saturday to see the mid-season foot-; ball show of the Big Six. , There the University of Oklahoma, Strong, but still in its swaddling clothes ps far as the season goes, meets the University of Kansas. The game will decide whether the Oklahomans, glowing with a one-point victory over Bo McMillan's Kansas Ag- 0es, are the war cloud they seem to toe, or whether Kansas will cease SLIDES Henry L Fan I Hornets Are Playing At Kkksvffle Today Ransdcfl's Sqvad Determined to Avenge Pf*nt Defeat of Last Tear, Al- 0«tw«f bed Marsten Gets Lots of Bdp. CITY White the Ducks are battling Wentworth here today for the honor of old Chillicothe, Coach Sam Ransdell and his Hornets will be battling just as hard on the Kirksville high school field. Special Delivery, Al Marsters, who changed the Dartmouth freight train) The H*™* 5 ^ » ^^ to settle 'with Kirksville. The Kirksville boys \ . ; gre use he makes of his interference. In recent games, especially the romp with j Columbia, Al made wonderful use of his companion runners, hiding behind I them ready to shift suddenly or dash | forward as they upset the enemy tack- ilers. the dangerous rival which almost-but- aot-quite wins. the game, dopesters will de- Oklahoma can crush Ne- and Missouri in a final sweep to the title. The Ka«iSM? eleven romped on a I Marsters is a study. Many halfbacks -are "tight" as they await the snap of the ball they are soon to carry. Not so Al. He stands placidly, for all the world as dumb as a donkey, his big hands hanging limply until that ball twhen he has that cowhide in the crook jof his arm! Some writers rank Witt! mer of Princeton as a better back, but practice field in Oklahoma City hoping a victory will overcome the slight year he buckling line. Then, too, by Eddie here last year and ran off with a victory by a margin of one point. It was the first game that the Hornets had lost during the 1928 season and that made it doubly hard to take. The boys in the Osteopath city are reported as having a strong aggregation, outweighing RansdelTs hopes considerably but if determination can do anything to offset weight, tha* something will be done this afternoon. Hawkeyes Given Little Chance to Defeat Minnesota; Some Other Strong Cards Billed CHICAGO, Not. 8—(UP)--Contend• ing that their team is better than it has shown, the Iowa Hawkeyes tomorrow will attempt to put the first black mark on Minnesota' 1929 record in one of the feature games of a day of football which sends leading middlewestern outfits into three intersectional affairs and four fights between themselves. The Hawkeyes, already defeated and tied, have slight hopes of sharing in the big ten conference title, but they are anxious to make up for their bad early showing by trampling Minnesota one of the best teams in this section While these two are playing in Iowa City, other middlewestern leaders will be engaging in the following contests: I Wisconsin at Chicago; Northwestern at Chicago Team Invades Pla-Mor Court] Ohio State; Harvard at Michigan; Army OPEN HOCKEY SEASON to down. UUaois-Army is a hard one to figure. Each team has been defeated and each team has been tied. Albie Booth and Yale downed the Army and Northwestern defeated Illinois. The lilini were tied by Iowa and Harvard fought the Army to a standstill. Harvard figures to win from Michigan even though the latter team has spent two weeks in preparing for the game The contest here between Notre Dame and Drake hould reult in a Notre Dame victory. Drake reportedly has a good team but the superior reserve strength and football ability of the Irish should and Drake should result in a Notre Dame registered against it. Rain Holds Off as Time of Game Nears Docks and Dragons have High Hopes for Dry Field This Afternoon Stage Annual Contest to ban luggers had seen a hole last Saturday on the two-inch line against Nebraska .the Cornhuskers would not have won 12 to 6. Coach Ad Lindsay of Oklahoma will be sending his men against his own alma mater. His men are coached to meet the passing attack of the Kancans. While the game Is conservatively rated an even break. Other Big Six games Saturday become pale faced beside the Oklahoma- Kansas show. Missouri plays Washington at St. !x>uis, Nebraska is idle and Iowa State meets the Kansas Ag- gies at Manhattan. Bag Six standings 1000; Nebraska 1000; atfe: Oklahoma Aggies j867. Missouri .500; Kansas .333; Iowa State aero. Georgia Eleven to Play in New York the South to Be Seen Action to the Metropolitan City in Many Years. hasn't Mr. Miles dumping the talent in his path as of last season. Barreis for Those White Sox. Dome Bush, new manager of the Chicago White Sox, doesn't depend a great deal upon superstition.Maybe he won't have to use it to get those White Sox to hit this year— but back in 1909 when Fielder Jones was managing* the then "hitless wonders," he had to use force, moral suasion superstition and everything else to try to coax a couple of safe knocks out of the boys. Once in Cleveland, Fielder sent Bill Buckner, veteran of the White Sox clubhouse, out to a cooper shop to buy a bunch of barrels. BUI loaded the barrels on a wagon and arranged to have the wagon pass the bus bearing the Sox to the Indians' park. Bill says that when the truck passed the bus, every one of the Sox players removed his cap. Ball players were superstitious in those days, and the barrels were a sure sign of victory. That day the Tn^ns couldn't get the White In K. C. Tonight KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 8— (UP)— The winter ice hockey season will open here tonight when the noted Black Hawks of Chicago tangle with the Pla-Mor club of Kansas City. The Kansas City club is virtually the same lineup that was entered in the American Association race last year. Rain which had been promised for today had failed to show up by 1C o'clock this morning so that the Ducks at Illinois; Mississippi at Purdue; and and Dragons began to have hopes of Drake vs Notre Dame in Chicago. While Iowa figures to lose the Minne- a dry field an*r all for their annuui clash this afternoon. W. H. Young & Bros., he. of St. Louis, Mo. INVESTMENT SECURITIES Announce the Association of O. V. Sefls * R. H. SeHs J as DISTRICT MANAGERS 524 Washington Street, Chillicothe, Missouri. •JSfSK sota, the other two big ten conference.' Cold weather makes the day ideal for games should be close. In meeting Ohio th e players but will make things a bit ANNAPOLIS, Md., Nov. 8— (UP)— Navy athletic officials today announced the booking of a LaCrosse game with the Oxford-Cambridgie team, which will tour the United States next spring, as the feature of the naval academy's schedule ot nine games. NEW YORK, Nov. 8.—(U. P.)—Fordham University authorities today refused comment on published reports that Major Frank Cavanaugh, Fordham football coach, is being considered as the successor to Enoch W. Bagshaw at the University of Washington. Sox out. They went on a batting rampage that surprised the other teams in the league. Hitless wonders though they may have been, the Sox were tough to beat. NEW YORK, Nov. 8—(UP)—Saturday's intersectional football game between New York University and the ;Once j^yy Gray of Washington University of Georgia, at Yankee Stad- j pitched a no-hit game against them turn, will provide Metropolitan fans with jand lost it Those were the days when their first opportunity to judge the caliber of football teams produced south Of the Mason-Dixon line. Georgia is the first southern team seen in New York since the south has j advanced to an equal rating with other tions in football strength and New reports from Three-I cities. Despite the Big Ed Walsh was flinging at his best, All Ed needed was a one-run lead. * * * Crisis in the Minors. Retrenchment is faced as a necessity by many minor leagues, according to York fafis are anxious to see what the Dixie team has to offer. Georgia's invasion of the north holds particular interest because the southerners are the team which ruined the 1920 season for Yale. When Georgia walloped the Eli's 15 to 0 in an early season upset at Athens gridiron followers took the game as an indication that Yale had a poor team. Since that time Yale has overthrown Army and Dartmouth and earned recognition as the best team along the northern Atlantic seaboard. Now east. era fans want to see what sort of a team it is that was good enough to make Yale eleven look weak. Yale, Georgia has with little success— losing to Tu- Ftorida— indicating either sale of players, most of the Three-I teams have taken losses on the sea- State, Northwestern runs up against an outfit which has not lost a conference game but has been tied once. Wisconsin has been unable to get started all year. Rated at the start of the season as a championship possibility, the Badgers have played Poorls On the other hand, Chicago has won from Indiana and Princeton, among others and has lost only to Purdue, another one of those teams likely to beat most any opposition. Purdue is the only team besides Minnesota which has an unmarred record in the big ten. Tomorrow the Boilermakers play Mississippi and they are favored to add another victory to their record. Boasting a backfield of four stars who can do anything necessary for a backfield to do Purdue presents a hard offensive chilly for spectators. Both teams wil go into the fray on about even terms. Both are short one backfield man but are reported in excellent condition otherwise. By its performance this afternoon. Chillicothe will be able to get some idea of what to expect when it meets Rockhurst. If the Ducks can drub the Dragons, they have fine hopes for putting over a victory on the Kansas City school and annexing a conference title If the Dragons win, however, it looks bad for the home team when Rockhurst comes. Rockhurst romped on Wentworth last week. Olive Illinois Egg Men's suits cleaned and pressed, $1.00; delivery service. Unique Cleaners. Phone 889. o30-30t* Coal will not clinker. It is mined and shaker-screened the same as all other high-grade Illinois coal. Its burning qualities are equal to other Illinois coals that are sold at 75c to $1.00 per cwt. over MOUNT OLIVE prices. For range uses particularly we recommendJMOUNT OLIVE Illnois No. 2 Nut, washed and cleaned to the extent that it is absolutely free from any kind of foreign matter. Compare MOUNT OLIVE EGG priced at $7.25 and MOUNT OLIVE NUT priced at $6.75, both delivered, with other Illinois coal and order a trial load of MOUNT OLIVE. It is always good. Scruby Bros. G & I Co. PHONES 350 — 19 Chicken dinner a speciality on Sunday at the "Beacon." 8-2t son. of managers have mounted from $1500 to $1800 of 10 years ago to $3500 and $4000 during 1929. Payrolls have increased accordingly. One plan being considered by the league is the pooling of all receipts. Another would adopt a standard of salaries to bet set by the president of the league. Some sort of action is expected on a retrenchment policy soon. * * * Did You Know That — — Jim Jeffries is raising a fine crop of billboards on a ranch of 107 acres near Burbank, Calif ... He has the same little German wife he married ^ _ 26 years ago ... -He lost quite a bun- ttet Yale has made a remarkable im- j die of spinach in a bank failure but provement since its southern jaunt, or still has quite a few plasters in the that the south's football teams this sock .... He says he doesn't go to year are far superior to those in the fights much now . . . because the fighting ain't what she used to be . New York University is in the midst Walked out on a couple of gladiators the other night He reads a lot every day, and once in a while goes to Nevada to kayo .some big game . He's 54. of its poorest season in recent years and is conceded little chance to defeat Georgia. APPLES FOR SALE Two mites west of Brookfidd on highways No. 35 and No. 5, Jonathan Grimes. Delicious, Stayman, King Da- j Everybody invited. MfeceHaneons Supper and Program School, Friday, November 8 York, Ben Davis and other late keeping winter apples. $1-35 to $2-5C per bushel, sweet cider always on tap KELSEY ORCHARDS "Where better apples grow" 7-lt . • tf MEN'S SUITS j »«•*«*** Helen Pennington, Teacher How Much life Insurance Do You Need at These Rates T<? Cover Your Mortgage? Age 15 to 26, »er SUM, $8.02 Year Age 25 pcrfMN $8-32 Yew Age 35 per $10* $9.38 Year MperflOM $10.41 Year Age 50 per $1000 $15.62 Yew Age 55 per $1*00 $21.62 Year Kansas Citv Life Insurance Co. V tc: Representative Chfllicothe, Mo. 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PHONE 504 MOM'N POP A Big Surmise By Co wan GIVE HE TH*T BUCKET OF HE NEEDS tS A SOUSING PERSON TUE AMBULANCEMEN MIRE WHERE ME FELL WOW \UTOfc TMLSPIN? CAN IT BE

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