The Kerrville Times from Kerrville, Texas on November 10, 1991 · Page 50
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The Kerrville Times from Kerrville, Texas · Page 50

Kerrville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1991
Page 50
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Hill Country Television 17 Texas Star Realtors 906 Junction Hwy. 896-5505 Kerrville, Tx 78028 Bonnie Woodell-Owner 895-2016 792-2203 (Mobile) NEED A BUSINESS LOCATION? Rock commercial bkJg. at FIVE POINTS. Lg. Comer tot (vacant) cute small frame (renter) house. (RENTAL INCOME NOW) F.D.I.C. Priced. $189,500. SIDNEY BAKER (near YO Hilton) approximate 7.000' bldg. High traffic: F.D.I.C. Priced $165,000. Bob Worehwn, Broker [SATURDAY O Kerrville C Ingram G 1991 TV Ustina Inc. i Fredericksburg Ft Worth. TX NOVEMBER 16 I AMC a Ctantet TBS AUnvte TNT at TNN omm NMlnM* UNI O) DISC A*E HBO 88 PrwMmn SHOW OB OH TMC MAX DISN HSE •port* i AM .-30 MovlK ** Cm torn Movie (Fantasy, 1985) Gomw Pyte Cat Overboard Storm Ovtr On Ah totem" 1950) (Accio (Accion, a historia de un on MI Orly Kimble can save Lt. Gerard. Corner of dell 4:M)IWO i Cwtetit EMtoU •rift* Umt (Science Fiction, 1988)A (Kama, 19B7) X brothw-and- PMkCtnMr IMerfte UmtnUaTreo 30 Movie: *** Gunmoki Morgan (Western, 1956) hombre de la calls, sus enemlgos y sus slrvientes. AHGrnlum Gml Md (Drama, ESP, I960) D. Weaver, K. RautU [Drama, 1989) U. Part, B. Caution scientist, a ninja and a robot battle to save the world. sister team ot rock performers facts family problems. FrmttBock * AM :30 (Comedy Drama, 1953) An aging actress vies with a vounaer The Conquistadores E. Shane. J. Dtnk WIM World el (heart Demon Poos tabir A Charmed Life MMM:*** A On •! «N Wtardolui **** O^mttmmm I WHIIVB Ahnys Rtafs ** OncnuHn RUMFnmftt Orm (Horror. AST 8 AM one for the lead e in ' Slate* Bickyiral America QcrtfMlM World VrshM let! Motile UvtagDiR- ommh.Air Show: Window on the Future **** El OHM* (Western, ESP, G. Marx, U. O'Sulltvan TwlM (Mystery, 1946) L. Tamer, J. Garfleld ESP, 1969) C. Ut MMto:*** NewXUf 0* TtMMtck IMi. tectnef- I AM -.30 Movtt: ** Ftaefs In (Musical Comedy, 1942) NiUonil Geographic Ex- (Morir Wrestle Mexico! How DM Wett WitWM AlnM't Crafts CnreMVWOfl! El ShowMXNM WMdertotUte rtOlnM 01 Nltyra Tlmi Machine With Jack Perklw 1990) A. Edwards, L. Gouett Jr. Mento:*** (Drama, 1938) Father Flanaga MMto:*** OJjgiyOewi (Adventure, (Drama, 1981) Youthful idealists find friendship and Mickey Mewe CM TtMWl,LlM •f Dftw 10 :30 A sailor tries to defrost a singer who hates seamen. MOVW* ww nllN ol DM Arrow (Adventure, 1956) An ex- SMobySMo Poconos, Pa. Qotog Out Way Cimnel HVwM Awly The glitter of Las Vegas. l NFL contemporaries talk. (Pt 2) develops a school for |uv«nile delinquents. 1990) T.Selleck. LSan Glacoma camaraderie in DMtjtf ••» Touy i Top 20 FfMGtMmMi Rice football. Swlu: Beit of Votunw W* *' Hippy Day* CoUegi Football (L) Confederate private joins the Sioux nation. QiutAimrttm toCMtl °* Seattle. ;. Video Mowe: * Hot PuftvM (Adventure Comedy, ESP, MJMyDm- (Comedy, 1984) Purti (Drama, 1987) A writer visits distant (Drama, Colorized, 1938) S. Tracv S«My (Fantasy Adventure, Mwybndat Clemson (L) 12 i Story ot Ut*- mdw Graham Movta:* RuMlng Tarjet (Western Drama, 1956) WlMtfiBob Senecker. Cetobrtty Onl- Jokny CiMlM Alaska's Whales and Wildlife MMM:*** FrmM* Mtor (Drama, 1969) A beautiful 1987) J. Ciuack Movie: ** Ut- U.Kiaum. J. Piicopo relatives in tne Louisiana bayou. J.Oaybttrgk (Comedy, y, 1940) 1964) N. He 'athauay 1 CM :30 (Biographical Drama, 1939) D. Ameche, L. Vboiur A. Franz, D. Dowling MXN German spy in World War I succeeds as a double agent. (Fantasy, 1989) F. Savage, R, Ducomnwn (Historical Drama. 1990) A. UueOer- MMM: *** (Drama, 1985) K. Hepburn. J. Stewart +***PNto- IComedy. 1940) ; PM :30 Mwrtr. *** (Mystery*1941) L. Chancy Jr., But (Comedy, 1976) The inaugural trip NASCAR Hietof SunmlNazi oppression of Denmark. (:15) LMMf It AfcHMWyef AMikW* A. Qttim J. Waadt. Y. Kotto Nell MUM: **FM FlIlMMFhM (Thriller, 1990) k Uortarty. K. Hepburn. J. Stewart 3 PM :30 £. Ankers Stan md StriMt-HoHv- CHIPt Home Fires Burning of the first nuclear- . powered bus is sabotaged. Pacesetters 200 from Nazareth, Pt.(T) HMMMtWl 0.1. Dtary B. Whltelaw, P. Freeman ***Amtoi (Historical Drama, 1990) A Carter leads the (Science Fiction, original Broadway cast in a lively tribute to 1986)A scientist, a niniaand a U. Cavanaugh ****PiHr PM (Fantasy, 1953) Arabian National Championships I PM :30 wood and CHIPt Sharks Maya Ty Enter Gorbachev HosTcolin Host: Qumn. family of Jewish immigrants settles in Balti- the music of " Waller. robot battle to (Drama, 1987) A mother takes the law into her own hands Imly/lMfl :3Q CrUznKiM (Classic Drama, 19411 g. fftffH. /. WorM Cham- iBuMyiM NtUctoraUU- vtotoe JmSZ^BIlWilS Masai people. UST HomePolution BTllm Ancient Love Poetry Unto Expert eyes detect flaws in a more during the 1940s. »**" £ rama, "" jaa (Comedy. 1987) J. Vemey. V. Racirao when her child UMrM- ,(Pt3t» (JK) MMto: ** tliKtiirt (Martial Arts, 1987) An American competes in an international martial-arts contest. H«H*» (Drama. 1987) Northeastern Louisiana at Stephen F. i In terart The tiger: the most elusive and feared of the big cits. Tiger, Tiger *** My MM (Drama, 1956) A slow-witted Mississlppian, frustrated with his wife and his failing business, bums his successful competitor's cotton gin. K.UaUtn. C. Bator (Comedy, 1989) Two losers learn of a fixed hyp nice. ^ MvVtwt (Action Drama, ESP, 1990) After uncovering a murder put, a detective is shot and left for dead, awakening from a coma seven years later to seek revenge. S. Seagal. K.LtSrock B. Coutton ..^—.. (Comedy. 1984) k Keaton, J. Piicopo 1990) L. Dia- raoixi Ptullipt, E. Camming* MMte:** MMto:*** 'MMM: *** KkMMltow Yid (Drama, 19901 A- Bronx lord us»s hislll-flotten MMto: *** (Adventure, 1990) An American sharpshooter is hiredbyan Australir- rancher to rid the land ot (Comedy, ESP. 1988) Two spirits enlist an evil ghost to help them scare away a family.' U.Keaton. G. Davit Austin (L) *** Hn. (Comedy Drama, ESP, 1980) A drtectiv* needs to dew his name and seeks an ex-con's help. (Adventure, 1966) Batman and Robin fight their four worst enemies to save mankind. A. Wett. B. Ward MMM:*** WWto FMI (Adventure, 1991) A boy 991) AI and a wild i . help each other survive during the Alaskan Gold Rush. E.Havlu, K. Uaria _lonaon Indoor Challenge, semifinal from London (T) MVW: it^f My Ulo With Caro- HM (Comedy, 1941) A newly married man suspects his wife of having a lover. R. Caiman, A. Lee Mevio:*** BHIyJack (Drama, 1971) A half-breed war veteran fends off redneck townspeople from a school for runaway teenagers located on an Arizona Indian reservation. 7. LaugUia. D. Taylor WaHLOett Rw (Comedy, woman love when she takes in two unlikely roommates during the Tokyo Olympics. C. Grant, S. Soar Linda ventriloquist Km Houston IT* is Your UfrMGM's Dore Senary. gains to wipe competors out and aid a hospital. C WaUun. Lfithbunt AMrttMl SkMHost: David Holt Bike*; snow skis; fast cart The best parformances mm previous Comic ReW when hi , he is Wt to die in thewiWemtK (Musical fcomedy, 1935) A crooner runs for governor. D. Powell lUMCMMC- •wGonzo Survivors. nomoradiia did, sus ragramare t coid DOM behind ffiebon Curtain. 1987) J. Quack a man burns MS tUCGMtful compettors cotton din. 1969)A VMram da»hes

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