The Kerrville Times from Kerrville, Texas on November 10, 1991 · Page 48
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The Kerrville Times from Kerrville, Texas · Page 48

Kerrville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1991
Page 48
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Page 48 article text (OCR)

Hill Country Television 15 Texas Star Realtors ii 906 Junction Hwy. 896-5505 Kerrville, Tx 78028 Bonnie Woodell-Owner 895-2016 792-2203 (Mobile) f^,nS!,?o B ^T ULH ? M SJrI? keal00k<attt ) e foltowing: BuHt early 9pO's same family owned, beautifully maintained, 2.2.2. has been updated. Commercial zoned. $78,000. LOCATED IN TOE MAW STREAM of traffic: stucco, comer lot (extra large) 3/2. high ce«- ings, wood floors. READY FOR LOVE. $7500000 Bob Worsham, Broker FRIDAY O Kerrville : Ingram C 1991 TV LiMina Inc. FredericKsburg Ft Worth. TX 4K 10 -AM 9:30 a Clinlci (Musical Drama, (I)« Attanta 1 Love Lucy FHirtstonts 31 Atlanta Woody Wood* pecker TNN O«BM) NnMfts onTBr 0* rtpavtstoa OBH10 DlMovwy Ofl Air O NtwVOfk Rlelag Damp A Night Out A v E Prtvww O In Sleeps Over Wonderful WtartolOi SHOW OB cat Red Dust (Romance TMC OB CD (JS)Mevto: *** My Maa MAX DISN 8D» Pramlum Memerclse HSE O Sports Program GvMe AM :30 1937) J. Cagney, B. Daw and Jerry's Bugs Bunny and Cotton Crises HaMande Eagle Story Roe's Eye Vtow (Fantasy) C. Gable, J. ffonotff W.Powett, C. Lombard (Drama, 1942) S. Tracy. H. Lamarr BlMMll HaWtBfl MJNMMnNig. Can Bears :30 Teenage Rebel (Drama, 1956) After a divorce, Bewitched Popeye NottdasyMas LaMovMa Carahml Story (Adventure, 1954) Babar. Witch's Potion Wonderful WnKXOi :*** CrecedUe Due- dee (Comedy, 1988) An **** Nights at CaMrla Gamml Bears 8 custody of her teenage daughter. Uttto House on the Prairie To See the Light (Pt 2 of 2) WdeoMonlng Moaey World Supercomputers/ One Nation 5. Cochran Fiction, (Science Australian adventurer visits New York city. 1957) C. Masina, F.Perler P. Cashing, (federate UmtnNaTne Oemae's Clrcw Q AM 9:30 Slue Door Caanoa (Musical Ro- "•House on*" OH rfallfH! Journey In the Dallas Discovery on the Go (Pt 2) •htfi ol ans_ NewOrtei City of Angels Love has as fatal twist. The Parting Shot K. Krti- (offenon, C. Ladd ****rt HapaeMdOM (Classic :** MeaetWork Mavto:*** EMs: That's the Way It Is (Musical DeaaMDvck Pneaats Music Bex mance, 1943) Three women find romance with soldiers. Spring (Drama, 1977) (:4S) Ton ol Fun Oournwt Petouale Kimble's secret is in jeopardy. ReckyV (Drama, ESP, Comedy, 1 C. Colbert, C. Gable 1934) E. Btuvez, C. Sluen Documentary, 1970) Lights BadybyJeato CeieHaekey 11" regulations. Movie: ** lo Perry Mason The Case of the Ill-Fated Faker Quo Vadls? (Drama. 1951) aristocratic (Dr An CookliT USA Country Kitchen Easy DOM It DavM Lattormaa boxer Rocky Balboa takes a young f hical "iwitw . rwpw Acnes tie Lake (Suspense DevHat4 O'Ctock Can Bean UachBox ATPEanpeaa TeaatoFrom Stockholm, Sweden (R) 12™ la£:30 Slag About Drama, (DramaTWS) G. Kennedy. commander falls in love with a beautiful Top Cart Be a Star Kola America Dktcavaryoa the Go Greet Chefs of Chicane Lew Cholesterol Avengers Enemy agents try to program Steed to kill Mother. **** Teetole (Comedy. ESP, China's last emperor becomes a y. Harper. G. McRaney lonely Drama. 1961) S. Tracy, F. Sinatra NMKIdsOa TheBtocfc Haagta'Taiiga 1 PM :30 10 ""- A, Rocco All In the Fam-» Tarn and Jerry's Funhouse during Nero's reign. R. Taylor, Chase Oa Stan Pat Shea. s.ESS wVtBRJM 1982) D. Hoffman, J. Lange after the revolution. J.Lont. MevkK**Re- Romantic (:15) ***Wkw Hal Was to Sesstoa s AK- 1-AATMeWk 2 PM :30 Forever Fimil* (Comedy Drama, 1953) An aging Cartooas Cookie 1 USA Top Card Club Dance ArMAzul Hammnrks Easy Dees It MeBiai MaluTe" and one streetwise. become friends. Mavto:** Family Mae (Drama. 1979) A married man HJKT Quarterback KM £. Cruz 1990) A man falls in love with a wealthy 1979) ESP, UmanBaTree GWMH| Bears AnaadlbeNH 3 PM :30 with a younger one for the lead role in a play. Brady Bunch Happy Days Mevta:* MtsstoaOver Korea (Adventure Cftettaa WiMNIV ClHM' Murd er at an ad agency. gets involved with a younger woman. jjaiiii^TT OTWM. " H Town's Re- (**) Mevto: **leatok LMd(Pl2e4 :** D,,., Suspense, DeaaUDack Tedey-s Tap 21 CCHA Digest »vto: Submariae Command (Adventure, Good Times J.Hodiak, J. OcrtA NeHclnsyMas Nakmel TMags Progression of Flight. Aircraft Beyond 2088 family loyalties coulo mean the end for Kimble. pedtaArecap of the alphabet pr 1980) A South- em belle fights to keep her Dlantatk J. Biuet 5 1951) W. Holden Salute le Die ••"rtyl 6 PM .30 Andy Griffith :30 *** Apertmeat lor D»!na, 1946) I couple converts a professor's attic into an on- campus apartment. W. Holden Tao Close for Comlort BHUaaa's Is- Bugs Bunny and Secret Briefcase SanwrdtSon •easier AKaanruaa EatreBall ****BV Oanrn's Early UgM (Drama, 1983) D.kterriU (M) J. CeM during the Civil •fate** JuagleAenkala P.Bootht. K, De Uomay 8 Mavto: ** Heel's la (Musical Comedy, 1942) When the fleet comes in, a sailor on leave tries to defrost a singer who hates seamen. D. Lamour, W. HoUtn Movie: ** Kenny Regen ns din Gambler Adventure Continues (Western, 1983) While traveling to what will be his last poker game before retirement, a professional gambler runs into trouble. K. Rogers, B. Boxleitner NBABnskntbnll Portland Trail Blazers at Minnesota Timberwolves (L) OnttetnJoe DiftMA Thousand Winding Roads) En Came Propla WHaW.Tatt, Spiders' ability to spin silk and secrete venom. Texas Ceaaec- AlFUedela WlkHrta Chroe- Ide* The birds of Japan. With Jack Perkins Alfred Nobel turns his attention to peace after developing dynamite. kHa/ Mfi Hellcbpters in the Korean War. firepower The nuclear-armed ballistic missile. RfpanaTwo cameramen look for violence on the dangerous streets of New York. Rocky (Drama, ESP. 1976) A small-time boxer suddenly gets his shot at fame and fortune as a contender for the world heavyweight title S. Stallone, T. Shire (:tS) Movie: ** to Crowd (Musical Drama. 1988) A teenager's dream of dancing on a television show comes true. D. Leitch Mavto:** GraMH Bridge (Musical Drama. 1990) Prince. Mavto:** DevHaadMu Davan (Fantasy Comedy, 1980) Pat Jeaes Oklahoma State football. (Comedy, 1989) D. Cameron. B. Diddley (jSftl"** PauHMriiwt final Days ef :30 Shjal (Drama, 1957) Victims of a luxury liner accident fight against great odds to umiiiie image The history and effects of the Russian Revolution. October Celebrities, pop culture and films are spotlighted. Mevto:*** ReckyV (Drama. ESP, 1990) Retired boxer Rocky Balboa takes a young fighter as a prongs. 5. SwA T. SUn Mavto:** toftMtoStna- aar(Suspense, 1991) A woman at a dial-a-pom service gets a call from a maniacal killer. D. Harry, J. Rutto Mevto:** MMI •[ WOnE (Black Comedy. 1990) Two garbagemen encounter criminals after they avLfefltally 1. Chavez Mevto-* Cellar (Horror. 1989) A man discovers something evil under his parents' house. P.Kilpatrick E. Gould, B. Coiby Hackay Week AreaadtsNNFL discover a corpse. E. Bttevet, C.Shttn ** Reck 'a' Red *** •ear (Adventure, 1989) An orphan bear cub is befriended by a wounded Kodiakbear. J. Wallace, T.Karyo HgMNtoM From Tampa, FIML) (Musical Comedy, 1990) A high school rock fan oppc (:X) KMrta: ** Oriel the Dark (Thriller, 1988) T.HunUr. K. Black Maa aad eke leaa (Action, 1989) Three bounty hunters search for a kidnapped heiress. oppression by school administrators. Mavto:** (Action ESP, 1987) **** Leagast Day (Drama; 1962) American, French, British and German soldiers prepare for the World War II invasion of Normandy. J. Wayne, K. JackCnaw Arkansas football. Todays Tap It 1-AAThtsWk

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