Port Angeles Evening News from Port Angeles, Washington on April 21, 1968 · Page 13
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Port Angeles Evening News from Port Angeles, Washington · Page 13

Port Angeles, Washington
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 21, 1968
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

Teen By V«rno B«rg "There were a number of courses dropped last September by School District 21. More, particularly sports and music, will be dropped next September if the levy fails again on April 30. How have your plans been effected by these course and activity curtailments?" HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS QUESTIONED GORDON BOWLBY, Junior — "I am !n music pretty heavily In school now. I play tenor sax In the high school band and stage band and sing with the Pops Choir. I understand next year all performances will be canceled. To me, If you can't perform there Is no reason to take music. I have taken piano for eight years and this Is my fifth year on the sax. I plan on a career teaching music. It Is essential to get the experience of parlorm.'ng competing with other groups as part of your musical education. I hear Sequlm Is building a new high school. They now have all the subjects we are without and their sports are not threatened." DAN FRYER, sophomore — "As far as classroom work is concerned, we're not aware of any further cuts coming this next year. But as to sports, It's going to really hurt. Sports are very Important In character developmont. We've got one of the best coaching staffs In the state here. If we lose sports, we'll have to start again with a new crop. I play first string basketball and football. So naturally I am concerned primarily with sports. It will be the one way I have of obtaining a scholarship. I hope to major In physical education, and we won't even have advanced P.E." MARSHA SHAMP, junior — "I will be very sorry there will be no public performances in the music program. To me, performing and traveling to other cities In competition is part of cultural education. We need much more than the three R's today. And there won't be any games or school-sponsored dances. This means many students who enjoy these types of activities will be driving around town with nothing to do. This most likely will cause Increased juvenile delinquency. Pops Choir, band, stage band, and orchestra, all make school more interesting and add to everyone's enjoyment of the school program." LES SAMPLES, sophomore — "I was plan* on turning out for football, baseball and track next year. My parents are seriously considering moving to Sequlm until I graduate. You have to live in the Sequlm district or you lose a year In sports. Sports are my favorite subjects and my best chance of getting to college. I have played football and basketball since grade school. Now It looks as though I won't get my letter next year. A lot of older people just don't want their taxes Increased. We pay for their Medicare, why can't they pay for our school levy?" DENNY WOMAC, jailor — "I will be directly affected by the levy failure. I planned on taking two courses in music. I hope to be a music teacher. I play three instruments and do some composing. Performing is part of learning music. And if I'm going to teach I must per* form. I can respect the person who truly cannot afford to pay increased taxes. But if the reason for voting against the levy is lack of Information and knowledge, I can't go along with that." CHERYL MCHONE, sophomore— "I would like to be a reporter some day. I hear they are not going to have Journalism here if the levy falls again. My family just moved here from Sequlm.. There they have journalism, plus a school paper and annual. A school should have a paper. The Sequlm school Is going to present "Carousel" this spring. That's a com- binatlon of the music and draim. classes, It Isn't fair.to the students here that they don't even get a chance to take part in something like that." MARK BOWES, jualor — "I am * student trainer In football and basketball for the varsity .and junior varsity teams. Right now I am turning out for track. Next year, If the levy falls again, I will have nothing after five classes. Athletics provides a kind of association for students that no other activity does. I've traveled all over with YMOAandDemolay. Peo- pie from other parts of the state used to say 'Oh. you're from Port Angeles. You must have a good school. You have good, teams there.' What'll they say now?" MALINDA GOSHELL, sophomore — "Our chorus teacher is trying to make us feel better by telling us he'll have more tlnvj to work with us individually next year. But it won't be the sam<2. We won't have any chance to perform before the public, and we know H. But it's really tough on the athletes. They have worked so hard to put our school on the map. Vandalism Is bound to Increase with no sports to take up a lot of spare time. Kids are going to look tor something to do for kicks. They might just be io the mood more than ever if their sports are taken away." featuring HARftirr •TANLiy BARKER Port Angeles Evening Newt, Sunday, April 21, 1968-Page 9 THE BETTER HALF By Bob Barnes "Your musical performance was pretty bad last night, especially considering that you assured everyone you'd spent 20 years playing bongos with the Paris Conservatory Orchestra." "It's strange how his sermons always seem to apply to other people, but never me! " DENNIS THE MENACE "The one objection I have to birth control is that it can't be made retroactive." "Gee whiz, mister—I was only 5 years old when I got my first pair of long pants." "Oh, oh—what do you want from me now?" PICKET MR. WILSON FIRST PKANUTS \ VEAR I'M DETERMINED. I'M NOT EVEM GOING TO GJAIT FOR SUMMER... /THIS VEAR I'M 60IN6 TO A 5TART EARLY, ANP TRY TO V GET A 600P TAN! ) ^"^ m^'"J ' —"""^ ^-— "Get wise, Mac—the 'super-deluxe supreme diced sirloin sandwich au jus 1 is just a hamburger cooked in its own grease." THE FLINTSTONES THERE'S- A PHONE BOOTH . BACK THERE . LITTLE CHIEF "I just hope this clock holds out until my retirement so I can have the pleasure of smashing it to pieces." ACROSS ,. Horned viper 28 Gold in •1. Head rnnk henldry 8. Bib pronoun 29 Garments, i!. Diocese 3C Mountain pass 31 Dearth 33. Season 12. Fling 13. Meadow barley 14. Fine white clay 16 The deep 18. Moccasin 19 Or. vacation 20. Chalk 22. Tool 25. Shade 26. Angry cry ?7. Serve \\/ owe of 'fA 60WWA. THAT GIW POK THIS. a. c. by Johnny hart H Three '.pot-. 9 H.wn p.irc: !0 34. Color blue 35. Rumen ____^_____^_______ 36 SMrton stall SO lUTION OF YESlfftDAY'S PMZZIF 38. Over thorp 4! ^hothoncai' 4?. Space 44 Herb eve 4 C . Rarrier 3 Hjnnn bc-i 46 laef/er - Stylish 47 Muncti ' Vandal I/ larpon }'< Alle'p,/ ?0 Cj| of "'t j ?! [iri.init'.'.i •',' Accrj'd 26 Splinter: 24 Isolated r 3', r.ut.-f ••: Hi THEpE,.. I AM A .... A .. T Hi TMEPE T AM Ar\J . A MARK TRAIL IT WAS JUST A COYOTE, MOTHER... AFTER MX HENS/ 37 p I fl('.''ltf, 36 Ontaddfr'.'. 3 r i Si owe Par time 2/ min. AP N«wi/#o»ur»i 4-20 40 Vewn 43. Stamp of approval HAVE LIVE TOO. POOR LITTLE CREATURE THE SWELLING AND FEVEK IN SCUFF'S LEG IS NOW SO -j PAINFUL IT'S IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO HUNT WORKS HARP FINP WANT ADS fexceprAlaska and HawaflTlaTk trTree'rninuTesTstation-tci-station for a dollar or tew t

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