The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on September 19, 1892 · Page 10
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 10

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1892
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

CHILD-TALK. aVueil along a couat'rj 1 way: The :iir was swat-as sweat ad May: 1 A sr;i:U! J ^r:l r]u«t>Cf} in niia,'. ta, : wh «. n fliiur* swift gluniriui; .siu Anu IM us iiuuriob *>WLVI. Pht- pith was yi-Uou- at oi;r f.-o; With d:mdi.-JioiM~-i'iill,lbiu.a 1 .> K->H: H<- s-.oo-.l amoiiK' 1.10111 ijrljjht :vi;<i t.uM ^aj iiniT'.jiii/. imd -O: inariscift :l-ar, "'>!<.• yu'j::j; voice :iw'::u>*eil full ai.>l i-lr^ ' if all ihvse jiossfcs f uil of l;<:u • IM !/•.• ;v rii'h man, Uuil l w..uM l>! MCI :v sfiin. oVr Use Wu W, u,.::M >/o si::li::K. you u::U Til I.«i;y ;t c:istV- bit,' ;ujj it-jj.-, Aliil i:li l«;;ir.-:h UjtilloW v;>- Vour |-.'\v:i *r:,n;M )„ MODERN -TRAVEL. H. E. DOZKNB. -.......,. ix-stf ai:si-i--V:>urs la reply to a<lvm.'.<;<>m<>»t' Advnntmrna nw>r 1S« r*,!,t <«•«,» :^ t£:e<.::otjo !d at hand. I'leasu call r,u iw on; ^* lao *^ Icl Modeo W-nrii the !.'j,rV: ;-'.da» Duaa, Cou3tit!:::-3c wharf, j Ol* Transit. iltfixm R. SPROTrr.. Cap'tnfn. The next afternoon about a trim little ii^::rtV u-alUed rapidly over the! rur.jrh planks ofCoJist-tution \viwrf. -If.s a ([u-.>r phice, to find a. secondhand typewriter," thoi^'lst Mttn l.'ourne ••I ,1.» T ... . . „ . l • ' uu.b i ^u*'[*i,'so tUe captain '__ i • L. tit-i'.! ii*" it. or eouldu'l use .it lx:eauis 1 >-on i( .- r:il,i,-s for your ncvk IM ^.-; Si. .:»:.-CK i-»\:l.\ l,.<>k so tine -ii:-, I .V. • ••j,'i:t oVl.icli l\J w:t:.i y<"'.r if Tu [*• !:';:«» thin <.«».• --6M li.-ui brow T.; i.vy my i-l|-«'U OH. W|.U.-; y<, n s', Just -Hoiu.-. Sw.:, ; t Houi,- Att.l li>^ • M A.r<- lx-::..-:-'ji :itia. : l::u-;., I s.iy. lhirs any uuy. ' " So V;;/. so y I'.n'.v :vvi K.-, brs',:h':. Th;'y.:jir:y....l-.x-; u cv wi-li H^iif iknv ;i:i-, : t,, i,,. i,,. r ,j j.'^'j. ;vl ,-; yt(l Th-.' I.T-ASS .-;•"> ^n.-i'M. V,)i- s'-:y s., )>'- T.l r.'iliicr tu- y,,i r t,.y ;v-i,t v.f.ii'.' •>,:-,. UVrv wif.i y.i.i. :vv;,: i. k -U ;i:id •IVjji in: r. l.:i-; or Va.:ul..Tt/;i -I oi:!y \v:-,h :»j.-_>; v.- );;;. !.'i': :."i;t. VtO'.k- J'-il.l I :f:i t; -....I 1 jvv, ;;.,. ' pitched s«.> or something like t!>al." She sav/ the; 1,'ilt letters .'"KJna Ihvim." A fiit, bald-headed 1:1:1:1 with ;v little ^i:i^h:iHi apron on 1 oo'.-:.>..l () ...t :t t the door of a box-like house in the niidific: of the. ves»;i. A lire-oil pltlnk extended fW.n the vvharf a<:i-or;s the. bulwarks. The man :M tne npr..'!i eairie forward. .o see Capt. Spr.uv!," saiLl "Ws. ::ii:n. Couio riplit :: % .i<i;."«]. •vi ihui Uu-i-v; [.lank, mini. The :•.:::'* d .'.v.\ iii his cabin, IIMM. " steptK'd hn-tUv I 1 *-- i.:,>n!c. :>-id Uto stout c-^-W. "p'!!:.< !I:M-'. i piihns uiVder her elo-.u-. .1 !:••:• lightly t-r.Uj.j'idoc',:. "This v.-fiy, •miin;'* '.:ii\d h.^ i^- Tito r:apr 7 Sequel That Grow Out cl" a IjiUlo Mi , i:i't- ln>s went down t'n-.v :».!. :i ; i!ic> e-.iok !;:::> ' .L u< -lii.'1'ti !iow spi; t.-.r IsM.Ifcii.' As. ;: • <'a_ r »t;sl:), in vi.-;v ' l . ;>•- tin 1 c«.i>k >. ' !•!•;.••; work ilj tl. i •. >ir, a lad «/.- Ttoe Marked Omit rust !'.<;twecn the M« od» of Transportation Vlfly Yvur* Ajjci uml T(i»HH of the The pnojoiitod olpotric rail'.vuv >K- tv.xvn St. Lot: is and Ch}.--:t-.i,' over •.vhirh pa'ssen^-oi-a ar« t'» )>e «- : >;av<".d in i ••'::-••» t}»:!ij. thrvc hours, i-::'/iU':> a;.'i:r.:«'- ::u-at when .^. \v-th tho ux«tliod.; . >f transportriti.min c.-'.bleueeliriy ye:irs 'tJ.'O. As a «jontraM. the following ::i:,'ari;-cv:. '"tind in tin- St. Louis l'.;st-!)i.^-::t-.0i. -.tivt-nx luintlr.-d.s inure or like rii:ir:i •- (A:: -ed thr>si : i,f I:i I^'Ji' s in transit ll:-.- iwr du vs: o ronspar::.- \-.:\\ \'w.\ i vt-r:t v-five t:ii!.\s ii"r;;. "f ("!:i '.ved i:i:ir.'l)i::^.'.c-:-d..T:. to pr t. l,i*i.::,. \Vil!i t'x- j-ri'Si-:;: ^ t:-:-::,p:>rl:!t!'>i! th,..-.tie in I-TI i r ,tv.\ ii::l T..t.-:i- :t o«tt!t:iijn'ed 1:1- r .:-.; i:;.:ri!.H-r of tl;.ys, th ' •?•-.•]!;,• by \ A > ; iii: THE FIRST. that i.-. And t .V x-s- put nut n 'u.».)it> s ,.,ini- xv ,,,,e. \\ iu:t i-.^oss.^ me All 1 '- i t'u- e.'.ni^i-i \\,..,» OTI Novv ( ,., t S : -';,,«J u:-s -f -i mi-!.t fiai.: frn-i the ,. im ... hr uleii . 'd t . 1:1 \\ i;'i !,.:•.;,. v\ hah j'l J •-. Ju-a.i ' = * • He from Maine, an,!, although but t!,:: V ;,M rf .,,:,J. he had l,. V u fur MX years e<Ml...,i .,f Uu- hark Ildiia tu'ui.u \s','.;!• f m ;:,, ton. diM.'h:.r,',-jii£ ' "We !.- .»ivT- I t;,,' captain, "nothin" ( t<» «:i, ii..•/.• M... '.,, -,1 r .,i , lt - .{,,» ol( , >t __ taut. I -.Wiu . TIJ n ,ju., t > ,,... :i ,,,-jp if'j had t\vf,-,,. x t:inis t,. n.wi,- : .t,. t, v . Must, work the ol«l «« mv ^.ir.c l^u.Llub- bcr <r.- s<»n-1-In i !v. ' Tin- ?-:u-L:'^ Iviiv on an old r.-iul thni::..-:: .-i-u! tJmui/h on h..s la.-,; a not: <• ::i : ..e p.-ner. \se'v:. :it forsaie I cheap.' a:: J, f ,,, I!:i .: u ,d v d-.^n- bite .. t j it I mi.s.s rnv j'iu- . . " t The next i-iorni:. - t:.e «.ri'v lhi:iff the ' enpt .ineouh! -,,-e in ih,- ; . a , icr unsrh ; ; " . . Ar.u now HIV >:.;rv'-> be "i;-i j " — " — ~ Ettv r.,nr->e !-ad be,-n at u- •milliner-. : /..,re in H..t,.:, :V : - ncarlv tw<. y,-n-s Sliv and Kr <.lder Ann:.- had lear::cd the (rude, with the villa;.v inilhrcr dov.-n -n K.-nni-bunlc. lint Anrii". uho h:i,! l,i lu r been the fccUe of the vilia-e. rot nsarried and Etta concluded to try !-,-:• foii, mr j u in r.o-ton. t.i our ;:.l i!it:» nn i...-'. i '. lu-r jr\ :-s''.:i ' -n that t'.. .- • i ; deck v^ov • • » eo 1-^.1 d;ii-Uy litt! • • ..;» : .n - '•. : ,>ft fiirp".. u h:.-;> deM^n. l:-.' s -c, Tiu: first patent foi' sow::vrura«.'hisles •was frrantiHl to \\Visontlial hi i:n;T!un<l in IT-l't. fl.ts vras first :::;u'.c from eoal by Clny- < ton, 17:V). ar.ij fir^t usM forilltimhiation iu 1TO-J. Tin: first titiwnre ever made in this C'ountr'y NVSVS uia.uvifueturetl in Uerliti, f'nnn.. iu !7-iO. TIIK first por.t nflicc opened its d«Ton; i:i i-nw; in Knglaud iu I5yi, and iu Aincrit.-:: in ITh'i. \\".A'rcin:s \voro first made in Nvirem- b"r;r in UT? and \vero called by nutives ••.N'\iri'i:il.»i>r^ r anim;iti'd e^'ys." I L oi'i'Eii-pF.ATK encrr:iv5h<^ ivas first l iloii«Mu 1511. \vo<xl cugravinp' in JT'JO, ) olv!i!:ij: on met:il wilh ac-id in 151*2. i • Jrir.i.'pens \vi're lirst used A. I>. :..->::; steel i>er:s w.»r*> invonted by U'isr of Kntftuud ISU::. and improved by Citlotl 1 ''-'-•• ••'.'•' Ts:n lirst !•!>•-. trie tele'crrap.Jj' line, u as h:i.l in S\vi:/»'rKind by J<VH:IL:> »•' ITS:.': Tur: fir:.?.-soriety f-ir the ^.-vi'i-.j'uvc p'!.-.-' -if e:n:i5latiji,^ tlu> K5b!«'"\Va;-.'»ir^:i:i- i.vd'in 2V'i.*>. u:i;h>r the nn.'ii-: 'of' the. i.vH-, us t}::it .^'vijiio A'rieanu.s \vas ».lu.» 'i".-t Il-.niau ti- K'.K:V<- -laiiv. PtZCPLH WE DON'T KNOW. J Villegas &• Bre. -^Ici pert era And Whniea to Dtt*«ni I»— GROCERIES, Commission Merchants MANUFACTURERS' AGENTS. ...... TBXAA d-w-lj Real Estate, Abstractor Conveyancer and Nctery Public. Vc.'cl to Tin:c& buiidiig S. E. CANDY To a ' 10(1 11-70 OUT Cfi ml y ftc d a .crriplo j /M! ot fi] t'^dy for 4.1 c:iH.( t.iKt i 1 uiorily oi.e j-us! !'* r<4t ' t: RI:ii <jl1 '}' -^ ] k :K !l U "W u or villaii '''.!' 1". I'f Kv'UlJ" 1 Hv.'x ::i.k-i'il; she t i" r.> u> s(,h.. i : Icn-.u- she Ii:.c . '• ' J '..-ent to t}n- :-. i .-> -•- t' i , th,-/ \vr-nt , n f. .- t0 u trln- •• - • :s - < .-.e'l kru-'.r i, 0 ;i- i- .- ^ lUl liu . ' • ' -ii 1 Vh:a tl:i-y SLUM U chine L-:.. t- -lU: 1 . nit: 1 . :;i-o i i. '. l i>- , :v t-r n ; ,,t rnce r.« :' ( .-p,l that i,h.-> ^ . -• : .«...• K.iblv i..-nt : .p.l ;.le...,:int ' '•>• ----- .-:-. :t:i.l i:ii;i !; .:.. !lt .'t.. () u--tt t' • .-'l..\:\ a fhi.! look::•..-• i,t:ui. t.i ;- a : v.-ee'.c. •"waiti::;^: for. t'iie .' • '. ;i '!. col :;•; lirnc a suitable hor • ; . .< ) •iT-i "• d :i '• ':i, _ -:. . r . •; < ' ••> - P rti -i. <-f t.,.- r.-it'. . i > i ; .* r. i :t ; c;,' tl.e d-i, r i • !,is v C/.I:DY cr f:t: ; - in The er.ine -A-as prevented irmn H v i;.-_"" :i live mussel fastened U» its foot. TO'J U.uUTKAU JLVII. n e irih ihi-, :itt-:. v " d :• ,1:11 of :v sex: 1, mill HUM-., and le a\ 1:1 I-., r f.» ,. y Pr .v«5 in thd ' ' . .v.she iia,..,. I .,horthui»,i , lypen-ri:;,,^-. u-iil, t!.e i-:ic:iii,, tl ,,f ! - :ie-,elf to h,- .,.,.. ..... , n .: ;il oK . r j,_ | x e Sund.,y *iie i, : fs.- ^i.,},,. thl ^ -. . f.ser.lejit. i \, - I... • i ol L .i '. -d. F l -•. -.., i_ ifii,;:',t •**•» »t'.- ^^"^^^.Tci.V'-rV.r^S; 1 i 1 ' 1 ' 1 ^T "•>'" ™* Pr.'.-v/.'nVUl *oci „.-,!,.- .-„.!.-.....(,:;,; .: ill . l i"' ' n ' )tr - j .».-•:-.:;- ^oM^red if MN, j; ,. :rflc !>->ur:u-. 1-fInc a '»!ai: %vaii:.- ! tn i-\v:i h -r i••«-.• rit so s'u- -vr. !«• a br; 1 -f ;.,,t tnaeiira.- into ;:-.;. \\i-.-ir V.inkeo. -me t:r::e .' fo'>*. d.-jiiTV.Isu^ on r!i:tn,-,- ri,|«-^ uml •i-\ ' 'i"i-y.-.:i'-i-.-is th.c count'- atfurl- ' ; - ",-U!'-J .tjva:ii:-.-:iii.: ;ii •}.•:!..••;;. • '• ' •'! i'-'.'in o:i-t:n'-!!il!. !'< • ; ' --.- v •I. ; . !u- bad 1',-cu v.-nho.-.t -'i.•-•-•.u-.. • • : >. :i"> i t'. • h;:r!c of i.-.-.-s u iV.,l:i. ,ti- ••'V At dir.v'ri'ut t,i:>rcs in IV-MII. u r. •• iLh' i.t •••-. ess. In oisu r.'.v.m .' h-- ; '^'-i-l i ' t :vkt".-ni'i- ^t!•^>l( l-i .1 ->•. •' •.[• ''" "'b v ii-i lii . J-.-L-!: .^ii :'if ,-.•:••_(.. v . ;-•• i I.:. >i.-. .r.i,nil hhoi-sti::.j:-. dr 1 .1 . •-•t; ''!' a!t.---i:'.L,-his po-iti,,:i. At :>'.-'-<:;u-;': -Id he h.-.irdv-d n. snra'.l i-- -'!"• ilh-nb. u:t s;';."-.'t. Ti.e s- st:i,-.> n-;u h.-tl Alton afl.-r '1 in- hotels ue:- • rr ludt-d. •^'•••Hirers .s-.n-t-h.-.l t!u-:u- • c)i:i:rs f..i- Lh- :ii;;!it I| ( . r. cyance to St. l.o.i,s. •. Ui'.i!'U and thi- inarl,,-•>.. n.. ,.. fastened U» its foot. 1 ENlrLTSl"* Z K f\ ^ V 1 A TV H, W AS,, A srMndi a nl,mlcntl^o f ,^,,ti».r ' " UWd ^ ^^ ^* ^JMl-'U re- ord by devouring thirtv-1v. -. r.-:-.'. i ttv light irom 8 to 10 ]i. nu in tLe -Wilt.. n,. hitting He xy.CiM ,,.,: ; s:i j Kight ClasH o! tho t !••;'• in 1,1^ ti,.\,ii)i ,.^,.^..1. :. . .. i ....i/ c» »-«'- •:.'%>• of the one plyl:'.-^ :is n The ton n ;heu e.'Vv.Mcvi of " - ' r brtelc r-ijiiiin-^ , t) u . ,-[ V i«r. ::nd a r««-.v of ; ..f ^i,>m- fr,» n t«;i!r the rav: CLOAK -ROOM CHUSHCS. V I.u.U v.!u> rv:..-i,t,.,i :t \ -- in his tp.onth. jt. a-n 1 . •,«.•• -1!•••--.- i:. i,!u n .-:,! ;: |l. A Sov'.n DAKOTA jr»rl )< •,: a .'»,-: ,,f l.OO') ki k f>s mi r.lattn-'- fr.:h:rr t.i ;'.-i t!'' 1 n«isuinati»n and cv.n-M-i.'..-' ;i t :..l .l ;;i<! thi- <-::riP. A rertmnt « a^ i!.-..:-p ! r<L ard ratiier than }>e iiiiretl ui- in :. bhe cfmsented. Laredo Ccrr.mcrcial !r stituta. Applj «o: Prof. J. J. K -T-iy DRIFTING CURRENCY. P.\rrr. llou-er not.s are in domar:d. Tut: total colored populate.:i -,f the I'nited Sta:->> is T.«'iO^,:;i"ii). Tin: Church of the Vih/rhr.-,. -.. r per Ue:ir\- and Uemsen -strr-eU. I'.--, ,^-.\\--_-. .e.;- pieei-of the I'lynmuth r-).-'j :n i; of \Vr:»;, i'l tiilh-sl Ii r r:'ihou«-e tmvt r in i-\ : ^;.-;n->. nv July 1-. 1ST]. Hiram L;: 1 :,-:- f - n - tercd the noyk'.shorrou- I»tel!i;-«':» i-;- otlk-c ;L> an apprentice, and JL-li.-is .-.-• type in th" .-a rue of.ii-e ilurln-r t'.u- :.i.\ yi-ars that liav^ pn-sc.-l s:-u-e then. TUT: nritural configuration of r.'zanv mountain-^-c<.s the hu;n:;-> i i,-e. anil Midi physio^r.omie:, eut o::r . f t!'i- rocks on a «rLrantio scale a»-" r.>:n:ni,rdv regarded h;- .sax-ayes as obje-ti, of wor- J sliip. A roxvrrp.nn Chinaman who p.-o:r- i:,.:d t-i allo'w rice for av.'liile t > .1 iv mother \^-l,.» wouKl .-vparo a. i-l-.Ild A ho v.-ou!d otiu-rv.-ise be de.stmvi--.!. had ut many as five hundred neu- t tworlc plies ':i'td ' ;:.!•.'..•._-. *.v\-',i an,::.-: •);•;-:. letter l put li :• '. -Th:.i of cnxir ' :. ."• dF-ordv r and •. ru-^h -if :' : e h-- ;•:-,•<;.t r.ea-on. i >:u- t . : .. .- i^ vai.I t » hr-.v,- m:-.],. .-i }; t .; lp •nent.sof others and Jo h::xi- :• N.'.r dancr ini them a> .-'. .sor: i v.nip. Hut sli-.v ,. "r : i;i.. j.,- " .r trivial indeed ••r.uir^iv.l • « r t- .s» ri,i« rs-,'c r;:n h\- T'.N,- one li:ne AS TH- WORLD GOES 'ROUND. TrrK deeimalists say that the four-disy i-iii Coined. Bravo Gonzales' FIRST CLASS- ,REST AUR ANT. .Ni'it Door to Gco. Woodman & Tro. LAl;i.i i, f » « TEXAS. An :•!-, ...t all hou:8. Oysteis and Fish K.-teivtf] I),iilv. Ct>en and Night. John Gcnvery, Successor to Fitzmaurite, LIVERY AND UNDERTAKER Telephone .No. U5. LA;:ido, Tr^AS 9—8-If. RUFUS L. RANDELL , TL'XA8. Collections a Specialty Improvement i.uiidir,i i) BEER GAliDEN rnor-vvxn lotterv ii.-'.:<'t- are ?old in I'ir.'adL-lphivx eaeh ir.outh. ^AFrr.'i ir.i; her::i^ in tlieir .-rip-; i n T'tah. lire hundred Jlormon f:-.n:ilii-. s the aul'irn:!. 50.M.;-: ..b;;clrelors in Anders -n. I;::',.. - l--;vi r ir.f;''. ;:; ' ' Arxve formo-.l an organixatio:; r:::i..-:I the • • _-'.n-,>r;:n!,-r^. lv>u>.-: 'I'll, "Vf>r.!lh,Th'.«)d of L'nited Mau-i:r..;uial TK.V pairs of twins hare l;c-en bom I.- .in xvhich t!:ey left tiieir -.•.-.;:, s-.i e«i:is;me7;-.j l!ia;'t '"••• '»i:d not ^;-e : the inU the wife of "A brain Astroni. ins. Delawar y; X. \~. [Fred Hohfeld, Pure Wines and iiquor? liave than Bl)i) u •'-'? K :I -"_ t.''J« ( v/orld of ours •.•:-v,-r.:d x'iial tlie iin-st s-'jrioa.; '»„•!• s i.: ti--' e.-s;:rse of oi;r lives-couiu jut f:--:;i just s-:cii li-t'..- happeniiiAs. XT ::. v-:is tiuit rcry d:;y :"h\:t ("apt. •»-.v; H^ his t,e::'.:>.i,t fur sale. •.«v.V. !(; .t:s|l-captain 'v-n:; a rorv ^ni^> lu-.s'.'.:-. i -rv.a:j-.U:i;: 1 ve ar.y -:,-,. : " . r . v s .. x . j -•--,•"-••" i » «.»\ ii »^.'. i • n •••"•*» "'\-»*»v-»kik, y.^.fi.ii[LV* - • » • I » *•*!*!, •r. vv,| j. : ,... : T!ourin<r:in until, th.- .-v-sh 1 h«s third .vsrifi.- and he married h--r iV.u--- •n t:re v.>•-:;) b,-camit rerriiie. a;ui t!;es, | ifeh years : 'a^o.;' ; ia.:i:n,-<? rr^.Jn^t th.- >va-!> ^en« in I Tin-: J'hiiadelpliia Socictv f-- (7-^ ! "'.ll!!^! ! r r ',"! >r . ll '-^ llTc «^J"n "r beii-- j riwention of Cniclty'to' Ani;wi;k has ' '•vd that when a strec-t ear ! Open Day and K"s .>i:;:m- Y:>:;:;-.»•: :,r. i 5n «.-.. s : -.. a:i v-fi-i.-. : !i: J::;I>S*,<N! h-.iw -,: u . j ':-..- \y:.s mad'*. • >e.l, no-.v. :>;t..l !:;e ' eap?a:n. 3?0on l:..f,.n» Jio went U the oiTu-e to gather Jr. lt:e rvpiies from poov.Je \vho !*yoro ::r.xioas to buy a .sext.-i'it. P,n;. "toe i>vv\ta:r. market \v : :s r.njiarently Tather o. i: I!. f.. : - a n the clerl; cViud Hv t - liim V.-IN «.ue solitary k'tv*. '\"s tain ti.-r-." Tie "I'veiope opeti .i:-d it iipo:i t'.io table.' * - '- 1 ''•'• •"•'>'•' i ::::: :-->;rt^- (•> y...[; ; : * •• "! s.r,y.- your nUvcrt:,.-M:ient in the ' !" ?i V'. i: Rl X ' ;r . »n>5.:":mor!t !;r:»k Globe." rent: the captain. "I \vlsh to buv : ;: f '' ::;1 ^ l-t v/ » > «~ t !; c car. for .it." .! secondhand machine of standard : n - ?li) y < i :zc-!!^h. from UiX'P.MH ten ,.•«-.., were only ::vi-rted Ly !li; f r::ind slimv^i by ,.r.<- ^-en;i«- with eopi-.-.;is draughts of \y} . in that city shcnvs s-ig-hs of b!- : .:j;rovi-r- rjnie by heat the driver dw; the' <v : , •„ • r< '^^ :: "/^^i-'n.-onl!;,-> FI.IKS in .-vuntless thousands Vh'+ —d .^..^.VMO. openu: } r ii.e uirulov.- «n,l .'the snW.r.* :;ri Uattlc McKinirtl^ Xev ^ >-- l --" 1:i - -\ nuralvr. ? fn:,-M -.t ;l nd- vand so r!---^ c l the kerose— ' iv.:r!!t-ar :r : :ul,'their escape in tl:..»sa™u '.::•.,I:.-:i>; t -d manner, and at l-st the '.•••r:;r«->iKi:i v,-;is n-iievi-d. strong 1:;:;- •r.i::^-.-and x-;, lent action ira&vJl. and '.he atVair ended vx-ithout loss of Hf,-' whir-hat or.f time seemetl more than ti ?.<:ihie. !*;••.•. M. !;. Keep. Ayhtj. «-. chimneys that they actually p«t out Vhc lights. T!-;. dead flies V-verod the Chimneys an ineh and a half deep. GENTLE ZEPHYRS. A CAT sees as well by nipr.L ashy day. and s:n^ rather won»e.~iJost<Ki ! vjj,.as in L rar.s-.'i f-»«>fi :-:r v 71 KT'ORTKR-^* ' M r Dr, C, C. Gorham, /'sician and Su r geon Larodo, Te^as* Ofr'ce; Lincoln St. »eeoad door from City Drag s Keaidencer Lincoln $t. , e rcond door ftom Stager Sewing maci,iDe offic*. Offi« , Kcsideuce telephone 103, Office hours- 10 B. i*. | 0 3 T . a .. ', a j:sv jr;.oy Ka^u-i-n Arjrns. is one of'i'r.c- > '-Orapku;:•; t> lo picture we j.rir-.ed iTes l'v-.: ji.-io.•::«.•«! local . fe :e.-,legists in v"" 1 l^o!< a- bit like her." Mdilor— ; "V;'"'°'' 1: °«'*;«t.v.'.says that, a rnre j '*Th a fs iw'xy. We can usv it f.»r some cue else, th..-!^."—Tid-Bits. "THAT man is a very old r>.;cour.tar,*. •- v.-ho h:i.s w.Mthcrexl manv Hnrnci-il -storms." --So I should jud^-. ff 0 ] Ofl i. s exactly lik- a battered %ixre h.-ad."-- Uoslon .Satunlay Evening Gazette. tory rr.uv ;:loiiir so Ma'.r.rally '.IMI r.»j street." j ," soliloquized the captain, j ''VX-^ v, A-'rl^v- .-/"r - K •- :; > •' *'I've got one answer, anyhow. lint ! < a;.:.';;,Vv:n i:."*j:j!r\,"-i*ii .li'••',i ^. •• •• <loes a woman want of a, sextant i "• > »--RO. v " "'"•' ll r - "M:::. M::ry, are not tlu-y ?c masses of Lumsiu. A:n't it wonderful hor>- r.r',--> . . fc wr* : d: -iluifs *.:;,«,t what ti lt .v all F:™. Tho s 'say. Mneh obliged." And tlmn !,e said I ^.vsized ^lo it w»s time for - * s time for him to pr9.- ?.. f :s* Goodlett, a teacher in Hill's i ufir.i-b college, disirea to ccme t<x Laredo to Veach fchon-batd if iba can aecure a clftss oi as m*ny »«. filtecn ]iu|)»i»«. Soven young ladies ar,d gcntlcmoa have E i^nifitd their ethers desiring to do eo wiJi iiive ihcir names to Mayor Jtf oLane' wbo will uifgraph Misg Gcodltti lo ctmc on ««» soon 3H the requisite Eunioer ha^e been secured, Thia i» an onj-ortunMy that theyouug p w . pie of Laredo should not Jcoae, M ibc tenj..sol tuition have Leen pUcW low und im sUnc,gr* p h T im qu:le* vah tile accomp!i b h mcPM T 1E > 15 if,

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