The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 8, 1929 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1929
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

It Brought Her Back to Splendid Health "There never was a time in my life I felt better than I do since taking Sargon. 'An inactive liver and biliousness WMfc Mrs. Rawtim. Mrs. Lee Rawlins entertained the members of the Thursday club and three tables of guests yesterday afternoon at her home on North Cherry street.The club prize was presented to Mrs. J. D. Alier and the guest favor to Mrs. Frank Fisher. Mrs. Rawlins was assisted in serving by her daughter, Mrs. Max Watton, Mrs. Alien and Mrs. Julian Grace. With Mrs. Englaaft. The Kil Kare club met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Walter England at her home in the Del Ray apartments. Mrs. William Scruby won the favor for high score. The nfeeting aext week will be with Mrs. Scruby. members and friends present and the president Mrs. Roy Harper led a very For interesting the Washington School seme time Association has been striving to have a hundred per cent attendance of the mothers at the meetings and at yesterday's roll call it seemd that the goal was nearly reached. Topics from the ma^^ging The Child Welfare were ^=^10^ by Mrs. Henry Haynes and Mrs. F. H. Poncelet. The Child Welfare maggain* has been of great benefit to the Association because the topics reviewed from it prove to be interesting and beneficial to the mothers. At the close of the meeting dainty refreshments were served by Mrs. Harly Howard, Mrs. Nolan McCarthy and Miss Rose Goldsworthy. Friends in Chillicothe have received word of the marriage of Mrs. Mamie McNally Bernardin to Mr. Bedford Jones of London. England. The mar- j riage took place in London. Mr. Jones j is a noted Indiana author. Mrs. Ber- ' nardin is a former resident of Chillicothe. Joan Remembers Night Watchman COLUMBIA, Mo. Nov. 8—(U. p.)—A few years ago Billie Cassin entered Stephens college here. She was forced to work her way through school. She was often in debt and trouble financially. Henry "Daddy" Lake night watchman liked her. He helped her many times. He loaned her money. Now Daddy Lack is being re- Now Daddy Lake is being re- stantial check from Billie, now Joan Crawford, motion picture star. food P.-T. A. Met. The Parent-Teacher Association of Butler School met Tuesday. November 5th. After the business session Miss Elizabeth Grot he gave an interesting talk on hot lunches for school children. A social hour was enjoyed and refreshments were served by Mrs. S. Barker and Mrs. Boone. Menus for die Family - : .i In many households turkey is symbolical of Thanksgiving, and if the'. patriotic bird is to grace but one holi- I day feast it's most fititng that he I should appear on the day held sacred to the memory of our forefathers. MRE. BERTHA CUMMINGS worried me for years. I had no appetite, my skin was sallow and my whole system was run down. I became weak and nervous and couldn't sleep good. My tongue was coated and I neck skin under the back and sew holding the drum-sticks to the tail, with a soft cord. Now take the string cross it and draw it back and forth around each end of the lower skewer Cross string again and draw it up and around each end o fthe upepr skewer holding the wings. Tie string securely in a knot and cut off end. Be sure to remove trussing cord and the string used to sew the opening in the body before sending it to the table. Mrs. Clark Morris and daughter Dorothy and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Case KViru. XVI. V lAJMKUC Y»CfcJ v/v/c*u»-u u»*u j. • ^ „. ,_, * * T f ~~~, „„+!„ attended the program and box supper nad a disagreeable taste. I frequently .*»_i ,..«. ^^.. • \,. Celebrated 8th Birthday. Anna Leah Zeigter celebrated her eighth birthday by entertaining five of her little friends with a party at her home at 634 Missouri avenue, Thursday evening. The dining room was beautifully decorated. The pink and white color scheme was used. .The evening was spent in playing games, prizes were given to the lucky ones in various contests. Place cards of china dolls were used for table decorations. Dainty refreshments were served. Wife Mrs. ChambKn. Olive Prindle Chapter of D. A. R. will meet with Mrs. G. A. Chamblin, 1022 Webster street with Mrs. J. M. Darr, assistant hostess, Monday afternoon. There will be an election of officers. The members are asked to be presnt. had severe dizzy spells and headaches. Nothing seemed to really help me until I started taking Sargon. "Now I have a splendid appetite at the Center school last Friday night and my digestion is perfect. My liver Keep in mind the necessity of or- , fe working r!ght again and my strength ' dering the Thanksgiving bird early, i Whether your butcher or poultry man' supplies you, he can give you a better selection if he knows several weeks ahead of time just what you want. If your family gathering is to number six or eight persons, order a hen and energy have returned. My vousness is gone and I sleep soundly and get up feeling just fine. The coating on my tongue and bad taste have disappeared and I never have bilious atacks, dizzy spells or headaches. My skin is a healthy color and I feel bet— — OSW1AA iO C* *. A\^flb& VI* J \>Wix^fc «,*.*%* —- •«-•«« wu turkey weighing eight or ten pounds., ter m every way >._ Mrs . Bertha Cum- This will allow generous servings at| mings R p D No 8 Tope ka, Entertains With Dinner A. R. Coburn, district manager of the Mutual Life Insurance company of New York, entertained ten salesmen of his district at a dinner at the keeper hotel last night. the feast proper with plenty left over for sandwiches or that delightful family informality of "going to the cupboard." If the family is to include ten or more, more turkey of course will be needed. Two ten-pound turkeys will be found more satisfactory than one eighteen or twenty pounds. The meat on the smaller birds is apt to be much more tender and sweet than on the larger ones. How to Chnse Twkey. There are innumerable factors which enter into the preparing of fowl for market. The housekeper has little knowledge and no control over these things, but she can abide by certain .simple rules for the choice of her turkey. The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist Episcopal church held their quarterly tea at the home of Mrs. J. W. Miles, Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Mites had charge of the cevotion. Miss Anna Jean Spurlock gave the "Bible Salute." Mrs. Raymond Russel gave two chapters in the study book from "Jerusalem to Jerusalem." A short playlet "Does It Pay" was given by Mesdames L. V. Harmon, Raymond Russel. Floyd Jinnings, C. W. Palm, C. R. Kinninson, Arch Dial, Wilber Andrews, and Helf. During the play Mrs. Shy played several numbers. Miss Dorothy Meek favored with three readings. A social hour was enjoyed following the program. Washington P.-T. A. Met. The P.-T. A. of Washington school met Tuesday afternoon November 5 at three o'clock. There were thirty The general condition of the flesh should be firm, the cartilage at the rear end of the breast soft and pli- the neck short, the "drum-stick" dark colored and smooth, and the skin covering the entire bird smooth, fair and unbroken. Pin feathers, although annoying to remove, usually indicate a young bird. Short claws mean a tend- * ^ ^ ^ er bird, for they prove that he has not had "to scratch for a living." Your butcher will dress the turkey for you. This means that he will draw it. discarding all the viscera except the heart, liver and gizzard. These "giblets" are usually dropped loosely back inside the body. If the gizzard is not opened, make a gash with a sharp knife through the thickest part down to the sack, taking care not to cut the covering of the sack. Peel the outside away from the Inner sack with the fingers and discard the sack. Let giblets stand in cold salted water for an hour or longer. The tiny hairs left on the skin after picking will have to be removed. This is done by holding the turkey over a flame and turning it from side to side. Clark's Pharmacy, Agents. The pin feathers that escaped plucking must be carefully pulled out. The tiny oil sack at the tail of the bird must be cut away. The turkey must be thoroughly washed, inside and out, first with salted water and then with clear water. A small, not too stiff brush is a help in scrubbing the outside of the bird. Trimming Is Important. After washing drain thoroughly and keep on ice until ready to stuff and truss. The trussing is highly essential, since it adds greatly to the final appearance of Sir Turk before the host on the Thanksgiving table. The turkey -should be stuffed and trussed on Wednesday. Thanksgiving POUR milk or cream in a brimming bowl of these toasted rice bubbles — then listen while they sing a song of crispness! Snap! Crackle! Pop! This great new cereal is telling you how filled with wonder flavor every mouthful is! Children lave it — for breakfast, lunch or supper. At your grocer's. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Ovauckfa, \ popf RICE Check dandruff! You, too, can say goodbye to hair- worries, if you'll learn this simple method of caring for the hair. It is known to hundreds of stage and screen stars; used by thousands of women and girls, who haven't time for laborious methods. Sprinkle a little Danderine on your brush tonight. Then as you brush your hair you'll feel the soothing, toning effects. For over 30 years, specialists have recommended Danderine; to dissolve STRAND TODAY - TOMORROW SHOWS 2:30-7-9 Jules Verne's Adventure Classic of the Underseas— morning is too full of small tasks that! the crust of dandruff; stop falling hair; tone the scalp, encourage the hair to grow long, silky and abundant. The first application gives your hair new life and lustre; makes it softer, easier to manage; holds it like you arrange it. Evidence beyond doubt proves the benefits of its regular use. Danderine The One Minute Hair Beautifier At All Drug Store* - Thirty Fly* Canto eat up precious time. To truss the turkey, begin by drawing the thighs close to the body. Run a long skewer through one thigh, the body and out through the other thigh. Cross drumsticks and fasten securely with a stout cord. Fasten to tail. Next to body with tips pushed over first joint, making triangles on the sides of the bird. Hold them with a second skewer forced through wings and bodyj Draw the 100 Percent Technicolor With Dialog and Sound —with— LIONEL BARRYMORE Lloyd Hughes - June Daly Added Units:— UNIVERSAL COMEDY FOX MOVIETONE NEWS ^••^^»»*«»^*^^MMPM»^ SUNDAY — 2 DAYS (Also at Newman, K.C.) .... World-Famous Detective Thrills as Never Before — "THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES" —with— CLIVE BROOK Added Musical Unit: RUDY VALEE and bis Connecticut Yankees Tatmans Drug Stoi Specials for Saturday and Monday BEWARE! $1.50 Alarm Clock Guaranteed 98c f^r/ i iriB te^pi"fp» MISSISSIPP GAMBLER MEN! WATCH YOUR WALLETS! WOMEN! WATCH YOU* HEARTS! $5.00 Glide Well Electric Iron Guaranteed One Year J2JHL 60c Sal Hepatica 49c Russian Mineral Oil 85c Johnson Wax 75c Rubbing Alcohol, 1 pint 49c 50c Milk Magnesia 39c $1.00 DeWitt Kidney Pills 79c $1.00 Upjohn Citrocarbonate 79c $1.00 Thedford's Black Draught 79c $1.00 Nujol—large size 79c $1.00 Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic 79c 50c Palmolive Shampoo 39c | 50c Day Dream Face Powder 39c $1.00 Vrai Face Powder and 50c Loose Powder Compact, both__ $1.00 50c Dr. West Tooth Brush and 25c Tooth Paste, both for 50c 35c Djer Kiss Talcum, 2 for 35c 25c Mavis Talcum Powder 19c 25c Johnson Talcum Powder 19c 50c Ipana Tooth Paste 39c lOc PalmolivG Soap, 2 for 15c $1.00 Ingram's Milkweed Cream 79c $1.20 Caldwell Svrup Pepsin Going to market the modeilt WO? _^"-^__ _^____^_^^^^^»^^»^»^i^> •MBH^M^^Q9EE9HHHMHB9l^^9BHHMBlH|BHn^HE^^ I^HJ^BiH choose antf sswe without delay New pack fail merchandise is arriving daily at Pigg'.y Wiggly. Buy canned goods by the case. New Pack — Standard Sweet O TOMATOES New ^ PU A O Wisconsin Sweet— Nice size — tender^ In butt: SUPER SUDS On Sate— MACARONI and SPAGHETTI MARSHMALLOWS Fine Quality Per BANANAS Firm Fruit Ubby's—Sliced or Halves Mediant PEACHES SMALL AND LEAN PORK CHOPS Bacon Botts, sugar caved, ft. Me ffesh Qystcfs Fresh Side Pork ft. Me Special Price on Lard. I Weiners (large afar Sirton or Tea Bone -*- W!»o!e*ome. WaMtfel loo* fo» D«y» At yoor A*P S«o»« cmp Sugar Fin* Granulated. 10 Lb» Mr 48 Lb. I< Baking Powder 70c Sloan's Liniment $1.25 Joan of Arc Cigars Can of 25 Prunes &%. > Flour K.C. •^•••mm Cocoa _ Salmon _ Dates Walnuts Jelio '_ Cookies u» 2£25c Bulk HftDowi «„ 4«-29c NEC. MILK Pet - Bordens 9 Carnation & White House 3 Tall Cans 23c 8 O'clock ffl $1.25 Mentholated White Pine with Creasote Cough Syrup 79c $1 00 Houbigants Face Powder COFFEE HEAD LETTIKE CELERY Large Crisp 2 stalks 25c Quality Meats Choice Beef Roast Ib. 18c Hams—sugar cured ~ H»M Ib. 20c Bacon, sugar cured— .... IK 24c Fresh Pork Roast Ib. 18c Lard, 100 percent Pure Leaf.. Ib. 14c THE TEA ca

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