The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on December 28, 1970 · Page 27
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 27

Dover, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1970
Page 27
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C-8 ffc* ,, Dec. 28, lift Tonight V TV Programs WITCfNIC) 3 WIWC(MIC) 4 WtWS(MC) 5 CltVtLAND COlUMIUS CltVElAND 7 WHEELING WJW(CIS) 8 W5TV((IS-AIC) 9 CLEVELAND STEUIENVILLE «fl_ ^_ SiDN«ws UO News Star Trek Dragnet BKCit News Uonfel Boons Merv Griffin Star ir§« Demost Report News David Frost News News News Cronkite 7 M Mews i Dick Van Dyke RedSkelton Young Lawyers News RedSkeJton Consequences Medicine News Cronkite luck Owens Gunsmoke Laugh-In Tangerine lowl Toledo Silent Force Rose lowl Hue/Grey Classic OO Movie Vs. Williams News Special News Special Here's Lucy Mayberry RFD Doris Day Carol lurnett 11 •00 News :30 Tonight Show News Tonight Show News Dick Cavett News Tonight Show News Movie News Merv Griffin Tuesday's TV Programs WKYC(NIC) CLEVELAND WLWC(NIC) WEWS(ABC) WTRF(NIC-AIC) -4 COLUMBUS CLEVELAND WHEELING WJW(CIS) 8 CLEVELAND WSTV(CIS-AIC) STEUIENVILLE F:00 Today :30 " " News/Today Today News News 8 1:00 ^30 Clubhouse Uncle Al Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo ^00 Mike Douglas r-30 " " Paul Dixon Romper Room Girl Watch Phil Donahue Cartoons Lucy 10 oo " "• L30 Concentration •PhilDonahu* i] 12 : 00 Sole of Century, •30 Holly wood Sq. Hollywood Sq. Gourmet _WorldAport_ Family Affair That Girl Dinah Shore Concentration Edge of Night Phil Donahue Romper Room Jack Lalanne lucy Show Hillbillies Sale of Century Hollywood Sq. Love of life Family Affair love of Life , 00Jeopardy 30 Who or Where :00 Dinah Shore :30 Words & Music 50-50 Club lewitched News News Where Heart Is News Who or Where Searcji Tonmrow Search Tomorrow Words & Music All My Children Make A Deal Jeopardy Words I Music Jury Trials World Turns Tel-All World Turns *>0i Li 00 Our Lives 0 Doctors Our Lives Doctors Newlyweds Dating Game Our Lives Doctors Love Is Thing Guiding Light :00 Another World i30 Bright Promise Love Is Thing Guiding Light Another World •right Promise General Hospital One Life Another World •right Promise Adventure Road Secret Storm Edge Of Night 1:00 Somerset MO Movie 5 :00 :30 Somerset Star Trek Star Trek Dragnet Dark Shadows Man From U.N.C.l.L News Somerset Gilligan Island Daniel loone Comer Pyle Merv Griffin Merv GriHm Corner Pyle Flintstones Star Trek ' :00 News 1:30 News Demoss Report News David Frost News News News Crmkite News Cronkita f:00 News :36 DonKnotts Dick Van Dyke DonKnotts 8 Mod Squad News Don Knotts Consequences Hillbillies :00 •.•"• :30 Julio Judy Lynn Mod Squad Julia Movie Julia Green Acres HeoHow HeeHow Movie Movie :30 Movie To Rome 10 To Rome 1 :00 :30 Marcus Wofjy,M.D. Year-End Review Year-End Review n :00 News :30 Tonight Show News Tonight Show News News Tonight Show News Movia News Merv Griffin Television Movie Viewing Tonight 4:30-(3). UTTER VICTORY (If51). Richard lurton, Curt Jurgens. An inexpiritnced offictr must go to Itngazi to capture decumtnts hild by Hit Germans. 9:00-(3). LILIES OF THE FIELD (W3). Sidnty Peitiir, lilia Skala, Isa Crino. In Arizona a handy man stops to fix a look in a roof for a group of nuns and ends up building anawchapal. 11:00-(61). IT STARTED WITH EVE (1941). Robort Cummings, Charles laughton, Deanna Durbin. A dying multimillionaire requests to meet the socialite his son has chosen to be his bride. 11:40-(«). THE SLEEPING CITY (1950). Richard Cento, Coleen Gray, Richard Taber. A mystery in which a young doctor is found murdered at •ellevue Hospital. Also, A YANK . IN THE RAF (If 41). Tyrone Power, letty Grable. An Amarican flyer I joins the RAF to get closer to the f action. TUESDAY 1:00-(tl). THIEF OF DAMASCUS (If 52). Paul Htmttd, Jehu Suttm, Jeff Donnell. Aloodw, Smbad and Ali lab* join together to keep Schoherozade from coming under a wicked ruler. 2:00-(17). AND NOW TOMORROW (1f44). Ahm lodd, locette Young. A girl falls in love with her doctor who is trying to restore her hoar- ing. 00-(3). SURPRISE PACKAGE (IfM). Yul Irynner, Mitzi Gaynor. A gambler is deported to his homo in Greece and tolls his bays to send his money, (reload they sand his girlfriend. Visit the Colonel for this New Year's Day ROSE BOWL SPECIAL Bring home Kentucky Fried Chicken and watch the game on NBC-TV ... " DINNER BOX Tok« the diy eH. Re!g« e> you wakb Iht ROM low! Cone on your NIC station and enjo» Kinluity Ftiud Chick.n. Olf.r cipiits January J, If? |. No Substitutions... limit 7 Ion* Colonel Sanders' recipe COMBO UNIT NewPhila. l:30-(5) (23). GIDGET GROWS OP (1N9). Karon Valentino, Edward Mulhore, Paul Peterson. A coma* dy of • girl doing things wrong but they turn out right. •:00-(3) (4) (7). MATCHLESS (19«t). Patrick O'Neal, Ira Furstenberg, Donald Ploosenco. A foreign correspondent's adventures taka him up against tho Red Chinese and • criminal mastermind. 0:00-(17). ONCE IN A HUE MOON (l»3o). Jimmy Save, Nikita loli.H, Ceceilia loftus. A drama ' of a clown and an entertaining Russian princess following tho revolution. 1:00-(41). THEY RODE WEST (1954). Donna Reed, Robert Francis. A cavalry doctor disobeys orders and goes to help the Kiowa Indians who have been stricken with • malaria epidemic. 1:40 - (I). THE MIRACIIOFTHE If US (1941). Fred MocMurroy. The fe. neral of an actress affects the lives of the people in her homo town. Also, THE SECRET OF CON. VICT.AKE(19Sl).GIoMF«riAii 1171 drama in whkb'convkts escape from prison and take refuge in a settlement af all women. • TALKS BACK. William F. Buckley Jr., who has been the object of barbed remarks on "Rowan and'Martin's Laugh-In," gets a chance to fire back at Dan Rowan and Dick Martin when he giiest stars on their show tonight at 8 on NBC-TV. It Happened ... Last Night By Earl Wilson NEW YORK - Here we come with more Broadway Bests and Bests in Show Business for 1970 — and we must point out that certain words told the story- of ;he year: "porno," "simulated," "meaningful,"; "doing your thing," "right on," "hard tots," "Women's Lib," "Gay Liberationists/' "life style/; rapping," "cassettes" and "put it all together." If you could use all those knowingly, you could be a brilliant dinner companion. If you couldn't, you wouldn't be invited back. x Our own wild choices: Best Broadway Show: "Sleuth," the Anthony Quayle-Keith Baxter [lit produced by ? Morton Gottlieb, Helen Bonfils and Michael White ... Best Musical: Lauren BacalTs "Applause" or Danny Kaye's "2 X 2" (not an easy one to call) ... This/year's Liberty Belle: Betty Freidan of Women's Lib ... New personality: Hy Lipstein, the bagel man, who gave rides to Liberace in his bagel truck. Great Lover: Marcello Mastroianni, from Faye Dunaway to Catherine Deneuve Best Looking: Burt Reynolds ... Everybody's favorite actresses: Maureen Stapleton and Elaine Stritch ... Best belter: Ethel Merman ... Quickest TV Firing: Scoey Mitchill ... Best Speech: Joe Kipness: 100-proof vodka address of thanks at the AGVA Youth Fund testimonial which he scarcely remembers but understands good. was pretty New Actresses: Sally Kellerman (up for Best Supporting as Major Hotlips in "Mash" - she just got married to writer Rick Edelstein) Big Broadway comebacks: Richard Rodgers & Katharine Hepburn ... Limpest wrist: Joe Namath's. Best Democratic Mayor Since Bob Wagner: John V. Lindsay. Oscar Favorites: Best Actor: Geo. S. Scott for "Fatten;" Best Actress: Faye Dunaway for "Puzzle of a Downfall Child/' Melina Mercouri for "Pronii&e at pawn," Carrie Snodgress for "Diary of a Mad Housewife," AH MacGraw/for^Love Story/' Barbra Streisand for "Owl & The Pussycat." Song Surprise: Perry Como coming up with a hit: it is'"It's Television Previews TONIGHT 4:00—(5). DAVID FROST. Guests include Jerry Lewis, Costa- Gavras and Yves Montand. 7:30-(S) (23). YOUNG UWYIRS. A case in which a young doctor is being sued by a boy's father because the intern treated him without the father's permission. , B:00-(B). HUE/GRAY CLASSIC. The 33rd annual competition between top college seniors at Montgomery, Ala. l:00-(4) TANGERINE I OWL Toledo University-William and Mary game from Orlando, Flo. f:00-(S) (7) (23). NEWS SPECIAL A look at America after a decade of change. The documentary tells of the hopes and frustrations of American life. It begins with a survey made in Columbus, O. 11:30—(3) (4) (7). TONIGHT. Guests are Johnny Brown, Eli Wallach and Ann Jackson. 11:30—(5) (23). DICK CAVETT. Appearing are Shelley Winters, Ramsey Clark and Dr. Irwin Stillmqn. 11:30—(t). MERV GRIFFIN. GuestiihcludeVernon Scott, Hank Grant, Joan Crosby, Rubin Carson and Hollywood columnist Jim Bacon. TUESDAY DAYTIME. •; 7:00—(3) (4) (7). TODAY. Interviews with Democratic member of Georgia House of Representatives, Julian Bond, and the conclusion of a two-part interview with Fordham University Prof. Ivan Illich and an interview with Huntington Hartford. 1:00—(3). DINAH SHORE. Godfrey Cambridge cooks spaghetti carbonara; Francine Coffey shows belts; antiquing is demonstrated by Linda Ellis. Impossible" ... Top Songs: Let It Be," "Bridge Over Troubled .Waters," "Band of Gold," "Reach Out & Touch Somebody's Hand?' .'. 3 Top Groups: Jackson 5 j Credence Clearwater; Sly & the Family Stone; The Carpenters; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young;, Grand Funk Railroad; Santana. Top Male Vocalists: B.J. Thomas, James Taylor, and Elton John, plus the old guys, Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck. We're not going to pick out the best strike but it was the umpires who called the first strike strike. It was also the year, that some magazines decided to reveal more than ever before and one fellow claimed he was so revolted at the idea of such pictures, "I just can't wait not to look at them ..." .-• . * THE MIDNIGHT EARL... ABC-TV censors wouldn't permit a film clip on the Dick Cavett program showing Jack Nicholson and Karen Black' lovemaking in "FiVe Easy Pieces" . Leslie Uggam' co-manager, Al Wilde, died in his sleep in L.A.; he was discovered after Leslie became alarmed at 'being Channels unable to reach him Dagmar's hotel room was burglarized (while she was .auditioning for a Broadway show) ... VProf:" : irwin Corey warned at Downstairs at the Upstairs that there are many evils ,in the c o u nl r y, "some evils John Wayne hasn't even told us about yet." . Brian Kelly, whose motorcycle accident cost him the lead in "Love Machine,'' wfll be hospitalized till Eebpary ... Joe Namath's Jet teammate Jim Hudson plans to open a Bachelors II in Houston in association with Joe .".. The available N.Y. Yankees announcing job is reportedly going to Wlu- tey Ford or Eiston ; Howard ... L.A. Rams footballer Deacon Jones wants to tour with a singing act during the off-season (wearing a double-breasted mink'jacket). (C) 1970 by Field Enterprises 17-WJAN(Cabl«lO)Con»6h 23-WAKR (Cable 11) Akron Toniflht 5;00-(23) Cisto Kid. (61) 'Fl!nht«n«s S:30-(2l) 'News & Sports. (6t) Munsters. (25) Misterogers. 6:00~(17) News A Sports. (23) Reynolds I Smith. (61) Get Smart. (25) What's New. 6:30-(17) Town A Country (23) Hawaiian Eye. (25) Here and Now. (61) lucy. 7:00-(25) Press Conference. (61) Dick Van Dyke. (17) Film. 7:30-(23) Young lawyers., (25) Nader Report. (17) Minerva Scene. (61) Star Trek. l:00-()7) Movie. (25) Dandelion. 8:30-(61) Candid Camera. (25) Click- Flick-out (23) Medicine. •:00-(25) Black Journal. (61) Avengers. (23) News Special. 10:00-(61) Perry Mason. (17) Movie. 10:30-(6l) Hitchcock. 11:00-(61) Movie. TUESDAY ' I:00-(2S). Hack Americans. 9:30-(25). let's Talk. 10:Ofl-(23) Jack lalanne. (25) About You 10:M-(2J) Addams Family. (25) Process i Proof. 1 J:00-(tl) Jack lalanne. (25) Science. (23) Thrao lives. 11:30-(23) That Girl. (61) Mr: Id. 12:00-(23) Bewitched. (61) Cartoons. (25) Black Americans. 12:30-(23) World Apart. 1:00-(61) Movie. (23) All My Children. (25)Breakthru. J I 1:30-(23) Moke a Deal. (25) Primary Art. 2:00-(23) Newlyweds. (17)> Movie. (25) Social Studies. 2:30-(23) Dating Game. (61) Dennis Menace. JI25) Matter of fiction. 3:00-(23) General Hospital. (61) Kimbo. (25) Black Americans. 3:30-(23) One life. (61) Huckleberry Hound. CROSSROADS RESTAURANT A COMPLETE FAMILY RESTAURANT DAILY* A.M.-f P.M. DAILY SPECIALS COR. RTS. 100 4113 12 MILES NORTH OF DOVER SAME-DAY PUMP SERVICE CALL.... 878-5223 STOCKERT DRILLING CO. RTS. 21 & 250 N.STRASBIHG HERE IT COMES-THE BiS ONE! AKRON CIVIC THEATER SAT. i SINL, JANUARY 9-10 *.t * .* ************* TONY TANNER Story of tot Doodli Dandy Broadway's Immortal GEORGE M. COHAN ***•:********** T feS»«y l • Waafy/ * * *_* * * ********** S^JSfcB^ Pf ICiS: M KtMTVea- $4. M, «fc |7 TICKETS MOW AT AKRON CMC THEATER, Dally •:•> to }:«. JWlftMrf 99pViM$ Md 53$-29(l. '' MAIL P«QEM T-0: Akrojl Clrte TDftfter. HI S. Mob fly Akrt* «. i MdSN (tomooj MAKE NEW YEAR'S EVE RESERVATIONS NOW $4.00 PER PERSON AFTER-CHRISTMAS V V »• T » »»"'TW«71 Box Cards anil Gift Wrap Va Price t+H+* Tree Light Sets & Trim Va Price Entire Stock Beautiful JEWELRY PRICE Mens & Ladies Billfolds 1/3 Off ^n/*//^ Hundreds of Other Items On SALE KRETSHF R f ^^^PJ. '^^^^ff'^B^^P , -^i^w •^•^•^•^^•^••W ^Pi^P ^^IJljy^ ^P^BW ^HPP .'ijBi^^^^^^i vHRV laHP » "ALWAYS ON THE SQUARE IN DOVEr 25-WVI2(C<ible13)Cleve. l-WKBF (Cable 6) Cleve, 4:00-(17) Jay Anftewi. 0) Sn«*V avis. («1) Prince Planet. 4:Jd-(25) Sesame Street. (23) Jenny Quest. (41) Addams Family. S:M-(23) Cisco Kid. (61) flintJlon«J. S:30-(23) News A Sports. (25) Ml«- ter»|efi.(e1)Mun$lers. < , :M -(17) News A Sports. (23) R«y nolds i Reasener. (61) Get Smart. (25) What's News. . ? ai3fl-(17) Town t County. (21) rto* waiian Ey». (»1) lucy. (25) Her* and Now. 7:00-(61) Dick Van Dyke. (25) look leaf. (17) film. 7:30-(17) lasketball Program. (23)' Mod Squad. (61) Star Trek. (25) Our Times. liOO-(25) Firing line. (17) Movie. l:30-(23) Movie. (61) Candid Camera. »:00-(61) AVenaers (25) Advocates. 10:00-(61) Perry Mason. (25) San Francisco Mix. (17) Movie. (23) Mafcus Welby. 11:00-(61) Movie. (23) Marshal Dillon. 11:30-(23)DickCavett. UliLLLlilil TnniTE.TUES.ONLY EVEMOtf •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••i STARTS WED.7& 9 NEW YEAR'S EVE 44-10 PM NEW YEARS DAY!SUN. 1-3-5-7-tPM NOW SHOWING! WHKDAYS74f NEW YEARS EVE 44410PM NEW YEARS DAY 4 SUN. 1-3-5-7-tP* •M "'•fl 'HI MDOTHGI NOW SNOWING ::2 WEEKDAYS 4:3919 ^ NIWVEAISEVE 5-7:Jf>HPm »« NfWYEARSOAVtSUN.

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