The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on August 11, 1896 · Page 4
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1896
Page 4
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OIL -CITY DERRICK; TUESDAY MORNING,- AUGUST 11, is96. THE OIL CITY DERRICK. Twonty-llfth Ye:tr ,,,...No. TEE OHGM OF OH- TIT 13 BAR. V/AS FOUX0. FRANKLIN. Used siars. and many times larger and more brilliant than tho sun. Sidus is slt- Utiti'H about I'fl.WO.fHW.'K'O of ir.'ilt"* from tho I Stclcn Oolcl Recovered After, the • Th!o! i --"-"— r=r=r==.--= world., but- the intensity of ins SScJtl is j JJaU Served Time for Its The;:.; j . FKA^KUX INKORMAT1OX. sue!) Thai. U has V>svn (jstlmuU'd Ijv J'lain-I nmrlou Lo be at least ™4 tinu-s K'' !W W a> shortly atter being removed t« the hos* j liltal. Miss .Elsie N. FHsRcrrti'J. of (•asf'r, hail the- . left »l'.l« of JKT head criishi'ii and will' probaWy <Jlr-. ' Those rr.oijj swloustly liijureti ura as . follows: . , I l-'acts unJ Kwlltirs From the County Seal. I Mary r.ivnltcy. I'hiindclrihiu. f'-it 'in<J . •j San Die^o, Cu!,. At!!,". '".-A Special ;r,i (.!;<• ! Personal. I 1) r nisei I iiboi::. ilie l:>or,Iy: John Curlson; j ... PuWtshcd Daily, at Xo.'7 Center Street, j tl'an thut emliunl l>y our K:I:I. .Tbr ilis-, X'nlon K!V.:S ;i stvspational SWISH-!-to th<-j IcolumWn. H-s i-rokon; Sumuel^Vlkc, Co!-j J\otUiH^ appC'Jils Tllure fOJ'C- Oll Guy. ra. '. ' jtunco 10 Stilus Tirlnp so s,-r«:it it fallows j famous !co!\i l,:iv loW't-ry wh'.»:Vi t.v-.-1-i-rol i Jf;fj!|^ !i ,'^j^oo ''^'nii't^v'^p'"? lias UT'Tra-.-C'^O'/'''^^^^ JKH>])le l.liai.l Hl;U'. \VliJ',:il ' I llllrl ^e ilo not set- that orb us it is to-«J:ty. i a; Ens..'ii;n! !t nt'u;-;y n yc::r «!'.a it hu!f u=0 . i!.','..'..'.'.'.VV.'!^/^]'^ jo^nivy to tli^kj-.v'cr f'nd ' al'nl c-.!i':"ii>cu: 'tj<>ty;'' \\'\r.. StuuiT---", i.'/tn- | in'i't'if'St'S tllCJl' most active sollinir hasn't half The On!v..A,1v-rtijinfr Medium Covering! 0 "'- ol l:is *«l)joo:s. The ir:in who E>J»- > T!:( . ;.,.,. js v .. 0 .. ;h S3i C<; HM! fluiiM:<' for s:ivi!ip; nioney— llic-y" " .. . }'2!.c \i At 0;c—Finr- 30 inch corded f- .siyl(.-s Fine Jaconet Duchess*. 1 . At: !(lc — 2.V <'ii-;iss Linens \\'i'tli colored fine line stripes f eiwsirainc yom'••!',")(• 1'lll'e <«!'ilSS LilienS. SlTlpOS riuS?iJ-iVVwaiT»j ;ni!(! ]i!;ii(,ls in colors;—line and. ''r4oS»l^-'miii'?. l ii' :W '^ < ' 1 "^' ' 71 '"^ ^ :!AV11S '(isn't e.V- n yc "S&Vp tot 'tS i'lctly this price dun's jroiug to work \votidci's — it's the. irood kim!s for t-J Fr«.nicli Orpuidies—-2()c, or,. Is No Need NEW SErAKATK SKTKTS —cotton covert slcirrs. .^Ll'o — brown :md grey- mixtures. , . », , „ - . - ,,..,, Irish Liuen Skirts, ;; 1! :;;\p;;a\;:' u T^/vi ; ;^^iNever Shrinks, j?2.oo. ^^^^^^''/rH Never Fades. • iiwuy. !:.'.-s Ri'i-ri t::i\it;^. !:•••! n i Tlio «El7toa.^1n the- aiarlvct i"lilrh can br •!,! <:. Vis;:! ;;!'.!«-;i>, WiniKiH.-jKir;, : h.v,:p :^:^^ V,'.^ J.^v. o!^ .S.'ii^ Uirj. I Ma(Je(j y RAlvoRTHiS CHODDEACO.,CHiCAGO. and tlicy will conic out bright and fresh as new ALLEGHENY, PA'. 63UloBa-d St., New Yorfc. 3Chathi-nSt.. Borton. If vois v.'i-h vour Linca White as "~ r Phis is your oi.pori:unity, Quito :i number^of choice snm- of tliis sale. to dispose of, in order to make J.ook ?t. our suiting :nid prices, ' . i THEY VT1I J, 'l'A HALYXE j room for f:i11 .- oods - tliat tliere 1S \vill make it ?o. Ltd., lU:d«- *-O do rliis nnd thai is b work -uurnnteed lirst-cla^ in reducing in* 1 price, ion can . ¥25.00, SL'S.OO. J. T. FRANZ, Merchant Tailor and Ou Hitter. 304- Sycamore Street IT'S PRACTICAL ECONOM New merchant Tailoring Establishment. NO. 16SOUTJ1 SENECA STREET, OIL C5TY, PA. store. Qualities Jt nc; naorlfiotil to pr:co. and yut prlres are -pvrr hifiti. Piiylni: fir r: ! a price siivli-.c i'.cri? for you. We set tho ! best thlm;s «nJ scl ' llll ' :n fis " Ioso lu <--os: MISS WANETA B. RALPH, Stenographer n:id Typewriter. Is. M. SLATER, 241 Seneca St. KOOJt, NO. :, OJ^ EXCHANGE. THE REID GAS E C "A Scorcher. r:-:;,, (!;:ilv :-i,n;' fc,:' .fsily :."<,.>«;-;i,: '•' llllr -i V\V M-ml .-MI rt-r.n D:,.-!i!i; Jujy I!M- ; ,.;i..!i y.',,:. It :•• , » iJ-.-Mn.- c,f ::,(!!! I ^>^' 'illl'-i- r;:i!i(.n j ihc iii:.-p ...i u.i':i: in l,.'.r; it,,-,'-:. r.,i.u,.>^ i ciiri tio rriuir uuTi-ifM" il:>' 1'iirp "i! \vl'c:it )>,•.)•:•••!.•<..'i ilcrl'nr; c.r 7i«> t-i.-jr'.-'-'Is ,1 tlriy !Vnm ilir«'i'( i-njiotni'-rt: il"c)nr!i;K wlT'iit Id l>o i'IK-;-' ./f 1.1:^ [ir:cr'i!ir,t: mrtnlh. T:V< shiii- wr!l ' r1 ' *- >"''' '"'•' '' • "' •'••"" '•!'• '< u n- rkir.':, :,;,!r>7 ir.'invls, tor l>;,ru.<iry M.VIJ j ,>n KA I' !•::<' 'I .'!tSH 'N' 'I 1 ' .'• ' .'I.KVKT.AKI'. 1;-irr.-!-; n:nl for .I.".n:iwry r*.H1 bnrrolrt aj -p|i.- Mr:<» I':nilvo:i<1 will run :inr>Mifr of !!•: | .:;:;.', ' ! f nv - I'ii! <• i'Xt-tir ; ::iir,-.-! to <'!.-•. i'l;ii!.!. O., oil' r-lfl-"! Tobacco Dealers, say/ that "BATTLE" AX" is a "scorcher 1 because it sells so fast* Tobacco Cngwers say r it is a " : scorcher ' f because 5 cents" worth goes so far* It f s as good as can be made regardless of cost. The 5 cent piece is almost as ^ krp'e as the other-fellows* 10 cent piece* ])esiii'ned Specially 1'or Kniuiinj: Oil Well i'umpiug Kigs. I-i s!nii>!rr. :I;XM ii-v.-or muvr.i); D:.:-IS (Sinn ar.y ««'•• • i.^ii'-' '•' :v - • I: %1 " :> : ' ;lv '" "" co-it ••> mrny j>ln<-c-^ In six montlui. Munu r.-ictv.r^l in tlirco P).-.«S to pump from 10 to'w'w.:!!. «,in K K « S tvltl. ^r^lyly m ras«r*b!.' prosfuro. N>*.1« no other Attention tlian to -^o thr.i It H o!!,-<l oner in t-snty-four htS-.trs. u:On K th<- fame wales OV«T ac'i!" wh^n K Is i)»l>!>'. Safe, Simple, Economical and Reliable. For Particulars and Prices, Address. ir\«Zr-OW JOSbFn il P 1 1 V H..MIJ,

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