The Daily News from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania on May 22, 1981 · Page 34
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The Daily News from Huntingdon, Pennsylvania · Page 34

Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1981
Page 34
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. !LY NEWS, Huntingdon, Mount Union and Saxfon, Pa., May 22,1*11 An old loiid'reaches 1 2,0d6leel into Ihe-sky and sends DavldBanfler plunging lowardlhegrbundwlthoula oarachule. (Repeal; eOmtnS.) • IB IN TOUCH O MOVIE '(HORftOfi)**'/* "Haunted Palace" 1963 Vincent Price, Debra Paget. Man and wile travel to New England to open husband's ancestral home which was closed In; 1 765 when his ancestor was burned as a warlock. ©"MOVIE -(DRAMA)*** "The Prisoner" 1955 Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins. The Cardinal of a Roman Catholic church is arrested and crmrged With treason in a Eur- opeanpoHce slate. (2hrs.) 8:30 O 6D SO W -WALL STREET WEEK OG939 I'M A BIG GIRL NOW To tell or not to tell is the question Diana laces after her best friend's husband throws a heavypassalher, and she is bombarded with conflicting advice from her father and friends about whether or not she should blow the whistle on the Casanova. (Repeal) (5) WOMEN'S CHANNEL OCD3d SANFORD Fred Sanford is on his best behavior for the visit ol his partner's mother, but she refuses to spend the night underthe same roof with him. 8:58 CB CBN UPDATE NEWS 9:00 O PEOPLE'S BUSINESS O CD 39 FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE 'Thieves' 1977 Stars: Mario Thomas, Charles Grodin. A married couple moves 1o New York .City and each work in different educational environments; she leaches poor kids, he teaches rich kids. The disparity in their lobs wreaks havoc on their marriage. (2 hrs.) (Closed-Caplioned; U.S.A.) O MERV GRIFFIN Guests. Tanya Tucker, ,'Fashion Show, Rodger Miller, Bob Saget. (5) TELEFRANCE-U.S.A. Le Cinema Francals 2) TeleFrance Magazine 3) Cine-France: L'Hor- loger Oe Saint Paul O GO 3d STEVE ALLEN COMEDY HOUR Billy Crystal and special guest stars BobandRayjoln Steve Allen Tor some fun and laughter. Highlighlsincludealookat hewlyweds, one year later, and a reporter interviewing the head of an unusual greeting card company. (60 C0 S '0D THE DUKES OF HAZZARD CB 700 CLUB * €D SNEAK PREVIEWS Hosts Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert review the latest films. CD NEWSMAKERS ED MOVIE -(DRAMA)*** "Purple Plain" 1955 Gregory Peck, Bernard Lee. In WW II Burma, a neurotic pilot crash-lands in the jungle, forcing him to, fight his way to freedom and a new set ot values, (2 9:30 & LAWMAKERS CD OLD HOUSEWORKS 60 PEOPLE'S BUSINESS 10:00 OGD€D DALLAS AsEwing Oil's newpresidenl, Bobby lindslhe power intoxicating, whichpromotes . apprehension in both Pamela and J.R., but for different reasons. (Repeat; 60 mins.)' O PROFILES OF RURAL RELIGION 'A Sugar Valley Sampler' O NEWS OOG03d ROBERT KLEIN SPECIAL Comedian Robert Klein isjoinudby actor JuddHirschandthe Charle Daniels Band for a special hour ol comedy and music. (60 mins.) CD INDEPENDENT NEWS CB BASEBALL Atlanta Braves vs San Diego Padres 3D JIM ROCKFORD: PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR ED MARYLAND NEWSRAP €£> MEETING OF MINDS During a discussion with William Shakespeare. Hamlet, Romeo, and Othello, Jayne Meadows, as Woman, assumes the roles of Desdemona, Juliet und the Dark Lady of the Sonnets. (60 mints.) 10:28© CBN UPDATE NEWS 10:30 CD NEWS CB HI DOUG CD LAWMAKERS 10:40 O KINER'SKORNER 10:58 SB CBN UPDATE NEWS 11:00 OOOOODCO|B€D 3d 09 NEWS O©6D ABCCAPTIONEP NEWS' O M.A.S.H. . Q 3D BENNY HILL §HC% CD HAPPY PAYS AGAIN CB PROGRAM UNANNOUNCED CD MACNEIL-LpHRER REPORT 1 1:28 CB CBN UPDATE NEWS 11:30(9 HP ® CBS LATE - > MOVIE THE NIGHT SJALKER'-THg RIPPER' 197-f Stars: Darren Mcpavin, Simon Oakland. Several young women are murdered In Chicago and reporter Cat! Kolchak fears thnt the legendary Jack the Ripper is responsible lor the crimes 'GOLDEN NEDDIES' 1974 Stars Joe Don Baker, Elizabeth Ashley. A statue holds the secret ol seven acupuncture points which promises youth and vigor i( used properly O DICK CA VETTSHOWGuest. Mary S. Calderone, MD., specialist sex education. . . ' ABC NEWS NIGHT- \nchored by Ted Koppel. I ODD COUPLE OOCO© THE TONIGHT SHOW Guest: Eydie'Gbrme, Tom f lJoan Root. (60 mins.) MAUDE ROSSBAGLEYSHOW 3D INDEPENDENT NEWS €D ABC CAPTIONED NEWS © MASTERPIECE THEATRE 'The Golden Bowl' Episode IV, Fanny acts as chaperone When Charlotte and Amerigogoloahouse parly, but they manage to slip-away to a village Inn. (Closed-Captioned; U.S.A.) (60 mins.) OD MOVIE -(MUSICAL) ** "Iceland" 1942 Sonia Henie, John Payne. An Icelandic girl meets a disgraced American Marine. (90 mins,) •-,.'•. 12:00 O GO 39 FRIDAYS O PERRY MASON (5) DON KENNEDY'S SPOTLIGHT O MOVIE -(MYSTERY) **'A "Who Killed Mary What's 'er Name?" 1971 Red Buttons. Alice Playten. A diabetic ex-boxer sets 'out to find a prostitute's murderer when he becomes angered at everyone's indifference; (2 hrs.) CD THREE STOOGES 3D JIMBAKKER 12:30(5) PAUL RYAN SHOW O O 00 3d SCTV COMEDY NETWORK CD SOLID GOLD Host: Dlonne Warwick. Gold record winners perform their hit songs.. CB TBS EVENING NEWS 12:58® CBN SPORTS REPORT 1:00 O MOVIE -(COMEDY) **'/.! "Stella" 1950 Victor Mature, Ann Sheridan. A screwball family tries to get rid of a corpse. (90 mins.) (5)ALLNIGHTATTHEMOVIES 'Phantom Thunderbolt' Ken May- nard.2)'HisPrivaleSecrelary'John Wayne. 3) 'Riders of the North' Bob Cusler. 4)' Lady in the Death House' Jean Parker. (6 hrs.) -v. CB JIMMY SWAGGART CB MOVIE -(COMEDY-ADVENTURE) *** "South Sea Woman" 1958 Burl Lancaster, Virginia Mayo. A tough Marine sergeant relusestolestity or plead to charges while being tried lordeserlion, theft,scandalouscon- duct and destruction of property. (2 hrs.) 3D ROCKWORLD 03 MOVIE -(COMEDY) *** "Gambit" 1966 Michael Caine, Shirley MacLaine. An Eurasian lady of intrigue and an ambitious but ineffective crook team uptosteala valuable art treasure. (2 hrs.) 1:10 O ADAM 12 00 MOVIE -(SUSPENSE) ** "Who Slew Auntie Roo?" 1971 Shelley Winters, Mark Lester. The widow of a magician who loves children so much thai she keeps her own dnughter, who was killed years before, lucked away in a little playroom nl the top of the house. (105 mins.) 39 FRIDAY AM 1:30 0 MOVIE -(COMEDY) **'/,! "Earthworm Tractors" 1936 JoeE. Brown, June Travis. A salesman keeps blunderingintoone mix-up niter another. (90 mins.) CD INDEPENDENT NEWS S) NEWS 1:40 39 INSIGHT 1:50 GD NEWS 2:00 O NEWS 0 JOE FRANKLIN SHOW CD MOVIE -(BIOGRAPHICAL,COMEDY *** "Seven Little Foys" 1955 BobHope.JamesCagney.Thestoty 01 Eddio Foy and his performing family. (2 hrs.) CB 30 MINUTES WITH FATHER MANNING 2:05 O ONE MINUTE WITH YOUR BIBLE 2:10 O NEWS 2:20 00 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY 2:28 & CBN SPORTS REPORT 2;3Q 0 MOVIE -(DRAMA) ** "OneQIQurOwn" i97&Gf>org< Peppard; Strother Martin. The stor of everyday happenings in the neur Ologiciil doparlmenl pf a large me © NEWS 2:33 CQ DALLAS As Ewing Oil's new president, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) finds the power intoxicating, which promotes apprehension in Pamela (Victoria Principal), on "Dallas," to be rebroadcast FRIDAY, MAY 29 onCBS-TV. BQbby works hard to buy an oil refinery, something Jock has always wanted and which J.R. could' rjever accomplish. When J.R. learns of his intentions, he tries to sabotage' Bobby's plan, which leads to another inevitable clash between the two brothers.. CHECK LISTINGS FOR EXACT TIME. TV COMPUIOG SERVICES. INC. 3:00 O SERMONETTE OMOVIE-(DRAMA)*** "Mad Dog Morgan'-' 1976 Dennis Hopper, David Gulpilil. True story of the infamous Mad Dog Morgan during the'Australian gold rush. (119 mins.) CB MOVIE -(ADVENTURE) * Mt "Target Zero" 1955 Richard Conic, Peggie Castle.'A lieutenant leads Ins troops to a strategic hill and finds lovo along the way. (2 hrs.) 3:58 CB CBN SPORTS REPORT 4:00 CD BEST OF GROUCHO CB 700 CLUB 4:30 O MOVIE -(DRAMA) *** "Cheers For Miss Bishop" 1941 MarthaScott.WilllamQar'gan. Story ul a school teacher and her sacrifices for her profession. (115. mins.) CD ABBOTT AND COSTELLO 5:00 O PRAYER CD FAMILY AFFAIR \ CB RAT PATROL 5:04 O NEWS 5:30 O MOVIE -(HORROR) ** "Dungeons Of Harrow" 1962 PUSS Harvey, Helen Hogan. Twosur- vivors ol a capsized ship reach a remotu island desolate save for the Count's decaying castleinwhichhls wile is isolated with a dread dis- f ie. (90 mins.) BIOGRAPHY'Babe Ruth' PHIL ARMS PRESENTS CO LOVE AMERICAN STYLE 5:58 59 CBN SPORTS REPORT Mornings Monday Thru Friday MORNING SUMMER >:30 O SEMESTER >:40 CD WORLD AT LARGE (TUE^ , JIMBAKKER THOUGHT FOR THE TODAY IN YOUR 5:45 5:52 CD DAY 5:55 O LIFE OD DOWN TO EARTH CB AMERICAN TRAIL 6:00 O CD VARIOUS PROGRAMMING O PANORAMA O NEWS OD SUMMER SEMESTER CQ PROGRAMMING UNANNOUNCED ©700 CLUB CD HOLLYWOOD REPORT 6:05 O DIALOGUE (EXC. .TUE..JHUR.) 6:15 CD DEVOTIONS 6:18 O NEWS 6:21 O AMERICAN TRAIL 6:25'O NEWS 6:27 O AMERICAN TRAIL 6:30 O MORNING STRETCH O ROMPER ROOM O ELECTRIC COMPANY O COUNTRY MUSIC O NEWS CQ JOHN RILEY SHOW CD MIGHTY MOUSE CD LEARNING TO READ (EXC. TUE., THUR.) Learning To Do (JUE.,THUR.) m SUMMER SEMESTER 39 VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 6:45 3D COMMUNITY UPDATE €D©OD A.M. WEATHER 6:55 3D NEWS 3d AMERICAN TRAIL 7:00 OGDQD MORNING Q GO 39 GOOD MORNING AMERICA O NEW ZOQ REVUE (5) INTERNATIONAL BYLINE OOCDSd TODAY 0 RICHARD SIMMONS SHOW CD POPEYE CB RUNTIME 3D WOODY WOODPECKER 01 SESAME STREET © OVER EASY (CLOSED-CAPTIONED) 09 ELECTRIC COMPANY 7i3Q® COASTER PROGRAMMING O JIMBAKKER fll JOSIE SPACE VARIOUS ANO THE PUSSYCATS 3D MIGHTY MOUSE © DICK CAVETT SHOW CD SESAME STREET ' 00 O CD 'CAPTAIN KANGAROO O AM PITTSBURGH O PORKY PIG CD TOM AND JERRY CB VARIOUS PROGRAMMING CD I DREAM QF JEANNIE 3D POPEYE O) JIM BAKKER €D IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMMING © MACNEIL-LEHRER REPORT 1:30 O BUGS BUNNY AND POPEYE (5) WOMEN'S CHANNEL 0 VARIOUS PROGRAMMING ~. CD HECKLE AND JECKLE CB GARY RANDALL SHOW CD MY THREE SONS 39 CASPER © IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMMING CD REBOP 9:00 O CD 3d VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 1I LOVE LUCY (S) SUSAN NOON SHOW O 00 RICHARD SIMMONS SHOW O OD PHIL DONAHUE SHOW O JOE FRANKLIN SHOW CD MUNSTERS (EXC. FRI.) Insight (FBI.) CD HATCHY MILATCHY CD HAZEL 3D W.O.W. & CAPTAIN KANGAROO 39 JOHN DAVIDSON SHOW €0 SESAME STREET 9:30,0 ONE DAY AT A TIME O GENERAL HOSPITAL (EXC. TUE.) The Eighth Annual 'Daytime Emmy Awards (TUE.) . & MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY IS) FRANCARLTONSHOW f| VARIOUS PROGRAMMING CD I DREAM OF JEANNIE CB WESTBROOK HOSPITAL Oil CAROL BURNETT.AND FRIENDS ' CB GREEN ACRES 3D ROMPER ROOM• MORNING SJRETCH 10:00 Q09JD JEFFERSON6 a LEAVE IT TO BEAVER (8) MOVIETOWN 'Gail»Murder' (MOM.). 'Flying Fool' (TUE.),'lnOW Cheyenne'(WEp.),'Doomed loDie' (THUfU, 'The Missourians' (FRI.) ' O O CD 3d LAS VEGAS GAMBIT OROMPER ROOM CD HOLLYWOOD SQUARES C9 3D 700 CLUB CD MOVIE 'Incident InSanFrancis- co'(WON.),'Calamity Jane'(TUE.), 'Man with a Million' (WED.), 'Mantrap'(THUR.),'The Damned Don't Cry' (FRI.) €D IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMMING 03 VARIOUS PROGRAMMING . 10:30 OOD 09 ALICE O CD EDGE OF NIGHT O MY THREE SONS O O 09 3d BLOCKBUSTERS CD $50,000 PYRAMID 39 PRISONER: CELL BLOCK H © , IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMMING 11:OOO CD 0D PRICE IS RIGHT OOD 39 LOVE BO AT O MEDICAL CENTER O O CD 3d WHEEL-OF FORTUNE O STRAIGHT TALK CD '" VARIOUS PROGRAMMING • 11:30(5) PICTURE OF HEALTH O 3d PASSWORb PLUS O HOLLYWOOD SQUARES C0 VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 00 FACE THE MUSIC 09 OVER EASY (CLOSED-CAPTIONED) I1:55ONEWS 11:57 O CD 33 NEWSBREAK AFTERNOON I2:OOOGQOCD©Q» NEWS O® FAMILY FEUD O PANORAMA (5) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING CD MAGIC GARDEN (EXC. FRI.) Juya's Fun School (FRI.) C0 ROSS BAGLEY SHOW 00 HELLO BALTIMORE CD FREEMAN REPORTS 3D KIDS BREAK 3d CARD SHARKS ED IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMMING 03 SESAME STREET 12:30 GOD GO SEARCH FOR TOMORROW O Od © RYAN'S HOPE (5) JOAN FONTAINE SHOW OO® DOCTORS O LET'S MAKE A DEAL CD FAMILY AFFAIR 3D NEWSPROBE © IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMMING 12:58 OCBffl FYI 1:00 O CD ® YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS OC9 09 ALL MY CHILDREN & MIKE DOUGLAS (5) SCHOOL OF COUNTRY LIVING d €100 3d DAYS OF OUR LIVES ' O WO VIE (EXC. MONO Voyag To The Bottom 01 The Sea (MON.) •Road To Salina' (TUE.), 'Johnnv Apollg' (WED.), 'My Man Godfrey OHUR.), 'To Hell And Back' (FRI.) CD NEWS CB MOVIE 'Banning' (MON.) •Dwd EiitJ' (TUE,). 'How pp I tpv Thee?' (WED.). 'Perils ot Pauline ' SQQFESTIVAtMEMORIAL PAR APE (MON-) Movie (|XC MON.) 'Salome' (TUE.), 'An American Tragedy' (WED.), 'Desert Fury' (THUR.), ''Frenchman's Creek' . O3 ELECTRIC COMPANY 1:30 (51 PAUL RYAN SHOW CD 700 CLUB C9 VARIOUS PROGRAMMING CD MOVIE 'The Perils of Pauline' . (MON.), Tammy andlheMlllionaire' (TUE.). 'Tammy and the boctor' (WED.), 'Tammy Tell Me True* (THURJ, 'I'd Ralher.Be Rich' (FRI.) 2:00 O PITTSBURGH 2-DAY O O 39 ONE LIFE TO LIVE O CHICO AND THE MAN (EXC. FRI.) insight (FRI.) (S) ' VARIOUS PROGRAMMING O O CD 3d ANOTHER WORLD OBASEBALL(MON.)NewYork Melsvs Philadelphia Phillies OD ffl AS THE WORLD TURNS €D IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMMING (EXC. FRI.) Various Programming (FRI.) 2:30 O LOVE AMERICAN STYLE CD MIKE DOUGLAS © IN-SCHOOL PROGRAMMING / . 2:58OC939FYI 3:00 O CD 09 GUIDING LIGHT v O ELECTRIC COMPANY O CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS O FLINTSTONES (5) IT'S A GREAT IDEA OO GO 3d TEXAS O BONANZA (EXC. MON.) CB 700 CLUB CD 39 GENERAL HOSPITAL CB FUN TIME 3D KROFFTS SUPERSTARS © VARIOUS PROGRAMMING CD SESAME STREET 3:30 O GETTING TO KNOW ME O MIGHTY MOUSE AND FRIENDS O CD TOM AND JERRY HOUR (5) WOMEN'S CHANNEL CB FLINTSTONES © MISTER ROGERS 3:57 OOD® NEWSBREAK 3:58 0039 FYI 4:00 O HOUR MAGAZINE O© SESAME STREET OOD TOM AND JERRY (S) FRAN CARLTON SHOW O MOVIE 'The War Wagon' (MON.), 'Countess from Hong Kong' HUE.). 'The Don Is Dead' (WED4, 'The Dream Merchants' Part I. (THUR.), 'The Dream Merchants' Part II. (FRI.) O MERV GRIFFIN 0 MOVIE (EXC. MON.)'Grave OtThe Vampire' (TUE.), 'Prisoner Of Zenda'(WED.).'DayOfTheDolphin' (JHUR.), 'Johnny Guitar 1 (FRI.) GO WHAT'S HAPPENING CD MOVIE'Too Many Suspects' (MON.), 'French Connection II' (TUB.), 'Capone' (WED.). 'Friends 01 Eddio Coyle' (THUR.), 'The Am- bushers'(FRI.) CB ADDAMS FAMILY 3D SCOOBYDOO 39 BRADY BUNCH 3d JIMBAKKER 39 EDGE OF NIGHT €D OVER EASY (CLOSED-CAPTIONED) -3D ELECTRIC COMPANY 4:30 O GO 39 WELCOME BACK, KOTTER O FLINTSTONES (5) MOVIETOWN 'The Missourians' (MON.), 'Call it Murder' (TUE.), •Flyinfl Fool' (WED.), 'In Old Cheyenne' (THUR.), 'Doomed to Die' (FHI.) CD SCOOBY DOO 09 VARIOUS PROGRAMMING CD BRADY BUNCH 3D BUGS BUNNY 8) HOUR MAGAZINE CD MISTER ROGERS CD LIFE AROUND US 4:40 O KINER'S KORNER (MON.) 4:58 C9 CBN UPDATE NEWS 5:00 O JOHN DAVIDSON SHOW O MISTER ROGERS O39 M.A.S.H. O BRADY BUNCH O BONANZA (MON.) CD GO HAPPY DAYS AGAIN CD GOOD TIMES C9 VARIOUS PROGRAMMING CD I LOVE LUCY S3 WOODY WOODPECKER 3d MIKE DOUGLAS ED SESAME STREET ©ELECTRIC COMPANY © OVER EASY (CLOSED'CAPTIONED) S;3Q« OVER EASY (CLQSEP-CAPTIQNED) ' IB ALL IN THE FAMILY

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