Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on November 3, 1941 · Page 4
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 4

Marysville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1941
Page 4
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THE EVENING TRIfetlNE, MARYSV1LLE, OHIO JCimckfrry-Darby School t Tto* humorous, oratory and dramatic decta&Mtion will be held Thursday, November 8. at 1:15 p. m. In the school auditorium. All parents and friend* are cordially i Invited. The following are In the contest: Herbert Schelderer, Carl Ttewseh, Dick Rausch, Helen He- gcnderfer, Dorothy Oerken, Doris Margaret Dcllinger, June Oarrett, Mary Elizabeth Wachholz Esther Hubman, Doris Hofycross, and Myra Lau Holycross, The Prince of Peace Declamation will be held on Sunday evening November 9th at the M. E. Church, Unionville Center, Ohio at 7:30 p. mJUl are cordially Invited to attend. Those in the contest are: Bernette Streng, Mildred Gooperider, Margaret Ann George, Nancy Elliot, Myra Lou Holycross, Martin Burns, Betty Jane Burns, Molly Bliss, June Garrett, Carl Troesch.' The freshmen class had a Hallo- we'en party Friday. This class has had the best attendance so far this year. The sophomore class had a meet- Ing last Thursday, October 23, and are planning to have a bake sale November 22 at the Marion Reserve in Mnrysville. The Junior Class had assembly this week on October 31; the opening song was the "Star Spangled Banner" played by Doris Holycross. The Bible was read by Emma Blunvcnscheln, Nancy Elliott gave a , reading on Hallowe'en pranks, another reading about Indian Bummer was given by Marie Rausch, news about the war by Gertrude Rausch, and . the closing song "America" played by Doris Holycross. Darby will ttcnd the basketball clinic to be held at Marysvlllc nu- ditoriunt, Tuesday evening, November 4, The first basketball game will be held November 7, Darby vs. Cally. Third and fourth grades: The captain of the U. S. S. Bestie Is Donald Collins. The following sailors have the following duties: Sailor Charles Walk—Dust, Sailor Richard Collins—Board, Sailor Bobby. Brown— bunk Inspector, Sailor Frank Ris- tcr—librarian, Sailor David John- son—wastcbaskct. The October spelling booklets were turned In and Jane .Salsbury, Honald Collins, Wllma Bliss, Ja Ann Illcc, Tommy George, Mary Troyer, and Ann Blumenscheln have all perfect booklets. Hatchery Production la Billion And a Half Fwh Back in 1875 Wisconsin sportsmen and conservationists figured that If you caught twp fish where one grew before you had better help thai one grow Into two. And so that year Wisconsin's first fish hatchery was opened at Madison. Fi*b were spawned, reared, and "planted" for 60 years until. In 1935. hatchery production and distribution reached a figure of 523.245.US annually. N*xt y«»r the figure crept tip 49,023,978 more Us reach 572,289,- m. Then, In 1837, a good many people locked twice and accused their reporter of adding too many ciphers, when Wisconsin was reported ai producing nearly twice as many young fish that year—a record- breaking total of 1,096,738,750. Since that time it has taken 10 digits annually to announce Wisconsin's hatchery fish crop. In 1938 It was 1.124,684.750. In 1939 it was 1,133,472,849. Now the figure for 1040 has just been received: an increase over 1939 of 395,738,155, or a new year's total of 1,52(7,208,00*. The increase In 1940 over 1939 is a figure larger than that for all the fish planted in many previous years, and the difference between these two years alone is a larger figure than the total 0sh-piant figure for most other states. Read the want-«O« carefully. Crown Chicken Chump., Egg l*yer of World A Corvalli, • Ore., white leghorn, owned by J. A. Hanson, has been crowned the -champion egg layer of the world. The leghorn, known as 97-5, Was one of • team of 13 which made a world record during the 51-wcck In* tcrnatlonal Egg Laying contest, con ducted by the University of Connecticut. The champion biddy, competing against 1,299 other hens, ran up a total of 309 Individual points, 'In team competition, the Hanson leg' horns laid 4,041 eggs In thu 51 weeks, for a total of 4,283 points. Another team entered by Hanson took sec ond place with 3,058 eggs, and 3,893 points. Judges announced that the winning team's "astonishingly high perform ance was made in spite of a 1,300 mile journey across the continent.' There were JOO teams of 13 hens onch in"' the competition. In all they laid 277,832 eggs. It was announced that "all com putatlons were based on the orlgl nal 1,300 hens entered, with no Ice way- or allowance for losses during the Jaylng year. In other words ttyis system put it squarely up U the breeder to enter pullets could both lay and live." lha Supreme Court Members, Satis Judicial Robes, at Informal Reception nounce the words. We mastered that'pttt* ovt gratitude to lUv. il and then we were taught to trans- Stuart for his consoling words, j ate into English. Then came the to Mr. L, H. Milter for his »ynj declensions, with which we are Still thetic care, and to those who | struggling and there seems to be an the beautiful floral offerings. [ endless number of them. Mrs. Floyd E. Rands Phil Randall Ed Randall Mrs. Clara Dart i .33 We wish to thank all the friends and neighbors for their kindness to us following the sudden death of our husband, father and brother, Floyd E. Randall. We wish to ex- A rare picture, /his one, showing all nine members of the U. S. supreme court/in informal dress, was taken outside the White House in Washington where they attended a reception given by the president. The chief executive of the U. S. broke precedent In that th» traditional afternoon reception haa been strictly formal in the past. Left to right are Justices James F. Byrnes, William O. Douglas, Stanley F. Reed, Owen J. Roberts, Harlan F. Stone (chief Justice); Hugo L. Black, Felix Frankfurter, Frank Murphy and Robert H. Jackson and United State* Attorney General Francis Blddle. Allen Tp. School The honor roll is as follows: Dorothy Epps nnd Dorothy Paver. The sophomore class consists of ten members. We have two new members, Dick Alkirc and Leo Vining. Dick came from Lfxingtrm and Leo.came from Ostrandcr, The class has elected tile following officers: president, Dolly Paver; vice president, Maxine Smith/; secretary-treasurer, Betty Holycross. The sophomores have had one meeting this six weeks to discuss the fall festival ond other social happenings. We are planning a party sometime in the near future, however, we have not decided on the date. Wo have been having good discussions in our classes and hopo to continue that way the rest of tho honor roJi: Maxine school year. Tenth grade Smith. The junior class opened the new school year by electing the follow- president, Joy Apple- ing officers; gate; vice the basis of the reason given for selection of the-name. 3. The contest closes Wednesday, November 12, 1941, at 4 p. m. No entries will be accepted after that hour. president. Jva Fowler; 4 . T^ wlnner wll ^ announce d | secretary, Bertha Bradley; treas- Friday. November 14, so that the lurer, Joo Bishop. The same four pass will ^ given ^tore the first students wore chosen for the stu-| game . dent council. i . '. • • . ,. , ,. . i . | 5. If. there is a tie, duplicate I We have bocn chosen to sponsor Awards will be given. : the Fall Festival this year and we! „ A11 . . ... . . , . . . , 6. All entries must be sent or hope to entertain a large crowd. We 1 u, v,* . .u A,, •.• u u i . . ,• f . brought to the Allen high school. uro planning plenty of amusements Prepared For The Evening Tribune by Betty Crocker Home Service Department and food for everyone, so be sure to comu and help us earn our money for our future scholastic activities. CARD OF THANKS ffcett'c Sir Walter Scot* was known "The Border Minstrel." We have also chosen our junior j 7. The decision of the judges is ;-final; i I We have a new subjec: this year— i algebra. We had a hard time with it om NOTICE I wish to announce thut I am u candidate, for I'uru Tuwnnhip Trustee ut the Novembtr election, ami will tipjjiccUte your support. At lucsi-iit I uni lillinii the. unt-xpircd term of C' Weidinan, rchiii»ed, und feel my i-xpr-i lence u.n a trustee will be of bi-nclil to the lnwiislnji if I yiu fleeted. John G. Rupprecht Tulip* of Nethcil'.mds The tulips of The Netherlands, world famou* for almost four ccn- turlej, are being crushed by German Invasion. Tho bulbs which have been Holland'* pride arc golnK into Nazi ersatz food substitutes und livestock fodder. There 1 * little room in Hitler 1 * "new order" for flowern, Nether- Und* tulip grower* report, Tulip bulbs ura processed to make a collec substitute, with real codec costing J2.50 a pound. Hyacinths have be-, c»me cattle feed; narcissus bulbs yield *tarch. An ersatz Hour is being made from various other bulbs. Before tho invasion The Netherlands' tulip acreages were reduced about 80 per Cent by defense preparations. The .tulip U not o of Holland. The first bulbs Wf/e brought from Persia in tho Sixteenth century. Dutch growers huvo developed nearly 2,000 varlctlej. Export of bulb* ha* been a major item of trade with United States. POLITICAL ADV. PUBLIC SALE Having tuUi my fjriii. will bell it public u^le at my rf»idviii-e, 'a miles, fcouth of Wt-it Maniiield on th<! E«ibt Liberty iiiid Wci.t M«it>ilf Id pike, ou Wednesday, Nov. 5 ' C'lmttK-ui-nijtj: ^t I) liU Sltui p: ^ HKA1> U* HOKStS— t '&, UKAD t»fr (•AITLK— 3«J 105 If Alt M U«M, h Kt ANIt HAY IK.J >e tuucb Gaur Bull* Water buffaloes belong to the cattle family. They v,-::o «iven their name because they like to lie In tho water ol marshes, pools nnd *U-«otn* during hot hours of the day. Many water buffaloes run wild in India. Other* have been tamed and «ro used in plowing und for oilier purposes on farms. Water buffaloes ure *oM>-:n more tlittii five feet high at the ihoulcleru. They ore not such big uninialj us otlitr cuttle—the guur— wiilch ul*o ure found wild In InUiu Guur bulls arc airum;' t'ic fli ol tho cuttle world. Of. .1 they huvo » height of *lx fevt at the iliouldt-rs, Tho hum* of a guur bull uru laryo end strong. They »re ilx or seven inches thick ut liio bate, und a pair of thtttl may spread out three f^ tliurU to tame the gaur have met little success. Tha bis »niiiiais liko their Irccdotn, fci'd ii t» "iinacr. for nun to try to keep them »» titty v.ould conuuon cattle. y I'uods l'i»pcily Count fcuH poik, fulbuci< siui b» con us fat, not us'ini-ut. Usu bjt U-r or vitauiin-iicii .' .' tvi-ry rijy Count itv^ghetti, in-i:.. :, n.iodli -i grit* and y'" 1 * l ' ive b\u;--g with wtiil bt«44 dfltt c«rtul>—not ii» vt-^i-Ui blti. Count 1 piiil of undiluted cvjp ura'.id milk lu little, lu.ifo tluii (all -^an), or U yuui.a nf dry nii ti J>,. jK4ti.d (Jf i-!ifcC5,c i<| luiviuu •4^)i ! llHu.'iJUit i'«.;i value a» 1 ftuati uf Iliilk. Il) croiiulilli'al u.u'ls utit d;it4 tt-^iu L; |.n..» t» Uu' ii.uiu ci<*il ^*v»iL.l tui;v» u v> L i U I'tc iiv- *r, ki'-ii.ty »ud s.ich bait-'., nl-.-i 1 l;i>;i »» »j.iir, jii. hvl !'.:•» J'-d '•'• J'- ••'- 1 •-i ii'• ALL KINDS OF FILLED COOKIES _ f'illed cookies , . . whether they are tho "sandwich iilylo" "kind or tho "turnover" variety arc olwayn popular with tho children! .They make excellent und wholesome sweets with-which to top olT tho school lunch. What'a more they can bo varied in PO ninny different wuya that (Hied cookies need never become monotonous no matter how often you i mystery comedy maRo them. »T «.»,•• First of all you can UKO either a white cookie dough or a llfiht ' No .member of our class was Lan brown BUKiir dough. Hero ure recipes for both: , i at first but most of us can get them fairly well now. We have studied similar terms, coefficients, and transposition; We are now learning how to find the degrees in an angle. In general business our task has i been the writing of checks and the . ,,, , • ! method of indorsing them. We arc chosen We arc planning to present j now ]ca to CQunt intcrest the play before Thanksgiving soj nnd discount . let's make a date for an exciting' class play for this year. Some of us have never been in a large play before so wo will have an exciting time with characterization. The title of our play is, "Sh, Not Sa Loud," or "Too Many Crooks." A few of the characters"-have been WHITE FILLED COOKIES MADE ^YITlI SOUK CIUiAii VI i/, tup. soil a '/'i t.sp. Halt 3 tl>Hp. thick Hour cica» 1 !/i tap. vanilla H cup Hhortening (part butter for flavor) 2 cups HUgar 3 I'KKH 3f« cu|>H sifted all-purpose flour Cream Hhortenini;, add su^ar priwlually nnd crcum together thoroughly. Bent tho PKK* well uiul blend into the creamed mixture. Sift the Hour, nodu and salt together ami add to the creamed mixture alternately with the sour cream. Hleiul in the vanilla. Chill the dough for canier handling. Roll clouj.rh thin (about V.i inch) on a cloth-covered board (With Hour rubbed into tho cloth to keep the dough from (sticking). Cut in rounds or desired shapes. For Sandwich Cookies, there should bo " pieces alike for each cookie. I'lacu u tcaspoonful of cooled filling on each one, spreading 1 to cover nil but a tiny edjre. I'lacu pieces to bo. used for tops over tilling 1 and press edges firmly together. For Turnover)),, miiko twice tlio de- Hired tilling recipe. I'luco u lci\»|>oonful of filling on each round and fold over like turnovers, pressing edges together. Uiikc '10 to ll! minutes in u moderately hut oven, '100° F. Thin makes I) dozen "tturxi- wlclu's" mi inches in diameter ... or 0 dozen turnovers, cut with u li'a inch cutter. FILLED IWOWN KfJUAlt COOKIES In science we have studied about wind, gravity, matter, energy und tho honor roll thc com P rcssion °t air - We have ! work-books to go with our tcxt- Tlie senior class has elected the j books which makes the study more following officers for the coming j interesting. year; president, Martha Cross; vice! Latin is also a now subject this president, Lee Richardson sccro- | year and it seems everyone was lary-trcasurcr, Rowland Seymour. I ufruid of it with the exception of We arc looking forward to a three freshmen and one sophomore. pleasant and exciting year and wo l ,\ tsp. salt ( (i (MI. »o<la ' « 1 t.sp. baking powder , !i cup Hour milk 1 tup. vanilla * White Filled Cookies. Then !'j rup NliorteniiiK (part butler lor flavor) I'/j cupn brown hiiKur 3!j cuprt Hifled ull-piirpose flour Follow Kiinie ilirectionb ua for White Filled Cotikies. Then take your choice of the lilliiiK". KAISIN FILLIN(i: 1'nt 1 rup rai.sinri throujfli food chopper. Mix together in Hiuicepjin with 1 cup BU^iir, It tbxp. Hour and 1 cup hot water. Cook until thick (about 10 minutes), stirring constantly. Coo' thoroughly. FKi FILLING: Put 1 nip li»:s (I K-o*. package) through food chopper. Mix with 1 t*l>. K r utf<l lemon rind, 1 tbup. lemon juice, Ij cup Hiigar, 1! tbsp, flour tuul Filling. 1 cup hot water. Proceed us for Unisin RAISIN, DATE AND FKi FILLING: Put through food chopper cuo rttixins, '/, rup lifts (half of an 8-oz. pucknuc), |, cup nlontd C.i of 8-nz. pueliUKi*)* Hleml with \'j cup BUgar, 'j cup watt-r und I'/'j tliNp. lemon juice und proceed ua i'or liuibin Fillinjr. If you have any ipccltic cooking problems, tend • letter requeuing. Information to Betty Crocker In care of thl* neWipaper, You will receive • prompt, personal reply. Please enclose 3 cent »Ump to cover po»t*9«. will need lots of j make it one, I The class of six has lost one of its i members, Dillie Longnecker. How- jever, we are hoping for new mcm- j bcrs to join us soon. Twelfth grade honor roll: Martha , : Cross. i The Student .Council of the Allen i high school in sponsoring a contest to name the athletic teams of Allen High. The name chosen will be put j into school songs, cheers, and will' play an Important part in putting i Allen High " on the map." For your work in selecting a name for the school teams the Allen high school offers us a prize one pass to each Allen Center game for the season of 1941-42. Ucad the rule* and send in u nuine. The judges will be the Allen high school faculty and the couch, Mr. Tollman. Tho rules arc as follows: 1. 'Anyone living in Allen township except the judges and their families are eligible. 2. Put your nunie of the Allen teumti on a piece of paper and in 25 words or less tell why you selected i that name. If two people, submit. { the same nunie, judging will bo on < We find we like it very much. First co-operation to i of all .we had to learn how to pro- RYTEX POST-HASTE PRINTED STATIONERY 100 Single Sheet*, $0 Envelopes or 50 Double Sheets, 60 Envelope* or 50 Monarch Sheets, 60 Envelopes n New , . . New . . . New! A writing paper in an exhilarating SAUTERME color . . . or o captivating HAZE-BLUE ... smartly accented with printed Envelope linings in Brown, Blue or Grey. Printed with your Name, Monogram or Name- and Address. A very special writing creation. THE TRIBUNE Republican Candidate FOR MAYOR x Robert J. Maclvor Your support sincerely appreciated. POLITICAL ADV. Blondie Mtjf l«t»r«d U. 8. i'at^ni vifrit * -;- **^ By Chic Young PAPA WILL TAX E COOK IE FQK ABI6, LONS WALK NOW WWICM WAV DIP WE SURE. SOON AS I PUT OM MV MAT . AMP COAT THERE, KAAMA'S LITTLE SUGAR OiS PARLIMG, X WILL VOU TAKE ) ,- F03 S C* > ^ AKJICE WALK

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