Port Angeles Evening News from Port Angeles, Washington on April 21, 1968 · Page 6
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Port Angeles Evening News from Port Angeles, Washington · Page 6

Port Angeles, Washington
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 21, 1968
Page 6
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4-Pert Angelas Evening News, Sunday, April 21, 1968 PLAN PROGRAM — Mrs. Milton Hunt talks over plans for the League of Women Voters' program on city and county planning set for Tuesday evening with panel speakers (from left) F. Macrae Thompson, Wayne Walters, Harry Hunt and E. L. Critchfleld. They will cover such topics as land and water usage, /.orilng and pollution at the public meeting at 7:30 p.m. In Peninsula College faculty lounge. Joe Wolfe will also speak on the program which Is headed by Mrs. R. D. Cockrtll. — Evening News photo. c Niece Con Solve This Problem J.H. Dansers return from vacation trip Mr. and Mrs. Horace Danger have returned Wednesday from a four week vacation trip cov. erlng 4,230 miles through Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona. They enjoyed visiting friend* in Portland, relatives in Weed, Ml. Shasta, and Redding In Cal. Ifornla on their route to Arizona. There they visited with rela. tlves and friends in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Sightseeing trips to Mesa, Tempe, Sun City, Wick, ensburg, and Prescott In Ariz, ona were also hlghl'ghts of their trip. Returning on the coastal route, the Dansers visited with relatives in Menlo Park, Santa Rosa and Crescent City In Cal. Ifornfa. Parents to see film on drug usage All Interested parents and high school students are asked to attend the Parent Courw cil meeting to be held Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the high school library. A film sponsored by the police department will be shown. "Insight or tasanity," this film _ > __ iii _ | ^_^_ deals with all types of hallu- 7n . • cinatory drugs and thelreffects. /u m arriea X ears A demonstration to detect the odor of marijuana and discus, slon on this current problem will close the meeting. MARRIED — Sgt. Gary S. Ingle and Rosemary D. Muggy, wed In Taconw March 30, will be honored at a reception given here Saturday by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Wood. Carol Douglass of Penton was her sister's maid of honor and Jack Bequette of Fort Lewis was best man. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil N. Muggy of Seattle gave a small family reception for hfs sister and her bridegroom. Her wedding dress, streeMength, was white lace and her corsage was red roses. Interior designer for Lees Carpet Co. wi 11 present an exciting program on decorating your home, May 2nd. for information contact KAUFMAN* MILLER CO. 452-2355 CHICAGO (AP) — Timothy Crowley, 99, and his wife. Mary, 90, are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary today. Brains plus beauty DEAR ABBY: I don't know if I have a problem or not. My nexl door neighbor is a sweet young woman who comes ove; quite often as her husband frequently "works" nights and she doesn't like to be alone. I am a widow, and I love having her so that's not the problem. But the other day I visited my niece in a nearby town, and who should be her guest for the evening, but my neighbor's husband! He has seen me only when I'm throwing my trash ou». in the allty, so he didn't recognize me all dressed up with my "face" on. Should I tell my niece about him? Should I tell his wife? Oi should I approach the husband? Or should I just keep my nose- in and my rrjoyth shut? ^ , , WANTS TO KNOW UEAK WANTS: Tell your niece that you •'think" her friend is your neighbor's husband anil let her take it from there. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have been happily married lor four years, altho thus far we have not been blessed with the children we both wanted right away. After a year, I saw my physician, and he assured me that I was perfectly normal, and he could find no reason why I couldn't conceive. [He is a specialist in this field, and gave me all the tests. I After another year, and no baby, more tests were made. My doctor's conclusions were the same, only this time he asked me to have my husband come in for similar tests. Abby, when I suggested this, my husband hit the ceiling and said, "There is nothing wrong with me—I am man enough for any woman," etc. . . . We are still childless, after four years, and my husband still refuses to see a doctor. I have tried to tell him that even if he were found to be sterile, it wouldn't reflect on his so-called "manhood," but that hasn't helped. Have you any suggestions as to how I can get him to change his mind about seeing a doctor? STILL HOPING DKAIt STILL: You probably can't, and any urging you may do in that direction will only toughen his resistance. (i<>t someone else to talk to him—urctVnihl.v a medically trained person. DEAR ABBY: 1 had to laugh at that letter from the husband who complained because over the years he'd bought his wife so many beautiful sheer nightgowns but she just kept them in their original boxes and wore old faded flannel ones instead. I have been wearing gorgeous sheer, sexy nighties for years fl buy them myself I and when a friend complained to my husband recently because HIS wife wore nothing but flannel pajamas to bed, I mentioned what 1 wore, and my husband said. "Yeah, that's why she has so many colds." DEAR ABBY: I plan to announce my engagement soon, and my problem is trn's: My fiance's mother wants us to have a big wedding, and I don't want a big wedding. My fiance's family is quite wealthy, and his mother says they will pay for everything. Abby. I don't want to accept this kind of a gift from my future in-laws. Besides, aren't the bride's parents supposed to put on the wedding? Mine can afford only a simple little family affair, which is all I really want. My fiance's mother already has a "temporary guest list" of 300. She says she "owes" so many people, and there are other friends who will not invite HER to their childrens' weddings if she doesn't invite THEM to hers. She's already ' picked out the bridesmaids' dresses. How about that? Another thing. She told me she wanted me to have a baby right away because all her friends have grandchildren and she is way behind. Abby, I intend to teach school while my husband finishes law school, and we don't plan to have a baby "right away." What arn I going to do? My fiance is in the middle of all this. He doesn't want to hurt his mother, but he doesn't wanl me to be unhappy either. How can I stand up for my rights without having his mother hate me? DISTRESSED 1)10Al( mSTIlKKKUl): It may not he possible, but you'll have to take that chance if you want to he a free agent. I think you are right in refusing to allow your future mother-in-law to use your wedding to repay her social obligations. Tell her as respectfully as you can that your parents will put on the wedding, mid thanks a lot. Paint a rock NEW YORK (AP)— AtnerU can women apparently don't think a beautiful brain and lovely limbs go together—even if a British researcher does say the more intelligent the girl, the shapelier the legs. "Insane," said one woman about the suggestion. "Perfectly ridiculous," agreed another. "A bunch of baloney," concluded a third. Tfie suggestion ca me from Dr. Elizabeth Conpe as she talked •about her plan to photograph 1,000 pairs of female legs to try to prove that a girl's Personality and background are revealed by the shape of her sterns. Ttie remark was greeted with disbelief by Helen Gurley Brown, author of "Sex and the Single Girl." "I think girls with unattractive legs are frequently smart because they use their brains to call attention away from their legs,"she said. In the minority, taking a wait-and-see attitude, was mod* pitng director Eileen Ford. "If it's true," she said, "it will be reassuring for a lot of men who have been judging women by the shape of their legs for years and years." Most women, however, felt there was no relation between gray matter and gams. "It's a bunch of baloney," .said Mary Ellen Myrene, a sin. gle girl from Seattle. "I would much rather have someone look at my mind when they want to judge it and look at my legs when they want to judge them. Mixing the two seems an ex- - traordlnarlly complicated way of finding out what Is so apparent." ' Mrs. George Sanders, a state senator from Denver, said Dr. Coope's idea was "perfectly ri. dlculous," and added, "Ive known beautiful girls with beautiful legs who weren't Intelligent atalL" Plugging for brainy beauties was Mrs. Jane Byrne, Chicago's newly appointed commissioner of consumer sales, weights and measures. •I'm for that if It turns out to be true," she said of the idea. "I like to believe that a woman can be attractive, including nice legs, and still have a brain." AN ADVENTURE IN Fine Wines & Cheeses Presented April 28th 2 P.M.-5P.M. FAIRHOLM RESORT LAKE CRESCENT Benefit-Roncalli Residence Tickets Available At: Busy Bee Market-Olsen's Grocery' First Federal Savings & Loan Caroline Pharmacy Also from Roncalli Guild member in Sequim and Forks A small one, that Is. Ami pros- to!—you have a new paperweight, or doorstop. An article In the current 1s- suo of Fatally Circle Magazine suggests washing your rock selection, and examining It closely. If It's ri'lattvoly smooth, use acrylic paints—available in Jars or tubes at most art.supply stores. Paints come In regulator fluorescent colors. If your rock actually feels glassy, try adding a decal. On the other hand, you may need a primer for a very rough stone—or special paint that will not flake and can go on without a prime- coat. Check with your dealer about this. A rock with interesting contours has lots of pos- slbllltles. For example, you could follow them in a zig/.ag design. CLALLAM COUNTY REPUBLICAN CLUB Regular Monthly Meeting Tuesday April 23 8 p.m. WOMEN'S LITERARY CLUBHOUSE Featured Speaker: Rep. Virginia Clocksin EVERYONE WELCOME 30 p m NUFF SAID IN PITTSBUIU'.H illHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIinilllllllllUlllllllllllllllllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih: | The War is NOT over. Who is right 7 Who is 1 wrong on Vietnam? Assuming that an informed i public is the key to whether we have peace at i home and abroad, the Peninsula Peace Commit| tee will present two films concerning the Viet| nam War. = | i Why Vietnam? Official Defense Dept. release, | and "Vietnam, Mow Did We Gel In and How Can 1 We Get Out?" by David Shoenbrun, Professor of i Vietnamese History at Columbia University Grad- 1 uate School and former CBS Washington Bureau I Chief. Hear both sides of the question. i i BIRTHDAY — Pamela Terry. Ann Wood was one year old Friday. At her family party were her parents, Mr. and Mr»» Terry Wood, and grand. parents, Mr. and Mrs. James K. Wood. Pam was born In Berlin, Germany, where her maternal grandm< thc-v Mr? Ev» Helbig, lives. Panel Discussion Follows MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 22, 8 P.M. PENINSULA COLLEGE Science Lecture Hall Wed. Evening April 24, 8 p.m. Forks Elementary All-Purpose Room FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE OPEN ixt" SUNDAY 0 a m To 6 p.m Lots Of Free Parking Too SUNDAVCOUPON SPECIAL CUP THIS COUPON Famous Mitchel 500 With FREE «xtri spool COUPON PRICE GOOD THIS SUNDAY ONLY SHOE STORE White, Patent and Black Patent Black Patent and Bone Kid Leather *~A*<r>* Z<fc»*i ~>*/»*4V Prettiness wins out with fashion that's openly all-girl. Romantic Viva Americanas. For slightly* flirty flings 'n things. So-o-o nice! (tloor line)

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