The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 31, 1899 · Page 5
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1899
Page 5
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TOO'MAJCy^ iwas Barwiu Ploodwt AVi-.h GoverciEftni Contract W»shinsrtf»n. March y ror moiun u>. and .vnj^:i: Dlsvctor McrrUtr. the- pressing UOW i:? — , : " -* -,- " •*,• liiji tjufrui n round numbers H-aCH.^ jKiolt- j w which aU ttppl-.r-.-.nt* tuust to j a ™t, s 0 >' v«.-ff*ta'l>i<> aer<Js,. i.OtVp.wo of j'.oivur : ! seeds. ;<!.<W of ^SnCCO, 3J.300 of. cotton Ji'ad" [ I 3C.WO or Uwn •grass- A i!oJ/-u-.i.3i- >:\>m:; of t i HOBSHN1Z3NO IlCDYAKD Kll'I.INC. .Fo«-!«ra Military Att.-th tfrr*iif Ift the . ^ . rlug t.VJr jir^yn \V'a>I:UiSlo!j, iJarch S!.—Awons thr far-I Tory rhyEOS upe:: him tca aitaehts station?!! sr'. Washiiifjioa the j Strites "cuiil, tiit> silli Munthi is U.-ins foiiC-v.-.-J [ sst'c jilsiee i -v iS»'-'i •-•; it i:sj il ia uuto-iiiiiulv ttit js^rioufi 'i'jrais. the view I tun Ico ;}v.-.L ihf ;ii#»v-sri;3ts r:t!3 kei"p up H su-iiit nahil lo u'.i^a l One . :is service in shir ir.r East, suit'.! t>r its griirrai at* March taud.' If «i navy :«s!!aitii".s of 2r a day n:;>x- #«.-rn! ort'.cte-r UorS sotocUiins crudUablt: the wo- oll *u* iv!i<-r. lor-.s r«nt;::u<;^ ih;-v rc-uch! >n*B In hii i*re**«iv jjo-into hyeicrilis rhut ' prtyt^rtions." ' • • " ' break out ia kisses. Adrairal r>cv*y. cau- Si:i-« the jSKhGnsr -with the insurgent.-! j not corns honje. without rvaaUis a saunt- -.-;..,, »-.-=".« or thf fcr'-Js^i •'r>'.-t>r;!n;»-r.ta i !tlt °' attack-j from pt?or>Ie wild to gratify " suSerei for tweniy-Sve years £rora troafck, sw tried dies tiithout rc^icL I steadily grew d bcsitae unaSk to ; my ci it feies :t ihcugh I '$ouH sot "ct ay breath. ! issfd Uswe boife o: Dr, Mlks 1 Keirt j»>g God 1 ans capyis oo wa: as a ii&&. I'. CBK» ssc. .. Mrs. ?!la Sehindhelm. Mt.VemoiF, Ja-7? j>rioe and uuabie . to If ins author :& sold b>- ail erspSiKS on g first beetle b«sca:s or money back, Book oa. Lcar: aad serves sest irsc. r Ja— e= l-^'. ir; ; ; wbiSfi Ki'ori-d ui H.ofM:S,?l«i I aixr.v Memphis.-'-' POINTED PARAGRAPHS. wnerever lis arrlvnl -,>i a bis sunc?!ror ^ :i irc»*".-*i <leri! of in- ; iK thw Veii. and other I iV^ucl ;antl jiarsiiaii ; OF SUPPLIES' AT MAX JK><? s well oa : fn.v-a Oil^. is. .T^ier chanty, is Si-sj'nnln'js to Ue-i abursdwiit. Ai.-.v.# .V:^r^::rai;r;S -r. t-::s hot ; c ' t ' v ';' l -'"^ u1 ,- *-'. «»u.-. Th<* prociagtxMj is now sKvr.-. a; • c:jn>:itr- iire f^ti s' fut-fx: itm-tion ;n hiph i •''"*'" '"*"*• «" tas- con Hi bbls. a. d^y. i>-S.\~. jjimm;*. .Oowitl^ntbS- ' fcor-i fcre^d spol^J: i !^ ns -<--";, 1 ^ ^. p ^' r ^' 3. —. - . ; wjii. fac'sutti* ti.'ss. Svippii-rt in ai^ ctber - !> *' ni " >1 r urn.vUr'C' NORTHERN OIL FISLDS. | ti^srtmrjaw soixl;- ir.^cal .«ajip-:ie? sJjua-. S^iit of Att':.n'J'-!r«, • ; 7>oa'".tT«3*«£foSvnarHi Sesoi* Yoar Lift iwsy- ; 1 ' ' __ ' ^ ] To qnU tobacco *i3i!y anil loi-errer. be saaz-: 'Hra.dli'in. 1 ,. r*-.'!.. ilATch ",'>, —^Spi'Cl-ii.i—Th« ; ceUc, tall oI.H.l6.ncnrp. and -vigor, taift Ko-Te- : «rn ri'sld. The fw»l thus* *jti-_Iias r.wT. Tr,»i!o j Stcrlioc iic=*4y C«.. Ciicajo or Xerr Vorij, ! ahj.j, but !'. Ert~«r:>*-s the-'uiL-:<rtutl>Ty ihat ; T)JSD OX KATB'KP.'S SCAFFOT-i-). i ^*^ S ^"^.l". 1 ''^'. 1 !;. l^.; 1 ^ ?!!,. 1't^rl; Kansas City, ijjireti ^.-Jtn>=s Ret.!, i >l'T. Ss.—DtftS-* lirtve | -juocttfdrf . In ilJeSp"^ -theais<dv^s. ri.-.-.>rti'.-r's -jjii.-*.- i TTnca *n fstAtp- is -<SlvitJ?<S accrxMiny if> of.?h* CIiTi.'5ai;3 |-iaw It ineana that-the! h<tir*.. (ret-what is ^ _ __ , tj5«- A»«-ri«»t> | J^ft after iti«• ia.wy«» gei -ihroush.—Chi- Scr.ool Kualture Ci>- The later is ifte .re-i csgb X*vs.'- ';•.;•• .. . :"" : ; :'•• ' - . PAU1 PACKERS, Oil and es. The most Successful, Durable and Cheapest Packer on KA.IUROAD TI'L.\rFi:C ilAXAGER. Ky.. Mnreb 5?.—John the Market Manufactured by T VTc arc prrp.iired on short n or if** to furnish anythins; T* in tl'.f niarsei. to b-.iy w«?lls For Oil and Gas We!! 1 Manufeeiurers of Acme Steam En-- jgines and Boilers, The Oiln Gas igines, Steani Pumps, Eccentric J •} ers, Fumping Jacks, Tanks, etc. j. All of which have gained and |maintai-ti.ed-a reputation throughout I the oil eountiy second to none. ja ^ -:otoresare loea\ed at all points in the J^'|...._ : oil regions and are fully stocked, with """''"'"""'"the best materials- for drilling and jpumpng oil, water and gas wells. ^?rphiinii^hl'a.v'riws: v "' Wt ''"°° isirUns^-^^-t^p^r^l-S; Q £> i)OpQCpO Rrfljcffnrrf PJ?S "Ji.fidihSammiitorjrh'SnrnBtiCT. | slandlns afo Is th tt it would he as«..;,b!c i *3» IVT *-* IX*-'*'^ 4 ^ JL '*V» *-'* "- ! « A ^ i ^5 * «. fthlc to walk. T tvos trcstf-;' Who will fill them promptly with The Best Malleable Iron Frame and Superior Quality of Rubber. "rf>rvpi?tci-. and 5'.a"ft never had'n touch of thedi.v;a»e." tttrn rank than am- i can give yci: ar (Swift-'s ?T^^i:i->)^ i.j t 1 -- r-ril/ r'':J"s?tlv j ^^Jll^^^^j^^^rpbi'r^'' "n't 'DR1LUXG AND FISHING^TOOL i* gTisraritewi pur^Jy •.•egr-tabif'. Si-nd j f,7,'j;; W . or '.j, y ritt '^ T \.^ ',";,;,',' sir j't;WinVV<=-1 Third Ward, Near Bridge, . for valuable books mailed Jr<?<* by Swift j uopi^.f. r,t tn« fonprpsK rr.ipht b« lysnl; Snpply CooltMtor, with a foH-oti Specific OrcfiipwiT, Atianta, Ga. j Ro*e?.>crry. who h«i<;p;J the Liberal wi;> i 3n rt Beitiag. TELI EGBERT BOAKDMAN, KANUFACTCRXR OF FISHING TOOLS. AND STB.4M PUMPS REPAIRED. Satisfatlian Crwirantfrd. outfit of Drilling aad Fishing Tools. Con'.ns; TELEPHONES—Shof. i;.;7-z; Residence, 137-5. s lor all concerns

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