Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 16, 1961 · Page 48
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 48

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 16, 1961
Page 48
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Page 48 article text (OCR)

1 " t ,1 Las Vegas Real Indignant About Clime Story Series By HAL HUMPHREY HOLLYWOOEMWaybe you've heard that the fair city of Las Vegas, Nev,, has refused to open Its filei for two TV producers planning series with that desert p 1 a y- R round as the scene of the crime. The way things are now, neither "L a s Vegas File" (Warner Bros, for ABC) or "Las Vegas Beat" (Good- snn - Todman .. . for NBC) v , is Humphrey likely to g<f on the air next fall. When the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce saw the pilot films of these proposed series, it discovered the usual quota of murders, mayhem and general malfeasance. "Why," the boys in Las Vegas asked themselves, "should we let our little gaming village be pictured on TV as a place where crime runs rampant?" In "Las Vegas.Beat," for ex- Viewing TV ample, Peter Graves (that nice fellow from "Fury") Is a hotel publicity man who spends most of his time solving murders, heists and other assorted felonies. The sheriff and his brave men ate th« heroes In "Las Vegas file," but the Vegas city fathers found the first hour-long film "offense" to their tastes. Frankly, I don't blame the hostelry owners and other Chamber of Commerce leaders In Las Vegas for this attitude. TV viewers already believe that Chicago, Miami Beach, TaUa- hassee (Fla.), San Francisco, Hawaii and Dodge City (Kans.) are Just parking places for corpses. Why should Las Vegas allow its fair name to be sullied with such gore? The worst that can happen to the casual tourist in Las Vegas, which has become known as the "Disneyland for Adults," is the possibility of losing his life's savings at the blackjack table. But, in return, he can see more French nudes, than are I RADIO LOG The Radio and TV programs appearing in The Republic are furnished by the stations, who are responsible for their accuracy. UEQ newt on hour C—«0 740 SiO can Music, News on hr. 0 Vlt COL CB 5-940 UPD 1060 Music, news !5 mln. on hr.. {Kujje & News Music, news on fh« hour Tltfl H30 Gospel Music,, New* S mln. . on the hour. W"r. ... 4 , MBS—1110 feiPux GMllflht. Popular Music, on hr. fits, News 1360 Best In Music, Kw mln...lerhr., ^ Music, News 5 mln, on hr, KHAT 1480 Western Music, Newt on hr. & Va hr. KYND Music, News on M hr. 1590 KTAR-FM Simulcasting B a.m. KOOL-FM astli »!.! MC With KTAR to mldnloht »5.5 MC Simulcasting With KOOL KELE-FM Country Music »3.5 MC a.m, to 10 p.m. KUPD-PM 104.7 ' " hi to Gaslight . to Mldnlohl Limelight a.m SUNDAY, APRIL U 7:30 a.m. OY: Lutheran H B'e'pf. Church Heart ,-Y: Lu her, .<TAR: N. P. _ KPHO: sacred .._., KOOL: Church Hr. KPHO: Hvmn!j n F 1 rom Hare- Ing 8:00 a.m. ' KOY: Radio Bible Class KTAR: Isl Baptist Ch KPHO: News Israel KOOL: World News KOY: GllVraveler KTAR: Believe (he Bible KPHO: Layman's Hour KOOL: Christian Scientist 8:45 a.m. KOY: Garden Program KOOL: Frank & Ernesf 9:00 a.m. KOY: Friendly Time KTAR: Wlnos of de KPHO: Buzz Jonas KOOL: News, Music Hell KflfftM tilt a.m. Bill Lester olce of Prophecy 10:00 a.m. KQY = News. Lester KTARi «5, Ll NBC News. Music KTAR: Race Rpt!, lliOO a,m. Music OY: Ne\ TAR: Ni PHO: N ,. News, Music News, Radio Pulpit . — ews, Music DDL: Salt Lake Tabernacle 11:30 a.m. OY: Bill Lester TAR: Polka Church In Valley Church of Christ PHO: OOL: Time In V 11:00 Noon KOY; News KTAR: News, Music KPHO: Pat Mulligan KOOL: News, Muile 11:15 p.m. KOY: Polka Parly and News 12:30 p.m. KTAR: Central Methodist Church KOOL: News, Temple Time 1:00 p.m. KOY: Millionaires KTAR: News, Monitor KPHO: News, Music KOOL: Church of Air 1:30 p.m. KOY: Music, News KTAR: Races (Approx. , Time) 7:00 p.m. '• KOY: Weather. Music KTAR: News, Monitor KOOL: Baseball 1:40 p.m. KOY: Baseball 3:00 p.m. KTAR: News Monitor 4:00 p.m. KTAR: News, Monitor KPHO: Devils Den 4l30p.m. KPHO: American Foundation; for Blind 5:00 p.m. KTAR: News, Monitor • KPHO: ASU News,. Arlt. Review, UN Report KOOL: News, Music 5:30 p.m. KOY: Music, News KTAR: News, Monitor KPHO: Careers 5:45 p.m. KTAR: News, Monitor KPHO: Income Tax „_„ «:00p.m. KOY: Revival Hour KTARi News, Monitor KPHO: Business News, Social Security, KOOLt News* Music KPHO: So'efaFIXcurlty, Sports 6:30 p.m. Dean Manlon Monitor Invitation to Learning world Tomorrow 4)45 p.m. COY: UofA Report (PHO: Steve Lawrene* '7:00 p.m. <OY; Wm of Mankind (TAR: News, Monitor CPHO: Dial for Music COOL: News, Johnny Dollar 7:30 p.m. Issues & Answers P >B! f Tlme KOY: KTAR: KOOL: KPHO: , .. OY: TAR: PHO: Dial for Music OOL: Gunsmoke KOY: KTAR KPHO News, Monitor World At Large iSbOL: Invitation To learning KOOL: Volce P 6l"truth, Music KTAR: B 8 8Ck P to W God KOOL: Background 9:00 p.m. KOY: News At 9 KTAR: NBC Newt KOOL: World Tonlti ?:ti p.m. KTAR: Art of Living ROOL: N.Y. Philharmonic fi3t> p.m. KOY: Dance Time KfAR: Voice of Calvary KPHO: Music 10:00 P.m. KOY: News K,TAR: Billy Graham jCPHO: Music 10:15 p.m. KOY: Dance Tlmt KTAR: K.%SlTl B ht 11:00 p.m. KOY: News, Music KTAR: News, Catholic KPHO: Dla? U For Music 11:30 p.m. Nile currently In Paris-provided he looks before going to the blackjack table. * "f * EITHER TENNESSEE Ernie Ford or some NBC vice presl- dcntsr Is, going to havfe a very red facd soon. With much fanfare last December In TV Guide magazine, Ernie announced this was his last season of weekly TV shows. At NBC, however, nobody seems to have read this ultimatum. The netwotk has him locked neatly into the same Thursday night schedule for next season. The word around- Sunset and Vine is that Ernie's agents (Music Corp. of America) are applying the thumb - screws. They are painting a beautiful picture of how Ernie can still work his farm In Northern California, like he wants to do, but cominute (via rocket?) to Hollywood for his weekly song-and- pea-plckin' clambake. It may mean a lot of flying for Ernie, but somebody at MCA is going to be able to keep his Rolls Royce, and that's important, too! Now, all that Ernie has to do Is explain why he changed his mind about retlrln', eh Ernie? * * * SOME PERFORMERS cry that the newspaper critics are too poisonous and unfair in their criticisms. Actually, we are just a bunch of big-hearted pushovers, compared to the National PTA magazine. Here is just a part of its review of ABC's "Soupy Sales" program for kiddies. Says the • PTA critic: "A coarse voice, a crude vocabulary, a vulgar enunciation, atrocious grammar, bestial grunts, howls, yowls, shrieks, gargles, croaks, spitting and other hideous and uncouth noises emanate from throat and stomach to pro•duce the unsavory stew that's poured over your' child every Saturday morning in the hope of eliciting the right answer to the sponsor's question—'What's for dessert?'" * * *. AN AGENCY MAN recently refused to let "The Limeliters" sing their current hit, "Dollar Down, Dollar a Week," on his sponsor's TV show., He was afraid it might engender more "recession talk." * * • COMIC BOB NEWHART went over so big on Toronto's Telemeter Pay-TV last January that the company has offered him $1500 for each of three nights just/to repeat .the tape of his' original show. Pianists Make Recording pebut Ernie Ford ts He Or Isn't He? Highlights On Radio At 12:30 p.m., KYND, Candidates for Congress. Mac C. Matheson-Morris Udall debate. At 2:40 p.m., KOY, Baseball. Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Los Angeles Dodgers. Game played in Los Angeles. At 5:30 p.m. KPHO, Israel Independence Day. Sal Mineo, one of the stars of the movie "Exodus," will narrate the half hour documentary, commemorating Israel Independence Day. At 8 p.m., KOY, Classics You Want. Program devoted to music of Serge Rachmaninoff. Arthur Rubinstein will play Variations on a Theme. Walter Susskind conducts London Philharmonic Orchestra. At 10:05 p.m., KOOL, New York Philharmonic Orchetsra. Violinist Zlno Francescatti will be featured soloist on this final broadcast of the season. Leonard Bernstein will conduct. By DELOS NEW YCfRK (UPI) - Two prize-winning pianists are making theft recording debuts. One Is the 18-year-old Italian, Mau- rizlo Polllni, who won the 1960 Warsaw Chopin Competition. The other is the 18-year-old Texan, Ivan Davis who won the first Franz Liszt Competition in New Y6rk last year. Pollini recorded Chopin's E minor concerto with the Phllhar- monia Orchestra, Paul Kletzki conducting (Capitol - SG7241). This is music for 18-year-olds who are fired by romance and thrilled by beauty for beauty's sake. He plays it with love, almost with kfsses. APPROPRIATELY Davis, the Liszt winner, recorded Liszt — six of the shorter pieces and the Sixth Hungarian Rhapsody, all marked by their extreme demands upon the technique of the performer. Davis meets all challenges easily with enough left to shape their expressive content (Columbia-MS6222). But the exciting new piano recording is one by Sviatoslav Rlchter perhaps because he recorded music which has depth and variegated meanings to challenge listener and player alike. This was two Beethoven sonatas, the "Appassionata" and the A-flat, Opus 26, the one with a funeral march (RCA Vic- tor-LSC2545). The record displays why Rich- SEWING BEE HOLLYWOOD - Seventy cos- turners, an all-time Warner Bros.' high for a single motion picture, are preparing the 1912 period wardrobe for Meredith Willson's "The Music Man," which Morton DaCosta is producing and directing. <PHO: Sign Off COOL: Sign Off IN RVENT OP A CIVIL DEFENSE EMERGENCY DIAL YOUR RADIO TO 140 OR 1240 Only Lip Readers Knew HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Richard Arlen, who looks younger than his 60 years, says it's a good thing there were no sound tracks around when some of the early silent pictures were filmes. "Everybody used to swear like hell," he explains. "The old handcrank camera would be grinding away and I'd be yelling at my leading lady: " 'Get out of the way, you bum.' And the subtitles would read, "Look, baby, I love you.'" Arlen also recalls a facial expression that was in great demand by directors of the silent era. "It was one of perennial surprise," he ; s ay s. "This ex- pression was in so much demand that some actors would shave off their eyebrows and paint brows higher up so there would be no chance of losing that eager look." HALF HOUSE? HALF TRAILER? Compact Luxury Living SEE The OASIS 6700 East Thomas MOTOROLA TV 12 MONTH WARRANTY on all tubes and parti PERSONAL SERVICE v AT ALL TIMES The best of all 19" port. priced from BILL'S TV 4530 N. 19th Avo. AM 6-4671 Call Me For A long Trade-In Pft 50 KOOL-CBS-RAD10 96 KC AM 94.5 me FM YOUR SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS STATION SMITH ter can play only Beethoven sonatas In recital and not only get away with It, but make the evening an unforgettable experience. He gets so deeply into musical structures each segment has individual significance but all are unified Into the whole. He projects not so fnuch' an over-all concept of the composer as realizations of Isolated works of that composer. AS FEATURED ON AYERICK A:30 Tonire—Channel 3 ALSCO ALUMINUM SIDING with BAK-R-FOAM Insulation / PROTECTS V INSULATES V BEAUTIFIES • ««ve» healing cosh in winter i«vei cooling cojfj in Jummer *. most advanced in fhe industry • over 50 landscape color combinations • can't rusti rot, warp, chip, crack or peel • applied over stucco, wood, shingle, block or brick NO MONEY DOWN 100% FINANCING ANYWHERE IN ARIZONA D Please send me Free Booklet without obligation. CM would like a Free Estimate. Name Address City Phone BEN GORBETT CONSTRUCTION CO, Come To Our Office and Warehouse at 1612 E. Monte Vista R'd. PHOENIX, ARIZONA At 4-7937 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE Phoenix, Sunday, April The Arizona ftepaMte C-fl America's Most Recommended Movers * MOVING * STORING * PACKING j 'CALL PHOENIX AL 4-4141 SCOTTSDALE WH 5-2661 * LOCAL * NATION-WIOt • WORLD WIDE • EXCLUSIVE "PRIOH-PACK" * ESTIMATES WITHOUT OBLIGATION CHAMBERS MOVING & STORAGE Three rings of fun every morning. The Family Circus 1 '* " panel by Bil Keane. Cool Man, Cool '' ~' ' " ',„ « Summer Rales NOW! Leases $100 and.up I, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apts. Studio & Bungalow Units HOTEL -ROOMS $5 Daily or by Week II III Sunday Discount TOWER PLAZA - McDOWELL STORES OPEN 9-5 P.M. QUANTITY LIMITED ON ALL SETS EMERSON 17" 1961 Model WITH TRADE Amazingly Compact! Fits Most Anywhere •— In Attic, Carport/ Through The Wall I This summer, and every summer, you can keep the whole family cool and comfortable with a low-cost York Whole House Air Condi- fcionerl You just dial the temperature you prefer, and a thermostatic control maintains it automatically. Exclusive Cooling Maze Coil removes 30% more humidity. Available in high-efficiency single or twin cooling system models! WHOLE HOUSE AIR CONDITIONIHG WITH EXCLUSIVE "BALANCED COOLING" A York bonus that' ' means better health ' • and comfort for your '-* family. No over-cooling. No drafts. ARIZONA YORK AP 8-8551 HOFFMAN PORTABLE Reg. $209.95 »« [With Urade butler homes exclusive from $22 6OO Arcadia district Hll>l>Hlli I CM IUCI I )|>vn IU / -Hoffman Stereo Req. $500.00 Now $27500 Used Color Set '295°° WITH TRAOi McDOWEU. STORE WE$TINGIiOUSE 19 Inch PORTABLE $ 149"° with trada CLOCK-RADIO AM-FM Reg. $49.95 00 USED TV'S G.E. 23 1M1 ii lOO With Trade 5 00 PER MONTH BANK TERMS 23' ZENITH SPACE COMMAND 1961 269 With Trade HC I U)It 11 O t ( \iinclb,n'k on -1-Jtli Slivcl T0WIR PLAZA 31931 ( Thome* BR 5-8531 MESA 149 W, MAIN WO 4*4164 UPTOWN PLAZA Central & Camelbaek CR 4J7779 MCDOWELL 1135?. McDowell AL 8-8521 GRANDVIEW PLAZA 5812 W. Camelbaek Yi ?.$0?? PERFORMANCE Is better than any claim 'The performance of incomparable ZENITH HIGH FIDELITY STEREOPHONIC RECORD PLAYING INSTRUMENTS will convince you that Zenith makes all records sound better than ewer... there's a reason! EXCLUSIVE EXTENDED REVERBERATION New Zenith Extended Reverberation brings vibrant "living sound" plus Extended Stereo which gives the greatesTsbund separation ever from a single cabinet. Extended Rever- beratlon brings out the hidden realism from all your records. You must hear ill Each note takes on (he vibranceanddepth like ^hethrlll. 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