The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 30, 1899 · Page 8
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1899
Page 8
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<?st&£&§S35: MABGH 30.189& ; I SPRAY FROJVt THE DERRICK. ] * *. .„» ,.^' an! MaridoHn Clubs. .*x or bvterlaa citur«*E, will be f -Apni i«. tt\nn i to C j>, I ihiUttd Wa-i~ .ifcj t,K^ki-i. }1 A,Settled Purpose. for u* - <-f the : x,r^i^,,> , t ni POSTER'S HALU >.^ t"ifJ^Ut<v I Tuesday, Aprii 4th. fixed pos e froiri -wbrieh i t swerves n ot; '• broad i36nevy^ : ^^ie>i: :;; 'it:: adheres. ng-' woman £n:-Hi Admission 50 CCHtS, • •. ^ .-•... ~ -• '• • Ormston's. : CAR nri C. PAUL, Proprietor. i si.25 per day. JAn immense assortment of Ne\V "lain St., Oil City, Pa.! I i Spring Styles, \. v !fiis?=fei' 'i?;aVvX :' n» aisil ir.a«y J Any of those Velvets, Axtninstars, -Body and 1 . ,i,:v.>iear or his death .and \vj;c» wiU sym- . Warps, Mattings, etc. Be sure and see our line and prices. -AT MeCARl XT TO I" WILHELI BAKSHiES! .. i cure. Bc'&ii's. Oiruniwu isover rails. ' No^w for ne^vn©ss and'.news: i—~ i Kama and t&xntiy > KOCiis, t:;«y .expect 10 luakt thtsr -fUTstrr. it Is vrfih r*-srr-t - _. . ,.,--'EJs in ihi^ city I popular family Jeav^-Oil Ci;y. I j Easter Unit*,, lily of ihe',v:iiU-y;. at Ij>s- j Dress Qoods. Time now— btty'iiae ".."place here— ascclleaca acd price rsasoaable- . .a. «t,£ni!aatK37i to oosjure wiriu Ths s.t iO -as*, oi the., depsrt- . , Checked A?oWttKi: H^rrtaE- Bone aad all *J»c u;w w&aves »?«• fo«r.d j.t this -prk*. £KCc)i«ot 'In -quality aat! - ' lailor-riade Saltins ' suits, i offsets, .'iaoat of ihr et«s, , stripes. ' ^uiistur : priced ? vhca' •' siv'.« ' a " Exclusive Silk Stles. 's opening, <Jt»ablc j pluck ti:e ?xelusive jjluars ?f stood* at i ruoiutw. '.5£<i after iht? tirst Friday ; .lure, when !'in A;,irii, :.ij*y-will » c t-t in ite K. K* i>. i plums aad ! ha!! in the- S.a.vhww Bank binet.' This js,'*V" : 0 RA New Spring Styles $0 RA V'W' . in Footwear . ipu.i)U, , We hare them to fit aay foot, to suit any taste—patent ! leathers, bJaek rid and titan calf; several shades 61 taii and rasset shoes. toiow that they _wIU not. be dupHcsteU. i c-hfm?i-">n Wst-tieif jiiis-ht.-!' iis Wli "a«"in ! qiii!ity and -style coasldercd. foru;ct'!v ".tst> on WrtSt-fAiay uven!r.i;A Th>> b.isnx!3l iae?tbig t»f the Commercial j Koan! or thr Oli CUy Oil. Grain & StocX. i tsschaojfs w:ti f^hv-dhi tist! parlors oi «!ir! - New . .,"••'•. Black Crepons. .-Crepons isoid Jn'-ptiMic favor, that. is. 1 Wi ?ekj:, wa>; nrrt-rf«J ir, >:r,v cssti-.' Tues-i the KooiJ ktBiJs '•?*—airan. aatif-cctttia, !'-">"• < - la-!*~t? 1 " with. ste-iU-iis :t cumber 01 i latSeiLhle sons ar* vwy <Jisa.j>poijii;iaj^ Our j »r:=c!e.« :ro:" si 9ti>n: Ih.sJssv '-i'.y wht;r^ i nsw-Creposs arc all <>J tii-> rtchebt kinds, j stw .was'ftwptoywj -previous'to hor mar-i JT*C>i?^3* J)Ul^^?i Of .^It^liii.Iy ^'H3 pSU'C, •wool §rr«sjict5-_j<:'mj» with silken snia: Oeml-made [New ;.'..,-. {Tailored Gowns. You can see them. In our windows. '.-.€&!!•' j these shoes. 2s T o trouble to show ,s;oods. j(jJO RA The price of any Shoe (PO llpUaUUt . you mav select. . ¥^- j •/ «/ exoinine ^^*^5t tfcc Tu^£ JsJJT ^Ji4>ppt!iJir 2|£i^ J*tTO£i I CJElfiTC> tlt& t}*-- 1 ^*^*.^ f 1 * Kpear, 'TJj»j^re aa cut ang.served t^ffethsrij arti-iis.. TJiai's -tvfr- .&& yoa. lBr T e to.-co i? IPHJ: toj) and, bos-tom j tf-s4:™our sxitrees tv;i.r: of SfOlclt Chei !->C "lo.ths:. .-.'njanjr ' styW. j -Jn" not b-'cp^* to' : bji;', L "Isur so- T^PQ -aiHcfi— prlc*. SS.W,. " t'-wiiy .^-e do ts»e «aU bu SHOE STORE. '" ; " ' itoL." 1'i "rS'f~* 'lof S-^i fr-« H^l^ i ;ilj<i wi " ^ ta -~ M . '» •caar s «"'by...;tf ^xia'rt 1 --^. ; --^.f *-* M JL* tx*-' C fVvi ». | |^:^ i0 f; ra^^ <=' ^=^^=i-.. n, sfes^ Carpets' and I ace Curtains ^W JL-rf %»/. l.Ilii! city ~,n HOES lor BOYS M GILSi'SiliS^S •LV SCPPLY^YOaJVITX STRONG, 'AT THE SAVE 7nfB^^^r.%^^ , SHOES FOR THEM. _A nicc^scn Ind "s'jsses* Shoe.. wi clack -veering tc^->. Ji hoc, or buirnn.. SI.35. •^ j I \Ve.navc. j«sf received our Spring Stock of Carpets and Lace Curtains, and ; in order to advertise this department we .will offer- We entire i>tock at a big ' rfeduction all this w=cki Here is an opportuinty to purchase your Carpets and Lace Curtains at a saving of from 150 to 250 on every dollar. i Good Bniascis Caqict, worth 6oc, at ! Nine-Wire Tspestrj" Brussels, worth 750, at. ~jj. ."A i Best quality• Tapestry Brussels,' worth cioc, at ,. i Finest quality Brussels Carpets, worth $1.00, at i Good Heavy Ingrain Cirpets, wonb 350, at .'...' * ; Extra Heavy Union Ingram Carpets, worth soc, at. 450 vii^ " Kid ; jiajzj- K: i5rr.fir;stit AJ Try ;i.-j CrrrmraU i Every n-rri. boy-or; child" who wants .to be dressed nice for Fiste- -howd - iP'p.'v i nn<:ild c ™£ f -- (lt OnejFffff Special Sale of Glen's. Beys a«J Children's Chth- I , , . .... ; Extra Super All-Wool Carpets, worth (ice, at.... ...... •„ ! Extra Heavy Alt-Wool Carpets, worth 700, at. ooc *-c=vy, ht* neat Dress Shoes,' f* ? /> ^ and S .48. s^,,"."Tr.1?. ".'t!'.:!?./. 0 ..?!:!.!!. $1.75 and $2j 89c and 9Sc. . fe -zxil t«>uble-Brta>te<i Suits satin faced. Si'i.oo'- ti:is p. m.,-.?wt <-);v:.-.s if, thr 1-,-iiS cr:nd;i'i ; the ruafe theTuiit-ntl n-sfi----: 1 .!^ n ith=^i,,-h i un^^.-sv T^r* ^-cro ii^tv TBovs' .Qirv^ Sufe.^,^; thirW^c'"'""^"^-^ : "•""" "-"'""".*'"."""" ^ i .- rncttds ami ;.-oiphlw«* or-rii«- (J.^r .:.•"!...-,;.'-, -. ^. •- ,V .*-.,: V . .T •"' -'.-•....-. '.-.7= f • '"^ • lioy s foisie >rrfjc Muts. /.uk txccd. $; this week •'•-.,. -no ! '-''" Boyi" Fancy Suits. AJt'color*, 551.30; this week '..,.".""." '"" j}'- o | Ch:i«i'> Vesrce Saits,.'3,to S Vears. §2.00: this week -"'.".".".".'! j'^S ' Oitid s^'^siec Situs, j'to S yeary s S.i. 50; tills -,veck .._ t j'^ i "oy:i" S*.3t.s. -S so 16 j-car^-sbori pants, $2.03; this week ,'^.Q i • DEATH *VA9 St."DI>EN'. . . Boy*' Fancy Suit.*, 8 to 16.years, short pants, S^.oo; this week " T'^<? | i A Fonr,^- ^f- e . n *;!?".-„. K-H-k f -.^ 1^^' ^ Ut - S '^ e Sdte -: S 'f 'W". short pact's, SS-CO: this W«k".Y.Y." V-OQ I 1 -vi"-'''- r^^t-J ^-^l^n^pr^Overcca^^u, week ................... ...$=,98. ^,.50 and JLOO I . A¥t ^ J "-J-'•'•''"-""- , ; Fiovs knee P«m^-^ to iu years, this week '.. i/c, aac and -<?c '' Just received, a large assortment of new Soring Jackets and Tailor-Mada ' • ' '-• .-•-: ; '- ;: ' •: : ~" ' AT ' •' -• 20T CENTRE STREET AND iS38 STCAMOEE STBEET r OT& OITS. FX [SCHWEI xis cennw Street OIL CITT. PA. '% IIS SycaciaM Street ' "B"""^' ' ^si««rH.c SSttli.-^'-M ^%,«< a »«0d«« .relay*- -fruited .in! ; itr. Jiiio^t^s -ttrnw 1}it' ^.iv; (jf j £ Will find it worth their '?' » - ' . •. time to call on us. in a storm—They used to be considered a luxury 1 ^ —that's before we pulled the price down to! ^ reason. Special occasions today worth sincp biii>n ensastfir'ai f iiuritiexK. l>«i-«i»'rtl Krary KJiodts. of Kfis is:jr -aid thr.. oi! ! Spreads to . AH Warranted { Waterproof. I Gr^tians Cos, of N'cw AViiminKton. |-vrss an honest, uprlehr cittern, bcirj? I many yff.-irs a rfilffrrrit worktr nr.fl {« 's Half Hose We don't seii the cheaper kind-the kind that! don't shed water. Umbrellas, if you wantj them, cost $ i .00, $ 1 .50, and up to $5.00. j ^ 1^ 1 ' X I ' )J $1.25, 15c, ll-2c yard! 4e jard; lOck !0c ! •#• jk. ^ -i'i. ^ ^ ^'i. ^ ^' ^ xr/ -J, '• v '»'• x »- 'r T T -T* i 5 " "TiF" "^ "^i 5 '" LADIES' TAILOR-ilADE SUITS. WE ALSO KEEP A CHOICE SENECA ST. PRICgr-CLOTHIERX Oil New Arnvafs jassortment of SHk JYLuiJs, Persian Lawns, Fine Dim-! of :f e perfection Wrappers 'in Per-! I ' it * es ' Organdies and Liberty Satins. I no-rn „ , ,„ , .- 1 '™; Suits, siyh'siily cut VI.-H! mu-lc of i.he nio>i• • fa.-shionaWi- mat-rial- at sraatl iUb^ r ' r "' : ' 1 ril " ic '' : " ; ° et '''' cr 'I"'-* 1 ^'''ng. is t?;c or<-irr of The ri;iy is? :hi- 1515-,v garment | Dopannicm. \Vc handle none tun rciisblc gtt>ds niu! gcaraniec perfect Nitisfac- j t;<m. in both niaieria!.- and absolatdy correct style ami perfect ni, I O'.-r cinp!r,yrs i n Cioak-room arc coTnjicttut ;ir.d z«!3v alive to the iir,T>< ' of Wea-ing our patron* 10 the last detail. ' cales. S;iVi?'.,- .««?;. i.awn<«. V.'-c; IhimU , thr Perfcc : ' ; -./n \Vrappcr cxcltisively .'in- 1 excel any \vrn;i;wr ;;: the ;n:jr!< v t i money refunded. Pric«r< i$j.7> • 2O3 Centre Moore 204 Sycamore Sis. The Bk>ck.~ Centre, Sycamore anci Sim Streets.,

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