The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas on February 19, 1986 · Page 24
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The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas · Page 24

Seguin, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1986
Page 24
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Page 10B - Wednesday, February 19, 1986- The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise : 'rS! Historical Foundation prints photo history AUTO HfLP WANTfD 1 OBlHfLP WANT*D 108 ABILENE (AP) - The Texas Historical Foundation didn't have to look far to find a project for the 1986 Sesquicentennial. Its vice president, W.P. "Bill" Wright Jr. of Abilene, filled the bill. The Abilene businessman, recently elected chairman of the Texas Committee for the Humanities, recalled the success of a photographic history of Abilene in which he had been involved. That project had been put together and printed by the University of Texas Press for the city's centennial. The volume was a success, so why shouldn't a photographic history of Texas go over big? Wright became involved in the foundation's sesquicentennial project during a conversation in 1982 with John Ben Sheppard, another longtime board member and former Texas attorney general. "He asked me to think about a project," Wright said. That conversation led to a two- volume photo history of Texas. The first volume covers the years from 1050 to 1980, and the second from 1980 to now. "We felt there should be one volume of Texas history and one of contemporary times," Wright said. The "Historic Texas" volume includes photographs selected from among thousands collected throughout the state. They date from the earliest days to the start of the 1980s and cover many facets of early Texas life. "The 'Contemporary Texas' volume is the work of 16 world-class photographers selected to show the Texas of today," said Wright, himself a keen amateur photographer. Many months were spent planning, securing financial support and editing material before printing by Texas Monthly Press. Initial funding of $105,000 for the editorial budget came from Dupont and Conoco, Wright said. As director of the project, Wright put together an editorial team that included Martha A. Sandweiss, curator of photographs for Fort Worth's Amon Carter Museum, general editor; Roy Fluklnger, curator of the photography collection at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, associate editor; and Anne W. Tucker, curator of the Gus and Lyndall Wortham collection Houston Museum of Fine Arts, contributing editor. "Each editor was asked to select five photographers to work on the contemporary volume," Wright said. In addition, the editors invited author William A. Owens to write the essay for the historic volume, and Stephen Harrigan, senior editor of "Texas Monthly," to do an essay for the contemporary volume. Both accepted, and their essays add much to the books, Wright said. "We also were able to get Richard Pearce-Moses to work full time in locating photo collections," Wright said. "He visited archives, and looked over private and corporate collections. There were literally thousands of photographs viewed from which the final selections were made." Pearce-Moses has extensive experience both as a working photographer and as a photographic, archivist. During the course of the project additional funds were granted by the Texas Commission on the Arts through the Amon Carter Museum, Wright said. In addition to a boxed, limited edition the books are available unboxed and can be purchased as a set or by single volumes. The historic volume is $29.95 and the contemporary volume $35 at bookstores throughout Texas. Profits will go to the Texas Historical Foundation — one-half to aid the Capitol restoration and the other half for the foundation's project of identifying and cataloging the historical photography collections in Texas. Each photographer agreed to donate one set of prints to the Humanities Research Center and one set to Amon Carter Museum for a traveling exhibit to be shown in Texas. Fajitas make their way to Midwest, New York FREMONT (AP) — Hector Recio can't understand why fajitas, the sizzling Tex-Mex cuisine making its way north, has become so popular in recent years. He can remember the beef skirts used as scrap meat 50 years ago, when he was 8 years old. "I was raised on them. And who would have thought that fajitas would ever pick up like they did," he said. Recio's father was a butcher northwest of this South Texas community and Recio had to get up early to help him slaughter steers. "The first thing they did after slaughtering it was to get the liver and the fajitas and to put them right on the coals," he said. The beef skirt has been popular in the Southwest and particularly among Mexican-American families in South Texas for generations. Within the last five years, however, the popularity has extended beyond the Red River. Beef industry officials hope the fajita will change the minds of weight-conscious consumers who are straying away from red meat and to fish and poultry. "We feel it is answering some of the consumer demands, in that it can be a lighter product in a small portion size. It can be an appetizer or an entree," said Mary Adolf, director of food services and retail program for the National Livestock and Meat Board. "It's something that's fun. You can do what you want with it," she said. Fajitas — little belts in Spanish — hold in place the cattle's heart and lungs. There are only two fajitas on each calf or steer and they range in size from 12 to 18 inches in length depending on the animal. Fajitas also were used for ground meat, but are now making their way to the Midwest and Manhattan. "I think that Mexican-styled food is becoming more popular countrywide ... and it has gotten more popular as more traditional dishes, like fajitas, become better well known," said Bill McMillan, a former U.S. Department of Agriculture official. "It's good food, good flavor, and different. They had been fairly well confined to the border states until more recent years and now have become more widely known and widely accepted," said McMillan, former USDA assistant secretary for marketing. Because of their demand the most tender fajitas are becoming expensive — about $3 a pound in grocery stores and more for prepared dishes in restaurants across the country. That price compares with about 10 cents a pound for fajitas in the 1930s, Recio said. Ms. Adolf said that northern Mexican food restaurants have added fajitas to their menus and that chain hotels across the country also have included it in their restaurants. Restaurants have different ways of preparing fajitas. Some marinate them, using special spices to tenderize and season the meat. Some even have substituted more tender cuts of meat. Others prepare them with green peppers and onions. Some have added chicken fajitas to their menus. Many restaurants are broiling them over mesquite coals. Most serve the beef fajitas in strips, sizzling hot with flour tortillas and such toppings as guacamole, cheese, sour cream and "pico de gallo," a mixture of onions, green peppers and tomatoes. "It's a real tasty piece of meat if you fix it right," Recio said. "You can ruin a fajita. Sometimes I do that." Two years ago, Recio and his son, Homero, traveled through South Texas and northern Mexico in search of the origin of fajitas. Homero Recio, a lecturer of animal science at Texas A&M University, obtained a fellowship to find out more about fajitas. His research led him back to his own family. "I think it was Daddy who was the first, according to Mother, who is still alive, to come up with the term — fajita," the elder Recio said. He said when he was growing up barbecue pits or grills were unheard of and meat had to be placed directly on the mesquite coals. Fajitas had skin on them and that kept the juices inside. "We put this right on top of the coals," Recio said, demonstrating with three strips of marianatcd meat. "I haven't done this in a long time. I don't know how they will turn out." Twenty minutes later, after continuous turns, the three strips of meat had shrunk. Recio pulled the skin apart with his fingers. "Jt may have a few ashes on it, but other than that it's good," he said as he bit into a fajita-filled flour tortila. "And see all the juice that's still inside." But Hecio satd the emerging popularity of Tex-Mex food, especially fajilas, is ironic. He remembers when he used to be ashamed of it when he was going to school with Anglos. Back then, tacos and sandwiches, like the children that brought them for lunch, did not mix, Recio said. "We were taught to respect and to be ashamed, I guess, of what we were," Recio said. "The Mexican kids used to group around a mesquite tree, a corner, have our tortillas and beans, potatoes, eat in hurry and then go out and play. That was part of growing up. We are not ashamed of what we door eat anymore." 1950 Chev. original, 1900. 1952 Chev. original, perfect condition, $1,800. Also 4- burner stove, $150. 3790420. Can be seen at Chema'g Restaurant. 1967 Chevrolet Pickup, best offer! 379-2023. 1969 El Camino, automatic, V-8, In very good condition. 1875. 379-7174 or 557-5822. 1969 Mercedes 280 SE. Excellent condition, will consider trade. $4,950. 3720090, 379-3791. Dan. 1973 Chevrolet Impala Station wagon, one owner, good family car, good condition. $995. 379-4328. 1975 Ford Maverick, as is. $200. 557-5057. 1976 Ford Bus, 42 ft., converted into store on wheels. Bus and fixtures, $3,900. 512-923-0244. 1976 Oldsmobile 98 Regency. $1,500 or best offer. 1976 Ford pickup, $2,500 or best offer. Both excellent shape. Will consider trade. 372-1697. 1978 Buick Skylark. 6 cyl., A/C, cruise control. 49,000 miles, good condition. 3791760, 379-9454. 1979 Custom Chevy Conlempo Van. Refrigerator, sink, bed, table. Looks and runs good! $5,200.379-3191. 1980 Ponliac Phoenix LJ. Very good condition. Loaded. $1,800. 832 W. Court, 8-5. 1982 Ford Pickup, 1/2 ton, good running condition. $2,695. 379-2434. 1983 Buick Riviera. Excellent condition, 34,000 miles, loaded. $9,950. Will consider trade. 372-0090, 379-3791. Dan. 1983 Buick Regal Limited. Loaded, low mileage. $6,500. 379-2942. 1983 Olds 98 Regency Brougham, 28,000 miles, loaded, like new, and beautiful. 379-9291 after 6:00. 1984 Silverado Suburban, completely loaded, looks and drives like new. $10,900 bank payoff. Call 379-9291. 1985 Honda Accord LX. 5- speed manual transmission. Assume lease or buy. Call evenings, 372-5666. 1985 SUBURBAN, custom interior, dark tinted windows, new transmission, excellent condition. 6295396 after 5 p.m. 1977 Camaro, new paint, Eagle ST's, velour interior, louvers. Nice car. $1,850. Best offer. 625-4926. '78 Oldsmobile Delta 88 two-door. Runs great! Never dented, service record. $1,600., negotiable. 372-0273, evenings. Classic 1954 Ford, 2-door, 6 cyl., standard with overdrive. $1,800 or trade. Call 379-1491. Do yoni Need clothing? Have an eye for style or want to cultivate one? Are you willing to work 10-20 hours per month? Can you use some extra cash? II so, please call 372- 1404. Mature Christian woman needed in church nursery Sunday mornings. 3723040. 379-1613. _ Mother's helper wanted. My home, 5 days a week. Call after 7 p.m. ,379-7978. POSITION VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT City of Seguin "An Equal Opportunity Employer" SERVICE WORKER I- Golf Course This is unskilled work which involves the upkeep and maintenance of the golf course. No educational requirements; no experience is necessary. Must have the ability to withstand the physical demands; some knowledge of golf is desirable. Deadline for applications is 2-21-86. Starting salary is $3.89/hr. Part-time cook. Must be good with steaks. Call Ed Koonce, 372-0950. DELIVERY PERSON. Due own transportation. Small car or motorcycle helpful. Cash paid daily. Apply at 313 N. Austin, alter 9:30 a.m. Experienced carpenters needed, references. Call Judy Krueger, 379-9245. GOVERNMENT S16,040-S59,230/yr. Now Hiring. Call 805-687-6000, ext. R-10215 for current federal lint. Ladies part-lime, full-lime *how and »*ll Jewell By I'arklanc, will train. 1-6256449. Snelling & Snelling Employment Service Dunbar Blrtg. Hwy 46 &81 E. 625-7395 P.T. Clnrlciil-SS. hr. Ins. Snl(!.s-S9.000 > comnt. Exuc. SUC.-S1.200-SI.400 mo. Fronl Desk Clork-S'i- S4.50 hr. Shop Mgr.-Stnrl S900 mo. Chnlrsidc Assist. -S600- S800 mo. Exp. legal Scc.-Snlnry Nccjo. Assist. Mgr./Collections S800-S1.000 mo. Exp. Rcnrty Mix Truck Drivers-Start S5.75 hr. Abstrnctor-Snliiry Ncgo. BUS. PROP. 105 For Lease-Commercial metal building, 5,500 sq. ft., large office with bath A CA/H, large show room area, will lease all or part. 379-6307. YARD SALES 107 Furniture (sofa bed, beds, •dresser, mattresses, chairs, tables, etc, I, dishes, linens, bicycles, clothes. Sa*<irday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 302 Coventry. HELP WANTED 100 Diesel Truck Drivers. 25 years or older. Minimum 3 years experience, good driving record. Apply at 1133 N.Bowie. MARK GOOD MOINKY! Telephone talker needed. Telemarketing experience helpful, but not necessary. Will train. Guaranteed pay plus commission, plus bonus. Apply 313 N. Austin, alter 9:30 a.m. WANTED INSURANCE AGENCY ROOKEKPER. Mutt have knowlege and experience working with accounts current. 625-6611. EASY ASSEMBLY WORK I 1600. per 100. Guaranteed payment. No experience/no sales. Detail*: lend self- addressed, stamped envelope: ELAN VITAL 690, 3418 Enterprise Rd., Ft. Pierce, FL334«2. Experienced long haul driver, mum be 25 years of age with good driving record. 1-658-2785. The Job Market Employment Agency Permanent and Temporary Jobs 203 S River 3793060 DAY CARE CENTER DIRECTOR-axparlencad. EXPERIENCED OFFSET PRESS OPERATOR MAIN FRAME COMPUTER OPERATOR TELEVISION TECHNICIAN ADMINISTRATIVE OPERATIONS MGR.-*»9/hr. Must b» exp. office mgr. Domino's Pizza needs to fill the following positions: •Drivers $4.25 per hr. plus mileage •Manager Trainees $275/wk. Applicants must be 18 years or older, have a valid Texas driver's license & own car. Will train. Bring copy of your current auto insurance policy to interview. Call 372-8070 after 5 p.m. to arrange interview. 1007S. Guadalupe Seguin SUCCESSFUL & EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE AGENT Needed to Direct Marketing Activities of Area's Largest Commercial Real Estate Firm Generous Automobile Er Entertainment Expense Allowance Paid By Company Please forward your complete resume to: Drexel Corporation P.O. Box 30, Seguin, Texas 78155 VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT SEGUIN INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT The Seguin ISO is currently seeking applications for: Lunch Duty Attendants ($3.35/hr.--approx. 2-3 hrs./day) and Substitute Teachers ($35 a day). Those interested may apply at the Personnel Office, 1227 E. Cedar St., Seguin TX. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER *»**»*»»****»» iDMiimiiiiiQiiHimiiiiaiiiiiiiiHiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiDiiiiiiiiiHiai Whataburger, Inc. GET HOME FROM WORK before your kids get home from school. Sell Avon. Call 379-3108 Schubert Distributing Inc.: wanted part-time computer operator El- data entry clerk. IBM System 34/36 experience a plue. Apply In person, by appt. only. 379-1043 ask (or Glenn. CLASSIFIEDS . '• V LfOALS AND CATERER TEH- MIT LOCATED AT ULR1CH ROAD, EAST SIDE, .6 MILES SOUTH OF INTERSECTION OF GIN ROAD, SEGUIN, GUADALUI'E COUNTY, TEXAS BY RIO C1HOLO RANCH, INC. OFFICERS ARE CHARLES PARETCHAN, PRESIDENT, UNIVERSAL CITY, TEXAS! W. STEVEN MASSIE, VICE- PRESIDENT, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS; W. HENRY CHRISTOPHER, JR., SECRETARY, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS) TOMMY L. MCDONALD, TREAS., SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS UNDER THE NAME OF RIO C1IIOLO RANCH. LIVESTOCK For Sale: 8 year Sorrel gelding. Heeling horse, top quality, first $1500. Call Shawn, 1-353-7788. For Sale: Dulls and Yearling replacement heifers, sired by pure bred Black Limousin. Lorenz Bading, 1-625-1191. New Store Opening I Whataburger now hiring for new% location Hwy. 123, Seguin, Texas. 5 This store will be open 24 hours. \ Positions are available for all' shifts. Benefits include: merit ( increases, profit sharing, free meals, uniforms furnished. Please apply in person. Monday through Friday between 2:00-6: (HI pm at the above address niMiiDiiiiiiiiHiiDiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiaimHHii LEOALS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT APPLICATION HAS BEEN MADE TO THE TEXAS ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE COMMISSION IN AUSTIN, TEXAS FOR A MIXED BEVERAGE PERMIT, A BEVERAGE CARTAGE PERMIT MBL. HOMES 113 r Doublawlda Dealing Dave H u f| o cl i s p I o y - 1 5 Uoublewiilus must cjol Soiling: Flootwooil, Fuqua B Suluilt. t-'m pricti, honusty El (lupcmduhilitY coino to: Mission Homes 34 yts. in Inisintjss IH 35, Now Himmfuls. 6296731 C Hair t« Drvsser * g If you have a denire to k* e x p a n d your j» knowledge of hair 4 ( culling and sculp- luring and want to be a part of a progressive ' hair team call Brice < CAU 3?9-SW t! 1 ft2SS 1 -' Come in and register for free 19" Color T,V, Pre-Opening Sales LIE'S HOMES We sell new and used homes below dealer cost! 405 IIIJOE - Seguin 372-52% IJu»l 2 block* went of Southporl Hoim-n.) 2001 PERSONALS Motorcyclrs Salen, Service A I'urtd. Service on all brand cycled. Good selection of HUM! cyclen. Call StiMiki of Scffuin, 372- 049I. Suzuki Lt-125, lour wheeler, electric start, good condition. WOO. 832 W. Court. ,')79-°414 or 3799415. NOTICCS ADOPT. Happily married, well educated, financially secure couple wants to adopt white infant and give it all the advantages of a lovine home and family. All medical expenses paid. Strictly legal and confidential. Call collect after 7 p.m., 914-737-1608. LOST A FOUND TIT $200 Reward. Lost at the scene of an accident on Santa Clara Rd., a black & tan female Rottweiler, I'/z yrs. old 3. answers to "Jessica." Please call 915446-3942 or Dr. Campaign at 379-3821. MBL. HOMES TT3 1970 Mobile Home, Namco model. Very good condition, 2 Br., 2 bath, 12 x 65. Call 372-1033 or 3720543. 1983 14 x 80 mobile home with lot. 3 Br., 2 bath, miniblinds, ceiling fans and appliances. 557-5917. 1984 Lancer, 2-2, 14 x 80. Excellent condition. For sale or lease. Terms to suit purchaser. Call evenings, 372-5666. 1985 3-2 home, less than $516 down and iHis home can be yours! Call 3720065. 1986 Palm Harbor, 3 Br., 2 bath, 16' wide home under $229 per month. Call now & save! 372-0060. 3 Bedroom, 2 bath 1985 repo. Very nice, under $239 per mo. Call today, 3720060. For Sale or Lease Purchase. 3 Br., large lot, fenced yard, lake privileges, immediate occupancy. Shown by appointment. 557-6785. KCHOS, all sizes, all kinds, less than 12% interest on late model doubles/single wide homes. 372-0065. Starter Home. 1976 2-2 home under $9,000, excellent starter home with low down payment. Call 372-0065. Four-2 Bra., in mobile home park in city, ready for immediate occupancy. $5.000, $6,600, $7,200, $8,300. Includes all hookups, $150 down, owner finance, payments as low as $225 mo., including lot rent, insurance, taxes, A free water. Call 372-4610 for appointment or 1-6257399. icrcus 1981 GPZ 550, with 20,000 miles, just 400 miles on crank, rings, 100 miles on valve adjustment and undercut transmission, new exhaust, slight cosmetic damage, Very clean and well-maintained. Simpson Model 32 helmet included. $900 firm. Gon/.nlen, 1-6726666 days, 1-672-2297 evening*!. MBL. HOMES PERSONALS ATTENTION THIEVES! $100 reward for return or information to the return of a 7V& h.p. Mercury motor. Stolen from Tor property 2/10/86. Information confidential. 379-6633. AM Health, Herbal Nutritional Products at seen on T.V. Try our Herbal based akin care, shampoo & rinse. Fantastic! Call Kathleen Bartlett, 379-7615. Visa, Master Charge. Happily married financially _,. secure couple wants ,to adopt newborn. All medical ,' k expenses paid. Call collect ., evenings A weekends. 17181' ,. 376-1554. \^, K , 1'rayer Changes Things.- '• Need prayer? Send requests , to 1212 N. Austin St., ' Seguin, Tx. or call 372- '' 4956, Sis. JoAnn. .' Tlie Herbal Nutritional: r Program lor weight control ., i as seen on T.V. Call- • '. Patricia Iloe,' 557-607L Visa-Master Charge. ' ' "' Beautiful pure bred jet black Toy Poodles. 8 week's old. Call 379-8591. Black Lab puppies, 8 weeks old, no papers. Asking S10. Must find homes soon! 3721324. Coon Hound pups, 5 weeks old. Call 379-4558 after 4 p.m. REAL ESTATE EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertising in this newspaper Is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 which makes It Illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or an Intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination." This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real esate which is In violation of the law. Our readers are hereby Informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. REAL ESTATE 205 10 Acres, 12 miles ea$t o( Seguin. 3 Bedroom, 2'/ 2 bath home, pool, workshop and storage area, 150,000. Partial owner financing. 639-4649. 2 Houses on 2.5 acres, (jood, investment. 372-1360. 379-; 1854 after 6 p.m. Properties for sale by owner. City land, river'' frontage with house. Rental property, 4 income units, . convert 2 units into 4 Dr., 3' bath home, separate CA/H. Call 379-6979, 7-9 a.m., 5-9 ' p.m. ; Rental Properties & office buildings for sale in-; Seguin. Some no down ' payment. Call Jim Osborn, < owner/broker, Magnum Real Estate A Investment.' Co., 633 E. Court, Suite 102. 379-7984 weekdays B-': 5, 379-4904 nights '* weekends. • •• i Wanted-Lot or small acreage for trailer home. Quick cash if price is right!,, Call 379-7203 after 8 p.m. '^ House for Sale. 3 Br'., '2' bath on 2 acres, low down payment, 10% finance. Call 1 collect, 512-648-1030. . ». ... Houses For Sale to .be,, moved. Approx. 1500 sq. ft. $15,000, approx. 1100.sq.« ft. 89,500, approx. oOO-sqi,. ft. $6,500. Price includo*. house, moving and foundation. Call DuelmV House Moving, 625-8477, . New homes. 2 story,' .'2 bedroom, CA/H, 'ap-' pliances, carpeted, 714 S. Saunders. $35,6^0. Financing available. 3790824/2995. HOMES BY LORENZ INC. LAND-lor your homo-Garden Park, Walnut Estates. Guafl> Coma Estates. Green Valley, Rolling Valley Subdivisions or on your lanil. OESIGN-Rcputalion lor energy olliciency and low maintenance. Call your reputable National Home Builder (Since 1968) LORENZ F. BAOING 625-1191 EARL L. EVANS • BY BUILDER: 3 Bedroom, 2 bath dining area, double garage, insulated windows, cathedral ceiling in living' area & master bedroom with ceiling fans, fireplace; Highly efficient central air condition Et heating unit. % brick & cedar siding. »78,900. 379-6812, 379-9623. High Country Lane, Lot No. 12. Hwy. 123 South Seguin, Texas ERA Schoolcraft Realty 512-372-0070 FULL HOOK-UPS T.V. SATELITE PHONE SERVICE TREES CONCRETE STREETS LARGE LOTS 1,3, 5 YEAR LEASES FULL HOOK-UPS T.V. SATELITE PHONE SERVICE TREES CONCRETE STREETS. WEEKLY MONTHLY RATES Liable to Be Rich Increase your $ inventory 9 In vestment/Rental Total package $207,000 ERA Schoolcraft Realty 372-0070 For Sale by Owner Lovely 3 Bedroom, 2 bath home with new carpet, fireplace, central air & heat, 2 car garage, large oa(c trees, spacious lot in upper Elmwood Village Subdivision on a, short cul-de-sac street, very good neighborhood. Home 379-601 1, office 379-4729, ask for Marvin . , ..

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