The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on September 12, 1892 · Page 7
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 7

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1892
Page 7
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From Tawday't —The ehurche«>ere all well at* tended OB Sunday. —Mr. Jesus Sahnag came in S day from bia ranch. —Laredo wa§ visited with Other fin* ra'u yesterday morniug. New .Vailing, new rib «.t &Ju:c. iLouw. Pasco's, in Farrell building. —Mr. Phil Hesse returned last evening from an extended visit to an» Aztco LimiUd arrired three hour* behind yesterday morning c^uncd by * collision with a freight train near Calorce, Mexico. H was learned from tho conductor that no serious daniaijo wa3 done aod h 0 one was badly hint. Irienda in Austin. . Agustin Salinas ami J. D. Garcia leave their ranches. this — Kev. Father E. A.. Antoniuc of , iormorly oi thii city, ar- of -Miss. yo8tftrdit3- appointed' by Suporin'iendunt M-iiucrile. toucher in sobool No, on Uourjiy school at Kan rired in Laredo last —District court adjourned yea* terday morning until thU ' morning owing to iu being a legal holiday. —All tbe city public schools were Opened yesterday aud tho teuehejri and pupils have gone right to work, —Mr. S, Cahn left for N«w Y'ork yesterday morning lo lay in a new Block of fall and winter gouda. —Tha regular term tA Justice Foster's court, con von ud ycsst onlay arid a number ot civil eased disposed of. —Count de Bolz do Aischc. iater from Belgium to Mexico, pa.»ti» ed tUrougtx thit city Itist evening en route to the City ot Mexico. —JmigoJno. P- IvoUey, one the must substantial citizens Starr coun f /, id spending' a, dayt iu Laredo. —Mr. J. \V. Alexander returned last afternoon from Dallas, ho went LO accompany hii thu to school. —Yesterday waa ''L'lbor consequently tho raaf.hino etc., closed down and all employees took a rest—Col. J. N-Keoran, a prominent citizen ol Victoria, Toxaa, is spend* ing & few days in tho city it nil stopping at the Hamilton. —Quarterly conference will bo hold to night in the ilelliodist church with liuv, K. J. JJecte, presiding elder, in tho chair. —Dr. Jose 13onill<t, physician and •urgeon of the Faculty ot ALexico, ia in the city on a visit and will le&re in a low days lor Monterey. —Mrs, Chas. A, MeLan« and little grand daughter, ii'iss Lottie Pierce, returned Sunday evening from an extended visit to relatives in Dallas, Texas. —M>. ana Mrs, Max Deutz left ye»terday morning on a combined business and pleasure trip to different large cities in the East and Nortn. —Hi»s Ethel Sutherland returned yesterday morning to her home ia Georgetown after a several month* visit to her aunt. Mrs. O. P. Reid oi this ciry. —Mr. K, W. Ross, of the Studebaker Wagon Co., arrived in tbe city last evening to attend to some matters that will come before district court at thia term. —iir. P, J. Flaherty, conductor on tbe I, & G. N. R. K,, who came in last evening said that it rained hard yesterday all the way ber tsreen this city and Dovine. —A complimentary hop will be given to the young ladies by tho young men of thia city tomorrow night in Mantel Hall. A very en. joy able time is anticipated. —-Mr. and MIB. J, V, Benavides will leave this morning for San Antonio, where Mra. Benavides will remain visiting relatives and Mr. Bsnavidea will return in a tew days. ^—Admira Seloyyn of the United States Navy, who ha* beeiin Mexico on a short tour, passed through this city yesterday »n his return and will go to Salt Lake City, Utah. —Mr. Bernard Cahn of Rockport, Y.sabel wbich ba-1 not been filled. Sho leaves this morhin.r to » a ke icr; Char S°-.—Mr. and .'Mrs. J. Villegas and little daughter, Mi, s Lica, vrho huvo beeb spending the bummer in N ow York state, i-p-mrned home Sunday evening. Mr. . l.eopoldo and Miss L«onore, daughter and son of M r . Mrs. Viiiogas. \vlio aro a>, J*» in that tiato, spent the vacation with thorn. From Weiine.sday^ Daily. — And H»3iu another fine in:u fell' on — Mr. J. A. Kirkjutric rchirneci to hi« ranch ytKterday. — Jualict ro-ste^a court Ktiil grhi:linjj on civil hu-inewf. —The river in on tumihor hi- ! )Oom aod contiuuts to rit-u- — Mr. A. V. Alice ot" Monterey wa-3 iu tho city ytaterday. '-Mr. Dan K'cuch ia ia iht; city Uuru Lue XaJ«;uzi:L-i;i K. Mr. S,i[jj. \Valc-: t rtUiriu:J ia,st aftcm uoou Iroin a viait to lib ranch. Fiftv.aeven cars oj com {u-jaed through thia city lur Mexico ye.-.ien!;iy.J — Ju't^e J:io. ['. Kdricyof Kio Gr:ia«Ia Cny leuvt= tor iio-jje thin ujorniuy. —Deputy HheriiT Mora! urre.^te'l IBIUIC <;arcia yedterday clKi^e.l with aeductiou. ACradpt. G. E. Hroailwattr, arrivrd last even iii c riom San Aniouio nod will make her future huine in thi-j uty. M r . A. J. Aycr-H, a. popular citU zcsn of Duv»l county, is on u btisij ness visit LO this' city. —Seven curs of cement from England In hontl went through thw city Jbr .Mciit-o yesterday. Mr P. J. Spiller returned last from Cut ul h» where he wcuttoste hi.n tie child who ia very ill. —Tonight ia l!»dic\, ui^ht at the Tom \ c-r«ia ten-uin ullev mid a ^jud ,tiiue is expected tor the Itulies. ' - Tbo Mcxiciin isuiioaul train rarnft in one hour lafe ycstenlay. C.iuaed by washouts nloDK the road iu .Mexico. Mw. I\ W. Helmijj who hi* been ou an •xteniied visit to her (bnocr hom*« in K^n» aiw City Alo-, returned home liist eveain fc '. — E, liraro bus removed j)ii s restaurant fco-.7i the F.eer Uanltu into * houaa next door to Woodmen iiro'd hardware store r- Supt. Thos M.idn of the locomotiye power on the Mexican National H. |>. t caoie up yesterday morning ou the Aztee Limited. --Mrs. J. K. Pollock, wife of Dispatcher Pollack at the stexican National ii. K., went up ytaterday morning on a visit to her forruer home ia Wichita. Kauaaa. — Coantj tax collector Dario Sanchez went out yesterday to his ranch to eujoy looking at the ahnndance of water ami grata that h*> uow haa in his pasture. — The gentlemen members oi the Ger» man Cacino will meet tonight oa their ten pia alley to howl for the championship dedal for the coruia^ week- fow days riait to this eity. Ho was *c«ompam«4 by Master Bert rand Cfthn, »on of Mr. S. Cahn of tbi% - r«N — city. —Mr. J. H. Blumenthal of Corput Chriiti arrired in the city last evening to make thia citj his future home and will Mtiat Mr. Boileter ia the Wettern Uniom telegraph office, —Mr*. J. 8'Bisa aad daughter, Gulf K. K., at T«nupic6, Mexico, pissed through this city yesterday on her way to Austin, her former home to visit hei parent P. —Geatral Onager Th«o. D- Klin* of the Uexicaa National R- R., Btrired in this city yesterday morning accompanied by hit family ia his special car attached to Uj« Aztec Limited ftom the City of Mexico- His eon Charlet, tod two daughters Mixes Ida aud Mamie, will •»-.. *n n o , leave thu morning oa the I-and G N. *« Rxta oiColUg, Station, wko for ^. -,- ch» win r^p^ bav« Utn in thia «ity for tho past ^ Ida to Maooc>G-L> MdMii- Vwnie to f«W dayt Tiitting Mrs. J. Urflta, tbe j AubotB, Ala., and then be will go te lormer'd water, returaod home 7009 J Athens, Ga. Mr. mad Mm- Kline will re- t*r<Uj* / turn to morrow to the City ot Mexico; ^^ —The shooting ibiit was eo plainly heard ia the vresteru part of tho city last evening, was made bj the officers at Fort Mclntosh shooting bfue roeke. —The waahing of clothes in the Arroyo Xacate is still kept up despite the s,\ K a that is ported on the brnige gayitig that there is a fine lor washing clothes''iu that water—-A. citizen was beard to remark on the street yesterday that lie wished it would qait raiuing. What ou x ht to lx> done with him? He is the Crai who dared to •ay Bach a thing. —THE TIMES ia requested to «innoanc« that before the champion medal ten-pin roll at the German Casino toniybt there will b« a meeting and all member* are requested to be present at -':30 sharp. —THE TIMES editor was made the re- ctpienl, last eTeninj? at the hands oi Mr. C. C. Pierce, of * h;iDd8ome carved* wood walking cane, brought from the City oi Mexico, which was received with thanks. •—Mrs. MacManu?, wife or C. S. —Rev. J. (j. iHalJ, the. eiibject of the fo!lowin« Jccal, which appeared in the Stn Antonio Kxpresa of ye«ttrd:ty, : 8 viMtirg Consul GerienilSuttou ofXev, Laredo, and will cautiu::t> hi-* journey down the iiv«r to M.itnitioros the Irttter part ol thia week; '•rhp^crvin-^ at the \V««.imoKier Proshj. '•n in C:HUI-!I rai Ganlk'n Street we»e.oj*.:in utjn-ii«.i!iv intHrt-'Stiuji character yesterday. K*-.v. J. (,\ ffiill, for three years u uiiaeion* nry in S'..tuh Aoioitca ftad iyr the paet lii'toan years a misaionary in. Mexico and Cuh:i, addressed the co:ji;r^:ition hotli morning n'mt eveuinir, i^iviug H account, of tlie work of the church in countries Tlie con^regritious pre-.tnt wsre very i>in:h pleaded ami instructed Electric Bitters. This remedy is bocouiii)^ so well known 'and HO popular a* t o neod no gpo'jial tuoniivHi. ^11 who have used Klectiic Hitters 'King the sumo ."on^ ot pniiso. A purer" mcdicn.e 'iocs not exist and iti* guuranieod io ilo iiH that iri cljiirncd. Kk-ctric Hitters will euro all di««cupe.s oJ the LIVI.T unU Kidney*, will Pimples. Buiis, Suit Unouin . Vv'ii! «j r ivo Ma-:iri;i iron the m and yu-ewnt u-i well «i» curv.- iil:in:tl f«vcrn. For euro t( f i:o.«tii/n try Kkwriric Hittor?. lire K:iii.*fa<-Li?m ^u im.ticy ruiundod. I'rieo : per bottle at ilalinche I :uul SI 4.—.\i 12 A To\vn SniK-k H\ Alpine. Tr»x., SejH (Liy un mvi'uiiy hrt^ry r-iomi w\* fnrininir over L^C .D.-vil mountain- i'roin iuur to six rr.ilcri south <»t lown until it awoopc-d do\vjj, covering them like a bugo utnor«lU tui-.- all di-ui;p-d at on-_-o in a hliu-'-t r,j firu and \vaiur. \Vator -t/^llnpe I <Jown tho mouritaina in hu._ju volumes, LuarinLj fees up hv il^eir rooi.s and dztbhin^ ev.-iything in (runt oi u to death. U r;u: ail oi-.-r ihii city bfiujr ii\>\n t-.vo tt; If.iur foct uec-ji. LU.-KO truus torn up hy iliL'ir root?. Lurrt-s, heavy tittibcrn cuLLlo and hur^s tlua flioalctl through iho LOATI i^ave j>!air» evi- uonens oi tlie tt::-!-ili <.* II»\MO in the tuountuin^. The oldest sctiir-r h;.s Mover sect) the ».'f]-aal. Tim ran-'i-r cstuj) four m'.lcfi .s;-uth of a harrow canon mu.sL have away, as reHc-s oj' their camji wci o .->«(;ri i!(,at,nu; through town Mcxi-. oaiib lien! their hcenen to lo\v laoiins tains near town and a ?ener;»l T» .cir preraiSud. A j;re:it deal ofdi.m* --1^0 xvas.dono tho railroad traf;k. Uttun'si "ran<ih, about high watur mark, twenty-lire tuilva aoutlL of town, was \va->h-_-d away, ti:arin"' iLo housca down, and th« iorutnan escaped death by climbing on top .. / i i -' * Oi a Trouble, cr Iri BROWN'S BITTERS It Should Be in Every House. J- B Wilson. 371 (Jiay St., Sharp- burg. Pa., says he will not be without Dr. ili^'d New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Cojgbs, thut it cured hid wife who*was threatened with I'rieumonia after an attack of "La Grippe. 1 ' when various other remedies and several physicians had done herno^ood. Kubcrt Barber of Cookaport, I»a., claims Ur. Ming's ISow JJiscovery has done him uiore good th.nn any. ibing he ever uaeU lor Lunn- Trouble. NoLlun^ like it. Trj- if\ Free Trial Bottles at " Malic one Pruir Store. Lar^e bottle* !>0c, and Sl.UO. —Ramsey sells 24 pounds ot 'IdeaP tho best fl nzr brought to this market for 7U cts. or !< rrcei« dent 1 ' 05 cia, Kaufman's best at CO cts. .N'o low graded iu stock. 91 1m PEOPLE OF NOTE. Tnr: charmingly sitiiat^tl mansion n{ | .Stocks. Aldbury, II(jrti? T has ho<-n taken asn. residence by Mr. arid Mrb. liuu:- phry \Vard. F.KEiiF.niCK SCH.WATKA,'the.-traveler, once experienced a. toinperaturc Of 71 degrcc-.s"'below zero in tlu: Arctic rc- pions. near Ihirke's Great Fish river. U is said to be the coldest ever endured by man. SixCK his retirement, fr<-,m tho ppv- ernor'.s chair of Kentudcy Proctor Knott has been practicing l:«\vat Fnink- fort. He is a man of apparently sixtv- five years, slightly bolow medium hcig-ht, stout, with white mustache and gray hair. * PROF. MASSO, the Italian scientist, in experimenting with the blood of eels. BAVARrA'.s MAI) JvJNO. to T2u>ui Tln-lr HU MOP- IT makes no difference how anihiti.>r.s a man may be to excel; at t!:is season ii<- cau ondurc • bciujj " into t!:,- I Tho Pitirtblo Condition In WhicU siiiuse. —Iiostou (.Hjiirier. -,?-• ^\^^. -,. • ..... ., , Jt£uig Ott<> Livo3. \\KLi., if that ain't monn." cxelaimnl the prisoner; "every iluriud «mo u' ' the stories ih this here ix.jjvr • tlu-v'-.v I AUJl "" k " u "°'"» r « fl1 ''>' "^ *"KI'-"M Hi* •«. * • > Lit*:itli\Viit'lflt».if'it r ^«i.i.r....i »*« <^ltiin*»» f^\ v.k't.l it? ^.'.-.^1!.... i \. * - I »-n-.*iii \^I]I.LVI i.»*i on^iu^ri'iiji itlt»i?.- r^iiuu.^. ix» IA .W.I ib COI.1111*11'';. .*\It 1] 5»e hi:njf next \veelc."—indian:;.' Journal. ."How " MANV hours a day do \vu r r; : ,. -,-i"n «'. •} <-• r>i-»«l j"-.- i".» -, ' work?", asked one of the relative c f n l{ :iv .iri:[ in> r . .:•••"••,•.•!•" f- r}' ...,.••-, tfovrrmtu-ni, appointee. "Jloixahs:" tii.- a :ul ih, "t.,- ,nU- t.-<.-s^,'.s •/..- ,'^ ^ ' - / .' yov.iif> !ii:vi\ «-riioo(l in dismay. 'T,-.v,.-:tt ! so:-,., ti:'.:.-. T':!-- :'n:i'-vvi?,r',' V,'^t^^..",'.h heavcus. iiirtn, do you think I dwivi- a | htr.-.v^h. n--"r'.'::.-''to '\--,u ' '•.%•". •* •'v,'"n-- IU: LMJI-NIUT WAS.— Ju<ij.;<: do prison- i from iij.- ,-fivVis ol -j u - pl:'.>i,'-a: \\ 1'ak- er) — "You are charged vvit)i having-- J n.-<s v. !i :i i, ..v.-r.-mm- hi:i t ":i - '.'. : -i \.'- t -< t - rioxisly injnn-d your wife by Jn.-]osin- ! aj.-,.. lu- n;iv Hv- f, ,r v'.Vir-'•''. t!•',-V-'M' : her iti a foliliiig bed. U'liat l:av«- y..ii " " to say for yourself?" Y'risoju-r—•'Y..i:.- honor, I wi.shi'J to see if it was p-.s> ble to .sluit her up."— Detroit l-'-« Press. "•Mi:s. MANCHATTA.V (speakinfr t.. :v •yoiiiijf .widow from Chica^T.i — "Yosir ! "t.h >% r <-•< >i:rse i:> {' mamma' is;trr.Sy remarUablc f..r h,-r ' w.'.«!.! \, . •... •-.•!>{ poise. Mrs. l.ivewait." Mfs.'Liv, v. "Oh. :"ih'aH'.:.s. Yes, '•'m.-unrzia is :.'• sloucli at pastry.' ll«-r niiii«-e<; at-.-i \>-::\"ns jiro really deViciuiis."— Ycnov.-imVs «•> >!:M-:on>. :.::t!.-in iv.hii-h he i fi>u:n(u jL r !'«. ; :it par; .rf t! 1( - :ii-ie'. . A> :: ::::\.'. \, r \.f r.f.etitiari'-e possible.'and tli«- ;>!;;.>;. >!•> all in iheir u..\Vi- li-.Tin:::.-.. !-. bul l. : s ,:.-:.•.i 5." < • i':ir —: :-. ;..i t,, h ree,,-:i/- \;\ , n ' "I v.... ;..;:- .J n - '• (rifinls. ;t!:.i r.-::::-..-iN f...- li"-.'-- .'...• !••:-.- in bis pa'l«!«-«t ;••> .if. !.<• '.•:. } -.-•' i t rv;:U. >;.,t. a ^-r- -v: \\ :,i:>' a;: • :,. !er:!vr, PEOPLE IN POLITICS. CHAIUMAS HACICKTT <>! the N.-.V V. -!i 1 ':'•••:••• >••': : :/a:u • ' > . ..•(:•/ p-.-:•.;. : . A rapubi;,-an staiei-xeeuiive <Mr::::.;:i.,- : . -M 1 -::"•••;• ;.i«,ut ::..- .•;. i .•';.-':,,: ;. •- ;f ipub a short and cumpa« t!y built man ami r. j ': •<•!•: <:ireet talker. family of Ilarrodsbur^;. Ky.. h-.-.iv.- i-,-, in o'.'i.'e o<)iHi:HK'ii^Iv 05 rir<-i:i* «.r • .• ty clerk siiiee ITi ".. <'oi.. lU»i{Mf:T II. < '.':o<-Kr."T. •!••:::• ..--r '.•andulr.te fur eo:iv r r.->.-- in :!.<• s \ Arkanstus distri-t, is :i gr:;::<S famous Davy f.":-o,-!:i-rt. Hi:, -f. i'.. CV..VNKII.I.. or >':.*.' '.: nc-o f-ir vice pn-.M-I.-ni. i.-. , .; Texas I' : Sta:Nia.-<l. i:.- tiro yc-:vrs of a;-' aib! v.-;-.s l.r..\: SKNAT..H \V.\r.r.TAi.f. . f N';--' - ..• is <Jeseri!ied ns the i:i,.-.t ! :•-, ,•!•••-..;• •• ta'.l ami >len.'.,-••. "uii.b7i ...:.:.. ," f }>-:, hair v)j;:t i.s striking in appfar:L:i.-e " ••..•' - t!:at :. .•:i;-i'::!. I f ".-•• .;••-.i • ' •• >-..'-. hd,-! ilM-A,.,-^. H,- t- ^li.,r :i b..;,,s iii"lh.-r. an-1 ;'::•• WITH THE^ MUSICIANS. Sof?A*P bund—the one h.- i-. i.-;v.-, ,.— nent part;i-ij;.-ml in the worMv f:i ;: - ,;,- \, ication exercises nt-xt Oetob.-r. tlie i-arri;:^'- I'].MM.\ NI:VAI»A, tlie Ai:n-rie;::i ^ \ '•'•"•^- taken ba<-»; :•. :>•>• \-:,~\ •vas reei-ntiy ^iven a (linn.-r :il <«••,:•;•.:.- « in bf-ri. \Vlu-n l.e ,r.---'..- tar by the Mfiicers of thr- !:;i!u r "s r< .val riilc-s. Her husband. Dr. J'a".iu«-r. \va.> the only male civilian pruseut. MA.--<I:NKT is regarded by manv people :is,the most popular musieian ii; Paris. An American aefjuaiurauei- di-- r.erib,-s hi;n :i_s talking- ::n,i ,!!•.- ) playing trvn- energy than a::v olh-r J l " rs talv '*' ^' iv :i-'itaL. r - -•!' lii- •.-..- iI.M- - man in the French capital. " M'ponon.- oci-aMl-m t;i,-\ ;...-, . . : . . i[i>r his ri-a>- n \. :i an«i he had envir. !v f••:;•> : . • .. ;.to Miinieii. 'The greatest tiir.j.-i;';-.- •.-.'.:•!: -Sniiile him trj ear. I,'.- ;-, :>.<: ; : ,\.-: Miioicer "f ci^an-lt'.--. .\lt.":i:.- •'•• t->rs taki- a«iv:i:it:i:'.- ,.f h;^ .... pi KK.VKNVI. tht- violinist, has a rarr- .-• !- v.-hi<-h ii-.chnles over 'ift.-en !-p(H-inien.';. and he has applied f. .r a -sprK-o of not loss than ' f.nir hundred square feet at the world's fair in \vhi.-h to exhibit this rich collection. THE SCRAP BOOK. ^ rrrnui: aro poopio seen t-atirur lamb fhoT).s 'A'h.i look disconsolate b(-caiis«> they c:aint'l cat tho bone as well o-s the IT is the man who understands- t:»< % numlx.T f>f things that is the most tolerant of those he dcx'sn't understand. DOX'T be disconrag'eil bj- tnistakop. The inrist siiceessful men in the world would do lots of thinfrs differently if they could do them over. frRE.vr pleasxirc n.n<l comfort can be pven an invalid by ehangintr not only the position of the articles of furniture in t)u- room, but the pictures. \VK nre pleased with the compliments rti the ilauerer. because \ve wish to believe them true: but wo him U>- e.-u:>e we kr.oiv that they arc n-jt.— t!: .-i^-i.r.-ii.-s , ; t x.'. \Vh«-n <>.•- i.:ie_- ••:!-.'•-• ran-lte^. but !::•• ;:: :.-; ,••'. •iazi qnii:kly iiir.:\v a napkin "V-T :; . ay;::^rat tJiesam-: time: "Theri^-ir. •;• lim-. th<- d'M-t,, r kiiifM-.) eat some nuurishi rec»:iv«'jj !n.s reward at tin- I tut such bulrterfuir. 1 *, ar- v-icechsful. Althi.ntrb the rians ct-k-bratc his natal (••.miing h.yally, they v.-. ali. welcome his death ii-. t>i thu country. IVince rcyeut. is popular, and bis t' > bi'-ci >ine <>ne of the ui'^- monarehs who have bat Gc-rmaii thrones. SUMMER BREEZES. \ 1 T.M froirjjr to write, a boolc r>n 'H.-»\v to live on nothing a year. Itcan't be done." "ft can. I have a recipe." "What is it?" "Marry a rich ^\r\."— Dramatic Life. "Kur why don't you send f<-.r {jr. Masher, Aunt Jane? lie's the do-ru.r in the whole country:"' "Oh. mv dear, I t;oi:hln't. He dresses so irre- h'g-i'.nisiy."— London Punch. .So IT WAS.—"This is a crary r-ort of a safl '* ' - s:t 'fl .one of the burglars. after they had blown :it open. "Yes," replied the other, "Fll admit it's "s. \ little erae'r:cil.'"-~pctroit Free Press. ritor.r.v ''roeountinp his!experience! — "Weally. that fprl is a^-fnlly clevah. y 1 knov,-. \VhyL_axv_before I could— av.'—K r irt my mind inaxle. up to propose, y' ki:o\v. s!;«; had »>v—alweativ decline- 1 , me."—N. Y. Herald. the etc., that it is in action to venom of snaked of viper kind. CIIIEF .lusTicn TCRSEY, of Tennessee, recently set at rest a rumor that he was dangerously ill by informing an anxious inquirer after his health that he was just getting ready to ride a mule bareback a distance of ten miles for a day's fishing. THK monument to Lieut.-Gen. A. P. Hill, of the confederacy, will be unveiled near Richmond. July 30. Up to 18S7 not even a slab marked the distinguished soldier's grave. Many of Lee's commanders will attend the ceremonies, as will Gen. Hill's wife, now Mrs. K. G. Forsythe, LARGE GARDEN PRODUCTS. THEHK are at Colfai, Wash., five strawberries xvhose combined weight is three-quarters of a pound. A ri.A.NTnu in ApaJachicol.-i. Fla.. lias grown an immense cabbacre: a single stalk with four well-developed heads. Is a jrarden at Marietta, Ga.. there is a volunteer sunflower plant 11 feet r>>^ inches above ground and Q% inches in t circumference. j^ A iii.ooi) beet, ineasnring -15 inches I in length, 14 inches in circumference and weighing 4 pounds is a curiosity of St. Tammany, L,a. CABLEGRAMS FROM EUROPE. PARTS eats 1,000 horses weekly. A STREET in Germany is paved with India rubber. CoxsTAXTijforui is the most drunl:en city in the world. A mroncK ean be obtained in St. Helena for less than ?7.. r »o. THE coffee palaver* c;f Melbourne are the finest in the world.. arc said t.% bo 1.000 Bo-called houses i:>. London. r A DEALER in arlifk'hil limbs estimates Hhat 300,000 Engil.-hmeahavc lostoneor J both legs. . MALE FLIRTS IN SUMMER. -. l>f(H.rviii«-of.a HtMtipv,, Xi-ckMt. The male fiirt, is usuaiiy a iiarid.^-fi!- 1 ) man. wb-» has no oilier obj,-ct in than to entertain himself. a:'.d in ihia capacity- he makes a mr*!,-! h-«M. for, | like the butu-rlly that llit:> fn.:;j j'.o-.-er j V> llo-.ver, sippir:^- th.- biv;-.-LS from ttie lovely \i'.o-.>. >ms ,,j- merely ljj, r htiu^ an ir.staiit V~> gracefully lluat on to t!: • t.t M ««fr«\ ^> this especial type of ::i;L.-..".:!iue ;>erJi-lv xvliiles away the loner hour- •.;' hK wife's <->r s\vi-etheart"s absence. i--.r we rej/n-L to soy that the greater lllrts are th -•who have 110 riirht to pa?Tt:;sie whici. : at all tijnes dangerous t-• the pe;u-i- t.r mind' of tiiosc wornea ^'- :.-• \<:.--\\ a -,«. the wa\-s of the creature :.::<: beiiev;.' iai- pHcitly xrveri" word he savs. If the ..male flirt 'were a •-.••. rn:;:;, :.':o Philadelphia Times think-. ;-,- *-.-,. r ,.,j probably either end up by :i-.l :;.::- -•-:-,^at all or else wcddinj.'':,.•::-..• br -,- -^ stick ".V'.K-U all the v.'orvhy . :T-.-r--.. t.-..- the blo:>M.)j:is of spring. h::'i f:..:..! .1.-. \- r and left the ' p-x-r butterily .u:.! . ;•:.' j choice of a few In*.'f-with., r .: tir —••;.:-.^ ) autumn lloxvers. larking .---.veeir:--- . •'beauty. Unfortunately f.-r t:>^.- •.;•;•.* enough to trust hiin, the iuas-'.ii::i.- :.,r~ terfly does the \vcvjing. He pleads ;••:; - derly..«-peaks volumes \vli\i ':.:* «••/•.•> :S he dare not put into w.ird :.:s ':. •:._-!.: and leatls erery victim lit- ;:;..,-:^ ; , •-,.,.. lieve slu- is the only gir! he • .--.\ r '• •.- •-:, when in all probability hr . ; ::LS a..-- •• ; precisely the tame iiiann-.-r lo a :. others. lie is not danfrcrous t-> tt. >>'• *-.•;..-» know him. but unfortunai-iv :. • •*.«• ^ not wear a placard proc".a:::i;nr h.'.; idiosyncraMes to the world ;«•'e, and mam- a happy little maiden :.. - .throtjgh tho unmeaning atl.-riti-..::,- ; b ro3'al highness the male !lirt. ,- AnrJont Stono CiUllis^ TooU. i : An inve"-ii;rator. \vh<> live.! i::.--- » two year.- i;i a tomb at f.'ireh. ;ns e=-7 leeted t viil, nee to prove that th..- lo. ,;.s used in \vc.rking >t-->:ie f-»ur thtv,;^:..:,,! years ;ip> had jeweled e;;ttinc c-iiros, like incu.-rn tools. He says tr-.a: ;ho biv.J.ler., of the pyrami<ls used s<y.>i nnrl t'-.bular t, straight and eirou'.ar saws urul tinny other Undb stn>rv)v..j v l to b«> IUO.UTII. In some specimens of granite a drill had sunk one-tenth of an., inch al each re\-ol«tjon, indicating that the pressure was r.t least two tous. Nothing is known of the material of the tools. As ih" diamond WON >carcrt j then, it is probuV-MUt corunt!v.ui \vatj

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