Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on November 10, 1945 · Page 2
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 2

Marysville, Ohio
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Saturday, November 10, 1945
Page 2
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MIS EVENING TRIBUNE, M AR#$V$LLE, •Saturday, ^dvemfcer 16, BAND CAUSED MPT PLAIX CUT RESTAURANT SCENE OF WILD AFFAIR lNV0t,VlN*G "NAME" Ptetrt Cltjrtvasf the sCCTe 6f'a wild affair fcarly -Tharsdayqtmmiag, ac- n.^herfff Homw Rwota was galled, but "the-'4herltt *did not in-; form the public of the affair through the local newspapers As the result of the disturbance, Leo McKlrgan, owner Of the West EiJtt Station in Plain City may f lid charges against Hal McTntyre and members of his band, it is said. The Trl-Ctfurtty News story of the disturbance is as follows: Sheriff Roosa 'was called to Plain City at about 5 a. m. Thursday morning to assist local police in restoring order apd-peace at the West End Station where a near riot occurred when 25 men, all members of the-Hal Mclntyre band had created a .disturbance which drew.gun- ftre from the proprietor. Disturbance Starts 'The celebrated radio nnd record" ing orchestra was enroutc to Akron in a chartered bus where they were to play an engagement Ion Friday night. 'They stopped Into the local restaurant to eat and when, the waitress and cook were unable to give them as prompt service as they desired the men, who were said to i be drinking, took over the place and ^proceeded to chase the waitress, Alka VanHooso and the.took off tho Job, Leo McKlrgan, the proprietor, who was sleeping In his 'residence . upstairs, was awakened -by the noise and disturbance. He dressed quickly and came into the reslour- ant-In time to see the start of a fight between several of the band'mem- bers. He-Srdcrod them out of the . place and they Immediately turned on him, he snid, and. in protecting himself he obUiincd u ball bat and struck one of, the man over the head. '-.He-then retreated up the stairs .to his residence, with several of the men following after him. He warned them not to enter the door of his residence'and when one man Spcncd the door McKlrgan fird a bullet frpm a 38-callbre pistol OHIO in THE COUHTMY—STANDARD OIL CO. OHIO -petltieni n ccmm •— as court-for dlvore rom Edith -I,. -Re«se Vti-'ttM of neglect atfd ofifilty. ders is the atWMifey. CCfUflJt'APPOINTHIBNT I Laucr Lfnflfel iftAs twat'Bppolfl^f admiristratoV f -*5f' the "ettate of lett .ingrel, deceased, .late of Marysville. -Gwynn Sanders Is the -attorney.- * " • '•••'.-•. •, . - * '.* * • ' ! EXAMINER HERE 6cryl Morris, state s tax'«j«Bminerj was In 'his dftlee'a't -the -ct^tt house .od6y, oWeckln'g -tltWs -In ' of court's; dftlce arid .-dhedkinif >worif gages In/th Shell ca«Ks rotnir R«venita '(left)} * tnarailne under! cdn- Plum Brook (top); *om* of. •heUrand brate at'BwMUta (below)* 'On -August ? 6th the military city t>t 'Hiroshima 'was' levelled ;by; the fflrtt atomic 'bonlte lo'be used In 'warfare. For rill 'its dramatic ; mlgtu, 'however, the role of the atemlc :iwmb in nnarvic- lory must stand In • the shadow of , its conventional 'sisters In destruction. "high -dxpleslve shslls 'arid bombs. Nazi Germany was brought to her :knees 'With ^the tpower 'of TNT nnd -other -high 'explosives' •nd'the^bloody road: to ; 'Japon was, paved wlth-empty shell oases'and bomb'fins. ' ' "From two 'huge 'Northern -iOhlo! reservations -came •• touch -of this destructive nrilght, 'Near ^Ravenna en State ''Route 14 Is ttrtf'Rflvenna Ordnance .Cto combined sn .' world's ail 'Idndlrtg ! «nd ; munltlon storage depot. 'Lens'than 100-mllcs 't 'west, ! 'near -"Bandusky, Is "the Plum Brook Ordnance 'Works, oho of r'tho 'three largest TNT producing splants -(n the country. ; 'Occupying 23,000 'acres of land the Ravenna 'Installation.^ com- 'noacd -.of more than •.1.000<*4ttlar stbr-j age 'buildings, 'igloos, and homes : bunt'at"a cost-lmcxceas 0^157^00,000.-. -In "July, .1042, Hts -greatest i ductlon Tnonth, 'iftaveritia ' rrawee loaded lilBO.OOO shells «f all sizes, '27,000 : bombs end !f8;flOOt<HJO fuses, iboc4ters r and -'detonator <«s-< scwblles. TTota 1 ! shell iprcAJuotltfn exceeded "85,000,000. • . \ fCertter was opor-j . 'un der 'corttraet -wtlh 'and ' : tmder 'ithq supervision Of 4«e -War -Depart-* merit. *A 'peak r of -The "Plum - ; BrdbU ''Ordnance Works Is 'located ?Blx^mlles ' east ! df iSandusky i«n"tJ JS 280. More ttHfln : 'IO,'OOp ^ '6f land <arc 'Included ^within 'the fences -df ; tHe "reservation -and "the roa'd farourtd''Plum "-Brook extends ao-nilles. •'Production'' of -TNT and ' lite for the Army began there In rjeeenibcr, '1641, arid 'reached as high -8s flOO -tons a 'day, -About 4UDO .workgrs :were /employed . at Plum Bfook. The'total 6at|JUt^of this works far'exceeds thtftrof any plant producing fifT -iduring World War I. ' On U. S. Route 52 at South Point, near Ironton,. is 'another ordnance -facility, the Buckeye Ordnance : Wor'ks, .government owned but operated'by "the'At- mosjiheric Nitrogeri CofporatWn for J the • production of -anhydrous ammonia for -the manufacture 'of TNT, smokeless powder and ; rocket 'powder. ' . Although operations have been terminated, visiting tit these 'Ord* nance centers-is still p«ffllb1t*d. :• • .Both'RaVehna 'and'Plum "Brook ordnance facilities -are -located in popular sport and vacation sections. The lakes of Portage County virtually surround Havettrfa find south of Wkron -fJ ''miles to 'the west 'are 'other lakes well"Jtnowni to '&portsmen» Plum -Brook -is withln'O-hall'hour's drive of <half o-dozen popular-Lake 1Srle beaches, arid within an 'hour 6f famous Cntawba 'Island With its 'fruit ' chBrds»and vineyartls,-'and' ous lakeside rtsorts. FARM BUREAU NEWS ITEMS Farm Bureau Council'No, 3 met at the. home of Mr. and'Mrs. ^ Morse, November '•?, "with -.sixteen .Mr_s,JVIorsc-J'ead ,____ this point the men -backed down 'the Blairs and proceeded to argue with each other, and .the curly .morning regular customers who had entered the place of business. | Mrs. Mckirgan' in Uie meantime had fled out the buck door and ' called the sheriff and locul police .for help. .The officers soon, arrived on the scene to find things In -.n terrible turmoil. After approximately thirty minutes the officers .were able; to restore, peace .and. the band members . entered their bus ui«ler_protcst,_Lt_wos_said^and^drove ^ down "town 'whore they stopped at the office;. of • u local- physician to have the head wounds, of the injured man dressed. .The physician . . stilted that ft required' 'five stitches to close the wound on* his head. Reports Threat^ Before leaving the premises the band men wore said to have threatened Mr. McKirgan and said that they 'would be back to Ret him Inter, No arrests were made, as no charges were filed against thorn at the time. Mr. McKlrgun stated. however, that he would Illu. charges against 'the band and Us, leader wjitliln a few days. Four women were with the band but they hud gone- back into thu bus at the start of the trouble and wore not said to have taken any purl in the drunken bravfl. \l\a '113th' Psalm. Plans 'were ! com- pldttid for a turkey supper und-gift exchange. December B. Mrs, Carrie Bishop reported on' "Heart Disease" and "Food and .Uses of Food." 0 The following -wore -elected for -1046: Discussion leader, Mrs, Clue-Curry; president, -Wood 'Randolph; vice president, Miss Rachel Robinson; sccrotury, Miss Mabel Smith; 'legislative agent, Richard Bishop; recreation lender, George Vollrath; news reporter, W. J. Davis. Duving 'discussion hour conscrvatlorL questions -vvcru" "uffswcTod. The .Christmas party will be held at tho home of Rachel and Guy Roublnaon, December 5,.at 0:30 o'clock. Daughters had as t'nelr -guests at" a silver tea 'Monday -evening at 'the home of - Mrs. Dorothea Gray, : th_e Sunshine Circle and 'the Victory Clrdle'of The King's 'Daughters. The Cheerlos • presented a 'hlUstcal f gram, The -March" of iBrldes/f with bridal gowns bolrfg'modelcid, 1 'date't from .'1870 to -the ipresent day..' lowing the' program 'the guests " David..Dowd, -and family, • at*Mas- Billon. Rev. 'Combrlnk has:been' a jjajient in Mt. Cfirmel 'Hospital,. Columbus, the.past several weeks. Mrs. Hartley >Harger, .Misses Polly Pollund and Phyllis Brooks, all students tit Northwestern University '.In^'Chicago, visited over the wcokorid '\vith Wrs. 'Harger's, parents,Mr. and Mrs^M^C.'^Winler. '_ "'"SRoger* dman~,~son~of "Jack OmahT 'is 'a patient-in': Children's Hospital in Columbus. Harold. DeBolt, who is in the navy,'Is enjoying a furlough and Is tpendlng several .days'wlth his wife and daughters. The Rtchwood ' Music Club met Tuesday night i'n the home of Miss Margaret Ann Rlley. The 'study topic was "Gypsy Music 'from tho Balkans." Two new members, Mrs. W. C. Spain and Mrs..Rachel•Omaji l [_Jpno more local resident-reported today thieves had entered n garage Announcement has been =made ofj on Thursday night In the west end GRffiEiSlfON SUNBURY TILT HIGH SCIlOOt FOOTBALL SEASON Eiros wra VICTOR* ! UWWtE Tll(e "Mar^BVilla Monatettii '"clos /ears last night when they'dlfeatetf Sunbury 13 to 6, making It a record )f six wins to three losses for the lesson. They "won 'the Mid-State League Championship 'during .'the season. • 'iflrst -quarter ^f -the 'JStmbttfy *w«s wordless •ttlthoyth 'belh Charlotte -iHewBeflKm ''to ttnlonl County "Hospital 'AiftdMa'llen, 1 4 acres-in'MBrysvllle,''toy JB« Lot : in. Gilford %eKit«r Iroht Flctfenee 'flrtd•'J. -L. ^yianno^dHarrjr B. Thomas,"by'deed, >fl. 'j Nellie Tnyior 'to Lewis -arid 'AIM in,. 20/100 6f an ' 6cr» riette in Waryflville, • Let -in/illchwotJd, ifrom ; J.'P. -utti Ray SleTrimons to C. ; J. and 'Ivaloq Pryor, bydeed,-*!. Milford Center News Items MRS. *ftDA DAVIS Tribune Correspohfielit : to< tng -Jto- Jhe 3core 'fan "-*Be -'80. %ffl<th ; to the Ttiltfaie -for "two, iRogers 'than who -eauiht -H • on '-'Stln- to v <bury^s ! iifr-'Bna-1fah 1 to"tlie David Rees was called to Columbus Monday by the death.of his sister, Miss Mary Elizabeth Rees, who suffered a stroke -Sunday morning. In -addition to -Mr, -Rees, a -sister, Mrs.. Thomas Slater, who lives at the- home In 'Columbus, survives, interment was made in''Greerilawiif Cemdtcfy, 'Colunlbus, 'Mrs. HBftnati,. Durbdn, -a niece -of 'Miss - r <Rees, ati tended the funeral services Wed-r rtesday afternoon. ? Durban suffered )a -badlyj cut car ip a fall Tuesday at the Ohio Grain Co., 'where he is employed. Several 'stitches were re: 'quired to -close -the wound. -Mr. Durban was .unable to -attend the line mwttdr. 'On the 'ncuet -Tilay, Trannlng -IfOfn Uhe ^T, 3mith -went OTMaoTfle "to itartdfrig mp. 'Tfte 'atteni|Jt~' point -was -un8UcCe8s"ful. iBurtbury "took :«he -TtliSkdff and marched -all 'the 'Way' •to'wssre. -The! rivals -also "Jailed Ho !/«e"t 'ithe ^Jdtra point, 'and 'the ^iwcire-ittOtfd ; 8-all at Ihe'haTf. • ..'At >the ib^glnnirfg <of '-tKe 'third •quarter ~the 'TMowarc'hs -tooTt : the murtthsd '«tteh««ihed 'to aln ft *Mr«w»a 'eoup^le of long -passes, one to Shanks for 20 yards, and -a -.second from Sunbury > s ; 40 -to; Shanks 'who -took it -on the-SUnbury-5-and was tackled immediately, Howard then plunged chrough the middle to -score. -Howard -passed : tp 'Rogers -for -the -extra point. Throughout the rest of- the game Suribury was inrealening, but the^Monarchs Stopped , Ohio-Setting Ohio We«eyan UfllWrslty » lohg-taftge bUUdlng the indlvldtul rr^n's and which now exist. Mttttd in '1949, Wrtder the remo<le\ •which *U1 , wb<) fought and died In the war. NEWS OF MEN NOW SERVING THEIR KAliaN r months he spent nine months overseas and .participated in -the campaigns of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany with the V5th Division. Prior 'to entering the 'army, he was employed by the Gladding ; McBean & Company at • Columbus.. was beautifully decorated <0nc whore delicious rtfrbshments served. -Out-of-town . :gue^ts Were Mrs. Alvl 'Graham of Marysvllle, Mrs. Harold 'Bishop ''and 'Mrs. -John Devbss c,{ Mllford Center. RICHWOOD Nolle Street, Cor. Mr. nnd Mrs. DcVey Jordan were called to''Columbus-the past Week by the death 1 ' of Mr. Jordan's father, who .wus 93 years old. Election of bfllcers held at the • mooting of Claibornc .Grange scheduled for Monday, Nov. 42. Miss Mury Lake • will louve this week for several months' stay with her brother, Walter Lnko,.imd family, In Texas. •(.•••'' Hcv, C. E. Cornbrink will spend llio winter .with his daughter, Mrs, OARAGE ENTERED the man'iage of Olon'.E. OraKam of Pasadena, Cal., and Miss .Mary McCreary of Rlchwood. The ceremony was • solemnized Saturday, Nov. 2, at 7:30 P. M. In the Methodist parsonage at Proapuct, the pastor, Rev, Wynn, officiating 1 . The bride has been employed •'at the Johnston Restaurant In Rlchwood uncl hnd been making her home with her . brother, Guy McCreary, west of Rlchwood. Mr. Graham re- c'jntly returned from 42 .months' overseas service and received his discharge a few weeks ago. Before entering the service he resided In California and Is employed-aa electrical engineer for the Ice plant Ut Pasacleno. Mr. and Mrs, Graham left Sunday .afternoon 'tor Pasadena to make; their home " The Cheerio Circle of Tho King's of the city and searched in tho glove compartment .of an automobile. This time It. was at the home of Arthur Blumonschein in. West Elghlji; Street, It was reported that nothing was taken. , .. . 'Foot edmrort every wortiing day Is stressed by the Galloway Shoe Store In'their advertisement in this paper. 161-31 rfuneral^sttrvicefeifor.s nesday. • : - .-.--. •'•- , Mrs. Leonard Daum was brought home Thursday from 'White Gross Hospital -in the Reed 'ambulance. She underwent an operation <a few day S'ago. ' -Mr. 'and Mrs. 'Glenn 'Kensel^ot ColumbUs were -Sunday .'aftarnoon callers of ! Mr. >and Mrs.-C. Mr. and Mrs, Ross TlmmOns'6f Harrisburg and Mr^ and Mrs. Hayes Smith of West Jefferson were Wed-i nesday dinner guests of•-Mr. Mrs. C. F, .Pixier. • ; S/Sgt. George L.-Wenger, : son -of Mr. and : Mrs. Ray Wenger of -near Morysvillc and (grandson• --of Mrs; Irene' Brown of - this -place, .-has re-, ceived his discharge ifrom .service., He served 20 months in the-army, air forces. He was in Italy and was awarded the air medal with two oak leaf clusters. Sgt. 'Vyenger and his brother, Fred'Wenger, called on their grandmother, ^Mrs. Brown, 'artd" Mr. and'Mrs, Arnold Brown 'and family Wednesday'evening. 'AntJ-Rfldar Protection . -The Nazis,-according to-Amerloan soureos In 'Oermany, had 'put Unto; use an .anti-radar coatlng-lor sup*; marines. The coating was sold to have made the submarines' Invisible' against the radar beams and would not permit tho recording .of the imago on the'television-screen. 'Smith iar Don J Burroughs received leg injuries in the game, Smith i\yas^f oread >to leave the game, Butroughs .managed 'to hobble around. . : The Monarchs -scored -a total of 120 points this season against the opponents' "76. Below is the 'sea- jo'ri's schedule arid stores: .. - Discharges have been filed in the iff ice df County RecdrdDr -Lawrfence Rhoa'des'for the following service men: tj. 'S. 'Army-slohn 'P. Moore, : Don- ild IE.- Seherr, 'William B. Brill, Harbld' Mayer. and John 'Sandusky. U. S. Navy—Loten'Richard Cook. Richard F. Liggett, one of th? Inductees sent tb Camp Atterbury OHIO STATE (Continued from page 1) sponsors were 'itroublemakers'Stim- ulated'by people With ulterior motives." . ' '.'" • an October 19 and who enlisted in I 'Pitt -has met 'two Western Con- the army'for 18 :months, has been fererice teams this season. Illinois. jet to Ft. Belvolr, Va. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Luther-Liggett, have received his address, which is: Pvt, Richard ,F.-Liggett, 45026961, Co. D, 3th-Bn., 1st Platoon, Ft. Belvolr, Va, John Wilson of the U, S. Navy is spending a thirty day leave with his wife-and sons of Delaware. He Will return to -Bremerton, Washington, for his orders at the end of his leave. He was aboard the, .TJ.S.SJ ••After -making 'several ..-gashes 'In •tho' -top crust of -your iple 'poka straw sippets, snipped in-halt Into the holes.'As tho juice boils up,-H tends'to'rise in'these rather than core 'out through 'tho "vents. Tie-' suit—no oven scorches "or 'Streaky 1 Tile. •tHERE'S A LONG 6TORV BACK OF VOUR NEW 6UIT, BILIV. I THE MEN WHO PW0T'«BnU!DTHB coumay/woRB CLOTHES SPUN, I WOVEN AND 8BW8D AT HOME BY EN FOLK THB 6AIUORS ON SHORT SHCRB , LBAVHft'BBGANTOBUVREADy- MAOB'ClOTHlS-<THH'HANO-Me- ' BOWWa-gQlP BY WATtRFRONT, : WU3Rft. I ->v ,HOW*»OUT ! A SECONDHAND ONC ? TMEBB »MT TIMB f OR YOU TO WAKB A SUIT. TH« INVeWTlOW Of THB 66W1NO «MO«Mft IN »9O CHAMOKO BVCRV- THINftAND LAID THB FOUNDATION FOB MASS PftDOOCnOM Of CIOTME5. OF MANY THOUfAMD 'i MEN K» UNIFORM'S PUKtNO THE CIVIL WAR KSSUUfO IN THC PIR9T STANDARDS OP 6IZE9. WITH THtt MACHINt, A WORKER CAN *<sa THAT RATE ANttH TWO KNTt ) VQU CAM MAKB NEVCR HAD CU9THB6 M01MIR DIDN'T mrtvn'inw p*p<Hiiv»i«nnn9f CnOCR f&H. UtW OPPOfrtUNITIES, WENT WB6T BY THE THOUSANDS, GREATLY IWCRSAilKIO THf OtMAMD FOR , RBADVMAPC CIOTHIM6. • I'M 6BTTIMG N UNIFORM TO -VWORB"CIOTHE3 WfAR POWVURJ WITH WB FIRST -MON«V I'MAKE OUT WBST. WAS 8TIU OOM6 OUT*05lf*CTO««9 OW.MAWV werfe WOR M HB M6ANTO LAB6U IT WITH H» HAMi T$ft SRAM P. OU»UTV>¥*« ACUIdVlD WHEN A MAUtlVAdUOBR HAD AU WORK «X)NB IN HIO PA2TORV. '. • "Vorthlngton ....... "12 ' Mcchanlcsburg ..... 25 Bellefontaine ...;.;.. "0 • West Jefferson ...... 19 Rlchwood .......... 19 London •...„./...',.,. D - Mt. Gilead .......... 2 V iMSriOn-St. Marys. ... fl ^Buhbury ..... ....... -13 Total...- ........ .....120 14 0 14 6 -'-O '30 0 0 6 76 Indiana, a member-Jof- -the Third Fleet, and participated in the capture o'f the southern Palau -Islands, and the' Marianas,- Two Jima, Okinawa, Gunto, Honshu, .-Hokkaido air strikes and bombardments. Don-Smith tsco're'd -six 'touch-: dovms; 'Wool 'Howard, five; Dale Bell, -lour; - Manny ''Rogers, 'three, Rogers' passes -were'one of Marysville's most effective, offensive weapon, Howard kicked three extra-point kicks;' Bverett Alexander 'scored one at Rlchwood ' by ploughing through tho middle; Rog-. crs threw a pass to Smith for one, and Howard threw a pass to 'Rogers last night for one. Coach Jdhn'Ehlen was happy over the victory 'lost night. It was 'his last game as coach and he was hop- Ing 'the team would win. " r Those on ' the squad who will graduate thi?. .year are 'Junior Grimes, '"Danny 'Dayton, Don Burroughs, 'Gordon Snider, "Bob Shanks, Ed'Burger,"Don Smith, 'Noel How-J ard, who w«re dnHhe regular start- Ing lineup, and George Evans, Har-' old Sprugue.'Sob. 'Parr, TErnest'Bill^ Eugene 'Nicol 'and Don 'Shroyer,, who were substitutes. , v "The regulars coming ' back next year are Bell, 'Forry, Bcsecker, and Rogers. ' . 'The starting lineup for last night's game was: 'Grimes and r Shanks .at ends; tackles, "Dayton and Burger; guards, Besecker and Burroughs; center, Forry; quarterback, Bell; 'half backsi Smith und Howard, and fullback, Rogers. CAMP 'sVftFT, .-' Texds-^-l8t : Sgt. Austin'R. "Williams, 'formerly of Hdqs. 'Battery, 38th 'Field Artillery Bflttsttion, '2nd Division, ;has been honorably 'discharged from -the U. S. Army and is returning to his home at Route -4, -Marysville. In the service for forty-five defeated the Panthers 23-8 and Purdue won by a 28-0 tally. Accompanying -the Ohio State squad 'here .was the Bucks' famous 120-plece marching band. It Was the first-trip for the'musicians since'the Michigan game-of 1941. Probable lineups: . FOB. Ohio Stftte Pittsburgh L. is.—Kessler ........ A Skladan'y L.•T.-'-Thomas .,.;......... •<?errone L. G.—McGlnnl& v...... i *.. , /Chuffi C.—Linlriger....-;;.;.....'.•'..'','.. Kosh R. G.~Amling ..... 1........ -Ranii R. T.—Dixon , Roussos R.-E.—Steinberg' (A. C.) .. -.McPeak Q. B.—Friday Wolff L, H.-'-Daugherty ....... Robinson R.H.^-Fisher . .„...-..... Zimmovan F. B.—Cline .,., .> '. '.... 'Foley Officials: Referee—Dr. H. W. Hue- 'gel, -Marquette, Umpire—Ernie- Viok, Michigan; field judge-^-R. -H. Rupp, -Lebanon .Valley; headlines- man—John McPhee, 'Oberlin. •Read the want-ads -'earehuly. HOWARD IS INJURED IN 'AUTO ACCIDENT Raymond B.'Howard of-London,: publisher end manager of the Madison Preaa Company is recovering, from injuries suffered ' last'Friday; when his cor was -crowded -off the highway and Crashed into the-ditch: on Route 142,-betwe««'lx>ndon'and.i West Jefttrson. / _ He received a compound ffscture- of the right lag just below the'knee and 'lace r-a t ions fit 'the >tate ; and body. He was taken'to-Grant Hospital in Columbus. At the time \*>f 'th accident ! Mr. Howard >w«s :ratanj?n from a business ''/trip to Columbus, j His machine w#s reported to have struck a telephone pole when he lest control trying to avoid a header, collision. Read the wam-aas careiuily NAME IT Ilr%If£Ju II Marysville's -Newest' and Finest Restaurant which will open-soon under the managership of 'Glen 'Gonkling, will award a '$25 Vicitory Bond to the person, choosing a name for the restaurant In case of duplications in the winjiing name, the ^first person to 'enter 'the winning name at Box'50 will "be declared the winner. Entries ;must be turned in to The Tribune office by "November 15. :...,. 'So 'hurry and submit a "name. Judges are J.-M.Lentz, C. 3.-Mills-and R. W. Bigler. v< Entries may be mailed or handed-in at Tribune office. BOX NO. 50, IWARYSVItLE TRIBUNE 1 suggest, "NAME OF NEW 'RESTAURANT Name of Contestant Contestant's Address

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