The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on September 12, 1892 · Page 6
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 6

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 12, 1892
Page 6
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MONDAY, .SES-TRMBKR 12, 29, 1S<)2. Ik. bib OK hi l. Ot. <•.•>!'>• »lt fjn- c"|-v IS. On* c6,.j.\iB I A. Feasible Scheme and Stops Being ' Taken to Put the Grand En* terpriaa Into Operation ut Kl Paso. From Kl I'a o Time?: J Tliu over roeurring question of i paramount interest, to tho people of j this vul'.ey. is ihal ot' u permanent ul bountitul -A'Stcr supply lor tho try Moi> 'Stow* >*.!•.«. of "•»6« ['<! *•.«.! fi- lire* Ui«»»!i >!-• IB »avic JLDVKUTlSiMi KATKK-! J. S. VRSW',' K'Htrtr A I Kiu rwmltrut* of the. and Juaro/. ami ibo lying on oilhov siiio of tbo Grar.ile be.lovr. Mui'li lime iuul thought ha* boon devoted to the solution of this problem. Hut still the citict «mi the valley aliko ?.re short of vv*.u-r. The most ieasiblc plan vel proposed, ~ ~ /" ~" r . , "' ,, ! srenerallv agreed by students oi the Ax abundance of rain during tho i * ' V ...... , . t - - - ... subject, :.s that 01 a" dam across iho Tail months in this section, insures j - ' •% fine crop tho turning year, RH the holds tn-o nioi^tnrc to h ro- len^tb of time, Po muc-h The Great TstritV Reformer IMivo a Masterly Add res* iu Murkot It Usx.l been known weeks ih:it H.--N. K. i lor ,>d dolivorini: .in nd.iivss ut on ifu- f>lh of Si»pt. iiiid in Laredo luvorduneo with that HI Ti'.jo he arrival ffuiui.iy evening a»d anJ certain as ha» boon -oo tb»t j^o<^^ crops of corn have been rained near La ratio without * •drop of r»m after tho seods *d; therefore, don't cry enough. In publishing th -oi the Cameron 'cor.nt v republican convention,, held in Brownsville on the -il iiist., she Herald ot that place inserts a note stating- that a redoTution passed unanimously is cvnited b-ecause ot beini; fco personal in its nature. Doubtless the Brownsville Herald does raiitanv Iihed pint notoriety. Ot river, thus making an immense re*ervc ; .r U<I N vUo storage ol water <iuring the vdiuer and spring to be iisutl-in the dry iho'nths. J'siimntes of the COAL of such & v.-ork have boeivciuidti, and old readors of the Tiuies are familiar with tho c'ol- uinns oi bpuca tbut baye been devot* ed to tho Rvibjoct. It was cjenerully considerod proper work for ibo l\vo govern men is whose people uro in* terested, ruid both govefnmeiit.-? | .1 :.• . __^i- » • mot by u cOMruii'.eo of r»lizt>n« otcorted to tbo Hamilton', where many 'citizens called during' .yotter- uay morning to pay their respect:* lo tho uiost distinguished Texan ol the present day; ho spent tho utter- noun, 'accompanied by several citizens, in looking through tho'two LurtxKi? and bo took oceat-iuu to aid a low points to hi* rich htor« the \vorkiugs "protective" The announcement bud been made that the uddre.s* \vould at S 30 o'clock sharp uud - at that hour, JuJgo G; U. C introduced Senator MiHa, in a few well chosen remarks. Lo itu audicuco that any man could well afford to bo proud oi Has not raited the price ea Blackwell's Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco. There are many other brands, each represented by some interested person to be "just as good as the BULL DURHAM," They are not; but like all counterfeits, they each lack the peculiar and attractive qualities of the genuine. BLACK WELL'S We attach this tag Jo every Iv^ of fur the protection' of DURHAM TOBACCO CO. DURHAM, N.C. Xot wUhitandiug tho itrects were quite muddy and tho weather ^ ing. Market hall was tilled toils through their representatives baye j utmost capacity ; a large number of Vukon steps looking to the 'possible construeuon, at soiae t«mo, of :i great international dam. But the negotiations Lave boon slow and thtt need of water haa not ,. > t - . -, -, la the meantime staps have been the dumocrutic Btaaoard . . . . F . ! tako to i capital in u. t . ,, . ~ ! iaso to iniercsi, pr;vaio capita: in a, bearer tor the presidency Sum- ... .. , . . '. ^ , . .. .. simuar scheme, and n looks now Jones 8KH-rf; * v ] Believe old G rover ( t ^ QU , •Cleveland will stick to purity and j ducced8 fui. tioneaty tho' a tuneral procession I-\yilaon Hamilton c^' nwaUs lii Kovember, but I verilv 5 paid several visits t< prove It is know that ALr_ Kew York has to this city for -^- — ~ T • — .—-.-. £raiv4ov>ii.iai>iaitn U'J LiJi* Uluy 1 t>t l»eheve -;-«i Kia punty und honesty j the purpose of thoroughly posting he will $o triumphantly intcs th« j himaelf upon the .ueeds and ; poa- preeidcicv :or another four years. j* ibit " 1M <f* lh | s wocderiul valley. , . . . * ( Mr, ilamilton arrived u«/uin ic Una WE-en n"iS eccoiui to.rm ia i »u^ .:»», i-. ., M i • __, - . wfcen h<s second term ia j the city last Monday, sinctTwhicb 'he w;ll go out ot oitiec j timo ho hj^s been quietly niaturin-' Wept, honored flnd 6iiu^, and leave tteae- ! Tilted states to his m office on a more, Vaais c.t iiidaBtrial wuiou, broader .-pro-spent}' ana greater bappiee*e-tiian they hare knowc lor a hundred vearB?' his plani. YoHlerday moruirig went to tho capital of Dona Ana -county ; New \lexico, accompanied by Mr. K- C. Huberts, of thia city, Mr. B. t5alazar YiAgucrri and Ho'u, M-arcelo L'con, Mainber of CJotigrcsfe froin tho vitate ut (juerrero, Mexico. Ai Las Crutcs tti» party was mci by Messrs. FrcLidfinthal and Alton aiid the necessary f«rnialivies oi filing the paper* were soon ih. o.ugh with. Mr. Loon, who -baa been iixteen .years a . irom ( ^-' l * d wilh the lllOQ '» THI two Articles on irrigation, appearing on the first ^j^go ol THE Tf-acjcs . st yesterday ixoruin^ *nd tho other in this issue, *hould receive special atteniion from tbo people «f thi* section, although W- ftrring te a propoded enterprise at El Pa»o, because everything€& ; • its fkv-or inapplicable- to th.i* part /T e8t « r ^»y» ' oi Ik. Kic -Grande border, where ' ernmenl ** \he needs aro as ^reat, the fcMiefite ]-P r og r « 5 » towardu coniummation, to be <iorrved Ur greater tad the' member ol the -eight yeara -^ia rau«b icqpresc-. of Mr. Ham- explained to hici tJxinks that bis gov- in D » ^*» retard itg , reminds the writer that e difficulties tc b« eurotountcd bo*u- j-» ccordi P«f to LUe proposed plan the ' liiullj less; iere, the rich r»Ilej'j 4DUrn * llon - aI Matures of the dam la&ds by tb-=- hundred* of tbo«r.*and8-| Itse ^ wil1 be eliminated, except AS of acre* lio on botit sides «fthe'! J '° l ^° ( l u **^° 11 °- delivering iho 'water. Tbc plan .is to build tne the poiat, whero the «xlra chairs h:ul becu arranged in tho hall, bringing all available space itito rcqusition and evorv scat Ns*aa tilled with tho appreciative and nttontivo of listoucri*, nono whom could doubilosa rua- liio at the end ol' tho brilliant discourse that the eloquoui speaker had occupied their attention for two hours, HO ^reut was tueir interest in what wna being said, but .that was exactly vbt length ol timo that Senator Mi-Is had consumed in presenting to the people of this city his unanswerable- a gurnent against the evils of "pro- U'ftion" on the ono hand, tbo f'al=c theories of the aubtlreaauryiiea on tbo other, and in support ol true democratic principles of govcnir nient. He was all the while hurl, ing statistics and solid facts, such as would ordinarially be dry and uninteresting-, bat tbo artistic touches given them in his iniciita- blo happy style, kept the audience spellbound throughout. Mr. Mills bus tho reputation of teitig one of tho ablest speakers oi the country and his effort last nijrht in Laredo did not detract in the Icaat from those well earned laur«ii. IL wu» strictly upeixking a tariff speech, but the speaker also paid his ros» poets to tha wild gchernes concocted by tho t armors' alliance in secret meetings and only touched acres nvor, Ue iruit and vegetable r£peni"(' ing season is frow three wesfc* -io-« two month* earlier thin any othor other B«eii€> counirr, the crater ic always in the river In th» great* tiSt abuoaanoe, not having tis be stored up dunng winter and iiot requiring a dam of greater heigiiih than necessarj- to raiae the water to tho desired level to facilitate a surface bicyw, and tht> riv«r has an average t&ll of .more thac. four foot to the mile wii^ a current of five miles an hour at low zaark. to the opening care- speech of Judire Ciark, delivered ac Dallas the other duy, ex*Congreefimat Upion, oi Bexar •Bounty, saye; -*»It is grand in iu •Implicitj oi expresiou auci clear and iorcibic expositiou pt true democracy, 0! that it cautd be read and its leasona of the <undaa mental principies-of unaduiterated free /sryvernmeiiti learned and iieeded by every intelligeQt being throughout the civilized world. Jt ie a masterly vindjcatioa 61 himself arid hia szipporteri. It evidences that which Geor^..- CJlark possesse-s and with whicL ii« is gilted in a high degree profound statesmanship, true patriotiem, pure demoeracy, aj honest and courageous expression »j* opinico, together witn the re re qualities or an illustno • and an inspiring political leader— «nce- ._, boundary line between iho Qniteii Schmidt, The Tailor, Has the Large&t Assortment of Imported and Domestic Goods on the Frontier. 8— 12— l T1115 CIIO L n R A SCO U [{Q K. EEVEN HEATHS IS' TBH HAKH1R OK XE\v VOI:K. The Panie on the Normania Dos-* cribed as Bein-^ Something Fright- iul—Tlio Disease Break* Out in Kiuff and Oiher IMaees. rit/, fearlessneee, caution, forethought and BRgacitj. in George Clark good fortune haa truly given to the democrats of Texas a noble leader who will not desert, hie colors or his friends in victory or defeat. I trust that speech will be widely circulated throughout the state. Let coward* ly time fervers, weather c*ck§, Thin will give a oovering only Uud that :s DO\V Alpaost totally worthless, but which 4^:11 enhance the valuo ol" all prop-« irty for nauy miles down the river on bi»th sides iho itio Gruudc. .Mr. Hamilton hope* to 13 fur complete arrangements bore vmhij a.few weeks that a .number oi geu- tloiaen in Kew Vurt maj como out early in the winter ^nd preparations ibr actav.e work.* "You people will, hardly realize we are doing," ho eaid, "before we set a couple cvl hundred uiec to work, which J hoso will not ba.^^sry far in the future." Speaking of th« grand results to be .aosompliBhed, he aakd- ^ ^Here;•.'•l,009.0Qt acres of land on the Taxas and Mexican side of the river, without water, it wor.tii SI an acre, or an aggregate value ono million dollara. With water this and will be worth $100 an Acre, brl a gross value of §1,090,001), and will up add *>9.000,OUO to the taxable wealth oi the two nations, iVithoui it is noc worth a yuarly of Id ct3. an acre. \Vitu water, planted in orhc^rds and vineyard^ the yearly crop will bi worth from 3100 to §350 an'acre:, but put the general average at $1UU an acre and annual production ! ler •i i respect IVoni the soil will be 000,OUO. The results in tries will justify this contlucrion. '•Instead of a sparsely settled region with a dissatisfied pooplo against odds to maku u ently upon the gilvw: question to show that his views thereon are somewhat different to those of many prominent democrats, though none of that party would at all dit- is utterances in any other Kc contended tLat tanff j relorm the only consistent i meana oi increasing the circulating medium and thai the country, would roceiye full relief therefrom. The entire discourse was devoted to national issues, not ono word of reference being mado to State politics, am' his presentation of the tariff question vrati so convincing that it is a pity that every voter in the country could uot be under the •sounding of his yoke, in ord«r that they might vote more inlelligently .inllift forthcoming national election, especially as Mr, Mills remark* od en yesterday that ho was work* ed down and had been compelk-d to cancel eome of bis appointments. The people of Laredo appreciate the honor ot his visit here aud arrange* moots had been made to have a band oi music on hand last night and extend other manifestations oi their appreciation, hut tho distinguished visitor especially re- quoeted that they be omitted. Senator Milis leaves this morning over the Texas Mexican for Corpus Christ! and will spejik there on tomorrow, Sept. 7th. precarious living without water, haye, with water, every 20 •upporting a iamily in ea«e und opulence. And the revenue to the slate will be increased many a hundred fold.] "Surety such possibilities should command th* attention and action »gogie« IE d«m.| 0 f vh« govemmtnta *f both in. it and hang their treated republics^ and all claaMt ' WELU d J • ^ ••••••fhna aitr, Sat. OH . . , lntf&Sttarr. fach'f. Eneyetoptdia SfSe Tho American WeKWorks, Auror*. Ill rt-t3.S.C*?iAi.ST..CHlCAGO.lLL. t - . „ _ £LM STKCKT. DALLAS. TEXAS, i ***•* *^* Card oi Thanks. JIThe Ladies of Christ^Chriat GuiUl request THE TIMES to express their sincere thanks to ail those who so kindly assisted them in making their recent entertainment in Market Hall the success that it waa. Kew York, Sopt- 4. — Several large steamships with imraigninti on hoard arrived here today from Eu» rope, but there was no evidence of cholera among passengers, They were the North German Lloyc! steamsbip Fuldix from Geno, Auij- ?4, with 5 1.) 3 immigrants; the North German Lloyd steamship Darin- sladt from Bremen, Au^ 24. with 380 immigrants, and the French Btoamahip Jja Bourgo^ne froni Havre, Aug. 4, with 480 immigrants. The health officers ordered the steamers to quarantine. JDr. Jenkins, accompanied by mnarantine Commissiener Allen and Professor .Bi^gs went to the lower quarantine this Kiorning and on their return it was learned that cholera had claimed a number of victims on infected steamships Cur. iog the day. The startling fact was made public ihat three deaths had occurred on the Nonnacia, two on the Moravia arid ono on the Hugia. All the dead were taken to Swinburne island and cremated It i* also ascertained that six eksea of the disease had beefi seci to Swinburno island today. The cab : n pas>engers of the steamer Kormauia have been transferred to Holl'man island. The panic amou^ ihera today \7as de«» cribed by eje witneseeB aa something frightiut. They cried out against being confined in the DC-HI ship *nd thu ladies on board ibe vessel were in a state of groatent terror. Their fear was relieved to a Hofiman island. The commissioners describe- the terror prevailing among the passengers us ol a heart rending character. Tbero was some doubt among the cabin passengers as to the presence of the dread disease aboard the steamer, but the deaths and now cases which occurred today have brought terror to the bravest, and all now fully recognised that the grim spectre cholera is really in their midst. The maiis from th«Normania were brought to the postofficeB and distributed, and that lor inland pointa. • sent on its way, The Italian inan-ofiiwarCoriglians| which brught here the satatue of Christopher Columbug, presented by the Italian government to the people of the United States, arriv* «d at quarantine this afternoon. CHOLERA APPXARS 1ST KliFF. St. Petersburg, Sept. 4,/~Private dippatches received t here report that twelve deaths ln,m cholera have occurred in Kiga urnl that the disease has also mude u« appea» ranee in Kieff, which up to today has been spared. The Santo Tomas Tract. train on tho Kio Grande & Pocos H. H., went to tho Santo To mas coal minca yesterday and the Following gentlomon cnmnoPftd the party: Major Anderson of Phila* delphia, Pa., representing capitaU ists of that city, Herbert Walcott, A. Macdonell,. Supt. Gidainga, P. J, Macmabon. J. J. MeKendriuk.Capt, Dan Lovell and Thos liyan. Major Anderson, who is a civil engineer of national repute, looked over the ground with a crttica.1 eye and do* elated that it was the most suitable point he had yet seen for nn irriga* tion plant on a large scale, the coa I being on the ground in unlimited quantity and of good quality. Mr. MacdoneU had given ^an option on this property to Canadian capitalists and has juet received a telegram from them requesting hia presence , in Toronto, Canada, and ail that ia j needed now is bis presence there to i perfect tho trade; lor wbich point be will leave in a day or two. It is hoped it will culminate favorably, as it will not oijly benefit, the parr ties who buy, but also this city and section in an eminent degree. Deutz Gun clab Score. The Club of young men went out Sunday evening at 3 o'clock to Hoights Park to shoot their first time at clay p'geons and consider* ing that they had not had practice all made & good score. The even* ing was delightful and the pigeons suiled splendid, A good, number was in attendance and an enjoya* ble evening speat. Mr. Chas. Deutz won the honors of the evening with 17 breaks out oi 25 singles. The individual score oi the participant* was as follows: Christi»DSund,Sept. 4 — One sail* or died here today of cho'era. Xo further cases were reported. STILL RAGING AT HAMB7KQ. Hamburg, Sept, 4.— The ambulances yeaterdvy tex>k te the hoe« pitals 324 caoUra patienU, ot whom 185 died. Five hundred and twenty .eight cases and 329 deaths not previously reporttiTwtw gisUred A. L. Yidaurri Cha§. Deutz C. B. Moore Joh n Qrtila R. Martin J r . O- C. Ulmer V. de iaGarza Lott Taylor F. IB. Hansen Hits. 3 17 30 6 3 15 8 10 Mis*.. 22 S 15 19 22 10 17 15 1.0 FOIt OXSI-EPSZA, Indlgestica. nnd Stomach disonSeri, nw T BROWN'S rab* BITTERS. All denlers keep it, Jl per bottl*. Genuine hM trade-mark und croswxl red liae* on wwppet. A Slick Young Forger. Amnnllo, Texas., Sept. 4.— SheriS R; it, Warden Arrived last night from Lajunta, Colo, wi 4 h B, K, Wingal«, with leveral aliases, who is wanted litre for swindling. Win* gat« is a very slick young man., and is waited in several slates. He represented himself as an advertis* ing agent lor the Columbian «z« posiUon, and had duly •i Me d credentials fro* President Palmer and t s letter of credit for $1500, all of which wer» forged. Tkt lettar of er«dit had endorsed the fellow* in r payment*: "Pirsl National bank, Galvjjto., $200; Citi bank, Port Worth, |20f; Fim ,. Fint Scott, Ka*:, $160; * * $15$;

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