Kerrville Mountain Sun from Kerrville, Texas on September 25, 1958 · Page 14
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Kerrville Mountain Sun from Kerrville, Texas · Page 14

Kerrville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1958
Page 14
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Pagi Six Kerrville Mountain Sun, Kerrvllle, Texas, September 26, 1968 *A ffeWfflb /MMNMofi For Wort Tfcm 7* THE TKN COMMANDMENTS, now showing at the Arcadia, was filmed on a three months location trip to Egypt by Cecil DeMillc. Charles Ileston portrays the part of Moses, and other featured players are Yul Brynner, Anne Baxter Edward G. Robinson, Yvonne DcSarlo, Debra Paget and John Derek. Turtle Creek Dr. and Mrs. Chester Bornh- ers and sons :md Mr. and Mis. Gordon of Kerrville were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Felix Real Jr., and family, Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Alderdiee and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Neun- hoffer were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Real Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Neunhof- fer ami sons were in Llano on Sunday. Guests of Mrs. Walter Reil Sunday afternoon were Mmes. D. H. Comparette and J. C. Bigger and Misses Edith and Mr.e Kennedy of Kerrville. week causing rises in most of the streams. Lambs and Falls Creeks were very high, causing a good rise in Turtle Creek, making it impassable across some roads for several hours on Friday. The most recorded was 12 inches at Felix Fisher Ranch with varying amounts of 10 inches at Felix Real, 11 inches at Orbrie Reeves and Virgil Wallis, 8 inches at the Aime Real Ranch and the least amount was 6.92 at Eddie Schmidt's. Katchy' By Kathlene Bennett Mi-, and Mrs. Aime Frank Real and children were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ward of Kerrville Sunday. Mrs. John Scott and daujyii- ter of San Antonio spent the week end with Mr. and Mi s. George Lamb and Mrs. A. M. Lamb. Guests of the Lambs Sunday were John Phillips and sons of Houston and Earl Cowden of Kerrville. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Barton were the guests of Mr. and M;s. Harold Chaney Sunday. This community was blessed with some heavy rains this past Buy It NOW In Kerrville! Political Announcements All This Week! SEPT. 25 — OCTOBER 1 CECILEDEMILLE'S The K.errville Mountaia Snn has been authoried to announce the candidacy of the below listed names, subject to the action of the voters in the General Election to be held November 4. FOR STATE SENATOR: Louis Crump FOR COUNTY JUDGE: John R. Leavell (Re-election) FOR JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, Precinct 4 B. A. Jordan FOR REPRESENTATIVE: Joe Burkett, Jr. FOR COUNTY CLERK: Miss Emmie M. Muenker FOR COUNTY TREASURER: E. M. McDonald FOR COMMISSIONER PRECINCT NO. 1: David Brewton (Re-election) FOR COMMISSIONER, RECINCT NO. 2 Vernon Powell OR COMMISSIONER p recinct No. 4: Roger E. Stone FOR JUSTICE OF THE EACE PRECINCT No. 1: Virgil Storms PRODUCTION THE TEN COMMANDMENTS •""••I CHMfLTON YUL ANN[ HESTON'BRYNNER' BAXTER IDWARD G YVONNt ROBINSON-DE CARLO •«**PA6CT JOHN DEREK SIR CtDRIC NINA MARTHA HARDWOE-fOCH- SCOTT JUDITH ANDERSON -vincon PRICE V..... I- il k, «l'<lAi MACftMM JL651 LLASK1.JR • JACK GARISi • fflDRIC M fRANH B...4 .,„.., MOU 5C«IPIU«ll ..J.*.. , VSl^SSf TECHNICOLOR" 2 I'EKFOKMANC'KS DAILY _:>:00 P. M Night 7:30 P. M Complete Program 1 Hours Guest List Suspended ADMISSION Wtck Day Matinee Under 12 FOR JUSTICE OF Precinct No. Two Ira L. Pringle PEACE Class officers for the coming year were elected last week by Tivy students. Leading the seniors this year will be Gene Mangum, as president. Assisting Gene will be Sue Girard, vice- president; Phyllis Allan, secretary; Homer Stevens, treasurer; and Mary Elaine Adamek, reporter. Beau Sutherland was again elected president of the junior class. Serving as vice- president will be Martha Fletcher. Sarah Bruns is secretary; Lonnie Roberts, treasurer; and Brenda Jones, reporter. Johnny Johnston is president of the sophomores. Other officers include Skip Trammel, vice-president; Teeny Doering, secretary; Woody Epperson, treasurer; anJ Patsy Snow, reporter. Other recently elected officers include the senior chorus officers: Madeleine Sowards, president; Larry Graham, vice-president; Eette Niehaus, secretary; and Mary Brooks Brewton, reporter. Congrats to these fine >eople and leaders- There is nothink like a long ide home after a losing foot>all game unless it is the long ide home in wet clothes. Tivy fans experienced this Friday night as the Burbank Bulldogs handed the Antler a 20-0 defeat.'s hope that tomorrow night, ,he weather and the score, will be changed as the Antlers meet Brownwood here. Presbyterian young people lonored Schreiner Institute students with a banquet last Sunday night. Installed at the meet- ng were the officers for the coming year. They include Phyllis Allan, president; Mary Brooks Brewton, program chairman; Nanci Allison, secretary-treasurer; Marion Koch historian; and Mary Dyer, Marilyn Wagner, Gene Baglebarger Rita Edington and Searle Crate 11 commission chairmen. Tomorrow the Tivy Tatler will be distributed to the students for the first time this year. The first issue will be free for everyone. This year subscriptions will be sold on a homeroom basis, with individual subscriptions running $1.00 per person. Kaye Davenport will journey to Houston this week end to be Vann Callcott's date for the A&M-University of Houston game. Ann Callcott will also be iittending the game. Gay and Susan Wiggins will travel to the Dallas-Fort Worth area this week end so Gay may look over colleges and universities in that area. Betsy Johnston is to ':e a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding in Junction, Saturday night, and Katchy Bennett will be in New Braunfels for a meeting Saturday. Bonnie Schupp, Rex Eubanks, April Clover and Johnny Finch were in San Antonio last week end to see a show. It was good to see ex-Tivyite Betty Baldwin Englemann in San Antonio at COW POKES ly Act RtiJ Farm and Ranch News From Your County Agents GUT POWELL MRS. MARGIE H. WILLIAMS Covatjr Afoit Homt Domoiutratioii Agent BICHARD BLUM1 FELICIA FISHER AModltt Bojre' 4-H Club Repertor FRANCES SCHUMACHER, Secretary 'Now, honey, you know it says on this vaccine to keep it in a cool dark plact.' CARS COLLIDE A 1952 Jeep pick-up driven by Malcolm Richerson and a 1956 Nash driven by Mrs. Emma Kennedy were involved in a minor collision at the intersection of Main and Park Streets Thursday afternoon. Neither driver was injured, and damage to Mrs. Kennedy's car was estimated at $125. Richerson's vehicle was not damaged, police officers said. last week end was Janet Ahrena, who did some shopping. Saturday night daters last week end included Sandy Perlowski and Robert Nance, Bette Niehaus and Ronnie Townsend, Gilbert Rowe and Sandra Allbright, Susie Ward and James Miller, Jeannie Archer and Ronnie Chalk, Mary Brooks Brewton and Bob Horton, Phyllis Allan and Hub Parks, and Marion Koch and Jerry Neuman, Wrecks seem to have been the plague of Tivy students. Collene Raney and Thornton Secor had a slight wreck on the way to school last week when Thornton's brakes failed to hold arid he hit Collene's car. Mary Nell Nesbitt was involved in a wreck, when the driver of another car failed to yield the right of way at an intersection. The latest: going "pony express" on a date means it's just you and the driver ... on double dates, you're going "stagecoach". He's a "button man" if he strictly conforms to Ivy League styles. ^ Have a printing problem? Bring it to the Kerrville Mountain Sun. (Adv.) Kerr County SOIL CONSERVATION N District Supervisors Board: George Holekamp, Chairman Warren Klein, Vice-Chairman C. M. Dismukes, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer Eddie Dietert R. E. JeMfl Capitalizing on ideal climatic conditions, Dale Dean, on the Elm Pass road, is allowing his desirable native grasses to gain in vigor and density by complete deferment. Response to the resting is bringing out vigorous growths of Sideoats grama and Little bluestem on the steeper, shallower sites. The deep soil sites are coming forth with Little bluestem and Indiangrass, with some Switchgrass to indicate definite range improvement. Meadow dropseed and Plains lovegrass are also in abundance on the deep soils, adding to a desirable grazing mixture. Continuance of range care will bring out Texas Wintergrass, Canada wildrye, and Threeflowered melic with the cooler weather. Dean is planning now his water distribution. He will enlarge one pond for permanent water storage. Due to difficulty in getting a suitable site, he is considering a pipeline in connection with a planned cross fence. Cropland has been established to Sorghum Almum. The rank rrowth is'adding organic matter, protecting the soil, and is famishing food and cover for wildlife. Coarse Grass? No Little bluestem with the sheep and plenty just over the fence in the road indicates the value of Little bluestem as summer grazing. Such evidence can now be seen for the age old argument of how sheep eat eoarfe grass. •• The same holds true for all warm season grasses and forbs. Fence line contrast between grazed areas and areas not grazed show what the stock prefer. The grasses that are not up to where they can be seen are I those the stock are keeping grazed down. And in most cases,) along the fence Ijnes there is a browse line" created 'by the animal reaching as far through the fence as possible to get the] desirable grasses. Evaluation of warm season! grazing plants is pertinent now.) As their growing season stops, some of the?« grasses, such as I Little bluestem, changes in corn- Smell Eggs Good Buy Small size eggs at this time of the year are usually the moat economical egg buy. Hens hatched last spring are now coming Into production. The seasonal increase in the number of small eggs can mean a price advantage to the family food shopper, points out the specialist. Allowing for the difference in weight, the smallar eggs offer as much food value as the large ones. Small eggs weigh about a fourth less than large eggs and the price spread between sizes is the guide to a good buy. If the price spread between large and small eggs is as much or more than 15 cents, the small size is the economical buy. Small eggs have other advantages. 8hey suit small serving needs, as for young children, invalids or adults who prefer a small egg. Too, the small eggs have special appetite appeal when used in salads or cold plates. The food value of the small eggs, adjusted for weight, is equal to that in other eggs. Because of the large number of pullets now coming into production, the supply of small eggs will be larger this fall than last year. The price spread is already wide enough to make the small eggs a top food buy. Safety with Insecticides If you handle or use insecticides you should be interested in these precautions furnished by Jimmie Deer, entomologist with the Texas Extension Service. Deer points out that you may save your life or that of a fellow worker by observing each of the following: 1. When loading the sprayer or duster stay upwind and do not spill insecticides on the body or clothing. 2. Wear a proper respirator when loading or applying insecticides. 3. Wear fresh clothing each day and if liquid insecticide is spilled on the clothing, take a I bath immediately and change clothing. 4. Wear rubber gloves to keep insecticides off the hands. 6. Do not smoke or eat while handling insecticides — waah hands thoroughly before eating or smoking. 6. Destroy all empty insecticide containers. 7. Store insecticides where children cannot get to them. 8. Do not store insecticides unless they are clearly labeled. 9. If you become dizzy, sick at the stomach, have a headache or blurred vision, quit work and see a doctor immediately. SEE SHOWING A group of 14 salesmen and executives from Petersons' Garage A Auto Company are fa Ualveston today to attend the dealer showing of the new Chevrolet models. THF REAL MCCOYS GORPON MONROf parative grazing value. As the warm season grasses become less palatable, the stock will seek out the more succulent cool season grasses and forbs. LIKE MAW 5£Z. YUHNEVfR KNOW WHCN KflNMNNA NtCP IfttOftANCC BURTON Insurance Agency Arcadia Ihcofr.- Bldq Phone CL 7-4134 Korrville RADIO SAVINGS ACCOUNTS the Burbank game. Betty is attending Jefferson High School this year. Also in San Antonio Each Important During their bereavement, the family rightfully expects to be served by sincere people, to be served with dignity, to be charged fairly, and guided thoughtfully. Fairness, dignity, sincerity and guidance are each features of our service. Adults Kites and Sunday Under VI _________________ 50c Adults _________________ . .—-81.23 MEMBER. THE ORDER OF THE GOLDEN RULE CENE HUT2UR • (LIZABETH HUTZlfl OWNERS INTEREST PAID Compounded Semi-annually Beginning October 1, 1958 Save wher eyou ^relationship is as depositor and not as an investor The important requirements for * true savings are SAFETY and AVAILABILITY Oj>EN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT TODAY First State Bank Of Kerrville Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation STATION K t R V Program Schedule Monday thru Saturday A. M. 6:00 Wecome Ranch 6:30 News & Weather 6:35 Welcome Ranch 7:00 Local News 7:05 Power For the Day (Except Sot.) . 7:10 Breakfast Bandstand 7:30 News & Weather 7:45 Morning Devotional 7:55 Hymn of the Day 8:00 Town Talk (Mon., Wed. & Fri.) News (Tues., Thur. & Sat.) 8:05 Coffee Time 8:30 Church of Christ (Sat.) Coffee Time (Mon. thru Fri.) 9:00 Local News 9:05 Mustc Interlude 9:15 1230 Club 10:00 News 10:05 Organairs 10:15 Songs of Inspiration 10:30 Polka Time 10:45 Public Service Program 11:00 News (Except Sat.) Church Calendar (Sat.) 11:05 Tops in Pops 11:45 Midday Matinee P. M. " .' "?*•• 12:00 Trading Post (Tues., Thur. & Sat.) Midday Matinee (Mon., Wed. & Fri.) 12:15 News & Weather 12:30 Local News 12:35 Life At the Crossroads (Except Sat.) 12:40 Music With A Melody 1:00 News 1:05 Hill Country Capers 2:45 Public Service Program 3:00 News 3:05 Afternoon Varities 4:15 Tunes for Teens 5:00 Concert Varities 5:30 Passport to Daydreams 5;55 Jax Sports Round-Up 4:00 Local News 6:05 Farm, Commodity News 6:15 Dinner Music 6:45 News * Weather 7:00 Bill's Follies 9:00 Local News 9:05 Dreamtime Serenade 9:57 News Summary 9:51 Thought For the Day 10:00 Sign Off FOOTIALL - FRIDAY NIGHTS, 8 O'CLOCK KERV Sunday Schedule includes programs of var> ious churches of this area plus music selected especially for Sunday listening. Sunday Newscasts are: A. M.: 7:30, 1*0 and 9:11. P, M.i 11:10, 3*0, 440, *>4S, and ttOO. I >' »,

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