The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio on July 2, 1971 · Page 41
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The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio · Page 41

Hamilton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1971
Page 41
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Page 41 article text (OCR)

r , JUMr ft, i*H HAMILTON, OHIO, JOURNAL - THE DAILY MEWS PAGft fttRftHSM Gimbel Scours The Oceans For The Great White Shark By WML THOMAS AP Newsfeattf es Nflff VOfcfc (AP) - Most people wouldfl't §o shark hunting with a cannon. Peter Gimbel does it With a caflftefa. •Hie lean, vi|orats, 43 - year- old Gittibel went on a l£, 000- mile ocean hunt with three other divert Ifri returned with enough footage ot sharks in action to $it together an, at times hair - railing Him called "Blue fater, White Dwtii." The recently released movie deals with Gimbel's search through the watefi of the Indian Ocean, those off South Africa and CeyJ«n, and, finally, those off southern Australia for the legendary Great White Shark — one of the meanest, deadliest beaste swimming. Why log all those miles searching for a vicious meat eater that may run 16 feet in length and weigh a ton? "1 wanted tife <to*t White," says Gimbe), ''because . . . .Well, hell! The most ambitious climbers have their eyes on Everest. The analogy is there. The Great White is really a shark all by himself." Store Family Gimbel, a member of the New York department - store family, decided to get into film - making after "I had spent a lot of my life doing other things, water film — sharks. A lot Of, Notttig this pattern, Gimbel people are absolutely intrigued with sharks — considering the actual effect they have on our lives." Gimbel attributes this fascination with sharks to a vafiety of reasons. Among them: "They're dangerous attd dangerous situations, in general, intrigue people; 'theyte large, sometimes huge; they have a passionless quality, They kill With no peseion. They're beautifully designed eating' machines, and the whole image of being eaten alive is a terribly grotesque, bizarre death since, subconsciously, the form in which one meets death is terribly important to most people. decided to use an underwater shotgun apparatus to deflect the sharks and it worked. But With the Great White Shark H was a different story. "We didn't play it fast and loose with them," Gimbel says. "Nobody doubted they could smash Hado's Theyll Do It Every Time our boo cages curtain, like a but the bam- oattern among them investment bant of attack of the Great White not that of a fighting bull. It's not a charger. The Great White doesn't bump before it attacks. It doesn't have to. It goes right in and bites, using the taste test. When they'd bite the cages, thsy apparently didn't like the taste and t» i - - » -u u. u* t, !. ^ knocked some of their teeth Being eaten alive by a shark is t There .were moments when very low on the last.' lhafk ^ Were fam lik€ Gimbel also felt the filmi au tumn leaves, should "add to the drama of the shark, the drama of men Gimbel, whose shark hunt meettnf the shark on its own ing expedition has been turned terms — out in the open water." into a book called "Blue Meri- He and his fellow divers went dian" by Peter Matthiessen down into the waters in special- currently -is working on "com- ly - designed cages to photo- pletely different kind of film graph the sharks, but, at times, It's fiction. It's called 'Mexican they left the cages to swim| Salt,' and that's all I care to ing." During these years "I had been diving and taking underwater pictures, and I had a reputation as an underwater photographer," he .says. "I knew it was late in the game for me to break into movies and that I needed any shortcut available. Since it no longer is possible to just take a .camera Underwater and shoot pretty scenes and come up with a commercially viable product, I figured it ihad to be a dramatic under( LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS COURT OP .(COMMON PLEAS OF BUTLER COUNTY, .OHIO JUKOAL NOTICE Etta Roietta $uth«rle Harris aka Shelton. MWrMf unknown, and Wendell A. Shelton. a$dr.e».i unknown, will take notice M»»t on the 23rd day of June. i«71. A Complaint In D#p*»4*ncy lor temporary (custody Sf THna Marie;.XJuthjerle. Pependent Minor, wai flkd in .Cojpnwn Pleas Court, PJvlrtpn of DpmesMiP Bel*. lions, by M&i.'Wton Morgan. Said Hearing *UI bt »««ore the Hon. David Black, Judge of the Common £fc« Court. jpi*jjlon of Domestic RfUUpns, «D tiie Tuesday, July 20, 1911 at 2:99 P.M. EDWARD is, HOBB, .JR. Clerk of Common Pleag Court J5ABL J. MAUS July 2 — 1J Trl. Peputy Clerk LEGAL NOTICE Sherman W. Rodgers whote place «e residence Is unknown wiU take aptics that on M»e.2*h day.oj April, 1971, Judith Ann Rodgers filed her complaint to th» Common Pleas Court 9l Sutler Cownty. Ohio, being Case No. *MM the object and demand for relief of which are divorce on the (rounds of gross neglect of duty Said defendant is r»«uire4 to flta •n answer with tMs court within SB days aft»r thp <Uy <* 19 . V you fall to do so, Judgment may be taken against you <or<ttie relief demanded «n tt>e aowflaii EDWARD S. ROffiP. JR. Oerk of Court* 9f BARBARA CARTER JOHN R. MO$ER Attorney for Plaintiff 220 Dollar Fed- BW». Hamilton, OHIO «OU July l T- .« Fri. Deputy George T. XOTfCE Apple whose place of residence is, unknown will t«te notice that on the «th day of June, 1871, Gloria F. Appi* «kd her complaint in the Common Pleaj Court of Butler County. Ohio, being CM* Wo. J0790 the object »nd demand for relief of whleh are divorce on the grounds of (rot* neglact of dirty. Said defendant is required to file an answer with this court within 28 days after the day of 19 . If you fall (o do so, judgment may .be taken agalast y0u for the relief demanded in the-cpmplaint. EDWARD S. HOfffl, JR. Clerk of Courts By BARBARA CARTER Deputy MORRIS J. TURKE14OH Attorney for Plain*!*' 14 East Silver Street Lebanon, Ohio 4KB* July 2 — »t Fri. NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON TAX BUDGET Two copies of the Tax Budget as tentatively adopted for the Fairileld Local School Pi»t- of rairfMd, Ohio In Butler County, Ohio, are on file tn the office of the superintendent of said School district. These are for public inspection; and a Public Hearing on said Budget will be held at the Superintendents office In said school district, on Monday, the 12th day of July, 1«71, at 4:30 o'clock P.M. Fairfield Local School D»»t. Mary A, White, Clerk July 2—It Fri. LEGAL NOTICE Robert Banks whose place of resl dence is unknown will take notice that on the 18th day of June. 1971, Betty Banks .filed her complaint in the Common Pleas Court of Butler County, Ohio, being Case No the object and demand for 2073! of i which are'dtvprce on the ground* of gross neglect and extreme cruelty said defendant ts mutred to ni an answer with thi» court within 28 days after the »WJ» day of June 1971. If you fall to dO.»o. Judgm^i m*y. be taken against ypji for the relief demanded in tt» complaint. ARBER, JEFFERY SCOTT BAR BER and STEVEN TODD BAR BER, who were. born on the re- pectlve dates pf September 13 905, October 21, 1966 and Augus' 2, 1067, was filed in the Probati !ourt of Butler County, Ohio, and hat the hearing on said petition will be had before the Judge of said Court on the 22nd day .of July 971, at 10:00 p'«lottk A.M. It I, illeged in said petition that you a ather of said children have will ully failed to properly, support am maintain said children for a perio pf more than two years immediately preceding the filing of said petition HARRY F. WALSH, Probate Judg JtOLBROCK and JONSON, Attorneys at Law 315 South Monument Aivenue Hamilton, Ohio 4*011 June 18 — 3t Fri. Cracked Walls Need Sanding Before Painting Q. All over my kitchen walls tiny hairline cracks have ap peared. It looks just like an a ligator. Would .another coat , EDWARD . Clerk of Court: by BARBARA CARTER Deputy KAREN A. KIRBY. Attorney for Plaintiff, 1735 Central Avenue Mlddletown. Ohio June 25 ~ 6t Fri. LEGAL cue K Prpbate Ceurt Ohio. NOTICB Sutler County in the matter <X the Adeption Peter Harold Cppas, Jefrtr.y Scot Popas and Steven Tpdd Copas. TO: BUBTOK »AR»E» ypu are hereby notUled the «th day of June. Igl. for adoption of BURTON HAROLD that on Hamilton Events Recalled 20 YEARS AGO Monday. July 2 fell on Weather: Fair, / Temperature: Maximum 89; minimum 50, Construction pgce i: the oity WM reported ttr »ht»d of 1990, witb « total of tJ,ia6.W4 spent on construction first slic mootb> of Rotanna Hooker, of Mr. work and Mrs Georgt Hooiwr, Vine St., was treated at Fort Hamilton Hos- pital, for injuries to her head received when ihe fell. Announcement WM made of the marriage of MiM Helen Jewel Brinker to Robert Prarv- Cii Wes«ei, which took place in the rectory of St. Ami Catholic Church. Born to Mrs. James Burns in Fort Hamilton Hospital, a boy; to Mr«. Aroh Reynolds, a girl; to MM. Robert BUton, in Merey Hospital, a boy; to Mrs N«al Sackenheim, a boy. JO YEARS AGO July a fell on Sunday. WeaOwr: Sunny »od miW- Born t» MM. Frederick bale, in Fort Hamilton HospiUl a boy; to |fr«, McbaeJ • ttri; io Mrs. N«l Ireland, a boy; to Mr*. James Baker, in LW Nllll IHMAIY UTEHMN I8HEOULI *U>1 Center Braae* •; Front St Closed Jtrttwh - Wessel Dr. 4 Pfetnnt Ave. Bfaoch Aw. Mltth, B*8t Fark Lin; With huliuil Mercy Hospital, a boy; to Mrs SherriU Carpenter, a boy; to Mrs, Hutf) Quioo, » boy./ Dr. Everett L. Jung entered into an association with Dr Charlf s U, Hawer and Dr. B dy JUwioipb in the pr»cOe« of orthopedic surgery on N, Front St. , . . Miss Ruth Wehr, daughter o Mr. aixt Mrs, Herman Wehr Harrison Ave., returned hoow After teaching in the school for children of the missionaries ' D»J*, Vie N t Nam, for five yeya among certain sharks. T^heae sharks, among them I he Tiger Shark, belong to "the) lequiem Family, and the firsfl me I went among them with reat trepidation," Gimbel says. "I had more than my hare of nightmares in. coming this .decision. I did it after watching their behavior for days and determining they had pattern of attack which was possible to deal with. They first Himp to see how much resis- ance there might be from the] thing they plan to eat." primer be tbe answer before repaint? A. UsuSHy, alli^atoring caused by the surface bein somewhat greasy; occasionall it's due to too many coats paint. -Tfie former is probabl itrue in this case, so a prim coat won't stick to a greasy sur face (kitchen walls are notor ously greasy) any better tha paint. By far the best answer is fc sand down past the aligato: ing, which will also clean of any traces of grease. Then the new paint should stick. If yoi don't own an electric sender rent one. In work saved, it wi seem worth its weight in dia mpnds. law Check Urged Btfore planning any type o outdoor storage unit, cheek 10 cal building ordinances, NEW •TORE HOURS MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY 9:30 to 5:30 WEDNESDAY P A.M. to U NOON SATURDAY 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. STACY say about it at the moment." THE 6TRA.W80S6 BARELY TELLS HIM WHAT THE CJOB tS» • NOW/THIS IS CALLED A DEBIT SEE—IT'S <3OT BLUE LINES-- AM 1 SOING TOO PAST? I'LL SHCWVtX) AROUND THE PLANT IS A DISH— ITS A SIX-WEEK ' TRAtMlN© GOOftdfr" and well managed trees releasi four tons of oxygen each SUNDAY BUFFET HUESTON WOODS LODGE enough to supply bhe needs .0 12 people. NOON UNTIL • Assorted Appetizer* • Five Entrees • Selection of Salads • Choice of Vegetables • Many Desserts • Choice of Beverages HELP WANTED MALE! STORE MANAGER IMMEDIATE Promotional discount chain has an immediate opening lor a career minded plo. .Sufficient Managerial experience to assume complete responsibility of full line required. Excellent opportunity for the right man. We offer * full package of fringe benefits and a promising cMTMr With our young company. Interviews to lie held in the strictest confidence and arranged at yvur convenience.. Call or forward resume' to' Mr. James Burke, Twiufalr, Inc. 12055 Mosteller Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45241. Phone (Are* Code 513) 771-2210 Whh interest rates Doar Federal .. can you NOT to 439 High St. Sit, Ph. 869-8111 34 ^ A I 14 CUMATE COKTROL & SERVICE INC. MiAvi* 'Mb Ml'1414 Servicing til HUHILTOM-^ FAWFIELO AREA AuthorlzMl Caitiff §•!•» t All CONPITIOHINa • HIAT1NO • IOIUUS --^^^4 ^IN'.UI^ 2-YEAR CERTIFICATE $5,000 liiininwim 1-YEAR CERTIFICATE $5,000 minimum 6-MONTH CERTIFICATE $5,000 Minimum i . t ' '. .' 3 i .:. J. 'i. * '.i. •'. " r:i , ' ^ ' ' REGULAR PASSBOOKS No Restriction* DOLLAR FEDERAL SAVINGS MW LOAN USOCHTHN HM «nd Mfh Slffilf, H^iko., Okie t MAMHTON WIST MAN(H: 75 North Irookwood FAMftftD NMKHt «|31 MMffHl Avemit, "*y«.»e* (trMr" DOLLAR \tmrn SAVINGS >-.! , M , •« , "! f

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