Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 12, 1988 · Page 50
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 50

Altoona, Pennsylvania
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Sunday, June 12, 1988
Page 50
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P»geE4 AHoona Mirror, Swrfay. JMC 12,1M* -Arts/entertainment • 'Santa Barbara 9 gets 13 Emmy nominations Last in the ratings for its afternoon time slot, "Santa Barbara" drew a surprising 13 Daytime Emmy nominations. The competitors, "General Hospital" and "Guiding lint," limped along with two and five nominations each. What's going on? Is "Santa Barbara' r that good, only viewers don't realize it? Do ratings have any connection with quality? To Robin Mattson, nominated in the supporting actress division for "Santa Barbara's" flamboyant, crazy Gina Capwell, the strong Emmy • showing proves the tide is beginning to turn. Taking a cue from the insiders, the viewers' may play catch-up. "It's funny," said Robin during a lunch break. "Last year we had 14 nominations and that was called a fluke. NBC mailed a tape of the show to voters. Our rivals called it a sneaky trick. But we were new and unknown, we had to do something." "Well, the National Academy banned such tapes this year, and we still bagged 13 nominations. I think that proves 'Santa Barbara' has arrived, even if we are last in our time slot." Because each nominee is allowed to submit three scenes for inspection, Robin was going crazy snipping the best from a busy year. "We must submit a whole scene, not just a few frames," the actress explained. "Sometimes your best is followed by uneven material. I'll be up all night in the editing room." And Robin had just returned Soap Opera Scene John N. Coutbs from an Oprah Winfrey guest spot, arriving in Chicago at 4:30 a.m. and flying home at 6:00 p.m. so as to miss only a day's work. "That's O.K.," says Robin. "I like to be busy. This weekend I'm moving into my new house with my boyfriend. "I like the attention," Robin went on. "I've been in the business 25 years, 10 years in daytime, working on 'General Hospital' and 'Guiding Light.' I also put hi time auditioning the sitcoms. Word would come back: 'She's not funny. Why send Mattson out?' But I've learned a lot working with Justin Deas (nominated as lawyer Keith Tinunons), and maybe that explains the nomination." Robin always says yes to crazy situations. "Robin, will you roll hi the mud with pigs? Will you wear a skull cap for two weeks?" It's beginning to pay off for a trouper who claims she's still growing. As for Gina's wedding to Keith, back off, fans. Nothing will happen until the writers' strike is settled. Until then, put the Capwell-Timmons wedding on bold: CHANNEL CHATTER Alan Feinstein, who movie fans may recall as the college professor who mixed education and sex in "Looking for Mr. Goodbar," joined "General Hospital" this week. Primetime TV viewers will recall the ruggedly handsome actor from such series as "The Runaways" and "Jigsaw John." Feinsteio has also done a great deal of stage work and is one of a handful of actors who has played Stanley Kowalski in a. Broadway revival of "\ Streetcar Named Desire." As is the case on most soaps, Feinstein plays a mysterious stranger named Gregory who arrives in Port Charles and becomes romantically entangled with Bobbie Spencer, played by the popular Jacklyn Zeman. PLOT PORTENTS Will it be up to Rocco or BUI to save Donna from Nick on "The Bold and the Beautiful"? Clarke underestimates Margo's venom after being rejected for Kristin. Stephanie must be very careful with Brooke about finding Stephen or she could lose everything. Maggie worries about Jack's infatuation with Melissa on "Days of Our Lives." Kiriakis is about to snuff out Justin. Roman barely escapes another trap. Anna is despondent over the split with Duke on "General Hospital." Cheryl worries about her ties with the Jerome family. Bobbie takes up with a stranger. Felicia is caught in a fire. Robert and Cheryl steep under the stars after a camp visit with Robin. Julia and Mason find clues to the MacCormack murder on "Santa Barbara." Cain and the Major skirmish again over Ming Li. A screenplay rejection could send Tori around the bend once again. Jealous of Cricket and Scott, and getting nowhere with Nina, Phillip thinks of the bottle on "The Young and the Restless." Leanna is on a high after regaining Victor's favor. Kay has to hatch a new scheme to fix Nina. Jessica doesn't believe John could take the whole truth about her past and her illness. Dakota and Louis make John Reid out to be a crook on "Ryan's Hope." Ryan and Mark sneak into George Anthony's Tiles. Ben's painting brings him closer to Lizzy. Dee plans to save adoring Roger from Sherrie.' Gwyn can't make up her mind about what to do with Jeff on . "Loving." The resurgent Egypt begins to cause trouble for Clay. Even Stacey's fantasies about Rick are subject to disappointment. Bo's surprising medical skill makes Clint suspicious on' "One Life to Live," and with good reason. Rob pays to get Cassie back, but keeps the source of the money a secret. Max wants to apologize to Gabrielle, but something else comes up. Dr. Bruner marvels at Bo. Reconciliation is in the air for Phoebe and Langley on "Ail My Children." John Remington shows up in town with a new business venture. Erica runs into trouble hunting down clues about Natalie. Skye dons a ROBIN MATTSON, nominated for an Emmy for her rote on "Santa Barbara," hopes the 13 nominations the soap has garnered boost the show in the ratings. disguise and Cecily makes a play for Sean. Sam and Amanda become jealous of Rachel on "Another World," so they hire Josie to do her job. Nichole confronts Drew.' Jamie's love for Lisa Is not exclusive. Zack spots a performing Tiffany. Mtrley maket a decision. King FeaMra Syndicate, Inc. v doing a booming business in video rentals "Baby Boom," the Diane Keaton comedy, debuted at No. 16 on the Billboard magazine rental chart. A pretty strong box-office performer, this one has Top Five video potential — along with "Adventures in Babysitting." The thriller "Someone to Watch Over Me" is picking up steam, moving up seven notches on the rental chart. The Cheech Marin comedy, "Born in East L.A.," is a suprisingly popular rental, barreling up to No. 15 in two weeks. "Weeds," starring Nick Nolle, is off to a good start, climbing quickly to No. 21. "The Whales of August," with Bette Davis and Lillian Gish, didn't make a big splash in the rental market; after one week at No. 37, it sank out of the Top 40. "The Running Man," the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger adventure, sprinted to No. 7 in its first week on the rental chart. Because Schwarzenegger is one of the biggest attractions in home video, this movie looks like it could be in the running for the No. 1 spot. Video Log Dennis Hunt The following are reviews of recent releases. Ratings: 4 stars — Excellent; 3 stars—Good; 2 stars— Fair; 1 star — Poor. . "The Ox-Bow Incident," Key, $19.88. Walter Van Tilburg Clark's classic study of mob violence and the tortures of conscience is translated here as a grim, gray, stylized Western morality play with Henry Fonda and Harry Morgan as cowpokes caught up hi a lynch mob, a mixed band driven by its leaders to extract blood vengeance from three possibly innocent strangers (Dana Andrews, Anthony Quinn and Francis Ford). Director William Wellman is often criticized for having shot much of "Ox-Bow" on studio sets, rather than locations. But this does not crucially hurt the film; the claustrophobic unreality may actually add to the nightmarish tension. Unrelenting, extremely powerful, this is possibly Wellmatfs best film. (4 stars) - Michael Wilmington "Broken Arrow," Key, $19.98. This pleasant, good-hearted little western about the relationship between a white settler (Jimmy Stewart) and the Apache Chief Cochise (Jeff Chandler) probably delivered one of the strongest and most effective popular pleas for racial tolerance of any eariy-'SOs American movie. Written by later, blacklist victim Michael Blankfort and directed by Debner Daves, it is a likable film popular kitsch at its most amiable— and it holds your sympathy even when you notice how little Jeff Chandler or Debra Paget look like real native Americans. (3 stars) — Michael Wilmington "Abel's Island," Random House, $14.95. Michael Sporn's ..gentle animated film captures all the best elements of this popular children's book by William Steig. Abelard Flint, a wealthy mouse, learns self- reliance and discovers his inner resources when he is stranded on an island, far from his wife and luxurious home. A charming film, for both children and parents. (3Vi stars) — Charles Solomon More Movies on Tape "Hope aM Gtory," Nelson, $89.98, PG-13. "Throw Mama From the Train," Orion, $89.98, PG-13. "Barfly," Warner, $89.95, R. "Prick Up Your Ears," Virgin, $79.95, R. "Orphans," Lorimar, $79.95, R. "The Principal," RCA-Columbia, $89.95, R. "Drums Along the Mohawk," "Young Mr. Lincoln," "The Immortal Sergeant," "Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation," "Dear Brigitte," "Made for Each Other," Key, $19.95 each. Other New Videos "Ciao Italia: Madonna Live From Italy," Warner Reprise, $29.98, Concert. "Couples Do It Debbie's Way," VidAmerica, $29.98, Exercise. "The March of Time," Nelson, $24.96 each. Documentary. Five new tapes en "postwar problems." "Audio Review "The England of Elizabeth - Part I." By A.L. Rowse. Read by Jill Masters. Books on Tape—unabridged, 10 cassettes. The Age of Elizabeth saw the beginnings of modern Britain: her emergence as an ocean-dominating world power, the early intimations of the Industrial Revolution, the rise of local government, the increasing stratification of society, along with the rise of the middle class, the flowering of the arts — most especially of the theater. Rowse, the controversial and often cantankerous historian, now in his 80s, was writing in the late 1940s, before events had shrunk the Empire and tamed the British lion, so that his ebullient, Tory vision is doubly nostalgic. But in its detailings of the rise and fall (and in some cases the survival) of great families, it is an engrossing pageant. With a reading by Masters that is crisply scnoounarmish and oddly impersonal, the recording is an indication, of the .breadth of material, fiction and nonfiction, available to be heard: on audiocassette. (2% Stan) -. Charles ChampUn Los Angeles Times ^$&&®8ISKS>? ffr - 'I EitaMftr Pleasant Valley Day Care Center New career It took two miracles to get Don Yesso on 'Frank's Place' By James Endrst The Hartford Courant HARTFORD, Conn. - Don Yesso is a 5-foot-iO-inch, 180-pound Cinderella. Just two years ago, the 33-year-old actor who plays assistant cook Shorty La Roux on CBS's "Frank's Place", was still "flopping around," trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life ... until producer Hugh Wilson met him on a plane, asked for a smoke and ended up giving Yesso a new career and a new life. "This famous flight," Yesso sighs in awe, as if he had accompanied Lindbergh rather than a Hollywood producer. At the time, the New Orleans- born-and-raised Yesso, who was in town the other day promoting the show, one of this season's most touted "dramedies," was still trying to finish college. Yesso laughs that he had to "cram four years into seven" before he earned a degree in general studies at. Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. He was still going to school, on a second degree in education, when he met He had tried a number of short- term jobs as well, working as a bartender, a doorman, a painter and a sergeant-at-arms at the Louisiana state legislature. "I even did a stint as a male stripper," he says. Yesso had been running a deli with a couple of buddies, as "a guy slinging salami sandwiches who was going to be a coach." But the deli went belly up, and Yesso - at the behest of some buddies on the West Coast - took advantage of a $69 round-trip fare to Hollywood. On the flight home, Wilson, who was just getting "Frank's Place" together, bummed a cigarette from Yesso, caught a whiff of his New Orleans drawl and Everyman charm and offered him a supporting role on "Frank's Place" on the spot. The way Wilson saw it, it would be far easier to teach a New Orleans- born-and-bred boy to act than It would be to teach an actor how to behave like someone from New Orleans, the site of "Frank's Place." Yesso says he was so excited by the idea and so convinced that he could do the job, even without experience, that he seriously considered offering to pay Wilson to hire him. Though the show struggled for survival in the ratings through the 1967-88 season, its first year, most critics could not say enough good things about the gentle, half-hour comedy-drama. Not surprisingly, Yesso, too, is sold on Cm Louisiana and its so- and-off-screen regulars. But it really took two miracles to get Yesso on the show — even in a secondary, role. Unlike Wilson, the network and even Star and co- producer Tim Reid were against hiring the inexperienced Yesso. The aspiring actor's lack of finesse could not have helped. Two days after Yesso drove back to Hollvwood for nig interview, he recalled,""They said we need a picture and a resume." He did not have his own press package, but a friend did oblige to take a Polaroid snapshot of nun. "They said they wanted a candid shot, so I was waving," he says, demonstrating. "I stapled that to a piece of paper and sent it to the network. I don't think they were too impressed with that." In fact, the network told Wilson to forget about Yesso altogether and brought in another actor for the part. Wilson.'stubborn and powerful, held his ground. "To this day I still ask him, 'Boss, why did you stick up for me like that?' And he says, 'bonny, I have no idea.'" "*"""" Whatever the reason, Yesso has been reborn. "It has reawakened my religious beliefs because I feel like there's a heavy hand involved in this whole thing." On a less ethereal note, Yesso felt like he had died and gone to heaven when he started dating movie star Kelly McGillis. "She was supposed to get married in February; we started dating in January, and she dusted the guy. I felt like I was out with the prom queen," says Yesso, explaining endearingly that he naively asked her to "go steady." He now good-naturedly admits that his 4-month relationship with McGillis "started fast, and it's winding down just as fast. • "I don't know how to handle this stuff," he says happily, though it is clear he is getting the hang of Hollywood. Yesso has tried all along to keep his head on. Still pinching himself, he has yet to move his furniture from New Orleans to apartment in Los Angeles, although now that "Frank's Place" has been picked up by CBS for another season, he is ready to move west for good (The show is temporarily off the air but will return sometime this summer in reruns, before the 1988-89 season begins). Yesso has even gone as far as hir- ing an agent, reading for some movie parts (he has been called back but has not been inundated with offers). If the show gets canceled after its second season, he says, he will give himself a year to catch on as an actor before he reconsiders coaching. "None of this stuff has really hit me," he says. "I feel like none of this is happening to me. I think it's a built-in defense mechanism that I won't allow myself to get used to it or think that it's me, because as quick as it came" — he snaps his fingers sharply — "it can go that fast. And I don't want to go through some big drinking depression. I got the rest of my life to get drunk. I want to remember all this." Los Angeles Times DEAR BOB: WefbolbMjrMMloM- low jam t«vk* On* jmn <(• mt bought me bod we Meal fort Could your place use more space? With CtoMt Maid Storing « Storage Systems your problem storage veat will tak» on a beautiful new decorator took tat •dually doubles the amount of utabte ttonv* spaa. Modern Storage & Design (814) 946-1665 CARPET CLEANING HAVE YOUR WALL TO WALL CARPET STEAM CLEANED BY OUR MOBILE CLEANING PLANT ANY 4 AREAS $' 75 ALTOONA 944-4561 MINIMUM ORDER $35. Combined living/dining areas. count as two rooms. Scotcligard available at extra cost. .CALL NOW! OFFER ENDS June 30, 1988 MONARCH CARPET CLEANERS JOHNSTOWN • STATE COLLEGE 535-5243 238-0565 After a outfit itartf with 4mj tmf dmfopen, we jut mat to p* o*t mt >dl the but for the price ** poM. W« han blind le wtral kbjkljr new ncnicd ntttj tgaOt ttd tkej al WMt »10 perceat nht imialrtoa at an jar listing!, b tkb caataeaaqi? Yumdno.TaipercauiitbebKlilioB- <J tatei cmunuikn for vacant bad in leaeationaieii. Doing the connioiiar U n« ubirtbfe became Mlliaa. mil bud be very difficult, 10 don't uke art) the agent'i incentive. But a one-yew liaini mm for year land it loo loo* Three or lii moodu would be better. However, bKMUe Und ula an uketlong lime, nuke ii clear 10 the i(an you will renew the lining if you are niiiTwd with hit orberprr'onttiiice. M. Watch*. OJtWAC-TV Sunday, June 26th Now at 10:30 A.M. .tor our new M atlutt HoDMt for Sate TV Snow Dm It Work? MMJ Featured Kama IU* Ben Sold from Tkb Show. coLouieu. BANKGRU TOWN & COUNTRY REAL ESTATE 300 Uiriofl Avonvo AHoeni, », (614> 946-4343

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