The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1899 · Page 7
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 28, 1899
Page 7
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OIL CTTY DEBSIGK. .ugh. to ose saw to the sights; ar>it Es t?c$Ju>ro5C3iJ ^*&a, "wlifcrtr otsi^ «» attertfraadl. puxay vato?'j**teK <*'•** Ahasdoied oa-.aeoouat of siteir !i!ciii»» eaa aow be _ _., ,_„..„ .-* Dft!LL€D WELL* ru< *t ..the fie- gion's .Tat vs.'oa* Oevslcnmsnt. Poor ! V j Fitrtair* Who So;M£tt;v. FeBo4 Thcta-j r .selves Possessed of Vast Wealth. Gen, | ', , 1 -Mji-'crN KiSc to Vr?s»;tfa and Intiucocc. i The two vie 'ehtire.a— ai a Jis- wvrk slid r-a-.-h <?\v=i.-r put down a welt as near as pebble iu ib<> tdge or his yrop- ^riy «> &s to suv.- ;f. much tjf his :irsdfr- __ • - j jrrcmv.d oil- supjily aa [XK-isS'bK- irc-m the : 1 suction ptirap o£ kis nc-tir ncUshbw. I wa.< •; A visit to OU C-tv ami Fratsklin, ss-.u"^ j > lso '° :(2 That '^ owll <-' *'-* «* id >" -* ; -a ;is* center wf tb* great <ul ball Us Perm- • ou b *'i..»at *fown wrllscSos*? to.ttw line all ' •"-•{vjjws'.- w^-i ftjj; .--f ifi'.-rrsM-> OH-- ar«J 1 « artiuatt his j-.-or.erty so ais w keep his c:: ; 2!a.w jy-'si-il <Sf>vwt :i frw- !iot»s thai may j ftJr bw <">'.» P'-imi's! [ «ot t>« unvvclcomtt u> ;he reader* or the j GRE^ Oil, rJCFIV^n'^S ! Times. i -..'"*" ! Tis* reciarkitbit' de\vloi?iae!>t cf t!io oil I Throcsh th^ ccurtcsy ?'; Girn.'r.i! Charlw \ inid^ wiiivis iul:i.iUoi t!>r- rii>A:cr^s i>J shoj^--!*'". i5- iViinkiin. 1 vas. favored with a , ! rirs; 4ri;ieii oU \vcll i* one or liic cuBimv-r- i v - s ^ "o thfe Oalrna C'i! works, where over i A >U1* to ti;< ' ' TiTa3o*>i!« Is Tiidsej Disui*. It «uctbw tbs K«la«5-=, »tu?a Jtwtlult »etw. pMtectsuaisK »£•)- sx-irf., T.-yaBwuon'i. Psrwy «:. Alt l>rei£eJ»ta. Ois'ft^&mbaqr £ Juiiasun.S.V^Jf «K*t»ii»Ui«. I was suSc-KOff fr^m'-rtarrJi Srx h«?a.ti,-and- was- iri sccfs-. a SiMdltJcii JJlss i : hardly 1* about, i w=is aivistd io ; take HcMMj's -Sariutparilla' acd ;>«»«*•«•'** •» CAVEATS. TRADE MARKS, DESIGN PATENTS* COPYRIGHTS, J3IQH Boile Hood 1 -* ?Sl!s are the. os;- pU!s to take with Hood's Sar*apar-:i!a. Se. ; • • ',..,' -o 1 "KID" il'-CQY TO-TAKE. A REST. San FrancJ*-^', 'March • 27.— li. is. suuvd ilja.1 "Kio" McCoy, h:tvic& ocvn ct-s^'Ttrr-I by a physician lltiii iie. is sbiwiiig »1 ; i>«' hrari !>.t)U!V. XtfU: the- Riouatfe&a. li is al.^cv iu> will castf! ills (hue* «"l-r. Tommy Kv&a i Are Regarded as the Most 't*-.Uiji. .iitucing 'use. of & p:<-0i« *>i over the' crjid*'.' products | • Here :.!;« oUJia.H.eornerf rrom ! 4r.«J- 'tr>a^ufa<;tire<J into did Smitb. tsg . opm-nt of th? dniJcd 6ii " wa l-'« hibfcins M<iaia ittid Meains nitrnffs I .Jfi ovtr ii •A-i^fj' ra^si- of I « 1 '»>.>!ni» tcv nrrtUuor* a "icrure not s-.-ia 'ioc- i U ;:i«r product ni,w rep- i Sotton_ by r Sourisi. The wonder Is tSn: j vast, capita} ^_".ii siv* «ai5)loyt»*nt :~''- jr ' i area do n« occur aosSd such Sathuxi- | CoJberr, V5--CO. Tie ?:uirsioni Co. JOSEPH H, RAVEY, Practical Boiler Repairs Boners. Stills. Tanks, Agitators. Etc., New asd Swsad-bacd BcUar»; •••• .'•'.'. • ' . For Sale. . • , • ; Large stock of &?covKJ~iwiE<i Boilers and Engines of all kl&ds on hand, [ "Wire or Letter Orders Promptly Attended To. End Suspension Bridf* i , a«t«j- hundreds of thousands of opera- ves. in one i-irtii anil an-jthcr. The va- j - TITE PIPE: LIN ^S j New York... March .27.— A speciul £ r 'SatvutSor <;iy?: "Tht vo.iciisio ii2J ' e-'upt:«r. for t«- last ihr- MAKES A SFECIAI.TT OF: * or ^%^^^»^^^r;^j^^ by Grt!H!h B ^-"" •prork and pr&iliie^s almost at ihe "best, I AXXIVERSAS.T'SERVICES. : j SHSIti'AK .V*V MOT ACCEPT. suddenly founa iheawseivwi rich b» i J*;^ "i'ouns .Men's ChrjaUit-n aasociaiioh 1 N'ew 1'ork. March !7.—The Timi-s #ivys tb* dreajus' of avarif?, ihr^iigli the di*cov- i °.i ^'raaScIln Is a s?*-'. )id i.ifctitutitsn, I! <ry f list a sta or cr'.idtr oil was imprlsuijifd ! y^?« Siintiay 1£i Roses, . C.S-S^*l*3"V a_/liiia<S-^v* ! Plumosus aad | Either wire, 'phone or writ* | your orders and they will b* I promptly filled. We have only f tlie best *nd sure to piexse, l Irundreds of them : S;-|n useihrougtiout the ^•^Jnited States bear-tes- - "tirnony to their excellence. -- ; * ^ • * """% Prices, estimates or Information r*?ktfn^ to Boilers and Engines cheerfully and promptly given on application. " " -f Hr * •*• * ANUFACTURING CO,, =~ 5T tj=e sround £SKJ.-,-js,i4 bai? a, tor them... to eacwsc in, tssiptations T<rh:ch f-jl! . fona or ^--.^thrrr. aJre. i"rosn • bubbiiau• oj! "^"^'l- *usk or *•'•» ' ^^^ anfl <?I*ffp^s:*R of :t wortnlcr-s'lsicd. Ii«»^ | ^^VI^. Th ; . s P irll . or * h hi» cipars with $!•; :.>!!!«. bavto." horse • ssi ' ts :or ^"- th*? owXisior]. title of oil !-?t:. hte : rieh JR.csptr;^.-* husri pwr. ta pocket, HUG- -with pl»ntr of tiaat-r h nn bis 'bands lo clol*fyJ:y tai« ^T> .the cia , , This ;'- f ' r m:uT no-*" Hve.s -"cut. wesi" ,x>n the t Tn ' w shoreless s,-^. of soin« prairi*- o^ tb 1 ; r<-is- i a * !y" snteriSfttfnK,. ., ili«c-J-. ,p!jj-slt*(.i • ;t:<'J • a-ay the Trorlc of ihr' V.' M. C. A. i MANUFACTURERS OF OIL CITY, PENN'A. ^ DRILLING AND STATIONARY Jir" OGt o 12 iJir? da?? of "SowiniE"*"ah«j "i oi! tycils in this !<^:!.ion t^isr:^ sprine up * ^ t—proof, that th? sr&txi P-HV! ; ; ->f i : ! « Cbri^iiaji a*<t-!c!jr,T.ion !a,:fc«:ir lairtst. | S f 1 f « 4 u.s-^i^-«*-» a.iiK»i vr-jvcu n» viinisnincj - - ^s'<*«i1tcht-M] -fttth tJtf (;v!rt»nr<- trf thV'i ^"^ P S»"Lbe -Tpoaiir.^ wi^is which cauatd ;l>pir-} " (>0 ^ Tfprk our rarracr- y<iunff JuTa-nsfinLn I Qutek rise aii-l'tviiL " .' '" ' " ' j'** •ctnfcir in Frackits f^r.ytiuns tncK, Tor i i TUfcsviu*.. Otl City anil' Fran Win are i i \ av =- -*- v <a visited an B»«K'I.i«t>n \vhi>r'* 1 thr^i towns c>£ ^-fa.i eomMrrcJal inuuii— 1 ti; " 3 P^ 1 s-t 511 caJturi in a!! the" surroun;'- j tries. !t\e parrivorg. o£ the :H:«!t in th-? j j^.^ »"«rc b^tior than I found thc-m hfri-. j i /^ ^. *, ,-S ^ .-^ri • ** *-S ^1 ^ r P*«^» *-« C"f-»-5 fl £^ £? * f\1~* O^V*%£k -I Coraage and /iransmission Kope,; T3rt mi Us above jhown sre csj>cda!!y. c<?uippcC for tiie • mwttfaciure .of. it.xt.ri.I-oa?: Drill- h;g Ca.b5c.K ;«td San<! Lines, our abi'.jf.y in that •direrTior. hcisy practically uniiniiccd. \Ve inakc oaiy the Highest Grades i>* GordftgC; The Fibre is tested before 11 is spun, and the yams ire tested b?tctc t!i-y arc fpriiied. . rm^ S'-vr--. i j},, Qj| Vveil Cordage of Tiiis Compaay can be had at.any of the branches o* iilVArsil- point- 8 ' ^TT*CTpTii"C.* 'i\ flr.c "-; morit ' !ic - ! pky— f^erht. j ^ spirit! THE JARECKI n^NUF.ACTURiNQ..CQ. s :'••:.-- 5itust2d 'throughout the oil felds, all inwirifs fur TRAtiS.'iflSSlQX ROPIi io Flie American Manufacturing Co..s 61 fail Street, He.i iorl — .y.vtt'ry of th-; Iut'.i«t -;.->ctric i part : '.n ^n nln •-..' ;;rTiSrlij,: r:c:h;!n.? of t'hf f SunrJ; ( y ;.;ei:orj!.-. of Trnnkiin !n Al! sizes. 8x12 ter cylinders* - ^ *~ ^ BOILERS, ^ Portable and .Stationary, all sizes. Drilling: and Fishing Toots, For ail sizes 01 holes "„ from 20 inches down. CORDAGE, any size and length you want, . and any make you prefer. Pipe, Tubing, Casing, Boiler Tubes, Iron Frame Pumping Powers, with everything for equippissr^ and pumping \vells. New Gas Engine, on exhibition at our Works. In fact, EVERYTHING FOR OIL WELLS AND PIPE Kindly write for quotations-on anything joa may n-^d in this imc, tvhfcb : glad to furnish promptly. O TT WPTT DTIT>TII¥ f-A 1L WlliLL DUrfLl lu,, PI7TS3URG. OIL CITY, B'>:--!» K jfrt Of .-rtt:;-:;i] !it;ht!r:c from th" >:n a.m f.-M"'- it si!! hp r, Tj-,r,=c; vsJuaK's. i-J. i tij* pnj'),v-»4 my ftr.«r vh'.t to i y.'Vfini^ «:i rcK!f>n i by Th^«h^,:r^. or. nj!i Tip .'<rd in fh- v ;! !-| work ,. r ; o , nn j Gmnril Ar«,y-^wr;,'^ lik^ :-.-,.? hy ih* .',««.-of jivprmr.rt rr.-k-; 3-r- j S v r .,,, r r , c(; ^p.^.j.j.p, C»m!rflr»>r J. K. .I', r '"'" l /! ! |" ,. ' ,i >. T 1 simWc, r.n my"part. ih'i'r^jKl-ka-rH'Vr-i^ >4V" iX^<*' 'iwitv i ' ' " ' ' AT ' BKfiT r> - 8KAV.'. in rh:« •!-W'vn. n-i.TTif/w" 5h'-'w.-n's'vary | Krrlri ^ !tn - T"fl.,. March T3. !<•«'. -fiss p" r <t»,V. • [ ' . RCOl.LAH AP.MV '"-ffAXGKS. •ir..- f.unu'ii^ ^y-if.-jn In nov^i, to n» nut-f A'J—'t.':,. O»... M;i.rrh 27,.~(>n*-r«T FIovwI V-'J'-r. ».-> .«:,y th- ipr;*:. A «rr-nl] tras fTl-i y. Frank. wHo }w.« !>**« n-s«:t)i>'! to thfl i.-ir.- f«-J frr.m r.:ctir:il ff.i,-*, wil; primp from ; ciirnrrtj.nij i>f t.!i<- lirr-arfmcrH. <W !.h«v Oulf, t.n» to » »•;:!«. !hr<*usft an nrrnriKeTOPnt j j> pxp«c!fl !n Atlanto n^Jct 1V*finc?<)ay . Of c(-r,r,.x-!in?r rods which look ram-shwckio I froa Anni«toa. Brtfradlcr Gcncroj Pen- : ".Antomntir Ta.nce7n" for electric li^rn' an<l ]><>Wrr £ flour or planing nuUs. Belt, or ccuple direct. (No Jack Shafts.) Speed ^"nTi«>t! at vr\]\ while onffiu** 5s nmningc. GOT- fri?-; wivhin 2 p>fr cent from full load to no load. Consumption of natural gus less fJiiiu 15 feet per Hors<» Power, per hour, iiaujf- cleorric i-jnraou. The actual hralc^ fniwer 15 p^r cent than rated. To Start-^'Touch the Button." IfimAifimifi STR0THERS, WELLS & GO.. Pi, '5 Announce that they have recently secured and are now manum^turing one of the simplest and most .efficient AS ENGINES ncsw on the market. We invite correspondence and will take pleasure in goinj: fully into the matter with those interested. •*•' OIL CITY, PA.

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