Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio on October 30, 1941 · Page 2
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Marysville Journal-Tribune from Marysville, Ohio · Page 2

Marysville, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1941
Page 2
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Pagp Pour TIFF, KVF.NINC! TKTBtlNK MARY,SVIT,T,R OHIO f-ifUiv, <>Hor>rr :'.:>, I'll Business Service 1 i HORSES »4°« COWS »2 M DRY CLEANING. Cull Fred Avery, i :L ~ '~~ A " : . "~" TRACTOR RFPAlRINi.—Prompt! " *" °" on -~ c * ' ^ ^ "know-how" Fcrvice on all make- ! Belt BfOS. KcrtillZe?" i to ll!ue ymlr Inoll 'y bark, of tractor.--', rhonc Floyd dnibb--' ' ^B^B-AI.....^ when you're in tumble. Relief At Last For Your Cough j Crfomul--ioii rellevf-s promptly bei cause it KOP.S ritht to the si- at of the trouble to help lon.-:cii and r-xjv'1 germ laden phli -".in. and nkl nature to .soothe nn(l lii-;il law, f'mk-r, Inflamed bronchial inucour, membranes. Tell your ilriicRlst to "HI you « bottle of C'reomulslon with thp im- del-standing you must llkethf way it quickly nlhiy.-; the rough or you are THE POCKETBOOK of KNOWLEDGE Marysvll!r» Canal 440» I JOHNS-MANVILI.F, riding gw. •••-.] Furnished Rooms old buildings modern brick ap- I FOR KENT-F'ttrni?)ird room pearance. SWinK is linad with ] sleeping. 70-1 W. Fifth SI. heavy insulation board, resist", all Kinds ot weather. Ask for free ' f'stimate on your home. Phono Caual 4414, Mary-villo Lumber Co. "Your Lumber Merchant". i ffouses, Apartments COMFORTABLE small apartment. I'rivato bath find cnlrance. W. Kniiilh St. . CREOMULSION for Couehs, Chest Colds. Bronchitis PAINTS and wallpaper. OoodspJl's. ' Ix)st, Found. Strayed 2 FOUND— Key. Inquire at Tribune. Special Notices 4 PRUDENTIAL tarm loans. Low rot<?, Jong terms. Authorized mortgage M. E. Fravel, Plain City. Ohio. WHITE SHOES dyed for longer wear. Come in and let us (jive your shoes that nt-w appearance. Marysville Shoe Repair, Donald Horses $4.00, Cows $2.00 of sue and condition Reverse Telephone Charges Small animals removed promptly Union County Fertilizer Canal 4801 Marysville, O. F,. O. Buchsieb. Fnc. Wanted f Miscellaneous 5 \ WANTKD—Tribune -libs. Apply al J Tribune Otlice. WANTED Ha Idling n; gs. all j breeds. Hatch year around Chick- i - ens and turkeys.'""CTi7I~Nfi T rfrp lough's Hatchery, Canal--! 140'. GRAVEL Washed Sand and Gravel f.ravfl fur Drivcuays, etc. I'hi;ne us fur prices MARYSVILLE SAND & GHAVIIL CO. Phono 3.^1 Mllforil ( lr., O. WANTED--Part time Cunal 407. 1 ). or day wnrk. C'UMJMBUM (buymfl prices): Currenj Female Help Wanted ! 0 j WK. PAY YOU $500 for selling; |en | farm receipts :«)<•; graded cenlral .-; .'.fCifrid". sisi,.. pill- $1.00 boxes. 50 beautiful a ssor.le'l j < Ihio Tiixl named imprinted Christina:: card ; ' lets 20c. . • • -ell S1.00 your profit fide Free U. S. retail grade eggs (paid pro- .•-amplcs-. Cheerful Caul Co., ::i!Klj .'lurcrsi: I/.S. extra large ,'Mic; sland- While N. V. Good Things to''Kat 15 aril large .'t.'ie; standard meduim Illlc; trade:; l!(ic. Live poultry (f. o. b. Columbus). AI'I'LKS & CIDKH Your favoril,- """'" r "' ''- '" " ll) ' ; - ">•: f>''"-' ~ r > varlctif:, now ready on,""' ""' l(i> " I7( ' : l ' i| '- hl '"''' 1:; lik '- cirter 10c Hall,,,, ,n barrel lots .i h ." :tv . y '"'" ; I7l ' : ''"" '"'' ; llr; 'l"'"«'Ohio Orchard. Milfunl (Ynler. '(Inc rOTATOl'.S apjiles and onions i .',1,-irage at all linn"- I > -ivid-on Fann Market, llellefohiaiiie l!«l lurkey; Ifie. I-'RIKS. -I $J Ul.d < U:VI;I,AM> i.n Hog--.- 1(10(1; : |,,vv. l.'.c |.,w.-r Heavy re,I. ! yi »:.'•! lO'.MI, :';il) to ^:-,(| ||, :. SKI fill; Jiiii) in :;:«) iii 1 ;. $io;>i>;' i,;o io inn ib,--. —-'<IOi,0,10e,0; pi,., IU,I 1 I I Ml Ml,i III I I Poultry, Livestock CHICKS day old or stalled dies every week in the year. 1) aware ChicUi-t ie:;, Delaware. O SI'AN'IKI. pup:;. II weel..; old Donald I.. Fb-inini:, Canal 4-lli:l KWF.S. consrtmg.ofDelames.'hall-l 1 '^ ""'''""" #» r '»'-V Ml, ',-;„„„-,., blood', and Shrop; Walter Kll.olt. I : ""' ''" M '''' ; $l: '"" l! '' bulebcr bull, V 'U lii 1(100 Hi , «.l I Ml.,/ U'. ad; ..,,.(1,1 $111 all,, 11 Ml, medium $!l all,/ III .'ill. colntllnl! y> :l II .ill, bull he!-. Ijooil $IOTi(>,i II Til); medium <-!).fill „ 111 ;i(l. 10,11,1101, $1! n il; .cows good $7 Ml M :!0 VI.AHS AGO Marysville defeated f irandvic vv i b>; a score of '.'.('} to 1!{ yesterday. Poling. Car,™ an and Scbofiileb niuilf Hie M.'ii.-y.svill'' ioii( lidowns. (iforgo M. Wilbur has been called to Washington I). C., where he i.-; scheduled to appear before the fin-] ance committee of the renatc in ref- creni-f lo a proposed new tariff schedule on wool. family moved to Whiteside. O , yesterday to make Iheir future liomi.-. 10 YEAUS AGJ» Al a meeting of [inblic :-chool leacher-; held llii-; morning, a voluntary cut in pay of 1(1 per cent y OF AMERICA'S PARTLy OP COTTON f OT1DN A'.ESI) .15 UStP TO A'if-HAlT CREATE 1HUNOER STORMO 15 BEING BUILT ID TEST ,•'/, MfRllAtl PAIIKOAPS UGE t,385.B9BMUES OF TCIEPMONE AMP TFlf 6RAPH WIRES TMEIP OPERAHONS— (f!OU6tt TO fFACHMPfe 1MH 5/ TlMFS AfOltlt>7Uf roa LKS oar c>f COCRS ~ ' FlAG 15 CA11EPA •COWfl' VJ»e<4 CARHIEP B/ ONMWJNIfpTBOOW, A 1fM\no\.f Ctl iMTORMrn Evnn iw lies LIFE . OME WCAK TvVO- fCOFC OK MOKE UHT5, ITS M "ENSIGN IDRAFT SUPPLY GETTING LOW ; rPonttruip,! trnm ting* 11 i.-.lillc Illill "doi-Ml'l have ;i .'.ilij'.lo 1-A voted on and passed. Kdward Schoiclerer of Detroit and hi:: sister, Mrs. II. C. Knusl of llam- ler, O., ivturiied home yesterday friends here and at Chuckery. Ml. Victory resident.-; will lie using natural ga:; llii; weel: when fuel the Siinms Oil f I'.elle Center C..H..1 4-1-11. - lo. 411(1; IMMUNKl) .I'oland China hoes. |' lloico $14 ., IS; good. !j,i:t,, 1 I; me (•ilher sex fiiiy Itobinsoii, Mil-!' ford Ceiiter, Ohio. ' ! DUKOC .Jersey boar-; (,„• sale Don dld Higelow. HI I. Mill,.nl Cenler ineiltum %'l ' v.elher: flioici mon $H'-.i II •;• 1-00; : Icadv . II!; Komi $10,, II; cull-; $7 a 10, • $IM).i:>Ml medium >() While H.ick pill- i*"' 1 : :')" '' Sl1 ' '' w .'"' 'hiiice $:i all-,, -I Ml. lil Call 1!J7 \\v ,t ' medium $.! Ml ,, :i .Ml; common x,| :,ti., n FOR SALE let-.. <J m Man ifi-l.I, ll\liah.i Inn- on Itoul MI 14 n,lie-, noith nf Mary-.vill AV I. Fill i inr.ton Miscellaneous for Sale 1H| i MiC'OltMH'K i;-r,,v. L in lm..).i-i. S1IJOIH) l.i-laii.l Fudi;er. Mn' u-.sbiirt;. State Houte .Sail I IOI I !><> (ilt.MN Wheat I Oti'.i I (Hi'... (S.rn ;i-,ri"!i' 11 ,i. 4V' - ,i i:i'..e (01 IMIU S I l\ I SK)( K SUB SINKINGS TO BE SECRET (' "nut In u,-n rri.m. P.I.JM 1) however woiiKI be made public. Meanwhile.. Senaloi Herald. I 1 , N\c, Kepn N 1) i-harged loda> I'arrs'ini'. war maleiial:; into a 1'rili: li poi I will li,- only "the adv.inee i;ii;inl ol an Amei u an transport iluU re-.ll iclioll':. ,\'ve plelnreil war as Hie IlleV liable I e- l||| ,,f |i;|-,-.l|'e AI'lii I wo day ol ilehalf on the inea: nr. Si naloi lluilon K Wheeler 1 :"'! he. poll mdic:ilfd that "more than -III 'vole . vvoiihl be ca.-.l against il o h.iM mi Mae We*t Seeks Divorce From Her Hubby Of 1911 n baud." They refused to disclose the name of the board. Col. Goble said that whrii Hie available supply of manpower got "low enough to worry about" In 1 would instruct local boards to "start combing tho deferments" for men who would lie entitled to recbs.-iifi- cation. "The local boards, probably will consider first the cases of men deferred for minor physical defects and those given deferred classifications because of employment in vital industries," he said. He added 1 , however, that the fact that local boards would reconsider j the cases of men in 1-13 and 2-A classifications was "tin certainty' 1 that anyone would be reclassilicd. "All the boards will do," he said, "will be to revieW these cases to i find out if conditions have changed since the registrants were given their original classifications." Col. Goble said that it would be a "normal procedure" for local boards to reconsider the cases of de- ferret! men when the supply of po- i jtcntial drafters run low. "In .the meantime," he "Ohio will go ahead and fill it^ .quota at every call. If one particular —-•[board has no 1-A men on hand and "fill its quota we'll just have to make up the difference from boards with ample supplies of 1-A registrants." lie .said that there still were 14,350 class 1-A men on hand and awaiting induction in the state and added « said. I (Continurd from page 1) She added thai she couldn't have judge said he'd learned that ' K ' ( ' n married in mil, because she hoofer Wallace had married one Ha MlaUesley and lived with her 1 was too little. She estimated that I c:i ' examination, he then was about seven years old. j Her story was okay, too. Nobody that 53,000 others have been placed in class I tentatively pending physi- year; without the formality of di- 'minded, except Wallace. He kept vorcing Miss West. The case v, as on filing law suits, so many of them lran.,f(-rrcd to Los Angeles court,' that Miss West decided finally to where Wallace renewed his de- ; 1ft the public in on the secret of mauds 'for $1.001) monthly. her age. So the curvaceous Mac iiislrucleil Complicated Story. She admitted she married the .. ,,, i , ,„,. ... . Mai-yHvllle, (Mil u IIH , man in 15)11. and that she was some- I siii iiny <>f November, 10-11 , what over seven when she did. This .' JJ. 1 ^ ^'^^'^ ti^^ Mystery these many years about , was a tough decision to make, but;'"' 1 '. 11 "'' 1 ''''"' os 'ni<'. tu-wlt: „,- ,!,,.,, , . , '„»• •,,, , -. . Mtuateil in the enmity uf Union Miss Wests husband seems to con-' Miss West explained everything in TowiiNlilii ,,f Allen, stale of Ohio] cent a lady's reluctance--any lady's j court with a statement that still-has j io,v N:h "' 1 "" 1 "' 1 ""' l lh ' s ' ;r11 "" 1 IIM f "'-' reluctance--to reveal her ago. If , the experts scratching their heads. whether Sltl'MllKK'S SAI.H William .1. McrUle. I'lalntirf. VH. ! No. ir.L'iv. (in order of Sulo riil'UT <>!•• COMMON I'MSAS. I'Nio.v COUNTY. OHIO • Ity virtue of the jilmvc Ktiited writ In in,' illi i-i-K-il frr'iin tliif -Court of Common 1'lcns of Union County, l ihio. | w^ii offer for mile lit tlio rtli. door of the Court House, In with a divorce complaint. AK<"' 1'layfil I';irt. she's bciitili.'dus and blonde; what A lawyer asked-her I make when she ' wasn't true she ha< (IifferetKv does it makf when she she was unmarried. f|i;;ereiiee does it make when she ' wasn't true she had told the press i "iir,"'!h,'- ,,-1,1,1- ,,|- •'lr»t Tract ^ at 11 Htiikc In tlio COM- it|t'M- of liarhy Ci k, (rnrnierly vylt- ni-Nsi-il hy u 'lynn (m the left h.'ink) univi-l mail ami In the unrtliweK- wa:; married in Milwaukee :tl years "Vcs." she replied. "Hut. that was' lln-ne,- with »;'i'lil line '(iiiiil"'cpntei'- ai'.o imlieales that .'he s',-a.; born because I appeared in a play with l J^j,^! 1 , 1 s !."' l | "s'VjV j. ''''^r'''': 1 ''-' tiiaybf. :!0 years before thai - and another Frank Wallace whom I j '" ""' ''enli-r of sahl mail. Alsn Taint fair. Miss W'osl will tell yOu never married and I thought the ! (Jravi-l i:o:o| nm'i ii't' the''«e.stei'iy so. ; pri ss referred lo that other Frank ' \\'I' l1 ,',!p i'| l |,.in'- l ,'' l w'iHi'"t'he''] y ine ]l !!f' w-i'hi That is why she spent fivi'°years ! Wallace and not this Mr. Wallace-1 w ."" ll '- s 1 -"" 1 _ !1 "tilli :ifi decrees ' 30 den.-, im; shf even remfmbcrcd hav- and so t denk-d I was married but-the in'irtii'i-riy'('-nrni'i- n" himl's Vor- mr. M-CII Wallace. . didn't deny I had never been mar- j i'l',','.','^',. 'wml'' 1 ,!,!.^!!,!','; oy^--'^"'!!:'!', 1 ,!: "The name fits me, but the mar- ' ried and the fact that he was mar- j hull's hui.l Hdiitii r. l decrees ir, mln- riagf doesn't," Miss West once .-aid. ricd- tigain cau:u'd me to bi'ltevn he. [ ensi mi llic ImnVi''of".saiil""ii:irli'v "Why. I never was in' Milwaukee 'and I must have b^cn divorced." Cie.-U: lln-nce up sai.i ei-,.,.|( vv-lth " ' " ••'•' •--•- - - j- tMlt'lli Jll ill 1 until four years ago." FARM INCOME HITTING PEAK (Conlinucrl Iron) page 1) I lo the froiil rank of cash crops in Ohio. Soybean Klsc. 'I'lie vi-rsatile beau, lelatively newcomer to Ohio fauns.' brought $ I.fill a bushel in September, compared with lit! cents a year ago. tliei- tree* vv.-sl n; jiol.-H unit north S2 wri.-s west -III imli-N anifnorth IS de- VI-eeM ;ill IninilleH went Ii ;t pIlli'H. 1,1 l-"-.^(l a. r.-s, more or ICMH. See,,nit Triu't while Costs- will catch Up. accord-,, "''Kinninu at n uton,- (\vitn(-HKi-,l 1 I'V l»o llHlli'S. IllclClll-y Illi to I'l-nfessor Falconer. "Whenever farmer.; gel a price rise, il is usually swift but. brief; but when a farmer's costs rise, they may not they get up they stay there,''.Secre- . lill oi-ncr In TIIOIIKIH .stlllliiKN' land FOH F. v a n ter FOH S.U.K IIKirl.HJf, li nek M 1-; ! I,, :'i;o •ll Fun S-AI.I-: n...'. be . li.i-n! C., TWO HAMi-.MAJjK i|i \vi-iMilo; I in;' aii<l MII| p.ill li M..4v. ,,v -li!l;i MUliKIi.'.' !(.,• T ; ' b'lll.i I .-il : t. '. i-. ',-. ),,! a! !J^ NVi - ! I'.,, \:\\\ loo n,- r:i iii :;oo lo -itio ih, i 1 MI ,'l:i down; Hill lo 1110 111 ; SIO: 1 Id | to lilt) Hi-, y.l lid. Ilio tn 1 Id lie; «-!! l:, |'.le H. celpl-, lll'.bt. Il ,nle about in line \\ ilh Monday; one I -I i -I j ..lolm'd 700 I!) : fle-.hv feedel- -o|,| 1 for xil ::"i. nioi.I sal.--, here toil.iy con I.lie,I I.I CO'A :. : elllll)'. I'I -'0 -i li O.I.I head ol' bull . -id.I .i-;', -.0 .|..u li im I.....,l - laughter C.lUle oil the III II I,el be-I f.-ll cattle hele tin , vveel. <o i UK. C.,lvi Kccelpl . bi'hl. in n l.i I '.-• I I Ilheqknaiism Pain JNeedless.. Relief to 7 (o 10 Soybeans 'may become still more unpoitanl as a cash crop next v caller Kltner F. I'tiise, state AAA ad- mmi.-.tiator has announced that the mil; .-mil coiitlnuliiK' to the center ,, . ,,.,m 1,0 , I" 1 ' l1 '"' 1 ' Hun; tin-nee tip mild Kun up as. swiftly but once| w in, ,,,,. m ,.,,|,,i,.,. H tlio-.-of north 7d ilev.reeN West •_' I pnli'N ' iinil thence ll'irtll I'.l (le|4re,-S Wl-H' l;l.:ifi JlllleH tar.v of Agriculturf Claude Wick- ' ;'»d tlo-m-,- xuutii ^7 de«re,-H west l-l^ |iid,.s nnd thence Mniith «7'i di-IM-ei-H West 12JII poles; tllellce north mil., decrc.-H west l:t.^2 |ii>l,-s I" the niirilii'i-ly line uf xuid Survey N'o. L'MTH; thence with Hiild line piis«- iliK n nlolie mi the rlnht lialllc nf f-.iid run and coiitbiuhik' wllli the ..nlcr ,,f the liarby mid l\ucl< Kim l!r:iVi-| Itoad; Bolltli r.T, del; r.-e.M West ll:i poles to n simie corner to hinds I'urmcrly ouin-d by ollord llule: tli,-nee with siild llah-'H. line Kout)i ;tli il,-urees :l" minutes east It'.i.-lS (idles I'.issiior said Hate's coriu-r ut 7(1 miles and continnlni,- vclth the line i.r hind fui nn ily uvv n.-d hy lieorpe \\' CotdeiU',,- to u stone a cnno-r lo (lie (o ,!!»:,. VV. CuoleilHe land In the line ol land formerly owned liv I'an- i. I I'M,-: Ilienci- with saiil line an,I minion.: witli Hi,- lii],- of said ard recently told a house committee. : So farmers arc happy about this year, but their joy is mingled with' doubt.-: when they remember what' happens when costs calch up with prices. . l Use tho want i'ilt i--. til-- vi'rtiivrM uf ^lar> ( . Turner. ,1.,-,-p and lamb-, ,', ,1 a! '.idil in .ni, lii. r!-, lo loV. . ,',.. ,d l i.l, ~'\\> •.!) - 11 . :ti i.> I I id', me,JKim.: S-:' , ia,le,t OK SAI.I-: I-'.I.IL.;.'.;. :.i . •.'..•i; | -..n.p v. .11. 1 ' ; :. i 1 i i :. -. ..,- t:u i. Al; i I':. •••! '. - . ,1 V.'.ii'. : t .1.. . ;••'. %\ p.-r i \v I . i ul i.-ep t..| • I.ill,-!.I, I'. K. Wi-ll Bulled arc upiiiuxlliiaU-ly -.500 . -tia-crs ('f tailoreil men's . -.' i ;, '.:.;.,' 1:1 11.i' I'm!.-.! When * man ha* rheninatliin mu bad- It IllUt It l> lll.Wll- flKtit aKony evoa to inovo, and then hi* • coin* suddenly lo rrnuitniii frnni pain. l h e o h a n u e • « r 0 I hat ho l.u. k-«riie<( rilKIO I'UOOIT tli" niH-rcl nf MUtiOi.jn.miH. Tliuunuiuii n( ntlitir pcotdo— by mil-ill |» Imvu found (•onii-toio relief u» th* i,:>Infill t.urt nf rlii'iiuiutlMin. M UUlIU lulllli.IKi'. UuurulKlK, Illlllll- 1MI...1 lif IIIUMMfa. I'lMU'B Brill lolnlg li «-oiu ci lied, you tuny fuifct It -. itli Ib" firm antiileuiioii ut MII.-.CI.I;- l;(.H K.-ltof uetmtlly ronica In 7 t,» lii udnnlcH. rhrunle .:a«,-a uiij tlioiiu iiiniiuully to'vtoe will, of onirioj. ro- iluon , oiiilnueil tiuiiliiiiini for a while, tint lan't It wiiiiiltTfiil Umt tha '• Wr urn* .tiilr lh«l you n,«k« thU Iwt ! M1MIK-KIII I. „„» ,la»i,,.|,|. ,| .„, I Ulua .1,11. llui II I,,I|JT. I ,. uilc-ll.ll III, If.lllT. «nj If >,,u itr iu,l Eni»^,d uj,J d»- luliUJ wilh Ui« ri->ult«, return ll.t innain- nii lull [.. >,,ur dru»ti»t, and h« mil n lutid »ou( |h» prii-f la 6(Jr r«gul*r il.«. 11 Oil (.,1 Urge, f.mllr tlie. (..i . li,,nJ, „( nil si | I.HI |i |,.J,, Bl't.Ul 1 till, W crk ^:tc auj ti'Jc Al JAMISON'S CUT KATJ: nitre STOKI-: M-u> -,\ illc. Oiiiu .h'lIN \V. DMI.I JII-IL, ,,r said MI i.ii i. MVI-:I:S AII, October .-.'. l:'l|.;ll. Notice il ll.l. ii. ,,1 beans-will be exempt, from acicage j |,,','m'l, \\ KM'!-',,! AI;I wauls (iilD.DOO actcs of N1 -"'^ ''• Tuoii- allolmciils The 1 )c parlmenl of them in (ihio next year. t'--eliil as totace, pasture, human foml 111 forms, anil for a multitude of industrial products tho so\ bean pi onu- e s to i epl.ue the navy bean a, a power behind I'licle Sam's defense ,-llort Live-lock' has contributed heavily lo increased income. Scpteiuber price.-, laiiged from 1-1 per cent inr.ln r than September Ill-Id for beet I'atlh- t,, -Id per cent higher for hoes Milk And KSBS Mill, cows : old '20 per ecu! lu.-.hcr than the pievioiis veai. ei;. 1 .--. were '.M per cent hii'.her. and butler ami mill, pi ices were ;<:"> per c.-i.t Libber than Seplemb.-r I'JIO. U'heai. oals anil l v e .-h.,weil the piiniipal pi ice increa-es ainotit; r. ! -o:i L ' of ab-iut '. U J per c'eiil in each ciop compared with September l'J-10 Dtln r |;ia;n price., increased "J I" --1 per cent in the same period. Hat farmers and latin i-.xpcrts 1.1,0V, 111.,t these profllabl,- (.pel-a- ll.-n.- may not Ki.-t. I'rue-: i.ext ye,.i j-! oi-.d-!.-.- ... ill , iv Ki v ,-n I bat Knos ! M.o \ -,-, lit,-. t nioii ' its been dulv up- ; r ol the . stale of , ileceasell, Lite ol ! ol - I'.l re.. I' n ion l of l.ind north r, 4 d s I .*, InillllteH cast !*>.'{ polcN to of bcc, i ii ii i ii t: Coiidiin IIIK l:i7.Si acli-s. lilo|e ,,r h-ss. Third Trad Sililnted in the County. Slate and Coiiiilv (duo i Townsliii, aforesaid, and part ut Cn-diliirs an- i .-,|uii, d to fih- their } Sl " 1 «' v ' i • s; "' i - s -' lir ' '^'-"' :unl "'-'7:i. H,-. hums viitli s.iul ' fnliici.ii v vvlilnii «uiniiin al a (iiiint In the North lour moiitb- ,,r I,,- foiev.-i- bur.d I l..-vv Isbui K and Milford Center I'lUe ,. (Where the \V Istock nnd Mm-y.s- " i \ille pike the name; i Hi, nee with tlie center of said North I l.i'H l^bnrn .nut Mlllord Cenler 1'iU,- south ,',;, I., decrees east !,f,IIS |iol,-s j lo mi mi^l,- in the road; tin-lire IS,Mllll 111 decrees l-.lSt with tile C.-ll- - 1 1,1- of said 10:0! 1 l;t (II |iolcn to ;i ™ Moin- inn tlivM-xt coiio-r lo land for- in, i ly nwin-il by l'blli|> C,ic;Tlii-nce with .said die's line north 42'-j d,-»: I , , s 111 I'dleS to low VVa lei- Ill.II I. in I'-iK I'al"by Creek : tliclice ti|» llo- ci,, k at low Wiiter -mark vvnli tlo- m,.in,I. is thereof north 47 il,ii,,-s :'s (Miles and thence * V^eSt 4'J poles and '•j de t; r ees West I ll S n e II,iltll L'V-, decrees d,-i: thence north ; 1 de>;i,,s vv.-sl I ii (ndi-.s; thence north r-;' di-me.s \\-,--.t In |nd,-s and tlo-tn-e Ho I III IV'-. d. (;ree.s H.-st I',') |M,||H to the 1,11,1.:,- on the Woodstock mid M.ll V SV Illc Pike thence w Itli the c.i i l.r of said pike snulh ;i7'j de- t:ie. s v;. US |,,,|,-s lo the place f lii cuoioii.-. Coin.lining 7 4.3 i> aei-c.-i. POLITICAL NOTICE 1 wish to announce that 1 am a candidate for 1'aris Township 1'rusU e al the No\'eml)er t-lec- lioii. and will appi eeia'.e your support At present I am lilliii).: the unexpired lerni of Conrad V.' lesi^nt-Ll, and feel my ixpciu-ncf as a trustee will be u( benelit to the township if 1 am elected John G. Rupprecht roi.lTit'AL AIIV. 1. ... Cont.ilnliu: 111 all S4(l 35 acres. in..',- or l.-ss. I,nt suhjcct lo all 1,-K-ll lo.;li\v.i\ s. S"ll-l.,l l.i the i \istiCK llf" (-.stilte In I'., lion.ii- Ib.vv.ud Mi Iklc. Ill said pi finises S.lid premises Will l.e b.d.l Slll.jcct to said III,- est:,te Appl.llsed ill »;J33 nO. T.rnis uf S.ile Cash II S. Km >SA. ^h.-rit'I' ..t I'liiuil C-uuilc, I'liio MAX i a-.Mni.i-: ami II A UKV III iFIII-MNKIl. Attornev s i i. i,,i..-i s. I-.MI .;,(. PUMPKINS For Hallowe'en up Apples lui. f)0c up Hubbard Squash. .11). lie Turnips .:Ubs. Kk No. 1 Potatoes, .pk. 25c S1.50 per 100 His. k No. 2*Potatoes, .pk. 17c $1.00 per 100 Ibs. Cabbage 50 Ibs. 65c For Kraut Grapefruit... .7 for 25c Oranges do/.. 20c California Sunkixl Tokay Crapes 2 Ibs. 15e DAVIDSON'S FARM MARKET Ucllefonlainc Koad, Marysvillr No. 4 Franklin SI., Richwood OFFICERS TO PATROL HERE . hi'j'i'Tins ro \\t: ON TO I'KKVFNT I) AM Alii iiv II.\U.O\VI.T:NI:KS LOCAL BUSINESS MK\ ATTENDED CELEBRATION A number of members of the Marysville Business Mori's Associar lion pai'd n neighborly visit to Plain City yesterday for the biK Hallo- we'en celebration and "open house" at the new addition of the light and water plant there. i Business men wjio went in a Kroup from here to Plain City included: Mayor William F. Asman,' Walter Asman, George O. Smith, Earl Beck, J. M. Huber, Arthur Middleton, Edgar Lowry, Dana Coleman, William C. Ottc, Ed«ar Conrad, Jack Morris, Frank Galloway and C. E. Duncan. MILK RISE SEEN CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 29.—The retail price of u quart of Grade A milk in the Cleveland area was'ex- pected to advance one cent' to 13 cents within a fow clays as the result of ah announcement that distributors will pay milk producers 25 cents more per hundredweight for fluid milk. FIRE VICTIM Mure than Iho irual number uf Hallowe'en prank:; lu-ive be-on reported this- year. accorilmp, to Mayor William F. A::muii. In order to protect tlm property of citi/c-n-; the mayor lui:i appointed .-wi-rul deputies to no fin duty at nii;ht. Mayor A: ; mati al>'o i-;.-iird (lie follov.-in'; proclamaiou: "In view nf the fact thai a few. Hallowe'enon; have seen fil to disregard a friendly warning against destruction of property. I have instructed the regular night patrolman and temporary deputies to place any offenders in the Juvenile Detention section of the County Jail until they or their parents make Koud the damage done. "AKain I ask parents tn'eouperate, beeausX- they are responsible, and better than any one else can help put a stop to the malicious destruction fif property." If you are r.uffei in;; with your feet,» the Galloway Shoe Store is showing in today':; paper a hand- flexed shoe that has fvery comfort, feature that ran be built in shoes. 27-3t Public Sales GEORGE HOOVER Monday, Nov. 10, al 12 o'clock at his residence, known as the Hoover farm, 4 miles west of M;irysville, !•• mile north of Route 33: 7 horses, 8 cows, !> hogs, 23 sheep, implements. Terms: cash. Lunch on grounds. Simpson & Son. aucls. NOAH IIAYMAN Friday, Oct. 31, al 1:00 p. m. al his residence, 8'i miles wesl of Kcnlon on Flynn-Wallace Road, '.-• mile cast of McDijnuld Grange, 4';. miles southeast of McGuffey: 13 catlle, sheep, 14 hogs, 75 New Hampshire Red pullets, and miscellaneous chat-, tels. Gus Detwiler. auctioneer. Lynn Dunki:i, clerk. URICHSVII.I.E, O.. Oct. 29.--- Ilurns suffered when her clothing caught fire from an open fireplac-' caused the death of Mrs. Amanda Grussey. !!!). NO PRICE INCREASE A subscription solicitor for another newspaper is reported to be telling Union County people that The Tribune is plr.nuiug to raise its subscription price. This is- absolutely false as there is no present intention of increasing the subscription rate oC The Tribune. PUBLIC . As I have accepted a government job in California and have no further use for the following livestock and household goods, we will sell at our residence, located H'j miles west of Kenton on Klynn-Wallace Road, '2 mile east of McDonald Grange, 4' j miles southeast of McGuffey, Beginning at 1:00 P. M. FRIDAY, OCT. 3 1 13 Cattle— 13 Consisting of Registered Guernsey "Woodland's Tillie No. 3:iaOM. sired by Gayhead's Hopeful Knight No. Ktnfl-li). This cow has produced HU55.H Ib.s. milk, 312.15 Ibs. butter fat since May 1, 11)41. fieg. Guernsey Heech Front fionnie No. (illllll. sired by Villa Way Professor No. i!243'.)(i. an A. K. bull. Has produced since June It! 4777.0 Ibs. milk, 20U.O butter fat. Daisy, .pure bred but not registered Guernsey COY,-, produced since May IrCOOa.f) Ibs. milk, 335.14 Ibs. butler fat. Hello, a daughter of Woodland's Tillie but not registered, produced '(J754.7 Ibs. milk. ^50.42 Ibs. butler fat fince May I. Hose, a half-blood Guernsey i.nd lirown Swiss, produced f)474 7 Ibs milk, 234. 5« Ibs. butter fat. Guernsey cow, giving nood flow of milk, (j years, old. no record; Jersey and Guernsey vow. 7 years old, r,,,,d flow of milk, no record; Ihrei' heifers, 10 months old; one heifer, (i months old: ivgi.--U'ivd Guernsey bull. 10 months old. sired by Wivndalc Pivmier ^:!''!7L'. darned by May Watkius of Logan 455775: Guernsey bull call', bmi, June Hi, day. by Hooch Front Bonnie, sired by Plain View's Star'. Prole. .or No.' .'J(jt}5 < J5, can be registered. The above is an outstanding high producing herd when figuring the county's average for twelve mouths i, 4a(K) Ibs. of milk aiid 170 Ibs. butter fat per cow. Sheep Three Shropshire- 1941 lambs, all eligible to re!;i:tev. K.nn from A. K. Holy cross flock. Marysville. 14 -S— 11 One brood sow with eleven pigs. 8 Week:, old by day of :.r,e: Iv.o shoals. 75 NKW HAMI'SlllKK KKI) ril.I.iriS ready l , 1 ,,y. Miscellaneous About eight tons alfalfa hay. small amount of eoi n and oat..; oil brooder -stove, chicken fei-deis, etc.; hay rope, iuo ft. ~ „ in.; b,,y f liug.,, J,,rk:,, pulleys, shovola, saws of all kinds, lots of .-m ill tooN, ;;arden traclor' plows, hoes, ullc barrel 3-yi-ar-old \iuegar, one barrel apple eider for vinegar. Heller Allen pump jack xs'ith motor, household good.--. i-K-clric separator, out Kelviiuejor. Gcm-ral-tllectric Uali-r In aler. al.,u Hit-poini electric range, flat top di-sk, roll top de.-.k. two ofnce .--.'. uel (hairs, two itoves. radio, bi-d.s, dresbers, chairs, fruit, etc. Noah Hayman Ownei Drtvuh-r. Auclioiici-r. 1 ..MIII llimkiii. I h ik

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