The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas on February 12, 1948 · Page 14
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The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas · Page 14

Mexia, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 14
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FEB. 12. 1C. THE MEXIA (TEXAS) WEEKLY HERALD V~ y**-~- - -t^ffan-™ •-•••< _ Labor Secretary of Gsmmunist Party 3JASHTNGTON, Feb. 10 (UP)— Tfi^Justice Department announc- e<£Jhe arrest in New York today ofeifohn Williamson, National LjfBor Secretary of the communist party of the United States. UJilliamson, the Department saS- will be held for deportation tojps native Scotland. A department spokesman referred to the aoept as 'the most important communist arrest so far." Sgents of the Federal Bureau oS-investigation had been watch- jrq> Williamson for some time, the JBStice Department said, and pgEed him up at 8 a. m. EST. "Otr upper Broadway." Immigra- lim> agents participated in the Ice and Snow Majestic Beauty as Well as Damage In Mexia During Extreme Cold Spell who , u lg a couple of middle names, o»— "Blake" and "Beattie" — arrested under the act of 1918 bans immigrants hostile to . S. form of government and daUfcated to its overthrow by vi- The small cedars in the flower garden in the city park were seen by the Mexia News photographer as being drooped over in despair sometimes I at the continuous cold weather that Mexia has been experiencing sometimes ^ Actual , y the cedars were being pushed is being held without bail lis Island pending an ap- nce before an immigration r in deportation proceed- injHE **v Dfiision Made lalian Fleet down by a heavy coating of ice. HOME, Feb. 9 (UP) — Russia's shBp of the Italian Navy num- j 45 shfps, including the 35-' t-old battleship Giulia Cesare, wrecked by bombs and ed at Trieste, an official re- ; on the division of the Italian showed today. ie rest of the Italian fleet was led among France, 43 ships; islavia, 17; Greece, two, and Ja, two. The U. S. and Brit- aipjvere allowed 28 ships each, bijjthey will be left in Italian hands and scrapped for their even though the weather was cold and the ice slippery the beautiful srene of the ice covered trees on each side of Evergreen street could not go unnoticed. Late Wednesday afternoon the beautiful trees were so heavily weighed down that they formed a covered thoroughfare They were so low that a car could hardly go down the center . addition .to the 23,622-ton GJSJ 3 Cesare, rebuilt in 1933-37, RlMa will receive the comparati- v4E new cruiser Emanuele Fil- ibjjlo Duca D'Aosta, completed in ISK which carries a main arma- mMt of eight six-inch guns. Chemists Resistant 1 ess for Cotton J&SHINGTON, Feb. 6 (UP)— Gfi*rnment chemists have found a Ifov to make cotton cloth and y«« permanently^ resistant to mEfew and rot so that it may be usiS for" anything from building inSQation to fish nets. »K> Department of Agriculture reEKed that fish nets and shoe of the road. More Killed in '47 Home Accidents Than on Highways CHICAGO, Feb. 5 (UP)—Accidents killed more people in their homes than on the highways last year, the National Safety Council reported today. The council said it was the' first time in 20 years, except for a brief period of wartime driving restrictions, that more people were killed accidentally at home than in traffic. All told, deaths from all types of accidents in 1947 were two per cent higher than in 1946. The safety council's report showed that this is what accidents did to the U. S. last year: Killed—100,000. Injured—10,500,000. Cost—$6,700,000,000 (B) in wages, medical expenses and property damage. . Traffic deaths dropped from 33,411 in 1946 to 32,000 last year— a four per cent decrease. ' But 33,500 persons died in home accidents during 1947, compared with 32,500 in 1946. Occupational accident deaths rose from 16,500 in 1946 to 17,000 last year. Each iype increased three per cent. o Texas flier Held !n Plot to Bomb Venezuelan Capital NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 9 (UP) An American flier accused of planning to bomb the Venezuelan capital of Caracas as part of a revolutionary plot is surprised that the U. S. government got so serious about the incident. The flier, Harry A. Snow, of Amarillo, Tex., is one of five airmen arrested in connection with In other places throughout Mexia the ice and snow did more than make befutiful scenes, it did tremendous damage. This majestic ™on Milan street couldn't stand the weight and one of its large s broke off. Scores of trees throughout Mexia received the same heart-breaking fate. ^_____ To Fly Lines With Non-Union Pilots MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 7 (UP)— National Airlines planned today- to resume operations with nonunion pilots after firing 145 fliers whose strike had grounded the, company's planes since Tuesday, , The drastic action was unprece-f ; dented in'airline history, but the' company said it had received, sufficient qualified replacements,, to begin operations at any time. Angus, Kilroy," is Robert H. Johnson, 16, who xook top honors. At right, with Hereford, "Butch," is Marion Reynolds. (NEA Telephoto.) Reserve Champion A Fish Story Hard to Stomach NORTH STONINGTON, Conn., Feb. 9 — (UP)—When Henry Deslandes went fishing, the insides^bf his wristwalch popped from the case into the water. A few hours later he found the works intact in the stomach of a fish he caught. Chuckled Ihe lucky fisherman: "I really gave that fish the works." a plot to bomb the Venezuelan 1 lirttHg made of the new cloth al- reSfr are being tested for com- mirtiial use. discovery, the department holds "promise of longer for such fiber products as and awnings. The process wes cotton fabric heat re- ice so that the cloth may be laminated insulation for the department said. rtatien. and . Write Today X" catalog. HEOSON BEAUTY COUECE ^^ I. T«ta» Two fort Worth Men Buy Whole Campsite WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 (UP)— Camp McAlester, Okla., has been sold -to J. L. Stuckert, Jr., and Shelby Owens of Fort Worth, Tex., for $105,579. The former prisoner of war installation consists of 156 acres of land and 290 buildings, most of which'are temporary. Many of the building will be relocated for use as housing in the McAlester area. Commissioner W. E. Reynolds of the Federal Works Agency said Stuckert and Owens would give people of McAlester first choice to buy "land, buildings and; bunding equipment." Russia Says German Documents to U. S. Caused MOSCOW, FebvlO (tfP) —The Russian government said today it would soon release captured German documents proving the United States was responsible for Ihe second World War,by rearming Hitlerite Germany with a "golden rain lars." Britain and France were equally guilty, city. Snow, a former RAF pilot, said he and his companions had thought they would be arrested when they returned to this country" to get the whole thing straightened out." But he did not realize the attitude of the United States "would be this serious,'.' Jje said. ... "• . Snow was held in Orleans Parish jail on charges of violating the U. S. Neutrality Act along with Charles B. Vavlicek, Jr., a Captain in the New York Air Reserve, and Henry K. Baker and Kenneth J. Newcomer, both former Air Force mechanics. Edward Browder, Jr., of Amarillo, fifth member of the group, was arrested at Miami. The.fliers were accused of flying two surplus Navy PB4Y airplanes from a surplus depot at Bush Field, near Augusta, Ga., to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, last -Jan. 26. They were arrested before the "bombing" mission could materialize. Triiman^Plans Tour T|£aribbean Witff Vacation in Florida WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (UP)— —President Truman will tour American possessions in^thc Qa- ribbean begii-y^ng late -this month, the White. House announced today, "h 1 . .S - •"-•-• Stops are scheduled^ in:: Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands,, Cuba and Key West, Fla.. where Mr. Truman will take a vacation. Mr. Truman will leave Wash- Royol Air Force Plane Kills Two In London Crash LONDON, Feb. 10 (UP) —A" twin-engined Royal Air Force Anson crashed in north London at the busy lunch hour today, knocking the scaffolding from a ; block of apartments and caving x in the top of a double-decker trolley bus. ',• Both men in the plane were reported killed. The driver, conductor and two passengers of the^ crowded bus were taken to a* hospital. All were released after treatment. o — Krug Says Fuel Oil May Get More Scarce Before Winter's End ^WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (UP)—"'. Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug said today fuel oil shortages may / become "even more widespread;/ and severe before the winter is over." He made the statement before -. the House Public Lands Commit- ; tee. It asked him for an up-to-date summary of developments in the search for sources of synthetic fuel to supplement present sup- . plies of fuel oil, lubricants and ; , gasoline. .'.) Krug told the group he soon.M will submit to Congress the de- .••.'; tails of his proposal for a $9,000,- '.. 000,000 (B) synthetic fuel pro- , • gram. It should be undertaken. .'., now, he said, "so .it can be com- j:; : ; ! --*" I " • IKE STEPS DOWN AS CHIEF OF STAFF—This may be one of the last pictures of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower in uniform. It was inston Feb 20 He will return last pictures of Gen. Dwight U. j-.iscnnov,ei m «.«»..... - «.- no'la^er than March 5. ' taken on his last day as chief of staff. Ike told a pressConference he , , . pleted over a period of 5 to 10 completing a^jjjpfi'^!*'* pacts with Ge jl 1 *3|ha|s| l ® r _ down the European pwicSJ or collective security against a German resurgence. A statement issued-Jat a Marshall Field Says Typesetter's Strike Causes Paper Merger CHICAGO, Feb. 5 (UP)—Marshall: Field charged today that a typesetters' strike against Chicago's daily newspapers was "a strong .contributing factor" to his merger'this week of the Morning Sun-aria Afternoon Times. an Field sent a lettr to the Chica- ....jgo .Federation of .Labor which *"*' 'd<that-'the two papers had nev- :had a chance -to show what no later than March o. • Using plane and ship, the president will spend the better part of a week in the Caribbean. He may stay in Key West as long as 10 days. After an overnight rest at Key West on Feb. 20, the president will fly to San Juan. P. R. The next day he will visit St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands, then the island of St. Croix. On Feb. 25 he will visit the U. S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay on the southern coast of Cuba. will write hi is" memoirs before taking up his duties as president of hr University, New York, in order to provide some security years, not only as a defense^ measure but also for our economic _i security.", "-.^ o ,Texas University & Enrollment Drops - AUSTIN, Tex., Feb. 10 —(UP) ^ — Second Semester registration " v>: ended yesterday at The Univer-: r ;,- sity of Texas and a tally today ^ showed a total enrollment of 16,- i C 200 students, a drop of approxi-*.-j mately 1,000 from September's]^ registration. ' •:' for my l (I\EA Tele-photo.) Fire Fighters Busy MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UP) — Hook and Ladder Company 3 of the Milwaukee fire department had a crowded hour. The truck was backing into the station after 'answering one call when a second set it out again. The firemen put out the second blaze and as they started to return to the station the radio sent them on their third call in 65 minutes. sae , . conference by the Soviet Inforfna-H they could do under normal con- tion Bureau said Russia would j ditions. The strike began shortly publish "shortly" documents cap-j after Field purchased the Times tured by Soviet troops to prove | an d began producing both papers Expect Life and Property Loss fey Fire to Set Record AUSTIN, Tex., Feb. 5 (UP)— A preliminary report by Marvin H<ili. state fire insurance commis- Auto Crash Kills Two Near Mineola MINEOLA, Tex., Feb. 7 (UP)— Two persons were killed almost instantly near here last night when their automobile crashed into the rear of a truck parked showed today that losses j at the side of the road. , . and pro.pajty, ,J*om fire j Dead were Richard W Tanner He will return to Key West may have reicfieS new highs in ! 68, a mathematics professorat -to life by air the afternoon of Feb. 25. j 1947. \ North Texas Agricultural College, He will remain at the submarine base there for an undetermined period which will not extend bo-: yond March 5. At San Juan, Interior J. A. Krug and Secretary of' Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson. They will remain with the presidential party at least through the visit to St. Croix. In an incomplete report, which i Arlington, and. Mrs. Bettye D. • - - - - -" •""- - * the ; Maxfield, 50, of Marshall. 541 : 308 N. McKinney Street these charges. from the Times plant. | OIL S Is the least expensive heating fuel S available to most people in the rural 55. communities today. I OIL HEATERS 5 ... are aslo available in a wide se- 4^0t ± lection of models in our store. Prices ± range down from $75.00. Why cut 5 Wood? lj. I. RIDDLE & CO. Sugar Price Lowered 25c Per TOO Pounds SUGAR LAND, Tex., Feb. 10— (UP) — Sugar was reduced 25 cents per .300 pounds today 'by the Imperil rSugar..Cg. of; Su^ar Land, according*'to"]?" H. Ke~mp- ner, Jr., vice-president of the company. This reduction brought the total price decrease since Jan. 1 to 65 cents per 100 pounds. The price at the refinery is now S7.75 per 100 pounds. • o Ice Causes Autoist's Death HILLSBORO, Feb. 10 (UP)— Edgar G. Wilkinson of Fort Two Injured by Gas Explosion TELL, Tex., Feb. 10 (UP)—A natural gas explosion, believed caused by a spark from an air compressor, destroyed a garage service station today and landed the owner, and a 17-year-old youth in a hospital. Billy Ray Goff, 17, suffered a fractured ankle and cuts about the head. George T. Smith, the owner, was slightly burned. Tjhe resulting fire burned most of the wreckage. person's died%s a result of fire the president i and an estimated $21,000.000 (M) will be joined by Secretary- of I in property was Destroyed. " "" ' Prdperty.'--l/ajE;c5pt the 821,000,009 "figure^standfe some S3,000,- 000 (M) above the previous record high for the state, Hall said. Bodies of Plane Crash Victims Found ALAMOGORDO, N. M., Feb. 10 fUP;—The bodies, of Gerald Champion, New Mexico's Republican chairman, and his brother- jn-lsw. H. M. -Denny, were taken to their home "at Tulafosa. N. M., today. The 'mcTi ^v-'cre^killed in a plane crash. Maj. Kirk R. Mitchell, operation; officer at the air base here, said the bodies were found yesterday in the plane wreckage on the v/est slope of the mountains. o Doesn't Like Pay Cut Three Dead from Alvin Car Wreck* ALVIN, Tex., Feb. 3 (UP)— Three persons were dead today as the result of a headon collision between two autos near Alvin Saturday .night, and nine persons suffered injuries in an . accident last night. i The accident victims were i Frank Bounds. 24, of Alvin; Joe | D. Shead. 20. of Arcadia, and : Richard E. Snavely, 25, of League : City. i Worth died in a Hillsboro hospital today of injuries received when his car skidded and struck bridge abutment on Highway 81 nine miles north of Hillsboro. No Bum Steer HOUSTON, Feb. 6 (UP) — The Grand Champion Aberdeen-Angus steer of the 1948 Houston Fat j Stock Show was sold at austion today on the opening bid of S12,- omn ^ ^ 500 and, failed to top last year's j Monday ! * Won't Reveal Driver WACO, Feb. 5 (UP) — Because ! neither J. P. Morgan of Gates-! ville nor Mrs. Hazel Ruth Sims of Waco would reveal which one ; i of them drove z car that killed a ; man and injured ten persons.: : both will stand trial for murder . Yours, too! Once you try that tantalizing, old-time flavor of DE LUXE BREAD Um-m-m! Good! Try It! I , price of $15,000. Dedicates Houston Church HOUSTON, Tex.. Feb. 9—(UP) —Dr. M. E. Sadler, president of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, delivered the dedication address yesterday for the new $250,000 Bethany Christian Church. Oil in Sterling County BIG SPRING, Feb. 10 (UP) — The fust indication of commercial oil production in Sterling County was seen today in reports 'Lost 23 of Family GRAND RAPIDS. Mich., Feb. 7 (UP) — Manuel Padron was in the Ax my today because his heart is heavy with sorrow. He wants to start a ne-,v life. AUSTIN. Feb. 10 (UP) — Dr. E. j J. Lund, professor of Physiology J at the University of Texas, charg- i ed today in an open letter that j Dr. T. S. Painter. President, and j : the Board of Regents had violat- j : ec: his tenuie by putting him on j i involuntarily leave and cutting j | in ha!:" his pay as director of the j '. Mai ine Institute. j A & M Spring Training i COLLEGE STTATTON. Tex.. V. ^-^S? 1 V^OUliiy \% Oi> OCC4.1 LUUCIJ "* A*_fv»iw j *->•'- -• — j that Anderson-Prichard Oil Co.'s j Twenty-three members o: his !er got ready today for beginning | Foster No. 1 seven miles south of j family died in the disastrous Tex- of spring Sterling City, had a good show , as City. Tex., explosion which a * ' { . . . -nni-__1__^1 :1 Fnaay football training next .h a host of promisin; [ claimed some 500 lives last April. ; ireshmen enrolled at A & M. RICH WHOLESOME NOURISHING BAKED-IN TASTE APPEAL/

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