The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1899 · Page 3
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1899
Page 3
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^ SlfpS We. Are Business Builders. ::;^uj0il City Branch Phila! delphia Clothing Manu= I facture'rs, At your service. OF LO\V Short Line to 0 'Get new and fresh tt« 3.S I > ST3~ ALtWAlU-goods. JTWI1^? lndtllin 3; ixuuLiij.u resented. r O Find goods delivered , ^ ""prompuy."" Receive courteous ^""treatment. Ca KS*«'S«*. 25. i£ City as tcliowa CS - Rasters THi;e: a, nx,— Pa-ay for . ~i«-isvin*, Corry. . at Oorry «•'.::! Kn* irij.cs No, S *>r tis» \vv«t, Red Nv>. s-for thr £S»t: eonn»ot!os a 1 . SulT^e-witti ai! <iuy t.-ai«s J'or TJio Eist. tusvili*. jZaiv all EiKiwre l^ita exuF«t=i»; irr.v- i'jorij at lO:S(f p. sa.. tuul u"!ti« •service. .:.._,,:.•,;::,:•;...• ':" Get the correct "weight- ( • • • Q _Get the best ^"quality. Gome again. ND MOST ALWAYS meet their Mends here **£ | because a majority of them 73 --Spring; SL. next' j ^v^^^*;^^.^:, door the old Opera J*wii»}u?>,. >ic«iw«j. House. ; ; Cliy. ,pa.7 oa "s^lviKijLi-. ..Attri! Isi,. K??.~ at tl.j vr?'.' v- ,iv 1-1 jr. T--\IC. i ...... j jj.-tncjj „ •jii.-'Ji'Sl.Wi 'Cni*«l Suites rosisteml . ' !l "* U ^ - K " Jti "- '• ..FuH " partlcuto te daily' papc-m an- j K>^. »-—— —- ' liuunciss tec s^anc opeaisg ol.our ni $:<KJ a., es.-iia.ji)- ' ., S:10 K, jM.— t-aiiy *xc*i>t Suadw. tttr Tiosesta, US! aT"«i!— DttisV *te*»t Sttail*y, for Corry. coaa«:ilUK at Carry with JErie trsia Ke. 3 for ;so Wrst. IOC i>. a_— Daily for Corrj-, TltusvUle. Mayville. UaakjrU ana Bu.-i'iltt; (.-anacuUs^ at Corry with Erie train Xo. IT «a±>t. aad P. & K. trains «sist £>n<l wr*i. MiBaectin*; at Burr«»» witt a!! rrxins otverslRu. TB;a ia Hit? mcist pt-piiUir train far KPVW YorH via. UaS'a'.a: isAkes cuojiMtioos wit^ «v«niae iruinK via H. T. C- xad D.. I- i: vr. rttl- rcsi^. arrlvins is N*'i- Yort City a.t 7^4 a. jsi. Two hours in Ba!?alo fur supiwsr. 5:19 •?. m.,— 'Daily ticcpt Susilay, for TionrEta. TJdluuit. lr^i!5_e:o2.--YT3r5i:^,_Brssdrj:!>*-iiBi ......... C'tcujt^vT^iir-'iiiiif wii;i V, & A. iraiaa cast ' and vwt at Irvine cois. 3;<5 p. RI.— ic*inr4l T:aie>— yor FranKJIn. Ray- ralltoR. Siinil>- T.jtV-1-, Stontboro, Mero-ir. Hn'i.iiY Sl-.eKango, Grc^aviile and )Xew ' Castl*.- • : *:aO ji. ra.— tiailv eicept Sunday, for TitusviH* s.Hd Cony, "c otui*i,t!ar ai Cony -n-ith local trains w*a: via itip aca P. & H. triins easft ar.d -ivss;, s-.ii p. ».,— Daily <xc«pt Sfaday, for TitasvUI*. arrlv* c~ rii&uure Division: -3:00 i. j!!., ~:t~ a, a».. <la!ly except Sundiiy; 10-J>0 o- m., (la!!y «>ic?pt Saa(5a.y-, «1:10 p. so.. -1133 p. ra.. dsily *scept Su-idaj-; S:iO u, 21.. «ia!ly except Sunday. EJrsr Blviwoa: :2^5 p. tx, daily except Ssad.iy: cuo p. 53., (Jaily except Sunday; S:5 p. IT., dafly tfxcepc SunsJay. . Cast!* Sramih: 11 :» a. at, <!aOy ' ''' Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley • and.Pittsbisrg..R. R. ... .. r.SieanO Tariscr !&toiiui.£ti^ tii-l'JS. , 3. MsCoen..: ticket aesnt. Otl Ct«-. : - • .;• . : J. A.' r'Si-LOWS, "•-•.•" 'rrsiJ Passwuser and -f.cicet AEm'L : at'ani- B'il:ciis>;. cor. JIaia aad Cl-Ji- streets. Buffalo. N. Y. : '-'•-. ; KJ-;iori* • a* . Seriauj. .laia-y to. Winvr Wheat 1 uuu - aaa » lac- granc opcaiag ..... r.iu : '"''• -CscSrnKi 1 C»ni Also Ili^he-" ' i Acre. 1« Centra ste*et- . ra.1 Allegheny Valley .Railway •U-; for ftn-s i .TSt-i'~i'.!II"II!!! Twpeio,... i "-- wor!t|.-. t •[..,....„.. X*wwa S SO! : i) Cicaa ;:: : - •;,^.'- tsre?r '*— -.^Vis3S==: : 'Power V.oci. Third ward, j ,7 j^jj .sjii'.HII.rGrsuii.'Vrfley Brady . ....—.;10 5T . ~~ .** — ; . ^-.^. — Foxbu'rr" .."."ll"l!!.'":!lll KJ ••» 3ij5 2SJ 9 45JJ2 P) Etr.lonroa „'• -Mai; 3 00 H 36 S ST: »2 SS FninWin: ........ ,\H STi S.Hbl WiW Si Oil City, .... atiaEOi-S-tOt " CaiUJOl-..'-. iKAX»a DIVI5IOK. •Xfr lark; Miirch -.-,fc: lawi nattot« T .3« j^jJ^SL^^^tSr™S»^ [•. •.' . ,' ^CEIVEK'S SA1.K. ; '>r h-rav>\*r^i:nK unc.- 7i» s C *ri* fVii^fts-0, That ^ U; ^^^1'";."^'^ C-f -i^ tirdt-r a? th^' Slipn?!^^ : lads 'street ior particular?. America's Greatest Railroad. VOR SALT'S—A ^willla: fcoasc >a £&*i repair. I .02:33 V. ! 10:00 y. at. .--• . i xrrrr TOKK S?SCIA'L. I>. m.. >1')^ at TvVw Tor 1 ;. 7:90 fl, ra S 1 i ' : 6 i S I S TK'j 3'CTi'lvI.. •bi'l Ciiy ...sril^SOJ 6W ..,.. 10K!lO 53: i S i:as-12a! sot il3 BSj « -to .. .... R«d Batik .... T 25i I 20 63) 5 W < TO ... SO' 7:oj _______ DuBois 1 £.S 7 4« ,-.'-• Pennflel ____ ^37! SiO;.... 'B*nni»rett» .... i OTilC <5'.! ..... 3 IS I S 6ajar.. JDrlltwocsl .'! 5 SO 10 li!' — „• m,p ro[ . ..._;_:._.: _^. ja.J-'nja .__m|;.._.. Trains leaving Oil City at IfCO p. 33. arrive at Baltimore « 6-JJ a. in.; "Washinctoa. 7:« a, n-..; PhnadelpMo, .4 SO a, .ra.; K«w Yortt 7:45 'a.' m..: Clnelnii^tli--T:<iO--]L; .in.; " '' PbHa<5ttlphiar-s:17" Xew'Torlc. fi:15;p. iLr ; Clnelj^iat!. &:tu p. tn.; Chicago. 10:00 p. ra,: St. A Pu'ihjmii 'sltwlr-G car •wilj. leave OU City dally OTT Train Xo. -4 a.t J:05 a. m. h arrlvSnK a.c Plttsburs: at 7:10 a, a>. This car is open for taa at Oil City at ?:K> p. m, Reti:rt-.lnR. car will icavt? 'Pittsburij oa TraSn 3 at S:4a p. m. daily, arrivlns at Oil City at. 2:0. a- ra.- TT;^: car is drtsched 'rota traia at Oil Clrv-. r-iSSi-^SS^ 5 « ;;:: -- TS — * '— - C - S5J2» j ustli 7:30 a. ra ; "or"ii,™> or iwsi truins a^(i ipj.cs in sJtvpvntj ppace in car leaving Oil City can be reserved . '"'•- j car? • arySy to W, 3. ilzOueS. a=r?r.c. TTnion by tfl^eraptiinR- or writins IV. S. McCacn.""' and Svlas northerly arnt «rn.«t<rl.r of lvr,!p^| P % Lake Shore and Mjchigsn us by StanaariJ Time, one hour sion-er tSan uli City tame.) To OH city. Franklin I>iv. From Oil City. Trains Daily , ?1 ! t'1T I Except gundity. i S2S ! SO | ES ,-. ^pfj- 10! 1 -i i)5;lr.... To'ralo .... TO KHTV TOF.K.AND BOSTON: CL.EVS- .-rr-'.?.« ;at the same hour f<i 'If- j and place. '..- rpf-jm:;, j-v<- «-fir 0—• o>i I,".,—Flu-jr firm. jix iii.ijr: rspflrts.'iS.flSfl bM .fi.-l hiah*r: sent, mcrttn B . . , .',1'i,; Suzur .. .. :..!*•'-. j :~?jT7sr; Mny. 77V-' a.«k*il. jntiiT'.fr ; ._J" ........ .'v.ii SusJf 5,' ... .;;%' i ;'.<iT»'. t r; r^-.-ijity. C-Tii". hn; cir-'.rt,«, iVes^ ..... 3:tilV-C. fe Jrca ..».., ii!i ioiiWtm vfttat by sample, 7-ifVsc; 'N. T.. C. A K :rr. t'f -..-.... N y.. c. A St. r, M t-r Norfr.wwr y-->. Are. C'> April, , i^ v > }.j w j,l hnn ^' : is ^r* 1 an.'.! cm «. ;,-rrl!.l..- BS..^!) j CH/tVPKLI/S' STXi'DlO. "ifiir, and rhi.s ^nue'i tnc [ Bronze mudn! awarded ni Nfltinnal con-! Ph:i: nn -Kf-.K wk-n TO i venilcm,. 3SS7:'dip! .rain siwir^cii at State! '"° ital anil-by th--- J'-'iifi •'•- K f >t.' convcnt'ooj 3S5S. ilrst pr«y:>iS«« awarded at i * jr^ .»o .'tvoaic from T)I<" loys of j Great O:»'City-fair, 1$3S. . | W*iS UHU^lc tO TV'^iiiw 1.X& i d"fcW-v-7-iZiQO ^* .lphi& Wall. Sunday* only ...... x.-w ' tl *" ti * vi "'' lv<>r J. R. wpon. ,.»ri. ' tv..iwne<rj- Affca- . JiUJCHCsSOS, Cac, JI»naj;er. Ko. 5. Vostitial«5 !lmlt*d, da.. No. 7,,Pitts'. * Cl'^rlar.rt Ei.. <5»lly... *;03 j» ns. No, n. Fast Ex.. dally «*. ItnndAy,.,. n:2T. a.m. No. .". Pacific Expnws. daily 2:<ap.m. No. 1. ChSfHRn & Cln. Ex.. do-ity S-J» Xo, 77. Way FraigM, daily rs. Pun<3ay &;M a.=u Tl K. •n-»ilare. <",. A. T". t>.. Cleveland. O. y. H. Gsrarl-l. D. T. A.. JamrFtowa. X. T. J. F. Vi ^ti;«i.1«U£ti Tici*t Ajfent, cm Citr.

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