The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1899 · Page 2
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The Oil City Derrick from Oil City, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Oil City, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1899
Page 2
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£j;ii!.c-Bf<l :a^:i}- IM*OP)C of QtJ. .' rt*ct that iht-t'v is jkj riiirr , furniture, Pttg>'staJ'<!iSl*r afS fUrnzstUruts i,< a Sifco iKiturt? to 3<i iu the* larsur ciites than va.u be risSit at Ufeiae.- tcwis? iiisixti a*, the. ih 1 Juraiiurir r£'.atiii,<h;nciu cu He- Jv a: Kvch, &; First" screr i, .south iiKl -i tti. 3'i, o'cJact l«,"!u. 'Saturday. t souvesiirs of. nn.- ^iasswarer \vcre trd *« tKp .,."tr<o.:iis. of l-icUs ->5i*£fi who viskvi.) Th<* exb!t.;:'!loii, tiv'S Orchtjstru, tcair.Viuni VIV -X-Ca- oar spifudui zuusk-ai srlHcUuus. The Soar spac* e>J the oirjwt ri«»s;' js ?£&) fs-t-t ssd that t-f th».iui,~illUJV rootn. rst rSoor, is MrtaC,"vriiii a. e«.Tr.c«?s i tv,Ur>g " I wlK" tearaswe J that say KMaty Cur* I 00 p*r £^st. ' o* all tansB oJ Sr.<i3«y j fu ' by TJ*e opt-ninsf of t«e HTW^ftsraiJure «stal>-> v<5 <Mi Saturday -S4£~»*, -^^ was O>^ of j ,r [ f.rrc, it is csH»;Bitsiiviel£ J>ut a short la com- Msi of «ria«-. re vUi AttSjyrs- . u wist to io,~ i i iJt'SYOX JLt »3 «TSj»!*t3. S3o. * vt»t Quid* to Heiltii ny cus- to h* display- "of gooUs that] lf» th«- spwaUir through i KesH*.cS an exteealve'iJ'isiilny of earswts tht> Hoy^! \V"ih<>:i Uawn to iBOn-JS' 1 O5 bu «5th*r booth s vx'crc hli.'--;si-ii anil i o'clock, a. in. Uy V«ry K John UusBft, a | now locattil. was de&troywd by'.£r*, .a&d i their srtc-vk >-eru up ia ssauke. PuriaK this I t'.nw that the; baiiSios vs* btiSK rebuilt f t!:c-y ocvtijjicd Quarters- u« Kits stitwt. ami | bav** lx?t:i g;illiFr;aif 1st..A J:Bc-aa<5 *att?a- | anisJrc aaateria! tas'TiSTCi 1 'tecs "broualit J to is* ci«y- »tt4 to estabSe their | sad tt> comri.-T.iN> ?>;e puiiiE thsl_ it_ is _n'ot •i-"V^i^stss^r "ty "SeiKT'Strr ~ur"Tutt'n"Tor" the S rtsrst furniture 5n thr ssariwt, th*y p!a:j- i aed th^ icriaai'• cjseatas of tie stor* <sn the • firm ^opened' and •"•'as da•within • ttoys a?t«rr they ha-l stfis their stt><-k >>ytf^ by iir«? j$ o'.'itieMitct; df-- f -^ > cii- *->•.: ^ijiu e-urrgy T£:it Ui'& t>r^tloE5in2t* t>f ptrvjsltf who Stttrtitir<2 t*lc Opfftt'iJJ T'rc^z thii'-o "^'iii ir» !^Xv izi'itii:,t^^t ti*.e ex^iitiitiC'ti wnuldt be tnie.cjf beauty •j.iU uirrii. as wcU ;»? K cr*c!it t=> the tows*. uncl visitors .were, in no \vav Sirs. E.xjiii lierkijly, .Salina, iths., ssys: "One of my grstrklehiidren had a severe case of Serof ula, which spread asd foraied sores all over iiei- body. K er ey ea were at tacted, and we feared she ivotiid iose Ke* sight.. Th* best phyRieians treated , her, but sh« prew worse, and her ease seenitrd hopeless. We then decided u> try Swill's Specific, Mid thai medicine at once liade a com- j»l?i*"*>urtj. She kas never iuii! s sigs) of ihedisestseioreturn." INVITATION. (Swift's .'Spscifit*)' is guaranteed i 'tvj«aW*, aad vFiHcure asj b*ood it tnstt-ers not how obsttnat-e or sesied the case. Valuabie books seat iffif by Swjft eciiti- Go,. Atlanta, Ga. i 'OR THE CAKTER OIJL o String of FJn«* Ferch^ron Horses From ilertx'r. To .the L&du-s of Qi! Ciiy mid I'schiiiy - ": ^--,.:,;." -.T. \Vc take i>-eaittrc ia calling your act-auoa! to Our Special Sale of. Persian and Turkish Rugs and Carpets, Bsgdsci Portieres, Cofistarainopie Hrn- broidcries. etc., at Extraordinary SacriSce Prices. A* our new goods are on the way here. \ve art iorced to sell tlic Mock oa hand at a great reduction in order to raise sufficient cash to meet our obligation?. Hencs it is"your, goad opportunity .10,buy ali ot your Rugs from-us and save ^ircrtn i-o tQ"3Q4>cr..oeni .-- '....--..'.•.. ...:...... .-. -••••• - - - - -----• DEMETRIUS E. NCUR S: CO., Native Direct Importers. The sale -will begin Honday, March 27, and continue until ^^•jSaturday evening, April !...••;. ; •/•••- . HTI ¥ ATTT1UT *3 es r . tiwistcad, firesser. ilresstasj p«ste—dtbis spriaqr at Jeast, At S o'r:oc-S i ar.-J co'-tatnetl table. : • ' • ' if l>n>scen; china, | trip.—TltUsviTJc Ht.tild. figure, in iiux o* a iittk beautl- ; AC.XSWS SCHOOL OF SHORTHAND. promises to ( rserit and jrteasur*, wui bt? pupils ot the Undertakers. ? OPEN DAY AND HIGH!. ' . ."PBOHES100 aid 84. Darrah & Co 239 Seneca St. ^rocnis was exiilfelwd many fine specimc-=s I The bcxi>- of Elmer E. Snyttsr. of SaltHd, • P**.^- <iowr. an aisle, oa oti«.sitid' of -wihlch ! II C C. C. taij tx> cuw. tiruKKlstji refuri isonsr. VeKii*-Ma.rUn tlats£iet3 chairs, ilecorat-1 * raemb«r or Cojapany E, Suctirenih regl-i. wa * :t - nr - c - mantels, in ai! c-J ihs laird i .'..'!"'" ^a-t tained! stiiK, TE: ind odd chairs, swi the remato<:er con^ t n taisefi a line assortment of couoises ;u:d S a -oil j>ai3tln,ffg. As-jtber portJor. con-'j^icat. *-;to <lis;<J a£ Chickatnaugit a^d wiw slrrora, eliSa^rs. Sfats. i tittrteil ir. thi K;itid:ii»l i :^;''ry. arrivt*4- "•n'ootis .and various-. styl«--s of toish i»v>u!ti ixi ii« liniament to the Sussi liorae r l:i Christendom. ..Oa.thc other side-of this sere arraTig^} T.KJO?: cases aKdchif- TJ. S, currency cpt-ra bonnet, a. iwelty. 0.1 The 'SnJUsburj-s: ••'''. 3-23-it t ;. The Jorc* c' oJtrfca ha-3 ti*<f.'i: IE- j takios rco^is of JuhtJ Osf.njd*r. Thfl b-.uiy ; ' Tis<? st>-=ts w^re aa iium~n.ius-.Jis £t?r lh« occasion, tat so ^reat v>-as! ^""-S ir * a- i:ernx«r;iir.«iiy sealed oiisf, unil j tii*-taste» of t«ij pixiple <ti a community the . crowd. «ip«c!allj- during the ea-riy part o* t.he afKraoon :rad <3'.ir:RK' ;b« ea- j tirt. v ev^nlns;, that it yrfia- <l»!S«ult to be fua«rrwi- [ a^« fario«», and. the 'eoU-vtloa was as I as -:-o-al<J IAV fciuid I'-sjiyKht-rt. Tte s^fond aist« contaiiwd fancy CITY PERSONALS. Hiss .fwsnda- - Ti. P. ed Oil 5tr. S. B. ErooSw a;:-J Os Kutii. Brook.*. <rf VsJ'.it! City, ar of ; tJj« '.--nwr's son. C. 5., Brooks, ; to. iftveatlgate -wtiat the r<ii!Rjf' IsiUest- iw- | 'tore -v.-ss as itti^mpt .Co. rob Uuv h«us«. ! About 3'> o'clock .they .Sjcard a slizfei 'nciKB one ot the w!n,d>:i-.vii, !nv>-st!jfatfrl. aarf ;r.«u a Ksatv ot !l5"8l .co.tcpicsica "ptering. :;tt> tbts.!. soosa. Theft- \vere tracks .atout i = irtr ^ 7r - K-.-p iinpcspJbl* tor have hatwlls^ _ witn anythins 5fto celerity or comfort"io' 'fjtaj. .iVfter passLfni; j«j. tits-West-at5«'.'thv' i-Jsitcr wt'Et ibrotifib the cffics to a. rooia ».t tax' rwsr. whfc!vr«preseTi;e<j 'a cctnrfpTr. thtj ^tScc. iisch TO. SS E 3-ATEST SPKJKtl NOVELTIES irlsji-1 thi* "hoast, 1>ut the police- — *?rs.' unai»ie t .(>;-»«!'6«l.i!ritli.« lianaisotne souvenir— 2 '•;• (Useovcr tlt« p»;rsojt Wfe'O 'iita*K» .tb?ci. . It ', s^PPW,- <ji-esjratfcd. i-R jrolti.. anii- «sic3 i'a.tttsanttty c-f vaJBablc jt'-w-^ir:.- ««s swlcn.. : This -a-as aflerRitTuj. rw<-vt*i-i--i -ia il^rccr i county fay Cftis-J <sr Poilce T!taU>i, r.nd t.'ic [ thieves are >nvw jreri'iftS ft sfCvVw:*; :«r f the crime, Tiw iart 't'bat-' ihs Jsm-Srs 1 . let i «tiil tn' ' ' " pjac* '.hat « •antei. c^ c^rvfid s»!c f eii a-xk, .with ! .'3s-of tilf. sr,d such Was'us tJcaiiij-i >:ry G«e of 'tie great. nUiSsSier 'who i 2£!HARyE¥;.; FRITZ, ffiairs and?. A XD OPTIC1AX. OIL C1TW upftoijstprcd. it» • :'.'•• , TAILORS; a Ser.eca Street. fOrihodontfa. Umbrellas. ,FOK \l r ET TVETA'fHSK. SPEC1.XI. VALUES lX{ . . .. .. urn resuismt _.. i par.Jtir snits. 'bnlij-t u#r.t:« 35 in,'Extra,Gloria. Steel JRofl, Cna-1 ..-sn'irrors. rugs and e*juch*s. bs!l i *•- handles at .. SII.K. STKSI. HOD AXn ; Oae snost aitraptiv-- co','«ttic hv-ji(i:'>!: '••- i -s-hk-h had t-*r. n-riifrcd In !cia «<w«<o« »t *£inJ«i HEISKELUS j^r.' BaJI wJ!! nsako that. tft-'raCKnris'ftt'onccp'iiicsd i " K! * :i> th SEAT BARGAIN SALE! MATTKR. i*ts;ht t-jrninr from MEISKELL'S I BJooc* Stiver Pi Hs I l!» J '»'«ni?" 3 * J " : *" iVtf by *li John Fleischmann, jr.-. S -\Vcst i-i-h 'St.. New York C'.tv. ! ih« widely known -jstjo^i-iJlMt. ha« c ', . m:vny ranes of ta!? kin'i nrni if you airing fr. this w:?y h>- ran core y<ji- SATORDAY MORNI V, r E \VILL DISPLAY OF THE LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE LINES QF BOYS' AN'D CHILDREN'S SUITS. to liitn at on/-? ii.t^i get hSs 'adv!c«;, We nuke our profit oa the VOLUME of onr trasiuess, nc£ ca loss n Giles & Logan, 501-505 East Second Street. Dealers in Slaple and Fancy Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions, Ladies' and ! Gents' Furnishings, Shoes, Rubbers, etc.. -etc, er ? s and Leslie's 'IV^Oil f ll 1 "XT" -^P"^ Number. For sale at FARRELL'S MIS SOOI, 'A- Hard. Winter Brings an Early ;Spring* Our progressive enterprising methods prompted us to pur- cha se a large assortment of Suits and Trouserings for Spring Tvea? at modest prices. '-T^r Spring I Leave your order novr for j j roar sprinir suit. We nave one aij/u:?,.,;;.-•.;•.•.:-.•';".•..,'; ; - -. , ....... :.^" ' --- •"- '•••-^.'.•'Chatelaines;" ;.' v : Hand Bags, and Leather Goods. """ M ' to "^"~ ! "IUFHffl & SOI' jin tliis city: Ciall and; see for jroiirself. Pleasure to show icoods.• '••.•• •'•';.' : OH City. Syrup...—.,,, Me SKil. Syrup... —,-......—50c u ga.L {H^ir.sV Anplv Ituiter..... ..." Ib jar 25c Kirsh Etrss a.n-3 BuUer. W V M. FIRST'S «rs^t. - '- . 'PhoiMssjs. S.—Salted Peanuts, I2c )b oa Satur- A waiting yonr early inspection. QTTlpRTOfi 4 UliJi/Uiv^JJUU» '• THETAILOS. 109 Centre St, - Oil City, Pa. correctioa of irrefrutoritics of the .teeth' Ija a branch of tSenUstry , We use: no clus-.jiy plates or in our work. Our appliances are a!" eimpie nnd n«at— are not tin— ind can be -worn in pnDllc •without iiica7i---i«nicnce or crnbixr- X\"e gtsaranite results. Drs. Hoffman•& Reidy, SYCAMORE and SV; CKN iv l x kEi STS. Sxiiminatltm Tree. Open Eveninstu New line of Bv*ty lh « Dff iijto-close business'-before April j4- Picte Fraffi8 Mouldings •*• " jisi iit the Simmons Co. Store/!Late styles in Grey and Black. ; Opposite Arlington Hotg. J ,. FINN ECY & GRIHM, 102 State St. JEWELERS, So. Oil City. tailor, of South Oil CKy, Hia prtciia are lowtr (or suits made ti> order lhan acy <>tht»r firm In the o::j-. DR. AUGUST MOR Merck's Pa,t«nt. IJSNSES FOR THE EYES. EXCSL"SrVEL,T OKTICAI* Katloac.1 Back BoiliUnir. Ott City, Pm. C A. Laniev, ...-..• *r Tuning and Repairing. orders ifi or E. A. Murdocb & "Veaclx. 4- Co John P. Roaa Wagons. BlacksmltlUPgr ana Firio Hors««ho»!ne a upeciaJty. Ea^t ITirs; srrnftt. next door to «'s livery- 11-16-lyr IJOST LIKE-FIHDIH6 MOHEY-BnjiBtf Boys' CIotBng Here | ° . • Those who CGinc Jicrc first buy here: those who have been looking: around M£*£ '^^r^^Jr5 atl !s.t nW p:^ ci ^ i 5 ? ol '? r f%° r - cs and thcn cc ^ c ^ erc ba ^ hcrc to °- ls "" t ^ crc a ^° rai ;n *h» tr-<!ir ««L(:of.-'*i«i tht-i- w;i; <j 5 sse:f«i. -ph.ina ' l " st should interest yctt. Pt'Cv;o«s years' assortment entirelv eclipsed by our ™_l£!l.r±!5_2!J:!ZlJi__ _ _ Present stock. The latest and newest patterns and' save at -least 20 per cent BODAMER .& COZAD, or :,•>- \vr.:i» star '_-tuiisry. hs« on ii» «»ff • M. W. Weary, j i 'First-c-laas pr.:.iur:s Irosj fi:-3'.»c!ass rna- j tcflal. Ail klr.iis Gl work, in wood or iron. i promptly done, Na. 3 East Second street. j South O5I CHr, 3>a- early hr>i:r at. .hi* hots.?. Jn Brns- j . uiirlnu the Kt»!>ch?s Tewr'^r pt-! he cnticht i coKl from which h?! rpcov*r«J. Ifc Vrns Iwifn in Nrw \ ' Cit.<t!<> GT'vwirn s^o. i«.ri,'j wh^n .ji^ «ar i th« rebellion brols-; out h !R pa!»u>tly. .At td* ct>n<:1 •ar h< in KiinyaT'. Suits M OnJ-r at I^wwt ~. -A. DIUXXMAN, MERCHANT T/.TI.OB. ps'iHS Strw:, Oil Cltr. fa. CteaniRS and R-s»!rir.g. Prio-*. BOTS' HAX0SO.MK COXFIEMA- T1OX S';;.rTS, m.idc- of pure wool i Clay n-ortitpfl. gTjnranfffetl fast colors. j blue an«'t 'black, elcgrtitly tniloreii. In j hi-iRht or toiihton. -with »U'» 'acinp. ! Special Ulster Mttia price , $3.99 j O, H. HiTTERHAN, rle* a tuil lift'? c* Confcctior.aTi?s, tha brands of To}isrco and <.:;gar.* In i BOTS' NEWEST FANCY WORSTED i SUITS, made of pure tvoc! of the j latf-lt Vpncy designs In Double- i breasted. Special Ejifltcr sale pripe..J2.' CHIUSREX'S VSSTEB SUITS, handsomer vestec styles than ever: the ATTOC naTOn hut quite different, cut nnri trlinrnicic: sizes 3 to ~. Siteciai Easter pale price .,„..., .S1.S3 CHTLPREK'S V K 5 T^Ts AND BLOUSE SUrrS. lip-ht nrdark colors, fancy brnJdlngs or. colors. Special Knsier sale price , $1.95 cntcrod thr; rsewsi>ap*?r work ! po •riming lai^r to P^nr-.syivania.. i tftc city.- Kn<j of Pexroieum bridge. South n worked at vftriot)^ ttm^s Ir: X^-A- i O;i Cit". Knrns CUy.. BradfcrJ. Plttsburs.' i P nc * v <J«» n,(! Kar,s=-i Cltj\ Hfs Iftst po<-i- a vitn the Oil C!:y T>c.rrlch. lie ca^udn's eorr.ffitsstor: in Senator r»-ffiment ir> !h« civli v*r, A wife blue and black Cheviots and Clays, three pjec<* s-uits. at 54.50. ' txvr> piece ali-woo! Scree Suit*, ^e's! lined ami trimmed, at 54.00. ;?!,'i>-s aitjj wrify- Worsteds. panis. *iitc faced serges. $7.50 rfn's three piece 5s;ts :n endless varieties as low as $2.00. three fh'.ldrr.r.. . K. J. Grl^;b a VfiUiani /1 Mr«. C. SPECIAL FOR SATD8DAY AHO MONDAY. pant^ in black and blue Chtvf.o's, extra good quality, regular 750 articic for /,?c. Beys' n!;-v;oo! kircc Mr.". John Kflf<3, of K!Jppcr>' R<K-k, •«.«<! i Mrs. Ltivlnn Olll, of Lyndon. MTs., stirvivc. } Thr fiin'-rstt K^rvlcfs xv<rrc T;«'.Id at his latft'i Jtowi Sundaj' morrjlnR hy Posr. Xo. 3. i G. A. K., and the interment took piacn in.; i Bradtiock. •TOHN. S5. *-XAN"DKR MSLS romo(i."!pii hr^ shop ajiJ !ncr''a force of tori«oria.I artist*. He is mt nlnir flvc obelr.-*:, Hral-U«iSt work ^ntecd. ^Quick, scrt-lc-i. 2?0 5ycwmo JO !N* COCHRAN. T'HC LBAUINC HORSE SHOER. (1 his i run- i iuYS" SCHOOL SUITS, AIA, %VOOL, PAXTS. doi.-hle seat nnd double knee. Special .Eiistcr sale price J1.9S BOTS- L.OXG PAKTff SUITS, Younsr Men's Suits. Si-'I** C'j fancy de?igT}s j or titaio matcrJaif. KlriE'e or doubls- | breartcc) st J-S.73 YOUXG'MSN'SDKKSS SUITS. uiacJc ' or blue S«TEO.- single cr double- Vtr^astesJ. with or without silk facing 1 . { at J7.4B anTiunl ~L B 'Seneca.'Strce: Oil Gty, Pa. I hclri SHturd»r, A5«'Si j Cut flowci-.H. potirS A i' candies, -white n-nii •/ ! lonvw, roll?, d<r-UR r s,-i!<; of Gomlwlil frlan ch«rsft. will t><! ' s«t, from i to 8 p. ro. * plant*, botnfj-ir.nde ] brown bread, moat ; inTits, pies. frak<rs, • ca< . 3-I7-Gt j Agnew's School; Shorthand. Room No. 22, First Nat'.or.a.i Ba.nk Block, OIL CITY. PA. - : ' 3-JO-eod-tf

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