The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas on February 12, 1948 · Page 9
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The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas · Page 9

Mexia, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 9
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PHIL KARNER GENERAL INSURANCE Deep In the Heart' of Texas By Sassfrass Sam Antidote For Old Age Old age is a mental condition and the length of time a person has been on earth has very little to do with it. Have you ever, and "I know you have if you have lived long enough, seen a person ,/begin to age in his or her forties or fifties and finally fade away and die prematurely, far short of the three score and ten allotted ''them by their Maker? Of course not every one can attain this three score and ten, there are so many pitfalls and hazards along the pathway of many diseases and either contacted or inherited to Weekly Herald A FARM NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF AGRICULTURE FOR THE RICH BI-SYONE EMPIRE VOLUME L MEXIA. LIMESTONE COUNTY. TI i£AS. THURSDAY, FEB. 12. 194£ NUMBER 7 Mexia C. of C. Voices Opposition Plan for Employment Service The Mexia Chamber of Commerce, in their regular monthly meeting, Tuesday adopted a resolution voicing opposition to re- life, so ! organization plan submitted to maladies | Congress by President Truman - -erited to I last month. This Presidential Re- shorten the days, cut the span j organization Plan Number 1 of of life, still, barring these men- "tioned exceptions an ordinary average healthy persons should live and thrive on and on and very nearly approach if not exceed this promised goal of age. In these modern times, too many people live, we might say, artificially in close confinement with insufficient exercise and with other unnatural handicaps and under these conditions their food is not properly assimilated and digested, they develop high blood pressure caused by the .Jieart working overtime to throw off the poison caused by overeating with insufficient exercise and other chronic conditions some- Aimes develop all because of this -yimnatural mode of living. And the body is not the only Ahing that needs exercise. The mind is even more important and if it is neglected, old age is sure to creep on. So the proper form of exercise is the kind in which both the mind and body co-operate and work together in unison. Sometimes a person becomes old, wears his or her body out from too much manual labor but more often they rust out from inactivity. Your strong right arm was given you to use, with which to earn your daily bread by the sweat of your brow, if you do not . use it, can you wonder why it Shrinks and withers and finally perishes away? Exactly the same . yith all your other organs including your chief organ, the mind. So stay young, friends by staying busy. This does not mean just pitch in and try to make up for lost time and work yourself to death but set your work program ahead so you will always have something on the sheet yet to do, don't ever let this work sheet become checked up, add more to it daily so you will always have something ahead to do, something to look forward to fiat must be done for one of the truest adages of all is, "Idleness Is the devil's work shop." Did you ever lapse into idleness and become blue, the whole world begin to look gloomy and uninteresting? That's old age creeping up on you, get up immediately and get busy at some- Miing, work up a sweat if possible at something that needs to be done and at Jthe same time start your mind to thinking, don't let the cob-webs of time start form- V > B in this most wonderful gift of life, your own human mind! ADIOS. ^ . , Your Friend Sassfrass Sam of Texas Lost Rites Tuesdoy For Former Resident Last rites for C. R. McGee, of Odessa, were held at the Mexia City Cemetery Tuesday afternoon Avith the local I.O.O.F. Lodge in charge. Corley Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. . McGee lived in Mexia from 1920 to 1930. He worked with the Humphrey Oil Company. In 1930 hS moved to Kilgore, and recently moved to Odessa, where he died Saturday after a short illi Fbneral services- were held in Odessa on Monday with the I.O.O.F. Lodge in charge. Survivors include one daughter, Mrs j W. Room of Mesquite: three sonsj Walter McGee of Kilgore E. H. McGee of Odessa, and H H McGee of Rothbury, Mich. Negro Children Die —S~ ^^m <m •*. f . 1 • 1948 proposed to transfer the U S. Employment Service and thp Bureau of Employment Security to the Department of Labor. In the discussion, it was pointed out that these two services were at present under the jurisdiction of the Federal Security Agency which is a neutral board, unbiased to organized labor or the capitalist interests. Under the president's proposal, these two agencies, with their $8 billion bank account of Scoial Security and Unemployement Compensation funds, would be placed under the Department of Labor where it was felt they would receive pro-labor treatment. It was mentioned that this plan would become law in 60 days unless it was defeated in both Houses within that time. The Secretary-Manager was instructed to send copies of the resolution adopted at today's meeting to the Texas congressmen and to the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. It was announced that a part of the activities of the Retail Merchants Association, dealing with the control of soliciting of funds, itinerant peddlers and salesmen, etc. would be handled by the Trade Development Department of the Chamber of Commerce. The Retail'Merchants Committee of the Chamber will meet in the near future to formulate definite plans. Vice-President C. E. Reed presided at the meeting in the absence of President C. L. Clark, -o Military Funeral Here Saturday for Samuel Oscar Nowlin Samuel Oscar Nowlin, who was killed in an automobile accident in California on January 26, was born in Mexia April 11, 1880, the j son of D. T. and Carrie McFall ' Nowlin, a pioneer family of Mexia. He spent his boyhood and young manhood in Mexia. In 1893 In Mexia Fire Mother Saves Two from Blazing Structure As Midnight Fire Burns Home to Ground Tragedy struck at the home of Clinton and Ruby Wright, Mexia Negroes, a short while after midnight Sunday when fire destroyed their home at 508 North Echols. Street, and snuffed out the lives of three of their children. Two children were saved. Two boys, Carl Frazier Wright, age 5; Wilbur D. Wright, age 6, and one girl, Portia Wright, age 3, lost their lives. Clinton and his wife were sleeping in the southwest room of their four room frame house when the mother was awakened by the screaming'/ ' of Gloria, a 10-year-old daugh- it j r^tH/tmifftt^nArt ter. Ruby found the interior ((030 tOmmiSSIOnClS completely in flames. She .. .. .. , . .. , dashed into the northwest \\Q\rt MOnthlY 1^661 room where her three daugh- • - - •• - mi _ • A I I In Groesbeck ters had been sleeping. mother carried Gloria Clinetta Ann, 2, out of The and the house to safety and rushed back to try to rescue the others. She reached Portia, 3 years old, but the young girl escaped her grasp and Ruby was forced to leave the house due to the intense heat and smoke. Mrs. Wright received face and arm burns. ie volunteered for service with the 33rd U. S. Infantry. He was sent overseas for service in the Philippine Islands where he served two years, returning in 1900. He engaged in business in Arkansas, Oregon and lately in California where he retired. His fatal accident occurred near his home at Eureka, California. His wife and daughter received minor injuries in the accident. Oscar, as he was known to his many friends and relatives, is survived by his wife, Mrs. Anna Mae Nowlin and daughter, Miss Aimee Nowlin, both of Eureka; two brothers and one sister, R. L. Nowlin of Cleveland, Oklahoma, T. G. Nowlin of Dallas and Mrs. Charles Mahoney of Palmdale, California. He was a member of the Spanish-American War Veterans and Monday morning upon hearing of the disaster that struck the Wright family, two Mexia citizens sent checks to the Mexia News office to help rebuild their home. The checks were for $50 each and were given by Mayor J. Sanford Smith and Blake Smith. Jr. The News office will accept any other donations for this cause and will forward money to Clinton and Ruby Wright. If you would care to help them in iheir lime of tragedy you may either send or bring your contributions to the Mexia News office. Make checks payable to Clint Wright Fund. In the confusion Clinton was awakened, and he escaped from the burning home. The flames blocked him when he tried to return and find the other children. The two boys who died in the flaming structure were sleeping in the east room of the house. Fire Chief Mansell said that it was believed that the fire was started by the shorting of wires to a baby chick brooder that was in the boys' room. Mansell said that the Mexia Fire Department was called at 12:38, and that the house was completely in flames when the department reached the scene. Both house and contents were declared a total loss. It was reported that $700 insurance was carried on the home and $300 on the contents. Kidd, County Clerk, Mack Jones, County Engineer and the four road commissioners, Elmore Woods, Precinct 1; R. M. Gorman, Precinct 2; R. G. Jones, Precinct 3, and E. V. Prather, Precinct 4, met Monday morning at their regular monthly Commissioners meeting. The group met in the county courtroom in Groesbeck at 10:00 a. m. The Commissioners voted unanimously on all subjects brought before them by the County Engineer. They passed an order to pay all bills and current expenses of the county for the month of January. They also voted to pay for a motor grader which was recently received by the county. The cost of the grader amounted to $9,711.41. They also agreed to pay for Model 12 Caterpillar immedi- Night Future Farmers Visit Houston Fat Stock Show Last Saturday Sam Sowers, vocational agriculture instructor at Mexia High School, accompanied by eighteen Future Farmers and Jimmie Eller, boarded a high school bus and headed out for the Houston Fat Stock Show. They found the sun shining in the South Texas city, and a full day was enjoyed by the group at the exposition. • Many of the Mexia boys went to the rodeo and many pictures were taken by the group for Jhe high school annual. They left Houston at 6:00 p. m. for the return trip to Mexia and stopped at Hemstead for supper. They arrived back here-at 11:30 Saturday night. 350 off 245 off 115 off 25 off even 35 on 35 on 135 on Pnct 28.15 2920 30.50 31.40 31.65 32.00 32.50 33.00 ' blocKS, inio a wasji-pji en. <.»«; i>.cii ««. on the corner of Railroad and Palestine streets last Wednesday afternoon. Instead of straddling the pit, which was covered with a layer of two by fours, Edwards backed over the top of the pit and the boards wouldn't hold the heavy weight. The cement blocks were being brought to the scene to build the new bus station. The truck was not seriously damaged. ately upon its arrival. The Engineer read his work (Pholo by BATY) Lost Rites Friday At New Hope Church For Mrs. Kennedy Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock from "the New Hope Church for Mrs. Arnie Kennedy, died at her home in plans for the county for February and the group agreed to adopt the plan. The Commissioners authorized the Engineer to purchase 1000 yards of gravel for making concrete pipes for road repairing. The cost of the gravel could not exceed ten cents per yard. The Engineer was also authorized to employ extra workers for the road repairing for this month. The wages of the workers could not exceed S4.00 per day. The Commissioners authorized the Engineer to purchase some land from Sam Tanner of Kosse for the Kosse to Marlin highway. The cost of the land could not exceed $50.00 per acre. The Commissioners authorized Henry Jackson, County Tax Assessor-Collector, to employ Byrd Clonts, Martha Merritt and Algie Roundtree as deputies in his office at a salary not exceeding $125.00 per month. The next Commissioners meeting will be the second Monday in March unless a special meeting is called. City Commission Reviews '47 Funds, Civic Improvements The City Commission meeting in regular session on February 5th., heard a report from the City Manager that all Fund Accounts of the City of Mexia had substantial cash balances and that the operation, maintenance, new construction and purchase of new equipment for the City of Mexia had been paid out of the General Fund without the need for any borrowing or issuance of city script, notes or bonds. A detailed report is now being prepared for publication. Over 350 Young People ai Wortham Methodist Meeting Over three hundred and fifty young people gathered at the Methodist Church in Wortham for the Corsicana District meeting of the Methodist Youth Fellowship organization, Monday evening. Speakers for the occasion were Miss Arliss Shell of Corsicana, granddaughter of Mayor and Mrs. J. Sandford Smith, Mexia; Miss Louise Gorman, Wortham, and the Rev. Finis Crutchfield district superintendent. Miss Dorothy Flowers of Tehuacana, president of the southern zone of the organization presided at the meeting. Misses Shell and Gorman, representatives of the recent Cleveland conference, spoke on that meeting, and Mr. Crutchfield's C. W. Mitchell Gives Talk at Lions Club Tuesday The members of the Lions Club at their regular weekly luncheon were given an interesting and educational address by Lion C. W Mitchell, who was introduced by the Program Chairman Billy Walker. subject was "Me — Who Am I, •<•• i u- * it oc i Where Am I, and Where Am I Mitchell classified his talk as Going? ,, Following the program the M. Markets COTTON * * • Dallas market as reported to the Agricultural Marketing Service for basic middling lots on brokers' tables and F. O. B. Dallas trade territory, flat; basis calculated on closing of 31.65 on March contacts, New York: Middling Siapl* 13/16 7/8 29/32 15/16 31/32 1 inch 1 1/32 1 1/16 Strict middling 5 to 30 higher. Strict low middling ICO to, 125 lower. LIVESTOCK FORT WORTH, Tek., Feb. 11 (UP) — <USDA) — Livestock: Cattle 1800. Slow, unevenly lower, around $1 to>mostly $2 or more under last week's -close. Medium and good slaughter steers and yearlings 19-24, few good and choice 24^26. Common yearlings 15-18. Good cows 1822, common and medium 15-17, canners and cutters 11-15, some shelly canners downward from 11. Sausage bulls mostly 14-22. Stocker supply light, demand dull. Calves 800. WeaX to unevenly lower, around ,$1-2 and more off for the three days. Good and choice slaughter calves 21-25, common and medium 16-20, culls 13-15.50. Few stocker calves.18-24. Hogs 1100. Slow, mostly steady with Tuesday's average, top 21 for good and choice 200-270 IDS., 280-350 Ibs. 20-21. 160-180 IDS. 1820.50. Medium light hogs around $1-2 under best kinds. Sows 15-16. Stocker pigs 10-15. Sheep 1600. Mostly steady,.medium and good wooled slaughter lambs 19-22.50. Shorn lambs scarce. Few medium and good yearlings 16-18. Cull to good slaughter ewes 8-12. Stackers' scarce. 'These Unnoticed Changes." He pointed out that he, in his lifetime, has seen more changes in the world than had been seen in any five thousand years prior to his lifetime. He gave as an ex- I ample the fact that in 1900 when It was pointed out that such njs f at h e r and mother were mar- large items as four miles of asphalt topping of rock streets, purchase of new diesel tractor, new pump motor equipment for Iley Wells Station, auditorium stage equipment, service cars and trucks and culverts, rock and asphalt all totaling more than $30,000.00 were made on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. Tax collections show increase. ried his father carried his bride to their home in a buggy. Mitchell said that method of transportation was very little different from the transportation used in the time of Moses except that the buggy had four wheels and Y. F. of the Wortham Methodist Church served refreshments to the large group of young people. An hour of recreation was enjoyed. All towns in this section were represented at the gathering, and Wortham retained the loving cup, which this group has held for several meetings, for having the largest attendance. Kyle Vick Seeks Re-Election; Sellers To Enter Race According to a letter received springs. The speaker said that when he was a small boy he v/atched his father cut ten acres of oats with a scythe. He pointed 'out that the only difference in re ^7 it "was learned that Kyle The city of Mexia percentage of, this scythe and the ones usea j ^.^ ^ be g candidatc for re . current tax collections for i947 ( thousands of years a£°^™ ™* 1 | e i cction to the Senate from the 13th District which is composed of Limestone, Falls, Milam, Freestone and McLennan counties. Sam C. Sellers of Waco will also Veterans of Foreign War* ^ednSday nigh^after a few days Cavtnrpc wprp neiu at >- llt; • J - ___ _, „ „ Services were Pallbearers were ton • Clyde McFall, Oscar Man- i- I nin'g, Monroe Hitt, F. E. Groover 1 and Dudley Ross. A military fitn- eral was conducted at the graveside by Co. B of the 143rd Infantry and- the Lancaster Post Webb Announces For Co. Treasurer To my friends 01 Limestone County I am a candidate this year for County Treasurer. I will see as many voters as possible ciespite my physical handicap. If elected I will do my very best to the office in courtesy and effi- has been 1% more than for 1946. The City Tax Rate for 1947 being S1.65 against S1.70 for 1946 and $1.75 for 1945. City election ordered. the blade was longer and the handle a little different. In his speech Mitchell asked i what has brought about all these changes. He said the changes Wily t:lcH,i<_m (jj «-*»-» *-•-*• i i_nu»*£,>_". u J The City Commission by or- j were made because people had dinance ordered the Annual Muni-i learned to use their brains or ...... cioal Election to be held April ! rat her had learned that manage- tative from the 6th 1148 at which time two (2) ! ment means a great deal in every --•' M - T -' City Commissioners are to be i day life. At one time, said Mitchell elected to serve the ensuing two ; economists thought that land plus vears at an annual salary of Sl.OO. labor plus capital equalled wealth The terms of Mayor J. Sandford j but at the same time two persons Smith and Commissioner C. W. j would go into the same sort of Kennon expire in April, 1948. The i business with these qualifications other thrr-n members of the City and one of the businesses would Commission are S. N. Forrest, T. , fail. It was finally decided by the G Hamilton and E. B. Mosley, ] economists, added Mitchell, that enter the race for the Senate post. Sellers is now serving his second term as Flotorial Representative from the 96th District comprising McLennan, Falls and Bell Counties. GRAINS FORT WORTH, Tex., Feb. 11 —(UP)—(USDA)—Grain: Estimated grain receipts at Ft. Worth Wednesday included .14 cars wheat, 1 corn, 2 oats, 4 sor- ;hum grains and 14 cars of hay. According to U. S. Department of Agriculture's Production and Marketing Administration, prices tumbled again. Wheat ranged 8 to 17 cents over the Chicago May close on an exchange and option basis. Chicago May closed at $2.37 . Corn stood at $2.47% to $2.49V4 for No. 2 white, and $2.24 Vi to $2.27%, for Ijio. 2 yellowi ; No; 2 barley sold Jtf $1.84 to $1.86. Sorghums realized $3.05 to $3.15 per hundred pounds for No. 2 yellow milo. Fort Worth prices No. 2 white oats at $1.22V« to $1.24'/4 per bushel, and Galveston $1.25 to 1.27. Q 0 Wage Offer Accepted KANSAS CITY. Mo., Feb. 7 (UP)—A second wage offer to its employes by the Southwestern Greyhound Bus Lines was accepted last night by the workers, T. R. McOoverh, secretary-treasurer of the Greyhound Workers Union, announced here today. Radio Advertised! ciency. charge of the „ Mrs. Kennedy is survived by her husband, N. B. Kennedy of Corsicana and one son. Cata Ken. f i.i___ T 'P nedv of Dome, her father, i. i. Thomas of Donie and two brothers, Marion Poney Webb (Paid Political Adv.) Man Wanted by Weatherford Police Arrested in Mexia -According to Chief of Police A. Labor Vacancy in Mexia Post Office The Civil Service Commission has announced examinations for filling vacancies as Laborer in the sisters. Mrs. Fannie Wilson, Kil- Services Held Friday for Rufus Tolson of Groesbeck GROESBECK, Feb. 6—Funeral | gore Mrs. Lydia Foley. Pasa- . for Rufus Tolson, 29, ! dena. and Mrs. Tennia Thompson j from a heart of New Hope. One grandchild also j morning at the ...1". nvn no \j_*a5 Services Wednesday For Dr. Neal Dugald services were held here Friday j £ u j e o f whose terms of office April. 1949. expire ! management had to come into the i picture. If two businesses had all pi li. la-ia. i"' -• — The City Commission had its the qualifications plus mana b e- first reading of a proposed Or- ment then they would both be dinance establishing a plumb- I successful businesses, ing and sewer code in compliance with the State law passed by the 50th Legislature. Gill( , spic was int ro- the Lion - s as the Lion's Sweetheart of the Month. Guests of the club were Dr. W. C. Finch of Southwestern University at Georgetown and John Moss of the Mexia Daily News. survives. Funeral services were held theatre, | at the First Presbyterian Church Tolson i in Marlin at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday For Dr. BISMA-REX For prompt, prolonged nM horn rh. cfetrM of Kid 4U or. tiz* 59 Last Rites in Eddy For Sister of i! i Lower Enrollments to take tne exammai.iu«i o H1 ~i •.»*•"»• cants must actually reside within | n TCXOS Colleges "' B. McKenzie W. of Mexia, who was Weatherford. Texas, D. White wanted in on .felony here local police. He and slate i bL'iiuui- WnilG — -- - - j • school he was given the Amen-; .--_ _ i can Legion Award. He is sur the delivery of the Mexia Post s anfl col]eges .! vived by his father, Roy Tol-ance 190, Office or be bona fide pa irons Texaa «£»«£J« * duf the , son ^d one sister who thereof. The entrance salary i_s Jammed ^apaC^ .^ ^ ^ , ; _ „_ Sprvices were turning war veterans, are begin- t .-e DL'sUui:. ning to register a slight decline ,1 Se-vice Kegwn. in enrollment, a United Prts* ;~Dallas, Texas. .Survey showed tms wee*. has lived "! EDDY. Tex., Feb. 6 (UP)— Marlin ; Funeral services v/ere held i in Eddy for Mrs. Arizona Ck-m- 79, sis Connally. D., Texas. Kgndrick&H

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