The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on November 9, 1964 · Page 19
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 19

Dover, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1964
Page 19
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o/ *«M(M »<ll rfettd f04ll4Ml* tt' rvkl you ever look up at a AS ckMd and think: that clotid in shaped like an animal or a mountain, or a snake? of course you knew it was just an accidental arrangement of the clotid. Constellations are somewhat the same. On a clear night you see thousands of stars in the sky. ! And here and there are groups of stars that seem to form special shapes. Such a group or shape is called a constellation. The shape or arrangement is accidental, and it is really only in our minds that it exists as an animal or object. For thousands of years people all over the world have looked at these groups of stars, find they named each group or constellation for the thing it looked like. Thus we have constellations named for animals, mythical heroes, and even a harp, two dippers, a chair, a water jar, and a crown! The names of the constellations In use today have come down from the times of the Romans and from the even more ancient Greeks. What the Greeks knew about the .stars came partly from the Babylonians, who lived near the Euphrates River in western Asia. The Babylonians named some of their star figures after an- of imagination* Forty * eight constellations were listed by the Gwek astronomers, alia „ more have been named since their time. It would be interesting to get a "map" of the sky showing the constellations and see if you can find some of the more famous ones such as: The Great Bear, the Little Bear, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, Orion, the Dragon, and Cassiopeia. Remember however, that we see different constellations in the sky in the summer and in winter. 1. FUN TIME The Riddle Bex What are the most mon causes of forest fires? How can you make a pair o pants last? 3. How do you make a slow horse fast? Answers 1. Men, women, and children 2. Make the coat and vest first 3. Stop feeding him. THE TRICK BOX Imals kings, and others queens, and after the heroes of their myths. Later, the Greeks changed many of these Babylonian names to the names of their own heroes. That's why we have constellations named after Hercules, Orion, and Perseus. The Romans made further changes. We still use the ancient names today. But the truth is that it in't always easy to make out the figures in the sky that the stars are supposed to form. You have to use quite a bit Arrange 12 matches as shown in the first picture, your friends that "I will take one away, and one will remain on the table." The take match No. 1 away. Then drop No. 2 to a diagonal position, and horizontal change No. 3 position. You taken one match o-n-e remains! insert italic Win the Britanniea World Atltu yt Yearbook of events. Send your • iddla or lake* to: Riddles, Jokei "Tell Me Why" care of thit newt- paper. Today's winner It: . Gerard Schrembs, 11, Buffalo, N. Y. (Copyright Arkady 1H4) Hints From Heloise Nylon Net Is Versatile By Heloise Cruse Dear Gals: Stop, look, and listen. It's nylon net again. Miss Ann Love sent me the most IrcauUful nylon net tablecloth she made from yards of net. (Good net; she watches her bargains and picked the best bolt on the table.) She makes the cloths for practically nothing. Figure 2% yards of net costs you less than a dollar. Plus the fact this net in 72 Inches wide — a real bar gain. She bought some lace to edge It with. If you make a cloth 2% yards long, it will take 9 yards of lace to go around the edge of the cloth. Do not hem the edge of the net before sewing on the lace. Just machine Hitch the lace on the edge. But, Miss Ann was She bought Inexpensive _ lace at her local store. This Way when she washes the cloth nothing has to be ironed!. Being the smartie pie she is, the also bought some wide lace "with pretty little medallions in it. She took her scissors and cut these flowers out and hand stitched them on all 4 corners and stitched a few in the middle of the cloth. This was not xpensive. Check and compare our prices, gals. It only akes about a half yard of the vide lace Pick some with pretty designs that are easy to cut out. Miss Ann says, "If you use white net, it is very attractive over a pastel table sheet. Red or green net is very festive for the Christmas holidays, bronze over Thanksgiving, pure white for a bridal party, etc. And this cloth is lovely when used on a bare, highly polished table. "You can also make Individ ual place mats of the net am trim them the same the tablecloth." Most of us can't afford table cloths for every special occa sion, and the net is so inexpen sive we can have a larger va riety of colors suitable for the season or the event. What a fabulous idea for wedding gifts, etc. Imagine get ting a set of beautiful place mats? Oh, Miss Ann, we dearly love you for showing us the way- No wonder your name is Love It surely fits! Heloise I I oi^ffilKI, ssiCAstsHssW3C& CUsssBa^ JSSSmws OR. K1LDARE WHO KXI CW.L!N'fRI6NDf I'M NO FRIEND JUM WUMBO-JUM80 J & yOUK(9, /WAN. YOU'RE LI.K6 THE/A PATIENT BINT tntt-WMT eeucve THAT 5K/ HEALER CANNOT OMB H» A60NI2)H6 KNIPE TME,' STOP HORSlN AROUND- SK/--ANO GET ME CURB?/ FLASH GORDON COME ON, PALE/SHE'LL BE WAITING FOR US AT . THE FIRST TRAIL MARKER.' UXX AT JOANN GO! SHE'S THROUGH THE! .... SIAIOM GATES BEFORE, WE HAVE OUR BINDINGS ON/ FASY.' THIS is THE mtsr I'VE SKIED OM MARTIAN SANP, you KNOW/ TERRY AND THE PIRATES George Wndei LISTEN TO THATS .THAT THIS TIME HE'S THE PREY/ JFTOT,JKOFF.'CAN'T HAYETH&VA6UEST EVERyONE APCWB? PLEASE. WE WILL ARRIVE AT MY SHOOTWS IOWE IN APOUT THREE MOOR5. TK5ER5 PRONTO SPORT EH, BANfiALOREJ He, 1AM MORE USCf TO HUNTING- WEALTHY MPIAN<9«UE$T9 AWORT WHERE H9CHARTEREP HI AND LOIS GEE, DAD SURE FALLS ASLEEP FAST/ CAM YOU CHIN VpURSELP FIFTV TIMES WITH ONE HAND? I SAW HIM CHIN HIMSELF FIFTV TIMES WITH ONE HAND/ HEV, DAD, GUESS WHAT I SAW OUR GYM TEACHER OTODAV,' By Cheittr (xmM DICK TRACY THE PICTURES GREAT BUTVOUR NEWS IS SHOCKING. ••OOMUJf AWAY APPKARTHAT VOU MIAM TMBRTS NO CONNBCT1ON BETWEEN TUB WRKMED PLANE? Mort Walter 1EETLE iAJUY I UKMOOKE0 Ttfe PARACMUT*, THtV CAB60 DROPPING OUR JiiP AMP fiUPPLIBfi ORPfTAN ANNIE ly Hani* Cray *RQM WHAT WE HEARD THAT OLD DRAGON PORTIA 8AVW' TO CBCWC. I BET €Wf8 TURNED W GANG COO6E • THE I PUBUC *"" 7HE'S FRQN\THE ALTHOUGH SOU CXXUEGE QF JUSTICE WIIU 9.000-YIAR* OLD MUMMY TO KTMO OMft COURSE NOW/.' e^WHK Vi» If. lit Diif tefifto, Otttr. Oite Your Horoscopa ly Fronc«t Orok« ou born tomorrow are a combination of mental agility and physical prowess. You are adept at coordinating your efforts with those of others for forceful, effective results. You like interesting activities and people; prefer a life with full meaning and high goals; and strenuous endeavor is your least worry. Be careful not to overtax yourself, however, or misjudge the amount of effort involved in your activities. Once aware of your great potentials, you can cover a tremendous amount of ground and produce amazing results. '^^ Birthdate of:' Winston Churchill, American novelist; Oliver Goldsmith, writer; William Hogarth, painter, satirist. Look In the section in Which your birthday comes, and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. For Tuesday, Nov. II MARCH 21-APRIL 20 (Aries) —Certain persons or situations may put you "on edge" now, but don't show your irritation. Remain complacent and tolerant and, before you know it, these minor troubles will van SEtT. fc-OCT. Avoid a present tendency toward exaggeration and w*r* dramatization of simple events* Try to find a new way in which to relieve monotony^buC make it practical, Don't yield to the visionary. OCT. 24-NOV. 22 (Scorpio)A fine period for accomplish* ment. Make no excuses, but swing into action! And in your most competent way! Stress quality rather than quantity: NOV. 23-DEC. 21 (Sagittarius) —Not everything .may go as you wish, but use your tremen- lous will power to keep going. With your know-how, you 'should be able to hold the line. DEC. 22-JAN. 20 (Capricorn) —Some dandy advancement in* dicated through earnest, consistent and knowing endeavor Also, a good period for taking action on postponed matters and for investigating new propositions. JAN. 21-FEB. 19 (Aquarius) —Excellent Uranus influences! A good day for hurdling,obstacles which may have stymied LWTHOUff writ*. ish. APRIL 21-MAY 21 (Taurus) —Negative thinking or an inde cisive manner do not belong to this day. Positive and constructive action will be needed. Consider all potentials and choose those that fit your talents best. MAY 22-JUNE 21 (Gemini)Avoid stress and strain like the plague. Take a few minutes to analyze situations, probabilities, possibilities. There are many opportunities for the taking. JUNE 22-JULY 23 (Cancer) —Mild planetary influences will make this a more or less average day. But you can improve it considerably with a little extra effort and verve. you in the past; for skirting impasses generally. FEB. 20-MARCH 20 (Pisces) —A day for superior, ttonking and acting. Let you innate intuition and laudable ambitions guide you in all tMtigs. ^Mak* the most of your many fine talents. ''.,.•'•'•. '....,• Keep trying. JULY 24-AUG. 23 (Leo)Some admonitions now: Curb emotions and do prevent need< less errors through miscalcula tions or hasty actions. Do not be dismayed if you have to re vise some plans. AUG. 24-SEPT. 23 (Virgo)You Mercury, fairly auspicious stimulates imagination and in tuition. You should make good progress if you don't fret over imaginary obstacles. Ohioan Buys ; Land At Auction CHICAGO (AP> Hoekstra of Gallon, Oh bought the Sqioto., laboratory and warehouse facility in'liar- on, Ohio, for $150,400, the <Jei- ral Services Administration^rt- ports. .• .' :. - ,.'' :-••.':,. ;:;?.f;: ;• The property, consisting of 88 acres of land plus a laboratory, rame warehouses and other tructures, was offered for salt >y sealed bid Sept. -23, 1964. toekstra was the liigh bidder, the GSA said. Crash Kills Ohioan NASHVILLE, Ind. (AP) John Richard Stark, 29, of Rt 5 Chillicothe, Ohio, was kille< Saturday when his car missed a curve on Ind. 46 two miles west of here and slammed into a tree. Stark, an Indiana University student, was thrown from the car. The scene of the acciden was the edge of scenic Brown County State Park. How Can I? Q. How can I make a substitute for cream of tartar? A. When mixing a cake that calls for cream of tartar, a good substitute is buttermilk. If the buttermilk is not sour enough, add vinegar. Q. Is there anything I can do about the cracks in the old wallpaper when I am applying new paper over it? • A. Use masking 2 tape over these cracks, which will prevent their* showing through the new paper or cracking the new paper at these same places. DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS l.Deck officer: Merchant Marine 6. Golf term, as — off 9. Presently 30. Rabbit 11. A hard quartz , 12. Sultan's decree 14. Man's nickname 15. ConiferoiM shrubs 17. Gist 18. Mountain pass 20. Hair padding 21. Shield 22. Branch 24. Slips 26. Theater attendant 28. Japanese religion 31. Orient 35. Large cask 3Q. Floor covering 38. Sainte: abbr. 39. Altitude: abbr. 40. On top 42. Sun god: Egypt. 43. Full , as a rose 45. Incites 47. Camelot lady 48. Departs 49. Animal's cages 50. Female sheep DOWN 1. Hollyhock family 2. Cuckoo 3. Boy's nickname 4. Come in 6. National emblem of Scotland 6. Organ of hearing 7. Expunged 8.Infer 11. Reality 13. Flightless birds 16. Washing ' away of a .roadbed 19. Chines* coin 23. Fire, arm 25. Wrath 27. Cable fibers 28. Pierce, as wjtit a ' •wonl 20. Re- inoved, as calyxes of berries 30. Chant 32. Like 33. Em, phasize QM13H HUUH JUEUJUUl-l man aaaa ai 34. Afternooa ' reception*) 37. Kind at .. ! chisel 41. Bow of a vessel ..-. 44. Gain 43. Exclamation It 14- ia vt, If )S Z* 41 49 44 40 31 SO 41 Jtt 4k DAILY CRVPTOQUOTB — Her»'» km* t» w*rk iftt AX Y VLB A AX» is L O NO F £ LtO W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A Is us«4 for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apof* trophies,. the length and. formation of tbp worts we «U hinU. Each day the code let|#r« ajre U WKTi KY?KZA QWR8NW* QWKQ ITIYIPftFKO A WEI V| FKYYZ, KOI OB PK O.-JUA^KI V V g*turday'» t»Pt*au*te: KKEP YOUR EYES WIPE OP12*

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