The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio on December 26, 1970 · Page 18
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The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 18

Dover, Ohio
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Saturday, December 26, 1970
Page 18
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B-4 The Times-Reporter Sat., Dec. », WO Tonight's TV Programs WKYC(HIC) 3 CltVILANO WIWC(NIC) 4 COIUMIUS WIWS(AIC) UtVUANft WTRF (MIC. AH) 7 WHIUING WJW(CIS) 8 WSW(CIS.AK) 9 (UVILANO STtUIINVIllt ! :00 FettWII :30 l*fi|flU Fe*tMI lengols Christmas Senj Messiah F.ctbell lenools Mevle TIA I iOO Ys.Celt» .JO » •• Vi.Colti Movie Vl. Colts Pte-Game Pro-Game » :00 " " .JO » » S :00 Suspense :30 Theater i :00 Film *1ft U*a*. If II II tt II It n it ti it KillyChillenit " " Upbtot So<c«r n ii it n II M ft fi Pro football liens Vs. Cowboys tt tt Pro Football liens Vs. Cowboys " " 8 r:00 Ntwi :30*ndy Williams :00 " " :30 Mam-12 :00 Movie Demoss Report Andy Williams It's Academic Malt* A Owl Gidget Andy Williams Consequences Mission Porter Wagoner Mission Adam-12 Newlyweds Lawrence Adam-12 Impossibli My Thrw Sens Impossible My Thr •• Sens Mevi* Wilk Most Deadly Mevie Arnle Arnit Mary Tyler Meere Projtttien70 Tell the Truth Mnnnix Johnny Cash 11 :00 :30 News News Mevle News Movie News News Movie News Movie Sunday's TV Programs WKYC(NBC) 3 CLEVELAND WLWC(NBC) 4 COLUMBUS WEWS(ABC) 5 CLEVELAND WTRF (NBC-ABC) 7 WHEELING WJW(CBS) 8 CLEVELAND WSTV (CBS-ABC) 9 STEUBENVILLE r :00 Discussion :3C " " Golden Years Big Picture This Life Foith For Today 8 :00 Projects :30 Cartoons Your Health Dovy and Goliath Faith to Faith Discovery Gospel Jubilee Shut-In Davy & Goliath :00 Cadle Chapel Church By Road Inner Circle Dudley Do-Right Worship Smokay Bear Rex Humbard Church ol Christ Discovery 10 11 :00 Scene on Sunday :30 " " Mass Insight Religion 70 RAP Jenny Quest Cattanooga Cats City Camera RAP Oral Roberts KathrynKuhlmon TEENAGE SUSPECT. Margaret O'Brien guest stars as the mother of a teenager (Buddy Foster) who Is suspected of using drugs in "Sign of the Twins," to be colorcast on NBC- TV's "Adam-12" tonight at 8:30. It Happened .,. Last Night By Earl Wilson Paar may return to familiarity By RICK fiD BftOW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Jack Paar, the masterful entertainer- journalist, has long been pursued by all the commercial tote vision networks to do more than his acclaimed annual specials. Now, for the first time since making himself regrettably scarce, he has devised a unique and typically Paar series for mat that would allow him to do five or six specials a year, for an indefinite period, The series title is "Break!ant, Lunch and Dinner," and constant-traveler Paar would be globetrotting again by having offbeat - and sometimes famous — dining companions for unique get-togethers at the three OtkerTV Channels 2-CAILETVDOVER.NP 17-WJAN (Coble 10) Contort 23-WAKR (Cable IU Akron 25-~WVIZ(Cablel3)Clevr 6l-WKBFICflblt6)Cltv« Toniaht 2:00-0 7) *«!•• different meals in different ge> better - or as :OOHereltls :30 " " International Focus Monroes Bullwinkle Football Cleveland Caucus Face Nation Humbard :00 Dialogue Fred Taylor Gene Carroll .-30 Meet the Press Meet the Press " " Highlights Pro-Game Pro-Game Meet the Press Pro Football Pro Football 1 :00 Zone Grey Movie :30 Movie Polka Varieties TBA 49ers 49ers 2 :00 " " :30 '• » 3 :00 " " :30 Sports 4 :00 Pro Football •in n«ink; H < tt it II It II II Wild Kingdom Pro Football World of Sports n ii it n Inner Circle Issues & Answers tt II it Ii Ii it ti n Pro Football Bo h.l_Li» fit t n t n t it i n \ Mosterson n a " ; :00 Vs. Raiders :30 " " Vs. Raiders Young Rebels Vs. Raiders New York Concert New York Concert :00 1:30 Movie News Bewitched r:00 Wild Kingdom :30 World Of Something Else World Of Wild Kingdom World Of 8 Lassie Hogan's Heroes lassie Hogan's Heroes -.00 Disney :30 Bill Cosby Disney Bill Cosby FBI Disney Bill Cosby Ed Sullivan Ed Sullivan > :00 Bonanza :30 " " Bonanza Movie Bonanza Glen Campbell Glen Campbell 10 ii :00 Montage :30 " " Bold Ones Bold Ones Year-end Review FBI :00 News :30 Tonight Show News Tonight Show News Tonight Show News Movie News Movie Monday 9 s T VPrograms WKYC(NBC) 3 CLEVELAND WLWC(NBC) WEWS(ABC) WTRF (NBC-ABC) 4 COLUMBUS CLEVELAND WHEELING WJW(CBS) CLEVELAND WSTV (CBS-ABC) 9 STEUBENVILLE 7 :00 Today :30 " " News/Today Today News News 8 00 30 Clubhouse Uncle Al Copt. Kangaroo Copt. Kangaroo Mike Douglas PaulDixon :30 Rom'per Room Girl Watch Phil Donahue Cartoons Lucy Romper Room Jack Lolanne K'30 Concentration Phil Donahue n :00 Sale of Century •30 Hollywood Sq. :00 Jeopardy 'Who or Where Hollywood Sq. Yo-sciciub Gourmet World Apart Family Affair That Girl Dinah Shore Concentration NEW YORK - Artie Shaw who's been married either seven or eight times — he's not sure since one was annulled and he doesn't know whether to count that marriage or that wife — is about convinced that marriage today is a mistake. "You see a dame across a dance floor and you like the shape of her bust and next week you're married. That's a pretty dumb thing to do," says Artie. "There may be a lot to be said for the old European system of the parents arranging the marriage. When I married Lana Turner — we had as much in common as me and that guy at the next table!" Artie discussed this because he sympathizes with some of the aims of the young revolutionists today — including their ideas about marriage. "Now with Evelyn" — his seventh (or eighth?) wife — "it's working. I'm incapable of jealousy, and I want the same freedom I give her. You marry somebody who sings 'The Man I Love' all day — forget it! We see each other when we want to. In her I've got something important. . . friendship — and trust. "I don't demean her and she doesn't demean me. I got her contract for a novel. She's really learned to write the last two years. I'm very concerned about her. Is that love? I don't know what that word means. But that's what we've got going for us." He finds today's youngster: hard to persuade they shouldn' be dropouts. "We tell them we're against violence. Go down to Wall St. and you'll see real violence, raids, conglomerates, a quiet, genteel violence with men dying of heart, attacks after a takeover." Edge of Night Phil Donahue Lucy Show Hillbillies Sole of Century Hollywood Sq. Love of Life Family Affair love of Life Artie has a late twentyish son vho plays the guitar and has had a groovey pad in Manhat- an's East Village. "It took me 0 years to get the hell out of here," Artie exclaimed when his son took him there the first ime. The boy, well-heeled from rust funds, traveled so much rom LA to NY that Artie advised him to invest Mn airline stock. Shaw was asked not long ago how he succeeded in marrying Ava Gardner, Lana Turner and other 'beauties. What did he do? "I just asked them," he says. 'I was a good-looking young stud at the time and I asked hem. They either say yes or no. There are very few in-be- .weens." One of his next projects, Artie ;hinks, will be a book on "Ideal Divorce." "Why not a book on how to make a divorce work? Do you know* a guy told me the other day he was getting married before the end of the year and I said I thought it was next year? He said, 'No, I get a tax advantage if I do it this year.' Isn't that great? He's -getting married with the cooperation of the Internal Revenue Service!" THE WEEKEND WINDUP. . . Robert Mitchum asked for (and got) a script of "Ryan's Daughter." Asked what he wanted the thick book for, he cracked, "To use as a coaster in my bar" . . . Frank Langella, who played the mean lover in "Diary of a Mad Housewife," has been getting Christmas cards from, female fans — with measurements and invitations . . . Duo: Van Rapoport (of the Spindletop) and Philadelphia socialite Ginny Lippincott (in matching white mink coats) . . . Television Previews Bewitched News News Who or Where News Search Tomorrow Whore Heart Is Search Tomorrow 1 k :00 Dinah Shore :30 Words I Music Words i Music All My Children Make A Deal Jeopardy Words i Music Jury Trials World Turns Tel-All World Turns Our lives 30 Doctors Our Lives Doctors *%00 Another World 3Q Bright Promise Another World Bright Promise Newlyweds Dating Game General Hospital One Life Our lives JBoctors Tnother World Bright Promise love Is Thing Guiding Light Adventure Rood Love Is Thing Guiding Light Secret Storm Edge Of Night 1:00 Somerset 130 Movie ••.00 Movie _ 1 :00 News |30 News V : 00 News ' -30 Red Skolton Somerset Stor Trek Star Trek Dragnet Dark Shadows Man From INCLE News Somerset Gilligan Island Daniel Beone Corner Pyle Merv Griffin Merv Griffin Corner Pyle Flintstones Stor Trek Domoss Report News David Frost >:00 laugh-In 1:30 " " *.._. AOO Movie T:3 Dick Von Dyke RedSkelton Tangerine Bowl Toledo Young lawyers News News News RedSkflton News Cronkite Consequences Medicine News Cronkite Buck Owens Gunsmoke Silent Force Rose Bowl Blue/Grey Classic : 30 00 Vs. Williams News Special News Special Here's Lucy MoyberryRFT Doris Day Carol Burnett ; 00 News •30 Tonight Show News Tonight Show News DickCavett News Tonight Shew News Movie News Merv Griffin Family visit, demonstration mark Angela Davis' Christmas I SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) (Christmas Day 'ounty jail for in the Marin black militant gela Davis included a two- and 10-minute visit by embers of her family and a emonstration outside by 250 pporters demanding her free- j|"Free Angela Davis—we need our sister beside us-" chanted the demonstrators to the tune of a hymn, but SMriff's Capt. Harv«y league said she probably was unable ttj tear it because her cell is soundproof- Miss Davis, a 26-year-old for- mer philosophy teacher at UCLA, was extradited from New York last Tuesday to face charges of murder, kidnaping and conspiracy in a shoot/out here last Aug. 7 which took four lives, including that of a judge. Although not charged with being present at the Shootout, she has been charged with purchasing the guns used and was Indicted under a California law which makes an accessory equally guilty with the perpetrator of a crime. Visiting her Friday were her mother, Mrs. Sally Davis of Bir- mingham, Ala.; her sister, Mrs. Fania Jordan; her brother, Reginald; and her cousin Oliver Pearson and his wife. "We had a nice long visit with Angela," said Mrs. Jordan. "She's in high spirits. She knows the movement to free political prisoners is going on all over the world. That's why she is feeling good." Sponsored by the Angela Davis Defense Committee, the demonstration in a parking lot near Civic Center was orderly throughout, and after a day in the 40-degree fog it ended at 4 p.m. There were no incidents. America's first skiers, Scandinavians, carried the winter mail through California's mountainous gold country in the 1860's. SATURDAY lKN)-(4) (7). PRO FOOTIAll. National Football League playoff game between Cincinnati Bengals and the Colts at Baltimore. Channel 3 will join the game in progress at 2. 2:00-(5). CHRISTMAS SONGS. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir presents several Christmas songs. 2:30-(5). MESSIAH. A special filmed at the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis featuring soprano Louise Morale, contralto Rosemary Anoe, bass Richard Anderson, the Naval College Academy Choir and the Hood College Choir of Frederick, Md. 4:00-(l) (*). PRO FOOTIAll. Playoff between the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys at Dallas. 4:M-(5) (23). SKIING. Jean-Claude Killy challenges four Europeans for $ 1 0,000 prize money . 7:30-(3) (4) (7). ANDY WIUIAMS. Guests include Ella Fitzgerald, Lome Greene, the Grass Roots and Chubby Checker. »:30-(5) (23). DiADLY GAME. A sporting goods store owner is found dead in his store. SUNDAY 1:00- (I) (f). PRO FOOTIALL. Playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Vikings at Minnesota. 4:00-(3)14) (7). PRO FOOTIALL. Miami Dolphins meet the Raiders in Oakland. 5:00-(l) (f). YOUNG PiOPLE'S CONCERT. Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic celebrate the 70th birthday of Aaron Copland. |:00-(l) (9). ED SULLIVAN. Guests include Bobbie Gentry, Peter Nero, Spanish singer Raphael, comedians Steve Rossi and Sloppy White, Pat Cooper, Billy Baxter, and a country music group, the Goose Creek Symphony. t:00-(l) (9). GLEN CAMPIELl. Appearing are Dionne Warwick, the 5th Dimension, Ruth Buzz! and John Byner. 1Q:QO— •(')• MONTAGE- A special on statistics on highway accidents over the holidays. 10:(NMt). YEAR-ENO REVIEW. A look at the happenings during 1 970 with CBS.-TV's chief correspondents. MONDAY DAYTIMi. 7:00-(3) (4) (7). TOPAY. Schedyled is on interview with Prof. Ivan lllich, an e*pejrt on Latin-American affairs. l:M-(3) DINAH SHORE. A fashion show covering teen fashions. Pat Boone sings several songs. 4iN-(41) Combat. (21) lone Ranger. 4:30-(23)KIlly Challenge. S:00-(41) M(Hele's Nevy. (JS) Sa- same Street. (23) Soccer.' 5-.30-(»1)F Troop. 6:00-(*1)Wre$rlmg. 6:30-(17) Cardinal Sweethearts. (23) Wilburnlres. 7:00~(61) Twilight Zone. (17) Big Valley. (2S) RoilHIoi. (23) Parlor Wagoner. ' 7:30-(41) Movie. (23) Make A Deal. 8:00-(17) Movie. (25) San Francisco Mix. (23) Newlywed. ., l:30-(23) lawrencoWelk. •:00-(61) Prisoner. (25) Nader Report. ' ' " . "•,'• 9:30-(?5) Book loot: (23) Deadly Game. ' ... 10:00-(17) Movie. (25) Flick-out. (61] Hitchcock. . 10:30-(23) Sports. (25) Soul. • 11:00-(61) Movie. (23) News.. 11:15~(23) Movie. , SUNDAY l:00-(23) Revival Fires. 8:30-(?3) Kuhlmon. (61) Oral Roberts. 9:00-(23) Herald of Truth. (61) Kimbo. (17) Harold of Truth. ' 9:30-07) Oral Roberts. (23) Oral Roberts. (61) Prince Planet. 10:00-(17) Baptist Temple. (23) Church Service. (61) Skippy. 10:30-(61) Movie. ll:00-(23) Bible Study. 11:30-(23) living Word. (17) Wrestling. 12:00-(61) Avengers. (23) Civic Fe- rum. 12:30-(23) Insight. (17) Untouchables, l:00-(23) Directions. (61) Movie. 1:30-(17) Revival Fires. (23)T Issues I Answers. 2:00-(23) Film. (17) Movie. 2:30-(23)Film. 3:00-(41) Movie. (23) Cheyenne. 4:00-(23)larede. 4:30-(17) Gospel Singers. (25) No) Playhouse. 5:00-(41) Movie. (23) Movie. 5:30-(17) WoqqonerFemily. 6:00-(25) South Carolina Sings. (M\ FoithForTodoy. 6:30-(17) Film. (25) Firing Lint. (23) Death Valley. 7:00-(23) Young Rebels, (el) Movie, (17) Greek Hour. 7:30~(25) Course Our Times. (17) Film. B:00~(23)FBI.(17)Movie.(2S)Kukla, Fran and Ollie. l:30-(25) World We live In. »:00-(el) Perry Mason. (23) Mevie..(25) Civilisation, 10:00-(*1) Defenders. (17) Wayne Theater. (25) Net Fanfare. MONDAY B:30-(25) Driving. •:00-(2S) Words »:30-(25) Melody 10:00-(23) Jack lalanne (25) Science 10:30--(21) Addams Family. (25) Rhythm. Il:00-(e1) Jack lolanne (25) Music (23) I led Three lives. 11:30--(23) Thet Girl, (t 1) Mr. U. 12:00--(23) Bewitched. (61) Cartoons. 12:?" (23) World Apart. (25) Culture 1 (23)AIIMyChNdrM.(tl)Mav !e.u.,tfords.. l:30-(23) Make a Deal. (25) let's Build 2:00-(23) Newlywed. (17) Movie. (25) Process! Proof. 2:30—(23) Dating Game. (61) Dennis Menace. 3:00-(23) General Hospital. (41) Kimba. 3:30 -(23) One life. (61) Huckleberry Hound. (25) Driving. 4:00-(23) Dark Shadows. (17) Jay Andrews. (61) Prince Planet. | 4:30-(23) Smokey Bear. (41) Addamf Family. (25) Sesame Street. 5:00-(23) Cisco Kid. (61) 'Flintstones 5:30-(23) News « Sports. (61) Munsters. (25) Misleregers. 6:00-(17) Newt i $porls. (23) Reynolds «, Smith. (41) Get Smart. (25) What's New. 4.-30-07) Tewo & C*tw»;y (23) H«- waiian iye. (25) Her« end Now. (»1) lucy. 7:00-(25) Prets Ctafertnce. (41) Dick Van Dyke. (17) film. 7:30-(23) Young Uwyers. (25) Nadir Report. (17) MlMrve (*1) 5tarTrek. 1:00-07) Mevie. (25) Dandelion. l:30-(41) Csndid Cem.rg. (25) Click- Flick-oul(23)»l.dituie. 9:00-(25) llwk Jewrnal. (41) AM i. (17) Movie. ographic locations. On the phone from his home In Bronxvllle, N.Y., Paar was full of enthusiasm. He thought there might even be a series in the format of another special he recently finished: "Some of My Best Friends Are," which deals with what he describes as British eccentrics - Robert Morley, Peter Ustinov, Victor Spinettl, some colonial types and Macolm Muggeridge, who fascinates him because "he's become very wll* gious, It's so strange from this man who was such a wild guy," Another show on Paar's mind would be a sort of "How To" guide about common human situations, For example, one segment might deal 1th how to avoid legal entrapment*. Another might concern how, when traveling, one should go through customs, pointing out "the Innocent little dumb things we shouldn't have done, but do." ABC-TV's Los Angeles-Milwaukee Monday night pro basketball game, the first sportscast to replace the network's prime time pro football contests, did pretty well in the spot, overnight ratings in New York, which is admittedly a pro ba& ketball hotbed. ABC-TV was frankly trying out the pro bas ketball as a possible future series replacement for the pro football when the gridiron sea son runs out in coming years. The Los Angeles-Milwaukee game held even with "Mayberry R.F.D." trounced the Doris Day series, was beaten by Carol Burnett by a solid but not dls- graceful margin and, after being outpointed by NBC-TV's movie in the first hour, pulled just about even with it in the second. The point is that mos ABC-TV series wouldn't do any A Tuesday night CBS-TV special, "A World of Love," presented with the help of. the United Nations children'* Mnd as a Yule season salute to youngsters everywhere, offered a lot of stars, including Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, Richard Burton and Barbra ; Stret-, sand, as well as Paul Sills'"Sto ry Theatre" players. The intentions were fine, but all that talent was handled in a way, that produced minimum results.' Tavern fracas rttulti in death WARREN, Ohio (AE)-Trumbull County sheriff's deputies were holding a suspect Friday In the fatal shooting of Linda Lampley, 21, of Warren, earlier In the day at the Highland Cafe near Warren. • Coroner Dr, Joseph Sudi- mack Jr. said the Lampley woman was fatally wounded by a bullet which went through the Wall of a restroom where she. had fled after shooting broke out during an argument at the tavern. Three Warren men were ad* mitted to St. Joseph Hospital, with gunshot wounds suffered in the same incident, deputies said. Held in shooting LORAIN, Ohio (AP) - A 29- year-old Lorain man was being held today in the fatal shooting of Richard Gills,.25, in a tavern scuffle in nearby Sheffield Lake. Gills, also of Lorain, was wounded Thursday at Shul- lick's Tavern. He died Friday. Lorain County sheriff's deputies said one other man was, wounded in the scuffle and a third leg. man suffered a broken TV MOVIES Tonight Carol 2:00-(B). RAGE OF SILENCE. lynley, Poter Folk. 2:00-(17). PARIS HONEYMOON (1f3l). Bing Crosby, Franciska Goal. A bridegroom-to-be seas an attractive Parisian girl on the eve of his wedding. Also, THE PERFECT MARRIAGE (1M6). leretto Young, David Niven. A comedy of a marriage starting to crumble an the night of the 10th anniversary. Also, PETER IBIETSON (1935). Gary Cooper, Ann Harding, John Halliday. Whan a man finds his childhood sweetheart she is already married. 2:30-(4I). MAN-MADE MONSTER (1941). Ion Choney Jr., Lionel Atwill, Anne Nagol. A molodrama of an only survivor of a train crash submitting la soma experiments. 7:30-(61). PILLOW OF DEATH (1*45). Ion Choney Jr., Brenda Joyca. An attorney murders his wife to marry an heiress. 1:00-07). OUTCAST (1937). Warren William, Koran Morley, Lawis Stena. A woman haunts • doctor because of the death of a relative. 9:00-(3) (7). TWO FOR THE SEESAW (1962). Shirley MocLoino, Robert Mitchum, Edmon Ryan. An attorney and a girl (ram Greenwich Village fall into a seosow romance. 9:00-(4). AND NOW MIGUEL (1966). Clu Gttlagar, Michael Ansara. A young boy awaits tha day ho can go to the mountains to watch his father's sheep. 10:00-01). PREVIEW MURDER MYSTERY (If M). RaginaU Denny, Gail Patrick, Francos Drake. A movie star is killed at a preview ol his last picture. U:00-(41). BEYOND THE TIME BAR RKR (1959). Robert Clarke. A sci- once fklion in which • pilat discovers civilization hat boon driven underground. ll:15-(23). THE BIG FRIEZE (1961). Tony Sailor, Ina lower. A skating instructor foils in love with her 11:00-161) Msvi*. ll:15-(9). HOUSE OF STRANGERS (1949). Luther Adltr, Paul Valentino. Tha story of M Italian banker and his family relationships. ll:30-(5). THE PROUD ONES (1956). Robert Ryan, Jeffrey Hunter. A western with the marshal facing an old antagonist who arrived in town. 11:40-(B). A MAN CALLED PETER (195$). Richard Todi Joan Peters, Marjerie Rombeau. A biography •fPetorMorskell,cka»loi*ofrrit Senate and poster of the Church of President!. Alto, IIWARE/ MY LOVELY (19SJ). Ida Lvfino, Robert Ryan. A young widow hires a handy man who turns out to be mentally ill. SUNDAY 10:30- (»K THE ROSE IQWl STORY 1952). Marshall Tk**o»H, Voro Miles, Natalia Wood. A frifton star falls in love with i Roto princess in rite le»e p«ra«V 1:00--(*1). tOM'VI QOf TO STAY NAPPY fl»4|). Jgmet Stewart, Jwn F**laJM, idefe A*trt. A comedy of a bride iwMMig away from her boitad on Ifcek wad- dmgnialil. 1:01- (4). IT'S A WONDEIFUl UK (1947). Joatet Stewart, Doana Rood. A story of a aua who IMS worked hard but it noor destrw- 1:30- (3), HiMy WltW D«any Kgye, Pie/ Anfeli. 4 schoolteother {*>> the circus d«r- iog vacation. 2:00 -tl7>. PACIFIC BLACKOUT (1942). Kobert Preston, martna O'Driscoll. An innocent man escapes during on air-raid test and. 1 tries to prove his innocence.. Also, OPENED BY MISTAKE (wo). Charlie Rugglos, Janice logon; Robert Paige. A sports editor and reporter bccoma tho owners of a trunk which contains a body. • 3:00-(61). THE MORE THE MEKKIEK (1943). Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Charles Coburn.Duato a housing shortage an elderly gentleman arranges to share a young girl's apartment but sneaks in a young : • man to share his portion of the apartment. 5:00~(23). ANGEL ON WHEELS (1961). , Henri Vidal, Romy Schneider. A ' drama in which an angel is sent to save tho lilo of a racing driver. S:00-(61). THE LADY VANISHES (1931). Margaret Lockwood, Mi- ; chaol Redgrave, Paul lykas. A spy • '' story of on English governess dis- " appearing. 6:00-(5). THAT TENNESSEE BEAT ' (1966): Mario Travir, Minnie;' ' Pearl, Sharon DeBord. A musical ; with a country boy going to Nosh- v villa and making it big. . - '. 7:00-(61). ROYAL WEDDING (1951). Fred Asraire, Jane Powell. A man , ana woman parmers in a oroinar- > .sister act decide they will never v marry and change their act. l:00--('7). OUT OF THIS WORLD (1945). Eddie Bracken, Veronica lake, Diana Lynn. A crooner becomes part of an all-girl orchestra. «:00-(23) (5). THE CARDINAL (1963). " Tom Tryon, Romy Schneider, John Huston. The story of the life of Stephen Fermoyle from tho time he was a Boston-Irish priest to cardinal. . . 10:00 -(17). PARTNERS IN CRIME (1937). lynno Overman, Rescoi Karns, Muriel Hutchlnson. A private detective accidentally fkidv , out about a plot to blackmail the candidate for mayor. 11:40-(B). THE CANADIANS (1961). Robert Ryan, John Dehner, Terin Thatcher. A Montana runchai searchos for stolen horses, causing trouble with tho Sioui Indlons. MONDAY 1:00-(61). WHEN THE DAITONS RODE (1940). Randolph Scott, Kay Francis. A western yarn of an outlaw gang. 2:00-07). OUR NEIGHIORS, THE CARTERS (1939). Frank Craven. The adventures of the owner of a small-town drug storo trying to raise five children. 4:30-(3). UTTER VICTORY (1951). Richard Burton, Curl Juraeoi. An inexperienced officer must go to Bengali to capture documents held by the Germans. 9:00-(3). LILIES Of THUIEID (19*3). Sidney Poilitr, Lilig Skolo, |$a Crino. In Arizona a handy OMW stops to fix a leak Ii a roof for i group of nuns and onds up buHding a new chapel. 11:00-(*1). IT STARTEI WITH EVE (1941). Robert Cummins, CherUs UuaJitoe, OOOWHI Durbi*. A «yui| nwltlniil|lo«alro reo,wottf to moot Ida lociolito his von Ins cbotM to 1 1:40-(0). INI Richard Cento, CO|»M Gray, Ricb-' >«rd Tab«. A Mystery io wkick a, Y»«B| doctor is <»wniMvrdiredet leUevv* Mjfirilal. Alw, | y«M| letly GrabJj. AD Amtricaji loins the RAF to gel closer to ibj action.

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