The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas on February 18, 1986 · Page 5
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The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise from Seguin, Texas · Page 5

Seguin, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1986
Page 5
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The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise - Tuesday, February 18, 1986 - Page 6 Local playwright shines bright up in Austin By JAMS TURK Staff writer "'Pistons and Rye" is an exciting .young play written by an exciting : young playwright who is beginning to .see his dreams come true in the capitol city of Austin. It must be a thrill to watch hard work come to life through actors and their art. ; "It's amazing," said Joel Sch- ;wartz, a Seguinite who penned ,!'Pistons and Rye" and is participating in the Captiol City Playhouse Playwright's Workshop, where his play is being considered for acceptance into the regular theatre season at the Capitol City .•'Playhouse. - "I am learning so much through : this experience." - And it is amazing. : From over 200 original unsolicited I manuscripts sent to the Captiol City ."Playhouse in Austin this past year, Joel's was one of eight plays chosen for the workshop from which regular season productions are chosen. Sunday night at the popular little theatre in downtown Austin, Joel heard his play read by Austin actors in a public reading to an audience of writers, critics, actors, strangers, family and friends. His play, along with the others that are being considered for acceptance for performance, are given a public reading to gauge audience response, provide the playwright with feedback on his work, and to give Artistic director Maria Macdonald a chance to see how the play works with an audience. The reading was well attended, and was a huge success. "You know as you read so many scripts when- you see one that is really special. You read all those scripts and you find that one, and it is like a jewel in a pile of garbage. And Joel's play was like that. You look at it and you see a writer. His writing is excellent." The play works wonderfully. But then Schwartz must have known that already. "Pistons and Rye" was a tremendous success when produced in Seguin at Texas Lutheran College in December of 1982, with a cast of actors from Austin, San Antonio and Seguin participating. A former Seguinite, Steve Posey directed the production which TLC sponsored. Randy Rabe, Stephen Bittrich, Candy Hallenbeck and Fred Zelinka, all former Seguinites, starred in this exciting drama set in a south Texas bar much like any to be found in Guadalupe County. '"Pistons and Rye' is an unusual play. The most unique thing about the play is the rhythm, the music of the words, the way it comes off to the ear, and the way it flows. The language is what makes it. It is a quiet, soul searching play. The rhythms of the words make it easy to sit and listen to, and it carries the listener," explained Macdonald in a telephone interview Monday, "The play is of a young man's journey back. It deals with things we all feel — isolation and not feeling a part of anything. Yes, Joel is tremendous. He should enter every one act competition in the nation. He should write a full length play. ('Pistons' is a oneactplay). He's ready for that." Michel Jaroschy, also of Capitol City Playhouse, explained the procedure with which the theatre decides which plays will be accepted into a regular season. "We take plays throughout the year from all over the state. We select 8-10 for the workshop, and then we have a workshop for about six weeks, where the playwright is constantly having his work read and critiqued, and he is constantly rewriting and revising the work. This goes on for four nights a week for four weeks. Then, a cast is selected to rehearse and read the play in a public reading. The playwright still is accepting criticism and rewriting,"he said. "Then," Maria explained, "how the public receives the play is how we decide. Out of maybe )2 plays, we then choose no less than four plays, and no more than seven to go into 'Works in Progress.' Works in Progress means that we give the play a regular cast, and the drama is blocked, and each night during the four weeks of rehearsal, the playwright is present and is continuously re-writing. The play is then performed, but the actors carry the scripts in hand, and between per- formances the play is going through re-writes." This is the fourth year of this successful workshop and Works in Progress procedure. Out of the Works in Progress plays, only two to five plays will be chosen for the regular season to begin in the fall. "I had never met Joel before I read 'Pistons and Rye' and the other play he submitted to the playhouse, but when I read 'Pistons,' I really connected with it. I choose plays not by the script, but by the writer. Joel is an excellent writer," Macdonald said of the Seguin artist. Joel is the son of the Rev. and Mrs. John Schwartz of Seguin, and is a graduate of Seguin High School. Joel has studied at Texas Lutheran College and at The University of Texas at Austin where his major field of study was playwriting. •yi—j-——- — .—v... *...„ ,,»*» jv*,., imc a jewei in a pue ui garuage. mm me woras, me way u comes on to me we nave a woresnop lor aooui six scripts in nana, ana oetween per- of study was playwriting {Problem of slow memory solved by some fast talking •^.•Oear Abby: Here is a dilemma that . , . ^^ : Here is a dilemma that I (••think we've all faced at one time. !,¥ou are at a party and someone ; greets you by name. The face is • familiar, but you can't remember the j name. The person begins talking to I you, then suddenly somebody you :ltnow joins you. You want to in- luce the two but can't remember name of the stranger. What do On The Spot Dear On: You'll probably never believe this, but I just happen to have a brand-new book on my desk titled, "Letitia Baldridge's Complete Guide to Executive Manners." I looked in the index under "Introducing People" and found the following: "While the easiest solution is to admit that you have temporarily forgotten a name, there is another alternative. It's called the 'talk fast and maybe they won't guess the truth' solution. If you have forgotten the name of the person who has joined your group, begin talking quickly in a pleasant, even funny exaggerated way. Build up the ego of the person whose name you can't recall: "Listen, everyone, this is someone I haven't seen for a long, long time, but he was such a fantastic salesman that the rumor is he almost sold the office building to his company president!" If the only thing you can remember about a person is where he lives, you can almost always drag out a little story that will cause everyone to smile. Soon they are New Neighborhood meeting A MR. LINCOLN ROSEBUSH was the door prize presented to Johnny Walker by hostess, Maxine Stokes, at the Seguin Alliance Beautification Committee Moore house neighborhood meeting on Thursday night. The meeting's purpose was to invite participation and cooperation of neighbors in the Moore House Project. (Staff photo) Variety selection is one of the most important considerations to successful gardening in Texas. To help gardeners know what varieties to plant, "Texas Gardener" Magazine started an "All-Texas" Selections list five years ago and updates it each spring. To be included on the list, a vegetable variety must have undergone extensive testing and evaluation by horticulturists and proven itself to be outstanding for Texas. Five new selections were added to the list for 1986. They are: Y1015 Onion — Developed by Texas A&M University, this new yellow onion is exceptionally sweet tasting. It has excellent vigor, outstanding disease-resistance and resists bolting or seedstem formation. It will yield onions as large as softballs. : Jade Pogoda .Chinese Cabbage — This hybrid Chinese cabbage is adapted to early spring and fall plantings. It is resistant to bolting and produces compact, upright plants that reach 14 to 16 inches in height. Jade Pogoda has outer leaves with excellent green color and a rich, creamy colored "heart." Iron Duke Spinach — This new hybrid spinach can be described best as "heavy bodied." It is a crinkled- leafed variety, very dark green and quite tasty. It can be harvested 45 to Second annual Bridal Fair tonight Twenty local models will participate in the Second Annual Bridal Fair to be held at the Seguin- Guadalupe County Colesium at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 18. This event will include a bridal fashion show, featuring attire for entire wedding parties, and displaying exhibits from local photographers, bridal shops, bakeries, apartment complexes, travel agencies, rental stores, flower shops, jewelers, gift shops and hotels. Door prizes will be awarded throughout the evening. Tickets will be available at the door. Library has tax forms, information now available internal Revenue Service income 'tax forms are now available at the Seguin-Guadalupe County Library. Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ, as well as the most common schedules are free on first come basis, All other forms can be found in a form book the Internal Revenue Service supplies to r public libraries throughout the ! nation. The public can duplicate forms from the form book or mail a request to the I.R.S. A variety of materials is on hand at the Seguin-Guadalupe County Public Library for use at the library. A completely updated "Federal Tax Manual" is maintained at the library with full legal citations. Current tax preparation handbooks and guides are in the reference collection, also. "Handbooks like the H&R Block workbook and the 'Arthur Young Tax Guide' were found to be quite useful last year," reported library director Greg Hill. "The terminology and directions are much easier to understand for those without a tax lawyer or accountant in the family." The library was unable to receive forms from the I.R.S. office in Austin for the first five weeks of the 1986 tax year. "Credit for the forms getting here goes to U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen," said Hill, who requested the senator's assistance in expediting the mailing of the form package. "We spent six weeks working with the I.R.S. about the forms, and the Senator cleared it up in two weeks," Hill continued. River Shadows site of meeting The Seguin Women's Club and sponsors attended their first social of • the year at River Shadows ; restaurant at Lake McQueeney for jrtappy hour and dinner on Saturday, 4 i -. f'' The restaurant was decorated with 5 Valentine theme decor: lavish red • and white centerpieces of hearts, I flowers and ribbons. Each lady was ; 'presented with a long stemmed red carnation. Following the dinner, each person was'issued play money by the host and hostesses, John and Polly Nash, Donna Mayfield, Ann Monk, and Loretta Williams. Games were played by everyone. John Nash, auctioneer, called the bidding on items donated by the membership. Guests were able to bid with play money during a mock auction of the prizes. The Seguin Women's Club president stated that she wished to express her appreciation to the River Shadow's owners and staff for the use of the new restaurant which will be open to the public in the near future. According to many of the members, the evening was a grand success, and was greatly enjoyed. BUILDING FINANCIAL SECURITY THROUGH INVESTING A 4 session Continuing Education Course for The Novice Or Experienced Investor •STOCKS•BONDS •TAX ADVANTAGED INVESTING •RETIREMENT PLANNING •LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS Warren Nossaman INSTRUCTOR N*r mil Ltd. Partner Edward D. Jones & Co. 107 N. River, Seguin TEXAS LUTHERAN COLLEGE Thursdays 7:30-9:00 p.m. Beginning February 20th (4 WEEKS) Weeber Hall Rm. 119 Texas Lutheran College Call TLC continuing Education, 379-4161, or Edward D. Jones & Co., 379-9387, for registration information. shaking hands and everyone is introducing himself all around. (It works, because I do it all the time.) "Honesty, however, is always the best policy. Just admit the name has slipped your mind. Generally, you will be for given." This book is an absolute treasure. ISHfi bv Universal Press Syndicate to list now named TEXAS GARDENER AT1PS 50 days after seeding and is best suited for a fall planting. Sugar Ann Peas — This variety of edible-podded pea is similar to Sugar Snap but with one important ex- Clear Springs Homemakers to meet ception — it produces high yields of quality peas on a compact, bush-type plant. Ideal for smaller gardens, plants of Sugar Ann seldom exceed 18 to 24 inches in height. Elephant Garlic — Although not a true garlic, Elephant garlic is what Texans should grow. Its flavor is only slightly milder than true garlic, but not enough for most people to notice. Easy to grow, Elephant garlic will produce giant bulbs with cloves twice the size of regular garlic. 1986 Texas Gardener Magazine The Clear Springs Extension Homemakers will meet at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 19. The home of LaNelle Kearney, in New Braunfels, will be the -site of this regular meeting. Mrs. Kearney encourages members and guests to be in attendance. Nogales Garden Club meets tonight The Nogales Garden Club will meet at the home of Martha Nixon, located at 511 Fox Run, at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 18. Hostesses for the evening will be Martha Nixon, Mary Edwards, and Virginia Woods. The topic for the evening will be "The All American Selections," since this is the time to recognize the gardening award winners. The program for the meeting will be presented by Betty Mote and Ann Clark. A silent auction will also be held. Contributors for the auction are Luckie Engbrock, Gladys Engbrock. Helen Elizabeth Fleming, June Glasson, Peggy Gustafson, Betty Mote, Eve Kolar, Florence Haugen, Maxine Halm, and Edna Browder. Refreshments will be served following the program. ADVKRTLSKMKNT Diet Pill Sweeping U.S. New Super "Dream Pill" Lose Weight As You Sleep! No Dieting — Eat All You Want NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - An amazing new super "dream pill" has recently been developed and perfected that reportedly "guarantees" that you will easily lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days. Best of all, it allows you to "eat as much as you want of your favorite foods and still lose a pound a day or more starting from the very first day until you achieve your ideal weight and figure." This remarkable new diet pill combines two natural substances which cause adults to lose weight fast by "tricking" the body into acting like a teenager. These nutritional substances, called L-arginine and L-ornithine, stimulate the body's production of growth hormone. Dr. Robert Harris, a specialist in nutritional medicine in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, was recently quoted as explaining: "Growth Hormone may be what's responsible for allowing teenagers to down thousands of calories in hamburgers and other foods and still be thin as a rail. "Growth Hormone is present in people up through the teenage years, then slowly diminishes with age. But L-arginine and L- ornithine make the body 'think' it belongs to a teenager again, allowing adults to eat as much as they want — and still be thin and wiry." "Pill Does All The Work" According to the manufacturer, "the pill itself does all the work while you quickly lose weight with NO starvation 'diet menus' to follow, NO calorie counting, NO exercise and NO hunger pangs." The pill is not a drug! It is 100% safe consisting of natural amino acids just like those found in the foods you eat everyday. Life Extension Authors Confirm Results Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, graduates of MIT and UCLA respectively, introduced these miracle substances to the public in their runaway best selling book, Life Extension. They discovered the weight-lossi effects by accident. Sandy fell and broke her foot and started taking L-arginine because of its well-known healing qualities. Much to her amazement Sandy lost 25 pounds of fat and put on 5 pounds of firm-toned muscle in six weeks. According to Durk's calculations, the pill caused Sandy to lose 400 times as much fat as she would otherwise have lost — without dieting! Lose Weight While You Sleep One beautiful thing about these miracle pills is the ease with which they work. You don't have to count calories and you don't have to follow special diets or eat special foods. You don't even have to exercise. The best time to take the pills is just before you go to bed at night. That way, the pounds melt away even as you sleep. You wake up every morning, slimmer, happier and feeling younger! The super dream pill is already sweeping the country with glowing reports of easy and fast weight loss from formerly overweight people in all walks of life who are now slim, trim, and attractive again. Extraordinary Guarantee Place your order now. If you are not completely satisfied with the thinner "new you" simply return the empty container for a full refund of your entire purchase' price. No questions asked. Now what could be fairer than that? You can order a 30 day supply of these remarkable capsules for SI9.95 or a 60 day supply for S34.95. To order simply call Dream Pill TOLL FREE 1-800-453-4817 and use your VISA or MasterCard. Operators are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you don't have a VISA or MasterCard, Dream Pill will also accept C.O.D. orders right over the phone! But please don't wait. Order today. You won't risk a thing. Either you get a slender new you — or you get a full refund of your purchase price. Copyright

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