The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio on July 1, 1971 · Page 80
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The Journal News from Hamilton, Ohio · Page 80

Hamilton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1971
Page 80
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PAGE YmRTY-EfflffT HAMILTON, OHIO, JOURNAL — THE DAILY NEWS t im Announcing . . . Your Own, Private "Wheel Fortune" And The "Magic" Number Is.... NOW YOU'VE GOT OUR NUMBER" FOR Hard Hitting - Fast Acting JOURNAL - NEWS fted that get the job done CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES 40e PER LINE MINIMUM CHARGE 1—DAY I 3 LINES OR LESS 2—DAYS 3 LINES OR LESS 3—DAYS 3 LINES OR LESS 4—DAYS 3 LINES OR LESS r« 5—DAYS 3 LINES OR LESS TH DAY Remember The Number! •Write It JOURNAL Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time ® t DON'T THINK THERE'Sf AH/SUCH PERSON'. HE'S LIKEMDOR CONGRESSMAN AFT6ft ELECTION DAY.V ROSBVATER. WILL PROMISE ANYTHIN© EXCEPT TO BE HERE WHENMSOCMECKIN MR. ROSEWA.TER PROMISED AA.6 A NICE QOIET ROOfAl! SO I'fA RN3KT ONDKtt THE •0WUIN0 ALUtY// ANOGEAMVIEW WHEN WE MADE CUR RESERVATION! WE'RE MR. BOSBWATEfc ISN'T HERE RlSHT NOW- I HELP YOU? RO6EWATER. AAUSTVE BEEN THE HAD A VERY BRIGHT FUTURE HERE.* FACING A BRICK WALU.V » ^Js&sfy ^y^jfess***-- LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON TAX BUDGET Two copies of the Tax Budget » tentatively adopted for the City of Falrfield in Butler County, Ohio, are on file in the oHlca of the City Auditor of said City of Fairfield These are for public Inspection; and a Public Hearing on said Budget wil be held at, the City Building in said City, on Monday, the 12 day of July 1971, at 7 o'clock P.M. O. G. SOHIEHING, City Auditor July 14-2t USGAL NOTICE FOR THE PURCHASE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE CITY OF FAIRFIELD, OHIO • Sealed bids .will be received by the Director of Public Safety Service of the City of Falrfield. Ohio, unti 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Saving Time, on Wednesday, July 14, 1971 at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read lor the purchase of: One (1) »i Ton Pick-up Truck Bidders must submit a firm bid Detailed specifications mr, be ob talned from the Director o.' Publ|c Safety Service, Falrfield, Ohio. Each bid must be accompanied by a certified check on a solvent bank, or a bid bond, payable to the City of Fairficld, executed by the bidder and satisfactory to the Director of Public Safety Service, in the sum of ten (10) percent of the aggregate •mount of the price bid. The Director of Public Safety Ser vice reserve* the right to reject any or alt bids, or to accept bids on an item by item basis, or to accept any bid which may be deemed to be for the best interest of the City of Fairfield, Ohio. RICHARD W. SMITH, Safety Service Director City of Fairfield, Ohio ,Iuly t—2t Thurs. Torman Singer, aka Stella G. Singer; Marjorle A. Barndt; Lillian E. Bar ry; Charles Arnold; Frederick Bach; Sdgar Presley; Maurice .T. Shel house; Marie Ferdelman; Elva Mo Candless, ska Elva Myrtle Hall Me- Candless; Julia J. Cole; Myra A. Duncan; Minerva L. Burns; Shactter Williams; Elizabeth V. Fischer; Waier S. Klingler; Hay Carmack; George Eschenhrcnner; Edward G. Brinker; Mich'cl D. Presta, Jr.; Catherine N. Storer; Charlei B. Timmons By Trustees of the Following Estates: Ida C. Hossfeld; Emma C. Duersch; Helen E: Kurry; Clifford A. Benzing; Anna Louise Sohns; Anna Louise Sohns; Eldred M. Smith; C, L. Gebhart; Lizzie A. Angst; ertrude M. Leib; Luella M. Shuler; Walter A. Duemer; Alice Scott Robinson; Olive A. Andrews; Stanley Hiodel; Gorda Markova By Guardians of the Following Sstates: Andrew .T. Ruble; Andrew J. Ruble; Larry Fitzpatrick; Mary Elizabeth Boyd; Kimberiy Ann Flick; Leslie Michele Flick; Katherine Sue Prueitt; Linda Lee Prueitt; William Burl Click; Sarah J. Schenck; Philip Lauderman; Thomas Jay Callahan; Earl E. Ferguson Unless exceptions are filed thereto said accounts will be for hearing before said Court, on the 2nd day of August, 1971, at which time said accounts will be considered and continued from day to day until finally disposed o*. Any person Interested may file written exceptions to said accounts or to matters . pertaining to the execution of the trust, not Jess than five days prior to the date set for hearing. BARRY F. WALSH, Judge GERRY REED. Deputy Clerk July 1—It Thuri. $1.20 $2.40 $3.60 $4.80 Use It Often! 'Ask For Classified' Notice on Filing of Inventory and Appraisement: The State of Ohio, Butler County. Probate Court To the Executors or Administra tors of the estates; to such of the following as are residents of the State of Ohio, viz: — the surviving spous*, the next of kin, the beneficiaries under th* will; and to the attorney or attorneys representing any of the aforementioned persons: Name of Decedent: HAMILTON, OHtIO Elva L. Poppel; Willie Abrams; Louis J. Fritsch; Lula Johnson; Ethelyne Grove Card Gramm; Price McDanlel; Harry G. Bowling: Clarence L. Sutton; Walter E. Baker; Helena Cahill: Antoinette L. Batt: Ora Ethel Turner; Harold Paul Schmidt: George Eschenbrenner, aka Anthony Eschenbrenner. MTDDLETOWN, CffllO Jess Lee Clark, aka J. J>e Clark; Earl Conrad: Glenn n. Str'ekUnd »ka G. n.- Strickland: Orl?n O. Vlck; Rrure T. Evans; Fred E. Ptnker Paul A. Seb=1d: Benjamin H. Rid die; Choiri" Brvnnt. MONHOE, OHIO George Wallace, aka George W Wallace. PISGAH, OHIO Lavina R»rt*1. SHANDON. OWTO Ralph a. Flick, oka B.oloh Flick PF.VEK MILE, OHIO Ben MpCollum WEST CHESTER, OHIO Mary . T n«:«nH FAIPFtF.LD. OHIO Robert P. PyfHn: John R. Bolen; Woodrow Tiiisc.ii et« W ""'« NWW MIAMI, OHIO Jam"" rh'Wo- c*«w s««i'»u F* MOVER TOWNSHIP Paul 'R«V e <no | ' ST. PT^TU TOWNSHIP vireinia P. Miller You r<-e hereby notified th?t the Inventories and Apwaiseme"t<; r the eft = te« of the afo'ementin""-' ri«c*a«;ed. lat»- of saM Coimlv, w-» filed <n I' 1 '* Court.. S-'H Tn«e"»"" J -» 'nd A" r »rsif»"'""it'; wdt be for h*" 1 ' i»r b-fn-» W" Court on the Jat Hoi. of July, 1971, at 10:00 o'clock vv. Anv nerxon des'r'"<? to file e^c Hons *h*reto mu«t f'V th*m at te •tv« days prior to the date set for said Court, thl* of .Tniv 1171. F. W*T. CT *. : KAISER, T>i>rmty C'erk .Tulv 1 — H Thuvs. said Court PROBATE NOTICE APPROVAL AND SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNTS Court of Common Pleas, Probate Division Accounts and vouchers of the fol lowing named persons and estates havfi been filed in said Court o Butler County, Ohio, for approva and settlement. By Administrators r>BN WWA o the Following Estates: Louise C Rowe; Glenn D. Strickland By Administrators DBN of the Following Estates: Clarence Eugene MoGarvey By Administrators of the Follow Ing Estates: Irvin Finkelman; Ver. S"«.Angel; Lewis Elbert Gathers Nellie Thurston; Arthur Richardson Russell V. Hilton; Wanda Hamlin Lena Didlick: Florence Cecelia Mitchell, aka Florence Cecelia Mitch ell, aka Florence Daley: Glenn D Strickland: Lome Jones; France! M. Trunck; Brack Didlick; Eliza beth M. Forbes; Stella C. Smith; Mary L. Kelsey; Paul R. Robinson. Thelrna Louise Carter; Howard Mitchell: Walter Jones By Executors of the Following Estates: John Howard Flick; Eli zabeth B. Cotterill: Eleanora Elsie Hickey; Woodrow Wilson Holbrook; Robert J. Graham: Addie A. Steel man: Henry D. Bloomer; William L- Henry; Lloyd Thomas Buckley «ka Uoyd T. Buckley; Jamei Wnght: Iva Irene Whitehead; Anns C. Burnner. aka Anna Brunner; Car Bowman; Dorothy B. Bacon, aks Dorpthy Blanche Bacon; Eleanor H PatTish: Stella Singer, aka Stella w« GuorontM Tht Salt Of Your Homt LEGAL NOTICE To: Property owners in Acredale and Tucker Subdivisions Area, 1 Section 10, Union Township, Sewer District No. 2, Butler County, Ohio You are hereby notified that the Board of County Commissioners of Butler County, Ohio, passed the following resolution on June 24, 1971 declaring the necessity for constructing water main extension in the Acredale and. Tucker Si«livi- sions Area, and providing lor a public hearing thereon at 7:30 o'clock p.m. on Monday, July 26, 1971, at the Hopewell Elementary School, 8300 Cox Road, West Ches< ter, Ohio, when endorsements of and objections to said Improvement will be heard. By Order of the Board of County Commissioners of Butler County Ohio. Resolution No. 23640 Resolution declaring the necessity to construct water main extensions in Acredale and Tucker Subdivisions Area of Sewer District No. 2, Butler County, Ohio, fixing the time when objections to or endorsement of the improvement. Tentative As sessments and Water Rates and charges will be heard. WHEREAS, this Board of Count Commissioners, Butler County, Ohio has heretofore established Sewe District No. 2 In the County, and! WHEREAS, this Board of County Commissioners has heretofore ap proved revised general waterworks plans in said Sewer District No. 2 and detailed plans, specifications, estimates of cost and water rates and charges, for the construction of water main extensions in Acredale and Tucker Subdivisions Area of said sewer district in said county, as described herein; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RE SOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Butler County Ohio: SECTION 1. That this Board of County Commissioners hereby declares it necessary for the preser vatlon and promotion of the public health and welfare, and to provide fire protection to construct water main extensions to serve property owners and other users in Acredale and Tucker Subdivisions Area of Sewer District No. 2, Butler County Ohio. SECTION 2. The location, rout* and termini of the water main ex tensions are as follows: ' In Luster Drive and Acredale Drlv in their entirety •within Acredale Subdivision; and In Butler-Warren Road from Columbus-Cincinnati Roat (U.S. #42; northwardly to the north line of Tucker Subdivision. SECTION 3. The improvement shal consist of constructing and installing prestressed concrete cylinder pressure pipe and/or cast iron pipe, fire hydrants, valves, and service con nections. Said improvements is mor particularly described and set ou in the plans, specifications, estimate of cost, tentative assessment and water rates and charge which ar on file in the office of the county commissioners of Butler County Oh'o, 133 Court Street, Hamilton Ohio, where they may^be examined SECTION 4. The assessment area shall be bounded as follows with ex ceptions noted on the plans tor non benefited property: Situated in Section 10, Town 8 Range 2, In Union Township, Butler County, Ohio, and bounded and de scribed as follows: Totally including Lots 1 througl 15 within Acredale Subdivision anc Lots 4 and 5 only within Tucker Subdivision. (Note: Lots 3 & 4 within Acredal no longer exist due to replstting o. the Subdivision.) SECTION 5. That the entire cos of constructing said water main extensions, Including connection charge, engineering fees, legal fees capitalized interest, and all neces sary and incidental expenses in connection therewith, estimated a approximately $21.500. shall be paic from the proceeds of the sale o approximately $21,100 of general ob legation bonds of Butler County. Ohio to be issued under the provision of Chapters 6103 and also 133 (th Uniform Bond Law) of the Ohio Re vised Code, of which approximately $13.700 shall be payable from th levy and collection of special asses ments over a period of twenty (20 years against property as describee in the assessment area in accor dance with benefit determined on a unit charge of aoproximately $893.8' for each parcel, lot and building site with a frontage on said water main of 15'J feet or less, and for oach property in excess of 150 fee f-cv'tsge '.« of such unit charge to I-- •'tied to the unit charge for each •• > '->nal 50 feet of footage or por tir thereof, representing the ar oi-oximate cost of constructing an eight inch (8"> water main re oui>-»d under waterworks rules arc regulations for local water str vie*. The cost of each connection fox residential water service will be approximately $156.00 and will be added to the individual assessment. An opportunity will be given property wners to pay said assessments in cash during a thirty (30) day per- od prior to certification for collec- Ion on tax billing. Property owner .hall also pay such other charges which may be required by said rules and regulations. The existing rules and regulations overning operation of the Union Township waterworks facilities in ^ sewer district as modified by specific provisions for this improvement, shall govern the operation ol he proposed water main facilities. SECTION 6. That objections to constructing and financing of said water main extensions by water rates and charges and special assessments as herein described, will ie heard by^the Board of County Commissioners on the 26 day of July, 1971, at 7:30 p.m. o'clock "S.S.D.S.T. at the Hopewell Elemen- ary School, 8300 Cox Road, West tester, Ohio, and written objec- ions to or endorsements of the pro- rased improvement, special assessments, and water rate and charges will be received by this Board for a period of five (5) days after the date of said hearing. SECTION 7. That a copy of this resolution shall be (a) published mmediately once a week, for two con<sec-_'e weeks, in the HAMILTON .TJRNAL NEWS, Hamilton, Dhio, a newspaper of general circu- ation within the county, commencing July 1. 1971, and (b) under the provisions of 6103.05 of the Ohio Revised Code, a notice of the passage of the resolution shall be mailed to each property owner to be assessed for the water main extensions be- ween the dates of first and second publication in the newspaper. Mr. RelH moved the adoption of •he resolution; Mr. Logsdon seconded the motion. Upon call of the roll he vote resulted as follows: «r. Reiff Yea Mr. Logsdon Yea Mr. Donham Absent Adopted: June 24, 19T1 Attest: ROBERT W. BOGAN Clerk July 1—2i Thurs. __. NOTICE TO BIDDERS SEALED BIDS will be received at the office of the Butler County °n»™ssio'ners, Courthouse Annex, 33 Court St., Hamilton, Ohio, until ° : ?L? c l ock A ' M - °" Thursday, July , 1971, for the purchase of one (1) new 1971 % ton, dual seated, six man cab, pickup truck, as per spe- ifications on file at the office of ;he Butler County Engineer, 1921 Fairgrove Ave.. Hamilton, Ohio. The Butler County Commissioners serve the right to reject any or all bids. Bids should be sealed and endorsed: "Bids on one (1) 3971, 3 /4 ton, dual seated, 6 man cab, pickup truck for Engineer". By order of The Board of County lommissloners. WILLIAM W. DONHAM, CALE L. LOGSDON!" Vice-President ARTHUR F. REIFF Attest: ROBERT BOGAN, Clerk STANLEY M. PERIN, P.E/. • County Engineer Jun« 24—2t Thurg. SPECIFICATIONS FOR BIDS For the purchase of exterminator service, cafeteria supplies (meat and dairy products), and fleet insurance, (School buses and other board owned vehicles).Sealed bids will be received by the Clerk of the Fairfield Loca School District, Butler County, Ohio "JJJ'1 ,12:00 o'clock noon, July 9, 1971, for furnishing the above items and will be publicly opened and lab- U o ate , d V,, T * ids wiu be awarded July 13. 1971 >at 4:30 P.M. The estmated quantity to be pur chased is based upon previous con sumption, but the right is reserved to order a greater or lesser quant ity according to requirements. Prices quoted shall be complete delivery price. Said Contract shall be for e period between September 1. 1971 and September 1, 1972. inclusive Each bid shall be sealed and plain ly marked. The Board reserves the right t reject any or all bids, or to accepi any bids which may be deemed t( be for the best interest of the schoo district. Specifications may be se cured at the office of the Clerk 5050 Dixie Highway. Fairfield, Ohi 45014. Fairfield Local 'School District. MARY A. WHITE, Clerk-Treas June 24—3t Thurs. Weekly Turkey Hatchery Reports Heavy 'breed poults hatched in the ten reporting States total ed 2,670,000, compared to 2,700,000 for the comparable week a year earlier. Light breed poults hatched totaled 208,000, down 6 per cent from the comparable week in 1970. Total poult hatch of 2,878,000 was down 2 per cent from the same period a yeai earlier. Heavy breed eggs set in the ten States at 3,654,000, com pares with 3,088,000 set for the same week in 1970. Light breed eggs set during the week total ed 435,000 which is down 16 pei cent from a year ago. Tota" eggs set in the ten States at 4, 0*9,000 compares with 3,603,000 set for the comparable week i year ago. Ohio, California, Missouri Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin Iowa. Oregon, South Carolina and Texas are the reporting States. The hardest of all gems and the hardest known naturally occuring substance is a diamond, which chemically is pure carbon. Mod AAU Head Wants Pro-Am Open Olmpics MIAMI BEACH (AP) - Mod, revolutionary AAU President Jack Kelly is advocating an "open" Olympic Games matching the world's premier athlet* es ... pro and amateur. "When eight 100-meter sprinters line up for the Olympic fi* nals," Jie said, "there's no reason it'shouldn't be the fastest eight humans ... regardless of their daily jobs." Kelly, handsome older bother of Monaco's Princess Grace, was elected Amateur Athletic Union chief last year and is willing to take shots at his own organization as Well as other members of the sports establishment. "Avery Brundage," he said, burning to the aging head of th» International Olympic Committee, "may be the world's only simon pure amateur. His committee is made up of self- perpetuating old men." Kelly agrees with many United States athletic leaders that Yank chances in the Olympics suffer since the nation generally adheres to amateurism while socialist nations subsidize programs. Gives Analogy "If America's fastest runner happens to be a cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles," he said, "then I think he should be in the starting blocks at the Olympics." Bending a mite, the slick- hacred Philadelphian—a four- time Olympic rower—said that "at the least, an athlete who is a professioal in one sport should still be able to compete as an amateur in another." Such a ruling would clear the road for sprinters such as Bob Hayes to run in the Olympics even though he has been handsomely paid to play football for the Dallas Cowboys. Kelly said that an "open" Olympics would "help to eliminate cheating and under-the- table dealings, much the way an open format has done for tennis." Many of the amateur eports regulations, he said, "were established in Queen Victoria'* time when athletes were generally considered to be a low class of people. My father was once denied a chance to sail in the Henley Regatta because h« carried the union card of • bricklayer." One Spot Open In Golfdom's World Series AKRON — The fourth and final spot in the World Series of Golf, scheduled for September 11-12 at the Firestone Country Club, awaits the winner of next week's coveted British Open title. The British Open champion will join PGA king Jack Nicklaus, Masters winner Charles Coody and U. S. Open champion Lee Trevino in the auunal battle for a $50,000 first prize am} title of golf champion of the year. What happens if one of thes* three qualified golfers also wins the British Open? A system of alternates guarantees a four-man field. If there is a duplicate winner, the Western Open champion is the first alternate with the Canadian Open winner becoming a backup in case of a second duplication. The Canadian Open is being staged in Montreal and the Western Open will be played July 15-18 at Olympia Fields, HI. This alternate system established in 1964 has been used only once in the past. In 1966 Jack Nicklaus captured both the Masters and the British Open. The Western Open, the next qualifying tournament, had already been won by Billy Casper, who had qualified previously for the World Series by winning the U. S. Open. Gene Littler, winner of the Canadian Open, thus became eligible and went on to win the first sudden- death playoff in the tournament's history. Nicklaus and Al Geiberger were the other participants in the playoff. In the nine previous World Series, British Open winners have won the event three times, two out of the last three. The late Tony Lema recorded the first win as a Britsh Open champion in 1964, Gary Player claimed the title with a playoff victory over Bob Goalby in 1968 and last year Jack Nicklaus won an unprecedented fourth title.

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