The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on January 30, 1942 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1942
Page 14
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PAGE FOtJRTEEW T H E HUTCH 1 K S 0 N, K A N S A S. . M E ,W .1. frfttDAV, TAKUARV 3Q..194I, Towerman Is Always Alert llflK Mlc Time Bui Cannot Hnvc Hobby Ever visit n railroad lower? Step up the slce|) stairs to the Simla Te'a Utile building about B blnck east of Lorraine, at the Rock IslRiid crossing, and exchange (•hit dint with C. N. Henry, .118 West Mlh, Mcorid trick towerman. Let hlrrl ihow you the big levers controlling the Interlocking .system, and try to pull one;, with his permission. Henry doesn't appela­ te be muscle bound, but it takes plenty of strength mid a certain knack to handle one 'if the big levers. 1 'ar Away, Bill Sounds Vear Uun't jump when it nuunds like a IralnWa roaring over the, like some noisy airplane which leaped the tracks bclov, Henry laughs when yuu look out the windows and see mi train. Then he points to an inconspicuous loudspeaker on the wall. "That train's at Solvay, five «nd three-tenths miles easl, v he says. "There's a pickup there, a row ot mikes on little posts. He whistles out there and I know he's com- infi." Henry goes to work, shifting his lovers, selling switches and turning "derail" bars onto the Hock Island tracks, clearing the way for the approaching train. Train Closes Circuit "Don't think you can go, out there and yell in one of those mikes and make me hear you, though, because you can't." Henry comments: "The train has to be on the track to close the circuit be fore the mikes pick up any sound." Soon the" approaching train shows in the east and presently puffs past. Henry runs oul with messages fastened to strings on the ends of clclt sticks. Trainmen run their arms through the forks as they pass, taking the messages. "It takes all kinds of signals and messages to keep these trains running safely," says the tower- man, returning. Working his levers again, he keeps a weather ear towaro the teiegr ;iph key, which js clicking jargon not at the mo' ment meant for him. "What about those whistle Gig' rials?" Is the natural question to be asked. Henry explains. A U-ain whis (ling one Zong toot wants the levers set to open the eastbound main track. Asking lor the westbound main tract, one short and one long toot come from the engine. The code on a bulletin in the tower shows this signal as: "O—." Like Rural Fhone Freight trains request an eastbound main track with three short toots and a long one. There are other signals. In case anybody is interested, the signal for the state fairgrounds spur is "O O—O," or two shorts, one long and a short. "Kind or like country telephones," jays Henry. The messages Henry, hands up to engineers and conductors on the end of his forked sticks—tied on ingeniously with strings that rjpatly lassoo the trainmen's arms—are telephoned and telegraphed to him. They give the trainmen mi nute (instructions as to their move ments. Telephones connect with the Santa Fo dispatcher at Dodge City and the Kock Island dispatcher at Pratt. Over Henry's head is a chart dotted by electric bulbs, mapping the trucks and switches controlled from the tower. Movements of train and operation of the interlocking system keep the lights blinking on and off. No Man'Failure Crashes There is no danger of a wreck through "man" failure, unless it were deliberate cabotage by some one conversant with a system of sealed boxes which regulates the interlocking system. When one set of switches is open, another automatically closes, keeping but one pathway open at a time through the maze of tracks. A train could be derailed if it went against the signals, but it could not smash into another train proceeding ccr- reclly, Henry asserts, You won't catch the towerman reading' magazines on the job, though he has a good deal of idle time. Must Be On Alert "Vou have to be on your toes all the time to keep everything moving," Henry says. Worst that could happen as the result of a towerman's negligence would be for a train to stop unnecessarily, waiting for his signal. But railway officials would be around the next day wanting to know why "I'd just pack my suitcase and start walking it I stopped a train without cause," says Henry. "This is one job where you pay attention to what you are doing, and leave your hobby at home." Chester I. Deck, 303 West 20th, is first towerman and R. W. Ren froe, 624 East Seventh, handles the third trick. They do the same work Henry does, different times of day, and the tower never sleeps. At midnight you can see its cheery lights, iji 'be middle of the Christ­ massy red and green switching signals, and at midday it is function mgr. Ifi a swell job for a man who likes trains. Ho hBs to watch them «U 6° by. Mewl, JSot. Tires, Short »»ck In , TopeHs (/PjJ-rKansas day veterans recalled Umt bock in World War I day* -'St* •••WW was pwttrlmm<»»>« •<**;> the Cfi tory. thr Hi nuuno bile s there and U wjthc- lirmly ICS .heralded (fait .-^i hiB- [fttel. waved Mtfipday, hfws pt was ten Bright Bits From The AP Teletype Help Wanted nushvillo. Ind. IIP] — When Bon h. Niles joined the army, he li.'fl five inbs open. Hi was director of the Hush County Farm Bureau and music icachcr at Orange, Glcn- woo.:, Glngs and Manilla schools. Th« farm bureau ha* replaced him but the schools don't know yet whether or not they still will have music. Animals On The Loose Burns City, Ind. (&)~T\ven- ly-flve head of livestock are roaming at Inrge on the naval ammunition depot's vast acre­ age and Ma.|. Paul C. Marmlon doesn't know what to do about Ihem. The marine commander said they were abandoned by farmers who had to surrender their land to the government for the depot. If the rightful owners don't claim and identify their property within » reasonable lime, Maj. Mnrmion said, the animals will be disposed of truis: Twenty sheep—kept to be clipped in the spring for wool for uniform*. Two hogs—Ham sandwiches and other pork delicacies. Two horses — Added to the marines' stables. One mule—Future uncertain. Fair Warning Mobile, Ala. (A*) — A Ne*ro maid In the home of Howard J. STRAND NOW SHOWING ONE FULL WEEK t CALL 3588 FOR SHOW TIMES WALLY'S IN THE ARMY NOW! —»nd Is hit lady blicktmlth proudl Roaring thrills, with Ui« fighting Ytnks of Uncle Sim's Ttnk Corost Biggest thrilll slnct "flight Comnuni"! *THt UGLE SOUNDS WITH MS OMV&VOICCB UB» IUCMWTK MARJORIE MAIN »j LEWIS STONE GEO. BANCRO HENRY O'NEILL , DONNA REED 'CHILL WILLS WUMH LUNDIGAN A PERFECT OAST PERFECT ROMANCE PERFECT FITS Lynn BAKl Ch&rlotte GREENWOOD SNOB" CHEERIOATS O" 0 ™ ICc Food jrEor.. |Q ORAKBFRWT '. JUICE &.-IB* S UNNYPOINT SALMON 21c Tomato JUICE 3 30 Oz. *%Ft Cans.. FLAKE TUNA FISH... cat. 15* LUX FLAKES or RINCO.. SCOTT TOWELS ....:.. R O1I 10* 2 Lr. Bxs. 39*. APRICOTS 3^25' No. 1 Can Salmon Siie Heavy Syrup PUMPKIN 4^29* No. I Cans. 5 CORN MEAL Lbs. 15* Lbs .29* IANPIMTOOKIES 2-29* TEA ROLLS 5* COFFEE BUTTERNUT 33C Packed in Class Jar Useable.-Lb.' CLOVER HONEY. KELLY'S 48 lb. bag 1.85 FAMOUS 10 lb. bag 45< FLOUR 5 1b. bag 25< SWISS STEAK From Choice Rounds Lb, 29' ROASTING GUINEAS ...Each.. 59c VOTING BAKING HENS , 27c Swtet Cream Heavy Pint Jh- Shipping 25c Qt .ffg PURE LARD ROTHERWOOD JERSEY MILK. ot.. 12c CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS.,.. L b .29c SHORT CUT STEAKS L„..27« LEAN SLICED BACON ;.. i b 25« S5» MUTTON ROAST | STEW |Qo LEG 20° 15* Phont 1214 7th ond Main, GUMP'S Curtis van followed Ihto the house by a small dog. I She turned to the animal and \ said: "Whit are you doing in i here?" i At that remark, a burglar broke from an adjoining room and fled, dtopnlng his loot. planation that tt wasn't a bomb but a meteorite. Metier Smoke-Urn Pcaccpliit Zunl, N. M. [IP)— The Zunl Indians whooping it up in a wnr dance, were afraid they'd overdone things after a bomb- llkc nblcct whittled oil* of the sky and landed With earthshaking force. After a week ot waiting, and no explosion, they 've finally accepted the agency official 's ex- NOTICE Untie Sam says walk mor». How can you if your feet are soret. Make your* feel physically fit with eerteei fit. Wear HtaltK Spot Shoci Free X-ray service 412 N. Main Phone SB* Poor Pinky Tncoma, Wash. (A 1 ) — Trie coast guard told Stanley fcar- urf they'd let him enlist if he'd cut eff that finger. Well, he's in—with nine fingers and a stub, An old injury had left the Pinky on his right hand stiff find uselcs .4. That's Different Ada, Okll. (#1— A earBenlM hired to build a Mllet'O* DlrflM STATE Now J Showing • Omt\ tai iw ,NM« ruwa i Geo. O'Brien In • "TRIPLE JUSTIOE" • —PLUS— » Leon Errol • Lupe Vclez • "STX LESSONS FROM • MADAM LAZONGA" • Chap. 10—"Risers of Death • Valley" • IB 1*2 Sow Showing • ll»U nut tw «htm nan I Johnny Mock Brown In | "RAGTIME COWBOY • JOE" • —Also— Eddie Koy Jr. Irt • "FUGITIVE FROM • JUSTICE" • Chap, n "Captain Marvel" • • ••««»»,, HBailBlllia f SAVE MONEY! 6 is 2^ oitoi" || Bollted by DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO, m South M*\n . Th. iUI Sovt Thru Sat, Ucdy IiiinUanw-liitb't Vnung "H M, X'tfLIIAM) —Snel Hit— . Qrmel* AHfn In "NR. * MM. SOUTH" S*rtm ant] Latest Ntwra Oomltif TimAnrt Pehrtnry Srrt— On Our Mt*ie—In Ferton TE1> I.TfiWIS AN TO HS8 HAMU 1 -Day Only—1 MIDIAND N,m thru 8M. Ida l^iiilnfr-^llumphr«> Bnsmrt in "HIGH SIERRA" Co.lllt Thn« MrfQultrcrt In •'OUTT^WS OF THKROKKE THAU." booth In the Infantile paralysis fund drive finished the job ami was paid $3. A short time later, after the booth was set tin and decorated, he returned and contributed th» $3. I Just found out what (he booth Was for," he explained. Rash Action Omaha, Neb. (/P)— There'll be no mere German measles cases on record hero for the duration •—not because of any special preventive—but because City Health Commissioner Dr. A, & Waldo W. Ktuss, D. 0. Chlroprator X-Ray Lab. Nelson Dldf. CAREY'S SALT Unexcelled for purity and flavor . , . flows freely In all kinds of weather ,. . is snow while and tine grained —the Ideal salt for the table for use on foods that should be salted when served. Its uniformity, even strength and flavor enable housewives everywhere to depend on its accuracy and get the best results. HJUN OS IODI2CO 1^ Pinto decreed that from now oh they'll be "victory measles," • bistres* For Japs Omaha — Downtown office employes, glancing out th*lr window, saw the flag atop the federal buildlna flvfn* ntwM* down. That, according to international code was a cl is tiers signal, but army officers ndvlsed them the only distress they •. knew of was in Tokyo. Feder* al employes rectified the error, The Malay Peninsula Is a plac* full of tigers and tin. About \ third of the world's tin comes from Malayan mines along the) mountain slopen Read Mews-Herald Want Ads. THANKS I We were tiriabtt to thank the many people nf our community who helped with bttr RED CROSS Day ta«t Monday . , , u cunlomen, heteera or boosters , . . each did their pari to make the event a success . i. u* sincerely THANK each and every one for their eo'operatlon, , Hutchinson lg located In the heart of America • . < last Monday we discovered that the people or Hutchinson have America In their hearts. The cltliens are anxious to do their part Itt helping with the Job of preserving democracy. Again, we Ihsnk you for your help and we'll do It again (add better; In the near future. O. L. Leonids. & Family HOLLYWOOD GRILL 22 £ut First Start to Vinteh/ i AIM DO £ooj> BREAD TRIANGLE LEADS THE WAY TO BETTER FOOD FOR LESS wTRIANIiLE V GpiOcery- (TlPBhBT-Bakery PBICtS LOW and |/ # DEFEND YOUR HEALTH! Join the vast army of folks Who are planning better meals and eating mora healthful foods. TRIANGLE shelves are filled irith healthful, delicious foods which will protect you and your family from winter colds and illness. SHDLU OMFHTKP SHRDLU ETAOLV CMFVVVP HSROLU CMFWYP SHE fl £.%*SHB *„T' ' .... A- TASTY—DELICIOUS—FRESH DO NUTS .each FRESH FRUIT CREAM PIE RICK MORANG TOPPING BANANA PIE 19«~ TRIANGLE OhlUINAL-fllAWP G6LT>EN M6Wif THE OU) FAMILY FAVORITE WITH THICK CARMEL ICING BURNT SUGAR CAKE 19' ZZ 'Sp tv * ca. TRIANGLE ORIGINAL—GIANT GOLDEN BROWN ^Jj^ ANGEL FOODS -28 TS mast S <>UD" * u «c A $c I For /9ij / SKopp 10c tba Convenience STAR BEAM PEAS S..!.;.* LITTLE GENTLEMAN SWEET CORN... SSuMOc FRANCO-AMERICAN SPAGHETTI 3 ca„... 25c BROWN BEAUTY BEANS 3 0^.. 25c VAN CAMP'S HOMINY c^lOc TALL BOY NOODLE SOUP.. SI!.... 10c LIBBY'S FANCY Sweet Potatoes S 15c GATEWAY RED PITTED CHERRIES. .... c'.V.. 14c HILLSDALE SLICED PINEAPPLE 19c SANDWICH LOAF PULLMAN...... ....... 10< 100% WHOLE WHEAT ' BREAD... w... 10c VIENNA FRENCH LOAF 10c LARGE HAMBURGKR BUNS. Do ,... 10c ASSORTED FRUIT BUTTER ROLLS .6 for... 19c PRINCESS WHITE CUPCAKES..... DO 19< CHERRY i TURNOVERS 3 to ,.... 10c CHAMPION BREAD 2Z.£ 13< HOME MADE—WSLICED. BREAD. 7-OAKS—FRESH COFFEE 8 Lb M€ Bug KANSAS-SEAL FLOUR 24 1b. QA 481b. M.59 Bag OalC Ba « I YELLOW OR WHITE CORN MEAL ri7* LIBBY'S—EVAPORATED MILK Tall * t _ Can REX BLUE LABEL SYRUP 5-27' EMPIRE FLOUR 5 £23* Qtmkq MEATS iviLc SAUSAGE S?."'. .... 18« BEEF ROASTS..... ,. „„.22« BACON STYLE. Lb,. 25« PORK ROAST LOW C CUTS,.. Lb.. 21« PURE LARD 2^.28* LAMB CHOPS PREMIUM , Lb.. 35« SHORTENING VEGETABLE,,... 3 Ctn.. " POST TOASTIES or KELIXIGG'S CORN FLAKES 3 bo "« i 25^ NORTHERN TISSUE 4 a* 19* TOMATO JUICE MIRACLE WHIP APPLE JELLY VST. 2 CHASE ft BANHOKN , P»IP or neaiiLAR. QOFFEE mA8fl * 8Afl * 0H * 1 ' I4BBV'ft,i,.C»h.i.. IT* ICAPOQN 4> Lb HAIcii .i.,;, MRI^BEANST^ 1 Camp's, 15c GREEN BEANS M I U?....... Dirt Comet Fancy KNiC wwt«..» •• CRACKERS s r ."»d....... • MACARONI cut 1 ' 10 ! 1 .; POP CORN Yellow.... ' WHEATIESorKix.........' RICEKRISPIES Kellof BABY FOOD cerber-. > CAREY SALT Boxes' Cans. M Ol. ft* Can... OC LITTLE MILL TOMATOES 3 Cam LUX FLAKES LIFEBUOY RINSO... LUX SOAP SOAP CHIPS I YS L «w ( » • """ ss Brand DOG FOOD SHINOLA Color.,... SUNBRITEc _ r 3 •ABO 2 ^*7*^~ 'llflllili/i...... |SI Woodbury's Jg.4 23c 7c 21c Psrt, L«. Box. Larfa Box.. Bar.. Cans. 25C c ^.lOC n 0»ns. 14C ,.oim .-|t]IC Bare. FRUIT COCKTAIL 15* Tall

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