The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas on January 29, 1948 · Page 32
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The Mexia Weekly Herald from Mexia, Texas · Page 32

Mexia, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1948
Page 32
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everybody notices < HOUSEHOLD HELPS By MARGARET MOORE your rod, scaly, itchy SKIN IRRITATIONS How to get RELIEF now! Try Sayman Salve! It relieves discomfort of externaily-caused ' irritations. Soothes itching, aids healing, i makes you feel like your old confident self j ajfsin! Don't go on suffering needless embarrassment ... gel Sayman Salve. Over 10 million jars sold! touts a, MO. REC ORDS Popular • Hillbilly • Classical Mail orders given prompt attention. BROOK MAYS & CO. Dallas, Texas PROMINENT WOMAN LAWYER One of the most successful prosecuting attorneys in Florida, 28-year-old Mary Schulman, never went to college a day in her life. But her colleagues admit she is a good attorney. Serious-minded Miss Schulman was invited to attend the session of the United Nations Assembly, at Lake Success, N. Y., to talk on world-wide relief. It was the National Association of Women Lawyers ' which named Miss Schulman to this honor. In 1943, Miss Schulman was admitted to the bar. Just a year later, she became prosecuting attorney for Okee- chobe county. And Florida looks forward to great honors for the young lawyer, who, despite her lack of a college degree, has forced ahead in her chosen profession. A newly-planned Chicago hospital is designed to banish most pain and suffering from the lives of middle-aged persons. Hie institution will be devoted almost entirely to research and treatment of such diseases as rheumatism, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, kidney ailments, and mental conditions. Chicago's Mercy Hospital will make these problems its special targets. MAIL YOUR FILM TO BILL WOOD Doable Size SPARKLE-TONE PRINTS At No Extra Cost. HANDY MAILING BAGS FREE! BILL UJOOD F«rt Worth, Texas 1209 THROCKMOBTON ST. LADIES, TURN ON THE LIGHT TOUCH! By ANTOINETTE DONNELLY iXop^igh., 1^47, News Syndicate' Co., Inc.i I T'S THE light touch for the up-to-the- minute beauty. And tha.t applies to more than make-up. Definitely the light touch is required when you take pencil in hand to darken or touch up colorless eyebrows. Forego fancy or outlandish eyebrow shaping. That's as outdated as your grandma's bathing suit. So are heavily masca- raed lashes. Use the eyebrow pencil lightly, faintly penciling in short, hair-like--lines to darken or lengthen the brows. Keep the surface between, above, and around the eye and eyebrow area free of unwanted, ungroomed looking "stragglers." You can make your eyes look wider apart by lengthening the distance between the inner eyebrow corners This trick does miracles for .some faces, giving them a clearer, more wide-awake, intelligent look and adding more brilliance to the eye itself. The light touch also applies to the lip coloring. Begin by outlining with the brush first the upper, then the lower lip, and this SHADED PANSIES The light tonch is the thing for eyebrows, as well as eyelashes and lips. is the moment to widen, narrow, or shorten the lip yrie if you choose; or as your mouth demands. .Then fill in the color with broad strokes of the brush, going up to but never crossing the original outline. Blot off excess color with a tissue, moisten lips, and you're ready for your public. • » • » .With mascara you require a steady hand. Apply mascara to upper lashes only. Moisten your brush, stroke the mascara on gently, up and out from inner to outer lashes. Put on ever so little mascara and let it dry before you go over the lashes again. After the final application is dry, go over the lashes again with a dry brush to separate the hairs. So much for make-up, but the light touch also goes for your manner, your clothes, By MRS. ANNE CABOT A dainty chair set with surprisingly lifelike crocheted pansies is equally attractive if used as a dresser set. Crochet the pansies in shaded lavender cotton, using the same colors for the center "buds" and making the rest of the pieces in white or cream color. To obtain complete crocheting instructions and stitch illustrations for Shaded Pansies set, (Pattern No. 5568) send 15 cents in COIN plus 1 cent postage, YOUR NAME, ADDRESS and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Southwest Magazine. 1150 Avenue of the Americas, New York 19, N. Y. Please do not send order to Mrs. Margaret Moore, Fort Worth, Texas. Send order to Anne Cabot, Southwest Magazine, 1150 Avenue Americas, New York 19, N. Y. your voice, and your whole outlook on life. Don't try to dramatize yourself. Don't imitate, because imitation is never successful. Don't be stuffy, heavy, or high-hat in your manner. It's never becoming or appreciated by others. T here's always a laugh left in this world, and youth certainly should look for it. You don't have to be irresponsible, too light and giddy—just don't be a heavy, cumbersome drone. As for clothes, the light touch merely means feminizing your outfits, even to the smart tailored number. Keep it light and gay by some trick of scarf, lapel decor, blouse or other accessory. Lightness of voice doesn't mean a high- pitched squeak or such delicate timbre that you can't be heard without strain. It's simply toning it down where scratchiness threatens Keep it light with enthusiasm. I T'S ENOUGH to make a child neurotic to have to submit to permanents or have her hair tortured daily into corkscrew curls or some other artificial style that suits mother's vanity. One of our better hair stylists has talked with child psycfiol- ogists who agree with him that these contrived hairdos which are unbecoming, unsuitable, and very uncomfortable to the child should be avoided. Besides, they're too involved for the child to take care ' of • herself. -And making a child sole custodian of her topknot, our authority says, pays dividends later because it saves mother a lot of time. In fact, this hair stylist hopes in the near future to' work' with 'schools on this idea, when he will advocate simple care and styling of the hair to be taught in hygiene classes. So, a comb and brush should be shoved into your moppet's hands as soon as she is able to -get a good grip on them. Her mother will mind her own business for a SIMPLE HAIRDO FOR YOUNG Smart teen-agers who accent naturalness are adopting charming, girlish hair styles. bit, except for a few helpful hints, her darling will' be tending her own hair proficiently in less time than seemed possible. It boosts things along if the child's hair style is simple and cut to whatever length is most comfortable to manage. Dutch bobs, feather cuts - * and pigtails all have their special charm. Almost the same rules hold for the teen-age sister, with the exception of cutting. Expert cutting encourages even Indian straight hair to curl. Our authority has the backing of the best d e r m a t o legists when he says to wash your hair as often as you like provided you rinse out the soap. Best soaps to use are castile or tar. And just as the little girl has tied her hair back for warm weather, so her older sister tries demure and flattering ear coils to keep the neck cool, or draws her hair back from the brow in a ribbon or barette. Some of the most famous fashion models are using wide bows. Piquant frame for a tiny face, this hairdo requires only comb and brush care. TESTED RECIPES 'Top of the Stove Dinners E VEN if yours is only a two-burner range . you can prepare these dishes. In fact, they were especially planned with a small space in mind. Each one requires only a minimum of fuss and bother and only one cooking utensil. Beef Stew 1 % Ibs. boneless beef, 3 cups boiling water chuck or round, cut 1 bay leaf in 1% in. pieces % tsp. celery seed 4 tbsps. flour 8 pared small carrots 3 tsps. salt 4 pared small white % tsp. pepper potatoes 1 peeled clove garlic, ^ Ib. string beans minced (optional) VA cup minced pars- 3 tbsps. fat or salad ley (optional) oil 1 sup minced onions < Roll meat in a blend of 2 tbsps. flour, 1 tsp. salt and pepper. Cook garlic in 2 tbsps. fat in a deep kettle 2 min. Add meat and brown. Add onions, and cook 4 minutes while stirring- Remove meat, add 1 tbsp. fat and brown 2 tbsps. flour in it. Stir in boiling water and cook until thickened. Add 1 tsb, salt, meat, and celery seed. Cover; simmer 2 hrs. Add 1 tsp. salt, carrots, potatoes, and beans cut crosswise. Add parsley. Serves 4. Cooked noodles or rice may replace the potatoes. * « * Pigs Knuckles with Cabbage 4 pig knuckles l minced, peeled 5 tsps. salt 1 cup celery tops % tsp. peppercorns (8 to 10) Wash pigs knuckles; then cover with boiling water and add 3 tsps. salt, celery tops, peppercorns, and garlic. Cover and , clove garlic 1 medium head green cabbage cut in wedges 2 in. wide —PAGE EIGHT— simmer 2 hours, or until tender. Then add cabbage and remaining 2 tsps. salt; cover and cook 10 min. longer, or until cabbage is tender. Lift cabbage and pigs knuckles from kettle to platter, reserving liquid to use as a base for vegetable or minestrone soup. Serves 4. • * * Beans with Frankfurters 4 frankfurters 2 "-2 cups canned or home cooked baked beans Vi cup India relish Simmer frankfurters in boiling water to cover 5 min. Drain, slice thin, then combine with the beans and relish. Heat and serve. This serves 4. * * * Pressure Saucepan Scalloped Potatoes 1 cup milk 2 tbsps. butter or fortified margarine 1 tsp. salt H tsp. pepper 4 medium pared, white potatoes 1 peeled onion, thinly sliced Pour milk into saucepan, add butter, salt and pepper. Slice the potatoes. Cover, cook at 15 pounds pressure 2 mm. Remove from heat: reduce pressure quicKly. according to manufacturer's directions. Makes 3 servins-s * » » Boiled Spareribs and Sauerkraut 1 qt. or 2 Ibs sauerkraut 3 Ibs. spareribs Boiling water Drain off any brine that may come with sauerkraut. Then put spareribs and drained sauerkraut in a deep kettle. Cover with boiling water and simmer for 1 hour or until spareribs are tender. Then drain off liquor and serve. Serves four. ORIGINAL- STAR SPANGLED BANNER Historians ail agree that the most 'famous flag in our land is the original Star Star Spangled Banner, which inspired the song writer, Francis Scott Key. to write America's national anthem. The great flag, which waved triumphantly in "the dawn's early light," is now in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. It is placed in a huge glass case, and'for protection the flag is backed with pure Irish linen. It is regarded as one of the Institution's most prized possessions and is highly popular with visitors. Mrs. Mary Pickersgill, a Baltimore flag-maker, made the original Star Spangled Banner entirely by hand. She used nearly 400 yards of material for the flag, which measures 29x36 feet. Because Vermont and Kentucky had joined the Union, thus adding two States to the original 13 colonies, the flag was made with 15 stars and stripes. The flag was much torn and shot on that misty morning of September 14, 1814, but Francis Key was able to see it still flying over Fort McHenry, Md. SLEEPING SICKNESS ON THE WING Mites on wild birds such as yellow-headed blackbirds and English sparrows carry the dangerous virus that causes encephalitis, cjBhimonly called sleeping sickness, scientists at the University of California have discovered. The mites are considered another link in the chain connecting wild and domestic fowl with the transmission of horse and human sleeping sleeping sickness and with the survival of the virus germ between epidemics. Chicken mites and some common mosquitoes have previously been found carrying the virus. Attempts to prove that the wild bird mites transmit the disease have not yet been made. The discovery was wade with mites from birds' nests in Kern County, Calif. They carried the virus of western horse encephalitis. Guinea pigs, hamsters and mice got the disease when injected with this virus from the mites. Becoore an Expert Beauty JOHNSON'S GRADUATES ARE ALWAYS IN DEMAND The beauty Business Eoftd training aa the basic requirement of a good operator. Our wide reputation us one of the best schools in the state creates » cmnstant demand for our graduates. Be our guest for a day ; meet our staff, and see from actua] classes in session how our students are trained. Curator " WRITE OR PHONE JOHNSON'S BEAUTY ACADEMY "Where Beauty Is Created" 3rd Floor, Majestic Bid?., San Antonio, Texas P.tronJH' Our School Salon. Where S»fefacti»« ..!• '"-' C-7287 Weekly earnings of American workmen in manufacturing industries of the Nation hit an all-time high in October. They averaged $50.97, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed in reporting on the wages of 13,000,000 em- ployes. The University of Illinois is beginning manufacture of a tuberculosis vaccine which some scientists believe may some day eliminate the disease as one of the worst killers. The serum is known as BCG. GRADUATED INTO A PROFESSION! DOCTOR IF CHIROPRACTIC SECOBE YOOE FDTURE IN AN UNCBOWDED PROFESSION. -WHITE TODAT1 VETERANS..YOCB OW »*•« Com teTraiuDgnfcrC.1. : OMarf i to EMIT tor *» •!*• at. TEXAS CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE SAN PEDRO PARK SAN ANTONIO, TCXAS \ CARNEY }\ FLAVOR! £S3| BECAUSE IT'S Si SEASONED WITH ; Qebhaidti EAGLE CHILI POWDER S't Approximately 7,100,000 World War II veterans have never been members of the 52-20 club or received veteran's unemployment c o m - pensation. COLDER REGIONS HAVE BIGGER ANIMALS "The colder the bigger" expresses a general rule -for warm-blooded animals, Dr. Gordon Alexander, of the University of Colorado, points out. Under the title of Bergman's Principle, this rule has long been known to hold for distribution habitats in latitude: the biggest animals of a given species are found farthest north. Now this rule has also been found to hold good for distribution in altitude, among non-migrating species. In recent critical examinations of the stable bird populations of the high mountains of New Guinea, the biggest specimehts were always found at the highest levels, -where the weather was coolest. Strangely enough, however, the rule is inverted when it comes to cold-blooded forms such as insects. Mountain populations of a given ^ species of grasshopper were found to have the biggest j specimens nearest the base and the smallest' hear the summit. ALL GOOD NEWS Approximately 33,70^,000^ couples will remain more or .'-.. less happily married during 1948 and not get divorced, if, the current trend in marriage " and divorce rates continues. • •£ Probably 21,982,500 boys and girls from 7 to 17 years old will not land in the juve- ^ nile courts this year because* of alleged juvenile delinquency, according to government statistics. Today there are 14,800,000 organized workers not on strike. »fen to ZAOC HURT— «» your Texas ABC man HESTERF

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