The Mexia Daily News from Mexia, Texas on June 13, 1955 · Page 2
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The Mexia Daily News from Mexia, Texas · Page 2

Mexia, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 13, 1955
Page 2
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THE MEXIA fcAILY MEWS, MEXIA, TEXAS, MONDAY, JUNK 11, -PA&E TWO •nEVjyiwri /^iwr*«iii«*F j To fMte* Tahight the Afrariean Lei Auxil- regu™ fag. AU {WcstivL *»*. ttiSwmce, 6f Wif~ "^J.Besenberg. Personals Mrs. Ralph #u¥rdws H-ft Sunday to attend a ftffittty retHtiflH jn Port Worth and vMft Hi tang- view with her Daughter, Miss Nanella Burrows. , * * *" Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Dyson of •Anfileton, spent the weekend visiting Mr. Dyson's mother, Mrs. c. F. Dyson. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Billy ftagland of College Station, st>eftt the weekend with Mr. aad'Mrs. Cull Rag- Mf ; a*w! Mrs. t>. fi. Morris children, Larry and Lesley, ot ( Dallas, Visited Mr. and Mrs, M. M- Ja«ks6n, enroute to Galveston Sunday. - t ' fttigh Gfahtt of Mayfield, Keh- tucky, spent Friday and Saturday visiting his mother, Mrs. D. H. Gantt. Mr. Qantt Was ehroute to Chicago, 111., and New York City on a business trip. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oantt of Groesbeck also were ift Mexin to see Mr. GaWt Ex-Army Are 2eroed-tn by Cf ittcs ' .' - • . ' • ^v r W.>'! * ».!J. .•» ''•'• ti'*v •'•"'!.•' ,-*-iOoDgresswoman Edith S. Green (D-Ore) has^tftn Wit After all the adrttirals and generals being appointed to highv government Jobs after their retirement. The fact has been noted!thai the high brass have been doing all right for themselve* in Mtrfiair private industry jobs after retiring on a pention at ibe end/of itateir inilitary careers. Genertri^Tthe. Atntles ^Douglas Mac Arthur, chairman of Kern-' ington Rand. : O*n. fcufins D. Clay, chalrnian of Ameri&n Can.; Gen. Walter B. Sthith, chairman of American Machine and Foundry. And so on. . THEtE MAY M a over that in the U.| First, Lieut. Ike's, also , $17,500 a year. Then two Sw^ni. a West Point classmate of 1 nemed commissioner of immigration at 1 generals yere named as assistant com* 'ir. Tjiey were Mai. Gen. frank H. win £. Howard. , B. JIbtlohan <D-WVa): "Swing only t%M f> I . , aour crapes on the part of Mrs. Green \ really-.upset her was what happened; Partridge and Commented wanted his Spurred titi by Library of'Cottgr ....... now in high civp^jjctt* TBIBTY H Aittt * ere it sounds. •••.'.'".;•'',"'•-','.' : -''Kt,».-1 • • ' WlMta'.A»* '^^M^iiSl 'Aa^fe>.UUk^^>^ '^•|AA«M 'm*m& MA ••••• m& A%t b«B* ^A* • «— c>ieven reureo ano resenre lajiueis gei no pay at au, or gei oniy their pension! Bntttie Battle Monuments Commission. Four are paid $50 .a day wn*n .they work on the job, which isn't often. Three ar^ 1 ho logger working for the government. That leaves oi^ a apSn. There hate aj^yflp nf«bo\rt this many. They have been picked because they TWfiti.- 1 VMd mnOnistrators and they have given dis- «ei Legislative Service In the compiling a list of retired bnsa up.. But the list lent as bad as tlnguished Brig. G tary of dct Ma) public workf Vice is today's list: P.$.A,R.-RetJ now assistant -eecre-' Medical Affairs, $15,000 a year. ! Irngdoh <U.S,A.iRet.) now coordinator of 'ooncli.of Economic. Advisers. Betaney(t5.*,W.-Ret.) now deputy director Defense Asslstariee HDontrol,- .foreign Operations Administration, $15,000 '^jfipj':;: 1 .-.^'?-•.:;•'••.-••;• • •; • . : Ma}. Gen. «N^«.'Atoemh (O:S.A.-R«t) now president Export-! Import 3ank/$)7,MO a year. , [ Gon: Gr^vet^.^rskine <V.«.M<;>Ret.) tiow assistant secretary Of defense Ce^ %<^ <Jberitktns, »14,BOO ,a year. , ! I Brig. Gen. nevbeii imrattl l«per (tt.&.A.-Rct.) how chairman/ j military Ifelsdi, IMefew'Cjieity Commisiion, 116,000 a year. ! Ma}. Gen. AiUgh M.vIn^NMi ft <U.S A.-Reslgned ) now assistant secretary oY N*;*lrvnr; far ihtinpiower and teserves, $13,000 a year. Ma|. Gen.' Wfl|eii4llI'I%rsens <U:BiA.-Ret|) how deputy assistant jto the President, $18.000 a yea*. Rear Adni: UWit^L. fitraifss (U.S.N.R.*Ret.) how chairman Atomic EamflrCotnmlsiian, 420:000 a year. Brig, den, MeitfHi&avis 'Vogel<U,SA..Ret.) now chairman Tennessee VaM*y Aulhotlily, $15,000 a year. Brig. Gen. Rlbert Parr Tuttle (U.S.A.R.) now a Judge, U.S. Cfr- cuit CoUrt of Appeali. i»7,»tO a year. '-,-•. Brig. Gen: Jienlry C. Byroade (U.SA.-Resigned) now U.S. am-, bassador to Egypt,f dmrierly uir assistant secretary of stale. ! Miss Hallie fey timed Hwwee ,M Tea Shower Miss HaHie. Ruth R#y, bride- elect of Bob McCullar of Fort Worth, was named honoree at a tea shower given Saturday afternoon by Mrs. George Voltin and daughter Miss Rosemary Voltin *hd Mi-s. W. A. Payne and daughter Miss Christine Payne. The affair was held at the Voltin home. The" tirtttoree, her mother Mrs. R. L. Ray, her grandmother, Mrs. H .L. Vincent of Georgetown, the mother of the bridegroom-to-be, Mrs. fred R. McCullar of Fort Worth, and Mrs. Fred M. McCullar also of Fort Worth, were presented by Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Voltin who greeted the guests. The bride-elect's chosen colors of white and green were used in thfe reception room and the dining room. The refreshment table, centered with an arrangement of white mums and daisies, was laid with a handmade lace cloth over pale green. The chosen colors were agtin carried out in the refreshments of lime-green punch and white cake squares. .Miss Voltin presided at the punch 'bowl and Miss Payne served'the 1 cake. Miss Mattie Fuller was in charge of the bride's book in .which around 45. guests registered. Mr. and Mrs. William Kurpinsky of'S*rt Francisco, Calif., have returned to their home v after visiting Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Anderson in Mexia. ttl-W Mexia Daily News ' MM !>«• FvWfehtaf «b.. Inc., "Mmta. "Nxtf. BLAKE SMITH. .. f«m> «nj uwrU cdlWr ; ; MM- Y JOHNSTON, ubiety editor; HY ATKINSON, clrtulitktn »«n- HOPE TMIRLOVK', took- K4|PlU Ug%e«a'l*gan« ••ny lUvcgfiBn • D. aiBBH, eonmcretal vr'nUiw *•• p«rtiiV4nt. ^ " ' ' TUB MBXIA DAILY NBWg to Mk^ 2tr - ""iill r< ** l! Y^Kt^h jM^^lM.jNtfK'^&nrti^ *|, ..Jkm Mit posMflM! «t Mral*. Vttw. under *ht «ct of Mcrch 7. 18»7. Any «r- ion*n>u« reflection upon th* ih»uctor, M*i)4ln* or r*nut>tion of .piMMMV " r . r " •r' corpavatton which ni»y «PM«r In th* wtornM of lhl» n«*ri»«p«r will be Wr- Mefad upon b«i(« c»IM* •tUi>> tlttn of tk* pablMiera. TELEPHONE i GYS-teH. MEMBER TEXA8 PBJ(M ABfOCIATION—If" ether and talk this whole thing ver." TMK . • T*SWt«' P jttw fcouVke sitting room nt |n down- i him to a wall down a bottle ...^ ,fn« *«• «« ««»¥«. •^107Lpitt ^i^ yr T - v»' M l ^ ] - ^'^T' *^*WTrT^WI "WW* T™. • turned wMl ( lwe ;gJ*asei of |ct water «nd « 4aU,giiss Ailed with $l^£$ffito WM. carefully MftWl minute portion of we*«r. . . he closet, so that seems-to be hat." , "What about tonight?" "A little before 9 a girl across the hall had two male friends drop in, and she went across to see if Tri^Je would like to Join hem. She knocked on the door and got no answer but saw light nside and opened the door. Trix- e lay on the floor, fully dressed, and strangled. By a man's hands, the doc said. She'd also Leen slapped around some, two of her Ingers broken, and the room had leeh rather thoroughly searched That's everything except the slip of paper on the floor beneath her body with Lucy's address on It/ His telephone ranj as he spoke and Timothy Rourke reached,out lazily to lift it and say, "Hello He said, "Right here," and held it out to Shayne. The redhead took the .phone and said, "Shayne speaking." A man'* voice answered % A voice he Aid not recofnbe. It had a harsh quality, with the slurred intonation of a southerner. "Was that your reporter friend with you?" Shayp* Bald, "Yes "You want to talk Importan business In front of him?" "What sort of business?" "Important to you. About «|* you gave the COM tonight," •• ' • SHAYNE *»»d, "I never have k*Pt any s e c r e t s froaa TUn Kourke. Keep talking." And *°** JMMm, V caught in aw Or "Oh, no, we don't. And... bother tracing this call either, m. at .a .rotidside .pay station miles away from anywhere and 'H be gone from here before you luid do any good." "What's your angle?" "The dough, chum. Tbe raoola. The cash you lifted off Jack »ris- ow after cutting his 1hf<?«t .so ta. •• '• ' • • , ':,. .' ' or did yo>» do . "You haven't told me win you ire/ lajuee. U*'» -gat - . , . ., "I don't know what youir* tslk- ing about." ( '„••• i,!r>H . "Don't give me that, far fcnow he had It oo him when He went o your girl's place, i know it wasn't on him when you dumped him in the street awhile ago. It's imple like that. I want it," the voice went on unemotionally. Yon want I should ring up your pal the Chief and tell him lust .he kind of games you played tonight?" "Co ahead," growled Shayne, putting a note of disgust in his voice, "What do you think you can prove?" • •• • "PLENTY, chum. Puhlenty. Listen to me so you'll know just Where you stand on this deal. I've got the girl too, see?" "What girl?' 1 Shayne's voice was suddenly harsh and there were deep trenches in his cheeks. "Mrs. Allerdice. That's who. The little number you've been Playing bouse with tonight. She's cracjr to get to tha cops alter 1 told her you bumped Hugh off too. How's ft going to sound when Hie Mb how you dragged Bristow«ut to*er with his throat cut? You and your aide-kick, ftourke," said his caller happily. "She qm identify him too, you know. So ... do we make a deal?" "What kind of deal?" "I told you all I wanted. Tk4 dougfe. Titan I'll band over the only witness against yew e*oe»t myself, and you caw take care el tier any way yew want" bad abeut ftw* will eae UB eaitet. If yew want ttwee two iNiilp Miss Nancy Felr ffledAtCoHw Pers0rtvt//e Miss Nancy Jan Pel*, bride- elect of 'Raymond Jenkins was entertained Saturday morning with a coffee giveh et the home of Mrs. Lynn Adams. Hostesses with Mrs. Adams were Mrs. W. W. Mason, Mrs. J. R. f Hiett ,6nd Mrs. Sidney Johnston, v ' Guests were greetett by Mrs. Adams, Miss Pel*, her mother, Mrs. Eddie Felz and mother of •the bridebroom-to*be, Mrs, R. G. Jenkins. Miss Jeanelle Herring was ih change of the bride's boflk. Gorgeous white magnolia blodrris, white zinnias find white verbena were used in elaborate bouquets throughout the reception rooms. . s A reminiscience theme was used in the center of the serving table. White gardenias and white Verbena surrounded a Dresden figurine, which . represented the bride, to create a pretty center decor. Huge white satin bows, a miniature bride and bridegroom and a bride's slipper, all souvenirs of previous bridal parties were also used in the center decor. Blue maline draped to symo- lize the dress of the figurine, was from one of the honoree's party dresses. Silver apopintmcnts were used on the table to complete the decor. Mrs. Truett presided at the silver service, Mrs. Mason served the fruit and Mrs. Johnston was at the appointment, table. A china dish was presented to the bride-elect by the hostesses during the social hour and pictures were made by Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Truett. Keep Troubles To Yourself By RUTH MILLETT It it a rather rare woman who realizes that the only way to keep her self-respect intact and to win the respect of her women friends is to keep her troubles to herself. No women ever talked about her husband's faults to other women without feeling a little smaller for having done so. And no woman ever tried to get sympathy by revealing her husband's shortcomings without getting pity instead of understanding. He woman ever ran down her in-laws without running down herself at the same time or without losing a little of her self- respect in. doing so. No woman ever, complained about what a problem her children are without making others think: ''It's her own fault. If she would only do such-and-such." No womaaVever wen anyone's respect by running around and asking her friends what she ought to do about this and what she should do about that. All a woman accomplishes by doing that is to make other women feel superior to her. No woman ever built herself up by rehashing "she said" and "I said" arguments and misunderstandings. She may be able to see her own side of the story, but others always see both sides. No woman ever gained anything by telling others of all she has done for someone and how badly she was treated in return. The general reaction to that is, "Hasn't she got any pride at all?" The whole truth is. we respect those who respect themselves. And the woman who can't keep her troubles to herself isn't showing much self-respect. o Mr. and Mrs. Tony Freeman and sons of Dallas, spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Freeman and Mrs. Pink Fife, and other relatives. * * * Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Beach and sons, Gary and Brian, of Houston, and Joyce Ann and Marvip Cartwright, Jr., of Fort Worth spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Cartwright. * * * Mr. and Mrs. John Backer and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Speer of Houston, spent the weekend with Mrs. Frances Speer. YOU WANT Plenty of Pep mswHUtiioniiuNivni MiKXAll SUPER PUNAMMS ItkUMratits i Summer heat ean sap your energy— that's "why you may r r need Super Pie. nentins now more than ever for important vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet.,, main tain your vitality. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 1 Prayerjf)«*t»hg ^uesdny night was wi«l alteftded. Warren Lloyd Wpghj Mie devoiiortal. Mr. and Mrs. briice Wilburn and children of Texas City were here during tHe week to see their mother, Mrs. Etta Wilburn and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Robertson. Mr. and Mrs. Foy Johnson of South Texas spent the weekend here with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Johnson arid Mr. and Mrs. Claud KUlingsworth. . Mr, arid Mrs. Floyd Sarfiford were Sunday visitors in the home of Mrs. 'Ethel Cox of Fairoaks. Earl Diclt, who is ill in a Temple hospital, is reported improved. Weldon and Leldon Plemons werr in ^ 7 ;iro "no day last week I seeking fmploynirnt. } Dale Bospman visited friends , in Wnco ant! Mexia, rocetilly. Msr. Earl Dicfeand children re- sited Mr. and Mrs. Jolm Ridge in Gfoesheck. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmio Cne of LaSallc were weekend visitors with Mr. and Mrs. V". E. Samford. Stated rr.ocling of Springfield Lodgo No. 74, A.F. & A.M. Tuesday, 7:30 p. tn. Visiting Mnsons cordially invited. Election of Officers A Grand Lodge library film will be shown. Refreshments will be served. J. B. WIGGINS, W. M. STERLING BALDREE, Sec'y. OUT By J. H. Williams a gift fitted wttti B«oyfy A tmamy designed plastic case keeps make-up neat in your handbag. One side has 'a mad-money pocket. Contains compact, Perfumair, and Lipstick. Choose red, blue, green, violet, brown or black. $7.50 plus tax Phone GY6-2820 SIDE GLANCES Galbraith T. M. m* u. t. r.t o«f. tiff. 115> k, NI* hiric.. Inc. 'If he makes that much money, he'd surely buy some insurance if you tell him you never miss a game he's in on TV!" ' NO, MO- -I'M MOT . V I >-N^.Bj£ \ fLM 'HIM.. r rtn-nw' TH' BUMFIS \ I SEE TROO H^JK. . PL N T HARD ON PURP05F VOUfc T(?JCK "/A^fHV -I'M TOO Af-fcAlP / '.-fOUSB 1^ /( '; ANJ . T , K THAT 6UM WILL A BOI'MCIM <, \ GO OFF/ WE {/ I US UP 5" DOM'T HAVE \ s-'EOFLE KIM x MANY GOOP I V SEE US-.' ^i f, |\ ROAP5 VET/ . Tir Wii LMM.". '•.., "" v; -T~- i-'3 BOEM YEARS TOO OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE 1 ODSUTA PACT LjMr-r\>57 Z'LUG^, PlK'e.g'OT I'M MO _ — , . - - - HfAil< V I r- •, C- —C'V T'\p ! ,~.f-T ',i»~ IP VMITU A TOMAMA\MK,ANA30R >- t.^-'"-' • ...... gUT 6OM& Beee PEOPLE YOUR PIE - PA-STlNiS ACT X AMD MADE ME A 6OOD WANJiTA CD/WE iT \^ILL BG it.] - AGLc- JO k'iV6 LSAC / — ,\!OV-J Off- V-JlTH S. T."A "u. .YOUR ^fi|TCP6y /^ AM .MjELLECTUAL KvuK.'y VAMD MLh-,T * ^N-VTH.N*/ O P£ODLE YOUR PIS5, —IT PAYS TO USE CLASSIFIED ADS- FUNNY BUSINESS Hershbercier CARNIVAL By TURER "Vou/«*!<*•, J. Q,, that our sales people have had this ' fu«r«nt*ad wage for years—they call it the tojEpenif account!" "Sorry! Mosquito got inside!" —IT PAYS TO USE WANT ADS- SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer irould simplify matters!"

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